Women's 400 Meter Hurdles Results


'99 USATF Champ Glover Leads Vets Batten and Buford-Bailey To Sydney

Sandra Glover led veterans Kim Batten and Tonja Buford-Bailey (the fastest and second-fastest all-time in the event) on to the Olympic team. Glover ran 53.33 to become the No. 4 all-time American. Glover in lane 7 and Batten in lane 4 grabbed the race by the throat on the backstretch, and by the time they reached the middle of the turn the pair were joined near the front by '99 World Champs team member Michelle Johnson in lane 5.

Houston alum Glover, the '99 USATF champion, churned smoothly over the homestretch hurdles to run clear of the field. Batten stutter-stepped significantly between barriers 7 and 8 but maintained enough momentum to safely hold 2nd in 54.70.

Johnson disastrously lost momentum with a poor transition off the last hurdle. Sweeping by for the third Olympic team spot was Buford-Bailey in 54.80 and Joanna Hayes (54.97)
The race marked notable returns for 1996 Olympians Batten and Buford-Bailey. The latter had been slow to return to top form after having a baby in '98 and failed to advance beyond the semis at the '99 USATF Champs.

Atlanta silver medalist Batten, the World Record holder, reached last year's nationals final but didn't finish that race due to a foot injury that required surgery and ended her season.

Batten's clocking here was her fastest since May of last year, whereas Buford-Bailey's was her best since '97.
/Sieg Lindstrom/


1. Sandra Glover (Nik) 53.33 (AL) (4, x A); 2. Kim Batten (unat) 54.70; 3. Tonja Buford-Bailey (Nik) 54.80; 4. Joanna Hayes (unat) 54.97; 5. Michelle Johnson (unat) 55.63; 6. Yvonne Harrison (Fila) 55.67; 7. Nikki Bouyer (Az) 56.52; 8. Trevaia Williams-Davis (unat) 57.02.


Semi I:
After Joanna Hayes called the field up initially due to a block problem, the field resettled in the blocks and got away cleanly.

WR holder Kim Batten, competing in her first meet of the year after surgery for a foot injury last summer, charged the backstretch aggressively. Batten in lane 6 found Trevaia Davis just to her outside in 7 nearly even as they entered the second turn.

Through the turn '99 USATF champion Sandra Glover took control. The Houston alum built a solid lead by the time she entered the homestretch and appeared strong as she ran to a U.S.-leading finishing time of 53.87.

Batten held her form well enough to retain 2nd down the stretch, as Hayes used a strong run on the straight to pick up 3rd.

Semi II:
Ohio State's Dominique Calloway in lane 3 jumped out to a brief early lead, with Yvonne Harrison (7) and Nikki Bouyer (6) also out well on the backstretch.

Harrison moved to the front in the second turn as Calloway faded. Bouyer stayed close, but '96 Olympian Tonja Buford-Bailey, the second-fastest hurdler in history, found strength in the homestretch to stride ahead en route to a 55.30 win (lane 5).

Charging notably in the late stretch was Michelle Johnson, who moved into 2nd (55.46).

Harrison in 3rd (55.59) retained her edge over Bouyer (56.01), the final qualifier for the final.
/Sieg Lindstrom/


Semis: I-1. Sandra Glover (Nik) 53.87 (AL); 2. Kim Batten (unat) 55.07; 3. Joanna Hayes (unat) 55.32; 4. Trevaia Williams Davis (unat) 55.56; 5. Ryan Tolbert (unat) 55.57; 6. Melinda Sallins (Miz) 57.34; 7. LaTanya Sheffield (Shef) 57.40; 8. Frances Santin (CSN) 58.58.

II-1. Tonja Buford-Bailey (Nik) 55.30; 2. Michelle Johnson (unat) 55.46; 3. Yvonne Harrison (Fila) 55.59; 4. Nikki Bouyer (Az) 56.01; 5. Natasha Reynolds (unat) 56.51; 6. Brenda Taylor (Harv) 57.85; 7. Tanisha Mills (unat) 58.01; 8. Dominque Calloway (OhSt) 58.53.



I-1. Joanna Hayes (unat) 55.50; 2. Nikki Bouyer (Az) 56.18; 3. Natasha Reynolds (unat) 56.39; 4. Brenda Taylor (Harv) 56.64; 5. Frances Santin (CSN) 56.67; 6. Julie Bennion-Murdock (unat) 57.10.

II-1. Yvonne Harrison (Fila) 56.05; 2. Dominque Calloway (OhSt) 56.83; 3. Tanisha Mills (unat) 56.86; 4. Sandra Farmer-Patrick (Nik) 57.84; 5. Nicole Thomas (Az) 59.66.

III-1. Michelle Johnson (unat) 55.31; 2. Kim Batten (unat) 56.17; 3. Melinda Sallins (Miz) 56.36; 4. Randi Smith (WaSt) 58.54; 5. Holly Gibbons (BYU) 59.66.

IV-1. Sandra Glover (Nik) 55.40; 2. LaTanya Sheffield (Shef) 56.83; 3. Sheena Johnson (CaHS) 57.35; 4. Michelle Perry (UCLA) 57.71; 5. Eusheka Bartley (unat) 59.15.

V-1. Tonja Buford-Bailey (Nik) 55.64; 2. Trevaia Williams-Davis (unat) 55.84; 3. Ryan Tolbert (unat) 56.83; 4. Le'gretta Smith (InI) 57.76; 5. Natalie Gibson (Cheet) 58.99.