2012 U.S. Absolute List - Men

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compiled by Glen McMicken

(marks received and verified by 01/04/2013)

We welcome all amendments to these lists.


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Key To Lists

These lists give the top 40 U.S. performers of the season, with an appending of those foreign collegians whose marks fall into that range.


On final year-end lists, the top 10 performances, denoted by — — are also included.


In the wind-aided category, the domestics and foreign collegians are commingled (' after name = foreigner on windy list).


Relay teams may contain non-U.S. nationals.


Open athletes and high schoolers have no notation before their name. Collegians are noted by class: - = senior; * = junior; **=soph; *** = frosh; ? = unknown. Note: we do not change athlete affiliations in mid-season from collegiate to club if/when they sign pro contracts early or otherwise finish their collegiate eligibility. For consistency, we leave them with the same affiliation all year.


(A) = altitude over 1000m (in affected events only).


Wind-aided marks are those of greater than 2.0mps. Windy marks are listed only if superior to the best legal mark (windy performances listed to level of legal performances).


In the marathon and half-marathon lists, ' = aided course. Since so many road runners are unaffiliated, a state affiliation represents their home, not a school.


! = secondary mark made within a field-event series; ¶ = complete field-event series not known, so some performances may be missing.


9.79Justin Gatlin (Xtep)Olympic G08/05
9.80Tyson Gay (adidas)Olympic G08/05
——GatlinOlympic Trials06/24
9.82——GatlinOlympic G08/05
9.83——GayLausanne DL08/23
9.86——GayOlympic Trials06/24
9.87——GatlinDoha DL05/11
9.88Ryan Bailey (Nike)Olympic G08/04
——BaileyOlympic G08/05
9.90——GatlinEugene DL06/02
——GatlinOlympic Trials06/23
——GayOlympic G08/05
**12 performances by 3 performers**
9.94Mike Rodgers (unat)Olympic Trials06/24
9.96*Harry Adams (Aub)NCAA06/06
Doc Patton (Nike)Olympic Trials06/24
9.98Mookie Salaam (adidas)War Eagle04/21
10.02Trell Kimmons (adidas)Olympic Trials06/24
10.03Walter Dix (Nike)Olympic Trials06/23
-Maurice Mitchell (FlSt)NCAA06/06
10.04Travis Padgett (adidas)Orlando05/26
10.05*Charles Silmon (TCU)NCAA06/06
10.07Calesio Newman (unat)Port-of-Spain05/19
10.09**Keenan Brock (Aub)War Eagle04/21
*Marcus Rowland (Aub)NCAA06/06
*Isiah Young (Ms)NCAA06/06
10.10-Jeff Demps (Fl)Olympic Trials06/24
10.11Cordero Gray (unat)Clermont05/19
**Prezel Hardy (TxAM)NCAA06/06
10.15-Zye Boey (EnIl)NCAA West05/25
**Darrell Wesh (VaT)NCAA06/06
10.17Philippe DeRosier (unat)Olympic Trials06/23
***Aaron Ernest (LSU)NCAA06/06
*Michael Granger (Ms)Ole Miss Open04/14
Mickey Grimes (AcOS)Clay Inv04/20
*Ameer Webb (TxAM)NCAA West05/24
10.18Dentarius Locke (unat)Clermont05/19
*Everett Walker (Bay)NCAA06/06
10.19Abraham Hall (TxHS)Texas State05/12
Tyreek Hill (GaHS)Orlando05/26
10.20Ivory Williams (Nike)Port-of-Spain05/19
10.21Ashton Eaton (OTC)Olympic Trials06/22
**Ryan Milus (AzSt)Arizona State Inv03/24
-Keith Ricks (VaT)ACC04/20
10.24***Arthur Delaney (Or)Pac-1205/13
Johnathan Hancock (SpE)Greensboro05/13
Carlin Isles (Hob)Arlington03/24
10.25Marvin Bracy (FlHS)Bunnell04/26
10.26-Reggie Dixon (Hamp)Conway03/17
Wallace Spearmon (Saucony)Manchester05/26
-Horatio Williams (FlSt)GaT Inv05/12
Foreign Collegians:
9.95-Kemar Hyman (FlSt-Cay)Madrid07/07
10.02-Andrew Riley (Il-Jam)NCAA06/06
10.12*BJ Lawrence (Doane-StK)Crete04/21
10.17***Jamol James (Tn-Tri)Tri Ch06/24
10.18**Aaron Brown (USC-Can)Pac-1205/13
*Warren Fraser (Clem-Bah)NCAA06/06
10.19*Marek Niit (Ar-Est)Ark Inv03/31
10.20*Ian Warner (IaSt-Can)Can Ch06/29
10.22*James Alaka (Wa-GB)Pac-1205/13
10.23(A)**Akeem Haynes (Bart-Can)NACAC U2307/06
9.85DixMt. SAC04/21
10.00KimmonsBaton Rouge04/21
10.01DempsTexas R03/31
10.03HardyBig 1205/13
10.04SilmonNCAA West05/25
10.05WebbCastillo Inv03/17
10.06BracyTexas R HS03/31
SpearmonTCU Inv03/16
10.08I. YoungDrake R04/28
10.09A. Brown'Texas R Inv03/31
GrayTexas R Inv03/31
10.10Diondre Batson (AmRCC)NorCal JC05/11
10.12(A)Tommy Curry (WTxAM)NCAA II05/26
GrimesMt. SAC Open04/20
(A)**Romel Lewis' (Linc-Jam)NCAA II05/26
(A)Rushane Scott (Adams)NCAA II05/26
WalkerBig 1205/13
10.13IslesTexas R Inv03/31
Warner'Big 1205/13
10.15ErnestTexas R03/31
Willie Perry (Saucony)Clermont06/02
10.16***Shavez Hart' (SPl-Bah)Lubbock04/14
**Dominique Hubert (GCan)Castillo Inv03/17
***Remontay McClain (Azusa)Chula Vista06/09
(A)Tim Price (TxAMK)NCAA II05/26
I. WilliamsAtlanta06/03
10.18-Stanley Azie' (Il-Ngr)NCAA West05/25
Philip Redrick (TCrown)Texas R Inv03/31
10.19Chris Hargrett (BosE)Florida R04/06
H. WilliamsPollock Inv05/05
10.21Aldrich Bailey (TxHS)Lancaster04/20
**Michael Bryan (TxAM)Big 1205/13
(A)Mandela Clifford' (Linc-StL)NCAA II05/26
*Gregory Turner (WayB)Lubbock04/14
Levonte Whitfield (FlHS)Florida R04/06
Rubin Williams (HerTC)Los Angeles05/12
10.24*Marquise Goodwin (Tx)Big 1205/13
***Anaso Jobodwana' (JackSt-SA)Ole Miss Open04/14
Dominique Kone (Colby)NCAA III05/26
10.25*Brent Lee (JackSt)Florida R04/06
***Trevorvano Mackey' (SPl-Bah)Lubbock04/14

19.90Wallace Spearmon (Saucony)Olympic G08/09
20.02Walter Dix (Nike)Doha DL05/11
——SpearmonDrake R Inv04/28
——SpearmonOlympic G08/08
20.09——SpearmonMonaco DL07/20
20.10*Harry Adams (Aub)Miami Inv04/14
——SpearmonLausanne DL08/23
20.11Justin Gatlin (Xtep)Jones Inv04/21
20.13-Maurice Mitchell (FlSt)NCAA East05/26
**10 performances by 5 performers**
20.14Tyreek Hill (GaHS)Orlando05/26
20.16LaShawn Merritt (Nike)St.-Martin05/05
20.21Tyson Gay (adidas)Birmingham DL08/26
20.28Calesio Newman (unat)Olympic Trials06/29
20.32Doc Patton (Nike)Lausanne DL08/23
20.33**Prezel Hardy (TxAM)Big 1205/13
*Isiah Young (Ms)Ole Miss Open04/14
20.36-Kind Butler (In)NCAA East05/26
20.39Jeremy Dodson (Nike)Mt. SAC04/21
i*Ameer Webb (TxAM)NCAA Ind03/09
20.43Ryan Bailey (Nike)Birmingham DL08/26
20.45-Keith Ricks (VaT)NCAA East05/26
20.47**Keenan Brock (Aub)War Eagle04/21
***Dedric Dukes (Fl)NCAA East05/26
Manteo Mitchell (unat)Olympic Trials06/29
-Horatio Williams (FlSt)NCAA East05/26
20.48(A)Terrel Cotton (LincMo)NCAA II05/25
Shawn Crawford (Nike)Olympic Trials07/01
20.49**Troy Faulkner (WnTx)San Angelo04/05
20.50Diondre Batson (AmRCC)Mt. SAC04/21
20.51-Zye Boey (EnIl)Vanderbilt Inv04/21
*Marcus Rowland (Aub)Olympic Trials06/29
20.53***Aaron Ernest (LSU)World Jr07/13
Jeremy Wariner (adidas)Arlington03/24
20.54(A)Gil Roberts (TxT)UTEP Inv03/24
*Everett Walker (Bay)NCAA West05/26
20.55*Justin Austin (Ia)Olympic Trials06/29
Fernada Blakely (unat)Ark Inv03/31
Michael Coleman (unat)Houston06/16
***Devonte Stewart (USC)Pac-1205/13
20.57-Reggie Dixon (Hamp)NCAA East05/26
Remontay McClain (Azusa)Westwood06/02
20.58Abraham Hall (TxHS)Texas State05/12
20.59Dentarius Locke (unat)Tallahassee04/14
Rubin Williams (HerE)Los Angeles05/12
Foreign Collegians:
20.27***Anaso Jobodwana (JackSt-SA)Olympic G08/08
20.42**Aaron Brown (USC-Can)Olympic G08/08
20.45*James Alaka (Wa-GB)Pac-1205/13
*Akheem Gauntlett (Ar-Jam)Arkansas Twi05/04
20.52(A)***Trevorano Mackey (SPl-Bah)NACAC U2307/08
19.82SpearmonOlympic Trials07/01
20.08MitchellFlorida R04/06
20.16I. YoungOlympic Trials07/01
20.17NewmanOlympic Trials07/01
20.20WebbNCAA West05/25
20.24***Shavez Hart' (SPl-Bah)Lubbock04/14
Curtis Mitchell (unat)Clermont06/02
PattonOlympic Trials07/01
20.25DodsonOlympic Trials07/01
20.26*Gregory Turner (WayB)Lubbock04/14
20.28(A)**Josh Edmonds (StA)NCAA II05/26
20.32CrawfordOlympic Trials06/29
20.33McClainChula Vista06/09
20.37BoeyNCAA West05/26
20.38Brandon Byram (unat)Clermont06/02
Charles Clark (unat)Clermont06/02
20.39(A)CottonNCAA II05/26
20.46(A)Tim Price (TxAMK)NCAA II05/26
20.50RowlandOlympic Trials07/01
20.51(A)Tommy Curry (WTxAM)NCAA II05/26
-Torrin Lawrence (Ga)Florida R04/06
20.53WalkerUCF Inv03/24
20.54*Chris Burrows (AzSt)NCAA West05/26
20.55**Blake Heriot (Bay)UCF Inv03/24
20.56Marcus Boyd (Nike)Tx Inv04/14
20.57**James Johnson (TxSt)TxSt Inv04/07

44.12LaShawn Merritt (Nike)Olympic Trials06/24
44.19——MerrittDoha DL05/11
44.49*Tony McQuay (Fl)Olympic Trials06/24
44.73——MerrittBaie Mahault05/01
44.75**Mike Berry (Or)NCAA06/08
44.78——MerrittOlympic Trials06/23
44.80-Bryshon Nellum (USC)Olympic Trials06/24
44.83**Josh Mance (USC)NCAA06/06
**10 performances by 5 performers**
44.84-Gil Roberts (TxT)NCAA06/06
44.93Angelo Taylor (Nike)Birmingham DL08/26
44.96Manteo Mitchell (unat)Olympic Trials06/24
Jeremy Wariner (adidas)Mt. SAC04/21
45.06*David Verburg (GM)Colonial05/05
45.12Calvin Smith (adidas)Rieti IWC09/09
45.19Aldrich Bailey (TxHS)Lubbock04/28
45.22**Brady Gehret (PennSt)Big 1005/13
45.36***Bralon Taplin (SPl)Tx Tech Open05/05
45.39Arman Hall (FlHS)World Jr07/12
45.40-Torrin Lawrence (Ga)Olympic Trials06/23
45.41-Joey Hughes (USC)NCAA06/06
45.43Kind Butler (In)Indianapolis06/16
45.44*Kyle Clemons (Ks)NCAA06/06
45.45*Tavaris Tate (MsSt)LSU Inv04/07
45.48*Chris Vaughn (In)Big 1005/13
45.52Miles Smith (unat)Clermont06/02
45.58**James Harris (MsSt)LSU Inv04/07
45.61Jordan Boase (Nike)Baie Mahault05/01
45.68Marcus Boyd (unat)Moscow IWC06/11
Ashton Eaton (OTC)Santa Barbara04/02
45.70**Troy Faulkner (WnTx)Johnson Cl04/21
45.72(A)***Vernon Norwood (SPl)UTEP Inv03/24
iFrankie Wright (unat)Tyson Inv02/10
45.75Josh Scott (Nike)IFF Games04/21
45.77Greg Nixon (Asics)Uberlândia05/13
45.79*Caleb Williams (LSU)LSU Inv04/07
45.82i**Brycen Spratling (Pitt)NCAA Ind03/10
45.87-Jarrell Elliott (NCAT)IFF Games04/21
45.89(A)**Josh Edmonds (StA)NCAA II05/24
45.93Fernada Blakely (unat)Arkansas Twi05/04
**Clayton Gravesande (SC)SEC05/12
45.94**Brandon Bennett-Green (PennSt)Big 1005/13
Jamaal Torrance (Nike)Greensboro05/13
45.95*Randall Dameron (Shorter)NAIA05/26
Foreign Collegians:
45.13*Akheem Gauntlett (Ar-Jam)NCAA06/06
***Deon Lendore (TxAM-Tri)Big 1205/13
45.25*Errol Nolan (Hous-Jam)Jam Ch07/01
45.36-Riker Hylton (LSU-Jam)Jam Ch06/30
45.60***Daniel Harper (SPl-Can)Tx Tech Open05/05
45.67*Daundre Barnaby (MsSt-Can)NCAA06/06
45.81*Akino Ming (JCS-Jam)Auburn Inv04/07
45.91*Marek Niit (Ar-Est)McDonnell Inv04/21

1:42.82Duane Solomon (Saucony)Olympic G08/09
1:42.95Nick Symmonds (OTC)Olympic G08/09
1:43.44——SolomonMonaco DL07/20
1:43.78——SymmondsMonaco DL07/20
1:43.92——SymmondsOlympic Trials06/25
1:44.32——SymmondsEugene DL06/02
1:44.42——SolomonZürich DL08/30
1:44.54Khadevis Robinson (Nike)Eugene DL06/02
1:44.64——RobinsonOlympic Trials06/25
1:44.65——SolomonOlympic Trials06/25
**10 performances by 3 performers**
1:44.75-Charles Jock (UCI)Big West05/12
Tyler Mulder (OTC)Lignano07/17
1:44.77-Ryan Martin (UCSB)Big West05/12
1:45.06Robby Andrews (adidas)New York DL06/09
1:45.20Michael Rutt (NJNY)New York DL06/09
1:45.40*Elijah Greer (Or)Olympic Trials06/25
1:45.62Mark Wieczorek (unat)Olympic Trials06/25
1:45.90-Erik Sowinski (Ia)NCAA06/08
1:46.02Tevan Everett (NJNY)West Chester06/09
1:46.12*Casimir Loxsom (PennSt)Big 1005/13
1:46.21Lopez Lomong (OTC)Oxy HP05/18
1:46.23Brandon Johnson (BouRC)Jerome06/10
1:46.33Andrew Wheating (OTC)Stockholm DL08/17
1:46.40Brian Gagnon (NJNY)West Chester06/09
1:46.43-Michael Preble (TxAM)USC Inv03/24
1:46.58Patrick Roach (Swift)West Chester06/09
1:46.59Rob Novak (NYAC)Ponce IWC05/12
1:46.62-David Pachuta (Mn)NCAA06/06
1:46.65*Harun Abda (Mn)NCAA06/06
1:46.66Liam Boylan-Pett (NJNY)West Chester06/09
1:46.79Leo Manzano (Nike)Sotteville07/10
1:46.90David Torrence (Nike)Ninove07/21
1:46.95Tetlo Emmen (unat)Indianapolis06/09
1:46.96Andrew Dawson (unat)Indianapolis06/16
1:47.04Sharif Webb (unat)Indianapolis06/16
1:47.07-Lance Roller (Va)NCAA06/06
1:47.09Jackson Langat (Riad)Indianapolis06/16
1:47.13Brandon Shaw (EvoTC)Tempe HP05/21
1:47.14i-Joey Roberts (TxAM)College Station01/28
1:47.22i**Sean Obinwa (Fl)College Station01/28
1:47.29Jack Bolas (New Balance)Solihull07/21
1:47.34i-Selasi Lumax (SnCt)New England Ind02/25
1:47.40Jeff See (Saucony)Indianapolis06/09
1:47.43Richard Jones (SMTC)Oxy HP05/18
i-Ben Scheetz (Amh)New England Ind02/25
1:47.44Christian Smith (unat)Indianapolis06/16
1:47.49Christian Gonzalez (NJNY)New York City06/01
Foreign Collegians:
1:46.41*Ricky West (Mo-Can)NCAA06/06
1:46.66-Aaron Evans (Ga-Ber)NCAA06/08
1:47.17***Patrick Schoenball (Bay-Ger)Bottrop07/06

2:17.44Andrew Wheating (OTC)Linz08/20
2:17.46David Torrence (Nike)Linz08/20
2:19.53i***Robby Creese (PennSt)University Park01/14
Duane Solomon (Saucony)Dubnica08/26
2:19.78iTevan Everett (NJNY)New York01/13
2:19.93iLiam Boylan-Pett (NJNY)New York01/13
2:20.78i*Peter Callahan (Prin)New York01/28
2:22.52i*Kyle Merber (Col)New York01/20
2:23.23i*Tim Bennatan (Ct)New York01/20
2:23.25iMichael Rutt (NJNY)New York01/13
Foreign Collegians:
2:20.99i*Chris O’Hare (Tuls-GB)Notre Dame02/03
2:22.76i**Grzegorz Kalinowski (EnMi-Pol)Notre Dame02/03

3:31.96Matthew Centrowitz (Nike)Lausanne DL08/23
3:32.47——CentrowitzBrussels DL09/07
3:34.08Leo Manzano (Nike)Lausanne DL08/23
3:34.11Russell Brown (OTC)Doha DL05/11
3:34.60*German Fernandez (OkSt)Berlin IWC09/02
3:34.63Bernard Lagat (Nike)New York DL06/09
3:34.75Galen Rupp (Nike)Oxy HP05/18
3:34.78Robby Andrews (adidas)Oxy HP05/18
3:34.79——ManzanoOlympic G08/07
3:34.85——ManzanoBrussels DL09/07
**10 performances by 7 performers**
3:35.21Jeff See (Saucony)Indianapolis06/16
3:35.41David Torrence (Nike)Oxy HP05/18
3:35.59-Kyle Merber (Col)Swarthmore05/14
3:35.63Jordan McNamara (OTC)Eugene06/16
3:35.89Andrew Wheating (OTC)Jerome06/10
3:36.03Garrett Heath (Saucony)Eugene06/16
3:36.04Nick Symmonds (OTC)Oxy HP05/18
3:36.33Jack Bolas (New Balance)Indianapolis06/16
Will Leer (Nike)Indianapolis06/16
3:36.35Craig Miller (New Balance)Indianapolis06/16
3:36.41A.J. Acosta (unat)Oxy HP05/18
3:37.05Liam Boylan-Pett (NJNY)Swarthmore05/14
3:37.19*Riley Masters (Ok)Oxy HP05/18
3:37.24*Andy Bayer (In)Olympic Trials07/01
3:37.26Alan Webb (Nike)Oxy HP05/18
3:37.50-Miles Batty (BYU)Oxy HP05/18
3:37.53Dan Huling (Reebok)Swarthmore05/14
3:37.68Matthew Maldonado (LBSt)Oxy HP05/18
3:37.69Dorian Ulrey (Nike)Oxy HP05/18
3:38.06-Erik van Ingen (Bing)Va Chall05/12
3:38.36Brian Gagnon (NJNY)Swarthmore05/14
*Ryan Hill (NCSt)Heusden-Zolder07/07
3:38.39John Mickowski (USAr)Indianapolis06/16
3:38.60*Rob Finnerty (Wi)Bloomington06/17
3:38.61Stephen Pifer (OTC)Indianapolis06/16
3:38.64Lopez Lomong (OTC)Eugene DL06/02
3:39.00-Cory Leslie (OhSt)Jordan Inv04/29
3:39.06-Duncan Phillips (Ar)Indianapolis06/16
3:39.11Dan Clark (unat)Indianapolis06/13
3:39.22*Michael Hammond (VaT)Jordan Inv04/29
3:39.27Luke Rucks (WRRT)Swarthmore05/14
3:39.42Joe Stilin (Prin)Swarthmore05/14
3:39.73Brandon Bethke (unat)Indianapolis06/09
Foreign Collegians:
3:36.77**Lawi Lalang (Az-Ken)Jordan Inv04/29
3:36.81**Sam McEntee (Vill-Aus)Swarthmore05/14
3:37.95*Chris O’Hare (Tuls-GB)Jordan Inv04/29
3:39.55*Jeremy Rae (NDm-Can)Indianapolis06/13
3:39.67-Silas Kisorio (OkCh-Ken)Ninove07/21

3:52.01David Torrence (Nike)Eugene DL06/02
3:53.07Leo Manzano (Nike)Eugene DL06/02
3:53.92iMatthew Centrowitz (Nike)Millrose G02/11
3:54.08iRussell Brown (OTC)USATF Classic02/11
3:54.17Bernard Lagat (Nike)London DL07/14
3:54.28——LagatEugene DL06/02
3:54.48——BrownEugene DL06/01
3:54.54i-Miles Batty (BYU)Millrose G02/11
3:55.14Lopez Lomong (OTC)Eugene DL06/02
3:55.24iGarrett Heath (Saucony)Millrose G02/11
**10 performances by 8 performers**
3:55.47iJeff See (Saucony)USATF Classic02/11
3:55.62Dorian Ulrey (Nike)Eugene DL06/01
3:56.07Jordan McNamara (OTC)Falmouth08/11
3:56.37i-Erik van Ingen (Bing)Millrose G02/11
3:56.39Will Leer (Nike)Dublin07/25
3:56.41Craig Miller (New Balance)Mt. SAC04/20
3:56.77Andrew Wheating (OTC)Eugene DL06/02
3:56.78*Ryan Hill (NCSt)Dublin07/25
3:56.85i*Cory Leslie (OhSt)National Inv01/28
3:57.08A.J. Acosta (unat)Kansas R Inv04/21
3:57.10iGalen Rupp (Nike)NBal Ind G02/04
3:57.59iJohn Mickowski (USAr)Washington LC03/03
3:57.91iBrian Gagnon (NJNY)Boston02/11
3:58.14iRob Novak (NJNY)Boston02/11
3:58.23i*Andy Bayer (In)Bloomington01/27
3:58.24iDan Huling (Reebok)Washington LC03/03
3:58.31Jack Bolas (New Balance)Mt. SAC04/20
3:58.38Liam Boylan-Pett (NJNY)Cork07/17
3:58.44David Adams (TNb)Kansas R Inv04/21
3:58.46iAndrew Bumbalough (OTC)Seattle01/28
3:58.48Elliott Heath (Stan)Cork07/17
3:58.49iTim Ritchie (BAA)Boston01/28
3:58.68i**Alex Hatz (Wi)Tyson Inv02/11
3:58.73i**Nick Happe (AzSt)Washington LC03/03
3:58.76i-George Alex (Ok)Tyson Inv02/11
i*Peter Callahan (Prin)Husky Classic02/11
3:58.84i**Kirubel Erassa (OkSt)Notre Dame LC03/03
3:58.85iTony Jordanek (unat)Washington LC03/03
3:58.91*Michael Hammond (VaT)Roanoke Twi05/10
3:58.94i***Robby Creese (PennSt)Notre Dame LC03/03
3:58.95i*Frezer Legesse (Ok)Tyson Inv02/11
3:58.99i-Eric Harasyn (Ok)Tyson Inv02/11
Foreign Collegians:
3:55.09i**Lawi Lalang (Az-Ken)Fayetteville01/28
3:55.75i-David McCarthy (Prov-Ire)Boston01/28
3:56.63i*Chris O’Hare (Tuls-GB)Millrose G02/11
3:57.16i-Cam Levins (SnUt-Can)Millrose G02/11
3:57.63-Silas Kisorio (OkCh-Ken)Dublin07/25
3:57.83i**Rich Peters (BU-GB)Boston02/11
3:57.86i**Sam McEntee (Vill-Aus)National Inv01/28
3:58.94i*Raul Botezan (OkSt-Rom)Tyson Inv02/11

8:06.81Evan Jager (OTC)Monaco DL07/20
8:16.61——JagerOlympic G08/03
8:17.40——JagerOlympic Trials06/28
8:19.14-Donn Cabral (Prin)Oxy HP05/18
8:19.81——CabralOlympic Trials06/28
8:20.81Dan Huling (Reebok)Oxy HP05/18
8:20.86Kyle Alcorn (Nike)Oxy HP05/18
8:20.90——JagerOxy HP05/18
8:21.42Bill Nelson (New Balance)Rome DL05/31
8:21.46——CabralOlympic G08/03
**10 performances by 5 performers**
8:26.08Ben Bruce (adidas)Nashville06/02
8:26.51Donnie Cowart (RMt)Indianapolis06/13
8:27.77David Adams (TNb)Oxy HP05/18
8:28.90-Craig Forys (Mi)Big 1005/12
8:29.29Augustus Maiyo (WCAP)Olympic Trials06/25
8:30.08Brian Olinger (Reebok)Olympic Trials06/25
8:30.54Max King (COrRK)Olympic Trials06/28
8:30.83Lyle Weese (unat)Oxy HP05/18
8:31.08-Cory Leslie (OhSt)Olympic Trials06/25
8:31.15Josh McAdams (New Balance)Olympic Trials06/25
8:33.89Jordan Fife (Brk)Jordan Inv04/29
8:33.98Justin Tyner (FalcDP)Oxy HP05/18
8:35.00**Ryan Haebe (WnCo)Portland06/09
8:35.77-Andrew Poore (In)Big 1005/12
8:35.79Corey Nowitzke (unat)Mt. SAC04/19
8:36.39-De’Sean Turner (In)Big 1005/12
8:37.17Steve Slattery (unat)Olympic Trials06/25
8:37.28Cameron Bean (Zap)Indianapolis06/13
8:37.38Anthony Famiglietti (Reck)Nashville06/02
8:37.45*Aric Van Halen (Co)Indianapolis06/13
8:37.62**Alexander Brill (Wi)Big 1005/12
8:38.52Brett Hales (unat)Portland06/09
8:38.55Derek Scott (RPort)Olympic Trials06/25
8:38.60JT Sullivan (NBalSV)Oxy HP05/18
8:38.87*Jared Bassett (Port)Oxy HP05/18
8:39.70-Carl Stones (Tuls)NCAA06/07
8:40.21Julian de Rubira (Mancos)Oxy HP05/18
8:40.28-Travis Mahoney (Tem)NCAA06/07
8:40.32James Zeuch (BrkRED)Nashville06/02
8:40.39Kent Pecora (RMt)Nashville06/02
8:40.42-Adrien Dannemiller (In)Big 1005/12
8:40.81Eric Ashe (BAA)Nashville06/02
8:41.05-Jim Walmsley (AF)NCAA06/07
8:41.19Kyle Heath (USAr)Jordan Inv04/29
8:41.61-Benjamin Johnson (Stan)NCAA06/07
Foreign Collegians:
8:37.03**Ben Toroitich (EnKy-Ken)NCAA East05/25
8:38.90*Henry Lelei (TxAM-Ken)Big 1205/13
8:40.50-Tom Wade (Lamar-GB)NCAA06/07
8:41.14***Anthony Rotich (UTEP-Ken)NCAA06/07

7:33.45+iGalen Rupp (Nike)USATF Cl02/11
7:35.16Evan Jager (OTC)Stockholm DL08/17
7:41.44iBernard Lagat (Nike)World Ind03/11
7:43.08i*Ryan Hill (NCSt)Husky Classic02/11
7:43.65Bobby Curtis (Reebok)Rieti IWC09/09
7:44.16iLopez Lomong (OTC)World Ind03/11
7:44.40Ben True (Saucony)Dublin07/25
7:44.45iAndrew Bumbalough (OTC)Washington LC03/03
7:45.08-Elliott Heath (Stan)Rieti IWC09/09
7:45.80iGarrett Heath (Saucony)NBal Ind G02/04
**10 performances by 10 performers**
7:46.19iMatthew Centrowitz (Nike)NBal Ind G02/04
7:46.81i-Chris Derrick (Stan)NCAA Ind03/10
7:47.80David Torrence (Nike)Stockholm DL08/17
7:49.58i-Miles Batty (BYU)Seattle01/28
7:50.23i*Andy Bayer (In)Notre Dame02/04
7:51.55i**Trevor Dunbar (Or)Mtn Pac Ind02/25
7:52.92i-George Alex (Ok)Fayetteville01/28
7:53.02i-Richard Medina (Co)Mtn Pac Ind02/25
7:53.15i-Joe Stilin (Prin)Husky Classic02/11
7:53.43i**Collin Jarvis (Cal)Mtn Pac Ind02/25
7:53.48-Donn Cabral (Prin)Szczecin07/21
7:53.57iColton Tully-Doyle (unat)Husky Classic02/11
7:53.59i*Rex Shields (BYU)Husky Classic02/11
7:53.61*German Fernandez (OkSt)Rieti IWC09/09
7:53.69i**Andrew Springer (Gtn)Husky Classic02/11
7:54.08i-Mark Amirault (Va)Husky Classic02/11
7:54.20i-Riley Masters (Ok)Tyson Inv02/11
7:54.51i-Jake Riley (Stan)Mtn Pac Ind02/25
7:54.70i*Maverick Darling (Wi)Tyson Inv02/11
7:55.08i**Nick Happe (AzSt)Mtn Pac Ind02/25
7:55.24i-Cody Rome (Navy)Notre Dame LC03/03
7:55.60i**Parker Stinson (Or)Mtn Pac Ind02/25
7:56.04i*Bill Kogel (Ok)Tyson Inv02/11
7:56.21i-Erik van Ingen (Bing)Boston01/28
7:56.41i**Reed Connor (Wi)Tyson Inv02/11
7:57.94iTony Jordanek (unat)Geneva02/11
7:58.20iMatt Elliott (TIn)Bloomington01/20
7:58.38i-Brendan Gregg (Stan)Fayetteville01/28
7:58.55iStephen Pifer (OTC)Seattle01/28
7:59.10iBen Bruce (unat)NBal Ind G02/04
Foreign Collegians:
7:44.48i**Lawi Lalang (Az-Ken)Mtn Pac Ind02/25
7:44.63i*Diego Estrada (NnAz-Mex)Husky Classic02/11
7:45.75i-Cam Levins (SnUt-Can)NBal Ind G02/04
7:49.11i*Ross Millington (NM-GB)Husky Classic02/11
7:49.87i**Paul Chelimo (UNCG-Ken)Notre Dame02/04
7:51.59i*Stephen Sambu (Az-Ken)Fayetteville01/28
7:51.75i-Mitch Goose (Iona-GB)Husky Classic02/11
7:51.83i-Leonard Korir (Iona-Ken)MAAC Ind02/17
7:52.02i-Ben Hubers (In-Can)Bloomington02/11
7:52.38i*Thomas Farrell (OkSt-GB)Fayetteville01/28
7:53.99i*Soufiane Bouchikhi (EnKy-Bel)Husky Classic02/11
7:56.76i-David McCarthy (Prov-Ire)Cambridge01/22
7:57.82i**Ross Clarke (Butler-GB)Husky Classic02/11
7:57.93i*David Forrester (FlSt-GB)Geneva02/11
7:58.48i*Kennedy Kithuka (WayB-Ken)Tyson Inv02/11

8:09.72iGalen Rupp (Nik)USATF Classic02/11
8:29.43Garrett Heath (US)Birmingham DL08/26
8:29.83Robert Curtis (US)Birmingham DL08/26
8:30.05iAndrew Bumbalough (OTC)USATF Classic02/11
8:34.27David Torrence (Nik)Birmingham DL08/26
8:40.55iStephen Pifer (OTC)USATF Classic02/11
8:45.37iMichael Coe (BATC)USATF Classic02/11
8:53.86iTimothy Ritchie (BAA)USATF Classic02/11

12:58.90Galen Rupp (Nike)Eugene DL06/02
12:59.92Bernard Lagat (Nike)Zürich DL08/30
13:07.15i——LagatMillrose G02/11
13:09.50——RuppZürich DL08/30
13:11.63Lopez Lomong (Nike)Jordan Inv04/29
13:14.72Dathan Ritzenhein (Nike)Oxy HP05/18
13:15.00Matt Tegenkamp (OTC)Jordan Inv04/29
13:15.45——LagatOlympic G08/08
13:15.91——RitzenheinLondon DL07/13
13:16.26Andrew Bumbalough (Nike)Jordan Inv04/29
**10 performances by 6 performers**
13:16.53David Torrence (Nike)Jordan Inv04/29
13:19.58i-Chris Derrick (Stan)Millrose G02/11
13:20.25Aaron Braun (adidas McM)Portland06/09
13:20.53Ben True (Saucony)Ninove07/21
13:26.34*Ryan Hill (NCSt)Ninove07/21
13:26.94Brian Olinger (Reebok)Mt. SAC04/20
13:27.07Garrett Heath (Saucony)Jordan Inv04/29
13:28.20Elliott Heath (Stan)Olympic Trials06/28
13:28.40Scott Bauhs (MamTC)Oxy HP05/18
13:29.26Brandon Bethke (unat)Oxy HP05/18
13:29.62Robert Cheseret (USAr)Mt. SAC04/20
13:30.21-Hassan Mead (Mn)Olympic Trials06/28
13:30.33Bolota Asmerom (unat)Oxy HP05/18
13:30.70Ian Dobson (OTC)Oxy HP05/18
13:31.85Brent Vaughn (OTC)Stanford Inv04/06
13:32.15Kyle Alcorn (Nike)Stanford Inv04/06
13:32.82-Jake Riley (Stan)Oxy HP05/18
13:32.99Mohamed Trafeh (Nike)Rades06/16
13:33.25*Andrew Bayer (In)Stanford Inv04/06
13:34.34Yosef Ghebray (unat)Stanford Inv04/06
13:34.49-Dan Lowry (Brown)Stanford Inv04/06
13:34.64Jordan McNamara (OTC)Jordan Inv04/29
13:34.83*Girma Mecheso (OkSt)Stanford Inv04/06
13:35.27-George Alex (Ok)Stanford Inv04/06
13:36.15Will Leer (Nike)Melbourne IWC03/03
13:36.86i**Trevor Dunbar (Or)Husky Classic02/10
13:37.90Forest Braden (unat)Portland06/09
13:38.36-Joe Stilin (Prin)Mt. SAC04/20
13:38.59Jake Hurysz (unat)Jordan Inv04/29
13:38.67Michael Banks (unat)Stanford Inv04/06
13:39.22i**Parker Stinson (Or)Husky Classic02/10
13:39.75Mike Sayenko (CNW)Portland06/09
13:39.87*Kevin Williams (Ok)Jordan Inv04/29
13:40.38Kenyon Neuman (Nike)Jordan Inv04/29
Foreign Collegians:
13:08.28i**Lawi Lalang (Az-Ken)Millrose G02/11
13:13.74i*Stephen Sambu (Az-Ken)Millrose G02/11
13:18.29-Cam Levins (SnUt-Can)Olympic G08/08
13:19.54i-Leonard Korir (Iona-Ken)Millrose G02/11
13:21.89**Paul Chelimo (UNCG-Ken)Jordan Inv04/29
13:28.61*Kennedy Kithuka (WayB-Ken)Mt. SAC04/20
13:33.09*Soufiane Bouchikhi (EnKy-Bel)Heusden-Zolder07/07
13:34.41-Mitch Goose (Iona-GB)Jordan Inv04/29
13:38.45i*Diego Estrada (NnAz-Mex)NCAA Ind03/09
13:38.99-Silas Kisorio (OkCh-Ken)Stanford Inv04/06
13:40.03*Rico Loy (IaSt-Ger)Stanford Inv04/06

10,000 METERS
27:25.33Galen Rupp (Nike)Olympic Trials06/22
27:30.90——RuppOlympic G08/04
27:31.38-Chris Derrick (Stan)Jordan Inv04/29
27:33.94Matt Tegenkamp (Nike)Olympic Trials06/22
27:36.09Dathan Ritzenhein (Nike)Olympic Trials06/22
27:40.21Brent Vaughn (OTC)Jordan Inv04/29
27:40.23——DerrickOlympic Trials06/22
27:41.17Ben True (Saucony)Jordan Inv04/29
27:41.54Aaron Braun (adidas McM)Olympic Trials06/22
27:43.96Joseph Chirlee (USAr)Wageningen05/30
**10 performances by 8 performers**
27:50.58Brian Olinger (Reebok)Jordan Inv04/29
27:51.07Ryan Vail (Brk)Jordan Inv04/29
27:53.52Bobby Mack (unat)Jordan Inv04/29
27:56.62-Luke Puskedra (Or)Olympic Trials06/22
27:58.48Robert Curtis (Reebok)Olympic Trials06/22
27:59.04-Hassan Mead (Mn)Olympic Trials06/22
28:08.36Jake Riley (Hansons)Olympic Trials06/22
28:12.03James Strang (unat)Jordan Inv04/29
28:12.42Mike Sayenko (CNW)Jordan Inv04/29
28:12.65Josh Simpson (AST)Jordan Inv04/29
28:14.56David Jankowski (Zap)Jordan Inv04/29
28:15.11Tim Nelson (OTC)Olympic Trials06/22
28:15.94Carlos Trujillo (adidas)Jordan Inv04/29
28:16.97*Girma Mecheso (OkSt)Jordan Inv04/29
28:18.62Christo Landry (unat)Jordan Inv04/29
28:20.22Jeff Schirmer (ASTF)Jordan Inv04/29
28:21.43Brett Gotcher (adidas McM)Jordan Inv04/29
28:23.17Ian Burrell (adidas)Jordan Inv04/29
28:23.54-Tyler Pennel (WnCo)Stanford Inv04/06
28:26.44Jonathan Grey (TMn)Jordan Inv04/29
28:30.55Sean Houseworth (USAF)Stanford Inv04/06
28:33.35-Dustin Emerick (SnIn)Jordan Inv04/29
28:33.94Scott Smith (adidas)Jordan Inv04/29
28:34.43James Carney (New Balance)Jordan Inv04/29
28:39.54*Bill Kogel (Ok)Stanford Inv04/06
28:41.04Ahmed Osman (unat)Jordan Inv04/29
28:44.86Tim Ritchie (BAA)Stanford Inv04/06
28:46.87-Daniel Chenoweth (Wi)Stanford Inv04/06
28:49.15-Miles Unterreiner (Stan)Stanford Inv04/06
28:49.17**Isaac Chavez (Chico)Stanford Inv04/06
28:50.45-Jonathan Peterson (UCD)Stanford Inv04/06
28:53.51Robert Cheseret (USAr)Jordan Inv04/29
Foreign Collegians:
27:27.96-Cam Levins (SnUt-Can)Jordan Inv04/29
27:34.64**Mohammed Ahmed (Wi-Can)Jordan Inv04/29
28:06.16-Stephen Sambu (Az-Ken)Mt. SAC04/19
28:18.97*Kennedy Kithuka (WayB-Ken)Mt. SAC04/19
28:35.91*Soufiane Bouchikhi (EnKy-Bel)Jordan Inv04/29

12.80Aries Merritt (Reebok)Brussels DL09/07
12.92——MerrittOlympic G08/08
12.93——MerrittOlympic Trials06/30
——MerrittLondon DL07/13
——MerrittMonaco DL07/20
12.94——MerrittOlympic G08/08
12.95——MerrittBirmingham DL08/26
12.97——MerrittBerlin IWC09/02
12.98Jason Richardson (Nike)Olympic Trials06/30
——RichardsonOlympic Trials06/30
——RichardsonBirmingham DL08/26
**11 performances by 2 performers**
13.07David Oliver (Nike)DécaNation08/15
13.08Jeff Porter (unat)Olympic Trials06/30
13.13Dexter Faulk (Nike)Ostrava IWC05/25
13.14Antwon Hicks (unat)Olympic Trials06/30
13.18Ryan Wilson (Saucony)London DL07/13
13.20Ronnie Ash (Nike)Kingston IWC05/05
13.23Joel Brown (adidas)Tomblaine07/08
13.24Omo Osaghae (adidas)Drake R Inv04/28
13.30Ty Akins (unat)Lucerne07/17
13.32(A)-Barrett Nugent (LSU)NACAC U2307/07
David Payne (Nike)Olympic Trials06/29
13.35-Devon Hill (Mia)ACC04/21
13.36Terrence Trammell (unat)Drake R Inv04/28
13.39*Spencer Adams (Clem)ACC04/21
Fred Townsend (unat)Sundsval06/17
13.42Kevin Craddock (Nike)Olympic Trials06/30
13.44Dominic Berger (adidas)Olympic Trials06/29
-Jarret Eaton (Syr)NCAA East05/26
13.45***Johnathan Cabral (Or)NCAA West05/26
Chris Thomas (CIS)Texas R Inv03/31
13.49Ryan Fontenot (unat)Lafayette04/28
**Eddie Lovett (Fl)Olympic Trials06/29
13.54Trey Hardee (Nike)Olympic G08/09
13.56Ashton Eaton (OTC)Olympic G08/09
13.63-Lawson Montgomery (Wich)NCAA West05/26
13.64Drew Brunson (unat)Pollock Inv05/05
-Aramis Massenburg (Norf)Raleigh R03/30
13.65Malcolm Anderson (unat)Arkansas Twi05/04
*Tré Lathan (Ok)Big 1205/13
13.66Logan Taylor (unat)Chula Vista06/09
13.67Johnny Dutch (Nike)Baskin R03/24
13.68Adams Abdulrazaaq (unat)Va Chall05/12
13.69Ronald Brookins (SacSt)Kawasaki IWC05/06
-Todd McKown (Wich)Mt. SAC Open04/20
13.70Ron McGirt (AlbSt)GaT Inv05/12
13.71*Caleb Cross (Ar)Arkansas Twi05/04
13.73Brendan Ames (adidas)Olympic Trials06/29
13.74*Ethan Holmes (Ia)Big 1005/13
*Marcus Maxey (Clem)NCAA East05/26
Foreign Collegians:
13.19-Andrew Riley (Il-Jam)Jam Ch06/30
13.31(A)*Shane Brathwaite (TxT-Bar)NACAC U2307/07
13.37*Wayne Davis (TxAM-Tri)Big 1205/13
13.46*Keiron Stewart (Tx-Jam)Jam Ch06/30
13.52**Greggmar Swift (InSt-Bar)Bar Ch06/23
13.67*Durell Busby (WiM-Tri)NCAA West05/26
13.68*Keith Nkrumah (Norf-Gha)MEAC05/05
12.96——MerrittEugene DL06/02
13.10AshFlorida R04/06
13.12FaulkEugene DL06/02
13.34A. EatonEugene DL06/02
13.39FontenotBaton Rouge04/21
13.42McKownNCAA West05/26
13.49Swift'Mo Valley05/13
13.59LathanNCAA West05/25
13.60(A)Ty’reak Murray (StAug)NCAA II05/26
TaylorMt. SAC04/21
13.63BrookinsMt. SAC04/21
13.64De’Lon Isom (unat)Tx Inv04/21
13.65-Kemar Clarke (B-C)NCAA East05/25
13.66-Kendall Parks (Kenn)NCAA East05/25
13.67**Keyunta Hayes (UTSA)Southland05/12
-Brandon Priebe (SDSt)Yankton04/06
13.68(A)*Dennis Bain' (ACU-Bah)NCAA II05/26
CrossNCAA West05/26
13.71(A)Brice Myers (CalPa)NCAA II05/26
(A)Darius Reed (Met)NCAA II05/26
13.72**Demetrius Lindo (Bart)Texas R Coll03/31

47.91Michael Tinsley (adidas)Olympic G08/06
47.95Angelo Taylor (Nike)Olympic G08/04
48.12Kerron Clement (Nike)Olympic G08/04
48.18——TinsleyOlympic G08/04
48.20Bershawn Jackson (Nike)Kansas R Inv04/21
48.25——JacksonRome DL05/31
——TaylorOlympic G08/06
48.29——TaylorZürich DL08/30
48.33——TinsleyOlympic Trials07/01
48.43——TaylorLondon DL07/13
**10 performances by 4 performers**
48.88Jeshua Anderson (Nike)Sun Angel04/07
48.90Johnny Dutch (Nike)Clermont06/09
48.97Justin Gaymon (unat)Oslo DL06/07
49.11*Reggie Wyatt (USC)NCAA06/08
49.23**Miles Ukaoma (Nb)Big 1005/13
49.38**Keyunta Hayes (UTSA)NCAA06/08
49.43**Ali Arastu (Mi)Big 1005/13
49.45***Michael Stigler (Ks)Big 1205/13
49.54-David Aristil (SFl)NCAA06/08
49.83Reuben McCoy (unat)Clermont06/09
50.07*Steven White (NTx)Denton04/07
50.08-Chris Carter (BYU)NCAA06/06
50.10Joe Greene (unat)Port-of-Spain05/19
*Jibri Victorian (Copp)NCAA East05/25
50.19***Antonio Blanks (OhSt)NCAA East05/25
50.22Adam Durham (unat)Port-of-Spain05/19
50.24Eric Futch (PaHS)World Jr07/13
50.25-Jermaine Lowery (Pitt)Big East05/06
50.30-Carson Blanks (Ms)SEC05/13
*Caleb Cross (Ar)SEC05/13
50.31Alex Wilright (EvoTC)Olympic Trials06/28
50.38Austin Hollimon (unat)Atlanta06/03
50.39LaRon Bennett (unat)Atlanta06/03
50.46-Eric Cray (Ok)Big 1205/13
50.66-Christopher Lawson (LBSt)Big West05/12
50.67***Javonte Lipsey (NC)ACC04/21
50.68Cory Beebe (RWU)Clay Inv04/20
50.70Tim Gbunblee (unat)Houston06/16
50.72-Marcus Pope (WnKy)Sun Belt05/13
50.76-Roscoe Payne (MTn)Sun Belt05/13
50.80-Duane Walker (USC)Pac-1205/13
50.82Kelton Cumberbatch (Shore)USATF Club07/07
50.83-Zach Ray (Md)NCAA East05/25
50.89Cody Wisslead (unat)Mt. SAC Open04/20
50.91Darryl Elston (unat)Sun Angel04/07
50.92**R.J. Frasier (UCLA)Pac-1205/13
Foreign Collegians:
48.79-Amaechi Morton (Stan-Ngr)NCAA06/08
48.89-Jamele Mason (TxT-PR)NCAA06/08
50.00-Emanuel Mayers (MsSt-Tri)Jam Ch06/28
50.16*Sergio Rios (AMK-Mex)Ibero-Am Ch06/08
50.26Sabiel Anderson (Linc-Jam)Jam Ch06/28
50.27(A)*Jeffery Gibson (OR-Bah)NACAC U2307/08
50.29*Nathan Arnett (MsSt-Bah)NCAA East05/25
50.39**Seth Mbow (Essex-Sen)New York06/10
50.40*Keith Nkrumah (Norf-Gha)MEAC05/05
50.46*Andre Walsh (MdES-Jam)NCAA East05/25
50.63(A)Romel Lewis (Linc-Jam)NCAA II05/26
50.89-Toby Ulm (Gtn-GB)NCAA East05/25
50.90*Shane Brathwaite (TxT-Bar)Tucson03/17

60:57Dathan Ritzenhein (Nike)Philadelphia09/16
61:30Scott Bauhs (MamTC)Houston01/15
61:36Luke Puskedra (Or)Houston01/15
61:41Meb Keflezighi (Skech)New York03/18
61:52——RitzenheinNew York03/18
**5 performances by 4 performers**
62:25Jonathan Grey (unat)Houston01/15
62:33Augustus Maiyo (WCAP)World Ch10/06
62:46Abdi Abdirahman (Az)USATF Ch06/16
62:49Brett Gotcher (adidas McM)USATF Ch06/16
62:51Ian Burrell (adidas)USATF Ch06/16
Ed Moran (Nike)New York03/18
63:00Michael Eaton (Ky)Louisville04/28
63:05Bobby Curtis (Reebok)New York03/18
63:18Scott Smith (adidas)Houston01/15
63:26Matthew Llano (Az)Houston01/15
63:31Sergio Reyes (AsicsA)San José10/07
63:41Antonio Vega (Ia)Des Moines10/21
63:54Jeff Eggleston (Az)San Francisco07/29
63:57Tim Ritchie (BAA)USATF Ch06/16
64:08Mike Morgan (Hansons)USATF Ch06/16
64:18Jason Hartmann (BouRC)USATF Ch06/16
64:20Patrick Rizzo (Miz)USATF Ch06/16
64:21Bobby Mack (NC)Raleigh11/04
64:25Jason Ordway (Oh)Indianapolis11/04
64:26Nick Arciniaga (McME)USATF Ch06/16
64:37Michael Reneau (TwCTC)USATF Ch06/16
Aided Course:
62:04Ryan Vail (Brooks)South Shields09/16

2:07:47Dathan Ritzenhein (Nike)Chicago10/07
2:09:08Meb Keflezighi (NYAC)Olympic Trials01/14
2:09:30Ryan Hall (Asics)Olympic Trials01/14
2:09:47Abdi Abdirahman (Nike)Olympic Trials01/14
2:09:55——RitzenheinOlympic Trials01/14
2:11:06Brett Gotcher (adidas McM)Olympic Trials01/14
——KeflezighiOlympic G08/12
2:11:24Andrew Carlson (TMn)Olympic Trials01/14
2:11:41Mohamed Trafeh (Nike)Fukuoka12/02
2:11:45Ryan Vail (Brooks)Fukuoka12/02
**10 performances by 8 performers**
2:11:53Fernando Cabada (Co)Olympic Trials01/14
2:11:56Nick Arciniaga (McME)Olympic Trials01/14
2:12:03Jeff Eggleston (Az)Chicago10/07
2:12:23James Carney (New Balance)Olympic Trials01/14
2:12:29Jimmy Grabow (adidas Leg)Olympic Trials01/14
2:13:41Ricky Flynn (Va)Olympic Trials01/14
2:13:42Patrick Rizzo (Mizuno)Olympic Trials01/14
2:13:50Josh Cox (Ca)Olympic Trials01/14
2:14:04Ian Burrell (adidas)Olympic Trials01/14
2:14:09Tim Nelson (OTC)Fukuoka12/02
2:14:12Sean Quigley (Puma)Olympic Trials01/14
2:14:21Carlos Trujillo (adidas)Chicago10/07
2:14:22Mike Morgan (Hansons)Olympic Trials01/14
2:14:35Jason Lehmkuhle (TMn)Olympic Trials01/14
2:14:36Max King (COrRK)Olympic Trials01/14
2:14:37Michael Reneau (TwinCTC)Olympic Trials01/14
2:14:58Drew Polley (Hansons)Olympic Trials01/14
2:15:00Patrick Smyth (Nike)Olympic Trials01/14
2:15:12Ryan Bak (COrRK)Olympic Trials01/14
2:15:28Daniel Tapia (AdiTr)Olympic Trials01/14
2:15:38Craig Leon (TREug)Chicago10/07
2:15:41Sergio Reyes (AsicsA)Olympic Trials01/14
2:16:02Keith Bechtol (Ca)Olympic Trials01/14
2:16:13Michael Chavez (BouRC)Olympic Trials01/14
2:16:31Jesse Cherry (Zap)Olympic Trials01/14
Chris Erichsen (Collegev)Grandma’s06/16
2:16:40Zach Hine (Miz)Olympic Trials01/14
Mike Sayenko (CNW)Olympic Trials01/14
2:16:44Jason Hartmann (Bou TC)Olympic Trials01/14
2:16:46Paul Hefferon (Hansons)Olympic Trials01/14
2:16:48Stephan Shay (Ca)Olympic Trials01/14
2:17:00Malcolm Richards (Ca)Chicago10/07
Aided Course:

1:22:13Trevor Barron (NYAC)WCp Trials04/01
1:22:46——BarronOlympic G08/04
1:23:01——BarronOlympic Trials06/30
1:24:54——BarronWorld Cup05/12
1:25:58Tim Seaman (NYAC)WCup Trials04/01
1:26:20Patrick Stroupe (unat)WCup Trials04/01
1:27:30——SeamanOlympic Trials06/30
1:29:48Nick Christie (unat)Olympic Trials06/30
1:32:17Dan Serianni (WCRW)Olympic Trials06/30
1:32:25John Nunn (USAr)WCup Trials04/01
——SerianniWCup Trials04/01
**11 performances by 6 performers**
1:33:46(A)Nick Christie (unat)NACAC U2307/08
1:33:51Mike Mannozzi (MiaV)WCup Trials04/01
1:34:08Ben Shorey (Shore)Prairie Springs05/06
1:34:25Tyler Sorensen (unat)Olympic Trials06/30
1:37:40Allen James (unat)Welland09/30
1:37:48Ian Whatley (WCRW)Portland06/10
1:37:54Richard Luettchau (Shore)Olympic Trials06/30
1:38:55Erich Cordero (Shore)Santee01/22
1:40:51Jonathan Hallman (WCRW)Dayton05/06
1:41:22Yandy Nelson Alvarez (Shore)Santee01/22
1:42:15Mike Tarantino (unat)Dayton05/06
1:43:23Jonathan Matthews (Shore)Olympic Trials06/30
1:43:35John Cody Risch (unat)WCup Trials04/01
1:45:21Ray Sharp (PegAC)Santee01/22

4:03:28John Nunn (USAr)Olympic G08/11
4:05:50Tim Seaman (NYAC)Santee01/22
4:17:40Ben Shorey (Shore)Santee01/22
4:19:43Patrick Stroupe (unat)Santee01/22
**5 performances by 4 performers**
4:28:04Erich Cordero (Shore)Santee01/22
4:39:24Allen James (unat)Santee01/22
4:41:45Ray Sharp (unat)Santee01/22
4:48:19Mike Mannozzi (MiaV)Santee01/22
4:49:05Ian Whatley (WCRW)PACup Trials10/28
4:57:47Omar Nash (MVTC)PACup Trials10/28

4 x 100
37.04National TeamOlympic G08/11
37.38——National TeamOlympic G08/10
37.61USA Red MonacoMonaco DL07/20
37.83USA Blue MonacoMonaco DL07/20
38.02USA ZürichZürich DL08/30
38.30AuburnTexas R03/31
38.39HSI InternationalMt. SAC04/21
38.40USA Red PennPenn R04/28
38.47USA Blue PennPenn R04/28
**10 performances by 9 teams**
38.57Florida StateNCAA06/09
38.64Pure AthleticsFlorida R04/07
Speed UnitedTexas R Inv03/31
38.67FloridaJones Inv04/21
USA JuniorsWorld Jr07/14
38.84Texas A&MTexas R03/31
38.94(A)USA Under-23NACAC U2307/08
39.12Arizona StateSun Angel04/07
39.17Mississippi StateTexas R03/31
39.23Texas TechTexas R03/31
39.39(A)GSW HS All-StarsGreat SW06/02
39.42South PlainsTx Tech Open05/05
39.43TexasBig 1205/13
39.50Hobson’s ChoiceTexas R Inv03/31
39.51New EraTexas R Inv03/31
39.52FSU AlumsFlorida State R03/23
39.56Track HoustonLubbock07/07
39.57LincolnDrake R04/28
39.59TCUTexas R03/31
39.60Charleston SouthernGaT Inv05/12
IndianaBig 1005/12
South CarolinaNCAA06/06
39.61Speed EliteFlorida R04/07
UCLAUCLA Duals03/31
39.62Virginia TechNCAA06/06
39.64Kansas StateBig 1205/13

4 x 200
1:21.21Texas A&MTexas R03/31
1:21.57Zenith Velocity ACFlorida R04/07
1:21.72BaylorTexas R03/31
1:22.27ArkansasDrake R04/27
1:22.28GW ExpressRaleigh R03/31
**5 performances by 5 teams**
1:22.44LSUTexas R03/31
1:22.55GeorgiaDrake R04/27
1:22.74World Express ACFlorida R04/07
1:22.76South CarolinaFlorida R04/07
1:23.44George MasonFlorida R04/07
1:23.65St. Augustine’sRaleigh R03/31
1:23.66North Carolina A&TFlorida R04/07
1:23.78PittFlorida R04/07
1:23.88HamptonPenn R Univ04/27
1:23.94GramblingLSU R03/24

4 x 400
2:57.05National TeamOlympic G08/10
2:58.87——National TeamOlympic G08/09
3:00.15USA RedPenn R04/28
3:01.32South Plains JCTx Tech Open05/05
3:01.52Penn StateNCAA06/07
3:01.54Central Texas All StarsTexas R Inv03/31
3:01.58——Penn StateNCAA06/09
**10 performances by 8 teams**
3:01.68Texas A&MNCAA06/09
3:02.16Mississippi StateNCAA06/07
3:02.47ArkansasDrake R04/28
3:02.89Next Level AthleticsTexas R Inv03/31
3:02.94George MasonNCAA06/07
3:03.04GW ExpressFlorida R04/07
3:03.13USA BluePenn R04/28
3:03.40BaylorBig 1205/13
3:03.81(A)USA Under-23NACAC U2307/08
3:03.87Texas TechTx Tech Open05/05
3:03.99USA JuniorsWorld Jr07/15
3:04.19Arizona StateNCAA06/07
3:04.89KansasBig 1205/13
3:04.91GeorgiaNCAA East05/26
3:04.99Ohio StateNCAA06/07
3:05.27WisconsinBig 1005/13
3:05.35iPittNotre Dame LC03/03
3:05.69IndianaBig 1005/13
3:05.77IowaBig 1005/13
3:06.12Zenith Velocity ACFlorida R04/07
3:06.15MichiganNCAA East05/26
3:06.19Western Texas CollegeLubbock04/14
3:06.20Notre DameNCAA East05/26
3:06.21BYUNCAA West05/26
3:06.29World Express ACFlorida R04/07
3:06.45HP All StarsTexas R Inv03/31
3:06.49North CarolinaNCAA East05/26
3:06.50MinnesotaBig 1005/13
3:06.51Sam Houston StateNCAA West05/26
3:06.81MississippiNCAA East05/26
3:06.87Norfolk StateFlorida R04/07

4 x 800
7:15.99Texas A&MTexas R03/29
7:19.02MinnesotaDrake R04/27
7:19.76Penn StatePenn R Univ04/28
7:20.22OregonPenn R Univ04/28
**5 performances by 5 teams**
7:21.04VillanovaPenn R Univ04/28
7:22.99BaylorTexas R03/29
7:25.20ArkansasDrake R04/27
7:25.29iFordhamIC4A Ind03/04
7:25.88Notre DameDrake R04/27
7:26.36Kent StateTexas R03/29
7:26.54HoustonTexas R03/29
7:26.77GramblingTexas R03/29
7:27.46PittBig East05/06
7:27.63SETAFlorida R04/07
7:27.65ArmyPatriot League05/05
7:27.70iSt. FrancisIC4A Ind03/04
7:27.87NavyPatriot League05/05

4 x 1500
15:20.09StanfordTexas R03/30
15:20.79Texas A&MTexas R03/30

4 x 1600
16:47.87MissouriDrake R04/27

4 x MILE
16:16.79PrincetonPenn R Univ04/28
16:17.86ColumbiaPenn R Univ04/28
16:18.20IndianaPenn R Univ04/28
16:22.04OklahomaPenn R Univ04/28
16:22.40OregonPenn R Univ04/28
**5 performances by 5 teams**
16:33.70+StanfordTexas R03/30
16:34.46+Texas A&MTexas R03/30
16:41.99GeorgetownPenn R Univ04/28
16:47.15BrownPenn R Univ04/28
16:53.72+MissouriDrake R04/27

3:16.46GeorgiaDrake R04/28
3:17.25IowaDrake R04/28
3:17.47BaylorTexas R03/30
3:17.61USCTexas R03/30
3:17.92World Express ACFlorida R04/07
**5 performances by 5 teams**
3:18.07Norfolk StateRaleigh R03/30
3:18.13South PlainsTexas R Coll03/30
3:18.20St. Augustine’sRaleigh R03/30
3:18.42Texas A&MTexas R03/30
3:18.47Penn StatePenn R Univ04/27
3:18.63George MasonRaleigh R03/30
3:19.95LSULSU R03/24
3:20.18StanfordTexas R03/30
3:20.33Zenith Velocity ACFlorida R04/07
3:20.82ClemsonFlorida R04/07
3:20.86TexasTexas R03/30
3:20.88Florida StateFlorida R04/07
3:21.13IllinoisDrake R04/28
3:21.41TennesseePenn R Univ04/27
3:21.95Wayland BaptistTexas R Coll03/30

9:19.31USA BluePenn R04/28
9:19.88USA RedPenn R04/28
9:29.00iBYUMtn Pac Ind02/24
9:29.71iTexas A&MNew Balance NY02/03
**5 performances by 5 teams**
9:29.72iNotre DameNotre Dame LC03/02
9:30.13iOklahomaNew Balance NY02/03
9:30.86iWisconsinNotre Dame LC03/02
9:31.24iStanfordMtn Pac Ind02/24
9:31.48iArkansasNotre Dame LC03/02
9:31.52iVillanovaNotre Dame LC03/02
9:31.68iWashingtonNotre Dame LC03/02
9:31.71iOhio StateNotre Dame LC03/02
9:31.91iOregonNotre Dame LC03/02
9:31.95iPrincetonNotre Dame LC03/02
9:33.02iMinnesotaNotre Dame LC03/02
9:33.48iArizona StateMtn Pac Ind02/24
9:34.78iVirginiaNotre Dame LC03/02
9:35.24iPenn StateNational Inv01/27
9:35.28iAir ForceNotre Dame LC03/02
9:38.95iFloridaCollege Station01/27
9:39.98BaylorDrake R04/28
9:40.05iNC StateACC Ind02/24
9:40.12MissouriDrake R04/28
9:40.21iNorth CarolinaNotre Dame LC03/02

4 x 110H
54.30Star AthleticsFlorida R04/07
55.12+ClemsonPenn R Univ04/27
55.75Train GangFlorida R04/07
56.42Indiana StateDrake R04/28
56.49+St. Augustine’sPenn R Univ04/27
**5 performances by 5 teams**
57.55Wichita StateMt. SAC Open04/20
58.05North Dakota StateDrake R04/28
58.19ArkansasDrake R04/28
58.75CharlotteSea Ray R04/14
58.96Northern IowaDrake R04/28

2.367-8¾Jesse Williams (OTC)New York DL06/09
2.347-8*Erik Kynard (KsSt)NCAA06/07
——Williams !New York DL06/09
2.337-7¾——KynardOlympic G08/07
——WilliamsMonaco DL07/20
2.327-7¼*Ricky Robertson (Ms)Florida R04/07
i——WilliamsMillrose G02/11
2.317-7Jamie Nieto (NYAC)New York DL06/09
——Kynard !NCAA06/07
i——WilliamsB Bystrica02/08
i——WilliamsWorld Ind03/11
——WilliamsRome DL05/31
——Williams !New York DL06/09
**14 performances by 4 performers**
2.287-5¾*Dwight Barbiasz (Fl)NCAA06/07
*Nick Ross (Az)Oly Trials06/25
2.27i7-5¼**James Harris (MsSt)N Balance NY02/04
2.26i7-5-Major Clay (InSt)Charleston02/17
iAndra Manson (Nike)Glasgow01/28
i**Bryan McBride (AzSt)Kirby Inv02/10
iKeith Moffatt (Nike)Millrose G02/11
**James White (IaCCC)Ark Inv03/31
2.257-4½**Edward Dudley (LErie)Wake Forest03/16
Justin Frick (Shore)Oly Trials06/25
iDusty Jonas (unat)US Open01/28
Ed Wright (unat)Mt. SAC04/21
2.247-4¼-Jeffery Herron (Ia)LSU Inv04/07
**Marcus Jackson (MsSt)NCAA06/07
i*Kris Kornegay-Gober (NCSt)W-Salem12/01
Anthony May (unat)Arkansas Twi05/04
iDonte Nall (unat)Chapel Hill01/28
**Maalik Reynolds (Penn)Heps05/06
iZack Riley (unat)Carbondale01/14
2.23i7-3¾*Geoff Davis (Pur)N Dame LC03/03
i**Darius King (In)NCAA Ind03/10
**Michael Krone (Duke)ACC04/21
**D.J. Smith (Aub)War Eagle04/21
2.22i7-3¼*Keith Benford (UTSA)Southland Ind02/25
i*Ronnie Black (VaT)VaTech Inv01/14
**Montez Blair (Corn)Penn R Univ04/27
i-Frankie Hammond (Fl)SEC Ind02/25
i**Noah Kittelson (Ar)Arkansas LC03/02
-Darius Purcell (App)Wake Forest03/16
2.217-3**Tanner Anderson (Duke)Duke Inv04/06
i-Christopher Copeland (StA)NCAA II Ind03/09
iMatt Fisher (unat)Minneapolis01/21
Dakarai Hightower (WaHS)USATF JO07/28
i*Noel James (Ct)S-Sabock02/04
2.207-2½Ray Bobrownicki (unat)Lokeren05/28
iJim Dilling (unat)US Open01/28
***Jacorian Duffield (TxT)Lubbock04/14
Tora Harris (Asics)Mt. SAC04/21
*Jon Hill (Md)NCAA06/07
i**Matthew Jeune (NHav)Rox Crossing02/18
AJ Maricich (Wa)NCAA West05/26
***Cameron Ostrowski (IaSt)Norwalk04/21
i*Briar Ploude (Emp)Lawrence01/27
***Harrison Steed (Cal)NCAA06/07
-Leander Toney (CMo)MIAA Ch05/06
Foreign Collegians:
2.317-7*Derek Drouin (In-Can)Big 1005/12
2.26i7-5*Olivér Harsányi (WnCo-Hun)Colo Springs02/10
2.257-4½*Edgar Rivera (Az-Mex)Click Inv03/31
2.21i7-3*Brede Ellingsen (Ar-Nor)Tyson Inv02/11
2.20i7-2½*Michael Edwards (Louis-GB)Bloomington01/07

5.9019-4¼Brad Walker (Nike)Chula Vista07/12
5.86i(A)19-2¾——WalkerUSATF Ind02/26
5.8119-¾——WalkerJockgrim PV07/25
5.80i19-¼——Walker ¶PV Summit01/21
i——WalkerWorld Ind03/10
5.7218-9¼***Andrew Irwin (Ar)SEC05/13
i*Jack Whitt (OR)Tulsa06/02
Jordan Scott (PB)Wichita06/09
i(A)——Walker !USATF Ind02/26
——WalkerChula Vista04/19
i——WalkerDrake R Inv04/25
——WalkerChula Vista05/24
——WalkerChula Vista06/14
**14 performances by 4 performers**
5.6318-5½Mark Hollis (Nike)Chula Vista06/14
5.6018-4½Derek Miles (Nike)Oly Trials06/28
(A)Rory Quiller (unat)Fort Collins06/09
Scott Roth (unat)Oly Trials06/28
Jeremy Scott (Nike)Oly Trials06/28
Chris Swanson (VicA)Walnut06/12
5.5518-2½Paul Litchfield (PVP)Livermore06/16
**Michael Woepse (UCLA)v Tx03/24
5.5418-2***Nikita Kirillov (GaT)USATF Jr06/15
5.53(A)18-1¾Mike Arnold (IdSt)Pocatello06/01
iJason Colwick (unat)Husky Cl02/10
*Logan Cunningham (TxSt)Southland05/12
Dustin DeLeo (unat)OTC VIII06/14
Nick Frawley (WCAP)OTC VII06/07
Jacob Pauli (unat)Cedar Falls06/15
(A)*Cale Simmons (AF)Mtn West05/12
Maston Wallace (unat)Chula Vista06/07
5.5218-1¼Levi Keller (unat)Chula Vista05/31
5.5118-1Seth Arnold (unat)Austin05/19
Darren Niedermeyer (JHAC)R Meadows06/12
5.5018-½**Derick Hinch (AzSt)Arizona St Inv03/24
***Sam Kendricks (Ms)SEC05/13
*Victor Weirich (BYU)Texas R03/31
5.4617-11Sean Young (unat)Clermont05/19
5.4517-10½Mitch Greeley (unat)Rehlingen05/28
-Robbie Haynie (EnOr)NAIA05/25
i-Kevin Schipper (NDm)NCAA Ind03/09
i-Michael Seaman (Samf)Southern Ind02/24
5.4417-10¼***JJ Juilfs (Wa)Pac-1205/12
i-Nate Polacek (Nb)Lincoln02/17
iDaniel Ryland (BellA)Jonesboro05/12
5.43i17-9¾Jared Jodon (unat)Chapel Hill02/18
i-Jeremy Klas (Id)Husky Cl02/10
5.42i17-9¼Bryant Wilson (unat)Allendale02/17
5.4117-9**Kyal Meyers (TxT)Lubbock04/14
5.40i(A)17-8½Joe Berry (TNA)PV Summit01/21
**Chase Brannon (Tn)SEC05/13
Jeff Coover (unat)Mt. SAC04/21
-Joe Davis (VaT)NCAA06/08
Peter Geraghty (NCC)NCAA III05/26
Daniel Gooris (NnIa)NCAA West05/26
-Hunter Hall (VaT)ACC04/20
iChip Heuser (unat)Bloomington02/10
-Kyle Inks (SLO)San Luis Ob04/28
-Andrew LaHaye (FlSt)NCAA06/08
i(A)Nick Mossberg (unat)Flagstaff02/11
*Jeff Rodriguez (UTA)Arlington03/24
-Chris Roy (LaL)Texas R03/31
-Kolby Shepherd (Lib)NCAA06/08
i-Parker Smith (NC)NCAA Ind03/09
i(A)Craig Van Leeuwen (Apex)PV Summit01/21
**Michael Viken (EnIl)B Green04/14
Foreign Collegians:
5.5218-1¼-Marvin Reitze (SC-Ger)Ger Ch06/17
5.5018-½*Nico Weiler (Harv-Ger)NCAA06/08
5.4517-10½-Gonzalo Barroilhet (FlSt-Chl)GaT Inv05/12

8.3327-4*Marquise Goodwin (Tx)Oly Trials06/24
8.2527-¾Will Claye (Nike)Jones Inv04/21
8.24i27-½——ClayeTyson Inv02/10
8.2327-0Ashton Eaton (OTC)Oly Trials06/22
i——Goodwin !Oly Trials06/24
8.2226-11¾——Claye !Oly Trials06/24
8.2126-11¼George Kitchens (unat)Oly Trials06/24
Tyron Stewart (CVE)Chula Vista06/14
8.1926-10½——Goodwin !NCAA06/06
**10 performances by 5 performers**
8.16(A)26-9¼**Kendall Spencer (NM)Albuquerque04/07
8.1226-7¾Christian Taylor (Li Ning)Oly Trials06/24
8.1126-7¼Jeremy Hicks (unat)Baton Rouge06/16
8.1026-7-Levance Williams (ACU)Lancaster06/02
8.06i26-5½***Marquis Dendy (Fl)SEC Ind02/25
8.0526-5Norris Frederick (unat)Mt. SAC04/21
7.9626-1½*Mike Hartfield (OhSt)Big 1005/12
7.9526-1Joe Allen (TNSM)Norwalk04/21
7.94i26-¾*Bryce Lamb (TxT)Lubbock01/20
7.9326-¼Nafee Harris (unat)George Town05/09
-Ronald Taylor (Hast)Great Plains05/05
7.9226-0George Fields (Shore)Pollock Inv05/05
7.87i25-10Mychael Stewart (unat)Fayetteville01/27
7.8625-9½Mikese Morse (unat)Tampa05/25
7.8525-9¼Reindell Cole (CVE)Chula Vista06/09
-Lavell Handy (GM)Colonial05/05
Bashir Ramzy (unat)Houston06/16
7.8425-8¾**Jamal Peden (SFA)Southland05/12
7.8325-8¼***Jarrett Samuels (MsSt)SEC05/12
i(A)JaRod Tobler (unat)USATF Ind02/26
7.8225-8Jarrion Lawson (TxHS)Texas State05/11
*Malcom Pennix (Mo)Big 1205/12
i-Chris Phipps (Nb)NCAA Ind03/09
7.7925-6¾***Jarvis Gotch (SPl)JUCO05/17
7.7825-6¼Johnny Carter (unat)AAU JO07/31
*Stephan Scott-Ellis (WaSt)Pac-1205/12
7.77i25-6-Wenley Louis (Gen)Cambridge02/11
7.76i25-5¾Devin Field (TxHS)Fayetteville01/14
7.7625-5½Bracin Walker (unat)Davis04/21
7.7525-5¼-Chris Benard (AzSt)Sun Angel04/07
**Hammed Suleman (Cal)Click Inv03/31
7.7425-4¾Chaz Thomas (CPTC)Ewing04/14
7.7325-4½-Corryl Boyd (LIU)NCAA East05/24
i**Trebor Holmes (Shorter)NAIA Ind03/03
*Nick Ross (Az)Pac-1205/12
Foreign Collegians:
8.1326-8¼*Damar Forbes (LSU-Jam)SEC05/12
8.0726-5¾**Raymond Higgs (Ar-Bah)McDonnell Inv04/21
7.9125-11½-Kyron Blaise (LSU-Tri)SEC05/12
7.8325-8¼**Jerome Wilson (WnTx-Jam)JUCO05/17
7.8225-8**Jharyl Bowery (Bart-Can)JUCO05/17
-Clive Chafausipo (OR-Zim)NCAA06/06
7.7425-4¾-Kurt Felix (Boise-Grn)Texas R03/28
7.7325-4½-Mantas Šilkauskas (KsSt-Lit)NCAA06/06
8.2727-1¾KitchensGeorgia R03/24
8.2327-0——ClayeOly Trials06/24
8.2126-11¼——GoodwinOly Trials06/24
8.0626-5½Chafausipo'NCAA West05/24
8.0226-3¾Wilson'Tx Tech Op05/05
7.9826-2¼SamuelsTexas R03/31
7.9726-1¾*Jarrod Hutchen (SC)Pollock Inv05/05
7.9526-1Barrett Saunders (unat)Miramar05/12
7.9226-0*Neamen Wise (SFl)Big East05/05
7.9125-11½Jeff Henderson (unat)Clermont05/19
PhippsNCAA West05/24
7.8725-10ColeOTC V05/24
7.8425-8¾**Kamal Fuller' (Al-Jam)SEC05/12
Šilkauskas'Big 1205/12
*Tyler Williamson (UTSA)NCAA West05/24
7.8325-8½Jerel Morrow (KsHS)Emporia05/18
**Keenan Soles (PittSt)MIAA Ch05/06
7.82(A)25-8-Eetu Viitala' (Boise-Fin)UTEP Inv04/14
7.7825-6¼-Tyshaun Peoples (Akr)Penn R Univ04/27
7.7725-6Leonidas Watson (TWat)Scott Inv04/29
7.7625-5½***Marqise Lee (USC)NCAA West05/24
ThomasMt. SAC Op04/20
7.74(A)25-4¾Karlin Stewart (GC)NCAA II05/24
7.7325-4½Josh DeKonty (NnAz)NCAA West05/24

17.8158-5¼Christian Taylor (Li Ning)Olympic G08/09
17.70i58-1Will Claye (Nike)World Ind03/11
17.63i57-10¼——ClayeUSATF Ind02/25
i——Claye !World Ind03/11
i——TaylorWorld Ind03/11
——TaylorOly Trials06/30
17.6257-9¾——TaylorEugene DL06/01
——ClayeOlympic G08/09
17.5557-7——ClayeOly Trials06/30
——Taylor !Olympic G08/09
**10 performances by 2 performers**
17.0756-0Aarik Wilson (unat)Mt. SAC04/21
16.8555-3½Walter Davis (unat)Ponce IWC05/12
16.75i54-11½*Omar Craddock (Fl)NCAA Ind03/10
16.7454-11¼-Chris Benard (AzSt)Mt. SAC04/21
16.7254-10¼Alphonso Jordan (unat)GaT Inv05/12
16.7154-10Brandon Roulhac (Shore)Tallahassee04/14
16.6654-8-Troy Doris (Ia)Big 1005/13
16.6554-7½Lawrence Willis (UnSnEx)LSU R03/24
16.63i54-6¾-Marcus Robinson (Va)Tyson Inv02/11
16.6154-6Chris Carter (SMTC)Mt. SAC04/21
*Floyd Ross (NM)NCAA06/08
16.60i54-5½Ryan Grinnell (unat)VaTech Elite02/04
16.5654-4*Bryce Lamb (TxT)Tx Tech Op05/05
16.5254-2½Tyron Stewart (CVE)Tucson05/19
16.5054-1¾Jonathan Clark (unat)Clay Inv04/20
16.4954-1¼Nkosinza Balumbu (Miz)Stanford Inv04/07
16.4153-10¼Rafeeq Curry (Shore)Oly Trials06/28
16.35i(A)53-7¾Josh Como (CVE)Albuquerque02/04
16.32i(A)53-6½Kenta Bell (unat)USATF Ind02/25
16.3053-5¾**Phillip Young (FlSt)ACC04/21
16.2753-4½-Ethan Dejongh (FresP)Clay Inv04/20
Tydree Lewis (unat)Shawnee05/10
16.2453-3½Allen Simms (unat)Charlotte04/14
16.2353-3Zedric Thomas (unat)Oly Trials06/28
16.2053-1¾*Ricky Robertson (Ms)Oxford03/31
16.1953-1½-Chris Phipps (Nb)Sun Angel04/07
16.1152-10¼Brandon Craven (BYF)Turlock05/11
16.0552-8*Stephan Scott-Ellis (WaSt)Pac-1205/13
16.01i52-6½**Preston Woodard (PV)SWAC Ind03/02
16.00i52-6*Steve Emere (FlAM)Nashville01/07
**Jamal Peden (SFA)Southland05/11
15.9752-4¾Lincoln Carr (unat)IFF Games04/21
15.9552-4Fred Brown (unat)Ark Inv03/31
15.9352-3¼**Mark Jackson (Tx)Big 1205/13
15.9152-2½**Kentrell Sanders (Ms)Oxford03/31
15.89i52-1¾**Cordairo Golden (MTn)Sun Belt Ind02/26
15.88i(A)52-1¼Marco Moon (unat)USATF Ind02/25
**Hammed Suleman (Cal)Click Inv03/31
Foreign Collegians:
16.4954-1¼-Kyron Blaise (LSU-Tri)SEC05/13
16.32i53-6½-Hasheem Halim (VaT-VI)NCAA Ind03/10
16.11i52-10¼*Damar Forbes (LSU-Jam)SEC Ind02/26
16.0852-9¼*Eugene Vollmer (FresP-Fij)NAIA05/26
15.96(A)52-4½*Cameron Parker (TCU-Bah)Mtn West05/12
15.8852-1¼**Damon McLean (Prin-Jam)Penn R Univ04/28
16.8855-4¾JordanGaT Inv05/12
16.8655-3¾BalumbuStanford Inv04/07
16.5354-2¾Blaise'LSU R03/24
16.1352-11WoodardTxSn R03/17
16.0752-8¾Josh Honeycutt (AAG)Tucson03/17
15.9952-5½*Nick Ross (Az)Pac-1205/13
15.9652-4½**Patrick Raedler' (Nb-Ger)Nebraska Inv05/05
15.9052-2Alonzo Moore (unat)IFF Games04/21

22.3173-2½Christian Cantwell (Nike)Champaign07/07
22.00i72-2¼Ryan Whiting (Nike)World Ind03/09
Reese Hoffa (Nike)Oly Trials06/24
21.98i72-1½——Whiting !World Ind03/09
21.9371-11½——Hoffa !Oly Trials06/24
21.8171-6¾——HoffaEugene DL06/02
21.8071-6¼——HoffaZagreb IWC09/04
21.7671-4¾——Hoffa !Zagreb IWC09/04
21.75i71-4¼——HoffaUSATF Ind02/26
**10 performances by 3 performers**
21.5470-8Adam Nelson (Saucony)Athens04/14
21.3169-11Cory Martin (Nike)Linz08/19
21.1469-4¼Kurt Roberts (unat)Tucson05/19
21.0869-2-Joe Kovacs (PennSt)Oly Trials06/24
20.9568-8¾Zack Lloyd (unat)Orem03/30
20.86i68-5¼*Jordan Clarke (AzSt)NCAA Ind03/09
20.5167-3½Russ Winger (Asics)Sydney02/18
20.50i67-3¼-Jacob Thormaehlen (Tx)NCAA Ind03/09
20.29i66-7***Ryan Crouser (Tx)Fayetteville01/27
20.2266-4¼Dan Taylor (Nike)Kansas R Inv04/18
20.2066-3¼Kevin Bookout (unat)Shawnee03/31
20.0865-10½Chris Figures (unat)Westwood06/02
20.0265-8¼-Luke Pinkelman (Nb)Big 1005/13
19.9265-4¼*Hayden Baillio (Tx)NCAA West05/26
19.8965-3¼*Mason Finley (Ks)Kansas R04/20
19.8365-¾*Derrick Vicars (Find)Toledo06/15
19.8265-½Blake Eaton (unat)Penn State05/04
19.7564-9¾-Robert Golabek (Buf)Toledo06/15
19.5764-2½-Matt DeChant (OhSt)NCAA06/09
-Nick Jones (ACU)Lone Star05/05
Eric Werskey (CQ)Marietta06/10
19.5464-1¼**Caleb Whitener (Ga)NCAA East05/26
19.5264-½Noah Bryant (unat)Drake R Inv04/28
19.5164-¼***Nick Vena (Va)ACC04/20
19.4263-8¾John Ybarra (unat)Gunnison04/21
19.3963-7½*Dennis Aliotta (ECar)Conf USA05/12
*Albert Fornette (LaL)Texas R03/31
19.3763-6¾Scott Barnas (unat)Lisle04/14
19.3563-6Brandon Mitchell (unat)Lafayette04/28
19.3263-4¾*Cody Hunt (Chadr)RMAC05/08
19.3163-4¼Alex Adams (unat)Denton04/07
19.25i63-2**Zach Hill (MiSt)NCAA Ind03/09
19.2063-0Jon Kalnas (Shore)Holmdel06/16
19.1162-8½**Paul Davis (McM)San Antonio05/13
19.10i62-8***Stephen Mozia (Corn)Ithaca02/18
19.0162-4½-Justin Romero (NnIa)NCAA West05/26
18.98i62-3¼***Matthew Hoty (Tn)SEC Ind02/26
Foreign Collegians:
20.51i67-3½-Tim Nedow (DeP-Can)Big East Ind02/19
20.08i65-10½**Stephen Saenz (Aub-Mex)NCAA Ind03/09
19.8565-1½*Božidar Antunović (Az-Ser)Tucson05/19
19.20i63-0-Michael Putman (Fl0St-Per)ACC Ind02/25
19.09i62-7¾-Daniel Vanek (GVall-Svk)Allendale01/20

65.46214-9Russ Winger (Asics) ¶ Perth02/11
65.28214-2Jason Young (Nike)Lubbock04/14
65.15213-9Lance Brooks (Nike)Oly Trials06/28
65.02213-4——Young !Lubbock04/14
64.93213-0——BrooksWailua 05/04
64.80212-7——BrooksOly Trials06/25
64.76212-5Jarred Rome (Nike) ¶San Diego06/20
64.44211-5——Brooks !Oly Trials06/28
64.15210-5——Brooks !Oly Trials06/28
**10 performances by 4 performers**
63.74209-1Adam Kuehl (Nike)Maui DT05/04
63.37207-11Will Conwell (CNW)Marietta05/27
62.70205-8-Luke Bryant (Ok)Norman05/31
62.46204-11Casey Malone (Nike)Ft Collins04/28
62.40204-9Ian Waltz (NYAC)Jacobs Inv04/14
61.95203-3-Nick Jones (ACU)UTEP Inv04/14
61.67202-4Wes Stockbarger (unat)Tucson05/19
61.54201-11Dan Hytinen (unat)Madison05/05
61.51201-9Chase Madison (unat)Cedar Falls06/10
61.40201-5*Mason Finley (Ks)Baldwin City03/24
61.26201-0-Jared Thomas (SFl)Louisville Twi05/11
61.20200-9Brian Bishop (unat)Whitewater06/10
61.15200-7Jared Schuurmans (TNb)Modesto06/10
61.09200-5Bryan Powlen (unat)Tucson05/19
60.30197-10Jason Dixon (unat)Spokane06/05
60.17197-5*Nate Moses (ConcOr)NAIA05/25
59.92196-7***Kole Weldon (TxT)Lubbock04/14
59.77196-1***Ryan Crouser (Tx)NCAA06/06
59.64195-8**Danny Block (Wi)Big 1005/12
59.27194-5*Carter Comito (Whitw)Spokane05/09
59.25194-4Brian Trainor (unat)Lubbock04/14
59.15194-0Mike Torie (unat)Tucson 05/17
59.13194-0-Tyler Hitchler (Nb)Arizona St Inv03/24
59.06193-9*Servell Dandridge (WTxAM)Amarillo04/28
59.05193-8James Plummer (Shore)New York06/10
59.03193-8**Matt Kosecki (UCLA)Pac-1205/13
58.91193-3**Andrew Evans (Ky)NCAA06/06
58.85193-1Sean Pruitt (unat)Fayette03/17
***Dalton Rowan (TxAM)NCAA06/06
58.70192-7***Gabe Hull (Ia)Iowa City04/21
58.67192-6*Geoffrey Tabor (Stan)NCAA06/06
58.57192-2*Jordan Williams (NnIa)Cedar Falls05/04
58.52192-0Greg Garza (unat)Tucson 05/17
58.39191-7*Lonnie Pugh (MiSt)NCAA East05/24
58.21190-11John Bowman (unat)Ashland I06/07
58.18190-10Willy Irwin (unat)La Jolla04/28
Brady Maska (WTC)La Jolla04/28
Foreign Collegians:
62.88206-3**Chad Wright (Nb-Jam)Lincoln06/17
59.24194-4-Tim Nedow (DeP-Can)Louisville Twi05/11

79.20259-10A.G. Kruger (Nike)Ashland06/09
77.77255-2——Kruger !Ashland06/09
77.17253-2Kibwe Johnson (Nike)Olympic G08/03
76.11249-8Drew Loftin (OtterB)Ft. Collins06/13
75.97249-3Michael Mai (USAr)San José 04/19
75.92249-1——KrugerTucson 05/17
75.77248-7——Kruger !Ashland06/09
75.56247-11——MaiSan Mateo05/27
——Loftin !Ft. Collins06/13
**11 performances by 4 performers**
74.36243-11Chris Cralle (unat)Oly Trials06/21
74.01242-9*Conor McCullough (Prin)Princeton04/06
73.23240-3Andy Fryman (Mjo)Rome06/08
71.72235-4Garland Porter (unat)Tucson05/19
71.62235-0Jake Freeman (NYAC)Monmouth06/03
70.74232-1-Ryan Loughney (Ash)NCAA II05/24
70.73232-0*Jeremy Postin (Fl)Drake R04/28
70.28230-7Chris Bryce (unat)West Point05/19
69.90229-4Travis Nutter (unat)Tucson05/19
69.89229-3Kevin Becker (Shore)Sea Ray R04/14
**Alec Faldermeyer (UCLA)Mt. SAC04/21
69.48227-11Collin Post (AzDT)Mesa06/03
69.40227-8Zach Hazen (unat)Berkeley04/27
68.93226-1Brian Richotte (unat)Ashland06/09
68.91226-1Lucais MacKay (OTC)Portland06/09
68.77225-7**Justin Welch (Ga)Toledo06/15
68.68225-4Colin Dunbar (unat)Fullerton03/30
68.65225-2Nick Welihozkiy (NorCal)San Mateo05/27
67.15220-3-Matt Royer (Indy)Rensselaer05/05
67.09220-1Bob Keogh (GPhila)Duke Twi05/06
67.08220-1*Quentin Mege (Mn)Big 1005/11
66.77219-0Brian Tolcser (unat)St. Paul04/26
66.65218-8Brian Allen (unat)Warrensburg04/20
66.39217-9-Michael Lauro (LSU)SEC05/11
66.26217-5Remy Conatser (Sadd)Los Angeles04/07
66.20217-2-Ross Bunchek (WayneNb)Drake R04/28
66.04216-8*Derrick Vicars (Find)All-Ohio04/21
65.60215-3Kevin Phipps (unat)Berea04/21
65.51214-11Jesse Doty (SyrCh)Npt News04/21
65.44214-8Drew Frizzell (unat)Warrensburg04/20
65.39214-6*Jordan Clarke (AzSt)Tucson04/28
65.37214-5Mike Milakovic (unat)Mt. SAC04/21
65.34214-4*Brandon Pounds (InSt)Auburn Inv04/07
65.31214-3Vinny Tortorella (unat)Boston04/14
65.26214-1Adam Hamilton (unat)La Crosse05/11
65.20213-11Zech Whittington (unat)San Mateo05/27
Foreign Collegians:
75.78248-7*Alexander Ziegler (VaT-Ger)NCAA06/08
67.56221-8***Nick Miller (OkSt-GB)Wigan07/01
67.10220-2***Daniel Szabo (USC-Hun)USC Inv03/23
66.08216-9***Anastas Papazov (Man-Bul)Princeton04/06
Nation change:
75.09246-4McCullough (Ire)Lucerne07/17

82.73271-5Sean Furey (Mizuno) ¶Lisle06/09
82.31270-0Craig Kinsley (unat) ¶Lisle06/09
81.86268-7*Sam Humphreys (TxAM)Oly Trials06/25
81.69268-0*Tim Glover (IlSt)NCAA06/07
81.31266-9——GloverSea Ray R04/14
81.02265-10Cyrus Hostetler (OTC)Eugene DL06/02
80.95265-7Corey White (unat)Tucson05/19
80.84265-3——Humphreys !Oly Trials06/25
80.80265-1***Sam Crouser (Or)Oly Trials06/25
80.74264-11——Humphreys !Oly Trials06/25
**10 performances by 7 performers**
77.99255-10Barry Krammes (Shore)Oly Trials06/23
77.12253-0Sean Keller (WaHS)Oly Trials06/23
76.16249-10Mike Hazle (Nike)Newcastle01/21
76.03249-5Brian Chaput (JavUSA)Princeton04/07
75.20246-9Billy Stanley (PaHS)Penn State05/26
75.19246-8-Andy Fahringer (Va)Va Chall05/12
75.14246-6Aris Borjas (unat)Chula Vista06/09
74.78245-4-Ben Chretien (McN)NCAA06/07
74.30243-9-Brian Moore (Ga)GaT Inv03/31
74.12243-2-Benjamin Woodruff (LBSt)Fullerton04/13
73.51241-2Riley Dolezal (TND)Fargo06/14
73.46241-0-Richard McKay (LaM)Baton Rouge04/21
73.38240-9Ryan Young (Nike)Berkeley04/28
73.23240-3*Ben Lincoln (WF)ACC04/19
73.16240-0Ryan Brandel (TRedd)Oregon Twi05/05
73.01239-6-Jason Flanagan (CCar)Big South04/21
72.72238-7-Mike Beeler (PittSt)St. Louis06/10
72.69238-6***Joshua Suttmeier (SC)NCAA06/07
72.55238-0Vincent DuVernois (Monm)Holmdel06/16
72.39237-6*Matt Byers (Ia)NCAA06/07
72.27237-1-Brett Trudo (Wich)Mo Valley05/11
72.05236-4Chris Kirkwood (unat)Portland06/09
72.03236-4Chris Hill (unat)Tucson05/19
71.97236-1***Devin Bogert (TxAM)NCAA West05/24
71.90235-11Justin Shirk (Blooms)NCAA II05/26
71.69235-2-Cooper Thompson (USC)USC Inv03/23
71.66235-1Colin Moleton (NeoTC)LSU R03/24
71.61234-11Trent Mazanec (unat)Oly Trials06/23
71.29233-10*James Brookman (Wa)NCAA West05/24
71.25233-9Cody Allen (unat)Norwalk03/03
71.05233-1***Derek Eager (UCLA)v USC04/29
71.04233-1*Joe Zimmerman (Wa)Norwalk04/21
70.97232-10Doug Leffler (unat)Missoula04/14
Foreign Collegians:
77.89255-6**Stipe Žunić (Fl-Cro)Texas R03/30
75.83248-9*Matthias Treff (VaT-Ger)NCAA06/07
75.60248-0-Martins Pildavs (Troy-Lat)Mobile04/14
75.41247-5***Raymond Dykstra (Ky-Can)Texas R03/30
74.84245-6-Ignacio Guerra (WnKy-Chl)NCAA06/07
74.51244-5**Johannes Swanepoel (Ks-SA)Kansas R04/20
73.55241-3-Brandon Heroux (WM-Can)NCAA06/07
71.58234-10**Richard Olsson (UTEP-Swe)UTEP Inv03/24
71.30233-11-Jared Baird (Win-Can)Jacksonville03/03

9039Ashton Eaton (OTC)Oly Trials06/23
8869——EatonOlympic G08/09
8671Trey Hardee (Nike)Olympic G08/09
8383——HardeeOlympic Trials06/23
8067*Isaac Murphy (Tx)Texas R03/29
7955**Kevin Lazas (Ar)NCAA06/07
7954Gray Horn (unat)Olympic Trials06/23
7932Wesley Bray (unat)Texas R03/29
7931Joe Detmer (unat)Olympic Trials06/23
**10 performances by 7 performers**
7892***Gunnar Nixon (Ar)NCAA06/07
7862*Jack Szmanda (Mn)Big 1005/12
7840Chris Randolph (Skechers)Santa Barbara04/03
7832-Dave Grzesiak (Wi)Big 1005/12
7793***Dakotah Keys (Or)Pac-1205/06
7764**Curtis Beach (Duke)ACC04/20
7750Eric Broadbent (HPC)Mt. SAC04/19
7744Chris Helwick (unat)Olympic Trials06/23
7739-Derek Steinbach (Wi)Big 1005/12
7715Ryan Harlan (unat)Olympic Trials06/23
7712Miller Moss (unat)Olympic Trials06/23
7705Corbin Duer (unat)Walnut05/27
7635*Heath Nickles (OhSt)Big 1005/12
7632-Nick Huber (Corn)Heps05/06
7630(A)*Jeff Mohl (MtSt)Big Sky05/10
7629*Daniel Gooris (NnIa)NCAA06/07
7616**Japheth Cato (Wi)Mt. SAC04/19
7598-Robbie Haynie (EnOr)NAIA05/25
7597*Jake Waruch (Ct)Storrs04/11
7585-Terry Prentice (Ar)SEC05/11
7570Kevin Dwyer (unat)Columbia05/17
7558*Derek Masterson (UCSB)Santa Barbara04/03
7547-Tom FitzSimons (MSM)NCAA06/07
7519Jake Arnold (Asics)Click Inv03/30
7513Nick Armstrong (unat)Mt. SAC04/19
(A)*Richard York (NM)Mtn West05/10
7512Nick Adcock (unat)Columbia05/17
7475*Clayton Chaney (Rice)Conf USA05/12
7425*Devin Dick (KsSt)Big 1205/12
7416-Michael Ayers (Ga)SEC05/11
7410***Garrett Scantling (Ga)Athens04/13
7401-Kenny Greaves (Tx)Texas R03/29
Tim Wunderlich (unat)Emporia04/13
Foreign Collegians:
8065-Gonzalo Barroilhet (FlSt-Chl)ACC04/20
8062-Kurt Felix (Boise-Grn)NCAA06/07
7977*Romain Martin (UTA-Fra)Texas R03/29
7897*Bjorn Barrefors (Nb-Swe)Big 1005/12
7857***Petter Olson (Tx-Swe)Texas R03/29
7823**Marcus Nilsson (UCLA-Swe)NCAA06/07
7508*Tomas Kirielius (KsSt-Lit)Big 1205/12

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