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Track & Field News, as you may know, is universally considered the bible of the sport. Among our 20,000 readers each issue are the most active and involved coaches, athletes, officials and fans of track & field. T&FN was started in 1948 and it has been published continuously for more than half a century. 
For all those years, we have been the prime source of information on the sport. Major meet results, performer lists and rankings, interviews with prominent athletes and coaches, and a wealth of feature materials and action photos--those are the staples that make us the most read and most cited medium in track & field. 
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Our other activities include:

  • TRACK COACH, the official technical publication of USA TRACK & FIELD, the national governing body for track & field in the U.S. We prepare and publish TRACK COACH for the federation. Track Coach is a digital-only publication as of 1/1/2015 (Track Coach #210) and each issue is sent free to all members of the USATF coaches registry.
  • T&FN TOURS, our travel arm specifically organized to make vacation travel arrangements for thousands of track & field enthusiasts who wish to attend the Olympics, World Championships, Olympic Trials and other important competitions in the USA and around the globe.