2007 U.S. Absolute List - Men

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compiled by Jim Rorick

(marks received and verified by 01/30/2008)

We welcome all amendments to these lists.


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Key To Lists

These lists give the top 40 U.S. performers of the season, with an appending of those foreign collegians whose marks fall into that range.


On final year-end lists, the top 10 performances, denoted by — — are also included.


In the wind-aided category, the domestics and foreign collegians are commingled (' after name = foreigner on windy list).


Relay teams may contain non-U.S. nationals.


Open athletes and high schoolers have no notation before their name. Collegians are noted by class: - = senior; * = junior; **=soph; *** = frosh; ? = unknown. Note: we do not change athlete affiliations in mid-season from collegiate to club if/when they sign pro contracts early or otherwise finish their collegiate eligibility. For consistency, we leave them with the same affiliation all year.


(A) = altitude over 1000m (in affected events only).


Wind-aided marks are those of greater than 2.0mps. Windy marks are listed only if superior to the best legal mark (windy performances listed to level of legal performances).


In the marathon and half-marathon lists, ' = aided course. Since so many road runners are unaffiliated, a state affiliation represents their home, not a school.


! = secondary mark made within a field-event series; ¶ = complete field-event series not known, so some performances may be missing.


9.84Tyson Gay (adidas)USATF06/22
9.85----GayWorld Ch08/26
9.93*Walter Dix (FlSt)NCAA06/08
9.96Wallace Spearmon (Nike)Shanghai09/28
10.00----GayWorld Ch08/26
10.01J.J. Johnson (unat)Zaragoza07/28
Mickey Grimes (Nike)Zaragoza07/28
**Trindon Holliday (LSU)NCAA06/06
----GayLondon GP08/03
**13 performances by 6 performers**
10.04Mark Jelks (Nike)USATF06/21
10.07Leroy Dixon (Nike)USATF06/21
10.09Rae Edwards (unat)USATF06/21
**Travis Padgett (Clem)NCAA06/08
Leonard Scott (Nike)USATF06/22
10.10-Demi Omole (Wi)USATF06/21
-Mike Rodgers (OkB)USATF06/21
10.11Darvis Patton (adidas)adidas Cl05/20
10.12DaBryan Blanton (Nike)Salamanca07/04
10.13Shawn Crawford (Nike)USATF06/21
Ivory Williams (Nike)Modesto R05/05
10.14Preston Perry (Asics)USATF06/21
10.16Jeff Laynes (Brooks)Berkeley04/28
(A)John Woods (HN)Fort Collins04/21
10.18-Kendall Stevens (StA)USATF06/21
10.19Garry Jones (unat)USATF06/21
10.20Carlos Moore (Cheet)USATF06/21
Dwight Phillips (Nike)adidas Cl05/20
10.21-Greg Bolden (FlSt)Disney Inv03/23
**Michael Ray Garvin (FlSt)NCAA E05/25
Chris Johnson (unat)Monroe04/28
Terrence Trammell (Mizuno)Baie-Mahault05/01
Jordan Vaden (adidas)USATF06/21
10.22**J-Mee Samuels (Ar)USATF06/22
Bernard Williams (adidas)Naimette-X07/25
Kelly Willie (Nike)USATF06/21
10.23Kerron Clement (Nike)Miami Elite04/14
Kyle Farmer (RDTC)USATF06/21
***Jacoby Ford (Clem)ACC04/20
Rynell Parson (TxHS)USATF Jr06/21
Andre Sturdivant (unat)Atlanta06/02
10.24Kaaron Conwright (HSI)USATF06/21
Bennie Robinson (PT)Azusa04/13
Mardy Scales (Nike)USATF06/21
***Scott Wims (Nb)USATF Jr06/21
Foreign Collegians:
10.09*Richard Thompson (LSU-Tri)Tri Ch06/23
10.17***Mike LeBlanc (Syr-Can)NCAA06/06
10.19-Orlando Reid (MTn-Jam)NCAA06/06
9.76GayNew York GP06/02
9.92J.J. JohnsonZaragoza07/28
9.95Thompson’Tri Ch06/23
9.96CrawfordNew York GP06/02
10.02BlantonTCU Inv04/21
10.03JelksKansas R04/21
10.06Phillipsadidas Cl05/20
10.11I. WilliamsUSATF06/21
10.12Jonesadidas Cl05/20
10.14Ernest Wiggins (unat)Clermont05/19
10.18Jason Heard (Brooks)Mt SAC Open04/15
Mike Mitchell (SBTC)Cerritos03/24
10.19Tyree Gailes (Reebok)TCU Inv04/21
10.20*Richard Adu-Bobie’ (TxAM-Can)Ottawa07/01
Marquis Davis (Star)Clermont05/19
***Ahmad Rashad (USC)Pac-1005/13
10.21Brant Gilbert (ACUAS)TCU Inv04/21

19.62Tyson Gay (adidas)USATF06/24
19.69*Walter Dix (FlSt)NCAA E05/26
19.76----GayWorld Ch08/30
19.78----GayLausanne GP07/10
19.82Wallace Spearmon (Nike)New York GP06/02
19.88----SpearmonBrussels GP09/14
19.91----Spearmonadidas Cl05/20
19.92Xavier Carter (Nike)Zürich GP09/07
**10 performances by 4 performers**
19.98LaShawn Merritt (Nike)adidas Cl05/20
20.06Rodney Martin (Nike)World Ch08/30
20.17Jordan Vaden (adidas)NACAC07/15
20.21Shawn Crawford (Nike)adidas Cl05/20
20.32J.J. Johnson (unat)Stockholm GP08/07
-Reggie Witherspoon (Bay)Big 1205/12
20.33Mike Mitchell (SBTC)Mt SAC04/15
20.35Jeremy Wariner (adidas)USATF06/24
20.38***Charles Clark (FlSt)NCAA06/07
20.40*Rubin Williams (Tn)USATF06/24
20.43Bryshon Nellum (CaHS)Cal State HS06/02
Greg Nixon (AA)Tucson03/31
***Evander Wells (Tn)Y Jacket03/31
20.47Bernard Williams (adidas)Uden08/04
20.49Chris Berrian (FresFl)SoCal USATF06/02
Kerron Clement (Nike)Miami Elite04/14
Darvis Patton (adidas)New York GP06/02
20.51*Brent Gray (LBSt)NCAA06/07
20.52***Courtney Thomas (Bay)Big 1205/12
20.56***Ahmad Rashad (USC)Pac-1005/13
20.57**Willie Perry (Fl)NCAA E05/26
20.58**Michael Ray Garvin (FlSt)NCAA E05/25
20.60Angelo Taylor (Reg)Y Jacket03/31
20.61***Scott Wims (Nb)NCAA06/07
20.63(A)Paul Smith (unat)Robison Inv04/28
20.64**Jeremy Dodson (Co)Big 1205/12
*Jody Johnson (SacSt)Sacramento03/24
-Nate Probasco (Nb)NCAA06/07
20.65Jahvid Best (CaHS)Cal State HS06/02
*Brian Witherspoon (Still)GaT Inv05/12
20.66*Marcus Pugh (Ok)Big 1205/13
20.67-David Dickens (Ga)SEC05/11
i**Chris Dykes (TxAM)NCAA Ind03/09
20.68-Ashhad Agyapong (RI)New Eng05/12
Mickey Grimes (Nike)Port-of-Spain05/27
20.70-Domenik Peterson (AzSt)Sun Angel04/14
Foreign Collegians:
20.51-Orlando Reid (MTn-Jam)NCAA06/07
20.58**Edino Steele (PasCC-Jam)Norwalk04/25
20.66*Jacobi Mitchell (Ok-Bah)Big 1205/12
20.48***Teddy Poole (Hutch)JUCO05/19
20.56Marquis Davis (Star)Salamanca07/04
20.63**J-Mee Samuels (Ar)McDonnell04/21
20.65Obra Hogans (unat)USATF Club07/13
20.67**Travis Padgett (Clem)NCAA E05/25

43.45Jeremy Wariner (adidas)World Ch08/31
43.50----WarinerStockholm GP08/07
43.96LaShawn Merritt (Nike)World Ch08/31
44.02----WarinerOsaka GP05/05
44.05Angelo Taylor (Reg)USATF06/23
----WarinerLondon GP08/03
----WarinerBerlin GP09/16
44.23----MerrittLondon GP08/03
**10 performances by 3 performers**
44.48Kerron Clement (Nike)Stockholm GP08/07
44.67*Lionel Larry (USC)USATF06/22
44.68Darold Williamson (Nike)Osaka GP05/05
45.02Derrick Brew (Reebok)USATF06/22
45.06Bershawn Jackson (Nike)USATF06/22
45.12Andrew Rock (adidas)Stockholm GP08/07
45.19Jamaal Torrance (GWEx)USATF06/22
45.24Fernada Blakely (Asics)GaT Inv05/12
David Neville (Nike)USATF06/22
45.26Xavier Carter (Nike)Glasgow06/03
45.31Greg Nixon (AA)adidas Cl05/20
45.33***LeJerald Betters (Bay)Big 1205/13
45.37-Hakeem Mohammad (NCC)NCAA II05/26
45.38Bryshon Nellum (CaHS)USATF Jr06/23
45.40-Erison Hurtault (Col)NCAA06/09
-Joel Stallworth (CSStan)NCAA II05/26
45.48Milton Campbell (adidas)GaT Inv05/12
45.52***Calvin Smith (Fl)NACAC07/15
45.56-Reggie Witherspoon (Bay)Big 1205/12
45.57*Michael Bingham (WF)NCAA06/09
45.62**Quentin Iglehart-Summers (Bay)NCAA MW05/26
45.64Rickey Harris (adidas)Madrid GP07/21
45.66Obra Hogans (unat)Baie-Mahault05/01
45.78Otis Harris (Nike)Sánchez Inv05/12
45.80-Aaron Buzard (Mn)Big 1005/13
45.82**Elvis Lewis (Vill)Big East05/06
45.83*Cornelius Duncan (SnMs)C-USA05/12
45.87*Alex Harcourt (Wa)Pac-1005/13
45.88Mike Mitchell (SBTC)Walnut03/10
45.89**James Groce (Wi)Big 1005/13
45.91-David Dickens (Ga)SEC05/13
Kenneth Ferguson (adidas)Baie-Mahault05/01
45.96Jamel Ashley (Reebok)USATF06/21
45.99-Domenik Peterson (AzSt)Sun Angel04/14
46.00Dirk Homewood (Reebok)adidas Cl05/20
46.01***Lukas Hulett (Nb)Big 1205/12
46.02-Bruce Davis (MsSt)NCAA ME05/26
Foreign Collegians:
44.62*Ricardo Chambers (FlSt-Jam)GaT Inv05/12
45.41**Lesiba Masheto (Il-Bot)Williams Cl03/17
45.77**Edino Steele (PasCC-Jam)Cal JC05/19
-Siraj Williams (LSU-Lbr)NCAA06/09

1:43.84Alan Webb (Nike)Heusden07/28
1:44.27Khadevis Robinson (Nike)Monaco GP07/25
1:44.54Nick Symmonds (OTC)Eugene GP06/10
1:44.69Jonathan Johnson (Reebok)Heusden07/28
1:44.99----RobinsonEugene GP06/10
1:45.03----RobinsonMadrid GP07/21
1:45.06----SymmondsMadrid GP07/21
**10 performances by 4 performers**
1:45.69*Duane Solomon (USC)USATF06/24
1:45.92Jebreh Harris (Reebok)Heusden07/28
1:46.11Floyd Thompson (SMTC)USATF06/24
1:46.20Brandon Shaw (OTC)Lignano07/15
1:46.22Elliott Blount (OTC)Lignano07/15
1:46.62Trent Riter (unat)USATF06/22
1:46.67-Tetlo Emmen (UCSB)Heusden07/28
1:46.71-Ryan Brown (Wa)Uden08/04
1:46.73Kevin Elliott (OTC)USATF06/22
1:46.75David Krummenacker (adidas)Brasschaat07/21
1:46.79*Golden Coachman (MsSt)USATF06/22
1:46.92-Dustin Emrani (AmU)AMC II06/27
1:47.08Neville Miller (NYAC)USATF06/21
Matt Scherer (OTC)Oxy Inv05/12
1:47.19Said Ahmed (Nike)New York GP06/02
1:47.28Kevin Hicks (Nike)USATF06/22
1:47.43Sam Burley (Asics)Mt SAC04/15
1:47.55*Paul Harris (Navy)IC4A05/12
1:47.71-Marcus Mayes (Mo)NCAA ME05/26
1:47.76Steve Sherer (unat)SoCal USATF06/02
1:47.89-Zach Glavash (TxT)NCAA MW05/25
1:47.90Alex McClary (unat)McDonnell04/21
1:47.96*Russell Brown (Stan)Jona07/08
1:47.98*Yarrick Kincaid (Tn)NCAA ME05/26
1:48.01Derrick Peterson (adidas)New York GP06/02
1:48.03Chris Lukezic (Reebok)New York05/12
Marc Sylvester (OTC)Pre Cl06/09
1:48.07-Mark Wieczorek (MANaz)Auburn03/24
1:48.08Rob Myers (Reebok)Oordegem07/07
1:48.10**Jacob Hernandez (Tx)Tex Twi04/21
1:48.15*Chris Woods (MsSt)NCAA ME05/26
1:48.17Nick Thornton (unat)Eugene 0805/26
1:48.18Wil Fitts (unat)London08/25
1:48.20-Gered Burns (Alb)IC4A05/12
Jon Rankin (Nike)Malmö07/02
1:48.24Tim Ramirez (unat)SoCal USATF06/02
Foreign Collegians:
1:45.79**Lopez Lomong (NnAz-Sud)USATF06/24
1:46.46-Thomas Chamney (NDm-Ire)Lignano07/15
1:46.66-Andrew Ellerton (Mi-Can)Padua07/07
1:47.00***Jamaal James (LSU-Tri)SEC05/13
1:47.11*Reuben Twijukye (LSU-Uga)SEC05/13
1:47.56-Prince Mumba (OR-Zam)Alcalá07/07
1:47.69-Pablo Solares (Rice-Mex)C-USA05/12
1:47.70*Elias Koech (UTEP-Ken)NCAA06/09
1:47.79**Dominic Tanui (UTEP-Ken)Drake R Univ04/28
1:47.80i*Shaun Smith (OR-Jam)Fayetteville03/02
1:47.93***Elphas Sang (MANaz-Ken)Auburn03/24
1:48.04-Tim Bayley (Iona-GB)NCAA06/09
1:48.16-Tom Lancashire (FlSt-GB)Stretford08/11

2:16.25Bernard Lagat (Nike)Stockholm GP08/07
2:21.11Rob Myers (Reebok)Naimette-X07/25
2:21.82i*Anthony Chiulli (Co)Big 12 Ind02/24
2:22.73*Michael McGrath (Or)Naimette-X07/25
**5 performances by 4 performers**
2:23.12i*Tim Kaijala (Penn)PennSt Nat01/27
2:23.20i-Darren Brown (Tx)Big 12 Ind02/24
2:24.15i**Rob Novak (SH)Big East Ind02/18
2:24.65i-Donnie Drake (Me)America E02/17
2:25.32i-Tommy Schmitz (Marq)Big East Ind02/18
2:25.39i***Alex Bean (Gtn)Big East Ind02/17
Foreign Collegians:
2:22.29i-Tim Bayley (Iona-GB)Terrier Inv01/27
2:22.41i*Pete van der Westhuizen (Nb-SA)Big 12 Ind02/24
2:23.91i*Julius Rono (RWes-Ken)NAIA Ind03/10
2:24.58i-Herbert Rotich (SpAr-Ken)NAIA Ind03/10
2:25.26i*Adam Currie (NDm-Can)Big East Ind02/17
2:25.28i***Hayden McLaren (Prov-NZ)Big East Ind02/17
2:25.29i*David Proctor (BU-GB)Boston01/17

3:30.54Alan Webb (Nike)Paris GP07/06
3:33.85Bernard Lagat (Nike)Eugene GP06/10
3:34.25Matt Tegenkamp (Nike)Athens GP07/02
3:34.77----LagatWorld Ch08/29
3:34.79----LagatBerlin GP09/16
3:35.09----LagatParis GP07/06
3:35.29*Leonel Manzano (Tx)USATF06/24
3:35.69----WebbWorld Ch08/29
**10 performances by 4 performers**
3:35.72Jon Rankin (Nike)Rieti GP09/09
3:36.49Rob Myers (Reebok)adidas Cl05/20
3:36.95Chris Lukezic (Reebok)USATF06/24
3:37.13Adam Goucher (Nike)adidas Cl05/20
3:37.27-Chris Solinsky (Wi)Oordegem07/07
3:37.56*Russell Brown (Stan)NCAA06/09
3:39.00Said Ahmed (Nike)adidas Cl05/20
3:39.44John Jefferson (OTC)Heusden07/28
3:39.59Gabe Jennings (Saucony)USATF06/22
3:39.62Ian Dobson (adidas)Brasschaat07/21
3:39.81Andy McClary (unat)USATF06/24
3:39.91Tom Brooks (OTC)Malmö07/02
3:39.96**Garrett Heath (Stan)Cuxhaven07/14
3:40.06-Will Leer (PPit)USATF06/22
3:40.11David Krummenacker (adidas)adidas Cl05/20
3:40.17*Ben True (Dart)NCAA06/09
3:40.37Sean Graham (OTC)Brasschaat07/21
3:40.78-Stephen Pifer (Co)NCAA MW05/26
3:40.80*David Torrence (Cal)USATF06/22
3:40.85Jonathon Riley (Nike)Gent07/15
3:40.95Jeff See (unat)USATF06/22
3:41.05Steve Sherer (unat)Eugene 0805/27
3:41.13Jordan McNamara (unat)Pre Cl06/09
3:41.28Patrick Tarpy (Reebok)Waltham06/09
3:41.58Jason Jabaut (CarrAC)Lynchburg05/18
3:41.59Seth Summerside (adidas)McDonnell04/21
3:41.70*John Richardson (Ky)Bloomington06/15
3:41.77***Dorian Ulrey (NnIa)NCAA MW05/26
3:41.82*Erik Stanley (Tx)NCAA06/09
3:41.88**Billy Berlin (VaT)Nashville II05/12
3:41.93-Aucencio Martinez (Adams)USATF06/22
Sean O’Brien (OTC)USATF06/22
3:41.96Sean Jefferson (OTC)Pre Cl06/09
3:41.99Blake Boldon (Saucony)Eugene 0805/27
Brendan O’Keefe (Zap)Cardinal Inv04/29
3:42.25Sam Burley (Asics)Mt SAC Open04/13
Foreign Collegians:
3:37.07**Lopez Lomong (NnAz-Sud)NCAA06/09
3:37.96-Vincent Rono (SAl-Ken)NCAA06/09
3:39.80-Kurt Benninger (NDm-Can)NCAA06/09
3:39.93*Max Smith (Prov-NZ)NCAA06/09
3:40.22-Pablo Solares (Rice-Mex)NCAA06/09
3:40.60-Tom Lancashire (FlSt-GB)London GP08/03
3:41.17*Pete van der Westhuizen (Nb-SA)NCAA MW05/26
3:42.13*Mike Woods (Mi-Can)Bloomington06/15

3:46.91Alan Webb (Nike)Brasschaat07/21
3:50.56Bernard Lagat (Nike)Eugene GP06/10
3:51.71----WebbDrake R04/28
3:52.94----WebbNew York GP06/02
3:53.88----LagatNew York GP06/02
3:54.24Jon Rankin (Nike)Stretford08/11
3:55.18i----WebbReebok Boston01/27
3:56.6Adam Goucher (Nike)Nike Mile06/10
3:56.70i----WebbArmory Inv01/20
**10 performances by 4 performers**
3:56.72iNick Symmonds (OTC)Seattle01/13
3:57.02Chris Lukezic (Reebok)New York GP06/02
3:57.07Jonathon Riley (Nike)Falmouth08/11
3:57.20*Bobby Curtis (Vill)Swarthmore05/14
3:57.26Jason Jabaut (CarrAC)Nashville06/02
3:57.46*Josh McDougal (Lib)Lynchburg03/31
3:57.84Seth Summerside (adidas)Brasschaat07/21
3:58.01Rob Myers (Reebok)Eugene GP06/10
3:58.46Said Ahmed (Nike)Eugene GP06/10
3:58.4Sean Graham (OTC)Nike Mile06/10
3:58.62*David Torrence (Cal)Berkeley04/28
3:58.70Jeff See (unat)Nashville06/02
3:58.78i*Leonel Manzano (Tx)Big 12 Ind02/24
3:58.8Sean O’Brien (OTC)Nike Mile06/10
3:59.18iBlake Boldon (Saucony)IaSt LC03/03
3:59.29i-Russell Brown (Stan)Husky Cl02/10
3:59.40*Jake Watson (NDm)Nashville06/02
3:59.60i*Garrett Heath (Stan)Husky Cl02/10
-Michael Kerrigan (Vill)Swarthmore05/14
3:59.69Ben Gregory (WRRT)Nashville06/02
3:59.99*Ben True (Dart)NE USATF06/17
4:00.10-Chris Solinsky (Wi)Falmouth08/11
4:00.14-Aaron Aguayo (AzSt)Sun Angel04/14
4:00.1Dan Browne (Nike)Nike Mile06/10
4:00.21-Derek Scott (Corner)Nashville06/02
4:00.27*Matt Debole (Gtn)NE USATF06/17
4:00.29Daniel Lincoln (Nike)Lisle07/06
4:00.33iIan Dobson (adidas)Wash Inv01/27
4:00.37i***A.J. Acosta (Or)Wa LC03/03
4:00.49i-Stephen Pifer (Co)NCAA Ind03/09
4:00.59i*Austin Abbott (Wa)Husky Cl02/10
iJosh McAdams (New Balance)Armory Inv01/20
4:00.68Thomas Morgan (Zap)Nashville06/02
4:00.69-Aucencio Martinez (Adams)Mt SAC04/15
4:00.87i*Sam Bair (Pitt)PennSt Nat01/27
4:01.00Dan Wilson (unat)AMC II06/27
Foreign Collegians:
3:56.46*Max Smith (Prov-NZ)Brasschaat07/21
3:58.03-Tom Lancashire (FlSt-GB)London08/25
3:58.54**Lopez Lomong (NnAz-Sud)Sun Angel04/14
3:59.14i*David Proctor (BU-GB)Terrier Inv01/27
3:59.63-Vincent Rono (SAl-Ken)Mobile04/14
4:00.24i-Tim Bayley (Iona-GB)Husky Cl02/10
4:00.52i-Scott Overall (But-GB)NCAA Ind03/09
4:00.82i-Pablo Solares (Rice-Mex)C-USA Ind02/24

8:15.69Steve Slattery (Nike)Brussels GP09/14
8:18.07----SlatteryStockholm GP08/07
8:19.29Brian Olinger (Reebok)Heusden07/28
8:20.34-Aaron Aguayo (AzSt)Heusden07/28
8:21.36Josh McAdams (New Balance)Eugene GP06/10
8:22.25----SlatteryEugene GP06/10
8:23.69----McAdamsCardinal Inv04/29
8:24.29----SlatteryMadrid GP07/21
**10 performances by 4 performers**
8:27.34Tom Brooks (OTC)USATF06/24
8:27.64Anthony Famiglietti (adidas)USATF06/24
8:28.32Daniel Lincoln (Nike)USATF06/24
8:31.26Max King (OTC)Eugene 0805/26
8:31.65Michael Spence (Asics)USATF06/24
8:32.74Ben Bruce (Asics)Eugene GP06/10
8:33.33-Billy Nelson (Co)NCAA06/08
8:34.42-Corey Nowitzke (EnMi)NCAA06/08
8:35.16Andy Smith (Reebok)Cardinal Inv04/29
8:35.37-Kevin Davis (Cal)USATF06/24
8:35.71*Kyle Alcorn (AzSt)NCAA06/08
8:38.02**David Olson (Web)NCAA06/08
8:38.70Luke Watson (adidas)Or Inv04/20
8:39.20Tom Chorny (unat)USATF06/22
8:41.10Ryan Warrenburg (Zap)Eugene 0805/26
8:41.67-Todd Ptacek (NDm)NCAA06/06
8:41.70Lucas Meyer (OTC)Eugene GP06/10
8:41.76*Chandler Goodwin (BYU)NCAA06/06
8:42.04Jordan Fife (Brooks)Mt SAC04/13
8:43.33Pete Janson (unat)Cardinal Inv04/29
8:43.39*Tom Slosky (Duq)NCAA06/06
8:44.73-Joe Gray (OkSt)Stanford Inv03/31
8:45.85Emory Mort (WSAC)Owens Inv05/05
8:47.39*Carl Moe (Wa)USATF06/22
8:47.93-Matt Forys (Buck)NCAA06/06
8:48.67Jake Januszewski (unat)SoCal USATF06/02
8:49.41**Cory Thorne (Louis)Mt SAC04/13
8:49.84Thomas Kloos (adidas)SoCal USATF06/02
8:50.07*Ryder Leary (Fl)NCAA E05/26
8:50.68***David Brent (EnMi)Stanford Inv03/31
8:50.94-Vance Twitchell (UtSt)NCAA W05/26
8:51.97*Jake Morse (Tx)NCAA MW05/26
8:52.37-Derek Scott (Corner)Owens Inv05/05
8:52.44***John Martinez (NCSt)ACC04/20
8:52.52Mike DiGennaro (DeR)Owens Inv05/05
8:52.59-Codie See (Wi)Or Inv04/20
Foreign Collegians:
8:20.36**Barnabas Kirui (Ms-Ken)NCAA06/08
8:23.74-Andrew Lemoncello (FlSt-GB)Metz07/15
8:25.71-Nicodemus Naimadu (ACU-Ken)Eugene GP06/10
8:29.12**Kim Hogarth (WnCo-NZ)Cardinal Inv04/29
8:30.51-Itay Magidi (Clem-Isr)Heusden07/28
8:34.28*Augustus Maiyo (Al-Ken)WUG08/11
8:34.78-David Cheromei (VaInt-Ken)Mt SAC04/13
-Jan Förster (Va-Ger)NCAA06/08
8:37.30*Luke Gunn (FlSt-GB)NCAA06/08
8:38.92-Rob Watson (CoSt-Can)Or Inv04/20
8:39.94*Peter Kosgei (Ar-Ken)NCAA ME05/26
8:44.83**Josh Karanja (EnMi-Can)NCAA ME05/26
8:48.11*Patrick Mutai (UTEP-Ken)Cardinal Inv04/29
8:49.10*Tibor Végh (NCSt-Hun)NCAA E05/26
8:49.45-Travis McKay (MsSt-Can)NCAA ME05/26
8:50.80-Philemon Tanui (Wy-Ken)Or Inv04/20
8:51.12*Diego Moreno (Id-Per)Cardinal Inv04/29
8:51.62**Chris Winter (Or-Can)Pac-1005/12

7:31.00+Matt Tegenkamp (Nike)Eugene GP06/10
7:32.43iBernard Lagat (Nike)Birmingham02/17
7:35.32+Dathan Ritzenhein (Nike)Eugene GP06/10
7:35.68----TegenkampStockholm GP08/07
7:36.90-Chris Solinsky (Wi)Sheffield GP07/15
7:37.31----TegenkampMonaco GP07/25
7:38.77----LagatZürich GP09/07
7:39.03----RitzenheinSheffield GP07/15
7:40.25i----TegenkampTyson Inv02/09
7:41.27Anthony Famiglietti (adidas)adidas Cl05/20
**10 performances by 5 performers**
7:43.82Seth Summerside (adidas)adidas Cl05/20
7:45.84Bolota Asmerom (Nike)Oordegem07/07
7:46.16Rod Koborsi (Reebok)adidas Cl05/20
7:46.64+Alan Webb (Nike)Eugene GP06/10
7:47.58+Ian Dobson (adidas)London GP08/03
7:47.69Abdi Abdirahman (Nike)adidas Cl05/20
Sean Graham (OTC)Gent07/15
7:48.95+Adam Goucher (Nike)Eugene GP06/10
7:49.73iJonathon Riley (Nike)USATF Ind02/24
7:50.34Ed Moran (Nike)Stockholm GP08/07
7:53.00-Tim Nelson (Wi)Gent07/15
7:53.08i*Colby Wissel (Ks)Wilson Inv03/03
7:53.15Steve Slattery (Nike)adidas Cl05/20
7:54.09i**Stuart Eagon (Wi)Meyo Inv02/03
7:54.19i**Galen Rupp (Or)Mtn Pac Ind02/24
7:54.45iThomas Morgan (Zap)Reebok Boston01/27
7:55.26Brian Olinger (Reebok)adidas Cl05/20
7:55.40i*Josh McDougal (Lib)NCAA Ind03/10
7:55.57iKyle King (Zap)Terrier Inv01/27
7:55.98iJosh McAdams (New Balance)Husky Cl02/10
7:56.09Stephen Haas (New Balance)Gent07/15
7:56.51i-Giliat Ghebray (Cal)Mtn Pac Ind02/24
7:56.97i-Aaron Aguayo (AzSt)Mtn Pac Ind02/24
7:57.00i-Fleet Hower (Gtn)Terrier Inv01/27
7:57.19iBlake Boldon (Saucony)USATF Ind02/24
7:58.33iLuke Watson (adidas)USATF Ind02/24
7:58.52i*Kyle Alcorn (AzSt)Mtn Pac Ind02/24
7:58.54iJohn Jefferson (OTC)Wash Inv01/27
7:58.82i*Edwin Henshaw (Tuls)Tyson Coll02/10
7:58.96i*Matt Debole (Gtn)Terrier Inv01/27
7:59.04i*Ian Burrell (Ga)Tyson Coll02/10
7:59.36i**Lex Williams (Mi)Meyo Inv02/03
7:59.40i-Jimmy Grabow (LBSt)Mtn Pac Ind02/24
8:00.25iKalpana Broderick (TXO)Wash Inv01/27
8:00.31i***Levi Miller (Gtn)Terrier Inv01/27
Foreign Collegians:
7:49.74i**Lopez Lomong (NnAz-Sud)NCAA Ind03/10
7:54.11i-Itay Magidi (Clem-Isr)Meyo Inv02/03
7:55.06i-Martin Fagan (Prov-Ire)Terrier Inv01/27
7:55.18i*Max Smith (Prov-NZ)Tyson Coll02/10
7:55.24i-Obed Mutanya (Az-Zam)Mtn Pac Ind02/24
7:55.36i-Scott Overall (But-GB)Meyo Inv02/03
7:55.67i-Peter Kosgei (Ar-Ken)Ar Inv01/12
7:56.01i-Tom Lancashire (FlSt-GB)Husky Cl02/10
7:57.76i*Luke Gunn (FlSt-GB)Husky Cl02/10
7:57.91i***Francis Kasagule (Lam-Uga)Terrier Inv01/27
7:58.72i*Abraham Ng’etich (Iona-Ken)Armory Coll02/03
7:59.02i-Kevin Chelimo (TxT-Ken)Tyson Coll02/10
7:59.28i***Emmanuel Bor (Al-Ken)Meyo Inv02/03
7:59.56i***Samuel Chelanga (FD-Ken)New York02/23
8:00.09i-Andrew Lemoncello (FlSt-GB)Armory Coll02/03


13:07.41Matt Tegenkamp (Nike)Brussels GP09/14
13:11.93Anthony Famiglietti (adidas)Mt SAC04/13
13:12.24-Chris Solinsky (Wi)Heusden07/28
13:15.16Bolota Asmerom (Nike)Heusden07/28
13:16.06Dathan Ritzenhein (Nike)Brasschaat07/21
13:18.87Ian Dobson (adidas)Heusden07/28
13:19.68Ryan Kirkpatrick (Reebok)Mt SAC04/13
13:19.92Jonathon Riley (Nike)Heusden07/28
13:20.35Ed Moran (Nike)Mt SAC04/13
13:20.43*Josh McDougal (Lib)Mt SAC04/13
**10 performances by 10 performers**
13:23.50Sean Graham (OTC)Heusden07/28
13:25.53-Josh Rohatinsky (BYU)Mt SAC04/13
13:30.07Seth Summerside (adidas)Mt SAC04/13
13:30.12*Brent Vaughn (Co)Cardinal Inv04/29
13:30.49**Galen Rupp (Or)Or Inv04/20
13:30.68Matt Gabrielson (Reebok)Brasschaat07/21
13:30.73Bernard Lagat (Nike)USATF06/22
13:31.50Adam Goucher (Nike)USATF06/22
13:33.10Alan Culpepper (Nike)Mt SAC04/13
13:33.24Brian Olinger (Reebok)Brasschaat07/21
13:33.44Kyle King (Zap)Eugene 0805/26
13:33.68Abdi Abdirahman (Nike)Cardinal Inv04/29
13:35.86Andrew Carlson (adidas)Heusden07/28
13:36.03Steve Slattery (Nike)Cardinal Inv04/29
13:36.91Thomas Morgan (Zap)Eugene 0805/26
13:37.71-Aaron Aguayo (AzSt)Cardinal Inv04/29
13:38.28Andy Smith (Reebok)Eugene 0805/26
13:38.35Dan Browne (Nike)Eugene 0805/26
13:38.51Stephen Haas (New Balance)Cardinal Inv04/29
13:39.88*Bobby Curtis (Vill)NCAA06/08
13:40.63**Scotty Bauhs (Chico)Cardinal Inv04/29
13:40.92Rod Koborsi (Reebok)Brasschaat07/21
13:41.46Jason Hartmann (Nike)Eugene 0805/26
13:41.52i**Stuart Eagon (Wi)Husky Cl02/10
13:42.16-Giliat Ghebray (Cal)Cardinal Inv04/29
13:42.18i-Tim Nelson (Wi)Husky Cl02/10
13:43.04-Stephen Pifer (Co)Cardinal Inv04/29
13:44.04i-Jimmy Grabow (LBSt)Husky Cl02/10
13:44.90Patrick Tarpy (Reebok)Cardinal Inv04/29
13:45.25Scott McGowan (New Balance)Mt SAC04/13
Foreign Collegians:
13:39.88i-Peter Kosgei (Ar-Ken)NCAA Ind03/09
13:40.47*Wesley Korir (Louis-Ken)NCAA06/08
13:40.83-Kevin Chelimo (TxT-Ken)Cardinal Inv04/29
13:41.08-Tonny Okello (SAl-Uga)NCAA06/08
13:42.81-Obed Mutanya (Az-Zam)NCAA06/08
13:44.26**Kim Hogarth (WnCo-NZ)Mt SAC04/13

10,000 METERS
27:31.46Abdi Abdirahman (Nike)Hengelo GP05/26
27:33.48*Galen Rupp (Or)Cardinal Inv04/29
27:41.26Meb Keflezighi (Nike)Brussels GP09/14
27:42.91Jorge Torres (Reebok)Cardinal Inv04/29
27:43.13Ed Moran (Nike)Cardinal Inv04/29
27:43.64James Carney (New Balance)Cardinal Inv04/29
27:50.05Alan Culpepper (Nike)Cardinal Inv04/29
27:55.86-Josh Rohatinsky (BYU)Cardinal Inv04/29
27:56.62----AbdirahmanWorld Ch08/27
28:02.51Seth Summerside (adidas)Cardinal Inv04/29
**10 performances by 9 performers**
28:03.44Ryan Shay (Saucony)Cardinal Inv04/29
28:04.46-Tim Nelson (Wi)Cardinal Inv04/29
28:07.93Ryan Hall (Asics)Stanford Inv03/31
28:10.73Dan Browne (Nike)Cardinal Inv04/29
28:15.22Jason Hartmann (Nike)Stanford Inv03/31
28:25.69Fasil Bizuneh (New Balance)Mt SAC04/13
28:27.65*Josh McDougal (Lib)Cardinal Inv04/29
28:28.01Steve Sundell (unat)Mt SAC04/13
28:28.10Ed Torres (Reebok)Cardinal Inv04/29
28:28.59Dathan Ritzenhein (Nike)World Ch08/27
28:29.16*Sean Quigley (LaS)Stanford Inv03/31
28:30.03Rod Koborsi (Reebok)Cardinal Inv04/29
28:30.53Matt Downin (New Balance)Stanford Inv03/31
28:35.95*John Moore (Port)Cardinal Inv04/29
28:36.12Ryan Kirkpatrick (Reebok)Cardinal Inv04/29
28:39.23Sergio Reyes (AsicsA)Cardinal Inv04/29
28:43.80Adam Goucher (Nike)Stanford Inv03/31
28:43.83-Jeff Powers (CMi)Stanford Inv03/30
28:45.68Patrick Gildea (NYAC)Mt SAC04/13
28:47.76-Jeremy Johnson (NM)Mt SAC04/13
28:48.78*Ian Burrell (Ga)Stanford Inv03/31
28:49.08***Mohamed Khadraoui (Iona)Stanford Inv03/30
28:51.65-Brett Gotcher (Stan)Cardinal Inv04/29
28:53.78Kevin Castille (TEug)Stanford Inv03/31
28:54.55**Scotty Bauhs (Chico)Stanford Inv03/30
28:54.87-Andrew Middleton (Tx)Stanford Inv03/31
28:55.22*Trent Hoerr (Il)Stanford Inv03/30
28:55.57-Keith Bechtol (WM)Stanford Inv03/31
28:57.02*Jeremy Mineau (Wa)Stanford Inv03/31
28:57.62*Michael Kilburg (Port)Cardinal Inv04/29
28:57.97**David Kinsella (Port)Stanford Inv03/30
Foreign Collegians:
28:06.26-Nicodemus Naimadu (ACU-Ken)Stanford Inv03/31
28:07.65-Stephen Samoei (UTEP-Ken)Stanford Inv03/31
28:16.47*Shadrack Songok (AMCC-Ken)Mt SAC04/13
28:21.29-Kevin Chelimo (TxT-Ken)Stanford Inv03/31
28:24.48*Japheth Ng’ojoy (UTEP-Ken)Stanford Inv03/31
28:28.04-Andrew Lemoncello (FlSt-GB)Stanford Inv03/31
28:44.71-Olivér Bodor (WnCo-Hun)Mt SAC04/13
28:50.81**Aron Rono (Azusa-Ken)Stanford Inv03/30
28:57.51-Vincent Rono (SAl-Ken)Sun Belt05/12

12.95Terrence Trammell (Mizuno)New York GP06/02
12.99----TrammellWorld Ch08/31
13.02Ryan Wilson (HSI)New York GP06/02
David Payne (unat)World Ch08/31
13.09Aries Merritt (Reebok)Stockholm GP08/07
13.10----WilsonStockholm GP08/07
13.12Anwar Moore (Nike)Modesto R05/05
----PayneDoha GP05/11
----MooreLausanne GP07/10
**11 performances by 5 performers**
13.14David Oliver (Nike)Doha GP05/11
13.17Dominique Arnold (Nike)USATF06/24
13.23Allen Johnson (Nike)Zürich GP09/07
Eric Mitchum (adidas)Zaragoza07/28
13.28Ron Bramlett (adidas)Zaragoza07/28
13.31Joel Brown (Nike)Zaragoza07/28
13.34Dexter Faulk (unat)Tomblaine09/18
Linnie Yarbrough (Nike)Tampa03/09
13.36Antwon Hicks (adidas)Chambèry07/15
Robby Hughes (Doyle)Zaragoza07/28
13.38Larry Wade (DPA)Modesto R05/05
13.42*Ty Akins (Aub)NCAA06/08
13.45*John Yarbrough (Ms)NCAA06/06
13.48***Kevin Craddock (UCLA)Pac-1005/13
13.51Aubrey Herring (unat)Belgrade05/29
13.52-Marlon Odom (TxT)NCAA06/06
13.57-Jeff Porter (Mi)NCAA06/06
13.59*Kai Kelley (USC)NCAA06/06
13.60-Jon McDowell (UTA)NCAA06/06
Chris Thomas (InI)Atlanta06/02
13.61-Thomas Hilliard (SC)NCAA06/06
Bashir Ramzy (unat)Pan-Am G07/27
13.63**Charles Derrickson (App)NCAA06/06
13.65Jacoby DuBose (unat)Wattenscheid08/12
13.66*Julius Jiles (Ks)NCAA06/06
13.67Jermaine Cooper (unat)GaT Inv05/11
13.68*Dominic Berger (Md)ACC04/20
Josh Walker (Reeb)Albertville07/12
13.70Justin Lindsey (Shore)USATF Club07/13
13.71***Logan Taylor (USC)vs UCLA04/28
Fred Townsend (Mizuno)Oordegem07/07
13.74Brandon Hon (unat)Auburn03/24
*Thomas Mack (Cal)NCAA06/06
13.75Corey Taylor (unat)Atlanta06/02
13.76*Keith Hopkins (Pur)NCAA ME05/26
Foreign Collegians:
13.47-Shamar Sands (Aub-Bah)Atlanta06/02
13.52-Alleyne Lett (LSU-Grn)NCAA06/06
13.67-Decosma Wright (Linc-Jam)Missouri R03/31
13.00MooreDrake R04/28
13.43J. YarbroughDrake R Univ04/28
13.45HerringDrake R04/28
13.50OdomTCU Inv04/21
13.56WalkerDrake R04/28
13.59HopkinsW Lafayette04/21
13.63*Drew Brunson (FlSt)ACC04/21
13.73*Sheldon Leith’ (Ok-Jam)McDonnell04/21

47.61Kerron Clement (Nike)World Ch08/28
47.72James Carter (unat)USATF06/23
48.02Michael Tinsley (adidas)USATF06/22
48.13Bershawn Jackson (Nike)Osaka GP05/05
48.15Kenneth Ferguson (adidas)adidas Cl05/20
----JacksonAthens GP07/02
48.16----FergusonAthens GP07/02
48.22----CarterOsaka GP11/30
**10 performances by 5 performers**
48.26Derrick Williams (Reebok)USATF06/23
48.45Angelo Taylor (Reg)Monaco GP07/25
48.76LaRon Bennett (Doyle)NACAC07/14
48.98Rickey Harris (adidas)Lignano07/15
49.02-Brandon Johnson (UCLA)NCAA06/09
49.21*Damian Prince (More)NCAA II05/26
49.25**Justin Gaymon (Ga)SEC05/13
49.27*Reuben McCoy (Aub)USATF06/22
49.56Robert Griffin (TxHS)AAU JO08/01
49.58Eric Dudley (unat)USATF06/21
49.61LaBronze Garrett (Doyle)Fortaleza05/16
49.63-Thomas Hilliard (SC)SEC05/11
49.70William Wynne (GaHS)USATF Jr06/23
49.75Brian Derby (Phen)Holmdel06/09
49.78-Bryan Scott (TxT)Click Shootout03/24
49.79Ben Clark (unat)USATF06/22
49.90-Andrew Peresta (Hamp)USATF06/22
49.92**Joe Greene (Alb)NCAA06/09
Joey Woody (adidas)USATF06/21
49.93Orentheus Hutcherson (NEra)USATF06/21
50.07Johnny Dutch (NCHS)USATF Jr06/23
50.10Reggie Wyatt (CaHS)NON06/16
50.13Fred Sharpe (unat)Y Jacket03/31
50.18*Sean Bergstedt (TrumSt)NCAA II05/26
50.29-Adrian Walker (Il)Big 1005/13
50.43Sean Williams (CNW)AzSt Inv03/24
50.44*Kevin Hutton (NCSt)ACC04/21
50.56*Hamza Deyaf (Tx)NCAA06/07
50.59Javonie Small (SprA)Towns Inv04/14
50.63*James Fredrickson (Wa)Pac-1005/13
*Nick Robinson (TxAM)Big 1205/13
50.64*Kai Kelley (USC)Pac-1005/13
50.67**Jansen Hyde (TxT)Drake R Univ04/28
50.75-Reggie Rucker (Buf)MAC05/12
50.79**Elon Simms (OhSt)Big 1005/13
Foreign Collegians:
48.51-Isa Phillips (LSU-Jam)NCAA06/09
50.28*Jussi Heikkilä (SC-Fin)NCAA E05/26

59:43Ryan Hall (Asics)USATF Ch01/14
60:29’Abdi Abdirahman (Nike)New York08/04
62:20Fasil Bizuneh (New Balance)USATF Ch01/14
62:22Meb Keflezighi (Nike)USATF Ch01/14
62:44Andrew Carlson (adidas)USATF Ch01/14
62:51Jason Lehmkuhle (TMn)USATF Ch01/14
62:54’Josh Rohatinsky (Nike)South Shields09/30
63:04**Scotty Bauhs (ChicoSt)San José10/14
63:10Brian Sell (Hansons)USATF Ch01/14
63:17’Adam Goucher (Nike)South Shields09/30
**10 performances by 10 performers**
63:27Joe Driscoll (Zap)USATF Ch01/14
63:34’Alan Culpepper (Nike)New York08/04
63:36Ryan Sheehan (Hansons)Dallas12/09
63:55Dan Browne (Nike)USATF Ch01/14
63:57Travis Laird (Hansons)USATF Ch01/14
63:58Justin Young (Co)USATF Ch01/14
64:01Chad Johnson (Hansons)USATF Ch01/14
64:02Nick Stanko (Mi)USATF Ch01/14
64:05Luke Humphrey (Hansons)USATF Ch01/14
Mike Morgan (Hansons)USATF Ch01/14
64:23Charlie Serrano (Ca)San José10/14
Ryan Shay (Saucony)USATF Ch01/14
64:33Fernando Cabada (Reeb)Dallas12/09
64:37Josh Moen (Hansons)USATF Ch01/14
64:40Clint Verran (Hansons)USATF Ch01/14
64:42Macharia Yuot (Pa)Philly09/16
64:43David Ernsberger (Mi)USATF Ch01/14
64:44Kyle O’Brien (Hansons)USATF Ch01/14
64:58Khalid Khannouchi (New Balance)In’chon03/25
65:01Brandon Leslie (SpWar)Philly09/16
65:02Joel Hamilton (Co)San José10/14
65:06’Peter Gilmore (Ca)New York08/04
Mbarak Hussein (Nike)In’chon03/25
Chris Raabe (DC)Philly09/16
Simon Sawe (NM)In’chon03/25

2:08:24Ryan Hall (Asics)London04/22
2:09:02----HallOly T11/03
2:11:07Dathan Ritzenhein (Nike)Oly T11/03
2:11:40Brian Sell (Hansons)Oly T11/03
2:12:34Khalid Khannouchi (New Balance)Oly T11/03
2:12:54Jason Lehmkuhle (TMn)Oly T11/03
2:13:23Dan Browne (Nike)Oly T11/03
2:14:56Nate Jenkins (Ma)Oly T11/03
2:15:09Meb Keflezighi (Nike)Oly T11/03
2:15:22Josh Rohatinsky (Nike)Oly T11/03
**10 performances by 9 performers**
2:15:27Jason Hartmann (Nike)Oly T11/03
2:16:14Matt Gonzales (Nike)Oly T11/03
2:16:28Mike Morgan (Hansons)Oly T11/03
2:16:40’Hobie Call (Ut)Logan09/15
2:16:41’Peter Gilmore (Ca)Boston04/16
2:16:42’Nick Schuetze (TXO)St. George10/06
2:16:44Jacob Frey (Va)Pan-Am G07/29
2:16:47Fasil Bizuneh (New Balance)Oly T11/03
2:16:54James Carney (New Balance)Oly T11/03
Steve Sundell (Ca)Oly T11/03
2:17:01Chris Raabe (DC)Oly T11/03
2:17:08Nick Arciniaga (Hansons)Oly T11/03
2:17:10Clint Verran (Hansons)Oly T11/03
2:17:17Matt Pelletier (RHer)Oly T11/03
2:17:46’Michael Reneau (Hansons)Houston01/14
2:17:58Chad Johnson (Hansons)Oly T11/03
2:18:05Chris Lundstrom (TMn)Pan-Am G07/29
2:18:09’Paul Petersen (Ut)St. George10/06
2:18:10Josh Ordway (ColRC)Oly T11/03
2:18:15’Steve Meinelt (Ma)Houston01/14
2:18:22Joe Driscoll (Zap)Oly T11/03
2:18:23John Mentzer (USN)Oly T11/03
2:18:25Allen Wagner (Ca)Oly T11/03
2:18:30Pat Rizzo (Hansons)Oly T11/03
2:18:31Sergio Reyes (AsicsA)Oly T11/03
2:18:35Patrick Moulton (Hansons)Oly T11/03
Mike Sayenko (Wa)Oly T11/03
2:18:45Donovan Fellows (Mn)Oly T11/03
2:18:47Miguel Nuci (adidasTr)Oly T11/03
2:18:55’Sean Sundwall (CNW)St. George10/06
2:18:56Macharia Yuot (Pa)Oly T11/03

10km WALK
48:02Ricardo Vergara (STxRW)P-Am Trials03/17
48:10Roberto Vergara (STxRW)P-Am Trials03/17
54:52Abraham Villarreal (STxRW)P-Am Trials03/17
57:22Evan Crowdus (KyRR)P-Am Trials03/17

1:22:56Kevin Eastler (USAF)La Coruña06/02
1:23:38Tim Seaman (NYAC)La Coruña06/02
1:24:12----EastlerPan-Am Trials03/17
1:24:21----SeamanPan-Am Trials03/17
1:27:55John Nunn (USAr)Pan-Am Trials03/17
1:28:29----EastlerWorld Ch08/26
1:28:41Matt Boyles (MiaVTC)USATF06/23
1:28:50----BoylesPan-Am Trials03/17
**10 performances by 4 performers**
1:32:55Patrick Stroupe (unat)USATF06/23
1:34:45Philip Dunn (unat)Pan-Am Trials03/17
1:34:54Michael Tarantino (unat)USATF06/23
1:35:59Chris Tegtmeir (unat)Minneapolis10/20
1:36:00Ray Sharp (unat)USATF06/23
1:36:04Allen James (unat)Chula Vista01/28
1:36:58Michael Kazmierczak (WUSA)East Meadow06/10
1:38:44Rich Leuttchau (Shore)Ocean Township09/16
1:40:59Mark Green (PegTC)Riccione09/14
1:45:57Dave McGovern (VCR)Clermont11/04
1:46:01John Souchek (Shore)Hauppage10/28
1:50:40Tommy Aunan (unat)Riccione09/14
1:50:43Mike Bartholomew (WUSA)Pan-Am Trials03/17

4:05:44Kevin Eastler (USAF)USATF Ch01/28
4:09:54Philip Dunn (New Balance)USATF Ch01/28
4:14:16John Nunn (USAr)USATF Ch01/28
4:14:58----DunnPan-Am Cup04/22
4:15:47----DunnPan-Am G07/29
4:17:14Matt Boyles (MiaVTC)Hauppage10/28
4:26:07Ray Sharp (VCR)USATF Ch01/28
4:27:41Curt Clausen (NYAC)USATF Ch01/28
4:30:24Steve Quirke (unat)Kenosha10/14
4:31:52----EastlerWorld Ch09/01
**10 performances by 7 performers**
4:33:29Ben Shorey (unat)Kenosha10/14
4:37:28Mark Green (PegTC)USATF Ch01/28
4:38:41Yariv Pomerantz (unat)Hauppage10/28
4:39:07Marco Evoniuk (unat)USATF Ch01/28
4:44:20John Souchek (Shore)USATF 40K09/16

4 x 100
37.78National TeamWorld Ch09/01
38.10----National TeamWorld Ch08/31
38.30Arkansas AlumsMt SAC04/15
38.35USA Red PennPenn R04/28
38.38----National Team BLondon GP08/03
38.40----National TeamZürich GP09/07
38.60Florida StateNCAA06/08
38.65----National TeamLondon GP08/03
38.71----Florida StateNCAA E05/26
38.78----Florida StateACC04/21
**10 performances by 4 teams**
38.97USA Blue PennPenn R04/28
39.04USA Red Mt SACMt SAC04/15
39.10Hinds CCMobile04/14
39.15ClemsonNCAA E05/26
39.18Hobson’s ChoiceKansas R04/21
39.21Yellow Jacket All-StarsY Jacket03/31
39.31USA Red ModestoModesto R05/05
39.32USA Red GreensboroGreensboro04/21
39.34St. Augustine’sNCAA II05/26
National JuniorsPan Am Jrs07/07
39.45HSIMt SAC04/15
39.49FloridaClick Shootout03/24
Texas A&MMiami Elite04/14
39.50USCNCAA W05/26
39.54USA Blue Mt SACMt SAC04/15
39.57Central ArizonaSun Angel04/14
Middle TennesseeVandy Inv04/21
39.61Arizona StateAz-AzSt-NnAz04/28
39.63BaylorDrake R Univ04/28
39.65UT-ArlingtonNCAA MW05/26
39.67TCUNCAA MW05/26
39.68East Tennessee StateBaskin Inv03/31
39.70USA Blue ModestoModesto R05/05
39.73Abilene ChristianNCAA II05/24
39.76Pure Speed TCMcDonnell04/21
39.77ArkansasNCAA ME05/26
39.85ColoradoSun Angel04/14
39.87Western CarolinaNCAA E05/26
39.91Appalachian StateNCAA E05/26
39.94Tallahassee All-StarsFlorida R04/07

4 x 200
1:21.65BaylorDrake R Univ04/27
1:21.73Florida StatePenn R Univ04/28
1:22.36TennesseePenn R Univ04/27
1:22.55Alabama All-StarsAlabama R03/25
1:22.62NebraskaDrake R Univ04/27
**5 performances by 5 teams**
1:22.81Middle TennesseePenn R Univ04/28
1:23.19TCUPenn R Univ04/28
1:23.22GeorgiaDrake R Univ04/27
1:23.23LSUPenn R Univ04/27
1:23.58Iowa StateDisney Inv03/23
1:23.67Barton County CCKansas R Coll04/21
1:23.88WisconsinDrake R Univ04/27
1:23.90KentuckyPenn R Univ04/28
1:23.92Albany StateFlSt R03/30
Hightower HS, Sugar Land, TxTx 5A HS05/12
1:23.98Tallahassee All-StarsFlorida R04/06
1:24.03Garland HS, TxTx 5A HS05/12
1:24.08Klein Forest HS, HoustonTx 5A HS05/12
1:24.19Oklahoma BaptistDrake R Coll04/27
1:24.20South Carolina StateGreensboro04/20
1:24.39Wake ForestPenn R Univ04/27
1:24.50Lewisville HS, TxLubbock04/27
1:24.67Eisenhower HS, HoustonTx 5A HS05/12
1:24.75East CarolinaPenn R Univ04/27
Judson HS, Converse, TxTx 5A HS05/12

4 x 400
2:55.56National TeamWorld Ch09/02
2:59.18USA Red PennPenn R04/28
USA Blue PennPenn R04/28
3:01.07Texas A&MNCAA06/09
3:01.46----National TeamWorld Ch09/01
3:01.66----BaylorNCAA MW05/26
3:02.00----BaylorDrake R04/28
3:02.44----National TeamPan-Am G07/28
3:02.64----Texas A&MNCAA06/07
**10 performances by 5 teams**
3:03.49Mississippi StateNCAA06/09
3:03.54High PerformanceHouston03/24
3:03.86South CarolinaSEC05/13
3:04.07Waco All-StarsJohnson Cl04/21
Northern IowaNCAA06/07
3:04.97iTyson All-StarsTyson Inv02/09
3:05.15NebraskaNCAA MW05/26
3:05.56Musco All-StarsMusco04/21
3:05.80USA Elite GreensboroGreensboro04/21
3:05.88USCTrojan Inv03/24
3:06.00Central ArizonaSun Angel04/14
3:06.15National JuniorsPan Am Jrs07/08
3:06.18MorehouseNCAA II05/26
3:06.22GW ExpressWinston-Salem03/24
SoCal Running CougarsUSATF JO07/29
3:06.42Central MissouriNCAA II05/26
3:06.54OklahomaNCAA MW05/26
3:06.73(A)Texas HS All-StarsGSW06/02
3:07.03USA Blue GreensboroGreensboro04/21
3:07.07Sun Angel All-StarsSun Angel04/14
3:07.15TennesseeNCAA ME05/26
3:07.32IllinoisBig 1005/13
3:07.35iFlorida StateNCAA Ind03/10
3:07.38MinnesotaBig 1005/13
3:07.39iIowa StateIaSt LC03/03
3:07.42Wake ForestNCAA E05/26
3:07.47iOral RobertsIaSt LC03/03
3:07.55(A)Barton County CCRobison Inv04/28
St. Gregory’sNAIA05/26

4 x 800
7:18.43USCTexas R04/07
7:19.74Northern IowaDrake R Univ04/27
7:20.07Oral RobertsTexas R04/07
7:20.29Mississippi StateTexas R04/07
7:22.42Notre DameDrake R Univ04/27
7:22.64ColumbiaPenn R Univ04/28
7:22.74MichiganPenn R Univ04/28
7:23.32LSUTexas R04/07
7:23.73----Oral RobertsPenn R Univ04/28
7:23.75----LSUPenn R Univ04/28
**10 performances by 8 teams**
7:24.08Gainesville All -StarsFlorida R04/07
7:24.11Seton HallPenn R Univ04/28
7:24.21VillanovaPenn R Univ04/28
7:24.97William & MaryIC4A05/13
7:25.43GeorgetownPenn R Univ04/28
7:26.06North Dakota StateDrake R Univ04/27
7:26.22KansasPenn R Univ04/28
7:27.72Adams StatePenn R Univ04/28
7:28.97UNCCAtlantic 1005/05
7:29.43Eastern IllinoisDrake R Univ04/27
7:29.61NebraskaDrake R Univ04/27
7:29.70MinnesotaDrake R Univ04/27
7:30.27La SalleAtlantic 1005/05
7:30.70Azusa PacificNAIA05/25

4 x 1500
15:40.41ArkansasTexas R04/06
15:41.32Virginia TechSea Ray04/13
15:46.54Ohio StateSea Ray04/13
15:49.91Mississippi StateAlabama R03/25
16:05.08Alabama-HuntsvilleAlabama R03/25

4 x 1600
16:21.27Notre DameDrake R Univ04/27
16:37.72MissouriDrake R Univ04/27
16:38.06Iowa StateDrake R Univ04/27
16:46.63IllinoisDrake R Univ04/27
16:49.76North Dakota StateDrake R Univ04/27
**5 performances by 5 teams**
16:55.90Air ForceDrake R Univ04/27
16:56.19NebraskaDrake R Univ04/27
16:56.38Indiana StateDrake R Univ04/27
16:57.93TulsaDrake R Univ04/27
16:59.82FloridaDrake R Univ04/27

4 x MILE
16:21.57TexasPenn R Univ04/28
16:23.35WisconsinPenn R Univ04/28
16:25.09GeorgetownPenn R Univ04/28
16:25.93MichiganPenn R Univ04/28
16:27.14AmericanPenn R Univ04/28
16:28.33IonaPenn R Univ04/28
16:28.52OregonPenn R Univ04/28
16:34.52ArkansasPenn R Univ04/28
16:36.30TennesseePenn R Univ04/28
16:36.63La SallePenn R Univ04/28
**10 performances by 10 teams**
16:51.28VirginiaPenn R Univ04/28
16:54.23NavyPenn R Univ04/28
4 x Mile as composite with converted 4x15 & 4x16 times
16:21.57TexasPenn R Univ04/28
16:23.35WisconsinPenn R Univ04/28
16:25.09GeorgetownPenn R Univ04/28
16:25.93MichiganPenn R Univ04/28
16:26.97+Notre DameDrake R Univ04/27
16:27.14AmericanPenn R Univ04/28
16:28.33IonaPenn R Univ04/28
16:28.52OregonPenn R Univ04/28
16:34.52ArkansasPenn R Univ04/28
16:36.30TennesseePenn R Univ04/28
**10 performances by 10 teams**
16:36.63La SallePenn R Univ04/28
16:43.51+MissouriDrake R Univ04/27
16:43.85+Iowa StateDrake R Univ04/27
16:51.28VirginiaPenn R Univ04/28
16:52.47+IllinoisDrake R Univ04/27
16:54.23NavyPenn R Univ04/28
16:55.62+North Dakota StateDrake R Univ04/27
16:56.63+Virginia TechSea Ray04/13
17:01.80+Air ForceDrake R Univ04/27
17:02.09+NebraskaDrake R Univ04/27

3:14.68Florida StatePenn R Univ04/27
3:16.52Mississippi StateAlabama R03/25
3:17.09AlbanyPenn R Univ04/27
3:17.14BaylorDrake R Univ04/28
3:17.24Northern IowaDrake R Univ04/28
3:17.56UTEPTexas R04/06
3:17.82Tallahassee All-StarsFlSt R03/31
3:17.83LSUPenn R Univ04/27
3:17.93----Mississippi StatePenn R Univ04/27
3:18.88Kent StateDrake R Univ04/28
**10 performances by 9 teams**
3:19.03MissouriDrake R Univ04/28
3:19.15Oral RobertsTexas R04/06
3:19.52Air ForceDrake R Univ04/28
3:20.00MiamiPenn R Univ04/27
3:20.47Seton HallPenn R Univ04/27
3:20.60WisconsinDrake R Univ04/28
3:20.81South AlabamaAlabama R03/25
3:21.03Ohio StateDrake R Univ04/28
3:21.11Texas A&MPenn R Univ04/27
3:21.36RiceTexas R04/06
3:21.69Oklahoma BaptistDrake R Coll04/28
3:21.95Louisiana TechLSU Tiger R03/24
3:21.99Indiana StateDrake R Univ04/28
3:22.27Central MissouriDrake R Coll04/28
3:22.44CentralDrake R Coll04/28
3:22.65Kansas City CCTexas R Coll04/06

9:29.60TexasPenn R Univ04/27
9:29.73USA Blue PennPenn R04/28
9:31.27i----TexasWilson Inv03/02
9:31.63USA Red PennPenn R04/28
9:32.00VillanovaPenn R Univ04/27
9:32.95TennesseePenn R Univ04/27
9:33.16iStanfordWash Inv01/26
9:33.61i----TennesseeWilson Inv03/02
9:33.64i----StanfordNCAA Ind03/09
9:33.77iCalNCAA Ind03/09
**10 performances by 7 teams**
9:33.99iMichiganWilson Inv03/02
9:34.54iWisconsinWilson Inv03/02
9:34.64iOregon TCWash Inv01/26
9:35.16iVirginiaWilson Inv03/02
9:35.53iNorthern IowaWilson Inv03/02
9:35.71iNotre DameWilson Inv03/02
9:35.89iWashingtonMtn Pac Ind02/23
9:36.64iProvidenceNew Eng Ind02/24
9:37.26iFlorida StateWilson Inv03/02
9:37.81iAlabamaWilson Inv03/02
9:37.95iOregonMtn Pac Ind02/23
9:38.16iArkansas TCRazorback01/19
9:39.00iArkansasWilson Inv03/02
9:39.03iPittBig East Ind02/17
9:39.69iBYUWilson Inv03/02
9:40.02iMichigan StateWilson Inv03/02
9:40.03iGlobal AthleticsRazorback01/19
9:40.32iKent StateWilson Inv03/02

4 x 110H
53.36National TeamStockholm GP08/07
57.92Iowa StateDrake R Univ04/28
58.34----Iowa StateMissouri R03/30
58.40Abilene ChristianPenn R Univ04/27
58.60FloridaFlorida R04/07
**5 performances by 4 teams**
58.83WisconsinDrake R Univ04/28
58.90Shore ACPenn R04/27
58.92Rhode IslandPenn R Univ04/27
59.00Indiana StateDrake R Univ04/28
59.08Penn StateSea Ray04/14
59.14NebraskaKansas R Coll04/20
59.57HamptonPenn R Univ04/27
59.78Coastal CarolinaPenn R Univ04/27
59.88Maryland-Baltimore CountyPenn R Univ04/27
60.11IllinoisKansas R Coll04/20

2.33i7-7 3/4-Andra Manson (Tx)Tyson Coll02/10
Jesse Williams (Nik) ¶Trojan Inv03/24
**Scott Sellers (KsSt)Big 1205/13
2.327-7 1/4---SellersNCAA06/08
---WilliamsAthens GP07/02
2.31i7-7Tora Harris (Asics)Moscow01/28
2.30i7-6 1/2-Jim Dilling (Mank)Madison01/27
i---MansonArmory Coll02/03
i---Manson !Tyson Coll02/10
i---MansonBig 12 Ind02/24
---DillingDrake R04/28
---WilliamsDrake R04/28
---Sellers !Big 1205/13
---MansonBig 1205/13
---WilliamsBelém GP05/20
---HarrisEugene GP06/10
---WilliamsEugene GP06/10
---Williams !Athens GP07/02
**20 performances by 5 performers**
2.287-5 3/4-Will Littleton (UTPA)Tx Inv03/24
i-Keith Moffatt (More)Gator Inv01/27
2.277-5 1/4*Dusty Jonas (Nb)Lincoln04/29
Jamie Nieto (Nik)Lignano07/15
2.267-5Adam Shunk (Nik)Drake R04/28
2.25i(A)7-4 1/2Matt Hemingway (adi)AF Academy01/27
Eugene Hutchinson (unat)Or Preview03/17
2.237-3 3/4Matt Carter (Mont)SoCal USATF06/02
Randal Carter (NbHS)Omaha05/18
Marcus Harris (Shore)Houston03/24
-Kyle Lancaster (KsSt)NCAA06/08
2.22i7-3 1/4**Ryan Fritz (PennSt)NCAA Ind03/10
***Jason House (Sn)Tallahassee03/10
iKyley Johnson (TXO)Wa LC03/03
*Ed Wright (Cal)NCAA W05/26
2.217-3**Tone Belt (Louis)Big East05/05
***Mark Davis (NCC)CIAA04/21
*Evan Flax (More)Atlanta03/17
**Joe Kindred (StA)CIAA04/21
Grant Lindsey (TxHS)Waco04/20
*Jerome Miller (GaT)Y Jacket03/31
Cedric Norman (CharA)Hattiesburg03/10
Dan Olson (unat)Albany04/21
*Matt Turner (AzSt)Tempe04/28
2.207-2 1/2*Ivan Diggs (Hous)NCAA06/08
**Jonathan Golden (CSF)Cal-Nev03/31
(A)Dave Hoffman (unat)Provo06/02
-David Pendergrass (BYU)Mtn West05/11
2.19i7-2 1/4*Norris Frederick (Wa)Seattle01/13
-Derek Gearman (Mn)NCAA MW05/26
2.187-1 3/4Billy Butler (OrHS)Hillsboro05/09
i***Josh Butler (NeoCC)Lawrence01/20
i***Paul Gill (GlenCC)Glendale02/10
-Adam Linkenauger (Clem)ACC04/20
i-Mike Morrison (Fl)SEC Ind02/24
Eric Thompson (IlHS)Collinsville05/05
Foreign Collegians:
2.357-8 1/2-Donald Thomas (Aub-Bah)Salamanca07/04
2.21i(A)7-3-Mickaël Hanany (UTEP-Fra)Lobo Inv01/20
2.207-2 1/2-Bayo Adio (NWMo-Ngr)Emporia05/12

5.9519-6 1/4Brad Walker (Nik)Aus Ch03/10
5.9119-4 3/4---WalkerLausanne GP07/10
5.8619-2 3/4Tim Mack (Nik)Chula Vista06/14
---WalkerWorld Ch09/01
5.8519-2 1/4---WalkerRio Vista05/12
iJeff Hartwig (Nik)Jonesboro05/19
5.83(A)19-1 1/2---HartwigXalapa05/05
5.8219-1Jake Pauli (Nik)Cedar Falls06/15
**10 performances by 4 performers**
5.8019-1/4-Tommy Skipper (Or)NCAA W05/25
5.7518-10 1/4Derek Miles (Nik)Chula Vista08/21
5.7318-9 1/2Russ Buller (Asics)Mt SAC04/15
5.72i18-9 1/4Daniel Ryland (adi)Jonesboro05/23
5.7118-8 3/4Jon Takahashi (Shef)Chula Vista06/14
5.70i18-8 1/4Jeremy Scott (unat)Jonesboro08/06
Toby Stevenson (Nik)Chula Vista08/18
5.6118-4 3/4Jeff Ryan (VSA)Chula Vista06/14
5.60i18-4 1/2-Brad Gebauer (McN)Houston02/03
Nick Hysong (Nik)Chula Vista05/19
Darren Niedermeyer (unat)Wisc Twi05/05
5.57i(A)18-3 1/4Paul Gensic (USAF)Albuquerque02/10
5.5518-2 1/2Tye Harvey (NBal)Livermore06/02
***Jordan Scott (Ks)Big 1205/13
5.53i18-1 3/4***Scott Roth (Wa)Wa LC03/03
5.5218-1 1/4Brian Mondschein (PVP)Tsaotun03/14
Ray Scotten (unat)Kansas R04/21
5.5118-1-Rory Quiller (Bing)NCAA E05/25
5.50i18-1/2-Tyson Byers (WaSt)NCAA Ind03/09
i*Chip Heuser (Ok)Tyson Coll02/10
Adam Keul (unat)Nacogdoches03/23
i(A)Derek Mackel (unat)Albuquerque01/13
i(A)Pat Manson (InI)AF Academy02/02
Justin Norberg (unat)SoCal USATF06/02
5.4517-10 1/2-Mike Landers (UCLA)NCAA06/08
-Scott Martin (Ok)Big 1205/13
5.43i17-9 3/4*McKane Lee (Wa)Wa LC03/03
5.4117-9*Mitch Greeley (Clem)NCAA E05/25
i*Graeme Hoste (Stan)Husky Cl02/10
Mark Johnson (unat)Columbia06/09
Spencer McCorkel (ArHS)Jonesboro06/06
5.4017-8 1/2Randy Flach (unat)Lake Charles05/12
i*Michael Hogue (Tn)NCAA Ind03/09
i-Jason Scott (Cedarv)NAIA Ind03/10
5.38i(A)17-7 3/4**Whitney Neves (BYU)Mtn West Ind02/24
5.3617-7Chris Steddum (unat)Columbia06/13
Foreign Collegians:
5.6018-4 1/2*Andrej Poljanec (NnIa-Slo)Novo Mesto06/19
5.42i17-9 1/4**Thorsten Müller (VaT-Ger)ACC Ind02/24

8.3127-3 1/4Dwight Phillips (Nik)Réthymno07/18
Brian Johnson (Nik)Réthymno07/18
8.3027-2 3/4---PhillipsUSATF06/22
---PhillipsWorld Ch08/30
8.2727-1 3/4---PhillipsZaragoza07/28
8.2627-1 1/4---PhillipsEugene GP06/10
8.2427-1/2Miguel Pate (Nik)USATF06/22
Walter Davis (Nik)USATF06/22
8.2327-0---Pate !USATF06/22
8.2226-11 3/4Trevell Quinley (unat)USATF06/22
---PhillipsWorld Ch08/29
---PhillipsWorld Ch08/30
**13 performances by 5 performers**
8.1926-10 1/2John Moffitt (Nik)Nuoro07/11
8.1726-9 3/4Tony Allmond (Nik)Sotteville06/05
8.0726-5 3/4Aarik Wilson (Nik)USATF06/22
8.04(A)26-4 1/2Joe Allen (SprM)Provo06/02
8.02(A)26-3 3/4Bashir Ramzy (unat)Provo06/02
7.97i26-1 3/4**Tone Belt (Louis)NCAA Ind03/09
7.95i26-1-Scott Mayle (Oh)MAC Ind02/23
7.9426-3/4Okie Giwa-Agbomeirele (Shore)USATF Club07/14
7.92(A)26-0Chris Gillis (Shore)Provo06/02
7.8825-10 1/4**O Darien Bassett (Troy)Monroe04/28
7.87i25-10*Norris Frederick (Wa)Wash Inv01/27
7.8525-9 1/4-Eric Babb (Ks)Ks R Coll04/21
i-Trey Hardee (Tx)Fayetteville03/02
*Barrett Saunders (Ks)NCAA MW05/25
7.8425-8 3/4*Matt Turner (AzSt)Pac-1005/12
7.8325-8 1/4**Desmond Hamilton (Rid)IC4A05/12
Tyrone Harris (Shore)NACAC07/15
7.82i25-8*Buford Williams (TnSt)Nashville01/07
7.8125-7 1/2-Charles Bailey (Ms)SEC05/12
**Andre Black (Louis)Big East05/05
iDamion McLean (unat)Niswonger01/27
-Daniel Roper (Nb)Big 1205/12
7.7925-6 3/4Kevin Dilworth (unat)TCU Inv04/21
7.78i25-6 1/4***Will Coppage (LSU)NCAA Ind03/09
i-Randall Flimmons (More)Nashville01/07
-Juan Walker (MTn)Sun Belt05/12
7.75i25-5 1/4-Kiwan Lawson (In)Tyson Coll02/09
i-Frankie Wright (Ok)Big 12 Ind02/23
7.7425-4 3/4*DaShalle Andrews (CSN)Big West05/11
iGreig Cryer (unat)Tyson Coll02/09
7.7325-4 1/2*Bobby Evers (TxT)NCAA MW05/25
i-Mike Morrison (Fl)SEC Ind02/24
7.7225-4Darryl Reeves (RDTC)USATF Club07/14
7.7125-3 1/2*Dexter Adams (NCSt)ACC04/20
i-Davion Lambert (VC)VaT LC03/03
Foreign Collegians:
7.8025-7 1/4***Alain Bailey (Ar-Jam)SEC05/12
7.7825-6 1/4*Carlos Morgan (MTn-Cay)Sun Belt05/12
7.77i25-6**Rudon Bastian (Louis-Bah)Carbondale12/07
7.7625-5 1/2*Wilbert Walker (Linc-Jam)Ks R Coll04/21
8.3727-5 1/2PhillipsZaragoza07/28
8.2627-1 1/4QuinleyZaragoza07/28
8.1126-7 1/4WilsonUSATF06/22
8.08(A)26-6 1/4RamzyProvo06/02
8.0126-3 1/2GillisFayetteville05/04
7.9426-3/4FrederickNCAA W05/25
7.9326-1/4TurnerNCAA W05/25
7.8825-10 1/4FlimmonsNCAA II05/24
7.8725-10SaundersTexas R04/06
7.8325-8 1/4BlackLouisville04/21
Cory Vinson (RDTC)USATF Club07/14
7.8025-7 1/4Bryan Clay (Nik)Götzis05/26
-Dermillo Wise (Ok)Big 1205/12
7.7925-6 3/4LawsonBig 1005/12
7.7725-6-Derek Gearman (Mn)Big 1005/12
7.7625-5 1/2*Dusty Jonas (Nb)Lincoln04/29
7.7425-4 3/4Derrick Locke (OkHS)State 4-A HS05/05
Questionable measure:
7.95i26-1**Jared Randle (Linc/Pa)P Anne12/08

17.5857-8 1/4Aarik Wilson (Nik)London GP08/03
---Wilson !Daegu10/03
17.4157-1 1/2---WilsonLucerne06/28
17.3957-3/4---Wilson !Daegu10/03
17.3857-1/4---Wilson !Daegu10/03
17.3556-11 1/4Walter Davis (Nik)WAF09/22
17.3456-10 3/4---WilsonWAF09/22
---Wilson !Daegu10/03
17.3356-10 1/4---DavisWorld Ch08/27
**10 performances by 2 performers**
17.2656-7 1/2Kenta Bell (Miz)Clermont06/09
16.9755-8 1/4Lawrence Willis (TOly)USATF06/24
16.9455-7Rafeeq Curry (unat)Ried07/28
16.7454-11 1/4Marc Kellman (unat)USATF06/24
16.4053-9 3/4Brandon Roulhac (Shore)Atlanta03/17
16.3353-7*Muhammad Halim (Corn)Heps05/06
16.29i53-5 1/2**Andre Black (Louis)NCAA Ind03/10
16.2653-4 1/4-Michael Whitehead (Mi)Paddock05/04
16.2353-3***Zuheir Sharif (TxAM)Pan Am Jrs07/08
16.19i53-1 1/2**Nkosinza Balumbu (Ar)NCAA Ind03/10
Bashir Ramzy (unat)Kortrijk07/13
iCarl White (unat)Lubbock01/20
16.1352-11Lamont Dagen (unat)Madison06/14
Alonzo Moore (unat)Sea Ray04/13
16.0952-9 1/2*Jonathan Jackson (TCU)NCAA06/09
16.0852-9 1/4***Anthony Flemons (TxT)Drake R Un04/28
16.0652-8 1/4-James Jenkins (ArSt)NCAA06/09
16.0552-8*Shardae Boutte (Ok)NCAA MW05/26
16.03i52-7 1/4-Ronald Carter (LBSt)Mtn Pac Ind02/24
16.0152-6 1/2Mario Lowe (unat)Atlanta06/02
15.9952-5 1/2Troy Doris (IlHS)USATF JO07/26
15.9852-5 1/4Christian Taylor (GaHS)W Youth Ch07/14
15.97i52-4 3/4-James Lemons (GaT)Clemson12/01
-Carjay Lyles (Tn)NCAA06/09
15.9252-2 3/4*Rolando Felizola (CSN)Scott Inv04/28
15.90i52-2**Jonathan Allen (MiSt)Meyo Inv02/03
Ryan McCoy (unat)Fairfax05/05
15.89(A)52-1 3/4Joe Allen (SprM)Provo06/01
15.88i52-1 1/4-Jason Bell (Clem)VaT LC03/03
Chris Carter (TxHS)AAU JO07/30
15.8652-1/2*Joseph Davis (Tx)Texas R04/06
i*Kyle Jenkins (In)Bloomington01/20
15.8351-11 1/4***Reggie Haslom (LSU)LSU Gold04/21
15.8251-11*Dexter Jules (Man)NCAA E05/26
15.80i51-10**Idi Eradiri (VaT)Blacksburg02/17
15.7651-8 1/2-Matt Craig (LaT)WAC05/12
i(A)*Daniel Marshall (Az)Albuquerque02/10
15.7551-8 1/4-Derek Gearman (Mn)NCAA MW05/26
-Daniel Roper (Nb)Jacobs Inv04/14
Foreign Collegians:
16.3653-8 1/4*Davy Manga (ACU-Fra)NCAA II05/26
16.33i53-7*Wilbert Walker (Linc-Jam)Tyson Coll02/10
16.3153-6 1/4-Samyr Laine (Tx-Hai)Tex Twi04/21
16.23i53-3-Vladyslav Gorbenko (ACU-Ukr)NCAA II Ind03/10
16.1252-10 3/4*Ray Taylor (Corn-Jam)USATF Club07/13
15.77i51-9-Mickaël Hanany (UTEP-Fra)C-USA Ind02/24
16.5854-4 3/4WhiteAbilene03/24
16.4453-11 1/4Manga’Penn R Univ04/28
16.3753-8 1/2BoutteMcDonnell04/21
16.3453-7 1/2MooreWisc Twi05/05
16.1252-10 3/4JacksonMtn West05/12
16.0552-8*Tydree Lewis (Ok)Big 1205/13
15.98(A)52-5 1/4AllenProvo06/01
15.9152-2 1/2-Paladin Jordan (InSt)Mo Valley05/13
John Temidara (VSA)Stanford Inv03/31
15.8451-11 3/4**Luis Rivera (CAz-Mex)JUCO05/19
15.8351-11 1/4***Darrell Roddick (SPl)JUCO05/19
15.8151-10 1/2*Derek Pressley (SC)SEC05/13
15.7951-9 3/4MarshallNCAA W05/26
15.7851-9 1/4Devon Fanfair (unat)Houston03/24
Bruce Giron (GBear)Berkeley02/17
**Moreno Zapata (WaSt)NCAA W05/26
15.7651-8 1/2-Antwon Stapleton (SnIl)Carbondale03/24
Tyron Stewart (TxHS)Lubbock04/27

22.4373-7 1/4Reese Hoffa (NYAC)London GP08/03
22.0472-3 3/4---HoffaWorld Ch08/25
21.9672-3/4Christian Cantwell (Nik)adidas Cl05/20
21.9271-11---Hoffa !World Ch08/25
21.88i71-9 1/2---CantwellMillrose02/02
21.8471-8---HoffaAlabama R03/25
21.8371-7 1/2---CantwellEugene GP06/10
21.8171-6 3/4---Hoffa !World Ch08/25
21.7771-5 1/4---HoffaOstrava GP06/27
21.75i71-4 1/4---HoffaMillrose02/02
**10 performances by 2 performers**
21.6170-10 3/4Adam Nelson (unat)World Ch08/25
21.57i70-9 1/4Dan Taylor (Nik)Reebok/B01/27
20.8168-3 1/4Russ Winger (unat)Eugene GP06/10
20.6067-7John Godina (adi)Phoenix04/07
20.5667-5 1/2-Noah Bryant (USC)v UCLA04/28
20.3566-9 1/4***Ryan Whiting (AzSt)Tempe04/28
20.2966-7Jeff Chakouian (Shore)Modesto R05/05
20.27i66-6Garrett Johnson (unat)Birmingham02/17
20.24i66-5Sheldon Battle (HP)USATF Ind02/25
20.0765-10 1/4Rhuben Williams (Shore)Alabama R03/25
20.0565-9 1/2Sean Shields (unat)Triton Inv04/21
19.98i65-6 3/4Steve Manz (unat)Houston02/10
19.9465-5-Mitchell Pope (NCSt)Duke Twi05/06
19.8565-1 1/2Chris Figures (unat)Lister04/21
19.8165-0Vince Mosca (TDD)Triton Inv04/21
19.6364-5*Cory Martin (Aub)SEC05/13
19.5764-2 1/2-Kevin Bookout (Ok)McDonnell04/21
19.52i64-1/2-Bryan Vickers (Ash)Findlay12/01
19.4763-10 1/2Zack Lloyd (unat)Williams Cl03/16
19.44i63-9 1/2*Wes Stockbarger (Fl)SEC Ind02/24
19.4363-9Jon Kalnas (MonmTC)Newark05/05
19.40i63-7 3/4-Adam Kuehl (Az)NCAA Ind03/10
19.3963-7 1/2-Will Denbo (USC)Pac-1005/12
19.36i63-6 1/4-Shawn Best (Az)NCAA Ind03/10
19.3363-5Jamie Beyer (Shef)Cuxhaven07/14
19.2963-3 1/2Jesse Roberge (ChNu)Mt SAC04/15
19.2463-1 1/2-Anthony Greer (App)NCAA06/07
19.2363-1 1/4*John Caulfield (UCLA)v USC04/28
19.1162-8 1/2*Justin Clickett (VaT)NCAA06/09
19.0862-7 1/4Jeremy Silverman (LSTC)Tucson Elite05/19
19.0462-5 3/4Brian Hallett (KTC)Berea04/28
18.9662-2 1/2***Steve Marcelle (GaT)GaT Inv05/12
18.95i62-2 1/4-Dave Nichols (SacSt)Big Sky Ind02/23
18.9062-1/4*Jarred Sola (Az)NCAA06/07
18.8261-9-Erik Whittsitt (Boise)Nampa04/21
18.7961-7 3/4-John Danielson (IdSt)Pocatello04/07
18.66i61-2 3/4-Lance Pfeiffer (NbK)Kearney02/09
18.62i61-1 1/4Nick Robinson (unat)Flagstaff02/17
Foreign Collegians:
19.7264-8 1/2*Milan Jotanovic (Man-Ser)NCAA E05/26
19.3963-7 1/2**Daniel Vanek (Ga-Svk)Svk Ch07/01
18.98i62-3 1/4*Kyle Helf (Ga-Can)SEC Ind02/24
18.9662-2 1/2-Dave Adamek (EnMi-Can)NCAA ME05/26
18.8861-11 1/2-Kimani Kirton (MdEnS-Jam)NCAA06/09

68.37224-3Jarred Rome (Nik)Maui II04/16
67.98223-0Ian Waltz (Nik)Maui II04/16
67.76222-4---Rome ¶Shaw II05/17
67.41221-2---RomeMaui II04/16
67.05219-11---RomeModesto R05/05
66.93219-7---Rome ¶Shaw I05/16
66.84219-3---RomeNew York GP06/02
66.72218-11---Rome !Maui II04/16
66.54218-4---WaltzModesto R05/05
**10 performances by 2 performers**
64.98213-2-Adam Kuehl (Az)Shaw II05/17
64.74212-5Casey Malone (Nik)Shaw II05/17
64.04210-1-Michael Robertson (Stan)USATF06/24
63.69208-11*Greg Garza (UCLA)Pac-1005/12
63.61208-8Will Conwell (CNW)Shaw I05/16
62.76205-11Doug Reynolds (unat)Lexington06/14
61.39201-5*Wes Stockbarger (Fl)NCAA E05/25
61.38201-4James Dennis (unat)Salinas05/03
61.08200-5***Darius Savage (UCLA)Texas R04/06
61.05200-3Karl Erickson (HP)Chula Vista06/14
60.64198-11Luke Sullivan (unat)Salinas05/03
60.57198-8-Kibwe Johnson (Ash)Mt SAC04/15
60.48198-5-Daniel Austin (Az)Texas R04/06
60.47198-4**Matt Lamb (WaSt)NCAA W05/25
60.42198-3-Derek Randall (Tx)Tex Twi04/21
60.40198-2*Clendon Henderson (Lib)NCAA06/06
60.39198-1Nick Petrucci (VS)Shaw II05/17
59.39194-10Sean Shields (unat)Triton Inv04/21
59.21194-3Russ Winger (unat)Spokane04/28
58.88193-2*Jason Schutz (CoSt)NCAA06/06
58.51191-11**Nate Rolfe (Ga)Georgia R03/17
58.37191-6Sheldon Battle (HP)Kansas R C04/21
-Drew Ulrick (WaSt)Pac-1005/12
58.25191-1-Jason Rider (UCLA)NCAA W05/25
58.15190-9*John Harper (Kent)MAC05/12
57.77189-6*John Caulfield (UCLA)Pac-1005/12
***Aaron Dan (USC)Trojan Inv03/24
57.55188-9*James Lee (Hous)Tx Inv03/24
57.48188-7***Ryan Whiting (AzSt)Sun Angel04/14
57.37188-2-Cody Roberts (Ks)Jacobs Inv04/14
57.26187-10*Rob Jennings (LBSt)UCLA Inv03/03
Garrett Johnson (unat)London08/04
57.16187-6*Auston Papay (Akr)MAC05/12
56.95186-10-Kevin Bookout (Ok)Texas R04/06
56.77186-3***Jason Lewis (AzSt)Tucson Elite05/19
56.73186-1Brian Trainor (unat)Fort Collins04/21
56.52185-5Sam Lightbody (VSA)Triton Inv04/21
Zack Lloyd (unat)Mesa04/13
Foreign Collegians:
65.77215-9-Niklas Arrhenius (BYU-Swe)Shaw II05/17
63.64208-9**Märt Israel (Wa-Est)Stanford Inv03/31
61.45201-7*Daniel Schärer (Stan-Swi)Shaw I05/16
61.12200-6**Yemi Ayeni (Va-Ngr)NCAA E05/25
57.69189-3**Hickel Woolery (AMCC-Jam)NCAA MW05/25
57.18187-7-Arthur Turland (Louis-Can)Lexington06/14
56.84186-6**Robert Melin (TxSt-Swe)NCAA MW05/25

78.10256-3A.G. Kruger (Nik)USATF06/22
78.05256-1---Kruger !USATF06/22
77.11253-0---Kruger ¶Sioux City04/21
76.84252-1---KrugerMt SAC04/15
76.73251-9---Kruger !USATF06/22
76.68251-7---Kruger !USATF06/22
76.63251-5---KrugerPenn R04/28
76.54251-1---KrugerOwens Inv05/05
**10 performances by 1 performer**
75.95249-2-Kibwe Johnson (Ash)Cleveland07/07
74.63244-10Michael Mai (USAr)Provo06/02
74.39244-0Jake Freeman (NYAC)USATF06/22
74.24243-7Travis Nutter (VQ)Tucson Elite05/19
73.26240-4Paddy McGrath (NYAC)West Point06/02
71.87235-9*Jake Dunkleberger (Aub)NCAA06/08
71.42234-4*Cory Martin (Aub)SEC05/11
71.20233-7-Nick Owens (NC)NCAA06/08
71.19233-6James Parker (USAF)Ore Twi05/05
69.72228-9Richard Ulm (unat)Provo06/02
69.57228-3-Adam Midles (USC)UCLA-USC04/28
68.94226-2-David Paul (EnWa)Big Sky05/11
68.73225-6Lucais MacKay (Shore)Penn R04/28
68.65225-2Dameion Smith (unat)Bloomington05/09
68.09223-4-Andy Nicholas (Kent)MAC05/10
67.96222-11-Brian Richotte (Or)Pac-1005/13
67.91222-9Chris Bryce (unat)Cambridge07/13
67.73222-2-Adam Hamilton (Ia)Drake R U04/28
67.70222-1-Martin Bingisser (Wa)NCAA06/08
67.57221-8Nick Welihozkiy (PBay)PA USATF05/27
66.81219-2*Jon Hart (Lib)NCAA E05/25
66.70218-10**Nate Rolfe (Ga)Atlanta06/02
66.67218-8Garland Porter (InI)Atlanta06/02
66.57218-5Wil Fleming (unat)Hayes Inv05/04
66.31217-6Arnaldo Cueto (unat)Northridge03/17
66.28217-5Jesse Doty (SyrC)Brockport04/21
66.20217-2Aaron Lawson (unat)Sea Ray04/14
66.19***Boldizsar Kocsor (UCLA)v USC04/28
66.00216-6Matt Pagliasotti (unat)Long Beach04/14
65.63215-4John Newell (Shore)Penn R04/28
65.53215-0***Eric Flores (BHills)NAIA05/24
65.52214-11-Noah Bryant (USC)Williams Cl03/17
65.39214-6*Jason Morris (Mo)Missouri R03/30
65.22214-0Matt Wauters (unat)Pullman04/21
65.08213-6-Eugene Bradley (UCSB)NCAA06/08
64.86212-9Bert Sorin (unat)Baskin Inv03/31
64.70212-3*Jake Shanklin (Wy)Jacobs Inv04/14
64.47211-6Jim Heizman (Shore)West Point06/02
64.45211-5Paul Markel (unat)Grand Rapids05/09
Foreign Collegians:
70.14230-1*Egor Agafonov (Ks-Rus)Big 1205/12
67.81222-5**Matej Muza (VaT-Cro)ACC04/19
66.90219-6**Simon Wardhaugh (Boise-Aus)Nampa04/21
66.71218-10*Jarrod Stevens (Boise-Aus)WAC05/11
66.61218-6**Branislav Danis (CAz-Svk)Mesa05/10
65.10213-7-Michael Gusbeth (WnCo-Aus)Albuquerque04/28
64.88212-10**Steffen Nerdal (Mem-Nor)Bergen08/14

91.29299-6Breaux Greer (adidas)USATF06/21
90.71297-7---Greeradidas Cl05/20
89.44293-5---Greer !adidas Cl05/20
88.73291-1---GreerOslo GP06/15
87.58287-4---Greer !adidas Cl05/20
87.25286-3---Greer !adidas Cl05/20
86.78284-8---GreerWorld Ch08/31
86.49283-9---Greer !adidas Cl05/20
86.21282-10---GreerWorld Ch09/02
85.64281-0---GreerParis GP07/06
**10 performances by 1 performer**
81.99269-0Mike Hazle (HP)Huelva09/13
77.24253-5Leigh Smith (unat)Mt SAC04/15
75.21246-9Tony Bonura (unat)Slippery Rock04/14
74.80245-5Shae Murray (BFTC)Spokane06/06
74.71245-1Justin St. Clair (unat)USATF06/21
74.26243-8John Hetzendorf (unat)USATF06/21
74.16243-4Barry Krammes (unat)USATF06/21
74.10243-1Sean Furey (GBTC)USATF06/21
73.87242-4**Adam Montague (NC)NCAA E05/26
73.85242-3Eric Brown (unat)USATF06/21
73.58241-5-Justin Ryncavage (NC)NCAA06/08
73.48241-1Ty Sevin (unat)Lake Charles05/12
73.09239-9-Allen Pettner (PennSt)Big 1005/13
73.06239-8**Chad Radgowski (LSU)SEC05/12
72.80238-10***Chris Hill (McN)NCAA06/06
72.54238-0-Ryan Brandel (Or)Mt SAC04/15
72.28237-2*Cody Fillinich (NWnLa)McDonnell04/21
72.06236-5-Aris Borjas (SLO)NCAA W05/26
72.02236-3Roald Bradstock (unat)Atlanta06/02
71.81235-7Paul Pisano (CtQ)Penn R04/27
71.64235-0Bryan Clay (Nik)Pom-Pitzer04/07
71.51234-7**Pat McCormick (SpokCC)Spokane04/28
71.04233-1***Preston Chatham (LSU)Sun Angel04/14
70.96232-10-Andy Vogelsberg (Emp)MIAA05/06
70.89232-7***Matt Maloney (Tn)SEC05/12
70.88232-6*Scott Viafore (Boise)Pocatello04/07
70.59231-7-Andrew Smith (AzSt)Pac-1005/13
70.52231-4Ryan Weidman (BFTC)Spokane06/06
70.27230-6-Josh Kaehler (Buck)Patriot05/04
Rob Minnitti (unat)USATF06/21
70.07229-10-Marc Pallozzi (Alb)Mt. Vernon07/26
69.99229-7*Brad Roth (AzSt)Pac-1005/13
69.98Iain Trimble (KsHS)Topeka05/11
69.83229-1**Tanner Evak (PennSt)NCAA E05/26
69.30227-4Bobby Smith (unat)Provo06/02
69.28227-3Jarrad Matthews (unat)Seattle05/04
68.28224-0**Mike Simmons (ClackCC)Gresham05/25
68.15223-7***Erik Heymann (SC)SEC05/12
67.94222-11Gabriel Mann (unat)SoCal USATF06/02
Foreign Collegians:
71.91235-11**Curtis Moss (SELa-Can)NCAA ME05/26
69.19227-0*Alex van der Merwe (UTEP-GB)NCAA06/06

8493Bryan Clay (Nik)Götzis05/27
8352Tom Pappas (Nik)USATF06/23
8215-Jake Arnold (Az)NCAA06/07
8134Paul Terek (Asics)Desenzano05/06
8120---TerekWorld Ch09/01
8004---ArnoldWorld Ch09/01
7963w-Joe Detmer (Wi)NCAA06/07
7946---ArnoldBaton Rouge03/30
**10 performances by 5 performers**
7901Ryan Harlan (unat)NACAC05/27
7871Chris Richardson (VS)Mt SAC04/12
7838*Raven Cepeda (NnIa)Mo Valley05/12
7808*Jangy Addy (Tn)NCAA06/07
7804Chris Boyles (CBo)USATF06/23
7798Chris Randolph (CNW)Mt SAC04/12
7760Mustafa Abdur-Rahim (ASCE)v Germany08/19
7732-Chris Helwick (Tn)Sea Ray04/12
7664-Neil Hines (IaSt)NCAA06/07
7603Matt Chisam (unat)Dallas07/15
7584Ryan Olkowski (unat)Dallas06/03
7578Michael Marsh (unat)Dallas06/03
7561*Brandon Hoskins (Lib)NCAA06/07
7394-Chris Caine (Kent)NCAA06/07
7353(A)**Justin Palmer (BYU)Robison Inv04/26
7342-Brandon Buteaux (UTSA)Texas R04/05
7334-Brian Walsh (AF)Mt SAC04/12
7322-Lee Martin (Nb)Big 1205/12
7316***Michael Morrison (Fl)SEC05/11
7286*Josh Hustedt (Stan)Berkeley03/29
7284**Brent LaRue (WF)Dallas06/03
7268*Mitch Henry (Ok)NCAA06/07
7245**Steven Conrad (Cal)NCAA06/07
7244**Skyler Reising (Nb)Big 1205/12
7226w***Andrew Webb (Tx)Texas R04/05
7221***Shawn Schmidt (Tx)Big 1205/12
7199w*Fritz Nugent (Red)NCAA III05/25
7197**Adam Fretwell (KsSt)Big 1205/12
7157*Desi Burt (CSLA)Northridge03/16
7152Travis Geopfert (AnyTF)Drake R04/26
*Josh Kirk (Ks)Kansas R Coll04/19
7140(A)Andrew Levin (unat)Robison Inv04/26
7139-Ryan Koontz (Clem)ACC04/20
7136-Jon Fagan (McN)Texas R04/05
7134*Kyle Calvo (Penn)NCAA06/07
Foreign Collegians:
7378***Mateo Sossah (NC-Fra)NCAA06/07
7335**Camille Vandendriessche (ACU-Fra)NCAA II05/25
7283-Bjorn Sommerfeldt (Mo-Nor)Big 1205/12
7222-Olav Røe (Wy-Nor)Mtn West05/10
7179*Tyler Koskenoja (Dart-Can)Scottsdale03/22

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