2008 U.S. Absolute List - Women

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compiled by Glen McMicken

(marks received and verified by 01/16/2009)

We welcome all amendments to these lists.


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Key To Lists

These lists give the top 40 U.S. performers of the season, with an appending of those foreign collegians whose marks fall into that range.


On final year-end lists, the top 10 performances, denoted by — — are also included.


In the wind-aided category, the domestics and foreign collegians are commingled (' after name = foreigner on windy list).


Relay teams may contain non-U.S. nationals.


Open athletes and high schoolers have no notation before their name. Collegians are noted by class: - = senior; * = junior; **=soph; *** = frosh; ? = unknown. Note: we do not change athlete affiliations in mid-season from collegiate to club if/when they sign pro contracts early or otherwise finish their collegiate eligibility. For consistency, we leave them with the same affiliation all year.


(A) = altitude over 1000m (in affected events only).


Wind-aided marks are those of greater than 2.0mps. Windy marks are listed only if superior to the best legal mark (windy performances listed to level of legal performances).


In the marathon and half-marathon lists, ' = aided course. Since so many road runners are unaffiliated, a state affiliation represents their home, not a school.


! = secondary mark made within a field-event series; ¶ = complete field-event series not known, so some performances may be missing.


10.78Torri Edwards (Nike)Oly Trials06/28
10.85Muna Lee (Nike)Oly Trials06/28
10.90———EdwardsOly Trials06/28
Lauryn Williams (Nike)Oly Trials06/28
10.93Allyson Felix (adidas)Doha GP05/09
Marshevet Hooker (adidas)Oly Trials06/28
10.94———EdwardsEugene GP06/08
———HookerNew York GP05/31
10.96———FelixOly Trials06/28
10.97Carmelita Jeter (Nike)Oly Trials06/27
———LeeNew York GP05/31
Mechelle Lewis (Nike)Oly Trials06/28
**12 performers by 7 performers**
11.02Angela Williams (Nike)Oly Trials06/28
11.03Gloria Asumnu (adidas)Clermont05/24
LaShaunte’a Moore (adidas)Oly Trials06/28
11.07*Alexandria Anderson (Tx)Oly Trials06/28
Lisa Barber (adidas)Oly Trials06/28
Bianca Knight (adidas)Oly Trials06/27
11.08Alexis Weatherspoon (HSI)Oly Trials06/27
11.09Alexis Joyce (unat)Clermont05/24
11.13Chryste Gaines (unat)Clermont06/14
11.15(A)**Porscha Lucas (TxAM)Big 1205/18
11.16Victoria Jordan (TxHS)Texas State05/09
Shalonda Solomon (Reebok)Oly Trials06/27
11.17-Juanita Broaddus (LSU)SEC05/18
11.19Stephanie Durst (Nike)Baie-Mahault05/01
11.21(A)**Scottesha Miller (Ok)Big 1205/18
Wyllesheia Myrick (Nike)Miami Elite04/12
***Jeneba Tarmoh (Tn)USATF Jrs06/20
11.26Sanya Richards (Nike)adidas Cl05/18
11.27-Tawanna Meadows (Troy)Sun Belt05/11
11.28-Lakecia Ealey (Fl)NCAA E05/30
11.29Miki Barber (Nike)Oly Trials06/27
Ebonie Floyd (Nike)Doha GP05/09
(A)Sani Roseby (Nike)Provo Gold05/24
11.30Santana Lowery (unat)Ole Miss Inv04/12
11.31Ladedra Guy (unat)New York GP05/31
***Shayla Mahan (SC)Greensboro04/19
Amber Robinson (unat)Clermont05/24
11.33Melinda Smedley (Shef)Modesto R05/10
11.34-Jessica Onyepunuka (USC)NCAA W05/31
11.35Tangela Neal (CFAC)Clermont05/24
11.36Chalonda Goodman (GaHS)USATF JO07/27
Monique Henderson (Reebok)Scott Inv05/04
Latonia Wilson (Nike)Texas R04/05
Foreign Collegians:
10.95(A)-Simone Facey (TxAM-Jam)Big 1205/18
11.06-Kelly Baptiste (LSU-Tri)Texas R04/05
11.21-Virgil Hodge (TCU-StK)Mtn West05/17
11.23*Nickesha Anderson (Ks-Jam)Kansas R Coll04/19
11.31(A)-Halimat Ismaila (UTEP-Ngr)CUSA05/17
11.34*Allison George (TxAM-Grn)Big 1205/18
-Carol Rodriguez (USC-PR)Texas R Univ04/05
10.76HookerOly Trials06/27
10.85———EdwardsOly Trials06/27
10.86L. WilliamsOly Trials06/27
10.89———LeeOly Trials06/27
———HookerOly Trials06/28
10.91———LeeOly Trials06/28
10.92A. WilliamsOly Trials06/28
———L. WilliamsOly Trials06/27
10.94———HookerOly Trials06/27
10.95LewisOly Trials06/27
10.97Baptiste’NCAA ME05/31
10.98A. AndersonOly Trials06/27
11.02AsumnuOly Trials06/27
11.04**Samantha Henry’ (LSU-Jam)NCAA ME05/30
11.09**Lynne Layne (Tn)NCAA ME05/30
11.13MeadowsSun Belt05/10
11.17GuyOly Trials06/27
11.18N. Anderson’Drake R04/26
11.19MyrickOly Trials06/27
RosebyOly Trials06/27
11.21(A)-Ismaila’UTEP Spring03/29
11.25Candice Davis (unat)Mt. SAC04/20
11.31GoodmanTaco Bell HS04/11
***Kenyanna Wilson (LSU)NCAA ME05/31
11.34Antonette Carter (Asics)Mt. SAC04/20

21.93Allyson Felix (adidas)Olympic G08/21
22.01Muna Lee (Nike)Olympic G08/21
22.22———FelixOly Trials07/06
22.29———LeeOlympic G08/20
(A)**Porscha Lucas (TxAM)Big 1205/18
22.30———Leeadidas Cl05/18
22.33———FelixOlympic G08/20
———LeeOly Trials07/06
22.34Marshevet Hooker (adidas)Olympic G08/21
22.37———FelixZürich GP08/29
**10 performances by 4 performers**
22.40iBianca Knight (adidas)NCAA Ind03/14
22.47Carmelita Jeter (Nike)adidas Cl05/18
22.48Shalonda Solomon (Reebok)Oly Trials07/06
22.49Sanya Richards (Nike)Rome GP07/11
22.59Lauryn Williams (Nike)Oly Trials07/06
22.63Ebonie Floyd (Nike)Oly Trials07/06
22.66Torri Edwards (Nike)Oly Trials07/06
22.70LaShaunte’a Moore (adidas)Paris GP07/18
22.75(A)*Alexandria Anderson (Tx)Big 1205/18
(A)***Tiffany Townsend (Bay)Big 1205/18
22.76Debbie Dunn (NRD)Belém05/25
22.79(A)**Scottesha Miller (Ok)Big 1205/18
22.84-Natalie Knight (Fl)SEC05/18
22.92(A)*Leslie Cole (Ok)NACAC U2307/20
22.94***Jeneba Tarmoh (Tn)NCAA ME05/31
22.99Stephanie Durst (Nike)Oly Trials07/06
Ashlee Kidd (unat)adidas Cl05/18
23.01(A)Mechelle Lewis (Nike)Provo HP05/24
23.04Miki Barber (Nike)Oly Trials07/06
23.08Wyllesheia Myrick (Nike)Miami Elite04/12
23.09*Charonda Williams (AzSt)Pac-1005/17
23.10(A)LaKadron Ivery (Nike)Provo HP05/24
23.12**Lynne Layne (Tn)NCAA ME05/31
23.13Gloria Asumnu (unat)Barcelona07/19
23.14-Jolanda Diego (UCLA)vs USC05/03
-Tawanna Meadows (Troy)Sun Belt05/10
*Krista Simkins (Mia)Hurricane Chall03/29
23.15-Shana Cox (PennSt)Big 1005/18
Natasha Hastings (Nike)Mt. SAC OD04/20
Michelle Perry (Nike)Mt. SAC04/20
23.18-Juanita Broaddus (LSU)SEC05/18
23.21Hyleas Fountain (Nike)OG08/15
*Lynette Rives (Belm)NCAA ME05/30
23.22i-Courtney Champion (Tn)NCAA Ind03/14
Chalonda Goodman (GaHS)NON06/21
Gi-Gi Johnson (Nike)Barcelona07/19
Amber Robinson (unat)Oordegem07/26
Foreign Collegians:
22.45(A)-Simone Facey (TxAM-Jam)Big 1205/18
22.57(A)*Nickesha Anderson (Ks-Jam)Big 1205/18
22.67-Kelly Baptiste (LSU-Tri)NCAA ME05/31
22.72(A)*Allison George (TxAM-Grn)Big 1205/18
22.76-Virgil Hodge (TCU-StK)TCU Inv04/19
22.90**Samantha Henry (LSU-Jam)NCAA ME05/30
23.06-Carol Rodriguez (USC-PR)Pac-1005/16
23.12-Trish Bartholomew (Al-Grn)NCAA ME05/31
23.13***Cache Armbrister (Aub-Bah)NCAA ME05/31
21.82FelixOly Trials07/06
21.99———LeeOly Trials07/06
22.20HookerOly Trials07/06
22.21L. WilliamsOly Trials07/06
22.25B. KnightOly Trials07/06
22.35JeterOly Trials07/06
22.36SolomonOly Trials07/06
22.76-Lakecia Ealey (Fl)Florida R04/05
22.84Rodriguez’Mt. SAC Univ04/18
22.92CoxNCAA E05/31
23.05Mary Wineberg (Nike)Sea Ray04/12
23.08Shareese Woods (adidas)Thessaloníki07/09
23.09-Carla Grace (Bay)UTA Open05/03
23.10Bartholomew’NCAA ME05/30
23.18(A)-Halimat Ismaila’ (UTEP-Ngr)CUSA05/17
23.21Angela Daigle-Bowen (Cheet)Ft-de-France05/08

49.74Sanya Richards (Nike)Zürich GP08/29
49.83Allyson Felix (adidas)Doha GP05/09
49.86———RichardsAthens GP07/13
49.89———RichardsOly Trials07/03
49.90———RichardsOlympic G08/17
49.93———RichardsOlympic G08/19
50.04———RichardsNew York GP05/31
50.10———RichardsEugene GP06/08
50.25———FelixRome GP07/11
50.32Mary Wineberg (Nike)Eugene GP06/08
**10 performances by 3 performers**
50.80Natasha Hastings (Nike)Doha GP05/09
50.84-Shana Cox (PennSt)NCAA E05/31
50.88Dee Dee Trotter (adidas)Oly Trials07/03
50.98Monique Henderson (Reebok)Oly Trials07/03
51.04+Debbie Dunn (NRD)Baie-Mahault05/01
51.09(A)***Jessica Beard (TxAM)Big 1205/18
51.25Ebonie Floyd (Nike)Eugene GP06/08
51.41iShareese Woods (adidas)World Ind03/09
51.54**Francena McCorory (Hamp)MEAC05/03
51.58Lashinda Demus (Nike)Miami Elite04/12
51.63**Brandi Cross (SC)Oly Trials06/29
Monica Hargrove (unat)Ar Twi05/02
51.67-Kenyata Coleman (Ms)NCAA06/13
51.69*Nicole Leach (UCLA)vs USC05/03
51.73Monique Hennagan (Nike)Oly Trials06/29
Latosha Wallace (unat)Shizuoka05/03
51.85iMoushaumi Robinson (Nike)World Ind03/08
51.94(A)*Leslie Cole (Ok)Big 1205/18
51.95i*Krista Simkins (Mia)NCAA Ind03/14
52.00-Jenna Griffin (OhSt)NCAA ME05/31
(A)Ashlee Kidd (Nike)Provo HP05/24
52.15-Dominique Blake (PennSt)NCAA E05/31
52.22Nina Gilbert (AthInc)Ole Ms Inv05/03
52.25Jessica Young (unat)NTx Open05/17
52.26Sheena Tosta (Nike)Uberlandia05/11
52.28-Dominique Holmes (TnSt)NCAA ME05/31
52.44+Jessica Cousins (Nike)Baie-Mahault05/01
52.51***LaJada Baldwin (Ms)NCAA ME05/31
(A)-Donniece Parrish (KsSt)Big 1205/18
52.52*Jessica Clarke (TCU)Mtn West05/17
52.58Lauren McNary (unat)Orlando05/10
52.61Miriam Barnes (Nike)Lausanne GP09/02
52.74-Deonna Lawrence (LSU)NCAA ME05/31
-Brooklynn Morris (LSU)NCAA ME05/31
52.78-LaTonya Loche (Tn)SEC05/18
52.83iNadonnia Rodriques (NYHS)Armory02/16
52.87**Marissa Moseley (OkB)NAIA05/24
Foreign Collegians:
51.29-Trish Bartholomew (Al-Grn)NCAA06/14
51.39-Carol Rodriguez (USC-PR)vs UCLA05/03
52.24-Kineke Alexander (Ia-StV)NCAA MW05/31
52.32i**Jenna Martin (Ky-Can)SEC Ind03/02
52.63i-Tanisha Wisdom (MdES-Jam)Iowa State LC03/08

1:59.67Alice Schmidt (adidas)Lausanne GP09/02
1:59.82Hazel Clark (Nike)Ponce05/17
1:59.82———ClarkOly Trials06/30
2:00.01———SchmidtEugene GP06/08
Morgan Uceny (Reebok)London GP07/26
2:00.46———SchmidtOly Trials06/30
2:00.51———ClarkEugene GP06/08
2:00.57Alysia Johnson (Nike)Pac-1005/17
2:00.77———JohnsonNCAA W05/31
**10 performances by 4 performers**
2:01.03Shannon Rowbury (Nike)Eugene GP06/08
2:01.07Nicole Teter (Nike)Eugene GP06/08
2:01.19Erin Donohue (Nike)N-Xhovémont07/16
2:01.20Kameisha Bennett (Nike)Oly Trials06/30
2:01.34Christin Wurth-Thomas (Nike)London GP07/26
2:01.61Chanelle Price (PaHS)Eugene GP06/08
2:02.01Maggie Vessey (unat)Oly Trials06/30
2:02.34**Brenda Martinez (UCR)Eagle Rock06/07
2:02.35*Geena Gall (Mi)Oly Trials06/30
2:02.36Nikeya Green (Reebok)Brasschaat07/23
2:02.38Katie Waits (Reebok)Oly Trials06/28
2:02.67Tiffany McWilliams (adidas)Brasschaat07/23
2:02.72Anna Willard (Nike)Georgia T Inv05/17
2:02.79Nicole Cook (Reebok)New York GP05/31
2:03.08Laura Roesler (NDHS)Eagle Rock06/07
2:03.22Ty Davis (TIn)Oly Trials06/28
**LaTavia Thomas (LSU)LSU Alumni Gold04/19
2:03.48Mary Jayne Reeves (Nike)Brasschaat07/23
2:03.73-Becky Horn (WnMi)NCAA06/12
2:03.76Laura Hermanson (NDSt)Eagle Rock06/07
2:03.82iSasha Spencer (Nike)Linz01/31
2:03.91Treniere Clement (Nike)New York GP05/31
*Heather Dorniden (Mn)NCAA MW05/31
2:04.03***Anna Layman (WaSt)NCAA06/12
2:04.10-Carlee Clark-Platt (BYU)NCAA06/12
2:04.33Lauren Austin (unat)AMC IV06/14
2:04.38**Phoebe Wright (Tn)NCAA06/12
2:04.47Sherron Rhetta (SBTC)Eagle Rock06/07
2:04.48*Sarah Bowman (Tn)Nashville04/19
2:04.54Victoria Martinez (ASCE)Mt. SAC Univ04/18
2:04.59Lindsey Gallo (Reebok)Lignano07/13
2:04.70**Krishna Curry (UCLA)NCAA W05/31
2:04.71*Brie Felnagle (NC)Taylor Cl05/09
2:04.83Phillis Francis (NYHS)USATF JO07/26
2:04.90**Christina Rodgers (Az)NCAA W05/31
2:05.04*Mackenzie Pierce (Cal)vs Stan04/12
Foreign Collegians:
2:02.48*Hannah England (FlSt-GB)Georgia T Inv05/17
2:02.50***Zoe Buckman (Or-Aus)NCAA W05/31
2:04.81-Nicole Edwards (Mi-Can)En Michigan Inv04/19
2:04.82**Kayann Thompson (LSU-Jam)SEC05/18
2:05.01i-Kelly Young (UTEP-Aus)Iowa State LC03/08

2:45.76iChanelle Price (PaHS)Armory Inv02/09
2:46.34i-Trisa Nickoley (Mo)Lincoln01/26
2:46.57i**Nichole Jones (Bay)Big 12 Ind03/01
2:47.07i*Tasmin Fanning (VaT)Virginia T Inv01/12
2:47.80i**Danielle Bradley (Bay)Big 12 Ind03/01
**5 performances by 5 performers**
2:47.90i-Elizabeth Maloy (Gtn)Virginia T Inv01/12
2:47.95iMiesha Marzell (unat)PennSt R01/12
2:48.22i**Renee Tomlin (Gtn)PennSt Nat01/26
2:48.26i*Molly Lehman (Duke)ECAC Ind03/09
2:48.32i-Briene Simmons (PennSt)PennSt R01/12
2:48.66i***Keri Bland (WV)Big East Ind02/24
2:48.67iMarcia Taddy (WiR)Platteville01/18
2:48.93i***Nikki Swenson (Mn)Meyo Inv02/08
2:48.95i*Katara Rosby (Tx)Big 12 Ind03/01
2:49.21i***Samantha Gawrych (BC)ECAC Ind03/09

4:00.33Shannon Rowbury (Nike)Paris GP07/18
4:01.61———Rowburyadidas Cl05/18
4:01.97———RowburyLausanne GP09/02
4:02.71———RowburyRieti GP09/07
4:03.58———RowburyOlympic G08/23
4:03.89———RowburyOlympic G08/21
4:04.88Christin Wurth-Thomas (Nike)Eugene GP06/08
4:04.94———Wurth-Thomasadidas Cl05/18
4:05.31———Wurth-ThomasMonaco GP07/29
4:05.48———RowburyOly Trials07/06
**10 performances by 2 performers**
4:06.17Kara Goucher (Nike)Jerome Cl06/21
4:06.26Anna Willard (Nike)AMC IV06/14
4:06.93Morgan Uceny (Reebok)Lucerne07/16
4:07.26Lindsey Gallo (Reebok)AMC IV06/14
4:07.50*Sarah Bowman (Tn)NCAA06/14
4:07.62Amy Mortimer (Reebok)New York GP05/31
4:07.65Erin Donohue (Nike)Eugene GP06/08
4:07.87Jenelle Deatherage (Reebok)AMC IV06/14
4:08.54*Brie Felnagle (NC)Chapel Hill05/17
4:08.55Sara Hall (Asics)Heusden07/20
4:09.43Lauren Fleshman (OTC)Eugene GP06/08
4:10.17Nicole Teter (Nike)Heusden07/20
4:10.85Mary Jayne Reeves (OTC)Heusden07/20
4:11.02-Dacia Barr (Ar)NCAA06/14
4:11.35Tiffany McWilliams (adidas)Oordegem07/26
4:11.36*Jenny Barringer (Co)Lucerne07/16
4:11.87Treniere Clement (Nike)Eugene GP06/08
4:13.23*Frances Koons (Vill)Swarthmore05/13
4:13.68Arianna Lambie (Nike)Jerome Cl06/21
4:14.01Nikeya Green (Reebok)Leverkusen07/30
4:14.12Nicole Bush (unat)AMC IV06/14
4:14.38Carrie Tollefson (adidas)Victoria06/19
4:14.50Jordan Hasay (CaHS)Oly Trials07/04
4:14.58Julie Culley (unat)Oregon Twi05/09
4:14.73**Emily Anderson (WM)NCAA06/14
**Nicole Blood (Or)Oregon Twi05/09
4:14.94*Michelle Turner (Wa)NCAA W05/31
4:15.01-Lauren Hagans (Bay)Oly Trials07/04
4:15.36Alice Schmidt (adidas)adidas Cl05/18
4:15.47Julia Lucas (Reebok)Eagle Rock06/07
4:15.78**Katie Follett (Wa)NCAA W05/31
4:16.05**Keri Bland (WV)Oly Trials07/04
4:16.13*Lauren Centrowitz (Stan)Cardinal Inv05/04
4:16.42Christine Babcock (CaHS)Walnut06/15
4:16.68-Amanda Miller (Wa)NCAA06/12
4:16.73iJen Rhines (adidas)New York City01/19
4:16.76-Elizabeth Maloy (Gtn)Taylor Cl05/09
4:16.77Anne Shadle (unat)Chapel Hill05/17
Foreign Collegians:
4:06.19**Hannah England (FlSt-GB)NCAA06/14
4:06.67*Sally Kipyego (TxT-Ken)NCAA06/14

4:20.34Shannon Rowbury (Nike)Rieti GP09/07
4:26.48Erin Donohue (Nike)Rieti GP09/07
4:27.18iChristin Wurth-Thomas (Nike)Tyson Inv02/15
4:28.37Anna Willard (Nike)Rieti GP09/07
4:28.90Lindsey Gallo (Reebok)Rieti GP09/07
4:31.84iJenelle Deatherage (Reebok)Tyson Inv02/15
4:32.90Amy Mortimer (Reebok)Falmouth08/09
4:32.95i———DeatherageReebok Boston01/26
4:33.34i———MortimerNew Balance G01/19
4:33.42iJen Rhines (adidas)New Balance G01/19
**10 performances by 8 performers**
4:33.46iLauren Fleshman (OTC)Reebok Boston01/26
4:33.80Tiffany McWilliams (adidas)Falmouth08/09
4:33.92iSara Hall (Asics)New Balance G01/19
4:34.80Julie Culley (NYAC)Falmouth08/09
Mary Jayne Reeves (OTC)Falmouth08/09
4:36.00i*Sarah Bowman (Tn)NCAA Ind03/15
4:36.03iKara Goucher (Nike)Millrose G02/01
4:36.27iJen Toomey (Nike)Reebok Boston01/26
4:37.22i**Katie Follett (Wa)Husky Ind02/16
4:37.33i**Jessica Pixler (SPac)Husky Ind02/16
4:37.58iEmily Brown (TMn)Minneapolis02/23
4:37.67i*Brie Felnagle (NC)ACC Ind03/01
4:38.01i-Arianna Lambie (Nike)Husky Ind02/16
4:38.66i-Natalie Picchetti (Ga)SEC Ind03/02
4:38.87iMorgan Uceny (Reebok)Meyo Inv02/09
4:39.07i-Dacia Barr (Ar)Wilson Inv03/08
4:39.54i*Jamie Cheever (Mn)Meyo Inv02/09
i***Alex Kosinski (Or)Mtn Pac Ind03/01
4:39.93i-Amanda Miller (Wa)Husky Ind02/16
4:40.02i*Sara Vaughn (Co)Wilson Inv03/08
4:40.08i*Michelle Turner (Wa)Washington LC03/08
4:40.13i*Lauren Centrowitz (Stan)Husky Ind02/16
4:40.37i**Liz Costello (Prin)Wilson Inv03/08
4:40.90i-Akilah Vargas (Vill)Wilson Inv03/08
4:41.07i-Meghan Armstrong (Ia)Husky Ind02/16
4:41.08i-Elizabeth Maloy (Gtn)Wilson Inv03/08
4:41.15i*Alicia Follmar (Stan)Husky Ind02/16
4:41.67i*Lauren Hagans (Bay)Razorback Inv01/26
4:41.68i-Ann Detmer (Wi)Husky Ind02/16
4:41.91i-Clerc Koenck (Lam)Iowa State Ind02/16
4:41.98i**Angela Bizzarri (Il)Iowa State Ind02/16
4:42.74i**Nicole Blood (Or)Seattle01/19
Foreign Collegians:
4:33.23i-Nicole Edwards (Mi-Can)Tyson Inv02/15
4:35.30i**Hannah England (FlSt-GB)NCAA Ind03/15
4:36.31i*Sally Kipyego (TxT-Ken)Big 12 Ind03/01
4:36.91i*Susan Kuijken (FlSt-Hol)ACC Ind03/01
4:40.44i***Angela Wagner (BYU-SA)Wilson Inv03/08

9:22.26*Jenny Barringer (Co)Olympic G08/17
9:22.76Anna Willard (Nike)Heusden07/20
9:25.63———WillardOlympic G08/17
9:27.59———WillardOly Trials07/03
9:28.52———WillardOlympic G08/15
———BarringerOlympic G08/15
9:30.75Lindsey Anderson (Nike)Oly Trials07/03
9:33.11———BarringerOly Trials07/03
**10 performances by 3 performers**
9:40.27Nicole Bush (unat)Oly Trials07/03
9:41.68Delilah DiCrescenzo (Riad)Belém05/25
9:43.18Lisa Galaviz (Nike)Belém05/25
9:44.46Carrie Messner-Vickers (Asics)Belém05/25
9:45.38Emily Brown (TMn)Drake R04/26
9:49.56Kara June (AsicsA)Oly Trials07/03
9:49.74Amanda Lorenzen (Brooks)Oly Trials07/03
9:53.43Carrie Strickland (BowAC)Oly Trials06/30
9:54.93Ann Gaffigan (New Balance)Oly Trials07/03
9:56.72-Sariah Long (Web)Oly Trials06/30
9:58.56**Bridget Franek (PennSt)Big 1005/17
9:58.63Lesley Higgins (NYAC)Hillsdale06/07
9:59.62Kristen Anderson (Nike)Oly Trials06/30
10:04.08Kelly Strong (Asics)Seattle05/08
10:04.47-Lindsay Allen (Stan)Oly Trials06/30
10:07.16*Sarah Madebach (Ga)NCAA06/13
10:08.16Dawn Cromer (Brooks)Mt. SAC04/18
10:09.87Brittany Somers (ASCE)AMC IV06/14
10:09.89Rena Chesser (unat)AMC I05/31
10:10.07Andrea Parker (unat)AMC IV06/14
10:10.53-Tsehaye Dagnachew (UNCC)Mt. SAC04/18
10:11.33*Jamie Cheever (Mn)Pepsi Team04/05
10:12.28-Mica Land (Wich)NCAA06/11
10:13.33Shauneen Garrahan (unat)New Englands06/15
10:14.52Jane Rudkin (TXO)Eagle Rock06/07
10:15.67**Nicole Mericle (Rice)NCAA MW05/31
10:15.72*Kristen Hemphill (CoSt)NCAA MW05/31
10:16.36Kelly Fullerton (TXO)AMC IV06/14
-Meghan Leonard (WaSt)Mt. SAC OD04/18
10:16.72Addie Bracy (unat)AMC I05/31
10:17.12-Liz Haglund (Vill)Big East05/03
10:17.17Julia Rudd (InI)AMC IV06/14
10:17.38**Stephanie Garcia (Va)ACC04/18
10:17.86**Danielle Bradley (Bay)Cardinal Inv05/04
-Lindsay Sundell (Fl)NCAA E05/31
10:18.15-Joanna Rodgers (Gtn)Big East05/03
10:18.96Dallon Williams (CSSM)NAIA05/24
Foreign Collegians:
9:55.12-Irene Kimaiyo (TxT-Ken)Cardinal Inv05/04
9:55.54***Silje Fjørtoft (SMU-Nor)NCAA06/13
9:58.68***Angela Wagner (BYU-SA)NCAA W05/31
10:14.29*Sara Trane (WaSt-Can)NCAA W05/31
10:15.56**Beverly Ramos (KsSt-PR)Cardinal Inv05/04
10:18.94*Lydia Willemse (FlSt-Can)Georgia T Inv05/16

8:51.29Jen Rhines (adidas)Monaco GP07/29
8:52.68+i———RhinesReebok Boston01/26
8:53.26———RhinesLondon GP07/26
8:54.97iChristin Wurth-Thomas (Nike)Reebok Boston01/26
8:55.19iShannon Rowbury (Nike)USATF Ind02/23
8:55.72Amy Mortimer (Reebok)Cork07/12
8:56.26———Rhinesadidas Cl05/18
8:57.53iKara Goucher (Nike)Birmingham02/16
8:58.07Anna Willard (Nike)London GP07/26
8:59.96———MortimerGateshead GP08/31
**10 performances by 6 performers**
9:00.14iJulie Culley (unat)USATF Ind02/23
9:00.25Sara Slattery (adidas)London GP07/26
9:00.31i*Brie Felnagle (NC)NCAA Ind03/15
9:00.37iCack Ferrell (OTC)Washington Ind02/02
9:00.45Molly Huddle (Saucony)Cork07/12
9:02.61Jenelle Deatherage (Reebok)Brasschaat07/23
9:03.34iKatie McGregor (Reebok)USATF Ind02/23
9:03.38Melissa Cook (NBalB)Dublin07/25
9:04.87iAmy Hastings (adidas)Washington Ind02/02
9:05.32i-Arianna Lambie (Stan)Washington Ind02/02
9:07.88iErin Donohue (Nike)USATF Ind02/23
9:08.44i**Nicole Blood (Or)Washington Ind02/02
9:08.77i*Tasmin Fanning (VaT)Boone12/05
9:08.84iLisa Galaviz (Nike)Washington Ind02/02
9:09.1Shalane Flanagan (Nike)Cardinal Inv05/04
9:10.21Lindsey Gallo (Reebok)Hillsdale04/26
9:10.60iEmily Brown (TMn)Minneapolis01/26
9:11.09i*Lauren Centrowitz (Stan)NCAA Ind03/15
9:12.55i-Nicole Bush (MiSt)Iowa State Ind02/16
9:12.83i-Marisa Ryan (BU)NCAA Ind03/15
9:13.68iMaureen McCandless (unat)PennSt Nat01/26
9:15.11Laurynne Chetelat (CaHS)World Juniors07/12
9:15.12i*Lauren Hagans (Bay)NCAA Ind03/15
9:15.52Samia Akbar (Reebok)Brasschaat07/23
9:15.58i**Lisa Koll (IaSt)NCAA Ind03/15
9:15.88iKathleen Trotter (PDC)Washington Ind02/02
9:16.17Renee Metivier Baillie (Nike)Castillo Inv03/22
9:16.48Amy Begley (Nike)adidas Cl05/18
9:17.14Mary Jayne Reeves (OTC)Dublin07/25
9:17.48iJess Minty (NBalB)USATF Ind02/23
9:17.80i**Brenda Martinez (UCR)Husky Ind02/16
9:18.30i-Meghan Armstrong (Ia)Big 10 Ind03/01
9:18.71iErin Dromgoole (NBalB)USATF Ind02/23
9:19.39i**Bridget Franek (PennSt)Big 10 Ind03/01
Foreign Collegians:
8:58.14i*Susan Kuijken (FlSt-Hol)NCAA Ind03/15
9:05.45i*Sally Kipyego (TxT-Ken)Reebok Boston01/26
9:13.62i*Christine Kalmer (Ar-Ger)Washington Ind02/02
9:13.80i*Alex Becker (Tul-Can)Washington Ind02/02
9:14.44i***Marie-Louise Asselin (WV-Can)NCAA Ind03/15
9:17.07i-Nicole Edwards (Mi-Can)Meyo Inv02/09
9:18.82-Diane Nukuri (Ia-Bur)Iowa Inv04/19
9:19.25i*Hannah England (FlSt-GB)Husky Ind02/16

9:35.29iJen Rhines (adi)Reeb Boston01/26
9:58.51iKatie McGregor (Reeb)Reeb Boston01/26

14:54.29Jen Rhines (adidas)Oslo GP06/06
14:58.10Kara Goucher (Nike)Eugene GP06/08
14:58.48Lauren Fleshman (OTC)New York GP05/31
14:59.69Shalane Flanagan (Nike)Olympic G08/19
15:00.98———GoucherOlympic G08/19
15:01.02———GoucherOly Trials07/04
15:02.02———RhinesOly Trials07/04
15:02.81———FlanaganOly Trials07/04
15:09.40———RhinesBerlin GP06/01
15:11.79———RhinesParis GP07/18
**10 performances by 4 performers**
15:18.88Sara Slattery (adidas)Oly Trials07/04
15:19.42Arianna Lambie (Nike)New York GP05/31
15:19.57Emily Brown (TMn)Cardinal Inv05/04
15:25.47Molly Huddle (Saucony)Mt. SAC04/18
15:28.04Christin Wurth-Thomas (Nike)Mt. SAC04/18
15:32.94iRenee Metivier Baillie (Nike)Washington Ind02/01
15:33.05Julia Lucas (Reebok)Mt. SAC04/18
15:33.88Cack Ferrell (OTC)Mt. SAC04/18
15:34.23Amy Rudolph (adidas)Stockholm GP07/22
15:34.43Julie Culley (NYAC)Oly Trials07/04
15:35.48Rebecca Donaghue (NBalB)Oly Trials07/04
15:36.52Maureen McCandless (N Balance)Oly Trials06/30
15:37.07Melissa Cook (New Balance)Oly Trials06/30
15:37.73*Tasmin Fanning (VaT)Oly Trials06/30
15:42.60Katie McGregor (Reebok)New York GP05/31
15:43.82**Nicole Blood (Or)Mt. SAC04/18
15:45.78**Angela Bizzarri (Il)Oly Trials06/30
15:46.55Amy Begley (Nike)Oregon R04/25
15:47.03Serena Burla (Riadha)Missouri R03/28
15:47.62Amy Hastings (adidas)New York GP05/31
15:49.54-Teresa McWalters (Stan)Oly Trials06/30
15:52.37i**Lisa Koll (IaSt)Iowa State Ind02/16
15:56.72Carrie Tollefson (adidas)New York GP05/31
15:57.93i-Katrina Rundhaug (Wi)Big 10 Ind03/02
15:58.18i*Maddie McKeever (Duke)NCAA Ind03/14
16:00.25i-Nicole Bush (unat)Big 10 Ind03/02
16:01.05Samia Akbar (Reebok)Oordegem07/26
16:01.16**Katie Follett (Wa)Cardinal Inv05/04
16:01.69Kristin Anderson (Nike)Mt. SAC04/18
16:02.72Kara Storage (RunOh)Mt. SAC04/18
16:02.95-Marisa Ryan (BU)Waltham05/24
16:05.47Brooke Kish (BRC)Mt. SAC04/18
16:05.98i*Melissa Grelli (Gtn)Big East Ind02/24
16:08.35-Dacia Barr (Ar)Mt. SAC04/18
16:08.83-Meghan Armstrong (Ia)Cardinal Inv05/04
16:08.88Annie Bersagel (unat)Eton12/31
Foreign Collegians:
15:11.88*Sally Kipyego (TxT-Ken)Mt. SAC04/18
15:43.50-Irene Kimaiyo (TxT-Ken)Mt. SAC04/18
15:50.73***Rebecca Lowe (Fl-Aus)NCAA06/13
15:59.39-Diane Nukuri (Ia-Bur)Cardinal Inv05/04

10,000 METERS
30:22.22Shalane Flanagan (Nike)Olympic G08/15
30:34.49———FlanaganCardinal Inv05/04
30:55.16Kara Goucher (Nike)Olympic G08/15
31:27.12Molly Huddle (Saucony)Cardinal Inv05/04
31:30.31Jen Rhines (adidas)Cardinal Inv05/04
31:34.81———FlanaganOly Trials06/27
31:37.72———GoucherOly Trials06/27
31:43.60Amy Begley (Nike)Oly Trials06/27
**10 performances by 5 performers**
32:11.13**Lisa Koll (IaSt)Stanford Inv04/04
32:14.91Blake Russell (Reebok)Stanford Inv04/04
32:18.72Amy Hastings (adidas)Cardinal Inv05/04
32:29.82Katie McGregor (Reebok)Oly Trials06/27
32:33.02Magdalena Lewy Boulet (adidas)Stanford Inv04/04
32:46.60Sara Slattery (adidas)Oly Trials06/27
32:47.48Serena Burla (Riad)Cardinal Inv05/04
32:49.39Sharon Thompson (unat)Cardinal Inv05/04
32:50.97Kathy Newberry (NYAC)Cardinal Inv05/04
33:08.37Stephanie Rothstein (ACIntl)Cardinal Inv05/04
33:16.53Jill Steffens (New Balance)Portland05/31
33:17.15Allison Grace (Zap)Portland05/31
33:18.12Melissa Cook (New Balance)Oly Trials06/27
33:18.31Tara Storage (RunOh)Stanford Inv04/04
33:18.56Desiree Davila (Hansons)Oly Trials06/27
33:19.27Kara Storage (RunOh)Stanford Inv04/04
33:19.42***Alex Gits (Stan)Cardinal Inv05/04
33:19.60*Melissa Grelli (Gtn)Stanford Inv04/04
33:22.88Heather Gibson (AsicsA)Cardinal Inv05/04
33:23.05Annie Bersagel (unat)Watford06/14
33:28.00-Meghan Armstrong (Ia)Stanford Inv04/04
33:29.48-Katrina Rundhaug (Wi)Stanford Inv04/04
33:32.51Emily McCabe (ACIntl)Cardinal Inv05/04
33:33.34Amy Rudolph (adidas)Oly Trials06/27
33:38.60Elva Dryer (Nike)Oly Trials06/27
33:40.34-Emily Harrison (Va)Stanford Inv04/04
33:47.00-Marisa Ryan (BU)Stanford Inv04/04
33:52.06***Catherine White (Ar)Mt. SAC04/18
33:52.40Nicole Feest (TXO)Cardinal Inv05/04
33:53.57*Morgan Haws (Web)Mt. SAC04/18
33:54.35Melissa White (Hansons)Oly Trials06/27
33:55.56Erin Nehus (InI)Mt. SAC04/18
33:55.73*Denise Bargiachi (Ar)Stanford Inv04/04
33:56.46***Lara Crofford (Nb)Stanford Inv04/04
33:57.18-Kara Scanlin (Va)Stanford Inv04/04
Foreign Collegians:
31:25.45*Sally Kipyego (TxT-Ken)Cardinal Inv05/04
33:17.01-Diane Nukuri (Ia-Bur)Stanford Inv04/04
33:27.64*Danette Doetzel (Prov-Can)Big East05/03

12.43Lolo Jones (Asics)Olympic G08/18
12.45———JonesOly Trials07/06
12.47Damu Cherry (Nike)Ft-de-France05/08
12.48———CherryOly Trials07/06
12.54Nichole Denby (adidas)Oly Trials07/06
Dawn Harper (unat)Olympic G08/19
12.56———HarperShanghai GP09/20
———JonesZürich GP08/29
12.57———JonesBerlin GP06/01
**10 performances by 4 performers**
12.58Kellie Wells (Nike)Oly Trials07/06
12.63Joanna Hayes (Nike)London GP07/26
12.70**Queen Harrison (VaT)NCAA E05/31
12.71Candice Davis (unat)adidas Cl05/18
12.73*Tiffany Ofili (Mi)NCAA06/12
12.75Ginnie Powell (Nike)Oly Trials07/06
12.78Hyleas Fountain (Nike)Olympic G08/15
12.79Michelle Perry (Nike)Oly Trials07/06
12.81**Kristi Castlin (VaT)Hurricane Inv03/22
12.82Gi-Gi Johnson (Nike)Oly Trials07/06
12.84Danielle Carruthers (unat)Ft-de-France05/08
12.85Yvette Lewis (unat)Monaco GP07/29
12.96-Shantia Moss (GaT)NCAA06/12
13.04Ellakisha O’Kelley (AthA)Ft-de-France05/08
13.06Sheena Tosta (Nike)Fortaleza05/14
13.08Tiffany Williams (Reebok)Miami Elite04/12
13.11-LaNeisha Waller (Il)Oly Trials07/05
13.13**Shalina Clarke (USC)Trojan Inv03/22
13.14**Nia Ali (USC)Pac-1005/09
13.15Jenny Adams (CLew)Houston Inv05/03
13.17**Kimyon Broom (Cal)Pac-1005/16
13.19Ryanne Dupree (unat)Houston Inv05/03
-Jacquelyn Johnson (AzSt)Arizona St Inv03/29
Lauren Smith (unat)Oly Trials07/05
(A)-Jennifer Williams (TxAM)Big 1205/18
13.20April Garner (Shore)Holmdel06/07
Shell Green (VaT)Hurricane Inv03/22
13.22Ashlee Williams (unat)Fortaleza05/14
13.24**Landria Buckley (How)NCAA E05/31
13.26Jackie Coward (TnHS)Taco Bell04/12
13.27-Angel Boyd (LSU)Alumni Gold04/19
Ashley Lodree (VSA)Jerome Cl06/21
Diana Pickler (Asics)Desenzano05/10
13.29-Kirby Blackley (Find)NCAA II05/24
13.31*Celriece Law (Tn)NCAA06/12
13.33-Lindsey Adams (TxAM)Penn R Univ04/25
Foreign Collegians:
12.85*Nickiesha Wilson (LSU-Jam)Texas R Univ04/05
12.90*Aleesha Barber (PennSt-Tri)NCAA E05/31
12.99(A)**Latoya Greaves (Ok-Jam)Big 1205/18
13.04-Jessica Ohanaja (LSU-Ngr)NCAA06/12
13.28***Natasha Ruddock (Essex-Jam)Holmdel06/07
12.29JonesOly Trials07/06
12.53HayesEugene GP06/08
12.63Wilson’NCAA ME05/31
12.65FountainOly Trials06/27
12.66DavisOly Trials07/06
12.74PowellOly Trials07/06
12.83Barber’Big 1005/18
12.91Ohanaja’NCAA ME05/31
12.93BoydNCAA ME05/31
12.94WallerNCAA ME05/31
13.00CowardGreat SW06/07
13.02J. JohnsonDrake R Univ04/26
13.05*Marrissa Harris (MsSt)NCAA ME05/31
13.08(A)J. WilliamsBig 1205/17
13.12-Courtney Johnson (In)NCAA ME05/30
13.13D. PicklerOly Trials06/27
13.15(A)Samaiyah Islam (NRD)Provo HP05/24
13.17***Ti’erra Brown (Mia)Florida R04/04
(A)SmithProvo HP05/24
13.19**Charnee Lumbus (Mi)NCAA ME05/30
13.22-Kasey McDaniel (Ms)Drake R Univ04/26
-Quashanda Welch (UTEP)Drake R Univ04/26
13.27-Ashley Brown (Ks)Jacobs Inv04/12
13.32***Letecia Wright (OhSt)NCAA ME05/30

53.54Tiffany Williams (Reebok)Monaco GP07/29
53.58Sheena Tosta (Nike)Monaco GP07/29
53.70———TostaOlympic G08/20
53.99Lashinda Demus (Nike)Ft-de-France05/08
54.03———WilliamsOly Trials06/29
54.07———TostaOlympic G08/18
54.21Christine Spence (Nike)Ft-de-France05/08
54.51———TostaShanghai GP09/20
54.60**Queen Harrison (VaT)Oly Trials06/29
54.62*Nicole Leach (UCLA)NCAA06/13
———TostaOly Trials06/29
**11 performances by 6 performers**
55.35Miriam Barnes (Nike)Oly Trials06/28
55.73Dominique Darden (Reebok)Florida R04/04
55.85Latosha Wallace (Asics)Oly Trials06/29
56.08Angel Perkins (adidas)Oly Trials06/28
56.18Markita James (Nike)Oly Trials06/28
56.29***Takecia Jameson (Mia)World Juniors07/11
56.37Jennifer Grossarth (unat)Oly Trials06/28
56.39Melinda Sallins (unat)Oly Trials06/28
56.72***Ti’erra Brown (Mia)ACC04/19
56.82***LaToya James (NC)NCAA06/12
56.84**Danielle Gilchrist (Aub)NCAA06/12
56.86Shauna Smith (Shef)Ponce05/17
57.03**Erica Moore (InSt)NCAA ME05/30
57.06-Shell Green (VaT)Oly Trials06/28
57.12*Amelia Anderson (Aub)NCAA06/13
57.14(A)**Sandra Iwunze (TxT)Big 1205/18
57.15*Deserea Brown (SnIlE)Oly Trials06/27
57.18*Danielle Brown (WnMi)NCAA ME05/31
57.40Meka Rembert-Thompson (Exec)Ft-de-France05/08
57.67Ebony Collins (WLACC)SoCal JUCO05/10
Turquoise Thompson (CaHS)USATF JO07/27
57.68Erin Crawford (Arbee)Georgia T Inv05/17
57.76***Talaya Owens (Al)SEC05/18
57.77(A)-Jennifer Williams (TxAM)Big 1205/17
57.78*Katie LaValley (Mi)NCAA ME05/30
57.81Dalilah Muhammad (NYHS)NY HS06/14
*Kishelle Paul (TCU)NCAA MW05/31
57.88**Wendy Dorr (PennSt)NCAA E05/31
57.90-Briana Cunningham (Il)NCAA ME05/30
57.97Tacita Bass (Exec)Taylor Cl05/09
58.01Elizabeth Mott (NYHS)NY HS06/13
58.03Nicole Dumpson (LM)New Balance G05/10
58.05**Shalina Clarke (USC)Pac-1005/17
*Amber Hay (Mi)NCAA ME05/30
58.06-Michelle Loyd (WF)NCAA E05/31
Foreign Collegians:
54.45*Nickiesha Wilson (LSU-Jam)NCAA06/13
57.36**Sherene Pinnock (OkB-Jam)Drake R04/26
57.45*Aleesha Barber (PennSt-Tri)NCAA E05/31

71:57Kate O’Neill (Nike)USATF Ch01/13
72:03Colleen De Reuck (Co)NYC Nike07/27
72:12Desiree Davila (Mi)USATF Ch01/13
72:23Serena Burla (Mo)USATF Ch01/13
72:32Nicole Aish (Co)USATF Ch01/13
**5 performances by 5 performers**
72:52Sally Meyerhoff (Az)San José10/05
73:00Kristen Nicolini Lehmkuhle (Mn)USATF Ch01/13
73:01Kathy Newberry (Va)USATF Ch01/13
73:04Tera Moody (Co)USATF Ch01/13
73:05Melissa White (Hansons)San Antonio11/16
73:09Dot McMahan (Mi)USATF Ch01/13
73:10Zoila Gomez (Co)USATF Ch01/13
73:20Stephanie Rothstein (ACIntl)USATF Ch01/13
73:22Ilsa Paulson (Az)NYC Nike07/27
73:46Ann Alyanak (Oh)USATF Ch01/13
73:51Janelle Kraus (BAA)USATF Ch01/13
73:56Melissa Cook (New Balance)USATF Ch01/13
74:30Heidi Westerling (BAA)New Bedford03/16
74:36Turena Johnson Lane (La)USATF Ch01/13
75:07Erin Moeller (unat)New Bedford03/16
75:09Dana Coons (Va)USATF Ch01/13
75:10Deeja Youngquist (unat)Austin01/27
75:14Melisa Christian (Tx)San Antonio11/16
75:15Kasie Enman (BAA)New Bedford03/16
75:25Stephanie Herbst-Lucke (Ga)World Ch10/12
75:33Kristen Fryburg (BouRC)USATF Ch01/13
75:38Chris Kimbrough (unat)Austin01/27
75:48Kara Roy (Co)Austin01/27
76:02Jill Steffens (New Balance)World Ch10/12
76:09Kelly Stewart (unat)USATF Ch01/13
76:12Kristen Henehan (Md)Virginia Beach03/16
76:17Kathleen Jobes (unat)Philadelphia11/23
76:22Emily Jameson (unat)Jacksonville11/27
76:30Kara June (AsicsA)USATF Ch01/13
76:43Cassandra Henkiel (RogR)USATF Ch01/13
76:48Sara Vergote (NY)Columbus10/19
76:50McKale Davis (unat)Austin01/27
77:00Heather Gibson (AsicsA)USATF Ch01/13
Veena Reddy (Pa)USATF Ch01/13
77:04Susannah Kvasnicka (Va)Virginia Beach03/16

2:25:53Kara Goucher (Nike)New York11/02
2:29:35Deena Kastor (Asics)Oly Trials04/20
2:30:19Magdalena Lewy Boulet (adidas)Oly Trials04/20
2:31:14Katie McGregor (Mn)New York11/02
2:31:33Desiree Davila (Hansons)Chicago10/12
2:32:25Colleen De Reuck (Co)Chicago10/12
2:32:40Blake Russell (Reebok)Oly Trials04/20
2:33:06Paige Higgins (Az)Chicago10/12
2:33:13———RussellOlympic G08/17
2:33:53Zoila Gomez (Co)Oly Trials04/20
**10 performances by 9 performers**
2:33:54Tera Moody (BouRC)Oly Trials04/20
2:34:04Kate O’Neill (Nike)Chicago10/12
2:34:17Turena Johnson Lane (Brooks)Oly Trials04/20
2:34:46Ann Alyanak (ROh)Oly Trials04/20
2:35:02Robyn Friedman (Ia)Oly Trials04/20
Dot McMahan (Hansons)Oly Trials04/20
2:36:51Erin Moeller (unat)Oly Trials04/20
2:37:14Kasie Enman (BAA)Oly Trials04/20
2:37:29Megan Hepp (unat)Oly Trials04/20
2:37:53Melissa White (Hansons)Oly Trials04/20
2:37:54Mary Akor (Ca)Vancouver05/04
2:38:08Veena Reddy (unat)Oly Trials04/20
2:38:38Cheryl Smith (unat)Newport Beach01/06
2:38:46Sheri Piers (DirRC)Oly Trials04/20
2:38:49Linda Somers Smith (AsicsA)Oly Trials04/20
2:39:19Samia Akbar (Reebok)Oly Trials04/20
2:39:39Sally Meyerhoff (Az)Oly Trials04/20
2:40:07Stephanie Rothstein (Or)Twin Cities10/05
2:40:12Caroline Cretti (Zap)Oly Trials04/20
2:40:19Sopagna Eap (Brooks)Oly Trials04/20
2:40:29Caitlin Tormey (Zap)Oly Trials04/20
2:40:53Casey Smith (unat)Oly Trials04/20
2:41:07Rachel Kinsman (New Balance)Oly Trials04/20
2:41:09Heidi Westerling (BAA)Oly Trials04/20
2:41:17Ilsa Paulson (Az)New York11/02
2:41:18Melisa Christian (LuL)Oly Trials04/20
2:41:21Heidi Wolfsberger (unat)Oly Trials04/20
2:41:25Abby Dean (PhilaTC)Oly Trials04/20
2:41:31Dana Coons (adidas)Oly Trials04/20
2:41:44Emily Mortensen (unat)Oly Trials04/20
2:41:45Cheryl Anderson (unat)Oly Trials04/20

10km WALK
53:25Miranda Melville (WiP)World Cup05/10
54:27Catherine Davis (SEPa)World Cup05/10
55:11.66Hope Christie (WiP)USATF Jrs06/22
55:43Jenna Monahan (WUSA)World Cup05/10
57:47.06Christie Bernier (MeRW)USATF Jrs06/22
58:09.12Chelsea Conway (Mansf)USATF Jrs06/22
59:37.36Melissa Moeller (InRW)USATF Jrs06/22
60:12.10Allison Chin (MiaVTC)USATF Jrs06/22

1:34:15Joanne Dow (adidas)Olympic G08/21
1:35:11———DowOly Trials07/06
1:36:19Teresa Vaill (WUSA)W Cup Trials03/30
1:36:35———VaillOly Trials07/06
1:38:37———DowW Cup Trials03/30
1:39:02Susan Armenta (unat)W Cup Trials03/30
1:40:24———ArmentaWorld Cup05/11
1:40:53Sam Cohen (ParkAC)W Cup Trials03/30
1:41:48Stephanie Casey (unat)W Cup Trials03/30
1:42:05Jolene Moore (NYAC)W Cup Trials03/30
**10 performances by 6 performers**
1:44:09Solomiya Login (SEPAC)Oly Trials07/06
1:45:02Maria Michta (WUSA)World Cup05/11
1:45:19Loretta Schuellein (WUSA)Orlando04/27
1:45:37tSara Standley-Gonzalez (unat)Banks05/11
1:45:46Lauren Forgues (MeRW)W Cup Trials03/30
1:46:15Kristen Mullaney (PegAC)USATF 15W Ch08/16
1:48:40Carolyn Kealty (unat)Oly Trials07/06
1:49:15Susan Randall (MiaVTC)Oly Trials07/06
1:49:53Margaret Ditchburn (unat)W Cup Trials03/30
1:50:33Kelly Wong (GGRW)W Cup Trials03/30
1:52:22Christina Peters (Goshen)W Cup Trials03/30
2:05:36Jamie Burmeister (unat)W Cup Trials03/30
2:08:03Carmen Jackinsky (RWNW)W Cup Trials03/30
2:12:01Heidi Hauch (unat)Oly Trials07/06

4 X 100
42.25USA Red TexasTexas R04/05
42.40USA StockholmStockholm GP07/22
42.49USA MonacoMonaco GP07/29
42.57USA Red PennPenn R04/26
42.58USA Stockholm BStockholm GP07/22
42.59LSUPenn R Univ04/25
42.59Texas A&MNCAA06/13
42.61USA LondonLondon GP07/25
42.64USA Blue PennPenn R04/26
42.69———Texas A&MPenn R Univ04/25
**10 performances by 9 teams**
42.92USA Red Mt. SACMt. SAC04/20
42.97South Florida EliteMia Elite04/12
43.02World Class TCJohnson-JJK04/12
43.06Start All-StarsTexas R04/05
43.09USA White GreensboroGreensboro04/19
43.12Bob Kersee All-StarsMt. SAC04/20
43.46USA White PennPenn R04/26
43.57USA Blue SACMt. SAC04/20
43.60(A)BaylorBig 1205/18
43.64(A)United States U23NACAC U2307/20
43.65Total SportsKansas R04/19
43.66United States JuniorsWorld Junior07/12
43.81South CarolinaNCAA E05/31
43.85USA White TexasTexas R04/05
44.01Atlanta All-StarsAtlanta03/29
44.07(A)OklahomaBig 1205/18
44.11USA Blue Texas SouthernTexas Sn R03/22
44.12Auburn EliteAuburn Inv04/05
44.17USA Red Texas SouthernTexas Sn R03/22
44.21TCUPenn R Univ04/25
44.26USA Red ModestoModesto R05/10
44.29USA Blue GreensboroGreensboro04/19
USA White Mt. SACMt. SAC04/20
USA Hurdlers PennPenn R04/26
44.43AuburnSun Angel04/12
44.44Texas A&M BTexas Inv03/22
44.46Gainesville EliteFlorida R04/05
44.47USA Silver GreensboroGreensboro04/19
44.48Arizona StateNCAA W05/31
44.51Ohio StateBig 1005/17
44.52USA Red GreensboroGreensboro04/19
44.53Atlanta All-Stars IIAtlanta03/29
44.56Virginia TechNCAA E05/30
44.57MiamiHurricane Chall03/29

4 X 200
1:30.96Texas A&MPenn R04/25
1:31.21———Texas A&MPenn R04/26
1:31.77LSUPenn R04/26
1:32.12South Florida EliteFlorida R04/04
1:32.40———Texas A&MFlorida St R03/28
1:32.56———LSUPenn R04/25
**5 performances by 3 teams**
1:34.02Gainesville EliteFlorida R04/04
1:34.05TennesseeFlorida R04/04
1:34.33Texas A&M BFlorida St R03/28
1:34.37OklahomaTexas R04/05
1:34.67NikeFlorida R04/04
1:34.75BaylorDrake R04/25
1:34.96Stellar AthleticsKansas R04/19
1:35.22ConnecticutPenn R04/25
1:35.59HamptonPenn R04/25
South CarolinaPenn R04/25
UNCCFlorida R04/04
1:35.62Elite2008Florida R04/04
1:35.77HoustonTexas R04/05
Mississippi StatePenn R04/25
1:35.84Kansas StateTexas R04/05
1:35.94Dunbar HS, Ft. Worth, TexasSan Angelo04/26
1:35.96Georgia StatePenn R Univ04/25

4 X 400
3:18.54National TeamOlympic G08/23
3:22.16USA Blue PennPenn R04/26
3:22.45———National TeamOlympic G08/22
3:23.49USA Red TexasTexas R04/05
3:25.71USA Blue TexasTexas R04/05
3:26.84USA Silver TexasTexas R04/05
3:27.69Penn StateNCAA06/14
3:27.98USA Red PennPenn R04/26
3:28.25(A)United States U23NACAC U2307/20
3:28.33Kersee All-StarsMt. SAC04/20
**11 performances by 10 teams**
3:29.51World Class TCJohnson/JJK04/12
3:29.54United States JuniorsWorld Junior07/12
3:29.64Tiger OlympiansLSU Alumni Gold04/19
3:29.81USA White GreensboroGreensboro04/19
3:30.11USA Blue GreensboroGreensboro04/19
3:30.78South CarolinaNCAA06/14
3:31.34iTexas A&MNCAA Ind03/15
3:31.50Knoxville EliteSea Ray04/12
3:31.74Arizona StateNCAA06/12
3:31.85USCvs UCLA05/03
3:32.05Virginia TechNCAA E05/31
3:32.26Ohio StateNCAA ME05/31
3:32.70TexasTexas R Univ04/05
3:32.77MississippiNCAA ME05/31
3:33.17Seton HallNCAA E05/31
3:33.31Florida StateFlorida St Twi05/10
3:33.36AuburnSun Angel04/12
3:33.44MiamiNCAA E05/31
3:33.57Western MichiganNCAA ME05/31
3:33.65iElite TCTyson Coll02/16
3:33.70USA Blue Texas SouthernTexas Sn R03/22
3:33.79South Florida EliteHurricane Inv03/22
3:34.38FloridaFlorida St Twi05/10
3:34.66iArkansasNCAA Ind03/15
Walnut All-StarsMt. SAC04/20
3:34.91Miami All-StarsHurricane Inv03/22
3:35.37Western KentuckyNCAA ME05/31
3:35.44USA White Texas SouthernTexas Sn R03/22

4 X 800
8:30.98LSUPenn R04/26
8:32.60TennesseePenn R04/26
8:32.73MinnesotaDrake R04/25
8:33.87———TennesseeFlorida R04/05
8:34.14North Dakota StateDrake R04/25
**5 performances by 4 teams**
8:39.38Boston CollegePenn R04/26
8:39.80GeorgetownPenn R04/26
8:43.68PennPenn R04/26
8:49.80UC RiversideDrake R04/25
8:49.96MarquetteBig East05/04
8:50.10BaylorTexas R04/05
8:50.95Wayland BaptistNAIA05/23
8:51.91Olivet NazareneNAIA05/23
8:52.57CornellPenn R04/26
8:53.13PrincetonPenn R04/26
8:53.55YalePenn R04/26
8:53.68DukePenn R04/26
8:54.45MarylandPenn R04/26

4 X 1500
17:28.98MichiganPenn R04/25
17:29.12TennesseePenn R04/25
17:47.01VillanovaPenn R04/25
17:47.42GeorgetownPenn R04/25
18:05.56Penn StatePenn R04/25
18:17.40Virginia TechRaleigh R03/28
18:23.90FloridaPenn R04/25
18:29.05West VirginiaRaleigh R03/28
4 x 1500 as composite with 4 x 1600 & 4 x Mile
17:28.98MichiganPenn R04/25
17:29.12TennesseePenn R04/25
17:47.01VillanovaPenn R04/25
17:47.16+BaylorDrake R04/26
17:47.42GeorgetownPenn R04/25
17:47.44+MinnesotaDrake R04/26
17:56.11+IowaDrake R04/26
18:05.56Penn StatePenn R04/25
18:15.52+Texas TechDrake R04/26
18:17.40Virginia TechRaleigh R03/28
18:23.90FloridaPenn R04/25
18:28.16+North Dakota StateDrake R04/26
18:28.42+NebraskaDrake R04/26
18:29.05West VirginiaRaleigh R03/28
18:37.77+UtahDrake R04/26
18:41.08+Saugus HSArcadia04/12
18:44.30+iBurnt Hills-Ballston Lake HSNSI03/16

4 X 1600
19:05.80BaylorDrake R04/26
19:06.11MinnesotaDrake R04/26
19:15.42IowaDrake R04/26
19:36.26Texas TechDrake R04/26
19:49.83North Dakota StateDrake R04/26
19:50.11NebraskaDrake R04/26

20:10.76Saugus, California HSArcadia04/12
20:14.24iBurnt Hills-Ballston Lake, NY HSNSI03/16

3:41.08USA Red PennPenn R04/26
3:45.73USA Blue PennPenn R04/26
3:46.65LSUPenn R Univ04/25
3:48.08BaylorTexas R04/04
3:48.51UTEPTexas R04/04
**5 performances by 5 teams**
3:48.63South Florida EliteFlorida R04/05
3:49.07Western MichiganDrake R Univ04/26
3:49.28MichiganFlorida St R03/29
3:53.19ArkansasDrake R04/26
3:53.89UCLAPenn R Univ04/25
3:53.95Roosevelt HS, Greenbelt, MdNON06/20
3:54.36MiamiPenn R Univ04/25
3:54.94FloridaPenn R Univ04/25
3:54.96TennesseeFlorida R04/05

10:49.58MichiganPenn R04/24
10:50.51TennesseePenn R04/24
11:01.17Texas TechTexas R04/05
11:01.51i———MichiganMeyo Inv02/08
11:01.97i———TennesseeNCAA Ind03/14
11:02.22i———MichiganNCAA Ind03/14
11:03.87iStanfordNCAA Ind03/14
11:05.48———StanfordPenn R04/24
11:05.67GeorgetownPenn R04/24
11:07.00iBaylorWashington Ind02/01
**10 performances by 6 teams**
11:07.64iWest VirginiaNCAA Ind03/14
11:07.77North CarolinaPenn R04/24
11:08.83PennPenn R04/24
11:09.09iIllinoisWilson Inv03/07
11:09.35iMinnesotaMeyo Inv02/08
11:09.48VillanovaPenn R04/24
11:09.84iWisconsinWilson Inv03/07
11:10.48iOregonWasgington Ind02/01
11:10.96iBYUNCAA Ind03/14
11:11.03iFlorida StateACC Ind02/29
11:12.77iWashingtonMtn Pac Ind03/01
11:13.48iBoston CollegeECAC Ind03/09
11:14.67iVirginia TechVirginia T Elite02/09
11:15.10iKansas StateWilson Inv03/07
11:16.55BrownPenn R04/24
11:16.97Penn StatePenn R04/24
11:18.33iArkansasTyson Coll02/16
11:18.61TexasTx R Univ04/05
11:20.11iIowaMeyo Inv02/08

4 X 100H
52.77LSUPenn R04/25
52.96Texas A&MPenn R04/25
53.96Elite2008Florida R04/05
55.04MichiganDrake R04/26
55.18NebraskaDrake R04/26
**5 performances by 5 teams**
55.58MiamiPenn R04/25
56.28Western MichiganDrake R04/26
56.35ClemsonPenn R04/25
56.62JacksonvilleFlorida St R03/28
57.21IllinoisKansas R04/19
57.66CincinnatiPenn R04/25

2.006-6 3/4Chaunté Howard (Nike)Rieti GP09/07
1.996-6 1/4——HowardOlympic G08/23
1.986-6——HowardStockholm GP07/22
——Howardadidas Cl05/18
——HowardZürich GP08/29
1.976-5 1/2——HowardWAF09/14
——Howard !Rieti GP09/07
——Howard !Zagreb09/09
——HowardOly Trials07/04
——HowardBrussels GP09/05
**11 performances by 1 performer**
1.956-4 3/4Amy Acuff (Asics)Stockholm GP07/22
-Sharon Day (SLO)Big West05/17
1.926-3 1/2Deirdre Mullen (Shore)Ellis Inv04/19
Tisha Waller (unat)Athens06/07
1.906-2 3/4Ifoma Olausson (CLew)Houston Inv05/03
Gwen Wentland (Nike)Manhattan05/03
1.896-2 1/4Hyleas Fountain (Nike)Olympic G08/15
Sheena Gordon (unat)Oly Trials07/04
Destinee Hooker (unat)Oly Trials07/04
1.886-2**Liz Patterson (Az)Pac-1005/17
i*Brittney Reese (Ms)SEC Ind03/02
1.86(A)6-1 1/4Shanay Briscoe (TxHS)Great SW06/07
*Raevan Harris (Aub)NCAA06/13
***Jessica Merriweather (RendL)Ina05/02
1.85i6-3/4Beth Ann Castagno (Shore)Ia State Ind02/16
i**Chealsea Taylor (Al)SEC Ind03/02
1.84i6-1/2**Epley Bullock (Nb)Big 12 Ind03/01
*Becky Christensen (Harv)Oly Trials07/04
**Jasmin Day (Az)Click04/05
**Desirae Gonder (CSN)Big West05/17
**Amber Kaufman (Hi)WAC05/17
Diana Pickler (Asics)Oly Trials06/27
Adriane Stone (unat)Oly Trials07/04
1.8356-1/4Victoria Lucas (TxHS)Lubbock04/26
1.836-0Brigetta Barrett (TxHS)Great SW06/07
i(A)-Jacquelyn Johnson (AzSt)Flagstaff01/25
i**Carin Knight (Ct)NCAA Ind03/15
Ann Larsen (unat)Orlando05/10
-Liz Roehrig (Mn)Kansas R04/16
1.82i5-11 1/2*Bettie Wade (Mi)Big 10 Ind03/02
1.815-11 1/4*Mattie Bethea (NCSt)ACC04/17
i-Kristina Bolterstein (M/O)MAC Ind03/01
-Carmia Carroll (Ms)NCAA ME05/31
***Patience Coleman (NC)NCAA E05/31
i*Lauren Collins (UCI)Cyclone02/14
*Heather Davis (LaM)NCAA ME05/31
**Rachel Gehret (Louis)NCAA ME05/31
iRenee Hein (unat)Findlay02/15
***Dess Meek (SHous)NCAA MW05/31
(A)Ada Robinson (UtHS)Utah St HS05/17
iKaylene Wagner (unat)Manhattan01/19
iSarah Wilfred (unat)PennSt R01/12
Foreign Collegians:
1.89i6-2 1/4***Ebba Jungmark (WaSt-Swe)NCAA Ind03/15
1.85i6-3/4***Liene Karsuma (Fl-Lat)Ark LC03/07
1.846-1/2-Jillian Drouin (Syr-Can)NCAA E05/31
1.815-11 1/4*Viktoria Andonova (Mia-Bul)NCAA E05/31
*Emily Sheppard (Hi-Can)WAC05/17

4.9216-1 3/4Jenn Stuczynski (adidas)Oly Trials07/06
4.9016-3/4——Stuczynskiadidas Cl05/18
4.8115-9 1/4——StuczynskiLondon GP07/25
4.8015-9——StuczynskiNew York GP05/31
——StuczynskiOlympic G08/18
4.7615-7 1/4——Stuczynski !Oly Trials07/06
4.75i15-7——StuczynskiWorld Ind03/08
4.7515-7——StuczynskiZürich GP08/29
——Stuczynski !Olympic G08/18
4.7315-6 1/4Chelsea Johnson (Nike)Los Gatos06/26
**10 performances by 2 performers**
4.72i15-5 3/4Jillian Schwartz (Nike)Jonesboro06/15
4.7015-5Stacy Dragila (Nike)Chula Vista06/22
4.64i15-2 3/4Lacy Janson (Nike)Tyson Inv02/15
4.6315-2 1/4April Steiner (adidas)Jacobs Inv04/12
4.6015-1Erin Asay (Shef)Triton Inv04/25
4.5514-11Erica Bartolina (unat)Oly Trials07/06
Becky Holliday (New Balance)Chula Vista06/22
4.5014-9Tracy O’Hara (adidas)Oly Trials07/06
Mary Vincent (Asics)Modesto R05/10
4.41i14-5 1/2Nikki McEwen (Nike)Stockton02/08
4.4014-5 1/4-Melinda Owen (Id)Oly Trials07/06
4.3714-4Kate Conwell (CNW)Stockton05/18
4.3614-3 1/2**Stephanie Bagan (SDi)NCAA W05/30
4.35(A)14-3 1/4**Katie Stripling (Ar)NACAC U2307/20
4.3214-2-April Kubishta (AzSt)Tucson05/03
4.3114-1 3/4-Ingrid Kantola (UCLA)Pac-1005/17
i*Katelin Rains (Mank)NCAA II Ind03/14
4.3014-1 1/4**Kylie Hutson (InSt)Mo Valley05/18
iAndree Pickens (Bell)Jonesboro03/02
i*Ellie Rudy (MtSt)NCAA Ind03/15
4.2714-0Rachel Laurent (LaHS)Cecilia03/20
4.2613-11 3/4*Katie Morgan (Cal)NCAA W05/30
**Alicia Rue (Mn)NCAA MW05/30
Melissa Sakowski (unat)Triton Inv04/26
4.2513-11 1/4***Stephanie Chin (In)Sea Ray04/11
-Ashley Laughlin (Tx)Tx Twi04/19
4.2213-10Kat Schauerhamer (unat)Livermore05/25
iRandalene Sergent (Bell)Jonesboro03/06
Shade Weygandt (TxHS)Lubbock04/26
4.2113-9 3/4***Tori Anthony (UCLA)Johnson/JJK04/11
Jennie Sewell (CNW)Oregon R04/26
iKira Sims (unat)Akron02/02
***Natalie Willer (Nb)USATF JO07/25
4.2013-9 1/4*Brooke Demo (Wich)Mo Valley05/18
i-Kelley DiVesta (Wa)NCAA Ind03/15
-Rachel Greff (Rice)Texas R04/05
i*Mallory Peck (Pur)NCAA Ind03/15
4.1713-8 1/4Brysun Stately (unat)Triton Inv04/26
Foreign Collegians:
4.30i14-1 1/4-Kate Sultanova (Ks-Rus)Armory Inv02/09

6.9522-9 3/4*Brittney Reese (Ms)Oly Trials07/03
——ReeseAlumni Gold04/19
6.9122-8Funmi Jimoh (Nike)Bayou Cl03/29
6.8822-7Hyleas Fountain (Nike)Oly Trials06/28
Grace Upshaw (Nike)Oly Trials07/03
6.87i22-6 1/2——ReeseSEC Ind03/02
——ReeseOlympic G08/19
6.8422-5 1/4——ReeseSEC05/17
6.81i22-4 1/4——ReeseTyson Coll02/15
**10 performances by 4 performers**
6.7922-3 1/2Akiba McKinney (Nike)Eagle Rock06/07
6.68(A)21-11Ola Sesay (unat)Provo Blue05/24
6.66(A)21-10 1/4*Jeomi Maduka (Corn)NACAC U2307/20
6.6521-10Jenny Adams (adidas)Mt. SAC04/20
6.60i21-8*Natasha Harvey (Jack)NCAA Ind03/14
6.5921-7 1/2Brianna Glenn (Nike)Mt. SAC04/20
6.5621-6 1/4-Erica McLain (Stan)NCAA06/12
Rose Richmond (Nike)Kansas R04/19
6.5521-6Shameka Marshall (Shore)Oly Trials07/03
6.5421-5 1/2Tori Polk (unat)McDonnell Inv04/19
6.5321-5 1/4Tianna Madison (Nike)Oly Trials07/03
6.5221-4 3/4*Gayle Hunter (PennSt)NCAA06/12
i*Shaquania Lundy (Jack)Atl Sun Ind02/29
(A)Mindy McClurkin (unat)Provo04/04
6.50i21-4-Jacquelyn Johnson (AzSt)Mtn Pac Ind02/29
Lela Nelson (Nike)US vs Ger08/03
(A)**Alesha Walker (NM)UTEP Inv04/12
6.4821-3 1/4-Janay DeLoach (CoSt)NCAA06/12
6.4521-2-Leah Kincaid (Pur)Big 1005/17
6.4321-1 1/4Dawn Campbell (unat)St. Pölten05/31
6.42i21-3/4*Stephanie Garnett (AzSt)Mtn Pac Ind02/29
6.4021-0**Ashika Charan (TxAM)NCAA MW05/30
*Christin Kingsley (Mn)Big 1005/17
Shakeema Welsch (unat)Chapel Hill05/17
-Renee Williams (UCLA)vs USC05/03
6.3820-11 1/4Tameisha King (unat)Azusa04/18
6.3720-10 3/4*Pat Springs (UNCC)Greensboro04/18
6.3620-10 1/2Antonette Carter (unat)Clermont06/07
i-Kathy Coleman (LSU)LSU LC03/07
Diana Pickler (Asics)Desenzano05/11
6.35(A)20-10-Candice Mills (KsSt)Big 1205/17
(A)-Toni Smith (Ok)Big 1205/17
***Kassandrea Son (AMCC)Kingsville04/12
*Casey Taylor (Mi)Big 1005/17
**Danielle Watson (UCLA)vs USC05/03
iRonda White (TVel)Niswonger01/19
Foreign Collegians:
6.9122-8**Blessing Okagbare (UTEP-Ngr)Olympic G08/22
6.54(A)21-5 1/2**Shara Proctor (Fl-Agu)CAC07/05
(A)*Bianca Stuart (SnIl-Bah)CAC07/05
6.4921-3 1/2*Rhonda Watkins (UCLA-Tri)Johnson/JJK04/11
6.42i21-3/4***Arantxa King (Stan-Ber)Mtn Pac Ind02/29
6.36i20-10 1/2*Peta-Gaye Beckford (Ar-Jam)Armory Inv02/09
6.35i20-10*Andrea Linton (LSU-Jam)SEC Ind03/02
6.6521-10NelsonUS vs Ger08/03
6.6221-8 3/4GlennMt. SAC04/20
6.6121-8 1/4McLainNCAA06/11
6.5921-7 1/2Stuart’NCAA06/11
6.5821-7 1/4MadisonOly Trials07/03
6.5621-6 1/4-Crystal Manning (Ks)NCAA06/11
6.4421-1 1/2April Holliness (Nike)Chula Vista06/13
T. KingMt. SAC04/20
TaylorNCAA ME05/30
6.4121-1/2A’Lexus Brannon (TxHS)UTSA R03/14
*Marrissa Harris (MsSt)NCAA ME05/30
6.3920-11 3/4SmithNCAA06/11
6.3820-11 1/4**Ashley May (SnMs)NCAA ME05/30
*Tiffany Ofili (Mi)Big 1005/17

14.3847-2 1/4Shani Marks (Nike)Oly Trials06/29
14.3046-11——MarksChula Vista06/13
14.23(A)46-8 1/4——MarksProvo Blue05/24
14.20i46-7 1/4-Erica McLain (Stan)NCAA Ind03/15
Shakeema Welsch (unat)Alcalá07/12
14.15(A)46-5 1/4——WelschProvo Blue05/24
14.13(A)46-4 1/4——Welsch !Provo Blue05/24
14.12(A)46-4——Welsch !Provo Blue05/24
14.1046-3 1/4——WelschChula Vista06/13
**10 performances by 3 performers**
13.9945-10 3/4Simidele Adeagbo (Nike)Oly Trials06/27
-Toni Smith (Ok)Oly Trials06/27
13.8445-5Yvette Lewis (unat)Oly Trials06/29
Amanda Thieschafer (unat)Chula Vista06/13
13.7645-1 3/4Sheena Gordon (unat)Athens06/07
13.6844-10 3/4-Tahari James (BU)NCAA06/13
13.66(A)44-9 3/4-Crystal Manning (Ks)Big 1205/18
13.57i44-6 1/4Tiombé Hurd (Nike)Tyson Coll02/16
April Williams (PPer)Florida St Twi05/10
13.5544-5 1/2Brittany Grovey (TVA)Oly Trials06/27
Alyce Williams (PPer)Florida St Twi05/10
13.5244-4 1/4Sherita Williams (GBTC)Oly Trials06/27
13.4944-3 1/4-Renee Williams (UCLA)Johnson/JJK04/11
13.4744-2 1/2Tomika Ferguson (unat)Oly Trials06/27
13.4444-1 1/4-Tamara Highsmith (Ct)Big East05/04
13.41i(A)44-0**Neidra Covington (TCU)Mtn West Ind03/01
13.3943-11 1/4**Ashika Charan (TxAM)NCAA MW05/31
13.38(A)43-10 3/4**Ashley May (SnMs)CUSA05/17
13.3643-10Colleen Scott (Jam)Provo HP05/24
13.2443-5 1/4Blessing Ufodiama (VSA)Eagle Rock06/07
13.2143-4 1/4**Tiara Swanagan (FlSt)NCAA E05/31
13.19i43-3 1/4Brandy Depland (unat)Va T Elite02/09
13.1643-2 1/4*Brittney Reese (Ms)SEC05/18
***Ti’Ara Walpool (KsSt)NCAA MW05/31
13.1543-1 3/4*Decontee Kaye (SDi)Mtn West05/17
i*Jeomi Maduka (Corn)Heps Ind03/02
iRonda White (TVel)Niswonger01/19
13.1443-1 1/2-Michelle Sanford (USC)vs UCLA05/03
Vashti Thomas (CaHS)Gilroy05/23
13.12i43-1/2Pascale Delaunay (Cheet)USATF Ind02/24
13.1143-1/4-English Clark (OR)Summit05/17
13.03(A)42-9*Zarinah Suluki-Drakes (Nb)Big 1205/18
*Dione Thomas (CFl)NCAA E05/31
12.98i(A)42-7**Deanna Young (NM)Mtn West Ind03/01
12.9442-5 1/2**Camilia Morman (ECar)Penn R04/25
-Cassandra Strickland (Cal)NCAA W05/31
12.9142-4 1/4-Whitney Johnson (UCSD)CCAA05/03
Foreign Collegians:
14.0746-2**Blessing Okagbare (UTEP-Ngr)Nigerian Ch07/03
13.85(A)45-5 1/4*Yasmine Regis (TxAM-GB)Big 1205/18
13.82i45-4 1/4***Kimberly Williams (FlSt-Jam)NCAA Ind03/15
13.7545-1 1/2-Nelly Tchayem (UTEP-Fra)NCAA06/13
13.6644-9 3/4**Shara Proctor (Fl-Agu)SEC05/18
13.62i44-8 1/4-Karoline Köhler (SDi-Ger)NCAA Ind03/15
i**Sarah Nambawa (MTn-Uga)Sun Belt Ind02/24
13.57i44-6 1/4*Andrea Linton (LSU-Jam)SEC Ind03/02
13.3943-11 1/4**Patricia Mamona (Clem-Por)NCAA E05/31
13.3643-10*Eléni Kafoúrou (Boise-Gre)WAC05/17
*Renee White (Ia-Jam)NCAA MW05/31
13.3543-9 3/4*Seidre Forde (Louis-Bar)Texas R04/04
13.04i42-9 1/2-Sheron Mark (Syr-Tri)Big East Ind02/24
13.0142-8 1/4**Kimona Smith (NCAT-Jam)MEAC05/03
12.98i42-7*Arina Gerasimova (Alb-Ukr)New York02/29
12.9742-6 3/4***Chantel Malone (Tx-BVI)Texas R04/05
12.9042-4**LaToya Heath (Ok-Jam)Norman05/10
14.6047-10 3/4McLainNCAA06/14
14.2746-10WelschOly Trials06/29
13.8845-6 1/2LewisOly Trials06/27
13.8345-4 1/2K. Williams’NCAA E05/31
13.8245-4 1/4Tchayem’NCAA06/14
13.6944-11ManningOly Trials06/27
13.5044-3 1/2CharanNCAA06/14
13.4844-2 3/4DeplandOly Trials06/27
13.4644-2MadukaNCAA E05/31
13.3243-8 1/2Ro. WhiteOly Trials06/27
13.3143-8-Nedra Gross (LSU)NCAA ME05/31
13.2643-6*Casey Taylor (Mi)Big 1005/18
13.2443-5 1/4DelaunayMt. SAC04/20
13.2143-4 1/4**Lauren Martin (InSt)NCAA ME05/31
13.2043-3 3/4*Chavon Robinson (Wi)Big 1005/18
13.1343-1Alitta Boyd (CaHS)USATF Jr06/22
13.0942-11 1/2Chaytan Hill (unat)Manhattan05/03
13.0742-10 3/4*Angela Thomas (TxAM)Texas R04/04
13.0442-9 1/2-Lena Bettis (PennSt)Big 1005/18
12.9342-5 1/4*Gayle Hunter (PennSt)Big 1005/18
12.9242-4 3/4Cortney Stafford (VS)Walnut06/15

18.8561-10 1/4Michelle Carter (unat)Oly Trials07/05
18.7961-7 3/4-Jessica Pressley (AzSt)Pac-1005/16
18.7161-4 3/4——CarterProvo Yellow05/24
18.6061-1/4Liz Wanless (NYAC)Berea06/14
18.5160-8 3/4Jill Camarena (NYAC)Olympic G08/16
18.4960-8——Carter !Oly Trials07/05
——CarterOlympic G08/16
18.4860-7 3/4——Carter !Provo Yellow05/24
18.45i60-6 1/2——WanlessAnderson02/09
**10 performances by 4 performers**
18.3660-3Kristin Heaston (Nike)Belém05/25
18.1359-5 3/4Abby Ruston (unat)Provo Yellow05/24
18.1059-4 3/4-Susan King (Mem)Tucson05/24
18.0359-2Chandra Brewer (unat)Oly Trials07/05
17.78i58-4*Sarah Stevens (AzSt)Iowa St Ind02/16
17.6557-11*Patience Knight (TxT)ACU Twi05/09
17.58i57-8 1/4Gail Lee (unat)Cape Girard02/22
17.3656-11 1/2-Rachel Jansen (NnIa)NCAA06/14
17.2056-5 1/4Adriane Blewitt (RunOh)Sun Angel04/12
17.1056-1 1/4Robyn Jarocki (unat)Oshkosh04/26
17.0355-10 1/2**Aja Evans (Il)Big 1005/17
17.0255-10 1/4-Khadija Talley (Mia)NCAA E05/31
16.9055-5 1/2**Jeré Summers (Louis)NCAA ME05/31
16.84i55-3*Ashley Muffet (Ky)McCravy M02/02
16.80i55-1 1/2*Stephanie Horton (Ks)Big 12 Ind03/01
16.7354-10 3/4**Jordyn Brown (Tx)Big 1205/17
16.70i54-9 1/2*Krishna Lee (Mo)Big 12 Ind03/01
i*Brittany Pryor (VaT)ACC Ind03/01
16.4654-0*Aubrey Baxter (BHills)Eagle Rock06/07
16.4153-10 1/4-Melissa Yunghans (Stan)NCAA W05/31
16.3753-8 1/2Jen Steiner (unat)Manhattan05/03
16.3553-7 3/4*Nia Henderson (Kent)NCAA ME05/31
16.34i53-7 1/2-Zenai Savage (Louis)VaT LC03/08
16.29i53-5 1/2***Kamorean Hayes (FlSt)Tyson Coll02/16
16.2253-2 3/4**Stacey Wannemacher (Pur)NCAA ME05/31
16.20i53-1 3/4*D’Andra Carter (TxT)Big 12 Ind03/01
16.1653-1/4***Chinwe Okoro (Louis)USATF Jr06/22
16.15i53-0*Billie-Jo Grant (Va)VaT LC03/08
16.0052-6*Nicole Lloyd (Az)Triton Inv04/26
15.9652-4 1/2-Liz Podominick (Mn)Big 1005/17
15.95i52-4Karen Shump (PaHS)NIN03/16
15.9252-2 3/4**Bahiyjaui Allen (Oh)NCAA ME05/31
*Missy Faubus (CoSt)Ft. Collins04/19
15.91i52-2 1/2-Sheena Devine (Bemi)NCAA II Ind03/15
***Stormy Harrison (TCU)Mtn West05/16
15.90i52-2**Tynisha McMillian (Ct)Providence12/06
Foreign Collegians:
17.83i58-6**Mariam Kevkhishvili (Fl-Geo)NCAA Ind03/15
17.4557-3***Annie Alexander (Tn-Tri)Sea Ray04/12
16.71i54-10-Shernelle Nicholls (Mo-Bar)NCAA Ind03/15
16.6354-6 3/4-Nadia Alexander (LaT-Jam)WAC05/16
16.3753-8 1/2-Keisha Walkes (UTEP-Bar)NCAA06/14
16.3653-8 1/4*Sivan Aballi (Mem-Isr)McDonnell04/19
16.01i52-6 1/2-Meghan Weaver (Hi-Can)WAC Ind03/01
15.9852-5 1/4***Rosario Sánchez (Fres-Mex)NCAA W05/31

66.17217-1Stephanie Brown Trafton (Nike)Salinas05/08
65.20213-11Aretha Thurmond (Nike)Oly Trials06/29
64.74212-5——Brown TraftonOlympic G08/18
64.32211-0——Brown Trafton ¶Triton Inv04/25
64.10210-4Becky Breisch (Nike)Chula Vista06/14
64.05210-1——Brown TraftonMaui #405/16
63.70209-0——BreischNew York GP05/31
63.69208-11Suzy Powell (Asics)Maui #405/16
63.61208-8——Brown TraftonOly Trials06/27
63.50208-4——Brown TraftonEugene GP06/08
**10 performances by 4 performers**
61.99203-4Cecilia Barnes (unat)Maui #405/16
60.78199-5Summer Pierson (PhB)Maui #405/16
59.96196-9Gia Lewis (unat)Redbird05/03
58.69192-6*Annie Hess (Conc/Or)NAIA05/23
58.01190-4Kelechi Anyanwu (unat)Triton Inv04/25
57.73189-5**D’Andra Carter (TxT)Sooner Inv04/26
57.68189-3**Jeré Summers (Louis)Louisville05/17
57.33188-1Jenney Larson (unat)La Crosse05/15
57.22187-9Katie Corner (T1D)Marietta05/25
57.10187-4-Khadija Talley (Mia)Miami Elite04/12
57.09187-3Rachel Longfors (TVA)Chula Vista06/15
56.88186-7Melissa Bickett (unat)Athens05/03
56.33184-9-Tai Battle (AzSt)Oly Trials06/27
56.18184-4*Merritt Dietz (OkSt)Kansas R04/19
56.14184-2*Sarah Stevens (AzSt)NCAA06/13
56.11184-1Rachel Varner (unat)Maui #405/16
56.07183-11*Billie-Jo Grant (Va)Hurricane03/29
56.06Anna Jelmini (CaHS)Salinas04/19
55.93183-6-Jessica Pressley (AzSt)Pac-1005/17
55.18181-0Olivia Korte (USAF)Salinas05/08
55.09180-9-Michelle Nelson (Adams)Alamosa04/19
55.02180-6*Loren Groves (KsSt)Big 1205/18
54.91180-2-Jocelyn White (NC)Chapel Hill05/17
54.82179-10Katie Richardson (unat)Walnut06/15
54.62179-2Kim Gleeson (PBay)Salinas05/22
54.34178-3Rhonda Gullatte(TOD)Maui #305/15
54.30178-2-Liz Podominick (Mn)Kansas R04/19
54.29178-1-Kate Hutchinson (USC)Triton Inv04/25
54.27178-0-Shanna Dickenson (Tn)Chula Vista04/24
54.26*Christina Mueller (SMU)CUSA05/17
54.04177-3-McKenzie Garberg (WaSt)NCAA06/11
53.65176-0***Emily Pendleton (Mi)FlSt R03/29
-Astin Steward (Pur)NCAA ME05/30
*Rachel Talbert (OR)NCAA MW05/30
53.52175-7*Stevi Large (Akr)MAC05/17
53.41175-2*Emilee Strot (Ky)Lexington06/06
Foreign Collegian:
57.68189-3***Annie Alexander (Tn-Tri)Lexington06/05

70.72232-0Jessica Cosby (Nike)Oly Trials07/05
70.19230-3Amber Campbell (Mjo)Mt. SAC04/20
70.00229-8——Cosby !Oly Trials07/05
69.94229-5——Cosby !Oly Trials07/05
69.70228-8——CosbyOly Trials07/03
69.56228-2——Cosby !Oly Trials07/05
Loree Smith (NYAC)Tucson05/24
69.24227-2——CampbellOly Trials07/05
69.07226-7——Campbell !Oly Trials07/05
68.99226-4——CosbyEagle Rock06/07
**10 performances by 3 performers**
68.93226-1Bethany Hart (Shore)Provo Blue05/24
68.79225-8-Brittany Riley (SnIl)Carbondale03/28
68.71225-5Britney Henry (adidas)Tucson05/24
68.60225-1Sarah Veress (unat)Oly Trials07/05
68.31224-1-Jessica Pressley (AzSt)Tucson05/03
68.12223-6Kristal Yush (MF)Provo Yellow05/24
67.66222-0Leslie Coons (unat)Fullerton03/07
67.27220-8Brittany Hinchcliffe (TXO)Tucson05/24
66.92219-7Melissa Myerscough (unat)Los Angeles04/26
66.62218-7Keturah Lofton (unat)Berea05/14
66.52218-3*Sarah Stevens (AzSt)Sun Angel04/11
66.22217-3Kelly Godsey (unat)Oly Trials07/03
66.08216-9Erin Gilreath (NYAC)Oly Trials07/03
65.36214-5*Loren Groves (KsSt)Manhattan05/03
65.21213-11Vanessa Wilhelm (unat)Scott Inv05/03
65.04213-5Cari Soong (TXO)Oly Trials07/05
64.21210-8Amy Haapanen (unat)PAUSATF05/25
64.09210-3-McKenzie Garberg (WaSt)NCAA06/13
64.05210-1-Kristen Callan (VaT)Duke Inv04/04
63.92209-8-Kate Burton (Wy)Laramie05/03
63.75209-2Liz Alabi (unat)Drake R04/26
63.71209-0Chandra Andrews (unat)Manhattan05/03
-Ashley Harbin (Laf)ECAC05/17
63.47208-3-Laci Heller (KsSt)Castillo Inv03/21
63.42208-1*Brittany Pryor (VaT)NCAA06/13
63.33207-9*Stevi Large (Akr)Charlotte03/21
63.18207-3-Tai Battle (AzSt)Pac-1005/16
*Ozie Okolie (TxT)Texas R04/02
62.70205-8-Veronica Jatsek (OhSt)Owens Cl05/03
Jen Onyeagbako (unat)Cerritos03/22
62.64205-6-Jasmine Jennings (RI)NCAA E05/31
62.44204-10Jenn Wynn (unat)Clermont05/24
61.99203-4-Rachel Jansen (NnIa)Mo Valley05/16
61.98*Sharon Ayala (Fres)Mt. SAC Univ04/20
61.80202-9Shannon Popp (unat)Provo Gold05/24
61.35201-3-ZeNai Savage (Louis)Louisville05/17
61.21200-10Anna Dolegiewicz (unat)Cedar City05/03
Foreign Collegians:
70.18230-3-Éva Orbán (USC-Hun)Northridge R03/15
65.21213-11***Dorotea Habazin (VaT-Cro)ACC04/17

61.56202-0*Kara Patterson (Pur)Big 1005/17
59.92196-7Dana Pounds (USAF)Tucson05/24
59.31194-7——PoundsOregon Twi05/09
58.44191-9——PattersonOly Trials06/30
58.31191-3Kim Kreiner (Nike)Oregon Twi05/09
58.25191-1*Rachel Yurkovich (Or)Oregon R04/25
58.15190-9——Patterson !Oly Trials06/30
58.04190-5——Patterson !Oly Trials06/30
57.83189-8——PoundsOly Trials06/30
**10 performances by 4 performers**
57.58188-11-Ruby Radocaj (Mn)Big 1005/17
55.73182-10-Kayla Wilkinson (Nb)Big 1205/16
54.71179-6*Katie Coronado (NM)NCAA06/14
53.80176-6Alicia DeShasier (unat)Oly Trials06/28
53.70176-2***Karlee McQuillen (PennSt)NCAA06/12
53.60175-10Samantha Ford (unat)Natchitoches05/17
53.17174-5*Lisa Brown (GAd)NCAA III05/24
53.04174-0-Dani Maier (Stan)Stanford Inv04/05
52.39171-10**Amy Backel (Ok)NCAA06/14
51.89170-3Roxi Grizzle (KsHS)USATF Jr06/20
51.65169-5Lindsey Blaine (Nike)Oly Trials06/28
51.30168-4-Jessica Wingfield (TxAM)NCAA MW05/30
51.21168-0-Inger Appanaitis (Nv)WAC05/16
51.18167-11Hannah Carson (AzHS)Sun Angel04/12
51.06167-6Grace Zollman (unat)New York04/20
51.04167-5*Alex Shaw (LBSt)Sac St Elite03/29
50.95167-2Fawn Miller (PaHS)Shippensburg05/10
50.87166-10Anna Raynor (KK)Raleigh R03/29
50.82166-9***Laura Asimakis (TxAM)Alumni Gold04/19
50.44165-6Heather Bergmann (KsHS)Wichita04/11
50.43165-5**Stephanie Ralls (CSN)NCAA06/12
50.29165-0-Heidi Nadeau (PennSt)NCAA E05/30
49.26161-7***Lynnea Braun (SpokCC)Cougar Inv04/26
50.13164-5***Emalie Humphreys (TxAM)NCAA MW05/30
50.04164-2**Hillary Pustka (TxAM)NCAA MW05/30
50.03164-1Carly Bloomfield (unat)Oregon Twi05/09
49.99164-0***Ali Pistora (unat)Emporia04/05
49.98Hannah Warfield (unat)Provo Blue05/24
49.67162-11**Meghan Briggs (Va)ACC04/17
49.62162-9**Tara Ross (UCLA)UCLA Inv03/08
49.52162-5***Melissa Fraser (DeP)NCAA ME05/30
49.48162-4*Brandi McNeil (Wheat/Il)NCAA III05/24
49.31161-9*Lauren Sexton (ConcOr)Stanford Inv04/05
49.28161-8***Marissa Tschida (WaSt)Mt. SAC Univ04/18
49.22161-6-Kim Berg (MtSt)Long Beach04/19
48.85160-3*Amanda Martin (Ct)ECAC05/17
Foreign Collegians:
54.85179-11-Andrea Kvetová (SMU-CzR)NCAA06/12
51.92170-4-Sigrún Sveinsdóttir (Ga-Ice)Drake R04/25
51.76169-10**Evelien Dekkers (Fl-Hol)Sun Angel04/12
51.74169-9**Linda Br+Švule (ACU-Lat)NCAA II05/24
51.70169-7***Krist+Šne BuaŠa (USC-Lat)Trojan Inv03/22
50.49165-7-Tammilee Kerr (Ia-Jam)NCAA06/12
50.06164-3-Hana Prudilová (SnMs-CzR)NCAA ME05/30
49.88163-8-Vanessa Roelofsen (Buf-Can)Akron05/09
48.99160-8**Zoe Pelbart (MiSt-Aus)Big 1005/17

6667Hyleas Fountain (Nike)Oly Trials06/28
6619——FountainOlympic G08/16
6347-Jacquelyn Johnson (AzSt)Oly Trials06/28
6257Diana Pickler (Asics)Oly Trials06/28
6247Gi-Gi Johnson (Nike)Oly Trials06/28
6143——J. JohnsonClick Shootout04/04
6053——J. JohnsonNCAA06/14
**10 performances by 4 performers**
6029Lela Nelson (Nike)US vs Ger08/03
5990Julie Pickler (Asics)Texas R04/03
5855-Liz Roehrig (Mn)Big 1005/17
5789Fiona Asigbee (unat)Oly Trials06/28
5747Ashley Wilhelm (unat)Oly Trials06/28
5741Jackie Poulson (PocTC)Oly Trials06/28
5738*Bettie Wade (Mi)NCAA06/14
5709*Gayle Hunter (PennSt)NCAA06/14
5704Ryanne Dupree (unat)Pan Am Comb06/01
5687-Kasey Hill (BC)Oly Trials06/28
5661-Abbie Stechschulte (In)Texas R04/03
5642-Sharon Day (SLO)Big West05/10
5641*Sandy Fortner (NM)Mtn West05/15
5635*Shevell Quinley (Az)Click Shootout04/04
5605-Emily Pearson (CoSt)Mtn West05/15
5600*Marrissa Harris (MsSt)SEC05/16
5593Danielle McNaney (unat)Oly Trials06/28
5572Lauren Collins (unat)Mt. SAC04/17
5563*Cassie Merkley (IdSt)Northridge03/21
5550**Dani Stipe (NnIa)Mo Valley05/17
5522wRyann Krais (PaHS)Great SW06/06
5509*Alyissa Hasan (NDm)Azusa04/17
5450-Tiana Riel (BC)New Englands05/10
5445-Katie Lloyd (CoSt)NCAA06/14
5444(A)***Chantae McMillan (Nb)Big 1205/17
5442**Shana Woods (USC)Pac-1005/10
5420*Kalindra McFadden (Or)Mt. SAC04/17
5413*Lauren Stewart (Stan)Pac-1005/10
5399Danielle Ayers-Stamper (unat)Mt. SAC04/17
5396Heather Sterlin-Bigelow (unat)Winston-Salem05/15
5389Shani Boston (unat)Winston-Salem05/15
5385Bridget Ingram (LeM)Winston-Salem05/15
5377***Danielle Sampley (Ky)SEC05/16
5368**Erica Moore (InSt)Sea Ray04/10
5354Sarah Gretzmacher (unat)Winston-Salem05/15
5352*Buky Bamigboye (Gtn)Oly Trials06/28
Foreign Collegians:
5738***Brianne Theisen (Or-Can)Pac-1005/10
5670*Annett Wichmann (Hi-Ger)NCAA06/14
5643(A)**Megan Wheatley (Nb-Aus)Big 1205/17
5633-Tammilee Kerr (Ia-Jam)NCAA06/14

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