2008 U.S. Absolute List - Men

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compiled by Glen McMicken

(marks received and verified by 04/11/2011)

We welcome all amendments to these lists.


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Key To Lists

These lists give the top 40 U.S. performers of the season, with an appending of those foreign collegians whose marks fall into that range.


On final year-end lists, the top 10 performances, denoted by — — are also included.


In the wind-aided category, the domestics and foreign collegians are commingled (' after name = foreigner on windy list).


Relay teams may contain non-U.S. nationals.


Open athletes and high schoolers have no notation before their name. Collegians are noted by class: - = senior; * = junior; **=soph; *** = frosh; ? = unknown. Note: we do not change athlete affiliations in mid-season from collegiate to club if/when they sign pro contracts early or otherwise finish their collegiate eligibility. For consistency, we leave them with the same affiliation all year.


(A) = altitude over 1000m (in affected events only).


Wind-aided marks are those of greater than 2.0mps. Windy marks are listed only if superior to the best legal mark (windy performances listed to level of legal performances).


In the marathon and half-marathon lists, ' = aided course. Since so many road runners are unaffiliated, a state affiliation represents their home, not a school.


! = secondary mark made within a field-event series; ¶ = complete field-event series not known, so some performances may be missing.


9.77Tyson Gay (adidas)Oly Trials06/28
9.85———GayNew York GP05/31
9.89*Travis Padgett (Clem)Oly Trials06/28
Darvis Patton (adidas)Oly Trials06/28
9.91-Walter Dix (FlSt)Olympic G08/16
9.92———DixLausanne GP09/02
9.94Ivory Williams (Nike)Oly Trials06/28
9.95———DixOlympic G08/16
Rodney Martin (Nike)Oly Trials06/28
9.96———DixOly Trials06/28
**11 performances by 6 performers**
9.99Mark Jelks (Nike)Oly Trials06/28
10.00Xavier Carter (Nike)Oly Trials06/28
10.01Jeff Demps (FlHS)Oly Trials06/28
10.02Leroy Dixon (Nike)Oly Trials06/28
10.04(A)Preston Perry (Asics)Provo Gold05/24
10.05**Trindon Holliday (LSU)SEC05/18
10.06John Capel (unat)Oly Trials06/28
Rae Edwards (Nike)Oly Trials06/28
Mike Rodgers (Nike)Modesto R05/10
10.07Wallace Spearmon (Nike)Oly Trials06/28
10.08*J-Mee Samuels (Ar)NCAA ME05/31
**Evander Wells (Tn)NCAA ME05/31
10.09Shawn Crawford (Nike)Oly Trials06/28
10.10(A)Carlos Moore (Cheet)Provo Gold05/24
10.11Marcelle Scales (Nike)Modesto R05/10
10.12Chris Hargrett (adidas)Oly Trials06/28
Kendall Stevens (ExecTC)Oly Trials06/28
-Rubin Williams (Tn)NCAA ME05/31
10.17**Jeremy Hall (Fl)SEC05/18
10.18Jayson Heard (unat)Hamilton Inv04/26
10.19***Terrell Wilks (Fl)USATF Jrs06/20
10.20(A)Phil Derosier (GWE)Provo Blue05/24
Ernest Wiggins (unat)Prague06/16
10.21**Jacoby Ford (Clem)NCAA E05/30
Josh Norman (unat)Villach07/05
10.22DaBryan Blanton (Reebok)Baie-Mahault05/01
*Michael Ray Garvin (FlSt)NCAA E05/30
Mickey Grimes (Nike)Modesto R05/10
Bernard Williams (adidas)Clermont06/14
10.23Ashhad Agyapong (Shore)Holmdel06/07
Greg Bolden (unat)Clermont05/24
*Gordon McKenzie (Ky)NCAA ME05/31
John Woods (HN)Canberra05/25
10.24**Kendall May (MsSt)NCAA ME05/31
Foreign Collegians:
9.89-Richard Thompson (LSU-Tri)Olympic G08/16
10.20***Gerald Phiri (TxAM-Zam)LSU Alumni Gold04/19
10.23*Justyn Warner (TCU-Can)TCU Inv04/19
9.68GayOly Trials06/29
9.80DixOly Trials06/29
9.84PattonOly Trials06/29
9.85PadgettOly Trials06/29
9.96R. WilliamsSea Ray04/11
9.97MooreModesto R05/10
9.99L. DixonOly Trials06/29
10.01RodgersOly Trials06/29
WellsNCAA ME05/30
10.03(A)Phiri’Big 1205/18
10.07-Matthieu Pritchett (Tn)Sea Ray04/11
10.08**Calesio Newman (NCAT)Sea Ray04/11
10.09StevensEagle Rock06/07
10.11GrimesMt SAC04/20
10.13AgyapongNew York GP05/31
10.14Demi Omole (Reebok)Sea Ray04/11
10.16Deangelo Cherry (GaHS)GWI06/07
(A)-Marcus Pugh (Ok)Big 1205/18
10.17Jerome Avery (OTC)Mt SAC04/20
Coby Miller (unat)Thessaloníki07/09
10.19*Gordon McKenzie (Ky)NCAA ME05/30
*Willie Perry (Fl)Florida R04/04
Marcus Rowland (SCHS)Columbia04/11
10.20-Rickie Bratton (Ms)NCAA ME05/30
***Shannon Davis (EnKy)Sea Ray04/11
10.21**Clint Allen (EnMi)Sea Ray04/11
*Dennis Boone (StA)NCAA II05/24
TJ Graham (NCHS)GWI06/07
B. WilliamsClermont06/14
10.23**Marvin Bonde (OR-Zim)Jacobs Inv04/12
Curtis Mitchell (unat)Cal JC Ch05/17
10.24-Brent Gray (LBSt)Big West05/16
*Adam Harris (Mi)Sea Ray04/11

19.86Shawn Crawford (Nike)Oly Trials07/06
-Walter Dix (FlSt)Oly Trials07/06
19.90Wallace Spearmon (Nike)Oly Trials07/06
19.96———CrawfordOlympic G08/20
19.98———DixOlympic G08/20
19.99Rodney Martin (Nike)Oly Trials07/06
20.00Tyson Gay (adidas)Kingston05/03
20.07———SpearmonNew York GP05/31
20.08———Gayadidas Cl05/18
LaShawn Merritt (Nike)Doha GP05/09
**10 performances by 6 performers**
20.22**Charles Clark (FlSt)NCAA E05/31
20.24Chris Berrian (Vel9)Walnut06/15
20.25Xavier Carter (Nike)Towns Inv04/12
**Evander Wells (Tn)NCAA ME05/31
20.32*Travis Padgett (Clem)NCAA E05/31
*J-Mee Samuels (Ar)NCAA ME05/31
20.36(A)Carlos Moore (Cheet)Provo HP05/24
i-Rubin Williams (Tn)NCAA Ind03/14
20.37*Jordan Boase (Wa)Wa–WaSt05/03
(A)*Jeremy Dodson (Co)Big 1205/18
Jeremy Wariner (adidas)UTA Inv03/29
20.39*Chris Dykes (TxAM)NCAA MW05/31
(A)**Trey Harts (Bay)Big 1205/18
20.42Greg Nixon (Asics)Red Raider04/12
20.43David Neville (Nike)Ft-de-France05/08
20.45Ashad Agyapong (Shore)Halifax07/11
20.46Mickey Grimes (Nike)Eagle Rock06/07
20.47Michael Lawrence (unat)Eagle Rock06/07
(A)-Marcus Pugh (Ok)Big 1205/18
20.50Angelo Taylor (Nike)GaT Inv05/17
20.52Tyree Washington (NEra)Ft-de-France05/08
20.53-Brent Gray (LBSt)NCAA06/12
20.55*Damein White (CSLA)CCAA05/04
20.58Bernard Williams (adidas)Barcelona07/19
20.60***Tyrone Carrier (Hous)NCAA MW05/31
20.65-Lionel Larry (USC)UCLA-USC05/03
(A)Brandon O’Connor (FlHS)Great SW06/07
20.66John Capel (unat)Pt-of-Spain05/18
i-Arman Dixon (SHeart)N Eng Ind03/01
*Michael Ray Garvin (FlSt)NCAA E05/31
Reggie Witherspoon (Nike)Ft-de-France05/08
20.67**Albert Fullwood (LaT)WAC05/17
(A)**Courtney Thomas (Bay)Big 1205/17
20.68DaBryan Blanton (Reebok)Baie-Mahault05/01
*Mike Coleman (LaT)WAC05/17
***Mychal Dungey (TCU)TCU Inv04/19
Chris Lawson (USE)Clermont06/14
Mardy Scales (Nike)Chaniá06/07
Foreign Collegians:
20.18-Richard Thompson (LSU-Tri)NCAA ME05/30
20.29(A)***Gerald Phiri (TxAM-Zam)Big 1205/18
20.58*José Acevedo (Ky-Ven)NCAA ME05/30
20.64*Gavin Smellie (WnKy-Can)Can Ch07/06
20.04———MartinOly Trials07/05
20.05———SpearmonOly Trials07/05
20.36Joel Brown (Nike)Belém05/25
20.40*Willie Perry (Fl)Florida R04/05
20.43Ricardo Lockette (SprA)Clermont05/24
20.50Phil DeRosier (GWE)Greensboro04/19
Chris Hargrett (adidas)Greensboro04/19
20.57Leon Covington (unat)Clermont06/14
Robin Edwards (unat)Clermont05/24
20.60*Otis McDaniel (TCU)Mtn West05/17
**Teddy Williams (UTSA)Southland05/11
Markus Henderson (TxHS)Lubbock04/26
20.65*Dennis Boone (StA)NCAA II05/24
20.66Jordan Vaden (adidas)Oly Trials07/05
20.67-Steven Brown (UTSA)Southland05/11
**Calesio Newman (NCAT)Greensboro04/19

43.75LaShawn Merritt (Nike)Olympic G08/21
43.82Jeremy Wariner (adidas)Zürich GP08/29
———WarinerParis GP07/18
43.98———MerrittLausanne GP09/02
———WarinerOslo GP06/06
44.00———MerrittOly Trials07/03
44.03———MerrittBerlin GP06/01
44.07———WarinerBerlin GP06/01
44.12———MerrittOlympic G08/19
44.15———WarinerOlympic G08/19
**10 performances by 2 performers**
44.38Angelo Taylor (Nike)Lausanne GP09/02
44.61David Neville (Nike)Oly Trials07/03
44.63-Lionel Larry (USC)NCAA06/14
44.70Xavier Carter (Nike)New York GP05/31
44.75(A)**LeJerald Betters (Bay)NACAC U2307/19
44.82*Jordan Boase (Wa)Sun Angel04/12
44.99Reggie Witherspoon (Nike)Oly Trials06/30
45.07**Calvin Smith (Fl)Barcelona07/19
45.10Kerron Clement (Nike)adidas Cl05/18
45.16Darold Williamson (Nike)Oly Trials06/30
45.20Greg Nixon (Asics)Oly Trials06/30
45.24-Jamil Hubbard (MsSt)SEC05/18
45.30**Charles Clark (FlSt)Seminole Inv04/12
45.31-Bobby McCoy (Az)Pac-1005/17
45.46(A)*Quentin Iglehart-Summers (Bay)Big 1205/18
45.47Bershawn Jackson (Nike)Réthymno07/14
45.53***Marcus Boyd (Bay)World Jr07/10
45.54***O’Neal Wilder (MsSt)SEC05/18
45.59Obra Hogans (unat)GaT Inv05/17
45.65-Drew Morano (CoSt)Ar Twi05/02
45.66**Justin Kremer (AzSt)Pac-1005/17
Jamaal Torrance (Nike)Kalamáta06/04
45.67-Arman Dixon (SHeart)NCAA E05/31
-Miles Smith (SEMo)McDonnell Inv04/19
45.69(A)**Lukas Hulett (Nb)Big 1205/17
*Terrance Reid (NnIa)NCAA06/11
45.75**Levi Brooks (ChSn)NCAA E05/31
Joel Stallworth (unat)Eagle Rock06/07
45.76Craig Everhart (HSI)Oxy Inv05/10
45.79(A)*Justin Oliver (TxAM)Big 1205/18
Tyree Washington (NEra)Johnson/JJK04/12
45.85(A)***Bryan Miller (TxAM)Big 1205/18
Mitch Potter (AsicsA)Eagle Rock06/07
45.88Derrick Brew (Reebok)Ponce05/17
45.94i*Justin Gaymon (Ga)SEC Ind03/02
45.95***Charles Cox (NC)ACC04/19
45.97-A.C. Robinson (TxAM)Johnson/JJK04/12
45.99Dirk Homewood (Reebok)GaT Inv05/17
46.06*Jeremy Davis (TxSn)SWAC04/21
46.10**Armanti Hayes (LSU)SEC05/18
46.14James Davis (unat)Jerome Cl06/21
*Raymond Radway (ACU)NCAA II05/22
46.15*Elvis Lewis (Vill)NCAA E05/30
46.18**Quentin Moore (SC)SEC05/18
46.21***Gil Roberts (TxT)Red Raider04/12
46.23Christopher Jones (unat)Walnut06/15
46.25Jamel Ashley (Reebok)Ga Tech05/17
*Manteo Mitchell (WnCar)NCAA E05/31
Foreign Collegians:
44.62-Andretti Bain (OR-Bah)NCAA06/14
45.29*Joel Phillip (AzSt-Grn)Pac-1005/17
45.37(A)***Tabarie Henry (BartCC-VI)NACAC U2307/21
45.56***Leford Green (JCS-Jam)Raleigh R03/28
45.96**Allodin Fothergill (MdES-Jam)Jam Ch06/28
46.13**Obakeng Ngwigwa (ButC-Bot)Kansas R Coll04/19

1:44.10Nick Symmonds (OTC)Oly Trials06/30
1:44.55Khadevis Robinson (Nike)Eugene GP06/08
1:45.01———SymmondsEugene GP06/08
1:45.03**Andrew Wheating (Or)Oly Trials06/30
1:45.31*Jacob Hernandez (Tx)NCAA06/14
1:45.33———SymmondsRieti GP09/07
1:45.47Christian Smith (OTC)Oly Trials06/30
1:45.53———RobinsonOly Trials06/30
1:45.55———RobinsonNew York GP05/31
**10 performances by 5 performers**
1:45.56Jebreh Harris (Reebok)AMC III06/11
1:45.58Sam Burley (Asics)AMC III06/11
Lopez Lomong (Nike)Oly Trials06/30
1:45.71-Duane Solomon (USC)NCAA06/14
1:46.04Tetlo Emmen (AsicsA)Brasschaat07/23
1:46.05Jonathan Johnson (Reebok)Heusden07/20
1:46.11Matt Scherer (OTC)Eugene GP06/08
1:46.27James Hatch (unat)Ar Twi05/02
1:46.55Kevin Hicks (OTC)Beaverton05/29
1:46.58Jeremy Mims (unat)Oregon Twi05/09
1:46.61Elliott Blount (OTC)Oly Trials06/28
1:46.64Brandon Shaw (OTC)Lignano07/13
1:46.70Raphael Asafo-Agyei (Traf)Oordegem07/26
**Carlos Phillips (Fl)NCAA E05/31
1:46.89Ryan Brown (Asics)Uden07/12
Alan Webb (Nike)N-Xhovémont07/16
1:46.99*Tyler Mulder (NnIa)NCAA MW05/31
1:47.01Jon Rankin (Asics)AMC III06/11
1:47.12-Tim Harris (Mia)GaT Inv05/17
1:47.14Mark Wieczorek (TXO)AMC IV06/14
1:47.33i*Abraham Mach (CMi)Wilson Inv03/08
1:47.38David Krummenacker (adidas)Brasschaat07/23
Neville Miller (NYAC)Oxy Inv05/10
1:47.43Rob Myers (Reebok)N-Xhovémont07/16
1:47.47***Donte Holmes (DeSt)NCAA E05/31
1:47.60*Rob Novak (SH)NCAA E05/31
1:47.66Kevin Elliott (OTC)Mt SAC04/20
1:47.68Elijah Greer (OrHS)USATF Jr06/21
1:47.69Will Leer (OTC)Beaverton05/29
1:47.75***Cory Primm (UCLA)Pac-1005/17
1:47.80Jacob Koczman (InI)AMC IV06/14
1:47.82*Tevan Everett (Tx)Tx Twi04/19
1:47.83-Mark Miller (PennSt)NCAA E05/31
1:47.91Steve Sherer (APer)AMC III06/11
1:47.94Gered Burns (unat)Beaverton05/29
Foreign Collegians:
1:44.68***Boaz Lalang (RendL-Ken)Athens GP07/13
1:46.75***Felix Kitur (VMI-Ken)NCAA E05/31
1:46.77i-Elias Koech (UTEP-Ken)IaSt Ind02/16
1:47.05-Elkana Kosgei (LSU-Ken)SEC05/18
1:47.08***Fred Samoei (SPl-Ken)Albuquerque05/03
1:47.28i-Shaun Smith (OR-Jam)IaSt Ind02/16
1:47.91**Jamaal James (LSU-Tri)SEC05/18

2:16.18Bernard Lagat (Nike)Gateshead GP08/31
2:17.10Nick Symmonds (OTC)Gateshead GP08/31
2:18.34Chris Lukezic (Reebok)Stockholm GP07/22
2:18.87Christian Smith (OTC)Gateshead GP08/31
2:22.42i***Sam Borchers (PennSt)Univ Park01/19
**5 performances by 5 performers**
2:22.89i-Matt Debole (Gtn)VaT Inv01/12
2:23.34iNeville Miller (NYAC)Mo Inv01/11
2:23.42i*Sean Tully (Vill)Armory Inv02/09
2:23.58i-Tim Kaijala (Penn)New York01/25
2:23.85i-Sam Bair (Pitt)Univ Park01/19
2:23.91i***Ryan Brown (Asics)Wa Ind02/02
Foreign Collegians:
2:23.77i***Carl MacKenzie (Vill-NZ)Big East Ind02/24

3:32.75Bernard Lagat (Nike)Rieti GP09/07
3:35.14———Lagatadidas Cl05/18
3:35.86Alan Webb (Nike)Heusden07/20
3:36.23Rob Myers (Reebok)Heusden07/20
3:36.36Lopez Lomong (Nike)adidas Cl05/18
3:36.61Jon Rankin (Nike)adidas Cl05/18
3:36.67-Leonel Manzano (Tx)Olympic G08/15
3:36.70———LomongOlympic G08/15
3:36.81Steve Sherer (APer)AMC IV06/14
**10 performances by 7 performers**
3:36.91*Andy McClary (Ar)AMC IV06/14
3:37.22Grant Robison (Playm)Jerome Cl06/21
3:37.51Chris Lukezic (Reebok)AMC IV06/14
3:37.63Will Leer (OTC)Heusden07/20
3:37.84Said Ahmed (Nike)Oslo GP06/06
3:37.94Matt Tegenkamp (Nike)Madison07/14
3:38.60**Andrew Wheating (Or)Oregon Twi05/09
3:38.9Phil Sakala (RuRo)Oordegem07/26
3:39.02Jonathon Riley (Nike)Madison07/14
3:39.55John Jefferson (OTC)Heusden07/20
3:40.07Gabe Jennings (Saucony)Oly Trials07/04
3:40.20Dan Huling (Reebok)Brasschaat07/23
3:40.22*Andrew Bumbalough (Gtn)Ellis Inv04/19
3:40.25-Bobby Curtis (Vill)Swarthmore05/13
3:40.51Shane Stroup (unat)AMC II06/09
3:40.52**A.J. Acosta (Or)Cardinal Inv05/04
3:40.65Sam Burley (Asics)Ellis Inv04/18
3:40.66Kyle King (Zap)AMC IV06/14
3:40.68Chris Solinsky (Nike)Sun Angel04/12
3:40.73-Matt Debole (Gtn)Ellis Inv04/18
3:40.76*Jeff See (OhSt)Hillsdale06/07
3:40.90Brendan O’Keefe (Zap)Oregon Twi05/09
3:40.92James Hatch (unat)Oregon Twi05/09
3:40.96-Russell Brown (Stan)Cardinal Inv05/04
3:40.98Nick Symmonds (OTC)Cardinal Inv05/04
3:41.08*Garrett Heath (Stan)Cardinal Inv05/04
-David Torrence (Cal)Brasschaat07/23
3:41.21**Jack Bolas (Wi)Cardinal Inv05/04
3:41.24***Evan Jager (Wi)Cardinal Inv05/04
3:41.30Sean O’Brien (OTC)Cardinal Inv05/04
3:41.55-Stephen Pifer (Co)Oregon R04/25
3:41.59**Dorian Ulrey (NnIa)NCAA MW05/31
3:41.61**Craig Miller (Wi)Cardinal Inv05/04
Foreign Collegians:
3:37.62***Boaz Lalang (RendL-Ken)Hillsdale04/25
3:39.55-Kurt Benninger (NDm-Can)Brasschaat07/23
3:40.71*Aron Rono (Azusa-Ken)Oxy05/10
3:40.77*Lee Emanuel (NM-GB)Sun Angel04/12

3:53.97Lopez Lomong (Nike)Eugene GP06/08
3:54.68Jon Rankin (unat)Eugene GP06/08
3:55.20Bernard Lagat (Nike)London GP07/25
3:55.47Alan Webb (Nike)Eugene GP06/08
3:56.00iSteve Sherer (APer)Wa Ind02/02
3:56.03Chris Lukezic (Reebok)London GP07/25
3:56.23Rob Myers (Reebok)Dublin07/25
3:56.75Will Leer (OTC)Dublin07/25
3:56.82John Jefferson (OTC)Falmouth08/09
**10 performances by 9 performers**
3:56.98-Leonel Manzano (Tx)Texas R04/05
3:57.27-Stephen Pifer (Co)Dublin07/25
3:58.16**Andrew Wheating (Or)Oregon R04/26
3:58.35-Darren Brown (Tx)Dublin07/25
3:58.46i**Andrew Bumbalough (Gtn)Giegengack Ind02/02
3:58.52i**A.J. Acosta (Or)Wa LC03/08
3:58.68i-Russell Brown (Stan)Husky Ind02/16
3:58.71i-Garrett Heath (Stan)Husky Ind02/16
3:58.83iGabe Jennings (Saucony)Husky Ind02/16
3:59.10-David Torrence (Cal)Hamilton Inv04/26
3:59.16i*Kyle Perry (BYU)Wa Ind02/02
3:59.35i-John Richardson (Ky)McCravy M02/02
3:59.40i**Jack Bolas (Wi)Meyo Inv02/09
3:59.75iJordan Fife (BrkIn)Meyo Inv02/09
3:59.81*Scott Bauhs (Chico)Chico04/12
3:59.82i-Kyle Alcorn (AzSt)Wa Ind02/02
3:59.85i**Brandon Bethke (Wi)Meyo Inv02/09
3:59.96*Laef Barnes (UCLA)Johnson/JJK04/12
4:00.01Mike Moran (Nike)Falmouth08/09
4:00.05i*Jeff See (OhSt)Meyo Inv02/09
4:00.13iJason Jabaut (Carrb)VaT Elite02/09
4:00.16i-Sam Bair (Pitt)PennSt Nat01/26
i-Michael McGrath (Or)Wa LC03/08
4:00.18iSean O’Brien (OTC)Seattle01/19
4:00.19Brian Olinger (Reebok)Dublin07/25
4:00.21-Bobby Curtis (Vill)London GP07/25
4:00.26i***Matthew Centrowitz (Or)Husky Ind02/16
4:00.38i*Andy McClary (Ar)SEC Ind03/02
4:00.39i-Jake Watson (NDm)Wilson Inv03/08
4:00.41i*Jake Morse (Tx)Tyson Coll02/15
4:00.43i*Michael Maag (Prin)Husky Ind02/16
Foreign Collegians:
3:58.34i***Boaz Lalang (RendL-Ken)Tyson Inv02/15
3:58.72***Julius Bor (CloudC-Ken)Texas R04/05
3:58.84i***Fred Samoei (SPl-Ken)Lubbock02/09
3:59.05i-Peter van der Westhuizen (Nb-SA)Wa LC03/08
3:59.50i**Hayden McLaren (Prov-NZ)Terrier Inv01/26
3:59.85i**John Kosgei (LSU-Ken)SEC Ind03/02
4:00.25i***Carl MacKenzie (Vill-NZ)Armory Inv02/09

8:17.34Anthony Famiglietti (adidas)Olympic G08/16
8:20.24———FamigliettiOly Trials07/05
8:20.84Dan Huling (Reebok)Monaco GP07/29
8:21.46-Kyle Alcorn (AzSt)Heusden07/20
8:21.47-Billy Nelson (Co)Oly Trials07/05
8:21.99Josh McAdams (New Balance)Oly Trials07/05
8:24.34———FamigliettiPenn R04/24
8:25.16———FamigliettiStockholm GP07/22
8:25.17———FamigliettiOly Trials07/03
**10 performances by 5 performers**
8:27.78Corey Nowitzke (adidas)Oly Trials07/03
8:28.21Steve Slattery (Nike)New York GP05/31
8:30.19Jake Morse (unat)New York GP05/31
8:32.12Andy Smith (Reebok)Cardinal Inv05/04
8:32.47Jacques Sallberg (RWU)New York GP05/31
8:32.57Ben Bruce (unat)Oly Trials07/03
8:32.65Brian Olinger (Reebok)Owens Cl05/02
8:34.74Jordan Desilets (unat)Oly Trials07/03
8:34.84Michael Spence (IBR)Oly Trials07/03
8:35.75Lyle Weese (unat)Eugene GP06/08
8:35.95Max King (OTC)Eugene GP06/08
8:36.31Lucas Meyer (OTC)Eugene GP06/08
8:36.69Jordan Fife (BrkIn)Mt SAC04/18
8:37.21Luke Watson (adidas)Mt SAC04/18
8:37.73Jon Pierce (Zap)Eugene GP06/08
8:38.03*Kyle Heath (Syr)NCAA06/13
8:38.63Thomas Brooks (OTC)Oly Trials07/03
8:39.21Michael Nicks (OTC)Oregon R04/25
8:39.42Tom Kloos (adiTr)OTC Qualifier06/15
8:40.46Tom Chorny (unat)AMC I05/31
8:40.76Kevin Davis (Nike)Cardinal Inv05/04
8:41.83-Carl Moe (Wa)NCAA06/13
8:43.28-Pete Janson (Co)Cardinal Inv05/04
8:43.43Brett Holts (BowAC)Cardinal Inv05/04
8:44.66Ryan Warrenburg (Zap)Eugene GP06/08
8:44.92**John Martinez (NCSt)Cardinal Inv05/04
8:45.91-Henry Hagenbuch (UCLA)Pac-1005/16
8:46.94-Tom Slosky (Duq)A-1005/03
8:47.39**Ryan Gasper (Wi)Stanford Inv04/04
8:47.81-Chandler Goodwin (BYU)NCAA W05/31
8:47.83-Derek Taylor (BYU)NCAA W05/31
8:47.88Macharia Yuot (PhilTC)Lisle06/14
8:48.18-Mike Powers (UCSB)NCAA W05/31
8:48.35*Scott MacPherson (Ar)SEC05/17
8:48.66**Brandon Bethke (Wi)Oregon R04/25
Foreign Collegians:
8:28.48-Luke Gunn (FlSt-GB)Solihull06/28
8:33.42-Peter Kosgei (Ar-Ken)NCAA ME05/31
8:35.36-Augustus Maiyo (Al-Ken)Cardinal Inv05/04
8:36.84***Hillary Bor (IaSt-Ken)NCAA06/13
8:38.48-Patrick Mutai (UTEP-Ken)NCAA06/13
8:40.46*Daniel Maina (ACU-Ken)Penn R Univ04/24
8:41.12*Barnabas Kirui (Ms-Ken)SEC05/17
8:43.77**Evans Kigen (Lib-Ken)NCAA06/13
8:43.78-Peter Kosgei (Ham-Ken)Penn R Univ04/24
8:46.50-Tibor Végh (NCSt-Hun)NCAA06/13

7:34.65iBernard Lagat (Nike)Stockholm02/21
7:35.98+———LagatEugene GP06/08
7:38.05+Chris Solinsky (Nike)Eugene GP06/08
7:40.75Matt Tegenkamp (Nike)Stockholm GP07/22
7:41.90———SolinskyMonaco GP07/29
7:43.73———LagatEugene GP06/08
7:43.98———SolinskyEugene GP06/08
7:47.03———SolinskyRieti GP09/07
**10 performances by 3 performers**
7:47.82Bolota Asmerom (OTC)Brasschaat07/23
7:47.86Ed Moran (Nike)Stockholm GP07/22
7:48.87Tim Nelson (Nike)London GP07/26
7:50.02-Sean Quigley (LaS)London GP07/26
7:50.17i-Bobby Curtis (Vill)Armory Inv02/09
7:50.20Ryan Bak (OTC)Brasschaat07/23
7:51.17Galen Rupp (unat)adidas Cl05/18
7:51.20i*Kyle Perry (BYU)Husky Ind02/16
7:51.24iJonathon Riley (Nike)Meyo Inv02/09
7:51.54i**Brandon Bethke (Wi)Husky Ind02/16
7:52.79iSteve Slattery (Nike)Wa Ind02/02
7:52.83Josh Rohatinsky (Nike)adidas Cl05/18
7:53.20Ian Dobson (adidas)adidas Cl05/18
7:53.21-Stephen Pifer (Co)Gent07/13
7:53.63i**Andrew Bumbalough (Gtn)Armory Inv02/09
7:54.85i-Josh McDougal (Lib)Big South Ind02/29
7:55.25Kyle King (Zap)adidas Cl05/18
7:55.34Matt Gabrielson (Reebok)Gent07/13
7:55.41i*Patrick Smyth (NDm)Meyo Inv02/09
7:55.59i*Lex Williams (Mi)Meyo Inv02/09
7:55.60i-Austin Ramos (UCLA)Wa Ind02/02
7:55.63i-Kyle Alcorn (AzSt)Husky Ind02/16
7:56.03i-Matt Debole (Gtn)Armory Inv02/09
7:56.30+German Fernandez (CaHS)NON06/20
7:56.34iAnthony Gallo (RFlag)Husky Ind02/16
7:56.40i*Michael Maag (Prin)Armory Inv02/09
7:56.42i*Jeff See (OhSt)Husky Ind02/16
7:56.86Ben Bruce (unat)Oordegem07/26
7:57.45i**A.J. Acosta (Or)Husky Ind02/16
7:58.67iKevin Davis (unat)Husky Ind02/16
7:58.91i*Hari Mix (Stan)Wa Ind02/02
7:59.21i*Jake Morse (Tx)Armory Inv02/09
7:59.26i-John Richardson (Ky)Husky Ind02/16
7:59.30iThomas Morgan (Zap)Reeb Boston01/26
7:59.56i-Seth Pilkington (Web)Wa Ind02/02
7:59.75i***Michael Coe (Cal)Mtn Pac Ind03/01
7:59.81i-Tyler Hill (Ar)SEC Ind03/02
Foreign Collegians:
7:50.37i***David McNeill (NnAz-Aus)Husky Ind02/16
7:53.86i-Kurt Benninger (NDm-Can)Meyo Inv02/09
7:53.97i-Luke Gunn (FlSt-GB)Husky Ind02/16
7:55.49i**John Kosgei (LSU-Ken)Armory Inv02/09
7:55.98i-Mark Buckingham (FlSt-GB)Husky Ind02/16
7:56.10i**Francis Kasagule (Lam-Uga)Terrier Inv01/26


13:16.29Bernard Lagat (Nike)Cardinal Inv05/04
13:18.46-Brent Vaughn (Co)Cardinal Inv05/04
13:18.51Chris Solinsky (Nike)Heusden07/20
13:23.79Abdi Abdirahman (Nike)Cardinal Inv05/04
13:25.66-Bobby Curtis (Vill)Heusden07/20
13:25.71Matt Tegenkamp (Nike)Brussels GP09/05
13:26.89———LagatOlympic G08/23
13:27.45Thomas Morgan (Zap)Heusden07/20
13:27.47———LagatOly Trials06/30
13:28.52———TegenkampHengelo GP05/24
**10 performances by 7 performers**
13:29.72Jonathon Riley (Nike)Heusden07/20
13:29.76Ian Dobson (adidas)Oly Trials06/30
13:29.93Louis Luchini (unat)Heusden07/20
13:30.09Jorge Torres (Reebok)Cardinal Inv05/04
13:30.25-Sean Quigley (LaS)Mt SAC04/18
13:30.65Rod Koborsi (Reebok)Mt SAC04/18
13:30.75Ed Moran (Nike)Cardinal Inv05/04
13:30.95Matt Gabrielson (Reebok)Heusden07/20
Josh Rohatinsky (unat)Portland05/31
13:31.21Brian Olinger (Reebok)Mt SAC04/18
13:31.24Bolota Asmerom (OTC)Oly Trials06/30
13:31.62James Carney (New Balance)Cardinal Inv05/04
13:31.90*Scott Bauhs (Chico)Mt SAC04/18
13:32.74Kyle King (Zap)Mt SAC04/18
13:33.29Meb Keflezighi (Nike)Merksem08/30
13:33.59Stephen Haas (InE)Heusden07/20
13:34.62-Stephen Pifer (Co)Heusden07/20
13:34.93Tim Nelson (Nike)Portland05/31
13:36.21Ben Bruce (unat)Heusden07/20
13:37.13-Josh McDougal (Lib)Mt SAC04/18
13:38.89Patrick Tarpy (Reebok)Cardinal Inv05/04
13:39.27Ryan Bak (OTC)Cardinal Inv05/04
13:41.47**Andrew Bumbalough (Gtn)Stanford Inv04/04
13:41.61-Ryan Vail (OkSt)Stanford Inv04/04
13:42.32Dan Browne (Nike)Mt SAC04/18
13:43.04Ryan Kirkpatrick (Reebok)Stanford Inv04/04
13:44.10Anthony Gallo (RFlag)Stanford Inv04/04
13:44.11Fernando Cabada (Reebok)Mt SAC04/18
13:44.18*James Strang (Ar)SEC05/18
13:44.30***Hassan Mead (Mn)NCAA06/13
13:45.54*Kenyon Neuman (Co)NCAA06/13
13:45.72*Patrick Smyth (NDm)Mt SAC04/18
13:46.39Blake Boldon (Saucony)Mt SAC04/18
Foreign Collegians:
13:29.12-Jacob Korir (EnKy-Ken)Mt SAC04/18
13:35.07**David McNeill (NnAz-Aus)Cardinal Inv05/04
13:42.96*Shadrack Songok (AMCC-Ken)Mt SAC04/18
13:44.81**Tyson David (Al-Ken)SEC05/18
13:45.84**Emmanuel Bor (Al-Ken)Stanford Inv04/04
13:46.26*Barnabas Kirui (Ms-Ken)SEC05/18

10,000 METERS
27:16.99Abdi Abdirahman (Nike)Eugene GP06/08
27:36.99Galen Rupp (unat)Olympic G08/17
27:41.89———AbdirahmanOly Trials07/04
27:43.11———RuppOly Trials07/04
27:46.33Jorge Torres (Reebok)Oly Trials07/04
27:48.06*Scott Bauhs (Chico)Cardinal Inv05/04
27:50.48Fasil Bizuneh (New Balance)Cardinal Inv05/04
27:52.10Ed Moran (Nike)Oly Trials07/04
27:52.53———AbdirahmanOlympic G08/17
27:54.41Josh Rohatinsky (Nike)Oly Trials07/04
**10 performances by 7 performers**
27:58.81James Carney (New Balance)Oly Trials07/04
27:59.31Adam Goucher (Nike)Oly Trials07/04
28:03.72-Sean Quigley (LaS)Stanford Inv04/04
28:05.31Dathan Ritzenhein (Nike)Oly Trials07/04
28:05.49Dan Browne (Nike)Portland06/07
28:06.74Bobby Curtis (unat)Melbourne11/12
28:16.47Ian Dobson (adidas)Stanford Inv04/04
28:19.48Matt Downin (New Balance)Mt. SAC04/18
28:20.57-Michael Kilburg (Port)Stanford Inv04/04
28:21.42Stephen Haas (New Balance)Stanford Inv04/04
28:22.25Josh Simpson (NYAC)Stanford Inv04/04
28:23.09Westly Keating (unat)Stanford Inv04/04
28:25.56-Seth Pilkington (Web)Cardinal Inv05/04
28:26.61Louie Luchini (OTC)Cardinal Inv05/04
28:26.75*Matt Withrow (Wi)Stanford Inv04/04
28:27.79Brett Gotcher (adidas)Cardinal Inv05/04
28:28.44Meb Keflezighi (Nike)Brussels GP09/05
28:28.52-John Moore (Port)Stanford Inv04/04
28:29.95Tim Nelson (Nike)Oly Trials07/04
28:29.96Joe Driscoll (Zap)Cardinal Inv05/04
28:31.08Josh Moen (unat)Cardinal Inv05/04
28:31.33*James Strang (Ar)SEC05/16
28:31.37Rod Koborsi (Reebok)Cardinal Inv05/04
28:33.08-Jeremy Johnson (NM)Cardinal Inv05/04
28:33.25*Daniel Kanyaruhuru (Queens)Stanford Inv04/04
28:33.89Ed Torres (Reebok)Cardinal Inv05/04
28:34.19*Mohamed Khadraoui (Iona)Cardinal Inv05/04
28:35.01Sergio Reyes (AsicsA)Cardinal Inv05/04
28:35.36Forest Braden (Brooks)Cardinal Inv05/04
28:41.96***Michael Eaton (Louis)Mt. SAC Univ04/17
28:43.87Jonathan Pierce (Zap)Cardinal Inv05/04
28:49.77-Matt Clark (Clem)Stanford Inv04/04
28:49.96*Chris Pannone (Co)Stanford Inv04/04
Foreign Collegians:
28:04.47-Jacob Korir (EnKy-Ken)Stanford Inv04/04
28:13.75*Aron Rono (Azusa-Ken)Mt SAC04/18
28:19.62-Shadrack Songok (AMCC-Ken)Stanford Inv04/04
28:23.01*Tyson David (Al-Ken)SEC05/16
28:24.44*Shawn Forrest (Ar-Aus)SEC05/16
28:33.68-Japheth Ng’ojoy (UTEP-Ken)Cardinal Inv05/04
28:36.23***Daniel Kirwa (Hard-Ken)Mt SAC Univ04/17
28:49.92-Augustus Maiyo (Al-Ken)Stanford Inv04/04

12.95David Oliver (Nike)Doha GP05/09
12.98———OliverZürich GP08/29
13.02———OliverLausanne GP09/02
13.04———OliverStockholm GP07/22
13.07———OliverOly Trials07/05
Terrence Trammell (Mizuno)Oly Trials07/06
13.09Antwon Hicks (adidas)Oly Trials07/06
13.11———OliverMonaco GP07/29
———TrammellNew York GP05/31
**11 performances by 3 performers**
13.15Anwar Moore (Nike)Oly Trials07/06
13.17David Payne (Nike)Olympic G08/21
13.21*Jason Richardson (SC)NCAA E05/31
13.24Aries Merritt (Reebok)New York GP05/31
13.25-Ty Akins (Aub)NCAA06/13
13.28Ryan Wilson (unat)Ft-de-France05/08
13.30Aubrey Herring (unat)Greensboro04/19
13.32Allen Johnson (Nike)Ft-de-France05/08
13.33Joel Brown (Nike)Clermont06/14
-Drew Brunson (FlSt)Oly Trials07/06
13.35Eric Mitchum (adidas)Ft-de-France05/08
13.40Dexter Faulk (Nike)Baie-Mahault05/01
Arend Watkins (unat)Eagle Rock06/07
13.44***Ronnie Ash (B-C)NCAA E05/31
13.46*Kevin Craddock (UCLA)UCLA-USC05/03
13.47Jeff Porter (unat)Ostrava GP06/12
13.49Linnie Yarbrough (unat)Clermont06/14
13.50Fred Townsend (Mizuno)La Roche07/16
13.54Tim Bogdanof (unat)Walnut06/15
(A)-Shawon Harris (TxT)Big 1205/17
Chris Thomas (unat)Nantes06/06
13.55Dominique Arnold (Nike)Wattenscheid08/01
13.56Josh Walker (Reebok)Ft-de-France05/08
13.57-Julius Jiles (Ks)NCAA06/12
13.59-Ryan Fontenot (LSU)Ninove08/10
13.63Jermaine Cooper (unat)Texas R04/05
13.64-Kai Kelley (USC)NCAA06/13
13.65**Omo Osaghae (TxT)NCAA06/13
-Thomas Ross (CSN)Big West05/16
13.66-Thomas Mack (Cal)Los Gatos06/26
Jerome Miller (unat)Johnson Cl04/19
*Kallinka Pitt (Fl)NCAA E05/30
13.67Robby Hughes (unat)Kassel06/06
-Terry Thornton (Hamp)NCAA E05/30
13.68***Charlton Rolle (Tn)Sea Ray04/11
13.69-Logan Taylor (USC)Los Angeles04/26
13.71Trey Hardee (Nike)Oly Trials06/30
Bashir Ramzy (unat)Oly Trials07/05
-John Yarbrough (Ms)SEC05/17
Foreign Collegians:
13.70-Jangy Addy (Tn-Lbr)SEC Multis05/16
12.89OliverOly Trials07/06
12.95———OliverOly Trials07/06
13.00TrammellOly Trials07/06
13.06PayneOly Trials07/06
13.09MooreEugene GP06/08
13.23MitchumDrake R04/26
13.41CraddockOly Trials07/05
13.51FontenotLSU Tiger Inv04/12
HarrisRed Raider04/12
KelleyMt SAC04/20
13.57*Mikel Thomas’ (Ky-Tri)NCAA ME05/31
13.58***Josh Hembrough (Pur)NCAA ME05/31
13.62YarbroughFlorida R04/04
13.63***Johnny Dutch (SC)SEC05/18

47.25Angelo Taylor (Nike)Olympic G08/18
47.79Kerron Clement (Nike)Kingston05/03
47.94———TaylorOlympic G08/16
47.98———ClementOlympic G08/18
48.02Bershawn Jackson (Nike)Olympic G08/16
48.06———JacksonOlympic G08/18
48.07———TaylorZürich GP08/29
48.15———JacksonOslo GP06/06
48.17———JacksonOly Trials06/29
48.20———ClementOly Trials06/28
———ClementZürich GP08/29
**11 performances by 3 performers**
48.37-Reuben McCoy (Aub)Oly Trials06/28
48.46*Justin Gaymon (Ga)Oly Trials06/29
48.52***Johnny Dutch (SC)Oly Trials06/29
48.68***Jeshua Anderson (WaSt)World Jr07/11
Brandon Johnson (Nike)Oly Trials06/28
48.84Michael Tinsley (adidas)Kingston05/03
48.94LaRon Bennett (unat)Ponce05/17
49.22(A)***Robert Griffin (Bay)Big 1205/18
49.30James Carter (Nike)Monaco GP07/29
49.37Eric Dudley (unat)Oly Trials06/28
49.40-Terry Thornton (Hamp)NCAA E05/31
49.52Nate Garcia (USAr)Oly Trials06/28
49.64Kyle Erickson (DPA)Johnson/JJK04/12
49.68-Nick Robinson (TxAM)NCAA MW05/31
49.70Ben Clark (VSA)Pom-Pit Inv04/05
49.75Derrick Williams (Reebok)adidas Cl05/18
49.77(A)-Justin Boyd (Bay)Big 1205/18
49.79LaBronze Garrett (unat)Island G06/07
-Kai Kelley (USC)NCAA06/12
49.82*Jake Hanson (Cal)Pac-1005/17
49.84William Wynne (GaHS)USATF JO07/27
50.01Abe Jones (unat)Drake R04/26
50.05(A)-Shawon Harris (TxT)Big 1205/17
-Damian Prince (More)NCAA II05/24
Joey Woody (unat)Eagle Rock06/07
50.14Brian Derby (Phen)Brasschaat07/23
50.26**Jason Perez (Hous)NCAA MW05/30
50.33***Adam Dailey (Nb)NCAA MW05/31
50.38*Jason Richardson (SC)SEC05/16
50.44*Barry Leavitt (WaSt)NCAA W05/31
50.45Thomas Hilliard (unat)Chapel Hill05/17
50.46Reggie Wyatt (CaHS)Mt SAC OD04/20
50.48Kenneth Ferguson (unat)Athens GP07/13
50.50-Hamza Deyaf (Tx)NCAA MW05/31
50.51-Eric Alejandro (EnMi)NCAA ME05/31
50.53-Chad Leath (NWLa)NCAA ME05/30
50.55***Lee Moore (Ms)NCAA06/11
Foreign Collegians:
49.39-Jussi Heikkilä (SC-Fin)NCAA E05/31
50.24*Steve Delice (Copp-Hai)NCAA06/11
50.33-Adam Seabrook (Corn-Can)NCAA E05/31
-Elliot Wood (FlSt-Aus)NCAA E05/31
50.51***Leford Green (JCS-Jam)Chapel Hill04/12

61:33’Abdi Abdirahman (Nike)South Shields10/05
61:38’Dathan Ritzenhein (Nike)NYC Nike07/27
62:21James Carney (New Balance)USATF Ch01/13
62:32Jason Lehmkuhle (Saucony)USATF Ch01/13
62:45Josh Rohatinsky (Nike)San José10/05
**5 performances by 5 performers**
62:50Brian Sell (Hansons)San Antonio11/16
63:21Steve Sundell (Ca)USATF Ch01/13
63:29Bolota Asmerom (OTC)San José10/05
63:41Fernando Cabada (Reebok)USATF Ch01/13
63:43Patrick Gildea (Tn)USATF Ch01/13
63:53Peter Gilmore (Ca)Huntington Beach02/03
Rod Koborsi (Reebok)USATF Ch01/13
63:54Ryan Kirkpatrick (Co)USATF Ch01/13
Josh Simpson (WV)USATF Ch01/13
64:06Mike Morgan (Hansons)Va Beach03/16
64:07Matt Gabrielson (Mn)USATF Ch01/13
64:08Brett Gotcher (Az)USATF Ch01/13
64:26’Antonio Vega (Mn)NYC Nike07/27
64:31Mike Reneau (Hansons)Va Beach03/16
64:38Sergio Reyes (AsicsA)Huntington Beach02/03
64:39Christopher Reis (unat)USATF Ch01/13
64:41Stephen Haas (In)Indianapolis05/03
64:46Travis Laird (unat)USATF Ch01/13
64:48’Fasil Bizuneh (New Balance)NYC Nike07/27
64:54Josh Eberly (unat)USATF Ch01/13

2:06:17Ryan Hall (Asics)London04/13
2:11:59Dathan Ritzenhein (Nike)Olympic G08/24
2:12:33———HallOlympic G08/24
2:13:54Justin Young (Reebok)Rotterdam04/13
2:14:17Abdi Abdirahman (Nike)New York11/02
2:14:23Josh Rohatinsky (Nike)New York11/02
2:14:30Jason Lehmkuhle (Saucony)New York11/02
2:15:36Matt Downin (New Balance)San Antonio11/16
2:16:07Brian Sell (Hansons)Olympic G08/24
2:16:13’Nicholas Arciniaga (Hansons)Boston04/21
**10 performances by 9 performers**
2:16:20Mike Reneau (Hansons)Chicago10/12
2:16:32Fernando Cabada (Reebok)Twin Cities10/05
2:16:37Bolota Asmerom (OTC)New York11/02
2:17:35’Christopher Raabe (DC)Grandma’s06/21
2:17:38Matt Gabrielson (Mn)Twin Cities10/05
2:17:51’Clint Verran (Hansons)Treviso03/30
2:17:54Edwardo Torres (Reebok)Twin Cities10/05
2:17:58Mike Morgan (Hansons)Twin Cities10/05
2:18:26Tommy Greenless (Ca)Detroit10/19
2:18:38Luke Humphrey (Hansons)New York11/02
2:18:49Chad Johnson (Hansons)London04/13
2:19:18Mike Sayenko (Wa)Twin Cities10/05
Jason Schoener (Va)Boston04/21
2:19:39’Miguel Nuci (Ca)CIM12/07
2:19:44Sergio Reyes (AsicsA)Torreón03/03
2:19:47Jeff Jonaitis (Il)Memphis12/06
2:19:57Trent Briney (Mi)Twin Cities10/05
2:20:17Jacob Frey (Saucony)New York11/02
2:20:18’Mark Batres (unat)Los Angeles03/02
2:20:38Kyle Shackleton (Ca)New York11/02
2:20:43Crosby Freeman (AsicsA)Chicago10/12
2:20:52Fasil Bizuneh (New Balance)Twin Cities10/05
2:20:57’Marc Jeuland (NC)Boston04/21
2:21:28John Crews (NC)Raleigh11/02
2:21:41Josh Eberly (Co)Twin Cities10/05
Matt Pelletier (RI)Tyngsboro10/19
2:21:49Pat Moulton (Hansons)Hartford10/11
2:21:55Celedonio Rodriguez (Co)Twin Cities10/05
2:22:09Chris Lundstrom (Mn)Twin Cities10/05
2:22:20Allen Wagner (Ca)Chicago10/12
2:22:32Chris Olinger (Or)Twin Cities10/05

10km WALK
46:18Trevor Barron (US)World Cup05/10
47:46Matthew Forgues (MeRW)World Cup05/10
48:29Roberto Vergara (STxW)World Cup05/10
49:06.17Tyler Sorensen (PleasH)USATF Jrs06/22
50:32.47Ricardo Vergara (STxW)USATF Jrs06/22
52:49.17Evan Crowdus (KyR)USATF Jrs06/22
53:45.31Grant Bacon (Cedarv)USATF Jrs06/22
54:35.15Jake Gunderkline (MiaVTC)USATF Jrs06/22
55:06.41Zachary Adams (unat)USATF Jrs06/22

1:26:22John Nunn (USAr)La Coruña06/07
1:27:08Kevin Eastler (USAF)Oly Trials07/05
1:28:20Matthew Boyles (MVTC)Oly Trials07/05
1:28:44———EastlerOlympic G08/16
1:29:17Patrick Stroupe (unat)Oly Trials07/05
1:30:09———EastlerLa Coruña06/07
1:30:30———StroupeW Cup Trials03/30
1:30:35———NunnOly Trials07/05
1:30:51———NunnW Cup Trials03/30
1:31:35Tim Seaman (NYAC)Oly Trials07/05
**10 performances by 5 performers**
1:32:04Michael Tarantino (WCW)World Cup05/10
1:32:13Allen James (BLAC)Oly Trials07/05
1:33:16Ben Shorey (PAC)Oly Trials07/05
1:33:52Philip Dunn (New Balance)Oly Trials07/05
1:34.03tJared Swehosky (unat)Salem06/15
1:34:23tSteve Quirke (ParkAC)Kenosha06/11
1:34:47**Chris Tegtmeier (ConcNb)W Cup Trials03/30
1:35:00Charles Collier (AE)Oly Trials07/05
1:36:07Theron Kissinger (CtRW)W Cup Trials03/30
1:41:26tRich Luettchau (Shore)Pt. Pleasant05/18
1:42:41Dave McGovern (New Balance)W Cup Trials03/30
1:43:33Ricardo Vergara (STWC)Houston01/06
1:46:30tJohn Souchek (Shore)Pt. Pleasant05/18
1:55:20Leon Jasionowski (Peg)Orlando04/27
1:56:21Max Walker (IRW)Orlando04/27

4:05:10Philip Dunn (New Balance)World Cup05/11
4:08:32———DunnOlympic G08/22
4:12:55———DunnOly Trials02/09
4:14:30Matthew Boyles (MiaVTC)Oly Trials02/09
4:18:46Ben Shorey (PAC)World Cup05/11
4:22:16Steve Quirke (ParksAC)World Cup05/11
4:27:14———ShoreyOly Trials02/09
4:27:15———QuirkeOly Trials02/09
4:42:00Ray Sharp (unat)World Cup05/11
4:49:24———SharpOly Trials02/09
**10 performances by 5 performers**
4:53:39Marco Evoniuk (unat)Oly Trials02/09
5:04:07Ian Whatley (Vars)Houston01/06
5:04:15Theron Kissinger (New Balance)Oly Trials02/09
5:10:22John Souchek (Shore)Oly Trials02/09
5:13:22Mark Green (unat)Oly Trials02/09

4 x 100
37.80United States LondonLondon GP07/26
37.99United States StockholmStockholm GP07/22
38.01United States ZürichZürich GP08/29
38.21United States Stockholm BStockholm GP07/22
38.39(A)United States U23NACAC U2307/20
38.41United States MonacoMonaco GP07/29
38.42United States London BLondon GP07/26
38.51Team adidasMt SAC04/20
38.58Texas A&MNCAA06/13
**10 performances by 10 teams**
38.63USA Blue TexasTexas R04/05
38.72Oly Training CenterJohnson/JJK04/12
38.79USA Red TexasTexas R04/05
38.89USA White TexasTexas R04/05
38.95Hobson’s ChoiceKansas R04/19
38.98National JuniorsWorld Junior07/12
39.01USA Red ModestoModesto R05/10
39.07USA White GreensboroGreensboro04/19
39.11Florida StateNCAA06/13
39.14USA Blue PennPenn R04/26
39.32Central Arizona CCSun Angel04/12
39.37(A)BaylorBig 1205/18
South CarolinaNCAA06/11
39.38Hinds CCSnMs Inv03/15
USA Red PennPenn R04/26
39.40Gainesville EliteFlorida R04/05
39.42Mississippi StateSEC05/18
39.47ColoradoNCAA MW05/31
Tallahassee All-StarsFlSt R03/29
39.52ArizonaAz Double Dual05/03
39.59Western CarolinaNCAA E05/31
39.60Prime Techniques Steppa’sMt SAC04/20
USA Blue TxSnTxSn R03/22
39.65Lincoln (Mo)NCAA II05/24
USA White Mt. SACMt SAC04/20
39.66Long Beach StateBig West05/17
Louisiana TechNCAA ME05/31
39.67USA Red Mt. SACMt SAC04/20
39.69KentuckyTexas R Univ04/05

4 x 200
1:21.52TennesseePenn R04/25
1:21.98Hobson’s ChoiceKansas R04/19
1:22.02BaylorTexas R04/05
1:22.03United StatesKansas R04/19
1:22.06FloridaFlorida R04/04
**5 performances by 5 teams**
1:22.09Florida StateFlSt R03/28
1:22.56Mississippi StateBulldog Inv04/19
1:23.21TCUTexas R04/05
1:23.48Texas A&MFlSt R03/28
1:23.55KentuckyTexas R04/05
1:23.79Stellar AthleticsKansas R04/19
1:23.95St. Augustine’sPenn R04/25
1:24.06Hightower HS, TexasHumble04/26
1:24.20Charleston SouthernFlorida R04/04
1:24.24Florida State R All-StarsFlSt R03/28
1:24.50Delaware StateFlorida R04/04
1:24.63HoustonTexas R04/05
1:24.69East CarolinaPenn R04/25
1:24.86IndianaAl R03/30
1:24.89South CarolinaPenn R04/25
1:24.93Abilene ChristianPenn R04/25
1:24.97ColoradoTexas R04/05
1:24.98Southwest ChristianTxSn R03/22

4 x 400
2:55.39National TeamOlympic G08/23
2:59.71USA Blue PennPenn R04/26
2:59.98———National TeamOlympic G08/22
3:00.65Waco All-StarsTexas R04/05
3:01.10———Waco All-StarsTexas Sn R03/22
3:01.12USA Red PennPenn R04/26
3:01.78Texas A&MNCAA06/14
3:02.38———BaylorTexas R Univ04/05
**10 performances by 7 teams**
3:02.60USA Blue Texas SouthernTexas Sn R03/22
3:02.94HSITexas R04/05
3:03.86National JuniorsWorld Junior07/13
3:04.09Texas TechNCAA MW05/31
3:04.33LSUTexas R Univ04/05
3:04.36FloridaNCAA E05/31
3:04.64St. Augustine’sPenn R Univ04/25
3:04.68USA Red TexasTexas R04/05
3:04.75Arizona StatePac-1005/17
3:04.78TCUTexas R Univ04/05
3:04.80TexasNCAA MW05/31
3:04.96Stellar AthleticsKansas R Coll04/19
3:04.97Northern IowaNCAA06/14
3:05.16USCNCAA W05/31
3:05.18New EraTexas R04/05
3:05.26Mississippi StateSEC05/18
3:05.38Florida StateACC04/19
3:05.48South CarolinaNCAA06/12
3:05.93Western KentuckyNCAA ME05/31
3:06.03Barton County CCTexas R Coll04/05
3:06.43(A)NebraskaBig 1205/18
3:07.05Charleston SouthernNCAA E05/31
3:07.07Snowbird All-StarsSnowbird Inv03/22
3:07.12GW ExpressConway03/22
3:07.17AuburnPenn R Univ04/25
3:07.20iJoey WoodyIaSt Ind02/16
3:07.22South PlainsJUCO05/17
3:07.38Fort Valley StateFlSt R03/29

4 x 800
7:17.63TexasTexas R04/03
7:19.89LSUTexas R04/03
7:23.22Mississippi StateTexas R04/03
7:23.51———TexasPenn R04/26
7:24.42———LSUPenn R04/26
*5 performances by 3 teams**
7:24.82ColumbiaPenn R04/26
7:25.44TennesseePenn R04/26
7:26.24iVillanovaBig East Ind02/24
7:26.30Penn StatePenn R04/26
7:26.34iGeorgetownBig East Ind02/24
7:27.59NavyTexas R04/03
7:27.95Rend Lake CCSea Ray04/12
7:28.06Notre DameBig East05/04
7:28.19PennPenn R04/26
7:28.30George MasonIC4A05/17
7:28.60iProvidenceBig East Ind02/24
7:28.78iPittBig East Ind02/24
7:28.98Northern IowaDrake R04/25
7:29.43Seton HallPenn R04/26
7:29.53iYaleIC4A Ind03/09
7:29.95FloridaFlorida R04/05

4 x 1500
15:27.41ArkansasTexas R04/04
15:33.64Eastern KentuckyRaleigh R03/28
15:34.80GeorgetownRaleigh R03/28
15:35.16SyracuseRaleigh R03/28
15:35.59AmericanRaleigh R03/28
*5 performances by 5 teams**
15:39.86Mississippi StateTexas R04/04
15:45.61DukeRaleigh R03/28
15:48.42George MasonRaleigh R03/28

16:57.69+Notre DameDrake R Univ04/25
16:59.31+IndianaDrake R Univ04/25

4 x MILE
16:29.50TexasPenn R04/26
16:31.04VirginiaPenn R04/26
16:31.99SyracusePenn R04/26
16:32.02AmericanPenn R04/26
16:33.56GeorgetownPenn R04/26
**5 performances by 5 teams**
16:35.40MichiganPenn R04/26
16:36.47IonaPenn R04/26
16:39.47Eastern KentuckyPenn R04/26
16:40.01ArkansasPenn R04/26
16:42.77Mississippi StatePenn R04/26
16:48.51CornellPenn R04/26
4 x Mile as composite with converted 4x15 & 4x16 times
16:29.50TexasPenn R04/26
16:31.04VirginiaPenn R04/26
16:31.99SyracusePenn R04/26
16:32.02AmericanPenn R04/26
16:33.56GeorgetownPenn R04/26
**5 performances by 5 teams**
16:35.40MichiganPenn R04/26
16:36.47IonaPenn R04/26
16:39.47Eastern KentuckyPenn R04/26
16:40.01ArkansasPenn R04/26
16:41.60+----ArkansasTexas R04/04
**10 performances by 9 teams**
16:42.77Mississippi StatePenn R04/26
16:48.51CornellPenn R04/26

3:16.34GW ExpressRaleigh R03/28
3:16.68LSUPenn R04/25
3:16.83Mississippi StatePenn R04/25
3:17.49LIURaleigh R03/28
3:17.80MiamiPenn R04/25
**5 performances by 5 teams**
3:17.84UTEPTexas R04/04
3:18.48AuburnPenn R04/25
3:18.73Long Beach StateDrake R04/26
3:18.84Oral RobertsTexas R04/04
3:19.26East CarolinaRaleigh R03/28
3:20.23USCTexas R04/04
3:20.32Delaware StateFlorida R04/05
3:20.39Seton HallPenn R04/25
3:20.56MarylandFlorida R04/05
3:20.98Texas A&MFlSt R03/29
3:21.12South Plains CCTexas R Coll04/04
3:21.24IowaDrake R04/26
3:21.30NC CentralPenn R04/25
3:21.50Florida StateTexas R04/04
3:21.70Norfolk StatePenn R04/25
3:21.97VMIPenn R04/25
3:22.04Butler CCPenn R04/25
3:22.67TCUTexas R04/04
3:22.96New HampshireDrake R04/26

9:25.97iTexasTyson Coll02/16
9:29.87iArkansas TCAr LC03/07
9:30.08iArkansasAr LC03/07
9:30.66USA Red PennPenn R04/26
9:31.52iStanfordMtn Pac Ind03/01
9:32.04i———TexasNCAA Ind03/14
9:32.12USA Blue PennPenn R04/26
9:32.49iArizona StateNCAA Ind03/14
9:32.80i———Arizona StateMtn Pac Ind03/01
9:32.89———TexasPenn R Univ04/26
**10 performances by 7 teams**
9:32.89iVillanovaBig East Ind02/24
9:33.08iOregon TCWa Ind02/01
9:33.29iWisconsinUSATF Ind02/24
9:33.60iGeorgetownBig East Ind02/24
9:34.06iOregonUSATF Ind02/24
9:35.02iUCLAMtn Pac Ind03/01
9:35.31iLSUTyson Coll02/16
9:35.33iNotre DameWilson Inv03/07
9:35.73iNorthern IowaWilson Inv03/07
9:37.15La SallePenn R Univ04/26
9:37.25iEastern MichiganWilson Inv03/07
9:37.69DartmouthPenn R Univ04/26
9:37.70CornellPenn R Univ04/26
9:38.39iCalMtn Pac Ind03/01
9:38.42TennesseePenn R Univ04/26
9:39.48ProvidencePenn R Univ04/26
9:40.09iJohnson County CCIaSt Open01/26
9:41.34iBYUArmory Inv02/09
9:41.75iVirginiaWilson Inv03/07

4 x 110H
53.45+USA Red PennPenn R04/25
54.10Elite2008Florida R04/05
54.43Gainesville EliteFlorida R04/05
55.69+USA Blue PennPenn R04/25
56.10Disney All-StarsDisney Inv03/23
**5 performances by 5 teams**
56.39+FloridaPenn R Univ04/25
57.26+HamptonPenn R Univ04/25
57.48+St. Augustine’sPenn R Univ04/25
57.74NebraskaDrake R04/26
57.98+AlbanyPenn R Univ04/25
58.44WisconsinSea Ray04/12
58.71+Abilene ChristianPenn R Univ04/25
58.73Eastern MichiganDrake R04/26
58.75+CornellPenn R Univ04/25
58.93UNC CharlotteSea Ray04/12
58.95+ConnecticutPenn R Univ04/25
59.16South Dakota StateDrake R04/26
59.77+ArmyPenn R Univ04/25
59.82+DC Capitol TCPenn R04/25
59.85+KutztownPenn R Univ04/25

2.36(A)7-8 3/4-Dusty Jonas (Nb)Big 1205/18
2.337-7 3/4Andra Manson (Nike)Texas R04/05
——Jonas !Big 1205/18
2.32i7-7 1/4Jesse Williams (Nike)B Bystrica02/05
2.31i7-7——JonasNCAA Ind03/15
——JonasNCAA MW05/30
2.307-6 1/2Tora Harris (Asics)Eugene GP06/08
——JonasDrake R04/26
i——MansonWorld Ind03/08
i——MansonUSATF Ind02/23
——Manson !Texas R Univ04/05
Jamie Nieto (Nike)Cork07/12
*Scott Sellers (KsSt)Texas R Univ04/05
——Williams !B Bystrica02/05
——WilliamsOly Trials07/05
——WilliamsJerome Cl06/21
**18 performances by 6 performers**
2.27(A)7-5 1/4*Joe Kindred (StA)NACAC U2307/20
Keith Moffatt (unat)Oly Trials07/05
Cedric Norman (unat)Oly Trials07/05
2.267-5***Grant Lindsey (Ky)NCAA06/13
2.257-4 1/2Jim Dilling (TPapp)Kansas R Coll04/19
Adam Shunk (Nike)Indiana Inv04/18
2.23i7-3 3/4Erik Kynard (OhHS)Findlay01/19
iJerome Miller (unat)Clemson02/16
2.227-3 1/4**Trent Arrivey (WaSt)NCAA W05/30
i-Ivan Diggs (Hous)Houston01/12
-Norris Frederick (Wa)v WaSt05/03
*Raymond Harris (Tx)NCAA MW05/30
(A)-Will Littleton (UTPA)UTEP Inv04/12
*Ed Wright (Cal)Pac-1005/17
2.21i7-3***Randal Carter (JohnsCC)Tyson Coll02/16
(A)***Paul Hamilton (Nb)Big 1205/18
i**Julian Morris (NnIa)Mo Vall Ind03/02
Ricky Robertson (MsHS)Oxford04/15
2.207-2 1/2Matt Carter (VS)Walnut06/15
Derek Gearman (unat)Drake R04/23
*Ryan Grinnell (Boise)WAC05/16
Marcus Harris (Shore)TxSn R03/22
(A)Dave Hoffman (unat)Provo HP05/24
*Garrett Huyler (Cor)Big Red04/27
**Donté Nall (NC)Chapel Hill04/12
**Ehi Oamen (NnIa)Mo Vall05/17
-Matt Turner (AzSt)AzSt Inv03/29
i*Al Winsley (MsCol)Sewanee03/01
i**Marlon Woods (Norf)MEAC Ind02/16
2.197-2 1/4**Justin Frick (Prin)NCAA E05/30
iKyley Johnson (TXO)Seattle01/19
i**Lyle Leong (TxT)Lubbock01/26
2.185(A)7-2Adam Timo (UtHS)St. George03/29
2.18i7-1 3/4**Mark Davis (NCC)Chapel Hill02/02
Ryan Fleck (OhHS)Midwest MOC06/14
Marquise Mack (FlHS)Sarasota03/14
Fred Miller (FlHS)Jacksonville03/28
Foreign Collegians:
2.327-7 1/4-Mickaël Hanany (UTEP-Fra)NCAA06/13
2.237-3 3/4**Manjula Wijesekara (USC-SrL)Mt SAC Univ04/18
(A)***Jamal Wilson (SWMs-Bah)NACAC U2307/20

6.0419-9 3/4Brad Walker (Nike)Eugene GP06/08
6.0019-8 1/4——WalkerChula Vista06/22
5.9019-4 1/4——WalkerKarlsruhe07/09
——Walker !Eugene GP06/08
——WalkerAthens GP07/13
5.8519-2 1/4——MilesBerlin09/07
i——WalkerWorld Ind03/09
5.80i19-1/4Derek Miles (Nike)PV Summit01/04
——MilesEugene GP06/08
——MilesOly Trials06/29
Jacob Pauli (Nike)Champaign07/19
——Walker !Chula Vista06/22
**13 performances by 3 performers**
5.7518-10 1/4Mark Hollis (unat)Il Twi04/30
5.71i18-8 3/4Jeff Hartwig (Nike)Jonesboro05/31
Tim Mack (Nike)Van Nuys06/01
iJeremy Scott (unat)Jonesboro03/13
5.70i18-8 1/4Tommy Skipper (Nike)Millrose G02/01
i(A)Toby Stevenson (Nike)PV Summit01/04
5.65i18-6 1/2Rory Quiller (Asics)IC4A Ind03/09
5.63i18-5 1/2Brian Mondschein (PVP)Jonesboro05/31
5.6118-4 3/4Russ Buller (Asics)Natchitoches05/17
i-Graeme Hoste (Stan)Mtn Pac Ind03/01
5.6018-4 1/2Paul Gensic (USAF)Chula Vista06/14
Jeff Ryan (VS)Livermore04/26
iRay Scotten (unat)Tyson Coll02/16
5.59i18-4Chris Steddum (unat)Jonesboro05/31
5.5618-2 3/4-Mitch Greeley (Clem)Columbia05/03
5.5518-2 1/2**Jason Colwick (Rice)Texas R Univ04/05
i**Jordan Scott (Ks)Tyson Coll02/16
5.52i18-1 1/4Tye Harvey (Asics)Wa Ind02/02
5.5118-1-Robert Caldwell (NM)Mtn West05/16
*Dustin DeLeo (UCLA)Triton Inv04/26
Justin Norberg (unat)Triton Inv04/26
5.5018-1/2Brian DaCunha (TVA)Livermore05/04
Adam Kuel (unat)Snowbird Inv03/22
Paul Litchfield (PocTC)Oly Trials06/27
Derek Mackel (AthA)Albuquerque05/03
Bubba McLean (TVA)Livermore05/04
iDarren Niedermeyer (unat)Jonesboro06/08
(A)***Maston Wallace (Tx)Big 1205/18
5.4717-11 1/4Jonathan Takahashi (unat)Walnut06/15
5.4517-10 1/2Mark Johnson (Shef)Aztec Cl03/15
5.44i(A)17-10 1/4**Nick Frawley (AF)Mtn West Ind03/01
i(A)-Matt Weirich (BYU)Mtn West Ind03/01
5.4117-9***Joseph Berry (Tn)NCAA ME05/31
Adam Pierson (unat)TxSt Open03/07
**Eric Sparks (Pur)NCAA ME05/31
5.4017-8 1/2Mike Landers (VicA)Chula Vista06/14
5.39i17-8 1/4**Scott Roth (Wa)Mtn Pac Ind03/01

8.3627-5 1/4Trevell Quinley (Nike)Oly Trials06/29
8.3027-2 3/4Brian Johnson (Nike)Baie-Mahault05/01
8.2727-1 3/4——Johnson ¶Ponce05/17
8.2527-3/4Dwight Phillips (Nike) ¶Ponce05/17
8.2427-1/2Miguel Pate (Nike)Oly Trials06/27
8.2427-1/2——Phillips ¶Mt SAC04/20
8.2226-11 3/4——Pate !Oly Trials06/29
8.2126-11 1/4——PateRieti GP09/07
8.1826-10——PateAlumni Gold04/19
**10 performances by 4 performers**
8.1726-9 3/4***Reindell Cole (CSN)Scott Inv05/03
8.1626-9 1/4JaRod Tobler (unat)Oly Trials06/27
8.12i26-7 3/4-Norris Frederick (Wa)Mtn Pac Ind03/01
8.1126-7 1/4Aarik Wilson (Nike)Ponce05/17
8.0126-3 1/2-Matt Turner (AzSt)NCAA06/12
7.9926-2 3/4Tony Allmond (Cheet)Belém05/25
7.9826-2 1/4Mike Morrison (unat)Clermont05/24
7.9426-3/4Randall Flimmons (unat)Oly Trials06/27
Leonidas Watson (TXO)Eagle Rock06/07
*Elvie Williams (Id)Boise05/02
7.93i26-1/4-Dexter Adams (NCSt)VaT LC03/08
Walter Davis (Nike)Baton Rouge03/28
***Corey Vinston (Norf)MEAC05/02
7.92(A)26-0Kevin Dilworth (unat)Provo Gold05/24
i*Justin Gunn (Ms)NCAA Ind03/14
7.9125-11 1/2*O’Darien Bassett (Troy)Troy04/26
7.8925-10 3/4Joe Allen (Shore)Clermont06/07
Jeremy Singleton (unat)UTA Inv03/29
**Marlon Woods (Norf)MEAC05/03
7.8725-10Chris Gillis (CLew)Modesto R05/10
Okie Giwa-Agbomeirele (Shore)Long Beach04/19
***Akeem Holmes (BartCC)Hutchinson04/12
7.83(A)25-8 1/4*Andre Black (Louis)NACAC U2307/20
George Kitchens (unat)GaT Inv05/16
7.8225-8*Jeremy Hicks (LSU)SEC05/17
7.81i25-7 1/2-Raphael McFarlane (SacSt)Pocatello02/09
**Mikese Morse (SFl)Big East05/03
7.8025-7 1/4*Ryan Grinnell (Boise)WAC05/16
7.79i25-6 3/4Christian Taylor (GaHS)NSI03/14
7.7825-6 1/4***Gary Lee (Fres)Modesto R05/10
iDamion McLean (unat)VaT Chall02/22
Bashir Ramzy (unat)Chula Vista06/13
7.7725-6Tom Pappas (Nike)Oly Trials06/29
7.7625-5 1/2-John Berry (SEMo)Oh Vly05/03
iRephel Martin (unat)Nashville02/02
Foreign Collegians:
8.3027-2 3/4***Ngoni Makusha (FlSt-Zim)NCAA06/12
7.9426-3/4**Alain Bailey (Ar-Jam)SEC05/17
7.92i26-0***Julian Reid (TxAM-Jam)NCAA Ind03/14
7.9125-11 1/2***Nicholas Gordon (Nb-Jam)NCAA MW05/30
7.8925-10 3/4-Sávvas Diakonikólas (Boise-Gre)WAC05/16
7.84i25-8 3/4*Luis Rivera (Az-Mex)Nampa01/26
7.8225-8*Carl Morgan (MTn-Cay)Sun Belt05/11
7.7925-6 3/4-Cadeau Kelley (Akr-Lbr)Hamburg07/29
8.4727-9 1/2PhillipsFt-de-France05/08
8.3927-6 1/2PateFt-de-France05/08
8.2226-11 3/4——PhillipsFt-de-France05/08
8.1226-7 3/4TurnerOly Trials06/29
8.0926-6 1/2-Kiwan Lawson (In)Owens Cl05/03
8.0326-4 1/4Joe Allen (Shore)Snowbird Inv03/21
(A)-Mickaël Hanany’ (UTEP-Fra)UTEP Spring03/29
7.9826-2 1/4Kelley’Owens Cl05/03
7.9726-1 3/4Reid’NCAA06/11
7.9626-1 1/2Marquise Goodwin (TxHS)Texas HS05/10
7.9426-3/4Bailey’NCAA ME05/30
BassettNCAA ME05/30
7.9125-11 1/2*Rudon Bastian’ (Louis-Bah)NCAA ME05/30
GillisHouston Inv05/03
7.9025-11**Keenan Hall (CAz)Coolidge02/22
7.8825-10 1/4-Sam Tilly (Camp)Atlantic Sun05/16
7.8625-9 1/2BlackNCAA ME05/30
7.85(A)25-9 1/4Bryce Lamb (AzHS)Great SW06/07
7.8125-7 1/2LeeNCAA06/12
7.8025-7 1/4GrinnellNCAA06/11
7.7725-6***Jeff Henderson (HindsCC)JUCO05/17

17.4357-2 1/4Aarik Wilson (Nike)Oly Trials07/06
17.2256-6Rafeeq Curry (Shore) ¶FlSt R03/29
17.2156-5 3/4——CurryOly Trials07/06
17.1556-3 1/4——Curry !Oly Trials07/06
17.13i56-2 1/2——WilsonWorld Ind03/07
17.1256-2Walter Davis (Nike)Oly Trials07/06
17.1156-1 3/4——Davis !Oly Trials07/06
17.1156-1 3/4——WilsonSão Paulo05/22
17.0455-11——BellR de Janeiro05/18
17.0455-11Kenta Bell (Mizuno)R de Janeiro05/18
**10 performances by 4 performers**
16.9655-7 3/4Brandon Roulhac (Shore)GaT Inv05/17
16.8055-1 1/2Allen Simms (Mizuno)Mt SAC04/20
16.7655-0-Shardae Boutte (Ok)NCAA MW05/31
16.5754-4 1/2Lawrence Willis (unat)Oly Trials07/06
16.5554-3 3/4-Jonathan Jackson (TCU)Penn R Univ04/26
16.54i54-3 1/4*Nkosinza Balumbu (Ar)NCAA Ind03/15
16.52i54-2 1/2-Tydree Lewis (Ok)NCAA Ind03/15
16.46i54-0Marc Kellman (unat)PennSt Nat01/26
16.41i53-10 1/4*Andre Black (Louis)Meyo Inv02/09
**Zuheir Sharif (TxAM)Johnson/JJK04/12
16.40i53-9 3/4*Ryan Grinnell (Boise)Nampa02/02
16.3753-8 1/2-Muhammad Halim (Corn)Moravian04/19
16.3253-6 1/2-James Lemons (GaT)ACC04/19
16.28i53-5Alonzo Moore (HPC)Meyo Inv02/09
16.2553-3 3/4***Tyron Stewart (TxAM)NCAA MW05/31
16.1753-3/4-Kyle Jenkins (In)NCAA ME05/31
16.1452-11 1/2Ronald Carter (VS)Walnut06/15
16.11i52-10 1/4**Anthony Flemons (TxT)NCAA Ind03/15
*Clarence Smith (PennSt)NCAA06/14
16.0652-8 1/4***Austin Davis (NC)USATF Jr06/21
16.0552-8**Alphonso Jordan (GaT)ACC04/19
Christian Taylor (GaHS)USATF Jr06/21
15.99i52-5 1/2*Daniel Quinn (Ar)SEC Ind03/02
15.9752-4 3/4Will Claye (AzHS)Phoenix05/08
15.9452-3 3/4-Steve Daniel (InSt)NCAA ME05/31
15.93i52-3 1/4-Daniel Marshall (Az)Mtn Pac Ind03/01
***Zedric Thomas (LSU)NCAA ME05/31
15.9052-2Alex Harris (unat)GaT Inv05/17
Bryce Lamb (AzHS)Phoenix05/08
15.8952-1 3/4Bashir Ramzy (unat)Oly Trials07/04
(A)**Darrell Roddick (SPl)UTEP Spring03/29
15.8552-0-Dexter Jules (Man)NCAA E05/31
15.8351-11 1/4-Joel Gaddy (App)GaT Inv05/17
15.8251-11***Kali Jackson (JohnsC)JUCO05/17
15.8051-10***Melvin Echard (TxAM)NCAA MW05/31
15.7951-9 3/4*Wale Odetunde (Ms)Ala R03/30
Foreign Collegians:
16.5554-3 3/4***Julian Reid (TxAM-Jam)Johnson/JJK04/12
16.39i53-9 1/4*Wilbert Walker (Linc-Jam)NCAA II Ind03/15
16.3153-6 1/4*Davy Manga (ACU-Fra)Penn R Univ04/26
16.22i53-2 3/4-Ray Taylor (FlSt-Jam)Armory Inv02/09
15.9352-3 1/4**Zacharias Arnos (Boise-Cyp)NCAA W05/31
15.79i51-9 3/4*Luis Rivera (Az-Mex)Mtn Pac Ind03/01
17.4257-2BellLake B Vista01/11
17.2056-5 1/4W. DavisOly Trials07/06
17.1656-3 3/4RoulhacOly Trials07/06
17.1356-2 1/2———WilsonOly Trials07/06
17.0555-11 1/4SimmsOly Trials07/06
16.6554-7 1/2BlackNCAA06/14
16.6254-6 1/2WillisOly Trials07/06
16.60(A)54-5 1/2***Aaron Whetstone (Mem)CUSA05/17
16.5554-3 3/4GrinnellWAC05/17
16.5354-2 3/4Taylor’NCAA06/14
16.4954-1 1/4LemonsNCAA06/14
16.3953-9 1/4K. JenkinsBig 1005/18
16.2853-5James Jenkins (HPC)Oly Trials07/04
16.2353-3A. DavisNCAA06/14
16.2053-1 3/4A. HarrisClermont05/24
16.1953-1 1/2C. SmithNCAA06/14
16.12(A)52-10 3/4RoddickUTEP Spring03/29
16.0952-9 1/2JordanNCAA E05/31
15.9852-5 1/4-Dashalle Andrews (CSN)NCAA W05/31
15.9552-4Jason Powell (unat)Texas R04/04
15.9252-2 3/4-Ryan McCoy (GM)NCAA E05/31
15.8552-0Carjay Lyles (unat)Sea Ray04/12

22.40i73-6Adam Nelson (Nike)Tyson Inv02/15
22.18i72-9 1/4Christian Cantwell (Nike)CMo Open02/22
22.1272-7——NelsonEugene GP06/08
22.1072-6 1/4Reese Hoffa (NYAC)Oly Trials06/28
22.1072-6 1/4——Nelson !Eugene GP06/08
22.0772-5——Cantwell !CMo Open02/22
i72-5——NelsonMillrose G02/01
21.9872-1 1/2——Cantwell !CMo Open02/22
21.9471-11 3/4——Hoffa !Oly Trials06/28
21.7971-6——Cantwell !CMo Open02/22
**10 performances by 3 performers**
21.73i71-3 1/2**Ryan Whiting (AzSt)NCAA Ind03/14
21.29i69-10 1/4-Russ Winger (Id)NCAA Ind03/14
21.0369-0*Zack Lloyd (Az)Pac-1005/16
20.9468-8 1/2Garrett Johnson (unat)FlSt R03/28
20.8568-5Dan Taylor (Nike)Modesto R05/10
20.5967-6 3/4Mitchell Pope (adidas)Chapel Hill04/12
20.3866-10 1/2Chris Figures (unat)Los Angeles04/26
20.3566-9 1/4-Cory Martin (Aub)NCAA06/14
20.2666-5 3/4Jamie Beyer (Shef)Modesto R05/10
Noah Bryant (unat)Tucson05/24
20.2066-3 1/4Steve Manz (unat)Owens Cl05/03
20.1966-3Jon Kalnas (MonmTC)Princeton05/02
19.8465-1 1/4-Bryan Vickers (Ash)Lexington06/05
19.7064-7 3/4Vince Mosca (USAA)Sun Angel04/12
19.6664-6Jesse Roberge (ChNu)Mt SAC04/20
19.4863-11Rhuben Williams (Shore)Oly Trials06/27
19.4463-9 1/2-Shawn Best (Az)Williams Cl03/21
19.38i63-7-John Caulfield (UCLA)Wa Ind02/02
Tony Thompson (unat)Louisville05/17
19.29i63-3 1/2Sheldon Battle (TotSp)Niswonger01/19
19.2563-2-Joe Remitz (Bemi)NCAA II05/23
19.2363-1 1/4-Wes Stockbarger (Fl)Azusa04/18
19.10i62-8*John Hickey (Ia)Hawkeye Ind02/23
19.0762-6 3/4-Justin Clickett (VaT)ACC04/18
19.06i62-6 1/2*Rashaud Scott (Ky)VaT LC03/08
19.0462-5 3/4-Nate Englin (Mo)Ark Twi05/02
19.0062-4Sean Shields (unat)Oly Trials06/27
18.9962-3 3/4**Eric Werskey (Aub)LSU Tiger04/12
18.86i61-10 1/2-Clendon Henderson (Lib)Va T Inv01/12
18.8561-10 1/4***Billy Hardcastle (Pur)Big 1005/18
18.7661-6 3/4**Steve Marcelle (GaT)ACC04/18
**Darius Savage (UCLA)Pac-1005/16
18.7561-6 1/4*Jarred Sola (Az)Pac-1005/16
18.7261-5-Keith Lloyd (Nb)NCAA MW05/30
18.6961-4-Tyler Miller (Pur)Big 1005/18
18.57i60-11 1/4*Auston Papay (Akr)Hoosier Hills02/15
18.5560-10 1/2**Aaron Studt (Mn)Northfield04/19
Foreign Collegians:
19.64i64-5 1/4-Milan JotanoviŠ¹ (Man-Ser)NCAA Ind03/14
18.7661-6 3/4-Kyle Helf (Ga-Can)Towns Inv04/12

68.90226-0Ian Waltz (Nike)Salinas05/22
68.44224-6Jarred Rome (Nike)Salinas05/22
66.77219-0——WaltzChula Vista06/15
66.74218-11——Waltz !Chula Vista06/15
66.46218-0——Waltz !Chula Vista06/15
66.35217-8——WaltzMaui #405/16
66.30217-6——RomeChula Vista06/15
66.17217-1——WaltzNew York GP05/31
65.87216-1——WaltzOly Trials07/06
65.84216-0Jason Young (unat)Denton04/24
**10 performances by 3 performers**
65.61215-3Michael Robertson (Nike)Denton04/24
64.99213-2John Godina (adidas)Salinas05/08
64.65212-1Adam Kuehl (Nike)Chula Vista06/15
64.58211-10Brian Trainor (unat)Salinas05/22
64.56Casey Malone (Nike)Salinas05/08
64.53211-8-Greg Garza (UCLA)Salinas05/21
63.55208-6James Dennis (unat)Chula Vista06/14
62.85206-2*Chase Madison (Ky)Chula Vista04/24
62.64205-6Doug Reynolds (unat)Oly Trials07/06
62.49205-0Dan Austin (unat)Salinas05/08
62.36204-7*Matt Lamb (WaSt)Oly Trials07/03
62.26204-3-Clendon Henderson (Lib)Texas R Univ04/04
62.14203-10Lance Brooks (unat)Modesto R05/10
62.06203-7Will Conwell (CNW)New York GP05/31
61.98203-4*Rashaud Scott (Ky)Oly Trials07/06
61.36201-4Karl Erickson (unat)Chula Vista06/14
61.11200-6**Ryan Whiting (AzSt)AzSt Inv03/29
60.94199-11-Wes Stockbarger (Fl)Ole Miss Inv05/03
60.80199-6-Russ Winger (Id)Stanford Inv04/05
60.77199-4Luke Sullivan (unat)Salinas05/22
60.71199-2-Jason Schutz (CoSt)Salinas05/08
60.62198-11Drew Ulrick (unat)Tucson05/24
60.49198-5Nick Petrucci (VSA)Chula Vista04/24
60.31197-10-John Caulfield (UCLA)Cal-Nv Ch03/29
59.87196-5-Dan Hytinen (WiWh)NCAA III05/22
59.68195-9Kevin Fitzpatrick (unat)Salinas05/08
59.66Sam Lightbody (VS)Salinas05/21
59.65195-8Nathanael Meckes (Vect)Pom-Pit Inv04/05
59.15194-0-Teremine White (SELa)Triton Inv04/26
59.06193-9**Darius Savage (UCLA)Salinas05/21
59.02193-8James Lee (unat)ACU Twi05/09
58.79192-10**Tommy Killen (TCU)Jacobs Inv04/12
58.59192-2-Cory Martin (Aub)SEC05/17
58.55192-1-Andy Fryman (Ky)In Inv04/18
58.49191-10***Zach Clayton (Aub)NCAA ME05/31
58.10190-7-Nik Kay (ConcOr)NAIA05/24
57.71189-4Reedus Thurmond (CNW)Oregon R04/26
Foreign Collegians:
63.12207-1**Leif Arrhenius (BYU-Swe)Columbia04/11
59.92196-7*Yemi Ayeni (Va-Ngr)Charlottesville04/19

78.68258-2A.G. Kruger (Nike)Oregon Twi05/09
78.59257-10——Kruger !Oregon Twi05/09
78.21256-7——Kruger !Oregon Twi05/09
77.52254-4——KrugerSea Ray04/12
77.14253-1——Kruger !Oregon Twi05/09
76.80252-0——Kruger !Oregon Twi05/09
76.56251-2——KrugerProvo Yellow05/24
76.28250-3Michael Mai (USAr)Provo Yellow05/24
76.06249-6——KrugerProvo Gold05/23
75.84248-10——KrugerMt SAC04/20
**10 performances by 2 performers**
75.08246-4Kevin McMahon (unat)Modesto R05/10
75.00246-1Travis Nutter (ClSp)West Point06/05
74.75245-3Kibwe Johnson (NYAC)C Car Inv03/15
74.41244-1Jake Freeman (IBAC)West Point06/20
74.13243-2-Cory Martin (Aub)NCAA06/13
73.10239-10Paddy McGrath (unat)West Point06/20
72.98239-5-Jake Dunkleberger (Aub)NCAA06/13
72.95239-4Lucais MacKay (Shore)Walnut06/15
71.33234-0James Parker (unat)Oly Trials06/30
70.29230-7Nick Owens (Shore)Chapel Hill05/17
70.00229-8David Paul (NAFTC)Arizona St Inv03/28
69.92229-5*Boldi Kocsor (UCLA)NCAA06/13
69.90229-4*Chris Rohr (Mo)Edwardsville06/14
69.67228-7Wil Fleming (unat)Bloomington06/04
69.38227-7Jesse Doty (SyrCh)Duke Twi05/04
68.97226-3Brian Richotte (unat)Chapel Hill05/17
68.94226-2Nick Welihozkiy (PBay)Penn R04/26
68.92226-1Garland Porter (unat)Athens06/07
68.75225-6***Walter Henning (NC)W-Salem03/22
68.56224-11Chris Bryce (unat)Clemson06/08
68.55Kevin Becker (unat)La Crosse05/15
68.50224-9Arnaldo Cueto (unat)Los Angeles04/26
68.49224-8Adam Midles (TXO)OTC Qual06/15
68.41224-5-Jason Morris (Mo)Drake R04/26
68.26223-11Mike Milakovic (unat)Newberg06/14
67.76222-4-Jon Hart (Lib)IC4A05/17
66.99219-9Matt Pagliasotti (unat)Sun Angel04/11
66.95219-8-Dan Raithel (CMo)NCAA II05/23
66.94219-7-Colin Veldman (Or)NCAA06/13
66.85219-4-Robert Klenk (Ash)Cincinnati04/18
66.51218-2Zach Hazen (unat)Manhattan05/03
66.35217-8*Timothy Morse (Rad)NCAA E05/31
66.22217-3*Nate Rolfe (Ga)Athens06/07
66.20217-2-Marcus Mattox (Id)NCAA06/11
66.03216-7-Andy Fryman (Ky)NCAA06/13
65.98216-6-Greg Watson (SnUt)Cedar City06/13
65.81215-11*Rabun Fox (LSU)Tiger Inv04/12
65.75215-8***Jordan Stray (Or)vs UCLA04/19
Foreign Collegians:
69.95229-6-Egor Agafonov (Ks-Rus)NCAA MW05/31
69.83229-1*Matej Muza (VaT-Cro)NCAA06/13
69.05226-6*Simon Wardhaugh (Boise-Aus)WAC05/16
68.21223-9*Steffen Nerdal (Mem-Nor)NCAA06/13
66.77219-0-Jarrod Stevens (Boise-Aus)Boise05/02
65.65215-4***Dimítrios Fylladitákis (UTEP-Gre)CUSA05/15
65.32214-4-JarosŠBaw Zakrzewski (Kent-Pol)Duke Inv04/04

83.74274-9Leigh Smith (unat)Ga Inv05/09
82.72!271-5——SmithGa Inv05/09
82.21269-8Mike Hazle (Nike)Doha GP05/09
81.89268-8——Hazle ¶Aus Ch02/29
81.72268-1**Chris Hill (Ga) ¶Drake R04/25
81.65267-10*Corey White (USC) ¶Mt SAC04/20
81.23266-6——HazleR de Janeiro05/18
81.14266-2——Hazle ¶Berlin GP06/01
80.86265-3——Hazle ¶Oregon R04/25
80.84——Hazle ¶Melb GP02/21
**10 performances by 4 performers**
80.45263-11Sean Furey (Rypt)Joensuu07/16
80.20263-1*Adam Montague (Fl)Drake R04/25
79.97262-4Brian Chaput (JUSA)W-Salem03/21
78.97259-1Barry Krammes (Shore)Oly Trials07/04
76.76251-10Eric Brown (unat)Emporia04/05
76.64251-5John Hetzendorf (unat)Tucson05/24
76.06249-6Bobby Smith (Rypt)Oly Trials07/06
75.52247-9Doug Lefler (unat)Walnut06/15
73.68241-9Breaux Greer (adidas)Olympic G08/21
73.05239-8Aris Borjas (VS)Oly Trials07/04
72.74238-8Shae Murray (BFTC)Stanford Inv04/04
72.51237-10***Iain Trimble (Ks)Towns Inv04/12
72.42237-7***Brett Trudo (Wich)Emporia04/05
72.35237-4-Jon Jeffreys (WaSt)v Washington05/03
72.30237-2*Chad Radgowski (LSU)Tiger Inv04/12
72.24237-0-Brad Roth (AzSt)Click04/05
71.67235-1**Ryan Young (Cal)Pac-1005/16
71.51234-7**Preston Chatham (LSU)NCAA06/13
71.44234-4Ryan James (AIA)Mt SAC04/20
71.39234-2Ryan Weidman (Bigf)Spokane05/07
71.19233-6**Cyrus Hostetler (LaneCC)Oregon Twi05/09
71.16233-5***Jeffrey Kent (LaM)NCAA ME05/30
0.97232-10Bryan Clay (Nike)Olympic G08/22
70.84232-5**Adam Wolkins (Cowl)JUCO05/17
70.59231-7Andy Vogelsberg (unat)Emporia03/12
70.27230-6-Mike Cast (TxT)NCAA MW05/30
70.06229-10-Matt Fick (ND)Rock Island04/05
69.94229-5Justin St. Clair (PBar)Tucson05/24
69.88229-3Josh Koehler (unat)Sea Ray04/12
69.61228-4***Luke Laird (Ar)SEC05/18
69.60Pat McCormick (unat)Spokane05/07
***Brian Moore (NC)Texas R04/05
69.56228-2-Matt Maloney (Tn)Sea Ray04/12
Paul Pisano (CtQ)Chapel Hill05/17
69.51228-0-Matt Litzinger (ND)Rock Island04/05
Foreign Collegians:
74.62244-10-Alex van der Merwe (UTEP-GB)UTEP Spring03/29

8832Bryan Clay (Nike)Oly Trials06/30
8791——ClayOlympic G08/22
8534Trey Hardee (Nike)Oly Trials06/30
8511Tom Pappas (Nike)Oly Trials06/30
8371——HardeeTexas R04/03
8191Jake Arnold (unat)vs Ger08/03
8175Mustafa Abdur-Rahim (unat)vs Ger08/03
8143Chris Helwick (WSet)vs Ger08/03
8130——ArnoldOly Trials06/30
8122**Ashton Eaton (Or)Oly Trials06/30
**10 performances by 7 performers**
8066Chris Randolph (CNW)Newberg06/13
7907Joe Cebulski (TVA)Dallas06/08
7877Ryan Olkowski (WGA)W-Salem05/15
7861Joe Detmer (unat)vs Ger08/03
7803**Mike Morrison (Fl)Mt SAC04/17
7800-Brandon Hoskins (Lib)Texas R04/03
7787-Rickey Moody (WaSt)Texas R04/03
7765Lysias Edmonds (AzPTC)Oly Trials06/30
7723Chris Boyles (unat)vs Ger08/03
7694Matt Chisam (ITAO)Dallas06/08
7691*Mat Clark (NnIa)Drake R04/24
7687-Raven Cepeda (NnIa)Drake R04/24
7675(A)-Donovan Kilmartin (Tx)Big 1205/17
7657(A)**Nick Adcock (Mo)Big 1205/17
7594-Chris Richardson (LBSt)NCAA06/12
7587Ryan Harlan (unat)Oly Trials06/30
7586Derek Gearman (unat)Drake R04/24
7528-Desi Burt (CSLA)Mt SAC04/17
7521Mike Marsh (ChNu)Dallas06/08
7473-Justin Johnson (CSN)Texas R04/03
7465-Josh Hustedt (Stan)Mt SAC04/17
7414Stephen Harris (unat)Sea Ray04/10
7399Chris Staton (unat)Northridge03/21
7395*Tommy Wolfe (UTSA)Southland05/11
7362**Frank Shotwell (Mi)Big 1005/17
7361-Shawn Colligan (PennSt)Big 1005/17
7360***Michael Ayers (Tn)SEC05/16
7351-Chris Pounds (ACU)NCAA II05/23
7332-Kevin Johnson (CoSt)Ft Collins04/25
7322*Max Westman (Penn)Ellis Inv04/18
7319**Aaron Harlan (SFA)Southland05/11
7295*Skyler Reising (Nb)Click04/04
7290**R.J. McGinnis (Mn)Big 1005/17
Foreign Collegians:
8025-Jangy Addy (Tn-Lbr)Oly Trials06/30
7559(A)***Lars Rise (Mo-Nor)Big 1205/17
*Camille Vandendriessche (ACU-Fra)Texas R04/03
7540**Steffan Hommel (Fl-Ger)SEC05/16
7391(A)***Moritz Cleve (KsSt-Ger)Big 1205/17

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