2013 U.S. Absolute List - Men

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compiled by Glen McMicken

(marks received and verified by 02/10/2014)

We welcome all amendments to these lists.


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Key To Lists

These lists give the top 40 U.S. performers of the season, with an appending of those foreign collegians whose marks fall into that range.


On final year-end lists, the top 10 performances, denoted by — — are also included.


In the wind-aided category, the domestics and foreign collegians are commingled (' after name = foreigner on windy list).


Relay teams may contain non-U.S. nationals.


Open athletes and high schoolers have no notation before their name. Collegians are noted by class: - = senior; * = junior; **=soph; *** = frosh; ? = unknown. Note: we do not change athlete affiliations in mid-season from collegiate to club if/when they sign pro contracts early or otherwise finish their collegiate eligibility. For consistency, we leave them with the same affiliation all year.


(A) = altitude over 1000m (in affected events only).


Wind-aided marks are those of greater than 2.0mps. Windy marks are listed only if superior to the best legal mark (windy performances listed to level of legal performances).


In the marathon and half-marathon lists, ' = aided course. Since so many road runners are unaffiliated, a state affiliation represents their home, not a school.


! = secondary mark made within a field-event series; ¶ = complete field-event series not known, so some performances may be missing.


9.85Justin Gatlin (XTEP)World Ch08/11
9.90Mike Rodgers (Nik)Brussels DL09/06
9.91GatlinBeijing IWC05/21
9.93RodgersWorld Ch08/11
9.94GatlinRome DL06/06
GatlinMonaco DL07/19
GatlinWorld Ch08/11
GatlinBrussels DL09/06
9.96*Dentarius Locke (FlSt)Monaco DL07/19
GatlinZürich DL08/29
RodgersBeijing IWC05/21
RodgersLausanne DL07/04
**13 performances by 3 performers**
9.98-Charles Silmon (TCU)USATF06/21
9.99Walter Dix (Nik)Rieti IWC09/08
-Isiah Young (Ms)NCAA East05/23
10.01Mookie Salaam (adi)USATF06/21
10.06*Diondre Batson (Al)Spec Towns Inv04/13
10.07**Beejay Lee (USC)Pac-1205/12
Doc Patton (Nik)Kingston IWC05/04
10.08Calesio Newman (Nik)Beijing IWC05/21
10.09***Marvin Bracy (FlSt)Lapinlahti07/21
10.10Ryan Bailey (Nik)Rieti IWC09/08
10.11Jeff Demps (adi)Montverde06/08
10.13Keith Ricks (unat)Beijing IWC05/21
10.14-Ameer Webb (TxAM)Texas R Univ03/30
*Darrell Wesh (VaT)ACC04/20
10.18**Aaron Ernest (LSU)Texas R Univ03/30
(A)*Jeff Henderson (Still)NCAA II05/25
***Markesh Woodson (Mo)SEC05/12
10.19*Ryan Milus (AzSt)Az-AzSt-NnAz04/27
10.21***Tevin Hester (Clem)NCAA East05/23
10.22-Harry Adams (Aub)NCAA East05/23
*Carl Horsley (CSN)NCAA06/05
Trell Kimmons (adi)Kansas R Inv04/20
**Reggie Lewis (Clem)NCAA East05/23
Tony McQuay (adi)Florida R04/05
Brian Witherspoon (unat)Montverde06/08
10.23***Ahmed Ali (SPl)Lubbock04/06
Kind Butler (TotSp)Bloomington05/03
-Max Dyce (UCLA)Pac-1205/11
Ahmad Rashad (Nik)Azusa05/11
*Johnathan Smith (Ga)Spec Towns Inv04/13
*Fred Taylor (GCan)San Diego04/27
10.24Reggie Dixon (ZenV)USATFNY Twi 205/30
Mickey Grimes (AOS)Azusa05/11
-Joe Morris (Co)NCAA06/05
10.25(A)Jeremy Dodson (BouTC)Longmont05/03
10.27-Justin Austin (Ia)Big 1005/12
Trayvon Bromell (FlHS)Golden South05/18
D’Angelo Cherry (unat)USATF06/20
Leroy Dixon (unat)Oxy Inv05/04
**Remontay McClain (Azusa)Pom-Pit Inv04/13
***John Teeters (Tul)NCAA West05/23
Foreign Collegians:
10.05*Aaron Brown (USC-Can)NCAA06/05
10.10**Anaso Jobodwana (Jack-SA)NCAA East05/24
10.16(A)**Shavez Hart (SPl-Bah)CAC07/05
***Suwaibou Sanneh (Monr-Gam)USATFNY Twi 205/30
10.20***Dario Horvat (GCan-Cro)Azusa05/11
*Taffawee Johnson (StA-Jam)Jam Ch06/20
10.24-Warren Fraser (Clem-Bah)NCAA East05/23
10.25**Trevorvano Mackey (SPl-Bah)Bah Ch06/22
10.26*Romel Lewis (Linc-Jam)MIAA Ch05/05
9.75PattonTexas R Inv03/30
9.92Wallace Spearmon (Sauc)Texas R Inv03/30
9.93I. YoungUSATF06/21
9.96***Andre De Grasse’ (Coffey-Can)JUCO Ch05/18
9.98***Tyreek Hill (GardCC)JUCO Ch05/18
9.99(A)BromellGreat SW06/08
Terrell Wilks (unat)Montverde06/01
10.00BaileyEugene DL06/01
(A)DodsonChristiansen Inv04/27
A. Brown’NCAA06/07
10.07Cameron Burrell (TxHS)Texas R HS03/30
10.08Hart’JUCO Ch05/18
**Jamol James’ (Tn-Tri)Tri Ch06/23
10.09Cordero Gray (Nik)Texas R Inv03/30
(A)MorrisChristiansen Inv04/27
10.10Mackey’Texas Tech Open04/25
10.11*Prezel Hardy (TxAM)NCAA06/05
10.12***Ahmed Ali (SPl)JUCO Ch05/18
10.13*Clayton Vaughn (UTA)TCU Inv03/15
10.14James Law (unat)Montverde06/01
10.15Levonte Whitfield (FlHS)Jacksonville03/16
10.16*Kenny Jackson (WTxAM)Lone Star05/04
10.17-Jeremy Hardy (Aub)Montverde06/01
*Chris Royster (SC)SEC05/11
10.18Horvat’Texas R Coll03/30
Kendal Williams (FlHS)Jacksonville03/16
10.19***Brien Berry (Bart)NJCAA Region VI05/04
T. Johnson’Montverde06/01
10.20Maurice Mitchell (Nik)Texas R Inv03/30
SmithGeorgia R03/16
10.21-Tommy Brown (IncW)Lone Star05/04
Kyle Fulks (TxHS)Texas R HS03/30
10.22-James Alaka’ (Wa-GB)Pac-1205/11
AustinDrake R Univ04/27
10.23-Justin Anderson (TxSn)Montverde06/01
*Evan Emery (HPt)Big South04/20
Marcus Rowland (unat)Montverde06/01
10.24**Quentin Butler (UTA)WAC Ch05/10
10.25-Will Henry (UtSt)NCAA06/05
McClainMt. SAC R Open04/20
*Justin Walker (NWnLa)Southland05/12
Elijah Hall-Thompson (TxHS)TX HS Ch-Austin05/11
(A)**Jermaine Jones (StA)NCAA II05/23
Jeremy Rankin (unat)CoSt Christiansen In04/27
Tatum Taylor (WaHS)Seattle05/04
**David Winters (Bart)NJCAA Region VI05/04
10.27*Deneko Brown’ (SWBap-Bah)MIAA Ch05/05
***Johnathan Farquharson’ (ACU-Bah)Abilene05/08
-Timothy Young (TxSt)WAC Ch05/11

19.86-Isiah Young (Ms)USATF06/23
19.97Curtis Mitchell (adi)World Ch08/16
20.04MitchellWorld Ch08/17
20.10Wallace Spearmon (Sauc)USATF06/23
20.12Walter Dix (Nik)Brussels DL09/06
20.16DixEugene DL06/01
20.18SpearmonLondon DL07/26
20.19SpearmonJerome Cl07/01
20.20-Ameer Webb (TxAM)USATF06/23
**10 performances by 5 performers**
20.21Justin Gatlin (XTEP)Shanghai DL05/18
20.23-Bryshon Nellum (USC)Pac-1205/12
-Charles Silmon (TCU)NCAA West05/25
20.26LaShawn Merritt (Nik)Cayman Inv05/08
20.32Maurice Mitchell (Nik)USATF06/23
*Carvin Nkanata (Pitt)IC4A05/12
20.37Calesio Newman (Nik)USATF06/23
20.38**Aaron Ernest (LSU)NCAA East05/25
20.45**Dedric Dukes (Fl)USATF06/23
20.48i*Trey Hadnot (LaT)NCAA Ind03/08
20.49Jeremy Dodson (BouTC)Mt. SAC04/20
-Jerrell Hancock (Mank)NSIC Ch05/11
20.52*Diondre Batson (Al)SEC05/12
Charles Clark (unat)Montverde06/08
*Blake Heriot (Bay)Big 1205/05
20.53-Justin Austin (Ia)NCAA West05/25
*Daveon Collins (Boise)Mtn West05/11
20.54Brandon Byram (unat)Montverde06/08
**Remontay McClain (Azusa)Azusa04/19
20.57(A)**Jermaine Jones (StA)NCAA II05/25
20.60Eli Hall-Thompson (TxHS)Tx HS 5A05/11
Greg Nixon (unat)Mt. SAC04/20
20.61Doc Patton (Nik)Shanghai DL05/18
20.62Gil Roberts (Nik)San Diego Imperial C06/09
20.63*Dentarius Locke (FlSt)Seminole Twi05/03
**James Taylor (Norf)NCAA East05/25
20.64Kendal Williams (FlHS)Golden South05/18
Mustaq’eem Williams (VaHS)USATF JO07/27
20.65(A)*Josh Edmonds (StA)NCAA II05/24
(A)*Jeff Henderson (Still)NCAA II05/25
20.66Mike Rodgers (Nik)Linz08/26
Brian Witherspoon (unat)Montverde06/08
20.67***Hanoj Carter (NWnLa)Nacogdoches04/06
20.68Kind Butler (TotSp)New York DL05/25
*Tucker Peabody (Lips)Atlantic Sun Ch05/11
Foreign Collegians:
20.13**Anaso Jobodwana (JackSt-SA)NCAA East05/25
20.44*Aaron Brown (USC-Can)Weinheim08/02
20.47*Bruno Hortelano (Corn-Spa)World Ch08/16
20.55-Akheem Gauntlett (Ar-Jam)Oregon-Ark04/20
20.60**Brendon Rodney (LIUB-Can)IC4A05/12
20.62***Nethaneel Mitchell-Blake (LSU-GB)Euro Jr07/20
20.68(A)*Taffawee Johnson (StA-Jam)NCAA II05/24
20.26A. Brown’NCAA06/06
Michael Tinsley (adi)Texas State Inv04/06
20.37(A)DodsonChristiansen Inv04/27
20.41Terrel Cotton (unat)USATF06/22
-Akeem Williams’ (Gram-Jam)NCAA06/06
20.44Harry Adams (unat)Montverde06/01
20.45(A)-Joe Morris (Co)Christiansen Inv04/27
20.48**Omar Johnson’ (WnTx-Jam)Amarillo03/16
20.50La’Shawn Butler (Shore)USATF06/22
20.54-Ryan Carter (DeSt)MEAC05/04
*Prezel Hardy (TxAM)NCAA06/06
Jamil Hubbard (unat)TCU Inv03/15
20.56**Shavez Hart’ (SPl-Bah)JUCO Ch05/17
20.57***Andre De Grasse’ (Coffey-Can)JUCO Ch05/17
(A)*Fred Taylor (GCan)NCAA II05/24
20.59(A)-Joe Horn (Ash)NCAA II05/24
**David Winters (Bart)Wichita04/13
20.60-Marcus Rowland (Aub)USATF06/22
20.61Cordero Gray (Nik)TCU Inv03/15
***Just’N Thymes (RivCC)USATF Jr06/21
20.63***Brien Berry (Bart)NJCAA Region VI05/04
K. WilliamsJacksonville03/16
20.65Manteo Mitchell (Nik)Charlotte03/16
20.66K. ButlerUSATF06/22
Mychal Dungey (unat)TCU Inv03/15
Levonte Whitfield (FlHS)Jacksonville03/16
20.67***Anthony Bynum (Char)Atlantic-1005/05
20.68*Michael Bryan (TxAM)NCAA06/06
Kerron Clement (Nik)Montverde06/01

43.74LaShawn Merritt (Nik)World Ch08/13
44.09MerrittParis DL07/06
44.13MerrittZürich DL08/29
44.32MerrittEugene DL06/01
44.40Tony McQuay (adi)World Ch08/13
44.60MerrittShanghai DL05/18
MerrittWorld Ch08/12
44.66McQuayWorld Ch08/12
**10 performances by 2 performers**
44.73-Bryshon Nellum (USC)NCAA06/07
44.75-David Verburg (GM)USATF06/21
44.82***Arman Hall (Fl)USATF06/21
45.08Josh Mance (unat)Oxy Inv05/04
45.10-Kyle Clemons (Ks)Big 1205/05
45.14*Mike Berry (Or)Pac-1205/12
45.19**Hugh Graham (Fl)USATF06/21
45.23*James Harris (FlSt)NCAA06/05
45.25Manteo Mitchell (Nik)Madrid IWC07/13
45.33Torrin Lawrence (unat)Ga Tech Inv05/11
Calvin Smith (adi)Paris DL07/06
45.35Jeremy Wariner (adi)Drake R Inv04/26
45.46*Blake Heriot (Bay)Big 1205/05
45.50Kind Butler (TotSp)Heusden07/13
45.56(A)**Vernon Norwood (SPl)UTEP Inv04/13
45.62*Cass Brown-Stewart (SFA)NCAA06/05
45.64Ashton Eaton (OTC)Sam Adams Multis04/05
45.69Marcus Boyd (unat)Drake R Inv04/26
45.71***Najee Glass (Fl)Florida R04/05
-Brycen Spratling (Pitt)USATF06/20
45.72Quentin Iglehart-Summers (unat)Houston05/30
45.73-Clayton Parros (NC)NCAA East05/23
Gil Roberts (HSI)Mt. SAC04/20
45.74Kerron Clement (Nik)Montverde06/01
45.84Joey Hughes (unat)SoCal USATF06/01
45.85Jamaal Torrance (CE)Montverde06/01
45.86-Brunson Miller (Clem)NCAA East05/23
45.87**Quincy Downing (LSU)NCAA06/05
45.90**Christopher Giesting (NDm)Big East05/05
45.92i*Patrick Feeney (NDm)NCAA Ind03/08
46.00Greg Nixon (unat)Oxy Inv05/04
*Stephon Pamilton (Il)LSU Alumni Gold04/20
46.01(A)*William Shell (SWBap)NCAA II05/25
46.02Michael Cherry (VaHS)Va State 3A Ch06/01
46.03**Armon Owens (CAz)Sun Angel Cl04/06
46.06(A)*James Quarles (StA)NCAA II05/25
46.08***Zack Bilderback (Tx)Big 1205/05
Duane Solomon (Sauc)Zagreb IWC09/03
Foreign Collegians:
44.94**Deon Lendore (TxAM-Tri)NCAA06/07
45.41(A)*Dane Hyatt (StA-Jam)NCAA II05/25
45.47-Daundre Barnaby (MsSt-Can)NCAA East05/23
45.48-Akheem Gauntlett (Ar-Jam)Jam Ch06/23
45.50**Omar Johnson (WnTx-Jam)Jam Ch06/23
45.59-Noah Akwu (MTn-Ngr)Ngr Ch06/20
45.72i-Errol Nolan (Hous-Jam)NCAA Ind03/08
45.79*Abiola Onakoya (UTEP-Ngr)Ngr Ch06/20
45.82(A)*Rolando Berch (JCS-Jam)NCAA II05/25
*Emmanuel Tugumisirize (MTn-Uga)NCAA East05/23
45.89(A)***Brandon McBride (MsSt-Can)Pan-Am Jr08/23
45.99(A)***Ellis Burkheart (StA-Bar)NCAA II05/25
46.01***Steven Gayle (SPl-Jam)JUCO Ch05/18

1:43.03Nick Symmonds (OTC)Brussels DL09/06
1:43.27Duane Solomon (Sauc)USATF06/23
1:43.55SymmondsWorld Ch08/13
1:43.56SymmondsZürich DL08/29
1:43.67SymmondsLondon DL07/26
1:43.72SolomonMonaco DL07/19
1:43.84Brandon Johnson (Nik)Madrid IWC07/13
1:43.87SolomonWorld Ch08/11
**10 performances by 3 performers**
1:44.34Tyler Mulder (OTC)Monaco DL07/19
1:45.01Charles Jock (Nik)Oxy HP05/17
1:45.04Joe Abbott (unat)London DL07/26
-Elijah Greer (Or)USATF06/23
1:45.08Michael Rutt (NJNY)Oxy HP05/17
1:45.21Erik Sowinski (Nik)USATF06/23
1:45.36Mark Wieczorek (Brk)Oxy HP05/17
1:45.45Brian Gagnon (NJNY)USATF06/21
1:45.75-Casimir Loxsom (PennSt)Dublin07/17
1:45.86Matthew Centrowitz (Nik)Portland06/08
1:46.28Leo Manzano (unat)Tomblaine07/02
1:46.32*Mac Fleet (Or)Victoria07/05
1:46.38-Harun Abda (Mn)USATF06/21
1:46.49**Patrick Rono (Ar)NCAA West05/24
1:46.53iLopez Lomong (Nik)Husky Cl02/09
1:46.63Andrew Wheating (OTC)Rovereto09/03
1:46.71Ryan Martin (Asics)Heusden07/13
1:46.77-Declan Murray (LoyCh)Mt. SAC R Open04/20
1:46.87***Brannon Kidder (PennSt)USATF06/20
1:47.01Dey Dey (ADP)USATF06/20
1:47.13i(A)Robby Andrews (adi)USATF Ind03/03
Nick Guarino (SyrCh)AMC III06/15
1:47.15Tetlo Emmen (unat)SoCal USATF06/01
1:47.20Richard Jones (unat)Mt. SAC R Open04/20
1:47.27Lance Roller (unat)AMC III06/15
1:47.32Sadiki White (NJNY)Oxy HP05/17
1:47.35Josh Guarino (unat)AMC III06/15
1:47.38James Gilreath (adiTG)Mt. SAC R Open04/20
1:47.50Sharif Webb (unat)SoCal USATF06/01
1:47.56-Travis Burkstrand (Mn)Big 1005/11
Mark Husted (unat)Oxy HP05/17
1:47.66*Sean Obinwa (Fl)Florida R04/05
1:47.68Luke Pawlaczyk (BrkPB)AMC I06/08
1:47.71Cory Leslie (Nik)Kortrijk07/14
1:47.89David Torrence (Nik)Kortrijk07/14
1:47.96Chris Bilbrew (adiTG)TxSt Bobcat Cl04/27
1:48.01John Crossley (NCHS)NBal HS06/15
Foreign Collegians:
1:45.88-James Eichberger (Az-Mex)Ninove07/27
1:46.07i-Leoman Momoh (Ar-Ngr)Arkansas LC03/01
1:46.76i***Tomas Squella (Ar-Chl)Arkansas LC03/01
1:47.42i*Boru Guyota (Or-Eth)Mtn Pac Ind02/23
1:47.43i**Edward Kemboi (IaSt-Ken)Ames01/26
1:47.51*David Mokone (WnKy-SA)Mt. SAC R Open04/20
1:47.56**Charles Grethen (Ga-Lux)Mt. SAC R Open04/20
1:47.74i***Brandon McBride (MsSt-Can)Meyo Inv02/02

2:17.90iRobby Andrews (adi)Armory Coll02/01
2:18.26iBrian Gagnon (NJNY)Columbia LC03/01
2:18.27iMike Rutt (NJNY)Columbia LC03/01
2:18.36Andrew Wheating (OTC)Linz08/26
2:19.30Cory Leslie (Nik)Linz08/26
**5 performances by 5 performers**
2:19.56iMatthew Centrowitz (Nik)Stockholm02/21
2:19.70iLiam Boylan-Pett (NJNY)Columbia LC03/01
2:20.26-Ryan Hill (NCSt)Linz08/26
2:20.32iNick Guarino (SyrCh)Armory Coll02/01
2:20.39Matt Elliott (Brk)Dilbeek07/24
2:21.51Erik Sowinski (Nik)Linz08/26
2:22.02i***Za’Von Watkins (PennSt)Penn State01/12
2:22.39i-Patrick Casey (Ok)Big 12 Ind02/24
2:22.47Miles Batty (Asics)Linz08/26
2:22.76i-Frezer Legesse (Ok)Penn State01/12
2:22.96i***Ned Willig (Brown)Cambridge01/19
2:23.01i*Eric Jenkins (NEn)Cambridge01/19
2:23.03iJack Bolas (NBal)VaTech Chall02/16
2:23.05Tommy Schmitz (unat)Dilbeek07/24
2:23.14i**Ryan Brennan (PennSt)Penn State01/12
2:23.39i***Joe Gioielli (CCt)Boston02/23
2:23.46i-Declan Murray (LoyCh)Iowa City01/12
2:23.71iChris Slate (unat)Armory Coll02/01
2:23.88i-Kevin Schwab (Ok)Penn State01/12
2:24.10i**Brendon Fish (Col)Armory Coll02/01
2:24.16i***Brian Crimmins (Buf)Spire Inv02/08
2:24.20iKevin Fitzgerald (unat)Armory Coll02/01
2:24.43i*Kevin Greene (NH)Boston02/23
2:24.44i-Erik Berg (Brown)Cambridge01/19
2:24.59i*John Schilkowsky (Corn)Penn State01/12
2:24.63i**John DeLallo (Alb)IC4A Ind03/03
2:24.78i***Brady Turnbull (Tx)Big 12 Ind02/24
2:24.79i-Kevin Russell (Army)IC4A Ind03/03
2:24.82i***Alvaro Chavez (Ct)IC4A Ind03/03
2:24.87i**Alexander Levine (Ct)IC4A Ind03/03
Foreign Collegians:
2:21.89i**Edward Kemboi (IaSt-Ken)Armory Coll02/01
2:21.95i-Ricky West (PennSt-Can)Penn State01/12
2:23.00i-Raul Botezan (OkSt-Rom)Big 12 Ind02/24
2:24.05i*Mikael Rojeras (Man-Swe)IC4A Ind03/03
2:24.61i**Robert Denault (Vill-Can)Armory Coll02/01
2:24.79i*Grzegorz Kalinowski (EnMi-Pol)Meyo Inv02/01

3:33.14Leo Manzano (unat)Paris DL07/06
3:33.23David Torrence (Nik)Rieti IWC09/08
3:33.58Matthew Centrowitz (Nik)Monaco DL07/19
3:34.00Jordan McNamara (OTC)Oordegem07/06
3:34.12Garrett Heath (Sauc)Oordegem07/06
3:34.47-Andrew Bayer (In)Oordegem07/06
3:34.55Lopez Lomong (Nik)Paris DL07/06
Nick Symmonds (OTC)Monaco DL07/19
3:34.78iGalen Rupp (Nik)Terrier Cl01/26
**10 performances by 9 performers**
3:34.93Cory Leslie (Nik)Oordegem07/06
3:35.27Will Leer (Nik)Oordegem07/06
3:35.48Craig Miller (NBal)Oordegem07/06
3:35.54Jack Bolas (NBal)Oordegem07/06
3:36.34Evan Jager (Nik)Oxy HP05/17
3:36.36Bernard Lagat (Nik)Paris DL07/06
3:36.61Matt Elliott (Brk)Ninove07/27
3:36.79Russell Brown (OTC)Oxy HP05/17
3:37.03Ben Blankenship (OTC)Lignano07/16
Andrew Wheating (OTC)Oxy HP05/17
3:37.31Liam Boylan-Pett (NJNY)Oordegem07/06
3:37.54Jeff See (Sauc)Oxy HP05/17
3:38.34-Rob Finnerty (Wi)AMC III06/15
3:38.35*Mac Fleet (Or)Jerome Cl07/01
3:38.38Trevor Dunbar (unat)Victoria07/05
3:38.57-Ryan Hill (NCSt)Oordegem07/06
3:38.79-Riley Masters (Ok)Jordan Inv04/28
3:38.85Tony Jordanek (NeoTC)Oxy HP05/17
3:38.91Brett Johnson (unat)Oxy HP05/17
3:39.04Andrew Bumbalough (Nik)Oordegem07/06
3:39.06De’Sean Turner (NBal)Lignano07/16
3:39.24Duncan Phillips (AusTC)Oxy HP05/17
3:39.27Elliott Heath (Nik)Oordegem07/06
3:39.28Dan Huling (Nik)Oxy HP05/17
3:39.45Chris Derrick (Nik)Oxy HP05/17
3:39.57*Michael Atchoo (Stan)Jordan Inv04/28
3:39.72Joe Stilin (unat)Oordegem07/06
3:39.77Eric Harasyn (Brk)Oxy HP05/17
3:39.81Mack McLain (ADP)AMC III06/15
3:39.87Daniel Clark (unat)AMC I06/08
**Alex Hatz (Wi)Jordan Inv04/28
Foreign Collegians:
3:33.20*Lawi Lalang (Az-Ken)Paris DL07/06
3:37.67-Rich Peters (BU-GB)Ninove07/27
3:38.29-Jeremy Rae (NDm-Can)Jerome Cl07/01
3:39.61***Jordan Williamsz (Vill-Aus)Jerome Cl07/01

3:50.92iGalen Rupp (Nik)Terrier Cl01/26
3:51.21iLopez Lomong (Nik)Millrose G02/16
3:51.34iMatthew Centrowitz (Nik)Millrose G02/16
3:51.45LomongEugene DL06/01
3:51.79CentrowitzEugene DL06/01
3:52.11RuppLondon DL07/27
3:52.42Jordan McNamara (OTC)London DL07/27
3:52.74David Torrence (Nik)London DL07/27
3:52.90-Andrew Bayer (In)London DL07/27
3:53.15Garrett Heath (Sauc)London DL07/27
**10 performances by 7 performers**
3:54.89i-Ryan Hill (NCSt)Millrose G02/16
3:55.85Cory Leslie (Nik)Dublin07/17
3:56.12iAndrew Bumbalough (Nik)Husky Cl02/09
3:56.14iEvan Jager (Nik)Husky Cl02/09
3:56.25iRiley Masters (unat)Tyson Inv02/08
3:56.27Duncan Phillips (AusTC)Dublin07/17
3:56.28i-Patrick Casey (Ok)Razorback Inv01/26
3:56.35iWill Leer (Nik)New Bal GP02/02
3:56.41iDonn Cabral (Nik)Husky Cl02/09
3:56.66Ben Blankenship (OTC)Cork07/02
3:56.85iCraig Miller (NBal)New Bal GP02/02
3:57.02Andrew Wheating (OTC)Eugene DL05/31
3:57.11i**Robby Creese (PennSt)Husky Cl02/09
3:57.14i*Michael Atchoo (Stan)Mtn Pac Ind02/23
3:57.16Matt Elliott (Brk)Nashville06/01
3:57.18Michael Rutt (NJNY)Penn R Open04/27
3:57.37Tyler Mulder (OTC)Penn R Open04/27
3:57.40Daniel Clark (unat)Saline08/04
3:57.43iJeff See (Sauc)New Bal GP02/02
3:57.75Liam Boylan-Pett (NJNY)Dublin07/17
3:57.82Robby Andrews (adi)Penn R Open04/27
3:57.93i**Austin Mudd (Wi)NCAA Ind03/09
3:58.06Miles Batty (Asics)Saline08/04
3:58.11i*Eric Jenkins (NEn)Terrier Cl01/26
3:58.24i**Kirubel Erassa (OkSt)Razorback Inv01/26
3:58.43Jack Bolas (NBal)Furm Blue Shoes04/13
3:58.62i*Brett Johnson (Or)Husky Cl02/09
3:58.66i-Joe Stilin (Tx)Razorback Inv01/26
iDorian Ulrey (unat)New Bal GP02/02
3:58.67*Isaac Presson (NC)Nashville06/01
3:58.85iAndrew Poore (adi)Indiana R01/25
i*Tyler Stutzman (Stan)Mtn Pac Ind02/23
3:58.90i*Mac Fleet (Or)Notre Dame LC03/02
Foreign Collegians:
3:52.98i-Chris O’Hare (Tul-GB)Millrose G02/16
3:54.56i*Lawi Lalang (Az-Ken)Millrose G02/16
3:57.79i-Raul Botezan (OkSt-Rom)Husky Cl02/09
3:58.14i-Julian Matthews (Prov-NZ)Boston02/14
3:58.20i*Thomas Farrell (OkSt-GB)Razorback Inv01/26
3:58.55i*Matthew Gillespie (Iona-GB)Terrier Cl01/26
3:58.70-Rich Peters (BU-GB)Oxford07/20

4:59.99Andy Bayer (US)Reims06/28

8:08.60Evan Jager (Nik)Eugene DL06/01
8:08.67JagerWorld Ch08/15
8:20.08Cory Leslie (Nik)Tokyo IWC05/05
8:21.92Dan Huling (Nik)Stockholm DL08/22
8:22.38HulingEugene DL06/01
8:23.76JagerWorld Ch08/12
8:25.56De’Sean Turner (NBal)USATF06/23
8:26.51HulingBerlin IWC09/01
**10 performances by 4 performers**
8:26.82Andrew Poore (adi)USATF06/23
8:29.10Billy Nelson (NBal)Oxy HP05/17
8:30.02Donald Cowart (WEx)Oxy HP05/17
8:30.87Travis Mahoney (NJNY)Oxy HP05/17
8:31.28Matt Cleaver (unat)Oxy HP05/17
8:32.57Cameron Bean (Zap)Jordan Inv04/28
8:33.22Craig Forys (NYAC)Baie-Mahault05/08
8:34.23Donn Cabral (Nik)Oxy HP05/17
8:36.46-Jared Bassett (Port)NCAA West05/24
8:36.82Ben Bruce (adi)USATF06/23
8:38.23-Aric VanHalen (Co)NCAA West05/24
8:38.96-Brian Himelright (NCSt)Jordan Inv04/28
8:39.52*Alex Brill (Wi)NCAA West05/24
8:39.86Lyle Weese (unat)Portland06/08
8:40.87*Curtis Carr (BYU)NCAA06/07
**Isaac Spencer (TxAM)NCAA West05/24
8:41.63Carl Stones (adi)Oxy HP05/17
8:41.64-John Coyle (Web)NCAA West05/24
8:41.83***Mason Ferlic (Mi)NCAA East05/24
8:42.38*Mark Parrish (Fl)Florida R04/05
8:42.63-Michael Jordan (SnIn)Jordan Inv04/28
8:43.04-Dakota Peachee (HPt)NCAA06/07
8:43.70**Tabor Stevens (Adams)Portland06/08
8:43.71**Max Darrah (Gtn)NCAA06/05
8:44.17-Austin Bussing (Tx)Portland06/08
8:44.99**Caleb Hoover (NnAz)NCAA West05/24
8:45.28David Goodman (NED)Portland06/08
8:46.05-Trevor Van Ackeren (Tx)NCAA West05/24
8:46.07*Mike Hardy (Web)NCAA West05/24
8:46.19*Steve Flint (BYU)NCAA West05/24
8:46.52David Adams (adiRog)Texas R Univ03/28
8:46.58*Robby Nierman (In)NCAA06/05
8:47.10*Trevor Ricks (Web)Big Sky05/10
8:47.19-Dustin Betz (InSt)NCAA East05/24
8:47.44***Joshua Roche (In)NCAA East05/24
8:47.82*Collin Jarvis (Cal)Pac-1205/11
Foreign Collegians:
8:21.19**Anthony Rotich (UTEP-Ken)NCAA06/07
8:23.16-Henry Lelei (TxAM-Ken)NCAA06/07
8:24.45**Stanley Kebenei (Ar-Ken)NCAA06/07
8:34.42***Zak Seddon (FlSt-GB)Jordan Inv04/28
8:41.02-Tomas Cotter (Wich-Ger)NCAA West05/24
8:41.29*Mattias Wolter (Louis-Can)NCAA East05/24
8:42.22-Luis Orta (Ky-Ven)NCAA East05/24
8:42.70**Ole Hesselbjerg (EnKy-Den)NCAA06/05
8:43.73**Fabian Clarkson (OkSt-Ger)NCAA West05/24
8:46.20*Ieuan Thomas (WnCo-GB)Mt. SAC04/18

7:30.16iGalen Rupp (Nik)Stockholm02/21
7:33.67iRuppNew Bal GP02/02
7:34.71iBernard Lagat (Nik)Karlsruhe02/02
7:36.59Ben True (Sauc)Rieti IWC09/08
7:37.84iLagatMillrose G02/16
7:39.38Will Leer (Nik)Zagreb IWC09/03
7:39.98iEvan Jager (Nik)Millrose G02/16
7:40.02Andrew Bumbalough (Nik)Zagreb IWC09/03
7:40.04BumbaloughRieti IWC09/08
7:40.41iBumbaloughMillrose G02/16

8:09.49iBernard Lagat (Nik)Millrose G02/16
8:13.02iAndrew Bumbalough (Nik)Millrose G02/16
8:14.95iEvan Jager (Nik)Millrose G02/16
8:21.53iWill Leer (Nik)Millrose G02/16
8:37.26iRiley Masters (unat)Millrose G02/16
8:52.64iCraig Forys (NYAC)Millrose G02/16

12:58.99Bernard Lagat (Nik)Brussels DL09/06
13:01.37Galen Rupp (Nik)Brussels DL09/06
13:02.40Evan Jager (Nik)Brussels DL09/06
13:05.17RuppMonaco DL07/19
13:07.00iLopez Lomong (Nik)Columbia LC03/01
13:07.76LagatEugene DL06/01
13:08.04Chris Derrick (Nik)Brussels DL09/06
13:08.69RuppEugene DL06/01
13:09.04DerrickEugene DL06/01
13:09.53Dathan Ritzenhein (Nik)Eugene DL06/01
**10 performances by 6 performers**
13:11.59Ben True (Sauc)Heusden07/13
13:11.80Hassan Mead (OTC)Heusden07/13
13:12.01Andrew Bumbalough (Nik)Heusden07/13
13:14.22-Ryan Hill (NCSt)Heusden07/13
13:18.42Dan Huling (Nik)Jordan Inv04/28
13:18.57*Eric Jenkins (NEn)Jordan Inv04/28
13:20.01Garrett Heath (Sauc)Jordan Inv04/28
13:21.55Will Leer (Nik)Mt. SAC04/19
13:22.37Aaron Braun (adi)Oxy HP05/17
13:23.62Chris Solinsky (Nik)Jordan Inv04/28
13:24.15Bobby Curtis (Hans)Oxy HP05/17
13:27.60Elliott Heath (Nik)Heusden07/13
13:27.93-Maverick Darling (Wi)Heusden07/13
13:29.08Jeff See (Sauc)Jordan Inv04/28
13:29.55George Alex (unat)Jordan Inv04/28
13:30.79Ben Bruce (adi)Mt. SAC04/19
13:31.56Sean Quigley (BouTC)Mt. SAC04/19
13:31.70*Parker Stinson (Or)Jordan Inv04/28
13:31.88Luke Puskedra (Nik)Oxy HP05/17
13:33.03Andrew Poore (adi)Stanford Inv03/29
13:33.13Joe Stilin (unat)Oxy HP05/17
13:34.30-Elliot Krause (Wi)Mt. SAC04/19
13:34.82-Andrew Bayer (In)Stanford Inv03/29
13:35.46iMatt Tegenkamp (Nik)Columbia LC03/01
13:35.51Craig Miller (NBal)Stanford Inv03/29
13:36.79Bolota Asmerom (unat)Mt. SAC04/19
13:37.03*Jared Ward (BYU)Mt. SAC04/19
13:37.68Alan Webb (Nik)Jordan Inv04/28
13:37.93Forest Braden (unat)Oxy HP05/17
13:38.57i-Kevin Williams (Ok)Husky Cl02/08
13:39.35i***Jeramy Elkaim (Or)Husky Cl02/08
13:40.28i-Girma Mecheso (OkSt)NCAA Ind03/08
13:41.45Andy Wacker (BRC)Mt. SAC04/19
13:41.69Stephen Furst (adi)Oxy HP05/17
Foreign Collegians:
13:00.95*Lawi Lalang (Az-Ken)Monaco DL07/19
13:15.33-Diego Estrada (NnAz-Mex)Jordan Inv04/28
13:25.38i-Kennedy Kithuka (TxT-Ken)NCAA Ind03/08
13:29.94*Luke Caldwell (NM-GB)Jordan Inv04/28
13:32.82*Kemoy Campbell (Ar-Jam)Stanford Inv03/29
13:34.84**Anthony Rotich (UTEP-Ken)Stanford Inv03/29
13:36.27*Paul Chelimo (UNCG-Ken)Jordan Inv04/28
13:38.57i-Shadrack Kipchirchir (OkSt-Ken)Husky Cl02/08
13:40.43i*Mo Ahmed (Wi-Can)Husky Cl02/08

10,000 METERS
27:24.39Galen Rupp (Nik)World Ch08/10
27:37.90Dathan Ritzenhein (Nik)World Ch08/10
27:44.05Ryan Vail (Brk)Jordan Inv04/28
27:44.58Aaron Braun (adi)Jordan Inv04/28
27:50.78Sean Quigley (BouTC)Jordan Inv04/28
27:52.38-Girma Mecheso (OkSt)Jordan Inv04/28
27:56.78Andrew Bumbalough (Nik)Jordan Inv04/28
27:59.22Christo Landry (Miz)Jordan Inv04/28
28:04.54Chris Derrick (Nik)World Ch08/10
28:30.35-John Gilbertson (TMas)Stanford Inv03/29
**10 performances by 10 performers**
28:31.14Bobby Mack (Reeb)Jordan Inv04/28
28:34.71*Parker Stinson (Or)Stanford Inv03/29
28:36.15*Jared Ward (BYU)Stanford Inv03/29
28:37.46Zachary Hine (Hud)Jordan Inv04/28
28:38.16Stephen Furst (adi)Jordan Inv04/28
28:39.95Robert Cheseret (USAr)Jordan Inv04/28
28:51.97Aimon Scullion (TOh)Portland06/07
28:52.77-Michael Fout (FlSt)Jordan Inv04/28
28:52.81Andy Wacker (BRC)Stanford Inv03/29
28:53.54Kevin Castille (unat)Jordan Inv04/28
28:54.29Joseph Chirlee (unat)Jordan Inv04/28
28:56.28Chris Barnicle (unat)Jordan Inv04/28
28:56.92*Solomon Haile (Ar)Stanford Inv03/29
28:58.92-Gabriel Proctor (WnCo)Mt. SAC04/18
28:59.29*Tylor Thatcher (BYU)Stanford Inv03/29
29:03.33-Mike Murphy (Col)Stanford Inv03/29
29:03.45Craig Curley (Miz)Mt. SAC R Inv04/18
29:04.06Joseph Gray (ScottS)Stanford Inv03/29
29:04.56Tyler Pennel (Zap)Stanford Jordan Inv04/28
29:06.14*Erik Olson (Stan)Stanford Inv03/29
29:06.29Jake Riley (Hans)Stanford Jordan Inv04/28
29:07.26Ben True (Sauc)USATF06/20
29:07.76-Jeff Veiga (MaL)Penn R Univ04/25
29:08.04*Nate Jewkes (SnUt)Mt. SAC R Inv04/18
29:08.32***Jimmy Clark (Fl)Stanford Inv03/29
29:09.19Jim Spisak (unat)Penn R Open04/25
29:11.37-William Jones (FrancOh)Lewisburg04/14
29:12.84-Kevin Schwab (Ok)Big 1205/03
29:13.80*Maksim Korolev (Harv)Stanford Inv03/29
29:14.21*Martin Grady (NDm)Stanford Inv03/29
Foreign Collegians:
28:14.63*Lawi Lalang (Az-Ken)Pac-1205/11
28:52.73-Diego Estrada (NnAz-Mex)Stanford Inv03/29
28:55.55***Ernest Kibet (Louis-Ken)Stanford Inv03/29
28:57.44-Breandan O’Neill (FlSt-Ire)Stanford Inv03/29
28:58.22-Glarius Rop (AmU-Ken)Penn R Univ04/25
29:01.44-Joseph Chebet (WnKy-Uga)Mt. SAC R Inv04/18
29:03.19***Michael Biwott (AmU-Ken)Penn R Univ04/25
29:04.01-Pardon Ndhlovu (UNCP-Zim)Penn R Univ04/25

13.00David Oliver (Nik)World Ch08/12
13.03OliverLausanne DL07/04
13.05OliverWorld Ch08/11
13.08Ryan Wilson (unat)USATF06/23
13.09Aries Merritt (Nik)Paris DL07/06
13.10OliverEugene DL06/01
13.12OliverZürich DL08/29
13.13OliverParis DL07/06
13.13WilsonWorld Ch08/12
**10 performances by 3 performers**
13.20Jason Richardson (Nik)Lausanne DL07/04
13.25Antwon Hicks (TruFit)Kingston IWC05/04
13.30David Payne (unat)Lausanne DL07/04
13.35Omo Osaghae (adi)Sotteville07/08
Jeff Porter (Nik)Eugene DL06/01
13.38Devon Hill (SFlEl)Montverde06/08
13.40-Spencer Adams (Clem)Auburn Inv04/06
13.42Kevin Craddock (Nik)Budapest07/10
13.43-Ray Stewart (Cal)Pac-1205/12
13.44Dominic Berger (adi)Colts Neck06/08
Ryan Fontenot (unat)TxSt Bobcat Cl04/27
13.47**Johnathan Cabral (Or)NCAA West05/25
13.48Barrett Nugent (unat)Birmingham DL06/30
13.49-Terrence Somerville (Cinc)NCAA East05/25
13.50Ty Akins (unat)Lignano07/16
13.51Joel Brown (adi)Bellinzona06/11
Johnny Dutch (Nik)Coral Gables03/16
13.53Fred Townsend (unat)Sundsvall07/28
13.57Malcolm Anderson (TruFit)Montverde06/08
13.59*Vanier Joseph (Il)Drake R Univ04/27
13.61Ronald Brookins (unat)San Diego Imperial C06/09
13.62(A)Brendan Ames (unat)Colorado Springs05/03
13.64Ashton Eaton (OTC)Sam Adams Multis04/06
**Donald Pollitt (Syr)IC4A05/12
13.65Gerkenz Senesca (Shore)Florida R04/05
13.66-Keith Hayes (Ky)NCAA East05/25
13.67Chris Thomas (unat)USATFNY Twi 205/30
13.69*Aleec Harris (USC)USC-UCLA04/27
*Brandon Winters (Pur)NCAA East05/25
13.70-Tré Lathan (Ok)Big 1205/05
13.71Jarret Eaton (SyrE)Ithaca04/28
13.72-Marcus Maxey (Clem)NCAA East05/25
Logan Taylor (PyrA)San Diego Imperial C06/09
13.73Drew Brunson (unat)Clemson05/04
13.76-Jordan Mullen (Ia)Big 1005/12
13.77Adams Abdulrazaaq (unat)Va Chall05/11
-Ethan Holmes (Ia)Jim Click04/06
Foreign Collegians:
13.38*Wayne Davis (TxAM-Tri)World Ch08/11
13.39*Eddie Lovett (Fl-VI)NCAA East05/25
13.48*Greggmar Swift (InSt-Bar)Bar Ch06/23
13.63-Keith Nkrumah (Norf-Gha)NCAA East05/25
13.66(A)-Sabiel Anderson (Linc-Jam)NCAA II05/25
13.70*Moussa Dembele (StA-Sen)USATF Clubs06/29
13.71-Ackeem Smith (MdES-Jam)NCAA East05/25
CabralTexas R Univ03/30
13.37A. EatonMt. SAC04/20
SomervilleNCAA East05/24
13.44J. BrownNaimette-X07/10
13.51-Keiron Stewart’ (Tx-Jam)Texas R Univ03/30
13.55*Trevor Brown (CoSt)NCAA06/06
HarrisMt. SAC R Open04/20
13.60Terrence Trammell (unat)USATF06/22
13.67Maxey (Clem)ACC04/19
13.68LathanAr McDonnell Inv04/13
13.69-Caleb Cross (Ar)Ar McDonnell Inv04/13
Lawson Montgomery (Shocker)Emporia05/11
13.72(A)-Andre Collins’ (JCS-Jam)NCAA II05/24
Keith Hopkins (WildcTC)Emporia05/11
Demetrius Lindo (unat)Mt. SAC R Open04/20
13.75(A)*Ty’reak Murray (StA)NCAA II05/24
13.76(A)*Darius Reed (MetSt)NCAA II05/24
13.77***Trey Holloway (Hamp)NCAA East05/24

47.70Michael Tinsley (adi)World Ch08/15
47.98TinsleyLondon DL07/27
48.02Johnny Dutch (Nik)Ponce IWC05/18
48.06Kerron Clement (Nik)USATF06/22
48.09Bershawn Jackson (Nik)USATF06/22
48.20DutchMonaco DL07/19
48.21ClementWorld Ch08/13
48.31DutchRome DL06/06
TinsleyWorld Ch08/13
**11 performances by 4 performers**
48.46Justin Gaymon (unat)London DL07/27
48.58-Reggie Wyatt (USC)NCAA06/07
49.14Jeshua Anderson (Nik)Mt. SAC04/20
49.19**Michael Stigler (Ks)NCAA06/07
49.32-Steven White (NTx)NCAA06/07
49.37*Ali Arastu (Mi)NCAA06/07
49.57*Miles Ukaoma (Nb)NCAA06/07
49.75Reuben McCoy (unat)Atlanta05/17
49.88Adam Durham (unat)USATF06/21
50.11*Jordin Andrade (Boise)Mtn West05/11
50.14-Caleb Cross (Ar)NCAA West05/24
50.24Keyunta Hayes (unat)USATF06/21
50.25Marlon Humphrey (AlHS)NBal HS06/16
50.35-Isaiah Gill (TxT)NCAA West05/24
50.41Alvin Miles (ExecTC)USATF06/21
50.46LaRon Bennett (unat)Atlanta05/17
50.50**Johnathan Cabral (Or)Pac-1205/12
**Gregory Coleman (TxAM)NCAA West05/24
50.51-Ethan Holmes (Ia)NCAA West05/24
50.54***Cam Viney (Il)NCAA West05/24
50.56***Scottie Hearns (MsSt)SEC05/12
50.60**Drew Branch (Ga)Spec Towns Inv04/13
50.61Timothy Holmes (FlHS)NBal HS06/16
50.66***Eric Futch (Hous)NCAA West05/24
50.74Eric Cray (unat)Florida R04/05
*Joshua Smith (UTSA)NCAA West05/24
50.75*Yusuf Muhammad (LaT)WAC Ch05/11
(A)***Khallifah Rosser (Chaf)Pan-Am Jr08/24
50.77-Slater Ezell (Azusa)Azusa04/19
-Jibri Victorian (Copp)MEAC05/04
50.78(A)-Daniel Ross (VaSt)NCAA II05/23
50.80**Jovan Davis (SPl)Lubbock04/06
50.94Phillip Adams (unat)Spec Towns Inv04/13
51.01Byron Robinson (VaHS)NBal HS06/16
51.02-Austin Hollimon (Prin)NCAA East05/24
51.03***Rilwan Alowonle (NC)NCAA East05/23
Foreign Collegians:
49.39-Jeffery Gibson (ORU-Bah)NCAA06/07
49.49(A)-Sabiel Anderson (Linc-Jam)NCAA II05/25
49.86(A)*Seth Mbow (StA-Sen)NCAA II05/25
50.16*Jodi-Rae Blackwood (Nb-Jam)NCAA West05/24
50.78*André Peart (Pur-Jam)Big 1005/11

61:10Dathan Ritzenhein (Nik)New York03/17
61:17Mohamed Trafeh (Nik)USATF HMar Ch06/22
61:22Meb Keflezighi (Skech)USATF HMar Ch06/22
61:51Jason Hartmann (unat)New York03/17
62:11KeflezighiSan Diego06/02
**5 performances by 4 performers**
62:23Shadrack Biwott (SRA)Houston01/13
62:29Timothy Ritchie (BAA)USATF HMar Ch06/22
62:32Josphat Boit (MamTC)USATF HMar Ch06/22
Luke Puskedra (Nik)Houston01/13
62:33Bernard Lagat (Nik)New York03/17
62:34Abdi Abdirahman (Nik)New York03/17
62:46Ryan Vail (Brk)San José10/06
62:52Aaron Braun (adi)Houston01/13
63:10Bobby Mack (Rbk)USATF HMar Ch06/22
63:13Ian Burrell (BouRC)USATF HMar Ch06/22
Scott Wietecha (unat)USATF HMar Ch06/22
63:14Fernando Cabada (unat)San José10/06
63:15Chris Barnicle (unat)USATF HMar Ch06/22
63:16Tyler McCandless (Miz)USATF HMar Ch06/22
63:17Sergio Reyes (Asics)USATF HMar Ch06/22
63:19Juan Carlos Trujillo (BowAC)USATF HMar Ch06/22
63:26Andy Wacker (BRC)USATF HMar Ch06/22
63:35Brendan Gregg (unat)Richmond11/16
63:39Ahmed Osman (unat)USATF HMar Ch06/22
63:40Mike Sayenko (Brk)USATF HMar Ch06/22
63:41Jeffrey Eggleston (MaraG)Boston10/13
63:45Ricky Flynn (unat)USATF HMar Ch06/22
63:58Ben Bruce (adi)Monterey11/17
Zach Hine (Miz)USATF HMar Ch06/22
64:02Craig Leon (Miz)USATF HMar Ch06/22
64:06Joe Moore (TC)USATF HMar Ch06/22
64:09Josh Eberly (Brk)USATF HMar Ch06/22
Dan Kremske (unat)USATF HMar Ch06/22
64:10Ryan Hall (Asics)San José05/26
64:13Danny Mercado (TRE)USATF HMar Ch06/22
64:15Andrew Carlson (BRC)USATF HMar Ch06/22
64:17Dustin Emerick (Hans)Richmond11/16
64:27Stephen Furst (adi)Monterey11/17
64:28Scott MacPherson (adiR)Indianapolis11/02
Gabe Proctor (unat)San José10/06
Max Storms (unat)Indianapolis11/02

2:09:45Dathan Ritzenhein (Nik)Chicago10/13
2:12:12dJason Hartmann (Nik)Boston04/15
2:12:28Matt Tegenkamp (Nik)Chicago10/13
2:13:11Nick Arciniaga (adi)USATF Ch10/06
2:13:14Josphat Boit (MamTC)USATF Ch10/06
2:13:23Ryan Vail (Brk)New York11/03
2:13:24Bobby Curtis (Hans)Fukuoka12/01
2:13:26Shadrack Biwott (SRA)USATF Ch10/06
2:13:34Sergio Reyes (Asics)USATF Ch10/06
2:13:52Craig Leon (Miz)Chicago10/13
**10 performances by 10 performers**
2:13:53Michael Reneau (Brk)Duluth06/22
2:14:23Jeff Eggleston (MaraG)World Ch08/17
2:14:30dDaniel Tapia (SRA)Boston04/15
2:14:44Christo Landry (Miz)USATF Ch10/06
2:14:50Timothy Ritchie (BAA)USATF Ch10/06
2:15:01Mike Morgan (HansB)Chicago10/13
2:15:09Jake Schmitt (BATC)USATF Ch10/06
2:15:16Craig Curley (Miz)USATF Ch10/06
2:15:18Fidele Jefferson (Az)Chicago10/13
2:15:44Jameson Mora (Asics)Duluth06/22
2:15:49Malcolm Richards (WVal)USATF Ch10/06
2:15:56dBryant Jensen (unat)St. George10/05
2:16:02Scott MacPherson (adiR)USATF Ch10/06
2:16:04Scott Smith (Ok)CIM12/08
2:16:05Patrick Rizzo (Hud)London04/21
2:16:10Abdelaaziz Atmani (unat)USATF Ch10/06
2:16:17*Jared Ward (BYU)Chicago10/13
2:16:46Tyler McCandless (Miz)USATF Ch10/06
2:17:05dCarlos Carballo (unat)Boston04/15
2:17:16Andrew Carlson (Brk)Houston01/13
2:17:23Drew Polley (Wa)CIM12/08
2:17:26Ethan Shaw (HansB)USATF Ch10/06
2:17:43Matt DeWald (Co)Duluth06/22
2:17:45Sean Quigley (Puma)Chicago10/13
2:17:48Juan Carlos Trujillo (BowAC)Fukuoka12/01
2:17:49Chris Zablocki (unat)Virginia Beach03/17
2:18:11Josh Eberly (Brk)USATF Ch10/06
2:18:14Brandon Mull (unat)Chicago10/13
2:18:15Aissa Dghoughi (Or)CIM12/08
2:18:22Sean Brown (BRC)USATF Ch10/06

10km WALK
42:39.44Nick Christie (MoBap)Penn R Open04/27

1:25:28Patrick Stroupe (KCS)Pan Am Cup Trials03/17
1:28:03Tim Seaman (NYAC)Pan Am Cup Trials03/17
1:28:36Nick Christie (MoBap)Hazlewood10/27
1:29:00Alejandro Chavez (MoBap)Pan Am Cup Trials03/17
1:31:01.7John Nunn (USAr)USATF06/23
1:31:06StroupePan Am Walk Cup05/25
**10 performances by 5 performers**
1:34:10Michael Mannozzi (Shore)Pan Am Cup Trials03/17
1:34:20Dan Serianni (WCRW)Pan Am Cup Trials03/17
1:36:38.9John Cody Risch (Corner)USATF06/23
1:40:29Mike Nemeth (WOM)Dayton05/05
1:40:37Jonathan Hallman (Shore)Pan Am Cup Trials03/17
1:41:27Dave Talcott (Shore)Naumburg04/28
1:41:53Joel Pfahler (MiaV)Dayton05/05
1:42:40Ian Whatley (WCRW)Pan Am Cup Trials03/17
1:45:36Pablo Gomez (unat)Pan Am Cup Trials03/17
1:46:16.1Matthew De Witt (ParkA)USATF06/23
1:49:39.6Nathan Vanderwall (Corner)USATF06/23
1:56:02.1David Swarts (PegAC)USATF06/23

4:25:06Patrick Stroupe (unat)USATF Ch11/24
4:34:55John Nunn (USAr)World Ch08/14
5:00:26Dave Talcott (Shore)USATF Ch11/24
5:02:09Ian Whatley (unat)USATF Ch11/24
5:14:46Ray Sharp (unat)USATF Ch11/24
**5 performances by 5 performers**
5:25:49Mike Mannozzi (unat)USATF Ch11/24
5:59:42Pablo Gomez (ChiW)USATF Ch11/24

4 x 100
37.58United States RedMonaco DL07/19
37.66National TeamWorld Ch08/18
38.06National TeamWorld Ch08/18
38.26Team USA RedPenn R Open04/27
United States BlueMonaco DL07/19
38.36Stratton SprintTexas R Inv03/30
38.52Gainesville EliteFlorida R04/06
38.59Star AthleticsFlorida R04/06
**10 performances by 9 teams**
38.64Texas A&MTexas R Univ03/30
38.70Pure AthleticsGainesville04/20
38.91(A)St. Augustine’sNCAA II05/25
38.93HSI InternationalMt. SAC04/20
S SpeedArlington03/22
38.94Team USA BluePenn R Open04/27
38.99Just USATexas R Inv03/30
39.14Florida StateNCAA06/05
39.16South PlainsTexas Tech Open04/25
Tiger OlympiansLSU Alumni Gold04/20
39.17(A)USA JuniorsPan-Am Jr08/25
39.33IllinoisDrake R Univ04/27
39.35Green & Gold EliteTexas R Inv03/30
39.40Arizona StateAz-AzSt-NnAz04/27
39.56Westwood All-StarsUCLA-LSU-TCU04/06
39.57Northwestern LouisianaNCAA06/05
39.58(A)Grand CanyonNCAA II05/25
TennesseeNCAA East05/25
39.59NebraskaNCAA West05/25
39.68BaylorNCAA West05/25
39.69MississippiDrake R Univ04/27
New Era Sprint ClubLubbock04/06
39.71Louisiana TechNCAA East05/25
39.72Ohio StateJim Click04/06
Zenith Velocity ACPenn R Open B04/26

4 x 200
1:20.75Texas A&MPenn R Univ04/27
1:20.78Texas A&MTexas R Univ03/30
1:21.51St. Augustine’sPenn R Univ04/27
1:21.76Texas A&MPenn R Univ04/26
1:22.17Zenith Velocity ACFlorida R04/06
**5 performances by 3 teams**
1:22.22Star AthleticsFlorida R04/06
1:22.68South Carolina StateOrangeburg03/23
1:23.101980sGeorgia R03/16
1:23.26GramblingTxSn R03/16
1:23.35Northwestern LouisianaTexas R Univ03/30
1:23.36G.W. Express-NikeRaleigh R03/30
1:23.38Middle TennesseePenn R Univ04/27
1:23.41North Carolina A&TOrangeburg03/23
1:23.62Fort Valley StateOrangeburg03/23
1:23.65Savannah StatePenn R Univ04/27
1:23.77PittPenn R Univ04/27
1:23.82South CarolinaPenn R Univ04/27
1:23.85PurdueDrake R Univ04/26

4 x 400
2:58.71National TeamWorld Ch08/16
2:59.85National TeamWorld Ch08/15
3:00.91Team USA RedPenn R Open04/27
3:01.93San Antonio EliteTexas R Inv03/30
3:02.21Green & Gold EliteTexas R Inv03/30
3:02.38Texas A&MNCAA06/06
3:02.52Texas A&MPenn R Univ04/27
3:02.55Texas A&MNCAA West05/25
**10 performances by 6 teams**
3:02.64Team USA BluePenn R Open04/27
3:02.80adidasFlorida R04/06
3:03.79NebraskaDrake R Univ04/27
3:03.90BaylorTexas R Univ03/30
3:03.96St. Augustine’sPenn R Univ04/27
3:04.16PittPenn R Univ04/27
3:04.46IllinoisDrake R Univ04/27
3:04.93KansasNCAA West05/25
3:05.13iFlorida StateNCAA Ind03/09
3:05.15Mississippi StatePenn R Univ04/26
3:05.66G.W. Express-NikeRaleigh R03/30
3:05.85(A)AshlandNCAA II05/24
3:05.87Notre DameDrake R Univ04/27
3:05.93South PlainsJUCO Ch05/18
3:06.04AlabamaDrake R Univ04/27
3:06.09Western KentuckyMt. SAC04/20
3:06.12Arizona StateSun Angel Cl04/06
MinnesotaNCAA West05/25
3:06.15OklahomaNCAA West05/25
3:06.18(A)Virginia StateNCAA II05/24
3:06.21Penn StatePenn R Univ04/27
3:06.26PrincetonPenn R Univ04/27
3:06.43Texas TechMt. SAC04/20
3:06.57(A)USA JuniorsPan-Am Jr08/25
3:06.64Kansas StateMt. SAC04/20
3:06.68Middle TennesseeSun Belt05/12
Stephen F. AustinTexas R Univ03/30
3:06.88UTEPNCAA West05/25
3:07.04(A)Southern ConnecticutNCAA II05/25
3:07.07Ohio StateNCAA East05/25

4 x 800
7:14.14Penn StatePenn R Univ04/27
7:17.37VillanovaPenn R Univ04/27
7:20.63Georgia TechPenn R Univ04/27
7:20.97DukePenn R Univ04/27
7:21.37iPenn StateMillrose G02/16
**5 performances by 4 teams**
7:21.62PrincetonPenn R Univ04/27
7:22.41FloridaFlorida R04/06
7:22.53KentuckyPenn R Univ04/27
7:23.51BrownPenn R Univ04/27
7:25.30St. Augustine’sFlorida R04/06
7:26.33MorningsideNAIA Ch05/25
7:26.49MinnesotaDrake R Univ04/26
7:27.60La SallePenn R Univ04/27
7:27.66iConnecticutIC4A Ind03/03

4 x 1500
15:35.83WisconsinSea Ray R04/13

4 x 1600
16:42.89Notre DameDrake R Univ04/25

4 x MILE
16:17.57OregonPenn R Univ04/27
16:18.29IndianaPenn R Univ04/27
16:18.53VillanovaPenn R Univ04/27
16:19.72Penn StatePenn R Univ04/27
16:20.35YalePenn R Univ04/27
**5 performances by 5 teams**
16:21.53ColumbiaPenn R Univ04/27
16:24.43GeorgetownPenn R Univ04/27
16:37.52DukePenn R Univ04/27
16:41.21DartmouthPenn R Univ04/27
16:48.71+Notre DameDrake R Univ04/25

3:17.41LoyolaFlorida R04/06
3:17.72GeorgiaDrake R Univ04/27
3:18.09Mississippi StateTexas R Univ03/29
3:18.30LoyolaDrake R Univ04/27
3:18.32Mississippi StatePenn R Univ04/26
**5 performances by 3 teams**
3:18.36St. Augustine’sFlorida R04/06
3:18.52Penn StatePenn R Univ04/26
3:18.57IllinoisDrake R Univ04/27
3:18.85Texas A&MTexas R Univ03/29
3:18.97G.W.Express-NikeFlorida R04/06
3:19.08PurdueDrake R Univ04/27
3:19.70AlabamaDrake R Univ04/27
3:20.26TennesseePenn R Univ04/26
3:20.63South PlainsTexas R Coll03/29
3:20.99Southern ConnecticutRaleigh R03/29
3:21.45KentuckyPenn R Univ04/26
3:21.70PittPenn R Univ04/26
3:22.34Sam Houston StateTexas R Univ03/29
3:22.44Oklahoma BaptistDrake R Coll04/27
3:22.48Western KentuckyPenn R Univ04/26
3:22.64UNC-WilmingtonFlorida R04/06
3:22.87Maryland-Eastern ShorePenn R Univ04/26
3:23.01East CarolinaPenn R Univ04/26
3:23.30Rhode IslandPenn R Univ04/26
3:23.35MinnesotaDrake R Univ04/27
3:23.47IndianaAlabama R03/23
3:23.74GramblingTxSn R03/15
Kent StatePenn R Univ04/26

9:18.21Team USA RedPenn R Open04/27
9:19.33Team USA BluePenn R Open04/27
9:24.68Penn StatePenn R Univ04/26
9:26.60iPenn StateNotre Dame LC03/01
9:26.80VillanovaPenn R Univ04/26
**5 performances by 4 teams**
9:27.09OregonPenn R Univ04/26
9:27.74iPrincetonNotre Dame LC03/01
9:28.25iStanfordNotre Dame LC03/01
9:28.38iOklahoma StateNotre Dame LC03/01
9:29.02IndianaPenn R Univ04/26
9:29.22iMinnesotaNotre Dame LC03/01
9:29.40iIllinoisNotre Dame LC03/01
9:29.44iOklahomaNotre Dame LC03/01
9:30.22iArkansasNotre Dame LC03/01
9:30.83iVirginia TechNotre Dame LC03/01
9:31.23iVirginiaNotre Dame LC03/01
9:31.43iWisconsinNotre Dame LC03/01
9:31.71iNebraskaNotre Dame LC03/01
9:31.82iTexasRazorback Inv01/25
9:33.40iGeorgetownNotre Dame LC03/01
9:33.53iBrownNotre Dame LC03/01
9:34.51iAir ForceNotre Dame LC03/01
9:35.36iUCLANotre Dame LC03/01
9:36.98iNew MexicoNotre Dame LC03/01
9:38.07La SallePenn R Univ04/26
9:38.49iIndiana AlumsHoosier Hills02/08
9:38.64ColumbiaPenn R Univ04/26
9:38.89iKansasNotre Dame LC03/01
9:39.19KentuckyPenn R Univ04/26

4 x 110H
54.23Star AthleticsFlorida R04/06
54.36Brooks BeastFlorida R04/06
56.31+Executives TCPenn R Open04/26
56.56Wisconsin-MilwaukeeDrake R Univ04/27
56.63Indiana StateDrake R Univ04/27
**5 performances by 5 teams**
57.37Eastern IllinoisDrake R Univ04/27
57.87+ArmyPenn R Open04/26
58.22+Savannah StatePenn R Univ04/26
58.63Iowa StateDrake R Univ04/27
58.74North Dakota StateDrake R Univ04/27
58.93+Western CarolinaPenn R Univ04/26
59.38Sacramento StateMt. SAC R Open04/20
59.43Emporia StateDrake R Univ04/27
59.58+IndianaPenn R Univ04/26
59.59UNC-WilmingtonFlorida R04/06
59.77Kennesaw StateFlorida R04/06
59.99Northern IowaDrake R Univ04/27

2.377-9¼-Erik Kynard (KsSt)Lausanne DL07/04
2.367-8¾KynardEugene DL06/01
KynardLondon DL07/26
2.34i7-8Dusty Jonas (Nik)Sevigne Inv02/02
KynardMt. SAC04/20
KynardBirmingham DL06/30
Kynard !London DL07/26
7-7¾Kynard !Eugene DL06/01
7-7¾Kynard !Lausanne DL07/04
**10 performances by 2 performers**
2.317-7Jesse Williams (OTC)Mt. SAC04/20
2.29i7-6*Marcus Jackson (MsSt)NCAA Ind03/09
i-Ricky Robertson (Ms)ArSt Inv01/25
2.287-5¾Keith Moffatt (unat)Nassau04/13
Nick Ross (unat)SoCal USATF06/01
2.27i7-5¼*Montez Blair (Corn)Ithaca01/19
i*James White (Nb)Lincoln01/12
2.26i7-5-Ronnie Black (VaT)NCAA Ind03/09
i-Geoff Davis (Pur)Boilermaker02/16
i*James Harris (FlSt)Notre Dame LC03/02
**Jeron Robinson (AMK)Kingsville04/13
i**Torian Ware (Clem)Clemson01/11
iEd Wright (unat)Clemson01/11
2.257-4½Donté Nall (unat)Hilversum07/07
i-Jeremy Taiwo (Wa)Nampa02/08
2.247-4¼Jeffery Herron (unat)Ames06/11
iGarrett Huyler (unat)Ithaca12/07
i-Kris Kornegay-Gober (NCSt)Hokie Inv01/26
*Anthony May (Ar)NCAA06/07
2.23i7-3¾Justin Frick (Shore)Princeton02/16
-Jon Hill (Md)ACC04/20
i*Bryan McBride (AzSt)NCAA Ind03/09
i*Briar Ploude (Emp)Lawrence01/25
2.22i7-3¼*Tanner Anderson (Duke)VaTech Chall02/16
**Alexander Bowen (Alb)Binghamton05/05
Randall Cunningham (NvHS)Nevada HS State05/18
*Edward Dudley (LErie)Louisville Twi05/10
*Jon Hendershot (PennSt)University Park05/03
i**Deante Kemper (NnAz)Albuquerque02/08
i-Jules Sharpe (Stan)Albuquerque02/08
2.217-3Logan Brittain (TxHS)Canyon03/02
i*Nick Ridge (Cal)Mtn Pac Ind02/23
*DJ Smith (Aub)Texas R Univ03/30
Hoova Taylor (NRD)Richmond03/30
i-Corey Thomas (Stoneh)Donahue G01/25
2.207-2½Brian Carmichael (unat)Cal Hamilton Inv04/27
**Jacorian Duffield (TxT)NCAA06/07
***Wally Ellenson (Mn)NCAA06/07
-Mitchell Haag (UCSB)Cal-Nevada Ch03/30
**Mark Jones (Co)Pac-1205/12
*Maalik Reynolds (Penn)IC4A05/12
i**Zack Riley (KsSt)Lawrence01/11
Foreign Collegians:
2.387-9¾-Derek Drouin (In-Can)World Ch08/15
2.287-5¾-Edgar Rivera (Az-Mex)Az-AzSt-NnAz04/27
2.207-2½*Mohamed Koita (Man-Fra)Penn R Univ04/26

5.8319-1½Brad Walker (Nik)Sky Inv PV05/17
5.8219-1WalkerWorld Ch08/12
5.8119-¾**Sam Kendricks (Ms)Texas R Univ03/29
5.8019-¼WalkerChula Vista06/13
5.7818-11½WalkerMonaco DL07/19
5.7518-10¼Walker !World Ch08/12
5.7018-8¼-Michael Arnold (IdSt)Grand Rapids07/10
i**Andrew Irwin (Ar)NCAA Ind03/08
-Jack Whitt (ORU)Tulsa05/18
Walker !Sky Inv PV05/17
Walker !Monaco DL07/19

8.28i27-2**Marquis Dendy (Fl)NCAA Ind03/08
8.25i27-¾DendySEC Ind02/22
8.24i27-½Dendy !SEC Ind02/22
8.23i27-0Dendy !NCAA Ind03/08
8.22i26-11¾Dendy !SEC Ind02/22
8.2226-11¾*Jeff Henderson (Still)USATF06/23
8.1926-10½Ron Taylor (CVE)Chula Vista07/19
8.1726-9¾George Kitchens (unat)Chula Vista07/05
8.1526-9-Mike Hartfield (OhSt)Texas R Univ03/29
TaylorChula Vista07/05
**11 performances by 5 performers**
8.1326-8¼Tyron Stewart (CVE)Chula Vista06/06
8.1026-7Will Claye (Nik)Eugene DL05/31
8.09(A)26-6½**Jarvis Gotch (SPl)Levelland05/04
8.04i26-4½Jeremy Hicks (unat)Baton Rouge02/15
8.0126-3½Christian Taylor (LN)Zagreb IWC09/03
7.9526-1Dwight Phillips (Nik)World Ch08/14
7.9326-¼***Jarrion Lawson (Ar)NCAA West05/23
7.87i25-10-Jeff Artis-Gray (VaT)ACC Ind02/22
7.85i25-9¼*Japheth Cato (Wi)Big 10 Ind02/22
Reindell Cole (CVE)Mt. SAC04/20
*Aaron Hill (GCan)Irvine03/23
7.8325-8¼**Laderrick Ward (SnIlE)NCAA West05/23
7.8225-8*Ted Hooper (UCR)Big West05/10
i-Malcolm Pennix (Mo)SEC Ind02/23
7.8025-7¼**Marquise Cherry (SAC)Walnut03/02
Gunnar Nixon (unat)World Ch08/10
*Tyler Stepp (ETn)Sea Ray R04/13
7.79i25-6¾*Corey Crawford (Rut)Princeton12/07
Mikese Morse (unat)Seminole Inv04/12
7.7825-6¼-Neamen Wise (SFl)Big East05/04
7.7725-6**Jameel Abdul-Mateen (Clem)NCAA06/06
iTim Boeni (Shore)New York02/15
i**Blake Carter (SEMo)Cape Girardeau02/15
i-Jarrod Hutchen (SC)SEC Ind02/23
Cal Lane (unat)Cape Girardeau04/06
7.7625-5½Lutalo Boyce (unat)Bar Ch06/22
Randall Flimmons (unat)Nashville04/13
-Isaiah Sweeney (Hous)C-USA05/11
(A)Travonn White (AzHS)Great SW06/08
7.7425-4¾Ronald Brookins (unat)Chula Vista06/13
**Nicholas DiMartino (CSN)Big West05/10
Andre Jefferson (TxHS)Pan-Am Jr08/23
i-Stephan Scott-Ellis (WaSt)Mtn Pac Ind02/22
-Isaac Vazquez (WiLC)NCAA III05/23
7.7325-4½Ashton Eaton (OTC)World Ch08/10
Foreign Collegians:
8.2527-¾-Damar Forbes (LSU-Jam)Jam Ch06/22
8.0526-5**Stefan Brits (FlSt-SA)ACC04/19
7.95i26-1*Raymond Higgs (Ar-Bah)Ark-Tx01/11
7.87i25-10*Patrick Raedler (Nb-Ger)Big 10 Ind02/22
7.8625-9½*James McLachlan (LoyIl-GB)Mt. SAC R Open04/19
7.84i25-8¾*Kamal Fuller (Al-Jam)SEC Ind02/23
7.83i25-8¼***Mamadou Gueye (Monr-Sen)New York01/18
-Janis Leitis (Nb-Lat)Drake R Univ04/26
7.8225-8***Maicel Uibo (Ga-Est)Spec Towns Inv04/11
7.7725-6-Tarik Batchelor (Ar-Jam)Ar McDonnell Inv04/13
7.74i25-4¾-Brian Richards (LIUB-Can)New York02/23
8.3127-3¼HicksLSU Alumni Gold04/20
8.1826-10GotchTexas Tech Open04/25
8.1426-8½StewartChula Vista06/06
8.0726-5¾C. TaylorUSATF06/23
-Bryce Lamb (TxT)Big 1205/04
7.92(A)26-0JeffersonPan-Am Jr08/23
7.9125-11½*Hammed Suleman (Cal)Pac-1205/11
7.9025-11Batchelor’Ar McDonnell Inv04/13
7.8725-10BrookinsChula Vista06/13
7.8625-9½***Cameron Hudson (ECar)NCAA06/06
Leitis’Drake R Univ04/26
7.8525-9¼-Roscoe Robinson (UTSA)San Antonio03/29
7.8325-8¼*Jharyl Bowry’ (KsSt-Can)NCAA06/06
7.8125-7½*Curtis Beach (Duke)NCAA06/05
7.7725-6*Jamal Peden (SFA)Nacogdoches04/06

17.6657-11¼Christian Taylor (LN)Birmingham DL06/30
17.5257-5¾Will Claye (Nik)World Ch08/18
17.4757-3¾ClayeChula Vista07/05
17.4657-3½Claye !World Ch08/18
17.3857-¼Claye !World Ch08/18
17.3656-11½TaylorWorld Ch08/16
17.3356-10¼Claye !World Ch08/18
17.3256-10Claye !Chula Vista07/05
Taylor !Birmingham DL06/30
17.3056-9¼TaylorMonaco DL07/19
**10 performances by 2 performers**
17.2256-6Ryan Grinnell (unat)Chicago06/27
16.96i55-7¾-Bryce Lamb (TxT)NCAA Ind03/09
16.9255-6¼-Omar Craddock (Fl)NCAA06/08
16.7855-¾Chris Benard (CVE)San Diego Imperial C06/09
16.7755-¼Rafeeq Curry (Shore)USATF06/20
16.6954-9¼Chris Carter (unat)Beijing IWC05/21
16.59i(A)54-5¼Josh Honeycutt (PhoenE)USATF Ind03/03
16.50i54-1¾James Jenkins (StLB)Tyson Inv02/09
16.49(A)54-1¼***Tim White-Edwards (Cany)Pan-Am Jr08/25
16.2753-4½*Hammed Suleman (Cal)Texas R Univ03/29
16.25i53-3¾**Marquis Dendy (Fl)SEC Ind02/24
16.2153-2¼Nkosinza Balumbu (MVal)USATF06/20
16.19i53-1½Ethan Dejongh (unat)Fresno02/17
*Mark Jackson (UTEP)Drake R Univ04/27
16.18i53-1***Felix Obi (Bay)Big 12 Ind02/24
16.1753-¾-Floyd Ross (NM)USATF06/20
16.1653-¼Olu Olamigoke (unat)Bloomington05/03
16.1553-0*Dave Brown (TxAM)NCAA West05/25
16.1352-11-Marcus Smith (WiWh)Whitewater04/27
16.1152-10¼Rex Parker (unat)Chicago06/27
Marcus Robinson (unat)Stanford Inv03/30
16.1052-10***Matthew Oneal (SFl)LSU Alumni Gold04/20
16.06i52-8¼-Ricky Robertson (Ms)Auburn Inv01/19
i*Preston Woodard (PV)Notre Dame LC03/02
16.04i52-7½**Andre Dorsey (KennSt)Atl Sun Ind02/23
16.02i52-6¾*Anthony May (Ar)SEC Ind02/24
15.9952-5½***Carlton Lavong (Adams)Norwalk04/20
15.98(A)52-5¼*CJ Griggs (AMK)NCAA II05/25
15.97i52-4¾*Jason Harper (MsSt)Notre Dame LC03/02
iAlphonso Jordan (unat)Lexington01/26
15.9652-4½-Ryan Swafford (UCR)Big West05/11
15.9552-4*Edgar Panford (NnAz)NCAA West05/25
15.94(A)52-3¾Etron Moorer (unat)Levelland05/04
15.9252-2¾***Willie Alexander (LBSt)Big West05/11
15.9152-2½***Klyvens Delaunay (Ia)NCAA06/08
*Cordairo Golden (MTn)NCAA06/08
15.9052-2Jeremiah Green (FlHS)NBal HS06/15
15.89i52-1¾*Phillip Young (FlSt)Tyson Inv02/09
Foreign Collegians:
16.53i54-2¾-Tarik Batchelor (Ar-Jam)SEC Ind02/24
16.44i53-11¼***Latario Collie-Minns (IaWn-Bah)Sevigne Inv02/02
16.3553-7¾**Manuel Ziegler (Mem-Ger)NCAA06/08
16.2253-2¾-Cameron Parker (TCU-Bah)Big 1205/05
16.17i53-¾***Mamadou Gueye (Monr-Sen)New York City01/11
16.12i52-10¾-Janis Leitis (Nb-Lat)Sevigne Inv02/02
15.98i52-5¼**Jonathan Reid (Al-Can)NCAA Ind03/09
15.96i52-4½Ben Williams (Louis-GB)Bloomington12/13
15.93i52-3¼*Damon McLean (Prin-Jam)Heps Ind02/24
16.9255-6¼C. CarterUSATF06/20
Parker’Big 1205/05
16.0052-6GriggsLone Star05/04
***Elton Walcott’ (SPl-Tri)JUCO Ch05/18
15.9852-5¼Idiato Jeremiah (unat)Abilene05/08
McLean’Penn R Univ04/27
15.9452-3¾*Jonathan Gardner (GaT)Georgia R03/15
15.9252-2¾***Imani Brown (Al)NCAA06/08

22.2873-1¼Ryan Whiting (Nik)Doha DL05/10
22.03i72-3½WhitingZürich DL08/28
21.9972-1¾Whiting !Doha DL05/10
21.99i72-1¾Whiting !Zürich DL08/28
21.91i71-10¾Whiting !Zürich DL08/28
21.8871-9½WhitingLausanne DL07/04
21.80i71-6¼WhitingUSATF Ind03/03
21.7471-4WhitingKingston IWC05/04
21.7171-2¾Reese Hoffa (Nik)Drake R Inv04/27
**10 performances by 2 performers**
21.0969-2½**Ryan Crouser (Tx)Big 1205/05
Zack Lloyd (unat)USATF06/23
20.98i68-10Cory Martin (Nik)Bydgoszcz02/12
Kurt Roberts (unat)Tucson Cl I05/16
20.8268-3¾Joe Kovacs (Nik)Tucson Cl I05/16
20.59i67-6¾-Jordan Clarke (AzSt)Flagstaff01/12
20.5367-4¼*Paul Davis (McM)Abilene04/20
Russ Winger (Asics)Lisle06/08
20.29i66-7-Curt Jensen (IlSt)Charleston12/06
20.2266-4¼Jacob Thormaehlen (unat)TxSt Bobcat Cl04/27
20.13i66-½Christian Cantwell (Nik)Zürich DL08/28
Eric Werskey (CVE)Triton Inv04/27
20.12i66-¼-Mason Finley (Wy)Laramie12/06
iDerrick Vicars (unat)Kent01/12
20.05i65-9½-Richard Garrett (UTSA)WAC Ind02/22
20.02i65-8¼**Kole Weldon (TxT)NCAA Ind03/08
20.00i65-7½*Danny Block (Wi)NCAA Ind03/08
19.9965-7*Chris Reed (Mank)NCAA II05/25
19.89i65-3¼**Stephen Mozia (Corn)Ithaca01/19
19.86i65-2Luke Pinkelman (unat)Sevigne Inv02/02
19.63i64-5-Hayden Baillio (Tx)Big 12 Ind02/24
iRob Golabek (SyrC)Geneva01/26
19.59i64-3¼**Jonathan Jones (Buf)Mid-America Ind02/22
19.4963-11½**Willy Irwin (ConcOr)Mt. SAC04/20
19.4363-9**Nick Vena (Ga)NCAA East05/24
19.4263-8¾-Jon Arthur (SFA)Southland05/11
19.3163-4¼Bobby Grace (unat)Ashland04/27
19.25i63-2**Cody Riffle (Mi)Mich-Mich St01/26
19.16i62-10½-Jakob Engel (Pur)Iowa St LC03/02
19.1362-9¼**Darrell Hill (PennSt)University Park05/03
i*Caleb Whitener (Ga)SEC Ind02/24
19.1262-8¾**Matthew Hoty (Tn)Sea Ray R04/12
19.0562-6***Chukwuebuka Enekwechi (Pur)NCAA East05/24
19.01i62-4½-Travis Smith (UCR)Seattle01/26
19.0062-4Matt Dechant (unat)Toronto06/11
18.9562-2¼*Marcus Popenfoose (Aub)SEC05/11
18.9362-1¼-Cody Hunt (Chadr)Seward05/10
18.8961-11¾**Kevin Farley (SEMo)NCAA06/05
***Isaiah Simmons (Mia)ACC04/19
Foreign Collegians:
20.02i65-8¼*Bozidar Antunovic (UTA-Ser)WAC Ind02/22
19.70i64-7¾*Stephen Saenz (Aub-Mex)SEC Ind02/24
19.3963-7½*Chad Wright (Nb-Jam)Big 1005/12
19.0562-6***Ashinia Miller (Ga-Jam)Georgia R03/15

64.02210-0Lance Brooks (Nik)Claremont07/20
63.88209-7Brooks !Claremont07/20
63.59208-7Jarred Rome (Nik)Azusa05/11
63.57208-6RomeOxy Inv05/04
63.44208-2Casey Malone (unat)Claremont07/20
63.41208-0Rome !Oxy Inv05/04
63.29207-7Russ Winger (Asics)Claremont07/20
63.12207-1Mike Torie (RTC)Claremont06/01
**10 performances by 5 performers**
63.08206-11Jason Young (Nik)Abilene04/13
62.89206-4Jared Schuurmans (WTA)Portland06/02
62.88206-3**Rodney Brown (LSU)Texas R Univ03/30
62.78206-0*Andrew Evans (Ky)NCAA06/07
62.76205-11-James Plummer (Rut)USATF Clubs06/29
62.63205-5Luke Bryant (unat)Triton Inv04/25
62.48205-0Mason Finley (unat)Laramie05/03
62.00203-5-Carter Comito (Whitw)Spokane04/06
61.24200-11Chase Madison (unat)Rock Island05/17
61.17200-8Nick Jones (unat)Abilene05/08
61.13200-6**Stephen Mozia (Corn)USATF Clubs06/29
61.07200-4*Danny Block (Wi)Triton Inv04/25
60.98200-1Bryan Powlen (GBTC)USATF Clubs06/29
60.21197-6Bo Taylor (unat)Chula Vista06/13
59.95196-8**Dalton Rowan (TxAM)TxSt Bobcat Cl04/26
59.93196-7-John Talbert (PittSt)NCAA II05/24
59.86196-5Nate Moses (unat)Norwalk04/20
59.80196-2**Gabe Hull (Ia)Macomb04/13
59.78196-1**Antonio James (MiSt)Owens Cl04/19
59.51195-3**Tavis Bailey (Tn)Starkville03/23
59.28194-6**Ryan Crouser (Tx)Texas R Univ03/30
59.13194-0**Desmine Hilliard (Bay)NCAA06/07
58.95193-5-Jordan Williams (NnIa)Alabama R03/23
58.94193-4Jared Thomas (unat)Seminole Twi05/03
58.89193-2-Zack Lindsley (Doane)Hastings03/29
58.81192-11*Matthew Kosecki (UCLA)Texas R Univ03/30
58.74192-8*Zachary Duncavage (Navy)Patriot05/04
58.73192-8Mike Guidry (unat)Triton Inv04/27
58.46191-9**Willy Irwin (ConcOr)Mt. SAC04/19
58.34191-5***Sam Mattis (Penn)Heps05/05
58.19190-11Derek White (unat)Salinas04/13
58.11190-7**Darian Brown (TxSt)TCU Inv03/15
58.08190-7***Macklin Tudor (Tif)NCAA II05/24
58.07190-6*Austin Gamble (Duke)Va Chall05/10
58.02190-4**Kole Weldon (TxT)Texas Tech Open04/25
Foreign Collegians:
68.16223-7*Julian Wruck (UCLA-Aus)Claremont06/01
63.74209-1*Chad Wright (Nb-Jam)NCAA06/07
58.16190-10-Max Alonso (FtH-Chl)MIAA Ch05/05

77.10252-11A.G. Kruger (Nik)Tucson Cl II05/18
77.07252-10Kruger !Tucson Cl II05/18
76.75251-9Kruger !Tucson Cl II05/18
76.28250-3Kibwe Johnson (Nik)Mt. SAC04/20
76.27250-2Kruger !Tucson Cl II05/18
76.20250-0Jake Freeman (Nik)Lakewood07/17
76.12249-9KrugerTucson Cl I05/16
76.11249-8Kruger !Tucson Cl I05/16
75.96249-2Kruger !Allendale05/10
**10 performances by 3 performers**
74.63244-10Drew Loftin (unat)Mt. SAC04/20
74.55244-7Chris Cralle (unat)USATF06/21
72.07236-5Andy Fryman (Mjo)Charlotte03/15
70.55231-5Garland Porter (unat)Tucson Cl II05/18
70.49231-3-Garrett Grey (Ash)NCAA II05/23
70.44231-1Colin Dunbar (unat)CSLA Inv04/06
69.75228-10*Alec Faldermeyer (UCLA)Texas R Univ03/28
69.64228-6Collin Post (AzDT)Mesa06/02
69.61228-4Justin Welch (unat)Owens Cl04/20
68.68225-4-Jeremy Postin (Fl)Arkansas Inv04/27
68.57224-11Mike Lauro (unat)Hammerama07/14
68.47224-7Ryan Loughney (unat)Army Quad04/13
68.30224-1*Remy Conatser (USC)NCAA06/06
68.17223-8KP Singh (unat)Stanford Inv03/30
68.00223-1Kevin Becker (Shore)Florida R04/05
67.81222-5***Greg Skipper (Or)Pac-1205/12
67.30220-9Michael Lihrman (unat)Lisle06/08
67.29220-9Matthew Royer (unat)Vincennes04/06
67.22220-6-James Lambert (SnIl)Mo Vly05/10
66.95219-8Zechariah Whittington (unat)Berkeley06/09
66.90219-6**Kyle Strawn (Fl)SEC05/09
66.73218-11Brian Allen (unat)Emporia05/11
66.59218-5Bryce Buffaloe (unat)Fresno04/27
66.56218-4Kevin Phipps (HG)Hillsdale05/08
66.37217-9**Matthias Tayala (Kent)Penn R Univ04/27
66.18217-1-Jordan Clarke (AzSt)Sun Angel Cl04/05
66.15217-0-Micah Hegerle (Mn)NCAA06/06
65.98216-6-Casey Orgon (NDSt)NCAA West05/25
65.86216-1Joe Frye (MCM)Raleigh R03/30
65.80215-10-Tom Postema (Def)North Manchester04/27
65.70215-7Taylor Berliant (unat)Claremont06/01
65.69215-6-Rick Fenton (Hous)NCAA West05/25
Robert Keogh (GPhila)W Long Branch03/30
65.58215-2-Brandon Pounds (InSt)Bloomington05/03
65.38214-6***Darien Thornton (GVal)GLIAC Ch05/03
65.30214-3Zach Hazen (unat)McMinnville04/06
65.22214-0*Matt Post (Boise)Boise04/06
Foreign Collegians:
71.60234-11**Nick Miller (OkSt-GB)NCAA West05/25
70.84232-5***Tomas Kruzliak (VaT-Svk)ACC04/20
67.49221-5-Quentin Mege (Mn-Fra)Tempe03/15
66.45218-0-Baptiste Kerjean (ACU-Fra)NCAA II05/23
65.78215-10-Nicolo Bolla (Troy-Ita)Troy04/27
65.50214-11***Elias Håkansson (Al-Swe)SEC05/09

83.50273-11Riley Dolezal (TND)USATF06/23
83.14272-9-Sam Humphreys (TxAM)USATF06/23
81.90268-8HumphreysNCAA West05/25
81.82268-5Humphreys !USATF06/23
Corey White (unat)Tucson Cl II05/18
81.37266-11Humphreys !Tempe03/16
80.79265-0Humphreys !Tempe03/16
80.09262-9Humphreys !Tempe03/16
80.04262-7Sean Furey (Miz)Urjala08/27
**10 performances by 4 performers**
78.69258-2-Tim Glover (IlSt)Tucson Cl II05/18
78.53257-7**Sam Crouser (Or)NCAA West05/25
78.41257-3Nick Howe (MovS)Tucson Cl II05/18
77.47254-2Andrew Fahringer (unat)Bethlehem04/20
77.36253-10Barry Krammes (Shore)USATF06/23
75.55247-10-Tim VanLiew (RutCam)NCAA III05/25
75.36247-3-Ben Lincoln (WF)Winston-Salem03/15
75.24246-10-Kyle Smith (SnMs)USATF06/23
75.23246-10***Bill Stanley (OhSt)Big 1005/12
74.93245-10Cyrus Hostetler (OTC)Oregon Twi05/03
74.83245-6Jason Flanagan (unat)Myrtle Beach03/16
74.75245-3Craig Kinsley (NYAC)Tucson Cl II05/18
74.11243-1Brent Lagace (unat)San Diego Imperial C06/09
74.00242-9Ryan Brandel (Reddaw)Portland06/14
73.69241-9-Matt Byers (Ia)USATF06/23
73.01239-6-Jesse Elvrom (SacSt)Big Sky05/11
72.66238-5**Devin Bogert (TxAM)Tempe03/16
72.55238-0-Joe Zimmerman (Wa)USC Inv03/22
71.90235-11Tyler Kreim (unat)Ashland04/27
71.80235-7Tom Engwall (unat)San Antonio05/12
71.46234-5Ryan Weidman (unat)Spokane05/08
71.27233-10Benjamin Woodruff (unat)Chula Vista06/13
71.11233-3**Rob Robbins (Corn)IC4A05/12
71.02233-0Brandon Heroux (Can)Can Ch06/22
70.97232-10-Jon Rizzo (Wich)NCAA West05/25
70.87232-6*Chris Carper (RMor)Winston-Salem03/15
70.72232-0-Matt Tholis (EStroud)NCAA II05/25
70.59231-7***Kyle Quinn (Tn)NCAA East05/24
70.27230-6***Michael Shuey (PennSt)NCAA East05/24
70.21230-4-James Brookman (Wa)Mt. SAC R Open04/19
69.87229-2Iain Trimble (unat)Emporia03/31
69.83229-1-Mike Marshall (Id)Spokane05/14
69.78228-11Chris Kirkwood (unat)Sacramento05/04
69.56228-2**MaCauley Garton (Mo)Crimson Tide Inv04/06
69.48227-11Carson Fuller (Wa)NCAA West05/25
69.31227-4*Robert Millar (Pitt)Penn R Univ04/27
Foreign Collegians:
77.98255-10**Cody Parker (AkA-Can)NCAA II05/25
75.92249-1-Matthias Treff (VaT-Ger)ACC04/19
75.17246-7***Morne Moolman (FlSt-SA)NCAA East05/24
73.34240-7-Ugis Svazs (Id-Lat)Spokane04/27
72.53237-11*Richard Olsson (UTEP-Swe)UTEP Inv04/13
72.49237-10**Raymond Dykstra (Ky-Can)NCAA06/08
72.00236-3***Tomas Guerra (WnKy-Chl)NCAA East05/24
71.87235-9***John Ampomah (NeoCC-Gha)JUCO Ch05/17
70.88232-6***Vincent Rentzsch (MdBC-Ger)NCAA East05/24
70.29230-7**Franz Burghagen (AkA-Ger)Brown Inv03/09
70.15230-2***Matti Mortimore (NO-GB)Birmingham04/27
69.66228-6***Tyler Renton (Ok-Can)Waco04/20
69.44227-10***Evan Karakolis (Rice-Can)TxSn R03/15

8809Ashton Eaton (OTC)World Ch08/11
8312Gunnar Nixon (unat)World Ch08/11
8239-Jeremy Taiwo (Wa)NCAA06/06
8086-Isaac Murphy (Tx)NCAA06/06
8011*Curtis Beach (Duke)Texas R Univ03/28
8001**Dakotah Keys (Or)Pac-1205/05
**10 performances by 6 performers**
7933*Kevin Lazas (Ar)NCAA06/06
7918Gray Horn (unat)USATF06/22
7873**Garrett Scantling (Ga)NCAA06/06
7847w*Austin Bahner (Wich)NCAA06/06
7813Terry Prentice (unat)McDonnell-Fayettevil04/08
7804-Daniel Gooris (NnIa)Chula Vista07/28
7726-Dominic Giovannoni (UCLA)NCAA06/06
7718Wesley Bray (unat)Chula Vista07/28
7710Ryan Harlan (unat)Chula Vista07/28
7697-Matthew Johnson (SHous)NCAA06/06
7689Jake Arnold (Asics)Dallas06/02
7678-Clayton Chaney (Rice)C-USA05/10
7640**Zach Ziemek (Wi)Big 1005/11
7631-Derek Masterson (UCSB)Dallas06/02
7612(A)*J Patrick Smith (Chico)NCAA II05/24
7520**Nathanael Franks (Ar)SEC05/10
7490Miller Moss (unat)USATF06/22
7437w*Jesse Chapman (Ct)Big East05/04
7432w-Teran Walford (Nb)Big 1005/11
7427Ethan Miller (unat)Dallas06/02
7424Corbin Duer (unat)USATF06/22
7412w-Kurt Reichenbach (Mi)Big 1005/11
7411**Alex McCune (Akr)MAC05/10
7401Kenny Greaves (unat)Dallas06/02
7397*Andy Lillejord (NDSt)Mt. SAC04/18
7394w-Jake Waruch (Ct)Big East05/04
Tim Wunderlich (unat)Va Chall05/11
7393*Evan Weinstock (Brown)Heps05/05
7387(A)**Justin Balczak (LSup)NCAA II05/24
7384(A)-Brent Vogel (CMo)NCAA II05/24
7332*Joshua Weirich (BYU)IC4A05/11
7317-Jack Szmanda (Mn)Mt. SAC04/18
7315-Ted Glasnow (NDm)Mt. SAC04/18
7296-Garrett Demirjian (LBSt)Big West05/04
Foreign Collegians:
8293***Johannes Hock (Tx-Ger)Big 1205/04
8223***Maicel Uibo (Ga-Est)Spec Towns Inv04/12
8104*Marcus Nilsson (UCLA-Swe)NCAA06/06
8013-Romain Martin (UTA-Fra)NCAA06/06
7767-Tom Bechert (Man-Ger)IC4A05/11
7700-Tomas Kirielius (KsSt-Lit)NCAA06/06
7406***Reinis Kregers (KsSt-Lat)Big 1205/04
7369-Bjorn Barrefors (Nb-Swe)Big 1005/11
7365***Luis Hanssler (Mem-Ger)Ole Miss Inv04/14
7299*Viktor Fajoyomi (USC-Hun)Pac-1205/05

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