2014 U.S. Absolute List - Men

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compiled by Glen McMicken

(marks received and verified by 12/15/2014)

We welcome all amendments to these lists.


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Key To Lists

These lists give the top 40 U.S. performers of the season, with an appending of those foreign collegians whose marks fall into that range.


On final year-end lists, the top 10 performances, denoted by — — are also included.


In the wind-aided category, the domestics and foreign collegians are commingled (' after name = foreigner on windy list).


Relay teams may contain non-U.S. nationals.


Open athletes and high schoolers have no notation before their name. Collegians are noted by class: - = senior; * = junior; **=soph; *** = frosh; ? = unknown. Note: we do not change athlete affiliations in mid-season from collegiate to club if/when they sign pro contracts early or otherwise finish their collegiate eligibility. For consistency, we leave them with the same affiliation all year.


(A) = altitude over 1000m (in affected events only).


Wind-aided marks are those of greater than 2.0mps. Windy marks are listed only if superior to the best legal mark (windy performances listed to level of legal performances).


In the marathon and half-marathon lists, ' = aided course. Since so many road runners are unaffiliated, a state affiliation represents their home, not a school.


! = secondary mark made within a field-event series; ¶ = complete field-event series not known, so some performances may be missing.


9.77Justin Gatlin (XTEP)Brussels DL09/05
9.91Mike Rodgers (Nik)London07/20
9.93Tyson Gay (unat)Lausanne DL07/03
9.97***Trayvon Bromell (Bay)NCAA06/13
10.00Trentavis Friday (NCHS)USATF Jr07/05
10.02-Dentarius Locke (FlSt)NCAA06/13
10.04-Diondre Batson (Al)Starkville05/03
10.07Charles Silmon (adi)USATF06/27
10.08Marvin Bracy (adi)Clermont04/26
Maurice Mitchell (Nik)Joplin04/25
Mookie Salaam (adi)USATF06/27
10.12Ryan Bailey (Nik)Linz07/14
Gil Roberts (Nik)Lubbock05/03
-Justin Walker (NWnLa)NCAA06/13
10.13Harry Adams (Nik)ATL Houston06/06
Sean McLean (Nik)USATF06/27
*Clayton Vaughn (UTA)San Marcos04/26
10.14Remontay McClain (unat)USATF Imperial06/14
**John Teeters (OkSt)Mt. SAC R Open04/18
10.15*Reggie Lewis (Clem)Texas R Univ03/29
10.16Cordero Gray (Nik)Texas R Inv03/29
**Tevin Hester (Clem)Texas R Univ03/29
**Devin Jenkins (Sn)GaT Inv05/16
Keith Ricks (unat)Radford04/26
**David Winters (Bart)Wichita04/12
10.18(A)*Nic Bowens (UtSt)Mtn West05/17
**Bryce Robinson (Tul)NCAA West05/30
Just’n Thymes (RivCC)Riverside03/08
10.19*Aaron Ernest (LSU)NCAA East05/30
***Jalen Miller (Ms)USATF Jr07/05
10.20Darryl Haraway (MdHS)NBal HS06/15
-Chris Royster (SC)NCAA East05/30
-Johnathan Smith (Ga)Athens04/12
-Everett Walker (Bay)Big 1205/17
**Antwan Wright (Fl)Texas R Univ03/29
10.21**Ronnie Baker (TCU)NCAA West05/29
Jared Ware (unat)USATF Imperial06/14
Kendal Williams (FlHS)World Jr07/23
10.22D’Angelo Cherry (Asics)ATL Charlottesville05/09
**Kenneth Combs (OkB)Wichita04/12
Foreign Collegians:
9.93**Kemarley Brown (MerrCC-Jam)Cal JUCO05/17
10.07-Aaron Brown (USC-Can)NCAA06/13
10.10***Senoj-Jay Givans (Tx-Jam)Big 1205/17
10.14***Odean Skeen (SPl-Jam)JUCO05/17
10.15**Andre De Grasse (Coffey-Can)JUCO05/17
*Shavez Hart (TxAM-Bah)NCAA06/13
10.21*Trevor Mackey (TxT-Bah)Lubbock05/03
9.76wJustin Gatlin (XTEP)Eugene DL05/31
9.77w***Trayvon Bromell (Bay)Big 1205/18
9.80wMike Rodgers (Nik)Eugene DL05/31
9.90w***Senoj-Jay Givans’ (Tx-Jam)Big 1205/18
9.91w**John Teeters (OkSt)Big 1205/18
9.92wGil Roberts (Nik)Clermont05/31
9.95w-Justin Walker (NWnLa)Southland Ch05/11
9.96wCalesio Newman (unat)Clermont05/31
9.98wCharles Silmon (adi)Austin05/03
w-Everett Walker (Bay)Big 1205/18
10.01w-Diondre Batson (Al)Tuscaloosa04/11
10.03wRyan Bailey (Nik)USATF06/27
w**Andre De Grasse’ (Coffey-Can)Kansas R04/19
wCordero Gray (Nik)TCU Inv03/21
10.04wMaurice Mitchell (Nik)Eugene DL05/31
10.06wHarry Adams (Nik)Miami Inv03/29
w**Devin Jenkins (Sn)SWAC Ch04/26
10.07w*Clayton Vaughn (UTA)Texas Inv04/12
10.08w**Antwan Wright (Fl)USATF06/27
10.10wD’Angelo Cherry (Asics)Clermont05/31
10.11w*Benjamin Martin (Troy)Sun Belt05/11
10.12w-Desmond Lawrence (NCAT)NCAA06/11
w***Kolby Listenbee (TCU)Big 1205/18
w***Odean Skeen’ (SPl-Jam)Jam Ch06/26
10.13w**Ahmed Ali (SPl)Tx Tech Open04/05
(A)*Nic Bowens (UtSt)Mtn West05/17
w*Aaron Ernest (LSU)NCAA06/11
wTony McQuay (adi)Florida R04/04
10.14w**Ronnie Baker (TCU)NCAA West05/30
10.15w*Raheem Mostert (Pur)NCAA East05/30
w**Bryce Robinson (Tul)Fayetteville04/12
10.16wLeroy Dixon (unat)Clermont05/31
w*BeeJay Lee (USC)NCAA West05/30
10.17wDeMario Johnson (Ks)Big 1205/18
10.18w**Kenneth Combs (OkB)Wichita04/12
wMickey Grimes (SBTC)Redlands LC05/16
10.19w-Prezel Hardy (TxAM)Texas R Univ03/28
w-Taffawee Johnson’ (StA-Jam)NCAA II05/22
w*Tim Price (AMK)Lone Star Ch05/03
10.20w***Tremayne Acy (LSU)Baton Rouge04/05
w***Cejhae Greene’ (FlSt-Ant)Fort-de-France Jr04/19
w-Akeem Haynes’ (Al-Can)Tuscaloosa04/11
w*Trevor Mackey’ (TxT-Bah)Big 1205/18
w-Justin Whitfield (ArSt)Sun Belt05/11
10.21w-Romel Lewis’ (Linc-Jam)NCAA II05/22
w-Darrell Wesh (VaT)NCAA06/11
10.22w**Wayne Gordon (Kent)Akron04/05
w-Kirk Wilson (Shorter)Tennessee R04/11

19.68Justin Gatlin (XTEP)Monaco DL07/18
19.97*Dedric Dukes (Fl)Florida R04/04
20.13Curtis Mitchell (adi)USATF06/29
20.14*Aaron Ernest (LSU)LSU Inv05/03
20.16-Prezel Hardy (TxAM)SEC05/18
20.19Wallace Spearmon (unat)New York DL06/14
20.22Tyson Gay (adi)Monaco DL07/18
Gil Roberts (unat)USATF Imperial06/14
20.27Brandon Byram (unat)Florida R04/04
Remontay McClain (unat)USATF Imperial06/14
20.30Maurice Mitchell (Nik)USATF06/29
20.32i(A)-Diondre Batson (Al)NCAA Ind03/15
20.33Trentavis Friday (NCHS)Kernersville05/31
20.37Ryan Bailey (Nik)Monaco DL07/18
20.38Ameer Webb (Nik)Texas R Inv03/29
20.40**Arman Hall (Fl)LSU Inv05/03
20.41Sean McLean (Nik)USATF06/29
20.42LaShawn Merritt (Nik)Sydney03/15
20.45Joe Morris (Nik)Sun Angel Cl04/12
20.47-Justin Walker (NWnLa)Southland Ch05/11
20.48**Bryce Robinson (Tul)NCAA West05/30
20.49-Everett Walker (Bay)NCAA West05/31
20.51Keith Ricks (unat)USATF06/29
**David Winters (Bart)Amarillo04/26
20.52*Arthur Delaney (Or)NCAA West05/31
20.53***Ceo Ways (NC)ACC Ch04/19
20.55Marvin Bracy (adi)Clermont04/26
Kendal Williams (FlHS)Golden South05/24
20.57**Wayne Gordon (Kent)Tennessee R04/12
i(A)***Tyreek Hill (OkSt)NCAA Ind03/15
20.58Isiah Young (Nik)Lucerne07/15
20.59***Trayvon Bromell (Bay)Waco04/19
20.60-Kirk Wilson (Shorter)USATF06/28
20.61Just’n Thymes (RivCC)USATF Imperial06/14
20.62***Renard Howell (SPl)Lubbock05/03
20.63***Khalil Henderson (Aub)NCAA East05/31
20.64-Elvyonn Bailey (WnKy)Sun Belt05/11
*Timothy Faust (OhSt)NCAA East05/30
*Jermaine Jones (StA)Liberty Twi05/01
-Brycen Spratling (Pitt)Tennessee R04/12
Foreign Collegians:
20.16-Aaron Brown (USC-Can)NCAA West05/31
20.17-Carvin Nkanata (Pitt-Ken)Tennessee R04/12
20.35*Shavez Hart (TxAM-Bah)SEC05/18
20.38**Kemarley Brown (MerrCC-Jam)Mt. SAC R Open04/18
**Andre De Grasse (Coffey-Can)JUCO05/17
20.41*Brendon Rodney (LIUB-Can)NE Ch05/04
20.46*Trevor Mackey (TxT-Bah)NACAC U23 Ch08/10
20.57***Teray Smith (Aub-Bah)Knoxville05/03
20.59***Jereem Richards (SPl-Tri)Lubbock05/03
19.91w*Dedric Dukes (Fl)NCAA06/14
19.99wCurtis Mitchell (adi)USATF06/29
20.02w-Aaron Brown’ (USC-Can)NCAA06/14
20.03wTrentavis Friday (NCHS)USATF Jr07/06
20.13w**Devin Jenkins (Sn)SWAC Ch04/26
w-Justin Walker (NWnLa)NCAA06/14
20.14w-Prezel Hardy (TxAM)LSU Alumni Gold04/19
20.15w-Elvyonn Bailey (WnKy)Sun Belt05/11
20.19w**Lestrod Roland’ (SPl-StK)Abilene04/12
20.21wWalter Dix (unat)Clermont05/31
20.23w***Trayvon Bromell (Bay)TCU Inv03/21
20.28w***Senoj-Jay Givans’ (Tx-Jam)Big 1205/18
20.29w**Kemarley Brown’ (MerrCC-Jam)Cal JUCO05/17
20.30w**Bryce Robinson (Tul)Fayetteville04/12
20.32w-Everett Walker (Bay)Big 1205/18
20.33(A)Jeremy Dodson (unat)Golden04/26
20.36wBryshon Nellum (Nik)USATF06/29
20.38wSean McLean (Nik)USATF06/29
20.39wKeith Ricks (unat)USATF06/29
wCharles Silmon (adi)Austin05/03
20.40wJamil Hubbard (unat)TCU Inv03/21
wManteo Mitchell (Nik)Charlotte03/22
20.43w-Trey Hadnot (LaT)San Marcos04/26
20.44w-Kirk Wilson (Shorter)Clermont05/31
20.45w-Blake Heriot (Bay)TCU Inv03/21
20.46wKendal Williams (FlHS)USATF Jr07/06
20.47w*Clayton Vaughn (UTA)Sun Belt05/11
20.48wCalesio Newman (unat)Clermont05/31
20.50w**Sam Watts’ (TCU-GB)TCU Inv03/21
20.52wJust’n Thymes (RivCC)Cal JUCO05/17
20.54w-Johnathan Smith (Ga)Ga Tech Inv03/29
20.55wIsiah Young (Nik)USATF06/29
20.58w***Ventavius Sears (WnKy)Sun Belt05/11
20.60w***Emmanuel Dasor (WnKy)Sun Belt05/11
20.61w**Zack Bilderback (Tx)Texas Inv04/12
w***Cameron Echols-Luper (TCU)TCU Inv03/21
w***Khalil Henderson (Aub)NCAA06/14
20.62w-Errol Nolan’ (Hous-Jam)Texas Inv04/12
20.64wJonathan McCants (unat)Radford04/26

43.92LaShawn Merritt (Nik)Lausanne DL07/03
44.53Gil Roberts (Nik)USATF06/28
44.89Josh Mance (unat)USATF06/28
44.92Tony McQuay (adi)Doha DL05/09
45.00Kyle Clemons (unat)USATF06/28
45.02*Vernon Norwood (LSU)USATF06/28
45.03David Verburg (adi)Ponce IWC05/17
45.05-Mike Berry (Or)Pac-1205/18
45.09Manteo Mitchell (Nik)USATF06/28
-Brycen Spratling (Pitt)NCAA East05/30
45.17Christian Taylor (LN)Drake R Inv04/25
45.19**Arman Hall (Fl)Florida R04/04
45.22Akeem Alexander (Seq)USATF06/27
45.32Torrin Lawrence (Nik)Kortrijk07/12
45.33-James Harris (FlSt)Linz07/14
45.37***Michael Cherry (FlSt)NCAA East05/30
45.40**Najee Glass (Fl)SEC05/18
45.42Clayton Parros (LSpeed)Florida Jones04/19
45.52-Elvyonn Bailey (WnKy)Sun Belt05/11
45.53*Christopher Giesting (NDm)ATL Charlottesville05/09
45.54Calvin Smith (adi)Linz07/14
45.56Kind Butler (unat)Ponce IWC05/17
-Patrick Feeney (NDm)Stanford Inv04/04
45.66**Zack Bilderback (Tx)Big 1205/18
*Dedric Dukes (Fl)Florida Jones04/19
45.69*DJ Zahn (Il)NCAA West05/29
45.71-Je’von Hutchison (Hamp)NCAA East05/30
45.74**Aldrich Bailey (TxAM)NCAA West05/30
***Tyler Brown (EnMi)USATF Jr07/06
45.76-Clinton Collins (NTx)C-USA05/18
45.80**Alfred Larry (ButCC)JUCO05/17
**Joseph Richards (TxT)Big 1205/18
45.86Ashton Eaton (OTC)Santa Barbara04/05
45.91-Stephon Pamilton (Il)Big 1005/18
45.93***Ceo Ways (NC)Florida R04/04
45.95-Cass Brown-Stewart (SFA)NCAA West05/30
45.96i-Neil Braddy (Ar)Tyson Inv02/14
45.97Aikan Graham (unat)San Marcos04/26
45.99*Jordan Edwards (AArt)NCAA II05/24
46.00-Joshua Edmonds (StA)NCAA II05/22
Foreign Collegians:
44.36*Deon Lendore (TxAM-Tri)SEC05/18
45.18*Bralon Taplin (TxAM-Grn)NCAA West05/30
45.29*Hugh Graham (Fl-Jam)NCAA East05/30
45.65**Steven Solomon (Stan-Aus)Lubbock05/03
45.66-Carlyle Roudette (TxAM-Tri)NCAA West05/30
45.69-Emmanuel Tugumisirize (MTn-Uga)NCAA East05/30
46.00-Errol Nolan (Hous-Jam)The American Ch05/04

1:43.88Duane Solomon (Sauc)Mt. SAC R Inv04/19
1:44.58Erik Sowinski (Nik)Mt. SAC R Inv04/19
1:44.91Elijah Greer (Nik)Heusden07/19
1:45.55Harun Abda (OTC)Ponce IWC05/17
1:45.65Ryan Martin (Asics)Heusden07/19
1:45.80Casimir Loxsom (Brk)USATF06/27
1:45.90Charles Jock (Nik)Ponce IWC05/17
1:46.04Michael Rutt (Hoka)Heusden07/19
1:46.12Matthew Centrowitz (Nik)Glasgow DL07/12
Leonel Manzano (Hoka)Rieti IWC09/07
1:46.28Robby Andrews (adi)New York DL06/14
1:46.29**Ryan Schnulle (Fl)NCAA06/13
1:46.46*Patrick Rono (Ar)NCAA06/13
1:46.52i*Drew Windle (Ash)Allendale02/15
1:46.62Brian Gagnon (NJNY)Concord06/05
1:46.67Brandon Johnson (Nik)Shanghai DL05/18
1:46.68-Sean Obinwa (Fl)Florida R04/04
1:46.71David Torrence (Nik)Lucerne07/15
1:46.80Tyler Mulder (Nik)Beijing IWC05/21
1:46.81Mark Wieczorek (Brk)Concord06/05
1:46.83Declan Murray (NJNY)Oxy High Perf05/15
1:47.02Ali Alderaan (unat)Oxy Inv05/10
1:47.09Ben Scheetz (NJNY)USATF06/27
1:47.13***Tretez Kinnaird (In)World Jr07/27
1:47.16Jordan Mcnamara (OTC)Portland06/15
1:47.19*Brandon Lasater (GaT)Florida R04/04
1:47.25Gabe Hilbert (unat)Oxy Inv05/10
1:47.29iNick Symmonds (Brk)World Ind03/07
1:47.45i**Brannon Kidder (PennSt)Penn State02/08
1:47.51**Nick Hartle (UCLA)WaSt-UCLA Dual03/22
1:47.52*Chris Low (LBSt)NCAA West05/30
1:47.60-Samuel Ellison (Vill)NCAA East05/30
1:47.63James Gilreath (adiTG)Texas R Inv03/27
1:47.64*Luke Lefebure (Stan)NCAA06/13
1:47.66-Shawn Roberts (GaT)Florida R04/04
1:47.68***Dylan Capwell (Monm)NCAA East05/30
1:47.71Alex Ullman (unat)Guelph05/31
1:47.72Richard Jones (unat)USATF06/26
1:47.73**Hector Hernandez (TxAM)SEC05/16
**Joe McAsey (Il)Big 1005/18
Foreign Collegians:
1:45.35**Brandon McBride (MsSt-Can)Mt. SAC R Inv04/19
1:45.37**Eliud Rutto (MTn-Ken)Jordan Inv05/04
1:45.98i*Edward Kemboi (IaSt-Ken)Iowa State Cl02/15
1:46.39*Keffri Neal (Ky-Can)NCAA06/13
1:47.22*Charles Grethen (Ga-Lux)Florida R04/04
1:47.57***Andrés Arroyo (Fl-PR)Florida R04/04

2:16.76iDavid Torrence (Nik)Boston LC03/02
2:18.63iErik Sowinski (Nik)Millrose G02/15
2:18.87iNick Symmonds (Brk)Millrose G02/15
2:19.16Casimir Loxsom (BB)Brussels DL09/05
2:19.67iMichael Rutt (Nik)Millrose G02/15
2:19.69Dorian Ulrey (Nik)Linz07/14
2:19.86Elijah Greer (OTC)Linz07/14
2:20.57iRobby Andrews (adi)Millrose G02/15
2:20.65i*Robby Creese (PennSt)Penn State01/18
2:21.18-Mac Fleet (Or)Linz07/14
2:21.20iTyler Mulder (OTC)Millrose G02/15
2:21.42i**Ahmed Bile (Gtn)Penn State01/18
2:21.77i*Billy Ledder (Gtn)Penn State01/18
2:21.99i*Jesse Garn (Bing)Armory Coll Inv02/07
2:22.09iJosh Guarino (SyrCh)Geneva02/14
2:22.14i**Izaic Yorks (Wa)Seattle01/18
2:22.32i-Michael Atchoo (Stan)Seattle01/18
2:22.35i**Ned Willig (Brown)Terrier Cl01/25
2:22.47iErik Berg (NJNY)Hemery Inv02/08
2:22.55i**Chad Noelle (OkSt)Big 12 Ind03/01
2:22.66i***Josh Lampron (Vill)Big East Ind02/22
2:22.73iNick Guarino (SyrCh)Terrier Cl01/25
2:22.75i***Amos Bartelsmeyer (Gtn)National Inv02/01
2:22.94iOwen Dawson (unat)Penn State01/18
2:23.08i***Ryan Manahan (Gtn)National Inv02/01
2:23.13i***Blake Nelson (Wa)Seattle01/18
2:23.48i*Dusty Solis (Vill)Big East Ind02/22
2:23.70i*Justin Vilhauer (OkSt)Big 12 Ind03/01
2:23.78i**Luke Brahm (Prin)Hemery Inv02/08
2:23.85i**Joseph Vercollone (Prov)Boston03/08
2:23.87i-Bobby Peavey (Gtn)Penn State01/18
2:24.16iNicholas Palermo (Navy)Boston03/08
2:24.17i***Jacob Dumford (NDm)Notre Dame01/25
2:24.27i**Joseph Gioielli (IaSt)Terrier Cl01/25
2:24.34iKevin Greene (unat)Terrier Cl01/25
2:24.38i***Jacob Burcham (Ok)Big 12 Ind03/01
2:24.39i-Jacob Autio (LoyCh)Meyo Inv02/07
2:24.42i*Damian Roszko (MsSt)Armory Coll Inv02/07
2:24.48i-Shane Moskowitz (OkSt)Manhattan01/18
2:24.53i**Andrew Langille (Monm)Terrier Cl01/25
Foreign Collegians:
2:18.55i*Rich Peters (BU-GB)Boston LC03/02
2:22.07i-Jeremy Rae (NDm-Can)Notre Dame01/25
2:22.17i-Marco Bertolotti (Stan-Fin)Seattle01/18
2:22.50i*Edward Kemboi (IaSt-Ken)Big 12 Ind03/01
2:22.58i***Scott Buttinger (Stan-Can)Seattle01/18
2:23.61i**Tomas Squella (Ar-Chl)Tx-Ar Dual01/17
2:24.00iMikael Rojeras (Manh-Swe)Boston03/08
2:24.37i-Omar Abdi (MaL-Som)Terrier Cl01/25

3:30.98Leonel Manzano (Hoka)Monaco DL07/18
3:31.09Matthew Centrowitz (Nik)Monaco DL07/18
3:34.15Galen Rupp (Nik)Brussels DL09/05
3:34.26Will Leer (Nik)Heusden07/19
3:35.32Pat Casey (OTC)Oordegem07/05
3:35.89Garrett Heath (Brk)Glasgow DL07/12
3:36.36David Torrence (Nik)Rieti IWC09/07
3:36.71Jack Bolas (FurmE)Oordegem07/05
3:37.10Ryan Hill (Nik)Oxy High Perf05/15
3:37.39Jordan McNamara (OTC)Oxy High Perf05/15
3:37.88Michael Hammond (FurmE)Greenville05/31
3:37.99Jeff See (FurmE)Greenville05/31
3:38.00Riley Masters (Brk)Watford07/16
3:38.10Evan Jager (Nik)Eugene DL05/31
3:38.11German Fernandez (BowAC)Oordegem07/05
3:38.47Lopez Lomong (BowAC)Eugene DL05/31
3:38.53Andrew Wheating (OTC)Portland06/15
3:38.54Kyle Merber (NJNY)Heusden07/19
3:38.58Ford Palmer (NJNY)Oxy High Perf05/15
3:38.62-Mac Fleet (Or)Heusden07/19
3:38.72Hassan Mead (OTC)Oxy High Perf05/15
3:38.73Dorian Ulrey (Nik)AMC Series II06/15
3:38.82**Brannon Kidder (PennSt)Jordan Inv05/04
3:38.88iCraig Miller (NBal)Millrose G02/15
3:39.09Cory Leslie (FurmE)Nashville06/08
3:39.27*Peter Callahan (NM)Heusden07/19
3:39.33Ben Blankenship (OTC)Oregon Twi05/09
3:39.47Joe Stilin (ZapF)Kortrijk07/12
3:39.61Tommy Schmitz (SpF)Oxy High Perf05/15
3:39.77*Sam Penzenstadler (LoyCh)NCAA06/14
3:39.79Daniel Stockberger (TIn)Oxy High Perf05/15
3:39.84-Matt Hillenbrand (Ky)Portland06/15
3:39.97AJ Acosta (unat)USATF06/28
3:40.06**Chad Noelle (OkSt)Mt. SAC R Inv04/18
3:40.07-Trevor Dunbar (Or)Eugene07/26
3:40.10Andy Bayer (BowAC)Kortrijk07/12
3:40.16*Austin Mudd (Wi)Jordan Inv05/04
3:40.21-Tyler Stutzman (Stan)Jordan Inv05/04
3:40.30Liam Boylan-Pett (NJNY)Oxy High Perf05/15
3:40.40Tony Jordanek (TOh)Oxy High Perf05/15
Duncan Phillips (unat)ATL San Marcos05/23
Foreign Collegians:
3:36.34Lawi Lalang (Az-Ken)Pac-1205/18
3:36.50***Edward Cheserek (Or-Ken)Pac-1205/18
3:40.25**Jordan Williamsz (Vill-Aus)NCAA06/14
3:40.36*Rorey Hunter (In-Aus)ATL Series I05/02

3:50.53Matthew Centrowitz (Nik)Eugene DL05/31
3:51.82Will Leer (Nik)Dublin07/11
3:52.41Leonel Manzano (Hoka)Eugene DL05/31
3:52.62Pat Casey (OTC)Dublin07/11
3:52.89Jordan McNamara (OTC)Eugene DL05/31
3:53.33Evan Jager (Nik)Eugene DL05/31
3:53.44Cory Leslie (FurmE)Dublin07/11
3:53.61Garrett Heath (Brk)Saline08/10
3:53.95David Torrence (Nik)Eugene DL05/31
3:54.28Lopez Lomong (Nik)Eugene DL05/31
3:54.76Kyle Merber (NJNY)Dublin07/11
3:55.09iCraig Miller (NBal)Millrose G02/15
3:56.10Duncan Phillips (unat)St. Louis06/05
3:56.45Tommy Schmitz (SpF)St. Louis06/05
3:56.75Riley Masters (BB)Cork07/08
3:56.77-Mac Fleet (Or)Saline08/10
3:56.89Eric Avila (unat)San Diego06/05
3:57.00i-Matt Hillenbrand (Ky)Iowa State Cl02/15
3:57.05AJ Acosta (unat)San Diego06/05
3:57.19-Trevor Dunbar (Or)Cork07/08
3:57.39Jack Bolas (NBal)Saline08/10
3:57.48iFrezer Legesse (TIn)Iowa State Cl02/15
3:57.52Dorian Ulrey (Nik)Saline08/10
3:57.61Ford Palmer (NJNY)Raleigh08/01
3:57.70Michael Hammond (FurmE)Greenville04/12
3:58.04i*Will Geoghegan (Dart)Terrier Cl01/25
3:58.09Jake Edwards (ColumRC)Greenville04/12
3:58.17-Andrew Colley (NCSt)Dublin07/11
3:58.21i*Sam Penzenstadler (LoyCh)Meyo Inv02/08
3:58.27iDe’Sean Turner (TIn)Notre Dame02/22
3:58.34Thomas Awad (Penn)Penn R Inv04/26
3:58.39iDan Huling (Nik)Washington Inv01/31
3:58.43Donnie Cowart (CrazyR)Raleigh08/01
3:58.49i**Brannon Kidder (PennSt)Husky Cl02/15
3:58.51Michael Rutt (NJNY)Penn R Inv04/26
3:58.57iTyler Stutzman (unat)Husky Cl02/15
3:58.61iTravis Mahoney (NJNY)Hemery Inv02/08
3:58.70iPatrick McGregor (NJNY)Hemery Inv02/08
3:58.73Eric Finan (Sauc)Concord06/05
3:58.77iTaylor Gilland (BSh)Hemery Inv02/08
Foreign Collegians:
3:56.84i**Jordan Williamsz (Vill-Aus)Iowa State Cl02/15
3:57.25i-Jeremy Rae (NDm-Can)Meyo Inv02/08
3:57.27i*Rich Peters (BU-GB)Hemery Inv02/08
3:58.48i-Matthew Gillespie (Iona-GB)Hemery Inv02/08

4:54.74iBernard Lagat (US)Millrose G02/15
4:56.99iDavid Torrence (US)Millrose G02/15
4:57.35iAndrew Bumbalough (US)Millrose G02/15
4:57.56iEvan Jager (US)Millrose G02/15
5:00.18iDonald Cabral (US)Millrose G02/15
5:02.41iDaniel Huling (US)Millrose G02/15
5:10.25iTravis Mahoney (US)Millrose G02/15

8:04.71Evan Jager (BowAC)Brussels DL09/05
8:15.61Dan Huling (BowAC)Brussels DL09/05
8:20.04Donn Cabral (Nik)USATF06/29
8:24.09Craig Forys (NYAC)Lucerne07/15
8:25.71Andy Bayer (BowAC)Lucerne07/15
8:26.30Cory Leslie (Nik)USATF06/29
8:28.42Billy Nelson (unat)Tokyo IWC05/11
8:29.08Donnie Cowart (CrazyR)Joensuu07/24
8:32.92Aric Van Halen (unat)Jordan Inv05/04
8:33.79De’Sean Turner (unat)ATL Series I05/02
8:35.05*Tabor Stevens (Adams)NCAA II05/23
8:37.54-Curtis Carr (BYU)Mt. SAC R Inv04/18
8:38.74**Mason Ferlic (Mi)NCAA East05/30
8:39.44Ben Bruce (adi)USATF06/27
8:40.35Travis Mahoney (NJNY)Oxy High Perf05/15
8:41.33Jared Bassett (Brk)Mt. SAC R Inv04/18
8:41.53**Kyle King (Va)NCAA East05/30
8:41.65**Brandon Doughty (Ok)NCAA06/14
8:42.20*John Prizzi (NH)NCAA East05/30
8:42.86Aric Van Halen (unat)USATF06/29
8:43.12***Darren Fahy (Gtn)Princeton04/18
8:43.95-Jared Berman (VaT)Jordan Inv05/04
8:43.99*Caleb Hoover (NnAz)NCAA06/14
8:44.01-Alex Brill (Wi)NCAA06/12
-Jacob Smith (HPt)NCAA East05/30
8:44.28*Tripp Hurt (Furm)NCAA East05/30
8:44.37-Jake Waterman (Pur)NCAA East05/30
8:44.53Matt Cleaver (adiR)Stanford Inv04/04
8:44.76David Goodman (NED)Princeton04/18
8:45.30-Danny Thater (Tul)NCAA West05/31
8:45.77-Michael LeDuc (CtC)NCAA III05/24
8:45.95-Zach Wiles (Boise)Stanford Inv04/04
8:46.41*Eddie Owens (Prin)NCAA East05/30
8:46.69*Alex Deir (Ok)NCAA West05/31
8:46.88*Max Darrah (Gtn)NCAA East05/30
8:47.02*Matthew Howard (Gtn)Princeton04/18
8:47.04Bailey Roth (CoHS)World Jr07/27
8:47.07-Dylan Sorensen (Gtn)Princeton04/18
8:47.14-Andrew Gonzales (WaSt)NCAA West05/31
8:47.38**Dylan Lafond (MtO)Princeton04/18
Foreign Collegians:
8:30.54*Anthony Rotich (UTEP-Ken)Jordan Inv05/04
8:35.27*Stanley Kebenei (Ar-Ken)NCAA06/14
8:38.75*Ole Hesselbjerg (EnKy-Den)NCAA06/14
8:42.20-Mattias Wolter (Louis-Ger)Mt. SAC R Inv04/18
8:42.67*Tanguy Pepiot (Or-Fra)NCAA West05/31
8:44.78*Emil Blomberg (UTA-Swe)NCAA West05/31
8:44.97***Edwin Kibichiy (Louis-Ken)NCAA06/12
8:46.44**Robert McCann (Drake-Can)NCAA West05/31

7:34.68iGalen Rupp (Nik)Terrier Cl01/25
7:34.87iRyan Hill (Nik)New Balance GP02/08
7:37.40iGarrett Heath (Brk)New Balance GP02/08
7:37.62iAndrew Bumbalough (Nik)New Balance GP02/08
7:38.30Bernard Lagat (Nik)Ostrava IWC06/17
7:39.81Lopez Lomong (Nik)Rieti IWC09/07
7:42.95iWill Leer (Nik)New Balance GP02/08
7:44.88iHassan Mead (Nik)New Balance GP02/08
7:45.09-Trevor Dunbar (Or)Dublin07/11
7:46.55iBen Blankenship (Nik)New Balance GP02/08
7:46.84Maverick Darling (WRRT)Rieti IWC09/07
7:49.05iCraig Miller (NBal)New Balance GP02/08
7:50.31iAndrew Poore (adi)Bloomington02/15
7:50.50i-Jake Hurysz (Co)MPSF Ind03/01
7:50.58iDe’Sean Turner (TIn)Bloomington02/15
7:50.81i-Erik Olson (Stan)MPSF Ind03/01
7:50.86i-Joe Bosshard (Co)MPSF Ind03/01
7:51.06i*Parker Stinson (Or)MPSF Ind03/01
7:51.47iDonn Cabral (Nik)New Balance GP02/08
7:51.52i-Maksim Korolev (Harv)Hemery Inv02/08
7:51.57i*Will Geoghegan (Dart)Hemery Inv02/08
7:51.78i-Reed Connor (Wi)Big 10 Ind02/28
7:52.09iTravis Mahoney (NJNY)Terrier Cl01/25
7:52.51i-Jared Ward (BYU)MPSF Ind03/01
7:52.61i***Ben Saarel (Co)Husky Cl02/15
7:52.62i-John Simons (Mn)Big 10 Ind02/28
7:53.34i**Caleb Rhynard (MiSt)Big 10 Ind02/28
7:53.53i-Kirubel Erassa (OkSt)Big 12 Ind03/01
7:53.85Riley Masters (Brk)Dublin07/11
7:54.18Eric Finan (TUSAMn)Oordegem07/05
7:54.39i-Nick Happe (NDm)Husky Cl02/15
7:54.76i*Blake Theroux (Co)Husky Cl02/15
7:54.78iGeorge Alex (Zap)Terrier Cl01/25
7:54.98i-Michael Atchoo (Stan)MPSF Ind03/01
7:55.36Jonathan Peterson (TUSAMn)Oordegem07/05
7:56.16iTim Ritchie (BAA)Hemery Inv02/08
7:56.60i**Mason Ferlic (Mi)Big 10 Ind02/28
7:57.08i*Morsi Rayyan (Mi)Big 10 Ind02/28
7:57.18iZach Zarda (unat)Husky Cl02/15
7:57.44i-Chris Bendtsen (Prin)Hemery Inv02/08
Foreign Collegians:
7:36.44-Lawi Lalang (Az-Ken)Rieti IWC09/07
7:47.20i***Edward Cheserek (Or-Ken)MPSF Ind03/01
7:52.15i*Kevin Batt (Adams-Aus)Husky Cl02/15
7:52.24i-Matthew Gillespie (Iona-GB)Terrier Cl01/25
7:52.61i*Rich Peters (BU-GB)Terrier Cl01/25
7:54.22i-Mo Ahmed (Wi-Can)Big 10 Ind02/28
7:56.60i*Anthony Rotich (UTEP-Ken)Husky Cl02/15

8:07.41iGalen Rupp (Nik)Terrier Cl01/25
8:26.50Jordan McNamara (US)Birmingham DL08/24
8:27.15Will Leer (US)Birmingham DL08/24

13:00.99Galen Rupp (Nik)Paris DL07/05
13:02.74Ben True (Sauc)Jordan Inv05/04
13:02.80Hassan Mead (OTC)Jordan Inv05/04
13:06.68Bernard Lagat (Nik)Berlin IWC08/31
13:07.95Lopez Lomong (Nik)Jordan Inv05/04
13:08.18Chris Derrick (Nik)Jordan Inv05/04
13:08.63Evan Jager (BowAC)Jordan Inv05/04
13:13.67Andrew Bumbalough (BowAC)Oslo DL06/11
13:14.31Ryan Hill (BowAC)Jordan Inv05/04
13:16.65Garrett Heath (BB)Jordan Inv05/04
13:20.06Matthew Centrowitz (Nik)Jordan Inv05/04
13:22.19Donn Cabral (Nik)Jordan Inv05/04
13:23.94Will Leer (Nik)Oxy High Perf05/15
13:26.90-Trevor Dunbar (Or)NCAA06/13
13:27.41*Eric Jenkins (Or)NCAA06/13
13:27.55*Kirubel Erassa (OkSt)Jordan Inv05/04
13:28.11Ryan Vail (Brk)Ninove08/02
13:30.00George Alex (Nik)Jordan Inv05/04
13:31.69*Joe Rosa (Stan)NCAA06/13
13:33.12Aaron Braun (adi)Oxy High Perf05/15
13:34.74-Jared Ward (BYU)Mt. SAC R Inv04/18
13:34.95David Torrence (Nik)USATF06/27
13:35.80Aron Rono (WCAP)Portland06/15
13:36.10Maverick Darling (unat)Mt. SAC R Inv04/18
13:36.21Joe Stilin (Zap)Portland06/15
13:36.67Craig Forys (NYAC)Jordan Inv05/04
13:36.91*Erik Olson (Stan)Jordan Inv05/04
13:37.42i-Reed Connor (Wi)Iowa State Cl02/14
13:37.64Sean McGorty (unat)Jordan Inv05/04
13:37.71Eric Finan (TMn)Heusden07/19
13:38.19-Joe Bosshard (Co)USATF06/27
13:38.81Sean Quigley (SaucBTC)Mt. SAC R Inv04/18
13:38.92**Morgan Pearson (Co)Jordan Inv05/04
13:39.11-John Simons (Mn)Jordan Inv05/04
13:39.26Sean Keveren (RagM)Portland06/15
13:39.47Riley Masters (Brk)Mt. SAC R Inv04/18
13:39.51Jonathan Peterson (TMn)USATF06/27
13:39.71Christo Landry (Miz)Mt. SAC R Inv04/18
13:40.19Andrew Colley (unat)Heusden07/19
13:40.49Tyler Pennel (Zap)USATF06/27
Foreign Collegians:
13:03.85-Lawi Lalang (Az-Ken)Paris DL07/05
13:18.71***Edward Cheserek (Or-Ken)NCAA06/13
13:18.88-Mo Ahmed (Wi-Can)Comm G07/27
13:26.98-Kennedy Kithuka (TxT-Ken)Mt. SAC R Inv04/18
13:31.25***Patrick Tiernan (Vill-Aus)NCAA06/13
13:33.28-Luke Caldwell (NM-GB)Mt. SAC R Inv04/18
13:37.68-Shadrack Kipchirchir (OkSt-Ken)Mt. SAC R Inv04/18

10,000 METERS
26:44.36Galen Rupp (Nik)Eugene DL05/30
27:46.30Bobby Curtis (Hans)Jordan Inv05/04
28:03.51Aron Rono (USAr)Jordan Inv05/04
28:18.18Chris Derrick (BowAC)USATF06/26
28:20.98Christo Landry (Miz)Jordan Inv05/04
28:26.02Ryan Vail (Brk)USATF06/26
28:27.54Luke Puskedra (Nik)Jordan Inv05/04
28:28.54Brendan Gregg (Hans)Jordan Inv05/04
28:29.84Sean Quigley (BouTC)USATF06/26
28:32.59Jake Riley (Hans)Jordan Inv05/04
28:34.43Aaron Braun (adi)USATF06/26
28:35.52Tyler Pennel (Zap)Jordan Inv05/04
28:36.64*Jason Witt (BYU)Stanford Inv04/04
28:37.36-Jared Ward (BYU)Stanford Inv04/04
28:40.88*Aaron Dinzeo (CalPa)Stanford Inv04/04
28:41.23*Ryan Rutherford (IlSt)Stanford Inv04/04
28:41.86Ethan Shaw (Hans)Stanford Inv04/04
28:42.35*David Perry (Port)Stanford Inv04/04
28:42.56*Abbabiya Simbassa (Ok)Stanford Inv04/04
28:43.70*Scott Fauble (Port)Stanford Inv04/04
28:44.65**Aaron Nelson (Wa)Stanford Inv04/04
28:44.72**Jonathan Nelson (BYU)Stanford Inv04/04
28:45.23Ty McCormack (unat)Jordan Inv05/04
28:45.60-Chris Frias (SLO)Stanford Inv04/04
28:49.08-Chris Bendtsen (Prin)Stanford Inv04/04
28:51.55*Matt McElroy (NnAz)Stanford Inv04/04
28:51.88-Mohamed Hrezi (IaSt)Stanford Inv04/04
28:51.98-Parker Stinson (Or)Stanford Inv04/04
28:52.39-Trevor Dunbar (Or)Stanford Inv04/04
28:52.73-John Crain (NCCIl)Stanford Inv04/04
28:56.19-Isaac Chavez (Chico)Stanford Inv04/04
28:57.05-Tylor Thatcher (BYU)Stanford Inv04/04
28:57.25-Tyler Udland (Prin)Stanford Inv04/04
28:57.51*Jim Rosa (Stan)NCAA06/11
28:57.64Robert Molke (unat)Stanford Inv04/04
28:59.63Ahmed Osman (unat)Jordan Inv05/04
29:00.23Devin Monson (adiR)Portland06/14
29:00.33John Gilbertson (MamTC)Jordan Inv05/04
29:00.38Nicholas Hilton (TRF)Stanford Inv04/04
29:01.23-Joe Bosshard (Co)NCAA06/11
Foreign Collegians:
27:36.79-Shadrack Kipchirchir (OkSt-Ken)Jordan Inv05/04
27:41.73-Kennedy Kithuka (TxT-Ken)Jordan Inv05/04
28:02.96-Mo Ahmed (Wi-Can)Comm G08/01
28:30.18***Edward Cheserek (Or-Ken)NCAA06/11
28:37.75-Micah Chelimo (Ak-Ken)Stanford Inv04/04
28:50.43-Adam Bitchell (NM-GB)Stanford Inv04/04
28:59.63-Luke Caldwell (NM-GB)Jordan Inv05/04

12.99Ronnie Ash (Nik)USATF06/29
13.14-Aleec Harris (USC)Eugene07/26
13.16***Devon Allen (Or)NCAA06/14
13.18Ryan Wilson (unat)Paris DL07/05
13.21David Oliver (Nik)Eugene DL05/31
13.27Aries Merritt (Nik)Eugene07/26
Jeff Porter (Nik)Glasgow DL07/11
13.29Jason Richardson (adi)Lausanne DL07/03
13.32Dominic Berger (adi)USATF06/29
13.33Spencer Adams (Nik)USATF06/29
13.35Ashton Eaton (OTC)Eugene DL05/31
Ray Stewart (unat)USATF06/29
13.41Omo Osaghae (adi)Mt. SAC R Inv04/19
13.45Ronald Brookins (CVE)Mt. SAC R Inv04/19
13.46Kevin Craddock (unat)USATF06/28
13.50Fred Townsend (unat)Naimette-Xhovémont07/16
13.54*Johnathan Cabral (Or)NCAA West05/30
13.55-Trevor Brown (CoSt)NCAA West05/31
Devon Hill (SFlE)Coral Gables04/12
13.60*Vincent Wyatt (Rad)NCAA East05/31
13.61-Brandon Winters (Pur)Big 1005/17
13.62Jarrett Eaton (WEx)Eugene07/26
13.64Gerkenz Senesca (Shore)Greensboro04/12
13.65**Jermaine Collier (SC)SEC05/17
Logan Taylor (unat)Irvine05/03
13.67**Torrey Campbell (Aub)SEC05/17
Keith Hayes (unat)Florida R04/04
13.68*Tremayne Banks (BCook)NCAA East05/31
-Vanier Joseph (Il)Drake R04/26
13.69Trey Hardee (Nik)USATF06/27
**Sean Pille (Nb)NCAA West05/31
13.70**Trey Holloway (Hamp)NCAA06/12
**Donovan Robertson (OhSt)NCAA East05/31
13.72***Jordan Moore (TCU)NCAA West05/31
13.73***Freddie Crittenden (Syr)NCAA East05/31
*Donald Pollitt (Syr)Penn R Univ04/26
13.74**Max Hairston (Corn)NCAA East05/31
**Adarius Washington (InSt)NCAA East05/30
13.75Drew Brunson (unat)Port of Spain04/13
Kemar Clarke (unat)Jam Ch06/28
Foreign Collegians:
13.20-Wayne Davis (TxAM-Tri)NCAA West05/31
13.35-Greggmar Swift (InSt-Bar)NCAA06/14
13.43-Eddie Lovett (Fl-VI)NCAA East05/30
13.44***Omar McLeod (Ar-Jam)NCAA West05/31
13.56-Durell Busby (WiM-Tri)EnIl LC05/09
13.63-Milan Ristic (Cal-Ser)NCAA West05/31
13.12wJeff Porter (Nik)USATF06/29
13.16wRyan Wilson (unat)USATF06/29
13.27wJason Richardson (adi)USATF06/29
13.39w-Eddie Lovett’ (Fl-VI)NACAC U23 Ch08/09
13.40wOmo Osaghae (adi)Lubbock04/05
13.41w-Vanier Joseph (Il)Champaign04/12
13.44w**Isaac Williams (Hous)Mt. SAC R Inv04/19
13.48wLogan Taylor (unat)Mt. SAC R Inv04/19
13.55w*Vincent Wyatt (Rad)NACAC U23 Ch08/09
13.59wKemar Clarke (unat)Coral Springs04/28
wJarrett Eaton (WEx)Florida R04/04
w-Milan Ristic’ (Cal-Ser)Texas R Univ03/29
13.63wKeith Hayes (unat)Tennessee R04/11
13.64w**Bryce Grace (Bay)Austin05/03
w***Jordan Moore (TCU)Big 1205/18
13.65w*Calvin Arsenault’ (Louis-Can)Louisville04/12
13.69w**Chris Caldwell (IaCCC)Wichita04/12
wDexter Faulk (unat)Kansas R04/19

48.25Michael Tinsley (Nik)Paris DL07/05
48.69Ashton Eaton (OTC)Glasgow DL07/11
48.76Bershawn Jackson (unat)ATL Charlottesville05/09
48.93Johnny Dutch (unat)USATF06/29
49.10Jeshua Anderson (Nik)Westwood06/07
49.32Reggie Wyatt (Nik)Huelva06/12
49.34*Michael Stigler (Ks)NCAA06/11
49.53Justin Gaymon (NYAC)Belém08/10
49.59*Keyunta Hayes (UTSA)Florida R04/04
49.60*Gregory Coleman (TxAM)NCAA West05/30
49.64-Trevor Brown (CoSt)Laramie05/03
49.90***TJ Holmes (Bay)NCAA West05/30
49.97*Quincy Downing (LSU)NCAA06/13
49.98Adam Durham (unat)USATF06/28
50.03Jordin Andrade (Boise)Boise05/03
50.07Reuben McCoy (unat)Clermont06/07
50.09**Cam Viney (Il)Drake R04/26
50.11**Rilwan Alowonle (NC)NCAA East05/30
50.13Kenneth Selmon (GaHS)USATF Jr07/06
50.17*Josh Taylor (SFA)NCAA West05/30
50.36**Luke Campbell (Salisb)NCAA III05/24
50.41*Drew Branch (Ga)SEC05/18
50.55*Charles Lewis (NM)NCAA West05/30
50.58-Ryan Newtoff (NnIa)Mo Vly05/18
50.62Khallifah Rosser (Chaf)USATF Jr07/06
50.64-Joshua Smith (UTSA)C-USA05/18
50.65**Javonte Lipsey (NC)ACC Ch04/19
50.66**Scottie Hearn (MsSt)SEC05/18
50.73***Desmond Palmer (Pitt)NCAA East05/30
50.74(A)-Dijan Johnson (UTPA)WAC05/17
50.75-Jermel Kindred (Indy)NCAA II05/24
***Byron Robinson (PennSt)Tuscaloosa04/05
50.77LaRon Bennett (unat)Des Moines04/12
50.78**Mica-Jonathan Petit-Homme (LIUB)NCAA East05/30
50.80-Max Tuttle (InSt)Mo Vly05/18
50.82Mario Briscoe (unat)USATF06/27
*Maurice Jones (Hills)NCAA II05/24
50.83Ethan Holmes (unat)Musco Inv05/03
50.86**Randy Bermea (Cal)Berkeley04/26
-Jordan Rispress (OhSt)NCAA East05/30
Foreign Collegians:
48.48-Roxroy Cato (StA-Jam)Jam Ch06/27
49.23-Miles Ukaoma (Nb-Ngr)NCAA06/13
50.12-Seth Mbow (StA-Sen)Florida R04/04
50.25-Tibor Koroknai (Nb-Hun)NCAA West05/30
50.27-Sergio Rios (AMK-Mex)LSU Alumni Gold04/19
50.35**Mate Koroknai (Nb-Hun)NCAA West05/30
50.44**Fernando Martinez (Boise-Mex)Boise05/03
50.47-Jodi-Rae Blackwood (Nb-Jam)NCAA West05/30
50.54-André Peart (Pur-Jam)Kentucky R04/19
50.67***Jussi Kanervo (SC-Fin)NCAA East05/30
50.75*Calvin Arsenault (Louis-Can)NCAA East05/30
**Shawn Rowe (Essex-Jam)Greensboro04/12

61:23Meb Keflezighi (Skech)USATF Ch01/19
61:25Shadrack Biwott (Or)San Diego06/01
61:33Josphat Boit (Ca)World Ch03/29
61:38Aaron Braun (Co)USATF Ch01/19
61:40Gabe Proctor (Ca)San Diego06/01
61:44Tyler Pennel (NC)USATF Ch01/19
61:47Matthew Llano (Az)USATF Ch01/19
61:48Luke Puskedra (Nik)USATF Ch01/19
62:00Fernando Cabada (Co)USATF Ch01/19
Tim Ritchie (Ma)USATF Ch01/19
62:05Matt Tegenkamp (Nik)New York03/16
62:13Aissa Dghoughi (Or)San Diego06/01
62:46Sean Quigley (Co)USATF Ch01/19
62:51Jonathan Grey (Mn)USATF Ch01/19
62:53Ben Bruce (Az)USATF Ch01/19
Ryan Hall (Ca)San Diego06/01
62:56Scott Macpherson (Mo)USATF Ch01/19
Jake Riley (Hans)New York03/16
63:00Jeffrey Eggleston (Co)Marugame02/02
63:02Ahmed Osman (Az)USATF Ch01/19
63:15Elliot Krause (Wi)USATF Ch01/19
63:25Tyler McCandless (Co)USATF Ch01/19
63:27Craig Curley (Az)USATF Ch01/19
63:33Joe Moore (Ks)USATF Ch01/19
63:34Brett Hales (US)Mapleton08/16
63:42Joseph Gray (Co)USATF Ch01/19
63:44Stephen Pifer (US)St. Louis04/06
63:51Jeremy Freed (Co)USATF Ch01/19
63:55Enoch Nadler (Tx)USATF Ch01/19
64:01Brett Gotcher (Ca)New York03/16
64:06Sergio Reyes (Ca)USATF Ch01/19
64:17Jason Hartmann (Co)New York03/16
64:20Andy Wacker (Co)Philadelphia09/21
64:21Brandon Birdsong (Co)USATF Ch01/19
64:27Dan Kremske (Il)USATF Ch01/19
64:32Daniel Tapia (Ca)USATF Ch01/19
64:34Craig Leon (Or)USATF Ch01/19
64:35Anthony Solis (Ca)USATF Ch01/19
64:37Cole Atkins (NC)USATF Ch01/19
64:49Thomas Dialynas (Co)USATF Ch01/19

2:08:37dMeb Keflezighi (Skech)Boston04/21
2:10:52Jeffrey Eggleston (Co)Brisbane07/06
2:10:57Ryan Vail (Brk)London04/13
2:11:20Bobby Curtis (Hans)Chicago10/12
2:11:36Fernando Cabada (Ca)Berlin09/28
2:11:47dNick Arciniaga (Az)Boston04/21
2:12:52dJosphat Boit (Ca)Boston04/21
2:12:55Shadrack Biwott (Or)Frankfurt10/26
2:13:16Jake Riley (Hans)Chicago10/12
2:13:26Ian Burrell (Co)Houston01/19
2:13:30Sean Quigley (BouTC)Fukuoka12/07
2:13:32Tyler Pennel (NC)USATF Ch10/06
2:13:45Gabe Proctor (Ca)Chicago10/12
2:14:00Jared Ward (Ut)USATF Ch10/06
2:14:28dCraig Leon (Or)Boston04/21
2:14:30Christo Landry (Miz)Chicago10/12
2:14:40dMike Morgan (Mi)Boston04/21
Scott Smith (Ok)USATF Ch10/06
Tim Young (Va)Chicago10/12
2:15:26Tyler McCandless (Co)USATF Ch10/06
2:15:47Nathan Martin (Mi)USATF Ch10/06
2:15:51dJeremy Freed (Or)CIM12/07
2:15:53Patrick Rizzo (Co)Houston01/19
2:15:59dMalcolm Richards (Ca)CIM12/07
2:16:06Abdi Abdirahman (Az)Boston04/21
2:16:28dBrendan Martin (NY)CIM12/07
2:16:34Luke Humphrey (Mi)Houston01/19
2:16:40dJameson Mora (Ca)CIM12/07
2:16:48Sergio Reyes (Ca)USATF Ch10/06
2:16:49Juan Carlos Trujillo (EmpA)Chicago10/12
2:16:59dTyler Andrews (Ma)CIM12/07
2:17:02Sean Brown (Co)Grandma’s06/21
Matt Pelletier (RI)Hartford10/11
2:17:03dDavid Laney (Or)CIM12/07
2:17:05Brian Harvey (Ma)USATF Ch10/06
2:17:06Andrew Huebner (NH)Grandma’s06/21
2:17:08dChris Chavez (Ca)CIM12/07
2:17:16dBrett Gotcher (Ca)Boston04/21
2:17:17Scott Wietecha (Tn)Houston01/19
2:17:18dCarlos Carballo (Ca)CIM12/07
2:17:19Scott MacPherson (Mo)USATF Ch10/06
2:17:31Jason Witt (Ut)Chicago10/12
2:17:37Fidele Jefferson (Az)Pittsburgh05/04
2:17:38dCurtis Begley (Co)CIM12/07
John Dewitt (Wi)Chicago10/12
Bret Fransen (Co)Grandma’s06/21
2:17:43Matt Llano (Az)Chicago10/12
2:17:48dAnthony Costales (Ca)CIM12/07
2:17:50dRyan Hall (Asics)Boston04/21
2:17:54Paul Petersen (Co)Grandma’s06/21

10km WALK

1:26:46John Nunn (USAr)WCp Trials03/30
1:27:13Patrick Stroupe (KCS)WCp Trials03/30
1:29:21Nick Christie (MoBap)WCp Trials03/30
1:29:23Alejandro Chavez (MoBap)WCp Trials03/30
1:31:11Michael Giuseppi Mannozzi (Shore)WCp Trials03/30
1:31:30.86Emmanuel Corvera (unat)NACAC U23 Ch08/10
1:32:50John Cody Risch (QE)USATF06/29
1:34:47Jonathan Hallman (Shore)WCp Trials03/30
Francisco Pantoja (unat)WCp Trials03/30
1:35:29Richard Luettchau (Shore)WCp Trials03/30
1:39:11Nathan Vanderwall (unat)WCp Trials03/30
1:40:38Matthew DeWitt (ParksA)USATF06/29
1:41:12Joel Pfahler (MiaV)USATF06/29
1:41:20Ray Sharp (PegAC)WCp Trials03/30
1:44:04Jake Gunderkline (MiaVTC)WCp Trials03/30
1:44:09Dave Talcott (Shore)WCp Trials03/30
1:48:58David Swarts (PegAC)USATF06/29
1:50:53John Soucheck (Shore)WCp Trials03/30
1:58:10Omar Nash (MiaVTC)WCp Trials03/30

4:23:13Patrick Stroupe (KCS)World Cup Walks05/03

4 x 100
38.29FloridaTexas R Univ03/29
38.30Texas A&MTexas R Univ03/29
38.47United States U23NACAC U23 Ch08/09
38.55Pure AthleticsFlorida R04/05
38.57Flynn’s FlyersTexas R Inv03/29
38.88Jen Flash RunnersFlorida R04/05
38.98South CarolinaNCAA East05/31
39.08Arizona StateNCAA West05/31
39.09BaylorTexas R Univ03/29
39.17AuburnTexas R Univ03/29
TC ManagementMt. SAC R Inv04/19
39.18Western KentuckyNCAA06/11
St. Augustine’sPenn R Univ04/26
Tiger OlympiansLSU Alumni Gold04/19
39.20Florida StateNCAA East05/31
39.24NebraskaNCAA West05/31
39.26(A)South PlainsUTEP Inv03/22
39.34MississippiNCAA East05/31
PurdueNCAA East05/31
39.35World Express ACTexas R Inv03/29
39.37ArkansasNCAA West05/31
39.44(A)Utah StateMtn West05/17
39.51IllinoisDrake R04/26
39.53Louisiana TechC-USA05/18
Star AthleticsFlorida R04/05
39.55Texas-ArlingtonNCAA West05/31
39.59HoustonNCAA West05/31
39.62East CarolinaNCAA East05/31
39.69TexasNCAA West05/31
39.70CharlotteNCAA East05/31
39.78North Carolina A&TNCAA East05/31
39.81Elite PerformanceTCTexas R Inv03/29
39.83Ohio StateNCAA East05/31

4 x 200
1:20.29Texas A&MPenn R Univ04/26
1:20.69Pure AthleticsFlorida R04/05
1:21.35FloridaTexas R Univ03/29
National TeamIAAF World R05/25
1:21.47LSUPenn R Univ04/26
1:21.91St. Augustine’sPenn R Univ04/26
1:22.08Zenith Velocity ACFlorida R04/05
1:22.17USCFlorida R04/05
1:22.50GeorgiaDrake R04/25
1:22.57Star AthleticsFlorida R04/05

4 x 400
2:57.25National TeamIAAF World R05/25
2:59.60Texas A&MNCAA06/14
2:59.73FloridaFlorida R04/05
2:59.76Gainesville EliteFlorida R04/05
3:01.41IMG AcademyFlorida R04/05
3:01.98GW Express/NikeFlorida R04/05
3:03.02Western KentuckyNCAA East05/31
3:03.31United States JrWorld Jr07/27
3:03.44PittPenn R Univ04/26
3:03.53Zenith Velocity ACFlorida R04/05
3:03.89ArkansasDrake R04/26
3:04.10OregonNCAA West05/31
3:04.11Arizona StateNCAA06/14
3:04.15Ohio StateNCAA East05/31
3:04.24IllinoisDrake R04/26
3:04.45GeorgiaNCAA East05/31
3:04.69adidasFlorida R04/05
3:04.7Baylor Ex’sTexas R Inv03/29
3:04.80North CarolinaNCAA East05/31
3:04.95Florida StateNCAA East05/31
3:04.99Western TexasJUCO05/17
3:05.06South PlainsTexas R Coll03/29
3:05.13TexasPenn R Univ04/26
3:05.21HamptonNCAA East05/31
3:05.65Stephen F. AustinNCAA West05/31
3:05.77Notre DameNCAA06/12
3:05.81TCUDrake R04/25
3:05.93Eastern MichiganNCAA East05/31
3:06.14Hinds CCJUCO05/17
3:06.55George MasonNCAA East05/31
3:06.59St. Augustine’sRaleigh R03/29
3:06.66Pure AthleticsFlorida R04/05
3:06.80Indiana TechPenn R04/26
3:06.83Middle TennesseeTennessee R04/12
3:07.02Kansas StateBig 1205/18
HoustonNCAA West05/31

4 x 800
7:09.06National TeamIAAF World R05/24
7:13.11iUS All-StarsNew Balance GP02/08
7:13.22iNJNY TCNew Balance GP02/08
7:16.41Oregon TC EliteEugene07/26
7:16.58VillanovaPenn R Univ04/26
7:16.89Georgia TechFlorida R04/05
7:17.88FloridaFlorida R04/05
7:18.50WashingtonDrake R04/26
7:18.52iBrooks BeastsNew Balance GP02/08
7:18.82ArkansasDrake R04/26

4 x 1500
14:40.80National TeamIAAF World R05/25

4 x 1600
16:21.46WashingtonDrake R04/26
16:24.29IllinoisDrake R04/26
16:24.32Notre DameDrake R04/26
16:33.03MinnesotaDrake R04/26
16:36.80NebraskaDrake R04/26
16:37.68Wis.-La CrosseDrake R04/26

4 x MILE
16:09.67OregonPenn R Univ04/26
16:17.83StanfordPenn R Univ04/26
16:19.98VillanovaPenn R Univ04/26
16:20.58KentuckyPenn R Univ04/26
16:22.75New MexicoPenn R Univ04/26
16:22.88ColumbiaPenn R Univ04/26
16:26.76GeorgetownPenn R Univ04/26
16:27.16+WashingtonDrake R04/26
16:27.55IndianaPenn R Univ04/26
16:27.82DartmouthPenn R Univ04/26

3:17.66South PlainsTexas R Coll03/29
3:17.96LSUPenn R Univ04/25
3:18.22GeorgiaDrake R04/26
3:18.38IllinoisDrake R04/26
3:18.39Penn StatePenn R Univ04/25
3:18.41Mississippi StatePenn R Univ04/25
3:18.57ArkansasTexas R Univ03/28
3:18.72Middle TennesseePenn R Univ04/25
3:18.76PurdueDrake R04/26
3:19.74TAMU-KingsvilleTexas R Coll03/29

9:25.40OregonPenn R Univ04/25
9:26.59iPenn StateNational Inv02/01
9:27.72iIndianaNotre Dame02/22
9:28.06iVillanovaBoston LC03/02
9:28.27United StatesPenn R Inv04/26
9:28.95iStanfordNational Inv02/01
9:29.11iGeorgetownBoston LC03/02
9:29.37iArkansasNotre Dame02/22
9:29.43iNotre DameNotre Dame02/22
9:29.91iOklahoma StateNotre Dame02/22

4 x 110H
53.77USA WhiteDrake R Inv04/26
54.97Star AthleticsFlorida R04/05
55.57BJPTCFlorida R04/05
56.15South Florida EliteFlorida R04/05
56.39Wisconsin-MilwaukeeDrake R04/26
57.10+Shore ACPenn R Inv04/25
57.24Indiana StateDrake R04/26
57.31South CarolinaFlorida R04/05
58.11North Dakota StateDrake R04/26
58.15Minnesota StateDrake R04/26

2.377-9¼Erik Kynard (Nik)Doha DL05/09
2.357-8½Dusty Jonas (unat)Drake R Inv04/25
2.32i7-7¼-James Harris (FlSt)NCAA Ind03/15
2.31i7-7-Nick Ross (Az)Albuquerque01/24
2.30i7-6½-Ricky Robertson (Ms)Vanderbilt Inv01/24
**Jeron Robinson (AMK)NCAA II05/23
2.29i7-6-Marcus Jackson (MsSt)NCAA Ind03/15
Jesse Williams (Nik)New York DL06/14
2.287-5¾*Bryan McBride (AzSt)NCAA06/13
2.277-5¼*Jacorian Duffield (TxT)Lubbock05/03
iDarius Purcell (unat)USATF Ind02/22
2.267-5-Edward Dudley (LErie)Campbell Wright Open05/10
iDonte Nall (unat)Chapel Hill02/22
Jesse Wiliams (Nik)Santa Barbara04/05
2.257-4½**Wally Ellenson (Mn)NCAA06/13
Garrett Huyler (unat)St. Louis04/12
-Maalik Reynolds (Penn)Heps05/11
2.24i7-4¼-Montez Blair (Corn)Ithaca02/22
-DJ Smith (Aub)Cork07/08
2.23i7-3¾**Bradley Adkins (TxT)Big 12 Ind03/01
i*Andre Dorsey (Kenn)Winston-Salem02/22
iJeffery Herron (Owl)Houston02/01
*Deante Kemper (NnAz)Mt. SAC R Inv04/19
-Anthony May (Ar)Drake R04/26
**Xaivier McAllister (IaCCC)JUCO05/17
i*Cameron Ostrowski (IaSt)Big 12 Ind03/01
2.22i7-3¼Hoova Taylor (unat)Fairfax03/02
2.21i7-3-Tanner Anderson (Duke)ACC Ind02/28
Ronnie Black (unat)Hurricane Inv03/22
**Justin Fondren (Al)Tuscaloosa04/05
i-Isaiah Harris (StPe)New York02/21
**Avion Jones (ECar)NCAT LC05/11
iKris Kornegay-Gober (unat)Chapel Hill02/22
**Gemikal Prude (Lips)Nashville04/12
2.207-2½-Justin Bethea (Adams)RMAC Ch05/06
i*Alexander Bowen (Alb)Penn State01/11
**Cody Crampton (UCLA)WaSt-UCLA Dual03/22
Justin Frick (Shore)GaT Inv05/17
Andy Gilmore (Cmarx)Liberty06/23
i-Jon Hendershot (PennSt)National Inv02/01
Dakarai Hightower (Lane)USATF06/28
-Trevor James (Carthage)Drake R04/26
***Kyle Landon (SnIl)Kansas R04/19
**Kevin Spejcher (Ia)Musco Inv05/03
-Jamario Taylor (WnIl)Summit05/17
Foreign Collegians:
2.23i7-3¾-Dávid Fajoyomi (Ford-Hun)Boston03/08
2.20i7-2½-Mohamed Koita (Man-Fra)Riverdale02/15
i*Django Lovett (NM-GB)Mtn West Ind03/01

5.8319-1½Mark Hollis (Nik)Landau PV08/19
5.7518-10¼*Sam Kendricks (Ms)USATF06/29
5.7018-8¼Logan Cunningham (unat)Texas R Inv03/29
-Colton Ross (SFA)Austin05/03
Jack Whitt (Nik)Rottach-Egern PV07/05
5.6418-6**Jake Blankenship (Tn)SEC05/18
5.6218-5¼Brad Walker (NYAC)Lausanne DL07/03
-Michael Woepse (UCLA)UCLA-USC05/04
5.60i(A)18-4½Mike Arnold (unat)PV Summit01/17
i*Andrew Irwin (Ar)Tyson Inv02/15
Victor Weirich (unat)USATF06/29
5.5618-2¾-Peter Geraghty (EnIl)Charleston04/22
**Chase Wolfle (TxAM)SEC05/18
5.55i18-2½-Japheth Cato (Wi)Tyson Inv02/15
i(A)Shawn Francis (unat)USATF Ind02/22
i(A)Nick Frawley (USAF)USATF Ind02/22
5.5318-1¾Dustin Deleo (unat)Phoenix05/23
Nick Mossberg (unat)Phoenix05/23
5.51i18-1-Max Babits (EnMi)Hillsdale02/22
-Zach Siegmeier (Mn)Musco Inv05/03
**Reese Watson (Tx)Texas Inv04/12
Jake Winder (CVC)Kansas R04/19
5.5018-½*Casey Bowen (Ks)Texas R Univ03/29
i*Braydon Bringhurst (BYU)Albuquerque01/18
iJeff Coover (unat)Millrose G02/15
Devin King (LaHS)World Jr07/26
*Chris Pillow (Rice)Texas R Univ03/29
-Michael Viken (EnIl)Texas R Univ03/29
5.45i17-10½-Alex Bishop (Ks)Armory Coll Inv02/08
iLevi Keller (CNW)Seattle01/18
i(A)Sam Pierson (unat)Air Force Inv01/25
Scott Roth (unat)USATF Imperial06/14
Jordan Scott (unat)Texas R Inv03/29
i-Kyle Wait (KsSt)Big 12 Ind02/28
5.4417-10¼-Josh Dangel (Cinc)Cincinnati04/12
i(A)*Joey Uhle (AF)Colorado Springs02/07
5.43i17-9¾-Chase Brannon (Tn)Blacksburg02/22
5.42i17-9¼*Seth Arnold (TxSt)Texas A&M Inv02/15
iMike Morrison (TM)Winston-Salem02/01
5.4117-9*Nikita Kirillov (GaT)Athens04/12
Foreign Collegians:
5.75i(A)18-10¼**Shawn Barber (Akr-Can)NCAA Ind03/15
5.6018-4½**Jax Thoirs (Wa-GB)Shannon Inv05/10
5.5418-2*Pauls Pujats (Mem-Lat)Memphis Inv03/29
5.45i17-10½***Torben Laidig (VaT-Ger)ACC Ind03/01
-Stephan Munz (VaT-Ger)ACC Ch04/19

8.43!27-8Jeffery Henderson (Nik)USATF06/29
8.39i(A)27-6½**Jarrion Lawson (Ar)NCAA Ind03/15
Tyron Stewart (CVE)Chula Vista04/24
8.22i26-11¾*Corey Crawford (Rut)The American Ind03/01
8.1926-10½Will Claye (Nik)Linz07/14
8.1526-9Michael Hartfield (adi)Linz07/14
8.10i(A)26-7Chris Benard (CVE)Albuquerque02/14
8.0926-6½Christian Taylor (LN)Birmingham DL08/24
8.06i(A)26-5½Jeremy Hicks (unat)USATF Ind02/22
8.0426-4½***Travonn White (CAz)USATF Jr07/05
8.0226-3¾Ron Taylor (CVE)Chula Vista04/24
8.0026-3*Marquis Dendy (Fl)NCAA06/12
*Laderrick Ward (SnIlE)Edwardsville04/19
7.8925-10¾Mikese Morse (unat)Tampa05/23
7.88i25-10¼Norris Frederick (unat)Seattle01/18
-Ted Hooper (UCR)Irvine05/03
7.8725-10Ashton Eaton (OTC)London07/20
7.8625-9½-DeJon Wilkinson (StA)Penn R Univ04/25
7.85i(A)25-9¼-Kendall Spencer (NM)Mtn West Ind03/01
7.8425-8¾Nate Moore (CaHS)Cal HS State06/07
7.8325-8¼*Jarvis Gotch (LaT)LSU Alumni Gold04/19
iJerry Westerfield (IaCCC)JUCO Ind03/07
7.8225-8**Cameron Hudson (ECar)C-USA05/17
Bryce Lamb (CVE)Oxy Inv05/10
i-Keenan Soles (PittSt)Joplin02/01
7.8125-7½Devin Field (KsSt)Big 1205/17
-Jamal Peden (SFA)Texas R Univ03/28
7.8025-7¼Melvin Echard (unat)USATF06/29
-Aubrey Smith (FlInt)C-USA05/17
i(A)*Emmanuel Williams (NWnLa)NCAA Ind03/15
7.7825-6¼***Kenneth Fisher (BCook)MEAC Ch05/03
7.7725-6**Brandon Moss (UTEP)C-USA05/17
iWill Williams (IaWn)JUCO Ind03/07
7.76i25-5½Jeffrey Artis-Gray (unat)VaTech Elite02/07
i**Joshuah Bass (Indy)Upland02/01
i*Andre Dorsey (Kenn)Winston-Salem02/22
-Mark Jackson (UTEP)C-USA05/17
7.7525-5¼**Willie Alexander (LBSt)Mt. SAC R Open04/18
Adoreé Jackson (CaHS)Chandler03/22
**Carlton Lavong (Adams)Mt. SAC R Open04/18
Foreign Collegians:
7.99i26-2¾-Raymond Higgs (Ar-Bah)Tyson Inv02/14
7.91i25-11½*Guillaume Victorin (Louis-Fra)The American Ind03/01
7.8725-10*Paul Madzivire (FlSt-Zim)FlSt Twi05/09
7.86i25-9½*Patrick Raedler (Nb-Ger)Tyson Inv02/14
7.8425-8¾Shujaa Benson (TxT-Den)Big 1205/17
7.8325-8¼***Roelf Pienaar (ArSt-SA)Jonesboro04/26
7.8225-8*Jerome Wilson (TxT-Jam)Big 1205/17
7.81i25-7½-Kamal Fuller (Al-Jam)Tyson Inv02/14
8.5227-11½Jeffery Henderson (Nik)USATF06/29
8.2927-2½Will Claye (Nik)Chula Vista04/24
8.2327-0Jeremy Hicks (unat)LSU Alumni Gold04/19
8.1726-9¾Michael Hartfield (adi)Kingston IWC05/03
8.0826-6¼**Carlton Lavong (Adams)RMAC Ch05/06
Mikese Morse (unat)Kingston IWC05/03
8.0526-5Ron Taylor (CVE)Chula Vista04/24
7.9726-1¾***Roelf Pienaar’ (ArSt-SA)Sun Belt05/11
7.9526-1-Kendall Spencer (NM)Albuquerque05/02
7.93(A)26-¼*Jarvis Gotch (LaT)UTEP Inv04/12
-Hammed Suleman (Cal)Pac-1205/17
7.8825-10¼**Corey Wesley (LaM)Sun Belt05/11
-DeJon Wilkinson (StA)Penn R Univ04/25
7.8725-10Nate Moore (CaHS)Mt. SAC R Open04/18
7.8525-9¼Melvin Echard (unat)USATF06/29
7.8425-8¾***Kenneth Fisher (BCook)USATF Jr07/05
7.8325-8¼-Anthony May (Ar)SEC05/17
7.8125-7½Walter Jones (unat)USATF Imperial06/14
7.8025-7¼*Olabanji Asekun (TxAM)Stanford Inv04/04
7.7925-6¾Joey Souza (CaHS)Mt. SAC R Open04/18
(A)Jamari Ward (IlHS)Great SW06/07
7.7525-5¼*Braxton Drummond (ChSn)USATF06/29

17.7558-3Will Claye (Nik)USATF06/27
17.5157-5½Christian Taylor (LN)Zurich DL08/28
17.15i(A)56-3¼Chris Carter (CVE)USATF Ind02/23
17.1056-1¼Chris Benard (CVE)USATF06/27
16.9855-8½Omar Craddock (JumpC)Texas R Univ03/28
16.8555-3½Troy Doris (CVE)Padua07/06
16.8355-2¾Joshua Honeycutt (unat)Emporia05/10
16.59i(A)54-5¼**Felix Obi (Bay)NCAA Ind03/15
16.5254-2½*Marquis Dendy (Fl)SEC05/18
Ryan Grinnell (unat)GaT Inv05/17
16.4553-11¾-Ricky Robertson (Ms)SEC05/18
Tim White-Edwards (CCany)Mt. SAC R Inv04/19
16.4453-11¼-DeJon Wilkinson (StA)Florida R04/05
16.38i(A)53-9-Mark Jackson (UTEP)NCAA Ind03/15
16.3253-6½-Cordairo Golden (MTn)NCAA06/14
16.3153-6¼***Eric Sloan (Delta)Cal JUCO05/17
16.3053-5¾**Devin Field (KsSt)NCAA West05/31
16.29i53-5½***Jeremiah Green (Al)SEC Ind03/01
16.27i53-4½*Andre Dorsey (Kenn)Armory Coll Inv02/08
16.2453-3½Brandon Roulhac (unat)Clermont05/31
16.2353-3Matthew O’Neal (unat)USATF06/27
16.2253-2¬øRafeeq Curry (Shore)Tallahassee03/01
16.1553-0-Jonathan Gardner (GaT)GaT Inv05/17
**Matthew Oneal (SFl)Texas R Univ03/28
16.1152-10¼*Phillip Young (Ms)LSU Inv05/03
16.07i52-8¾-Anthony May (Ar)Razorback Inv02/01
16.0652-8¼Rex Parker (unat)USATF06/27
16.0352-7¼**Josh Dixon (AzSt)NCAA West05/31
i-Jason Harper (MsSt)Tyson Inv02/15
16.0252-6¾**Darian Brooks (Stan)Pac-1205/18
16.0152-6½*Donald Scott (EnMi)NCAA East05/30
15.9852-5¼*Ryan Satchell (Va)NCAA06/14
15.9752-4¾*John Horton (Hous)NCAA06/14
**Carlton Lavong (Adams)Mt. SAC R Inv04/19
15.95i(A)52-4-Shane Lewis (SFl)Albuquerque02/15
15.91i(A)52-2½*Jovon Cunningham (Az)Albuquerque01/25
15.89i52-1¾-Preston Woodard (PV)Birmingham02/08
15.88i52-1¼**Klyvens Delaunay (Ia)Tyson Inv02/15
15.8652-½Marcus Robinson (unat)Stanford Inv04/05
15.85i(A)52-0*Warrick Campbell (NM)Albuquerque01/25
Foreign Collegians:
16.9155-5¾**Latario Collie-Minns (IaWnCC-Bah)Kansas R04/18
16.4654-0**Ben Williams (Louis-GB)GB Ch06/29
16.32i53-6½*Jonathan Reid (FlSt-Jam)Tyson Inv02/15
16.2253-2¾**Lathone Collie-Minns (IaWnCC-Bah)JUCO05/15
16.1553-0-Damon McLean (Prin-Jam)Jam Ch06/27
16.1452-11½*Steve Waithe (PennSt-Tri)NCAA06/14
16.01i(A)52-6½***Clive Pullen (Ar-Jam)New Mexico Cl02/08
15.9752-4¾*Babatunde Amosu (Ia-GB)Mt. SAC R Open04/18
15.9252-2¾-Raymond Higgs (Ar-Bah)NCAA West05/31
15.90i(A)52-2-Hammed Suleman (Cal-Ngr)Albuquerque02/15
15.8952-1¾**Jonathon Ilori (Mo-GB)NCAA West05/31
17.2656-7½Omar Craddock (JumpC)Mt. SAC R Inv04/19
17.1256-2**Latario Collie-Minns’ (IaWnCC-Bah)Wichita04/12
17.0555-11¼*Marquis Dendy (Fl)NCAA06/14
16.7554-11½**Lathone Collie-Minns’ (IaWnCC-Bah)Wichita04/12
16.7354-10¾**Ben Williams’ (Louis-GB)GB Ch06/29
16.5554-3¾Ryan Grinnell (unat)USATF06/27
16.4654-0**Devin Field (KsSt)NCAA06/14
16.3453-7½*Donald Scott (EnMi)Hayes Inv05/03
16.3353-7Nathaniel Moore (CaHS)USATF Jr07/06
16.2253-2¾**Matthew Oneal (SFl)NCAA06/14
*Steve Waithe’ (PennSt-Tri)Penn R Univ04/26
16.1753-¾-Anthony May (Ar)Drake R04/26
16.1052-10**Jonathon Ilori’ (Mo-GB)Missouri R04/12
16.0952-9½**Carlton Lavong (Adams)NCAA II05/24
16.0052-6-Preston Woodard (PV)SWAC Ch04/26
15.8552-0Marco Moon (unat)Redlands LC05/16

22.23i72-11¼Ryan Whiting (Nik)USATF Ind02/23
22.0372-3½Joe Kovacs (Nik)USATF06/25
21.8871-9½Reese Hoffa (Nik)Zurich DL08/28
21.8571-8¼Christian Cantwell (unat)Kingston IWC05/03
21.50i70-6½Kurt Roberts (Nik)USATF Ind02/23
21.3970-2¼*Ryan Crouser (Tx)Big 1205/17
21.3770-1½Jordan Clarke (Nik)Coeur d’Alene06/14
20.7568-1*Jonathan Jones (Buf)USATF06/25
20.7368-¼Cory Martin (Nik)Tokyo IWC05/11
20.6167-7½Zack Lloyd (NAI)Coeur d’Alene06/14
20.5767-6*Darrell Hill (PennSt)Big 1005/18
20.3966-10¾*Nick Vena (Ga)NCAA East05/29
20.3566-9¼-Richard Garrett (UTSA)USATF06/25
20.3366-8½-Curt Jensen (IlSt)Bloomington05/03
20.20i66-3¼-Mason Finley (Wy)Laramie02/21
20.1366-½Willy Irwin (unat)Chula Vista04/24
Eric Werskey (CVE)Tucson Cl II05/24
20.11i65-11¾*Kole Weldon (TxT)New Mexico Cl02/08
20.0965-11-Albert Fournette (LaL)Sun Belt05/11
20.07i65-10¼-Chris Reed (Mank)Mankato02/01
20.0665-9¾Hayden Baillio (unat)San Antonio05/02
19.98i65-6¾*Richard Chavez (ArSt)Jonesboro01/24
19.93i65-4¾*Antonio James (MiSt)Big 10 Ind02/28
19.90i65-3½-Bobby Grace (Young)NCAA Ind03/15
19.89i65-3¼-Paul Davis (McM)Lubbock01/31
19.8665-2**Josh Freeman (SnIl)Mo Vly05/17
19.8565-1½*Brad Szypka (Ky)Knoxville05/03
19.8365-¾-Caleb Whitener (Ga)Mt. SAC R Inv04/19
19.8064-11½-Wesley Lavong (Adams)RMAC Ch05/06
19.72i64-8½Luke Pinkelman (unat)Sevigne Inv02/08
19.6264-4½**Nick Scarvelis (UCLA)UCLA-USC05/04
19.55i64-1¾-Danny Block (Wi)Madison02/21
19.43i63-9*Matt Babicz (DeP)Indiana R02/01
19.40i63-7¾Andy Novak (unat)Allendale02/15
19.3863-7**Chuk Enekwechi (Pur)Big 1005/18
19.3663-6¼David Nichols (unat)Davis Open03/15
19.3163-4¼-Darien Moore (ConcO)Nampa05/10
19.30i63-4Nick Baatz (unat)USATF Ind02/23
19.2963-3½*Tavis Bailey (Tn)Tennessee R04/12
-Ryan Hershberger (KsSt)NCAA06/11
Foreign Collegians:
20.79i68-2½*Stephen Mozia (Corn-Ngr)Heps Ind03/02
20.6867-10¼*Stipe Zunic (Fl-Cro)Euro Ch08/12
20.3566-9¼-Stephen Saenz (Aub-Mex)Triton Inv04/26
19.5664-2¼***Filip Mihaljevic (Va-Cro)NCAA06/11
19.5464-1¼**Ashinia Miller (Ga-Jam)SEC05/18

66.37217-9-Andrew Evans (Ky)Knoxville05/03
64.68212-2*Rodney Brown (LSU)Chula Vista07/31
64.54211-9Russ Winger (Asics)Claremont06/07
64.51211-7*Tavis Bailey (Tn)Knoxville05/03
64.42211-4Jared Schuurmans (CVE)Chula Vista04/24
64.36211-2Jason Young (Nik)Abilene04/12
64.17210-6-Mason Finley (Wy)Laramie05/03
63.90209-8*Ryan Crouser (Tx)Big 1205/18
63.76209-2Luke Bryant (unat)Emporia04/23
63.74209-1***Hayden Reed (Al)SEC05/17
63.11207-0*Gabe Hull (Ia)Musco Inv05/03
62.81206-1Bryan Powlen (GBTC)Tucson Cl I05/22
62.13203-10**Sam Mattis (Penn)NCAA East05/31
62.05203-7*Kole Weldon (TxT)Lubbock05/03
61.81202-9-Nate Moses (ConcO)NAIA05/23
61.61202-1Mike Torie (RomeTC)OTC Series IV05/29
61.58202-0Lance Brooks (Nik)Coeur d’Alene06/14
61.50201-9Chase Madison (unat)Musco Inv05/03
61.12200-6Nick Jones (unat)Abilene04/12
60.61198-10Carter Comito (Ironw)Spokane05/07
60.17197-5Cody Snyder (unat)Sioux Falls05/03
60.15197-4*Antonio James (MiSt)Ashland04/26
60.09197-1Mike Guidry (unat)Oxy Inv05/10
59.95196-8-Matthew Kosecki (UCLA)Mt. SAC R Inv04/18
59.81196-2*Dominique Howard (Mn)Big 1005/17
59.42194-11-Derek White (Cal)Cal-Stanford04/12
59.37194-9**Macklin Tudor (Cinc)Louisville Twi05/16
59.27194-5James Plummer (Shore)Coeur d’Alene06/14
59.23194-4***Dylan Banagis (CMi)Allendale05/10
59.19194-2**Reginald Jagers (Kent)Campbell Wright Open05/10
-Eric Masington (Ct)NCAA06/13
59.11193-11Jared Thomas (unat)Jacksonville04/26
59.03193-8Brian Bishop (KsETC)Mesa04/11
58.84193-0-Danny Block (Wi)Chula Vista04/24
58.80192-11Clint Harris (unat)Austin05/03
58.68192-6*Courtland Clavette (Brown)Heps05/11
58.61192-3*Will Spence (Tx)Austin05/03
58.46191-9-Jason Harrell (LBSt)Irvine03/15
58.27191-2-Zach Duncavage (Navy)Penn R Univ04/26
iJordan Williams (unat)Madison01/17
Foreign Collegians:
65.01213-3-Julian Wruck (UCLA-Aus)Texas R Univ03/29
63.96209-10-Chad Wright (Nb-Jam)Big 1005/17
62.80206-0*Stephen Mozia (Corn-Ngr)NCAA East05/31
61.90203-1***Eldred Henry (CAz-BVI)Triton Inv04/26
60.41198-2***Filip Mihaljevic (Va-Cro)Texas R Univ03/29
58.41191-7**Jan-Louw Kotze (SAl-SA)Mobile03/07

76.25250-2A.G. Kruger (Nik)Columbia03/29
75.26246-11Chris Cralle (Shocker)Tucson Cl I05/22
74.86245-7Kibwé Johnson (Nik)Coeur d’Alene06/14
73.90242-5Andy Fryman (Mjo)Knoxville05/03
73.57241-4*Matthias Tayala (Kent)NCAA06/12
72.93239-3*Justin Welch (Find)Toledo05/09
72.81238-10Conor McCullough (unat)Dublin07/20
72.76238-8-Remy Conatser (USC)USC Inv03/22
71.43234-4Jake Freeman (NYAC)Princeton El05/03
71.24233-9*Michael Lihrman (Wi)NCAA06/12
70.71232-0Ryan Loughney (Shore)West Point04/12
70.57231-6**Greg Skipper (Or)Or-Az Dual04/05
70.12230-1Garland Porter (unat)Fränkisch-Crumbach06/09
68.92226-1-Ethan Dennis (Mi)Toledo05/09
68.53224-10**Chuk Enekwechi (Pur)Drake R04/26
68.30224-1Dan Raithel (unat)Warrensburg04/18
68.18223-8*Kyle Strawn (Fl)Florida Jones04/19
67.64221-11J.C. Lambert (unat)USATF06/26
67.63221-10Michael Lauro (unat)LSU Inv05/03
67.24220-7-Caleb Stuart (UCR)Riverside03/29
67.08220-1Joe Frye (MCM)Louisville04/26
66.82219-3*Jordan Arakawa (EnWa)Missoula03/29
66.79219-1Matt Royer (unat)Owens Cl04/19
66.51218-2Justin Victor (unat)Lake Charles04/12
66.40217-10-Jon Lehman (Mn)Cedar Falls05/09
66.24217-4**Darien Thornton (GVal)USATF06/26
66.20217-2Zach Hazen (unat)San Francisco05/10
66.19217-2**Connor Neu (Young)NCAA East05/30
Paul Wagner (Shore)Swarthmore LC05/12
66.12216-11Kevin Phipps (unat)OhWes LC05/13
66.05216-8*Jeremy Tuttle (LSU)LSU Inv05/03
66.01216-7*Sean Donnelly (MtU)NCAA III05/22
65.97216-5*Tyler Williams (Wide)ECAC III05/16
65.81215-11-Chris Reed (Mank)NSIC Ch05/10
65.25214-1-Darien Moore (ConcO)Willamette04/05
65.07213-6*Charodd Richardson (Al)Starkville05/02
64.98213-2Bryce Buffaloe (unat)Tucson Cl II05/24
64.79212-6KP Singh (unat)Jordan Inv05/04
64.75212-5***Love Litzell (Man)IC4A05/17
64.55211-9-Derek White (Cal)Pac-1205/17
Foreign Collegians:
74.38244-0*Nick Miller (OkSt-GB)Big 1205/16
71.38234-2**Elias Hakansson (Al-Swe)Alabama R03/20
69.47227-11**Tomas Kruzliak (VaT-Ger)NCAA06/12
69.28227-3***Alex Poursanidis (Ga-Cyp)NCAA East05/30
68.28224-0***Jordan Young (Az-Can)LSU Alumni Gold04/19
67.64221-11**Renaldo Frechou (SAl-SA)NCAA06/12
66.33217-7-Baptiste Kerjean (ACU-Fra)Texas R Univ03/27
65.45214-8***Alex Larsson (Ga-Swe)Athens04/11

84.01275-7Tim Glover (unat)Tennessee R04/12
81.51267-5Sam Humphreys (Nik)Tucson Cl II05/24
81.35266-10Craig Kinsley (NYAC)Victoria NTL07/08
81.23266-6Sean Furey (unat)Thum08/29
80.28263-5Cyrus Hostetler (OTC)Oregon Twi05/09
79.27260-1Riley Dolezal (Nik)USATF06/29
78.28256-10**Kyle Quinn (Tn)Tennessee R04/12
78.03256-0Ben Woodruff (unat)Tucson Cl II05/24
76.98252-7*Sam Crouser (Or)NCAA06/14
75.88248-11*Rob Robbins (Corn)Lewisburg04/13
75.70248-4Barry Krammes (Shore)Va Chall05/10
75.12246-5Nicholas Howe (MovS)Triton Inv04/26
74.73245-2Ryan Young (unat)USATF06/29
74.38244-0**Bill Stanley (OhSt)Nashville03/29
74.11243-1Tim VanLiew (TPac)Tucson Cl II05/24
73.81242-2Matt Byers (Shocker)Drake R Inv04/26
73.09239-9-Chris Carper (RMor)NCAA East05/29
73.04239-7***Justin Carter (Aub)SEC05/18
73.01239-6*Devin Bogert (TxAM)Sun Angel Cl04/12
72.55238-0**McLean Lipschutz (Monm)Bethlehem04/19
72.01236-3Jon Rizzo (Shocker)Emporia04/23
71.82235-7*Quinn Hale (Wa)USC Inv03/22
71.70235-3-Vincent DuVernois (Monm)Princeton Quad04/12
71.51234-7**Thomas Carr (Rut)Penn R Univ04/26
71.35234-1**Jay Stell (Navy)NCAA East05/29
71.27233-10Brent Lagace (unat)San Diego03/29
71.21233-7Ryan Bell (NWilmTc)Meadville05/09
71.02233-0*MaCauley Garton (Mo)Emporia04/23
70.92232-8**Garrett Snow (Ok)Big 1205/16
70.38230-11-Kyle Stevens (WaSt)Spokane08/02
69.96229-6Ryan Sherwood-Ericsson (unat)Owens Cl04/18
69.88229-3*Nash Howe (UCSD)La Jolla03/15
69.87229-2***Kaleb Zuidema (SC)SEC05/18
69.83229-1**Thomas Lang (Duke)ACC Ch04/19
69.77228-11Ryan Kerr (unat)Lewisburg04/13
69.70228-8Jesse Elvrom (unat)San Francisco05/10
69.61228-4*Joshua Cox (LaT)UTEP Inv04/12
69.55228-2Ryan Brandel (Reddaw)Willamette03/29
69.41227-8*Stephen Eccles (McN)TxSn R03/22
69.07226-7*Derek Hampton (SELa)Houston04/26
Foreign Collegians:
78.58257-10*Raymond Dykstra (Ky-Can)Can Ch06/29
75.99249-3**John Ampomah (Wiley-Gha)Afr Ch08/14
74.25243-7***Fabian Dohmann (Tx-Par)Big 1205/16
73.37240-8**Tomas Guerra (WnKy-Chl)Sun Belt05/11
73.26240-4***Reinhard Van Zyl (CloudC-SA)KsSt Open05/10
72.35237-4-Andy White (Can-?)NAIA05/22
72.01236-3*Stefano Nardini (Hamp-Ita)Raleigh R03/29
71.23233-8***LIndon Victor (BenKs-Grn)Emporia03/29
70.80232-3**Evan Karakolis (Rice-Can)Va Chall05/10
70.14230-1-Ivan Storic (UTA-Cro)Waco04/19
69.96229-6**Tyler Renton (Ok-Can)Norman04/19
69.87229-2*Franz Burghagen (Ak-Ger)Stanford Inv04/04

8599Trey Hardee (Nik)USATF06/27
8169*Garrett Scantling (Ga)Athens Multis04/11
8068*Dakotah Keys (Or)NCAA06/12
7981*Zach Ziemek (Wi)NCAA06/12
7862Wesley Bray (unat)Marburg07/27
7806*Alex McCune (Akr)NCAA06/12
7792-Devin Dick (KsSt)Big 1205/17
7699**Mike Morgan (Buf)MAC05/16
7666***Robert Cardina (PennSt)NCAA06/12
7645Thomas FitzSimons (SBTC)USATF06/27
-J Patrick Smith (Chico)NCAA II05/23
7642-Chase Dalton (BYU)Texas R Univ03/27
7602***Wolf Mahler (Tx)Big 1205/17
7592-Kevin Lazas (Ar)Texas R Univ03/27
7533-Jeff Mohl (MtSt)NCAA06/12
7512-Austin Bahner (Wich)USATF06/27
7485***Mitch Modin (Or)NCAA06/12
7438-Theodore Elsenbaumer (Chico)NCAA II05/23
7431-Kurt Schneider (MiSt)Big 1005/17
7423Derek Masterson (unat)USATF06/27
7416Kurtis Brondyke (unat)USATF06/27
**Kale Wolken (Doane)NAIA05/23
7413**Payson Maydew (Emp)NCAA II05/23
7412-Joshua Weirich (BYU)Berkeley03/21
7401(A)*Michael McPherson (UtV)WAC05/15
7398Tim Wunderlich (unat)USATF Imperial06/14
7384-Tyler Grob (SagV)NCAA II05/23
7381-Evan Weinstock (Brown)Heps05/11
7377*Nick Lebron (SnCt)NCAA II05/23
7371-Bryan Jones (Akr)MAC05/16
7351-John Brunk (Chico)NCAA II05/23
7345-Maurice Strickland (CSSM)NAIA05/23
7344-Henry Vildosola (Bay)Big 1205/17
7312**Solomon Ijah (EnMi)Texas R Univ03/27
7299-Ted Glasnow (NDm)Texas R Univ03/27
7292-Ethan Turpen (ArSt)Sun Belt05/10
7291*Stephen Soerens (Prin)Heps05/11
7268-Nevin Lewis (PortSt)SacSt MM04/12
7264*Mike Rabbitt (Corn)Heps05/11
7253Clayton Chaney (unat)USATF06/27
Foreign Collegians:
8182**Maicel Uibo (Ga-Est)NCAA06/12
8092**Johannes Hock (Tx-Ger)NCAA06/12
7712-Viktor Fajoyomi (USC-Hun)NCAA06/12
7618**Reinis Kregers (KsSt-Lat)Big 1205/17
7497***Karl Saluri (NOrleans-Est)Texas R Univ03/27
7471**Luis Hanssler (Mem-Ger)The American Ch05/03

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