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Rio, Rio, Rio by the Sea-Oh! What a site for the Games—the first on the South American continent.  And of course Track & Field News Tours will be there with another of our famous tours. We have operated tours to every Summer Games since 1952. We have almost 60 years of experience, accommodating about 11,000 fans at sixteen Games, plus three Winter Games.

For Rio in 2016, we’ll have another sizable tour group. More than 300 fans have signed up at this writing and space is getting very tight. offer. We have no luxury hotels, just good 3 to 3½ star accommodations.

The tour package is similar to our previous Games trips, with their strong track & field orientation. We offer stays for 12 or 18 nights (track & field period or entire Games).

Always a highlight of these trips is the gala tour luncheon, with invited athletes and coaches. In Beijing 2008, for instance, our guests were Tirunesh, Dibaba, Clement, Oliver, Taylor, Symmonds, and many more, including stars from the past like Harrison Dillard and Dwight Stones. Over the years, more than 60 gold medalists and 60 world record holders have attended TAFNOT parties.


The tour also includes a daily newsletter prepared by the T&FN editorial staff, daily breakfast, welcome lunchon, transportation pass, goodies---useful, informative extras and the leadership of the world's most experienced and successful Olympic tour organization. The tour is close to being sold out. Contact us now for more details 650-948-8188.