Lloyd Stephens Pics

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Rory, Phyllis, Melanie

In Stockholm

City Hall in Stockholm

Outside the Hermitage in St. Petersburg

Krish and Phyllis at the Hermitage (in St. Petersburg)

At the Hermitage in St. Petersburg

Guides Anna and Natalia in the foreground, with Janet (in St. Petersburg)

Vodka Museum in Moscow

At the market

Mark Steinberg

David Oliver interviewed

Ashton Eaton and Brianne Theisen at the party

Inside the Apple

The party site

Lloyd at his desk at the Novotel

In the stands

Gregg Larson and Dennis Horwitt

On the boat

On the boat

Enjoying the Moscow River

Dave Hunter, Krish Kartha, Lane Wallace

Pete and Kevin show off their Swiss Army Knives

In Red Square