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Reuters- Kim Collins Bids Farewell After Track's Longest Sprint- March 3, 2018
trackalerts- Sprinter Kim Collins Talks Longevity (video)- May 5, 2017
London2017- Kim Collins To Retire After London World Champs- March 13, 2017
AW- Kim Collins Aims For Fast 50th Race On British Soil- February 17, 2017
Local News- St. Kitts Celebrates Kim Collins Day- August 27, 2016
Local TV/Radio- Kim Collins Misses His Flight To Rio- August 7, 2016
CNN- Kim Collins Breaks The Boundaries Of Time (w/ vid)- August 3, 2016
Local News- Kim Collins Settles Differences, Clears Way To Rio- July 20, 2016
Local TV/Radio- Injured Kim Collins Bows Out Of Rio- June 19, 2016
trackalerts- Kim Collins Reduces His Competition Schedule- May 24, 2016
IAAF- For Kim Collins, Fitness Is Secret To Longevity- March 18, 2016
InsideTheGames- Kim Collins Hopeful Of Running In 5th Olympics- February 19, 2016
Jamaica Gleaner- Timeless Kim Collins Targets Records In Rio- January 30, 2016
Local News- Kim Collins Not Pleased With Federation Politics- October 7, 2015
trackalerts- Kim Collins Back On St. Kitts National Team - August 5, 2015
trackalerts- Kim Collins Gets Ready For Place In Beijing- May 21, 2015
Web- Sprinter Kim Collins Explains His Longevity- April 10, 2015
trackalerts- St.Kitts Stadium To Be Named For Kim Collins- April 4, 2015
Spikes- Words Of Wisdom From Kim Collins- April 1, 2015
Jamaica Gleaner- Hail Kim Collins, Track's "Old Man River"- February 19, 2015