Garry Hill Pics

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St. Petersburg canal trip

DSC 0154

A good Serbian restaurant in St. Pete

DSC 0152

St. Isaac's Cathedral

DSC 0139

Matisse masterwork

DSC 0149

Hermitage exterior

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DSC 0126

Art lover Sylvia Phillips

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Anjan, Garry and Harrison take a break

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Barbara Duncan in the Hermitage

DSC 0079


DSC 0072

Waiting to enter the Hermitage

DSC 0220

More folks at lunch (At Peterhof)

DSC 0218

Lunch afterward (At Peterhof)

DSC 0214

Louise and David at lunch after Peterhof

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DSC 0192

Tony, Gloria, Sue (At Peterhof)

DSC 0185

Our fabulous guide Natalia on the right (At Peterhof)

DSC 0184

Lloyd, Krish, the Eltringhams, Nels, Anjan, Warren (At Peterhof)

DSC 0180

Tourists in the lower garden (At Peterhof)

DSC 0177

Swan boat (At Peterhof)

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Janet and Ed in the lower garden (At Peterhof)

DSC 0162

A view to Peterhof's "black lawn"

DSC 0161

Plastic slippers to wear in the palace (At Peterhof)

DSC 0156

Entrance to Peterhof

DSC 0060

At the party

DSC 0059

Time to eat (At The Party)

DSC 0051

Things looking up for Mike Powell and Janet Vitu

DSC 0057

All for one and one for all (At The Party)

DSC 0056

The Apple Core