2006 U.S. Absolute List - Men

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compiled by Jim Rorick

(marks received and verified by 01/14/2007)

We welcome all amendments to these lists.


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Key To Lists

These lists give the top 40 U.S. performers of the season, with an appending of those foreign collegians whose marks fall into that range.


On final year-end lists, the top 10 performances, denoted by — — are also included.


In the wind-aided category, the domestics and foreign collegians are commingled (' after name = foreigner on windy list).


Relay teams may contain non-U.S. nationals.


Open athletes and high schoolers have no notation before their name. Collegians are noted by class: - = senior; * = junior; **=soph; *** = frosh; ? = unknown. Note: we do not change athlete affiliations in mid-season from collegiate to club if/when they sign pro contracts early or otherwise finish their collegiate eligibility. For consistency, we leave them with the same affiliation all year.


(A) = altitude over 1000m (in affected events only).


Wind-aided marks are those of greater than 2.0mps. Windy marks are listed only if superior to the best legal mark (windy performances listed to level of legal performances).


In the marathon and half-marathon lists, ' = aided course. Since so many road runners are unaffiliated, a state affiliation represents their home, not a school.


! = secondary mark made within a field-event series; ¶ = complete field-event series not known, so some performances may be missing.


9.84Tyson Gay (adidas)Zürich GP08/18
——GayWorld Cup09/16
9.91Leonard Scott (Nike)WAF09/09
9.96——GayBerlin GP09/03
9.97——GayStockholm GP07/25
——ScottZürich GP08/18
9.99Marcus Brunson (Nike)Zürich GP08/18
10.00***Travis Padgett (Clem)NCAA E05/27
**10 performances by 4 performers**
10.01Shawn Crawford (Nike)Oslo GP06/02
Jason Smoots (Nike)Rieti GP08/27
10.07Carlos Moore (Cheet)SoCal USATF06/04
10.09**Xavier Carter (LSU)NCAA06/10
10.11*Demi Omole (Wi)Sea Ray04/14
Wallace Spearmon (Nike)Shanghai09/23
Terrence Trammell (Mizuno)Doha GP05/12
10.12**Walter Dix (FlSt)NCAA E05/26
***Willie Perry (Fl)USATF Jr06/22
10.13-Kelly Willie (LSU)Lausanne GP07/11
10.14DaBryan Blanton (Nike)TCU Inv04/22
-Chauncey Harris (Al)SEC05/14
10.15Dwight Phillips (Nike)Modesto R05/06
Mardy Scales (Nike)Modesto R05/06
10.17Trell Kimmons (adidas)adidas Cl05/21
Jeff Laynes (unat)Modesto R05/06
Bernard Williams (adidas)adidas Cl05/21
10.19Darvis Patton (unat)Eugene 0808/08
10.20Anthony Buchanan (Ehi)Modesto R05/06
Jordan Vaden (Nike)USATF06/23
Ernest Wiggins (unat)Fl Pepsi04/01
10.22(A)Marquis Davis (unat)Xalapa05/13
10.23***Jamaal Charles (Tx)Big 1205/14
Kaaron Conwright (unat)Gateshead GP06/11
-Phillip Francis (USC)UCLA-USC04/29
*Chris Hargrett (FlAM)NCAA E05/27
(A)-Garry Jones (USC)NCAA W05/27
10.24*Greg Bolden (FlSt)NCAA E05/27
-Leroy Dixon (SC)NCAA E05/27
Rodney Martin (Nike)Penn R04/29
Josh Norman (unat)Mt SAC04/15
10.25Jerome Avery (LTC)Spartan04/15
John Woods (Nike)Kortrijk07/14
10.26Wes Felix (unat)SoCal USATF06/04
10.27**Ruben Williams (Tn)NCAA ME05/26
10.28*Kendall Stevens (Find)NCAA II05/25
Foreign Collegians:
10.04(A)**Churandy Martina (UTEP-NA)UTEP Inv04/15
10.19-Tyrone Edgar (TxAM-GB)GB Ch07/15
10.21-Yhann Plummer (SnNO-Jam)Hous Inv05/06
10.27**Richard Thompson (LSU-Tri)Trinidad Ch06/24
10.28*Jared Connaughton (UTA-Can)TCU Inv04/22
***Marcus Duncan (CAz-Tri)JUCO05/20
*Orlando Reid (MTn-Jam)NCAA ME05/27
9.76(A)MartinaConf USA05/13
9.96OmoleNCAA ME05/26
10.01(A)-Preston Perry (Hous)Conf USA05/13
10.04WillieNCAA ME05/26
10.05Edgar’NCAA MW05/27
10.07Reid’NCAA ME05/26
10.08CarterNCAA ME05/26
10.13CharlesNCAA MW05/27
-Ronald Hill (Tx)NCAA MW05/27
10.14-Johnie Drake (CMi)Sea Ray04/14
10.16-James McSwain (WaSt)Williams Cl03/18
-James Rainer (ETn)NCAA ME05/26
10.17StevensNCAA II05/27
10.18*Mike Rodgers (Lind)LSU Tiger04/01
10.20(A)*Willie Green (Mem)Conf USA05/13
10.21(A)-Yinka Bello (UTEP-Ngr)Conf USA05/13
Ivory Williams (Nike)Texas R04/08
R. WilliamsSea Ray04/14
10.22**Otis McDaniel (TCU)NCAA MW05/27
10.25-Jermaine Carpenter (PittSt)NCAA II05/27
**Ravyn Hayward (NWnLa)Texas R Univ04/08
Kenny Wade (unat)Sea Ray04/14
10.26*Marvin Bien-Aime (ACU)Jackson04/01
Tyree Gailes (unat)Jackson04/01
*Jaycee Robertson (WaSt)Williams Cl03/18
Thompson’LSU Tiger04/01
10.27-John Biacofsky (MtU)Alliance04/08
Drug DQ:
9.77Justin Gatlin (Nike)Doha05/12
9.88——GatlinEugene GP05/28

19.63**Xavier Carter (LSU)Lausanne GP07/11
19.65Wallace Spearmon (Nike)Daegu09/28
19.68Tyson Gay (adidas)WAF09/10
19.70——GayLausanne GP07/11
19.79——GayBrussels GP08/25
19.84——GayLondon GP07/28
19.87——SpearmonWorld Cup09/17
——SpearmonLausanne GP07/11
**10 performances by 3 performers**
19.98Jordan Vaden (Nike)USATF06/25
20.10LaShawn Merritt (Nike)Lausanne GP07/11
20.14Rodney Martin (Nike)USATF06/25
20.19Jeremy Wariner (adidas)adidas Cl05/21
20.24-Kelly Willie (LSU)USATF06/25
20.25**Walter Dix (FlSt)GaT Inv05/13
20.31Chris Berrian (FresFl)Mt SAC04/15
20.32Tyree Washington (Nike)Reebok06/03
20.35(A)**Otis McDaniel (TCU)Mtn West05/13
20.39-Phillip Francis (USC)Pac-1005/14
20.42iMilton Campbell (unat)Va Tech Chal02/18
***Willie Perry (Fl)NCAA E05/27
20.44-Leroy Dixon (SC)USATF06/25
20.46Trell Kimmons (adidas)Nuoro07/12
20.47**Rubin Williams (Tn)USATF06/25
20.48Leonard Scott (Nike)Kansas R04/22
20.50Darvis Patton (unat)Thessaloníki07/24
20.54**Michael Cooley (Al)NCAA ME05/26
20.56(A)-Preston Perry (Hous)Conf USA05/13
20.59*Carey LaCour (Hous)Hamilton04/15
20.60Mike Mitchell (Cheet)Oxy Inv05/13
20.61Bernard Williams (adidas)Ostrava GP05/30
20.62***Jamaal Charles (Tx)Tx Twi04/22
(A)Marquis Davis (unat)Xalapa05/13
Ivory Williams (Nike)Hous Inv05/06
20.63(A)DaBryan Blanton (Nike)Xalapa05/13
-Chauncey Harris (Al)NCAA ME05/26
20.65Kerron Clement (Nike)Fl Pepsi04/01
(A)*Paul Smith (BYU)Mtn West05/13
20.66Jeff Laynes (unat)SoCal USATF06/04
20.69John Woods (Nike)Kortrijk07/14
20.70Fernada Blakely (unat)Thessaloníki07/24
20.71Joel Brown (Nike)Fortaleza05/17
LeShaunte Edwards (unat)Berea05/19
*Domenik Peterson (AzSt)Pac-1005/14
i*Reggie Witherspoon (Bay)NCAA Ind03/10
20.73*Nate Breland (ChSn)Big South04/23
(A)**Travis Picou (AF)Colo Inv04/08
Foreign Collegians:
20.27(A)**Churandy Martina (UTEP-NA)UTEP Inv04/15
20.47-Yhann Plummer (SnNO-Jam)Hous Inv05/06
20.54*Orlando Reid (MTn-Jam)NCAA05/26
20.63(A)*Daniël Ward (UTEP-Hol)Conf USA05/13
20.70*Jared Connaughton (UTA-Can)NCAA MW05/26
20.34(A)FrancisNCAA W05/26
20.56(A)*Jordan Kent (Or)NCAA W05/26
20.59Connaughton’Lane Inv04/01
20.60-Greg Nixon (HPay)Jackson04/01
20.66*Marvin Bien-Aime (ACU)Jackson04/01
(A)***Justin Woods (WaSt)NCAA W05/26
20.72***Chris Dykes (TxAM)NCAA MW05/26
Mark Lattimore (unat)Adams Inv04/29

43.62Jeremy Wariner (adidas)Rome GP07/14
43.91——WarinerParis GP07/08
43.99——WarinerLondon GP07/28
44.02——WarinerStockholm GP07/25
44.12——WarinerJohnson Inv04/22
44.14LaShawn Merritt (Nike)WAF09/09
44.20——WarinerZürich GP08/18
44.26——WarinerBerlin GP09/03
44.29——WarinerBrussels GP08/25
**10 performances by 2 performers**
44.45Andrew Rock (adidas)USATF06/24
44.53**Xavier Carter (LSU)NCAA06/10
44.71Kerron Clement (Nike)Reebok06/03
44.75*David Neville (In)USATF06/24
44.87Jamel Ashley (Reebok)USATF06/23
44.88Darold Williamson (Nike)Johnson Inv04/22
44.96Derrick Brew (Nike)Heusden07/22
45.00Otis Harris (Nike)USATF06/24
45.06(A)Mitch Potter (Reebok)Xalapa05/13
45.19-Matt Scherer (Or)Pac-1005/14
45.22Wallace Spearmon (Nike)Paris GP07/08
45.24Angelo Taylor (unat)USATF06/23
45.34Milton Campbell (unat)USATF06/23
45.35Fernada Blakely (unat)Haniá07/17
45.38**Lionel Larry (USC)NACAC U-2307/09
45.41*Miles Smith (SEMo)NCAA06/07
45.42Leonard Byrd (Nike)Fortaleza05/17
-Kelly Willie (LSU)Mia Elite04/15
45.44-Craig Everhart (UCLA)NCAA06/09
45.51*Aaron Buzard (Mn)Big 1005/14
45.55Tyree Washington (Nike)adidas Cl05/21
45.66Rashaad Johnson (Perp)Oxy Inv05/13
45.78***Justin Oliver (TxAM)World Jr08/17
45.85*Matt Parish (Azusa)Oxy Inv05/13
45.86**Reginald Dardar (LSU)LSU Tiger04/01
45.87*Carey LaCour (Hous)LSU Alum Gold04/22
45.89Jerry Harris (adidas)Lane Inv04/01
45.90(A)James Davis (Phen)Xalapa05/13
*Reggie Witherspoon (Bay)Big 1205/14
46.00iBershawn Jackson (Nike)Tyson Inv02/10
46.01Randy Curry (unat)Ga Inv05/06
46.02***Quentin Iglehart-Summers (Bay)USATF Jr06/24
46.02i*Michael Tinsley (Jack)NCAA Ind03/10
46.09**Rashaud Johnston (FlorV)JUCO05/19
46.11*Domenik Peterson (AzSt)Sun Angel04/15
46.12*Erison Hurtault (Col)Heps05/07
46.13**Michael Bingham (WF)NCAA E05/26
46.14Mike Mitchell (Cheet)SoCal USATF06/04
Foreign Collegians:
44.71**Ricardo Chambers (FlSt-Jam)NCAA06/10
45.10-Lewis Banda (TCU-Zim)NCAA06/10
45.81***Edino Steele (PasCC-Jam)JJK Inv04/08
45.82-Sekou Clarke (Fl-Jam)SEC05/14
45.90-Michael Mathieu (TxT-Bah)CAC07/25
45.96*Melville Rogers (LSU-StK)LSU Tiger04/01
46.05**Andretti Bain (OR-Bah)Nebr Inv04/15
46.11*Bobby Young (Linc/Pa-Lbr)NCAA III05/27
46.14-Andrae Williams (TxT-Bah)Mt SAC04/15

1:43.68Khadevis Robinson (Nike)Rieti GP08/27
1:43.86——RobinsonRome GP07/14
1:44.21——RobinsonAthens GP07/03
——RobinsonZürich GP08/18
1:44.86-Christian Smith (KsSt)Lignano07/16
——RobinsonStockholm GP07/25
1:44.92——RobinsonLausanne GP07/11
**10 performances by 2 performers**
1:45.60David Krummenacker (adidas)Rieti GP08/27
1:45.83-Nick Symmonds (Willam)USATF06/25
1:45.91Jebreh Harris (Reebok)USATF06/25
1:45.93Sam Burley (Asics)USATF06/25
1:46.20-Tim Ramirez (Azusa)Lignano07/16
1:46.29*Ryan Brown (Wa)NCAA06/10
1:46.42Kevin Elliott (Nike FT)USATF06/25
1:46.50Jonathan Johnson (Reebok)N-Xhovément07/19
1:46.69Derrick Peterson (adidas)N-Xhovément07/19
1:46.80i*Zach Glavash (TxT)Big 1202/25
1:46.89Tetlo Emmen (unat)Oxy Inv05/13
1:47.01Said Ahmed (Nike)Leverkusen07/28
1:47.18Tim Dunne (NYAC)Nashville06/03
1:47.26Rob Myers (Reebok)AMC II06/29
1:47.32Brandon Shaw (Nike FT)AMC II06/29
1:47.45**Duane Solomon (USC)NCAA06/10
1:47.47Jon Rankin (Nike)USATF06/22
1:47.53-Wil Fitts (Bay)NCAA06/08
1:47.58Kevin Hicks (Nike)Kans R Open04/22
1:47.65Matt Groose (WRRT)Nashville05/13
1:47.66**Tim Harris (Mia)NCAA06/10
1:47.76Elliott Blount (Nike FT)AMC III07/01
1:47.92i-Joel Legare (Ct)NCAA Ind03/11
1:47.97i-Gered Burns (Alb)NCAA Ind03/11
Brendon Mahoney (Nike FT)AMC I06/27
1:47.99*Marcus Mayes (Mo)Big 1205/14
-Neville Miller (Mo)USATF06/22
1:48.03Bryan Berryhill (Reebok)USATF06/22
1:47.9-Courtney Jaworski (Penn)Princeton04/15
1:48.06Mike Inge (unat)USATF06/22
1:48.09Jacob Koczman (InI)USATF06/25
1:48.10(A)*Raphael Asafo-Agyei (USC)NCAA W05/27
1:48.11James Hatch (Nike FT)AMC III07/01
1:48.12***Dominic Luka (Norf)NCAA E05/26
1:48.20i*Tramell Smith (Il)IaSt Cl02/11
1:48.26Ali Najjar (unat)Nashville06/03
1:48.35Paul Moser (NYAC)Nashville06/03
1:48.36-Joel Williams (Jack)NCAA06/08
Foreign Collegians:
1:45.76*Tom Lancashire (FlSt-GB)GaT Inv05/13
1:46.36**Shaun Smith (OR-Jam)Nebr Inv04/15
1:46.46i*Dmitrijs Milkevics (Nb-Lat)Big 1202/25
1:46.64*Tim Bayley (Iona-GB)NCAA06/10
1:46.80*Prince Mumba (OR-Zam)NCAA06/10
1:46.82*Thomas Chamney (NDm-Ire)Oordegem07/01
1:46.91-Andrew Ellerton (Mi-Can)Gent07/16
1:47.00***Lopez Lomong (NnAz-Sud)NCAA06/08
1:47.02i-Jackson Langat (TCU-Ken)NCAA Ind03/11
1:47.11*Driss Yousfi (Id-Fra)Oordegem07/01
1:47.33**Elkana Chepsiror (VaInt-Ken)Duke Inv04/08
1:47.49***Dominic Tanui (UTEP-Ken)NCAA MW05/26
1:47.62**Elias Koech (UTEP-Ken)NCAA06/07
1:47.87i-Peter Etoot (Al-Ken)Meyo Inv02/04
1:47.95-Martell Munguia (UCLA-Mex)NCAA06/07
1:48.00*Vincent Rono (SAl-Ken)Auburn Inv04/22
1:48.07-David Rotich (IaSt-Ken)P-Pitzer Inv04/14

2:18.33Gabe Jennings (Saucony)Tomblaine09/05
2:19.57i-Christian Smith (KsSt)Husker Inv02/04
2:21.28i——SmithBig 12 Ind02/25
2:21.37iDavid Krummenacker (adidas)Reebok01/28
2:21.47iChris Lukezic (Reebok)VaT Inv01/13
**5 performances by 4 performers**
2:22.14i**Anthony Chiulli (Co)Big 12 Ind02/25
2:22.70iSam Burley (Asics)Reebok01/28
2:22.85-Tim Ramirez (Azusa)Azusa I02/11
2:23.07i***Kyle Miller (Tx)Big 12 Ind02/25
2:23.61i-Tommy Manning (Gtn)PennSt Nat01/28
2:23.64iFred Sharpe (adidas)Reebok01/28
2:23.66i*Darren Brown (Tx)Big 12 Ind02/25
2:23.71iElliott Blount (Nike FT)Reebok01/28
2:23.73i*Bobby Curtis (Vill)PennSt Nat01/28
2:23.89i-Josh Madathil (Ks)Big 12 Ind02/25
2:24.35i-Corey Duquette (VaInt)Armory Coll02/03
2:24.46iDerrick Peterson (adidas)Reebok01/28
2:24.53i-Said Ahmed (Ar)Reebok01/28
2:24.58i**Jim Wyner (Corn)Big East-Ivy01/27
2:24.67i-Landon Willets (OkB)NAIA Ind03/11
2:24.82i-Tyler Raymond (Man)Valentine02/11
Foreign Collegians:
2:21.54i-Richard Kiplagat (Iona-Ken)Terrier Cl01/27
2:21.65i*Tim Bayley (Iona-GB)Terrier Cl01/27
2:22.46i**David Proctor (BU-GB)Terrier Cl01/27
2:22.80i-David Rotich (IaSt-Ken)Big 12 Ind02/25
2:23.09i**Julius Rono (RWes-Ken)NAIA Ind03/11
2:23.52i*Pete van der Westhuizen (Nb-SA)Big 12 Ind02/25
2:23.77i-Richard Jones (Prov-NZ)Terrier Cl01/27
2:24.79i-Scott Overall (But-GB)Horizon Ind02/26

3:29.68Bernard Lagat (Nike)Rieti GP08/27
3:31.48——LagatParis GP07/08
3:32.19——LagatLausanne GP07/11
3:32.94——Lagatadidas Cl05/21
3:33.28Chris Lukezic (Reebok)Rome GP07/14
3:34.46——LukezicParis GP07/08
3:34.70——LagatZürich GP08/18
3:34.71——LagatGateshead GP06/11
3:34.96——LukezicAthens GP07/03
**10 performances by 2 performers**
3:35.83Anthony Famiglietti (adidas)Rieti GP08/27
3:35.94Said Ahmed (Nike)Stockholm GP07/25
3:35.96Matt Tegenkamp (Nike)Berlin GP09/03
3:37.49Jason Lunn (Nike)Heusden07/22
3:37.50Daniel Lincoln (Nike)adidas Cl05/21
3:38.10-Christian Smith (KsSt)Heusden07/22
3:38.20Adam Goucher (Nike)adidas Cl05/21
3:38.86Rob Myers (Reebok)USATF06/23
3:38.96Gabe Jennings (Saucony)Eugene 0808/08
3:39.49**Leonel Manzano (Tx)USATF06/25
3:39.59Chris Estwanik (Nike FT)NFT Inv06/11
3:39.70-John Jefferson (In)Heusden07/22
3:39.92Jonathon Riley (Nike)NFT Inv06/11
3:40.13Tom Brooks (unat)Heusden07/22
3:40.45Thomas Morgan (Zap)Eugene 0808/08
3:40.56*Adam Perkins (Ar)USATF06/23
3:40.59**Stephen Pifer (Co)NFT Inv06/11
3:40.73Sean Graham (Nike FT)AMC II06/29
3:40.82David Krummenacker (adidas)Shanghai09/23
3:40.85Aucencio Martinez (unat)USATF06/23
-Shane Stroup (Fl)Stan Inv04/01
3:40.91-Nick Symmonds (Willam)NFT Inv06/11
3:41.21Steve Sherer (unat)SoCal USATF06/04
3:41.36Blake Boldon (unat)NFT Inv06/11
3:41.52Jacques Sallberg (RWU)Eugene 0808/08
David Torrence (unat)SoCal USATF06/04
3:41.65-Dan Huling (M/O)AMC II06/29
3:41.80Sean O’Brien (Nike FT)Eugene GP05/27
3:41.92Jason Jabaut (Nike FT)Eugene GP05/27
3:42.35Brendon Mahoney (Nike FT)NFT Inv06/11
3:42.39Jon Rankin (Nike)USATF06/23
3:42.47Matt Groose (WRRT)Cardinal Inv04/30
3:42.51Brendan O’Keefe (Zap)AMC II06/29
3:42.52James Hatch (Nike FT)Oxy Inv05/13
3:42.54**Anthony Chiulli (Co)Big 1205/14
3:42.72Kyle King (Zap)AMC II06/29
3:42.82Lyle Weese (BSur)Cardinal Inv04/30
3:42.84**Sam Bair (Pitt)NCAA06/08
Foreign Collegians:
3:39.37**Mike Woods (Mi-Can)Cuxhaven07/07
3:40.20*Vincent Rono (SAl-Ken)NCAA06/08
3:40.62*Tom Lancashire (FlSt-GB)NCAA06/08
3:41.27**Max Smith (Prov-NZ)Stan Inv04/01
3:41.66*Tim Bayley (Iona-GB)Stan Inv04/01
3:41.88-Robert Cheseret (Az-Ken)Pac-1005/14
3:41.89-Martin Fagan (Prov-Ire)Århus07/06
3:42.03-David Rotich (IaSt-Ken)Big 1205/14

3:51.53Bernard Lagat (Nike)Eugene GP05/28
3:54.46Chris Lukezic (Reebok)Eugene GP05/28
3:55.71Anthony Famiglietti (adidas)Reebok06/03
3:55.87iJason Lunn (Nike)Tyson Inv02/10
3:56.38Matt Tegenkamp (Nike)Wi Twi05/06
3:56.75Steve Slattery (Nike)Reebok06/03
3:56.77i——LunnReeb Boston01/28
3:56.85i——LagatMillrose G02/03
3:57.47Rob Myers (Reebok)Reebok06/03
3:57.60iAdam Goucher (Nike)Reeb Boston01/28
**10 performance by 8 performers**
3:57.80*Chris Solinsky (Wi)Wi Twi05/06
3:58.28Jon Rankin (Nike)JJK Inv04/08
3:58.42Said Ahmed (Nike)Reebok06/03
3:58.54iChris Estwanik (Nike FT)Wash Prev01/14
3:58.84i**Leonel Manzano (Tx)Husky Inv02/11
3:59.00iRyan Kleimenhagen (TMn)Reeb Boston01/28
3:59.05iSean O’Brien (Nike FT)Wash Prev01/14
3:59.07Jason Jabout (Nike FT)Nike Mile05/04
3:59.18iJonathon Riley (Nike)Husky Inv02/11
3:59.25i**Michael McGrath (Or)Wa LC03/04
3:59.47i**Austin Abbott (Wa)Husky Inv02/11
3:59.55i**Stephen Pifer (Co)Husky Inv02/11
3:59.60i-Christian Smith (KsSt)IaSt LC03/04
3:59.61iElliott Blount (Nike FT)Wash Prev01/14
3:59.65i**Russell Brown (Stan)Tyson Inv02/10
4:00.03Drew Griffin (Nike FT)Nashville06/03
4:00.14i**Sam Bair (Pitt)Penn St Nat01/28
4:00.15Ofer Barniv (SSole)Nashville06/03
4:00.18iRyan Ponsonby (unat)Husky Inv02/11
4:00.73iDaniel Lincoln (Nike)Ar Inv01/13
4:00.75Bryan Lindsay (New Balance)Nashville06/03
4:00.87Alan Webb (Nike)Eugene GP05/28
4:01.01i*Adam Perkins (Ar)IaSt LC03/04
4:01.21i-Shane Stroup (Fl)SEC Ind02/26
4:01.37Matt Groose (WRRT)Nashville06/03
4:01.44Patrick Tarpy (Reebok)Brown Inv04/15
4:01.50Jacques Sallberg (RWU)Walnut07/01
4:01.58Aucencio Martinez (unat)Reebok06/03
4:01.63i**Josh McDougal (Lib)Lynchburg02/18
4:01.69iNathan Robison (New Balance)Husky Inv02/11
4:01.75i-Ben Gregory (Wi)Husky Inv02/11
4:02.34i*Bobby Curtis (Vill)Armory Coll.02/04
Foreign Collegians:
3:57.40i-Richard Kiplagat (Iona-Ken)Gotham Cup01/13
3:57.87i**Mike Woods (Mi-Can)Reeb Boston01/28
3:58.52i*Tom Lancashire (FlSt-GB)Fl Fast Times03/02
3:58.77i*Kurt Benninger (NDm-Can)N Dame Inv01/27
3:59.33i**Max Smith (Prov-NZ)Terrier Cl01/27
3:59.50i-David Rotich (IaSt-Ken)IaSt LC03/04
3:59.91i-Jonah Maiyo (Az-Ken)Wa LC03/04
4:00.53i-Scott Overall (But-GB)N Dame Inv01/27
4:00.56i*Tim Bayley (Iona-GB)Armory Coll.02/04
4:01.28i**James Wanjiku (OR-Ken)IaSt LC03/04
4:01.39***Tyson David (CAz-Ken)Sun Angel04/15
4:01.87i*Pablo Solares (Rice-Mex)Wilson Inv03/04
4:01.97i**Girts Azis (Wich-Lat)IaSt LC03/04
4:02.03i*Peter Kosgei (Ar-Ken)Razorback Inv01/21

5:01.3Matt Tegenkamp (Nike)Rieti GP08/27
5:05.64Thomas Morgan (Zap)Kortrijk07/14
5:12.82Max King (TXO)Kortrijk07/16

8:08.82Daniel Lincoln (Nike)Rome GP07/14
8:19.77Anthony Famiglietti (adidas)Linz GP08/22
8:22.70Steve Slattery (Nike)Rome GP07/14
8:24.22——FamigliettiOwens Cl05/05
8:24.41——FamigliettiStockholm GP07/25
8:27.41-Dan Huling (M/O)USATF06/25
8:27.81——SlatteryLausanne GP07/11
**10 performances by 4 performers**
8:28.18Jacques Sallberg (RWU)USATF06/25
8:28.24Tom Brooks (unat)USATF06/25
8:32.68Ben Bruce (Asics)Cardinal Inv04/30
8:34.10-Josh McAdams (BYU)NCAA06/10
8:35.04*Aaron Aguayo (AzSt)Pac-1005/13
8:35.38Mike Spence (New Balance)USATF06/23
8:35.40Jordan Desilets (Reebok)USATF06/23
8:35.46Mike Nicks (BRC)USATF06/25
8:35.56-Brian Olinger (OhSt)USATF06/23
8:36.12Luke Watson (TMn)USATF06/25
8:36.52Tom Chorny (unat)Nashville06/03
8:37.23Max King (TXO)Nashville06/03
8:39.01-Ryan Warrenburg (AzSt)Pac-1005/13
8:40.72*Jon Pierce (Stan)NCAA06/07
8:40.88-Luke Llamas (SLO)NCAA06/07
8:41.09*Corey Nowitzke (EnMi)NCAA06/07
8:41.82**Jake Morse (Tx)NCAA06/07
8:43.89-Jordan Fife (InSt)NCAA06/07
8:44.76**Pete Janson (Co)Big 1205/14
8:45.69-David Rae (Pur)Big 1005/13
8:46.65-Zach Sabatino (Tn)Penn R Univ04/27
8:47.82*Joe Gray (OkSt)Stanf Inv03/31
8:49.79-Mark Floreani (Tx)Big 1205/14
8:52.38**Chandler Goodwin (BYU)Stanf Inv03/31
8:53.58-Matt Noonan (Mo)Stanf Inv03/31
8:54.04*Jeff Day (Tn)Stanf Inv03/31
8:54.4*Derek Scott (Corner)Keeler05/12
8:54.77**Ryan Wilson (Tx)Cardinal Inv04/30
8:55.08*Codie See (Wi)Big 1005/13
8:55.58Lyle Weese (BSur)Nashville06/03
8:56.01-Ryan Malmin (Mn)Big 1005/13
8:56.26**Darren Brown (Tx)Big 1205/14
8:56.40***Kyle Perry (BYU)Stanf Inv04/01
8:56.45***Scott MacPherson (Ar)SEC05/13
8:57.13*Brad Baird (Corn)Penn R Univ04/27
8:57.65***Gavin Coombs (NCSt)ACC04/21
Foreign Collegians:
8:25.04*Itay Magidi (Clem-Isr)Euro Ch08/09
8:29.82*Nicodemus Naimadu (ACU-Ken)Penn R Univ04/27
8:31.72-Mircea Bogdan (UTEP-Rom)Cardinal Inv04/30
8:34.84-Andrew Lemoncello (FlSt-GB)ACC04/21
8:35.97**Patrick Mutai (UTEP-Ken)Cardinal Inv04/30
8:38.80*David Cheromei (VaInt-Ken)Nashville06/03
8:40.94***Kim Hogarth (WnCo-NZ)Cardinal Inv04/30
8:41.01**Augustus Maiyo (Al-Ken)SEC05/13
8:45.61***Barnabas Kirui (Ms-Ken)SEC05/13
8:47.55-Erik Emilsson (UCLA-Swe)Stanf Inv03/31
8:47.96*Rob Watson (CoSt-Can)Stanf Inv03/31
8:48.00***Abraham Kutingala (Al-Ken)SEC05/13
8:48.15*Matt Loiselle (CMi-Can)Stanf Inv03/31
8:48.79-Haron Lagat (TxT-Ken)Cardinal Inv04/30
8:52.09***Chris Winter (Or-Can)Pac-1005/13
8:53.23-Soeren Lindner (Va-Ger)NCAA E05/27
8:53.92*Jan Foerster (Va-Ger)NCAA E05/27
8:56.57*Philemon Tanui (Wy-Ken)Stanf Inv04/01

(+ = time converted from 2M)
7:34.41Bernard Lagat (Nike)Réthymno07/21
7:34.98Matt Tegenkamp (Nike)Monaco GP08/20
7:36.24+Adam Goucher (Nike)Eugene GP05/28
7:37.13+Daniel Lincoln (Nike)Eugene GP05/28
7:39.73+——TegenkampEugene GP05/28
7:41.59i——GoucherTyson Inv02/10
7:46.93+Jonathon Riley (Nike)Eugene GP05/28
7:46.9Sean Graham (Nike FT)Lignano07/16
7:48.15——GoucherWorld Cup09/17
**10 performances by 6 performers**
7:48.39+Ian Dobson (adidas)adidas Cl05/21
7:48.4-Rod Koborsi (Gtn)Lignano07/16
7:48.76+Ryan Hall (Asics)adidas Cl05/21
7:49.05iChris Lukezic (Reebok)Tyson Inv02/10
7:49.5-Bret Schoolmeester (Co)Lignano07/16
7:50.36iChris Estwanik (Nike FT)Wash Inv01/28
7:51.12iSteve Slattery (Nike)Terrier Cl01/27
7:51.54+Abdi Abdirahman (Nike)adidas Cl05/21
7:53.16i**Josh McDougal (Lib)IC4A Ind03/04
7:53.92iRyan Bak (BSur)Wash Inv01/28
7:54.73i*Chris Solinsky (Wi)Big 10 Ind02/25
7:54.90i***Galen Rupp (Or)Wash LC03/04
7:55.06Thomas Morgan (Zap)Richmond06/06
7:55.26i**Jacob Gomez (Stan)Mtn Pac02/25
7:55.29iLuke Watson (TMn)USATF Ind02/25
7:55.58Kyle King (Zap)Richmond06/06
7:55.86+Alan Webb (Nike)adidas Cl05/21
7:56.11i**Nef Araia (Stan)Mtn Pac02/25
7:56.45i**Matt Debole (Gtn)Terrier Cl01/27
7:56.78Lyle Weese (BSur)NFT Inv06/11
7:57.16Fasil Bizuneh (BSur)Richmond06/06
7:57.20Jacques Sallberg (RWU)Malmö08/22
7:57.43iNephi Tyler (unat)Tyson Coll02/11
7:57.57iCharlie Gruber (unat)IaSt Cl02/11
7:57.92-Fernando Cabada (VaInt)NFT Inv06/11
7:58.08i-Forest Braden (Boise)Wash Inv01/28
7:58.42iTom Chorny (unat)Husky Inv02/11
7:58.46i*Giliat Ghebray (Cal)Husky Inv02/11
7:58.73Andrew Carlson (Asics)Gent07/16
Foreign Collegians:
7:49.98i-Richard Kiplagat (Iona-Ken)NYU Fast Tr02/24
7:50.40i-Robert Cheseret (Az-Ken)Wash Inv01/28
7:52.27i**Mike Woods (Mi-Can)Meyo Inv02/04
7:52.28i*Kurt Benninger (NDm-Can)Meyo Inv02/04
7:53.48i*Peter Kosgei (Ar-Ken)Tyson Coll02/11
7:53.84i-Josphat Boit (Ar-Ken)Tyson Coll02/11
7:54.78i-Marc Rodrigues (Ar-SA)Tyson Coll02/11
7:54.92i*Kevin Chelimo (TxT-Ken)Tyson Coll02/11
7:56.52i**Max Smith (Prov-NZ)N Eng Ind02/25

12:59.22Bernard Lagat (Nike)London GP07/28
13:04.90Matt Tegenkamp (Nike)Stockholm GP07/25
13:10.00Adam Goucher (Nike)Heusden07/22
13:12.44——LagatBerlin GP09/03
13:15.94——GoucherLondon GP07/28
13:16.61Dathan Ritzenhein (Nike)USATF06/23
13:17.91——RitzenheinRome GP07/14
13:18.89Abdi Abdirahman (Nike)London GP07/28
**10 performances by 5 performers**
13:24.47Anthony Famiglietti (adidas)Rovereto08/30
13:26.65-Rod Koborsi (Gtn)Heusden07/22
13:27.94*Chris Solinsky (Wi)Ore Inv04/21
13:28.89Ryan Hall (Asics)Heusden07/22
13:29.30Bolota Asmerom (Nike)Mt SAC04/13
Sean Graham (Nike FT)Heusden07/22
13:31.68Ryan Kirkpatrick (USAr)Reebok06/03
13:32.71Andrew Carlson (Asics)Heusden07/22
13:34.92-Fernando Cabada (VaInt)Mt SAC04/13
13:35.34Jonathon Riley (Nike)Ore Inv04/21
13:36.33Jason Hartmann (Nike)Ore Inv04/21
13:36.76Celedonio Rodriguez (Reebok)Mt SAC04/13
13:38.02Ed Moran (Nike)USATF06/23
13:39.81-Bret Schoolmeester (Co)Cardinal Inv04/30
13:40.16*Aaron Aguayo (AzSt)Cardinal Inv04/30
13:40.55Thomas Morgan (Zap)Heusden07/22
13:41.83Kyle King (Zap)USATF06/23
13:42.19Patrick Tarpy (Reebok)Cardinal Inv04/30
13:43.08Ian Dobson (adidas)USATF06/23
13:43.29-Ryan Warrenburg (AzSt)Mt SAC04/13
13:43.61Dan Browne (Nike)Victoria06/11
13:44.09i-Stephen Haas (In)Tyson Coll02/10
13:44.79*Brent Vaughn (Co)Cardinal Inv04/30
13:45.05Fasil Bizuneh (BSur)Victoria06/11
13:45.94i-Brian Olinger (OhSt)Husky Inv02/11
13:46.53-Dan Huling (M/O)Mt SAC Open04/13
13:46.80i-Billy Nelson (Co)Husky Inv02/11
13:46.86**Seth Pilkington (Web)Cardinal Inv04/30
13:47.04**Galen Rupp (Or)Heusden07/22
13:47.53iJames Carney (Asics)Husky Inv02/11
13:47.73i-Forest Braden (Boise)Husky Inv02/11
13:48.0Alan Webb (Nike)Cardinal Inv04/30
13:48.45**Stephen Pifer (Co)Cardinal Inv04/30
13:48.97i*Tim Nelson (Wi)Husky Inv02/11
13:49.36Matt Gabrielson (Reebok)Reebok06/03
Foreign Collegians:
13:28.26-Josphat Boit (Ar-Ken)Mt SAC04/13
13:34.66-Richard Kiplagat (Iona-Ken)Mt SAC04/13
13:34.98*Nicodemus Naimadu (ACU-Ken)Mt SAC04/13
13:36.28-Simon Bairu (Wi-Can)Heusden07/22
13:38.09-Mario Macias (Adams-Mex)Mt SAC04/13
13:38.19-Scott Overall (But-GB)Cardinal Inv04/30
13:39.62-Martin Fagan (Prov-Ire)Mt SAC04/13
13:40.14**Jacob Korir (EnKy-Ken)Mt SAC04/13
13:45.69-Andrew Lemoncello (FlSt-GB)Cardinal Inv04/30
13:46.88i*Peter Kosgei (Ar-Ken)Tyson Coll02/10
13:47.50-Robert Cheseret (Az-Ken)Pac-1005/14
13:47.72i**Shawn Forrest (Ar-Aus)Tyson Coll02/10

10,000 METERS
27:22.81Abdi Abdirahman (Nike)Hengelo GP05/28
27:34.72Alan Webb (Nike)Cardinal Inv04/30
27:35.65Dathan Ritzenhein (Nike)Cardinal Inv04/30
27:37.74Anthony Famiglietti (adidas)Cardinal Inv04/30
27:45.65——RitzenheinHengelo GP05/28
27:59.41Adam Goucher (Nike)Brussels GP08/25
28:10.59Brandon Leslie (SpWar)Cardinal Inv04/30
28:14.43Jorge Torres (Reebok)USATF06/23
28:17.49Ian Dobson (adidas)Hengelo GP05/28
28:18.74Meb Keflezighi (Nike)USATF06/23
**10 performances by 9 performers**
28:19.32Dan Browne (Nike)USATF06/23
28:22.33Matt Gonzales (Nike)Cardinal Inv04/30
28:24.08-Westly Keating (UTPA)Stanf Inv03/31
28:25.62-Fernando Cabada (VaInt)Ore Inv04/21
28:26.62Ryan Kirkpatrick (USAr)Cardinal Inv04/30
28:27.43**Nef Araia (Stan)Cardinal Inv04/30
28:28.18*Galen Rupp (Or)Melbourne12/14
28:32.49-Rod Koborsi (Gtn)Stanf Inv03/31
28:33.90Jason Lehmkuhle (TMn)Cardinal Inv04/30
28:35.63Jason Hartmann (Nike)Cardinal Inv04/30
28:40.20Josh Moen (Brooks)Stanf Inv03/31
28:41.95-Bret Schoolmeester (Co)Stanf Inv03/31
28:43.19**John Moore (Port)Stanf Inv03/31
28:45.69-Brian Olinger (OhSt)Big 1005/12
28:47.04***Stuart Eagon (Wi)Ore Inv04/21
28:47.99-Tim Moore (NDm)Stanf Inv03/31
28:48.17**Seth Pilkington (Web)NCAA06/08
28:49.69***Jeremy Mineau (Wa)Stanf Inv03/31
28:49.79**Josh McDougal (Lib)Charlottesville04/14
28:49.98*Tim Nelson (Wi)Ore Inv04/21
28:50.23**Eric MacTaggart (Ia)Stanf Inv03/31
28:51.81**David Jankowski (OkSt)Stanf Inv03/31
28:52.30-Stephen Haas (In)Mt SAC04/14
28:53.84**Sean Quigley (LaS)Stanf Inv03/31
28:54.58*Jon Pierce (Stan)Stanf Inv03/31
28:55.48-Andrew Heath (Aub)Stanf Inv03/31
28:57.19*Brett Gotcher (Stan)Stanf Inv03/31
28:58.12Jeff Gaudette (Brooks)Stanf Inv03/31
28:58.58*Jesus Solis (Adams)Mt SAC04/14
28:58.90***Hari Mix (Stan)Stanf Inv03/31
28:59.01Fasil Bizuneh (BSur)Cardinal Inv04/30
Foreign Collegians:
28:02.73-Mario Macias (Adams-Mex)Cardinal Inv04/30
28:22.09-Josphat Boit (Ar-Ken)Stanf Inv03/31
28:32.92-Andrew Lemoncello (FlSt-GB)Stanf Inv03/31
28:36.11-Simon Bairu (Wi-Can)Ore Inv04/21
28:36.71*Stephen Samoei (UTEP-Ken)Stanf Inv03/31
28:38.73**Japheth Ng’ojoy (UTEP-Ken)Stanf Inv03/31
28:41.41-Martin Fagan (Prov-Ire)NCAA06/08
28:46.07-Robert Cheseret (Az-Ken)Ore Inv04/21
28:49.23-Marc Rodrigues (Ar-SA)NCAA06/08

12.90Dominique Arnold (Nike)Lausanne GP07/11
12.96Allen Johnson (Nike)World Cup09/17
13.02Terrence Trammell (Mizuno)Lausanne GP07/08
13.06——TrammellParis GP07/08
13.08——ArnoldParis GP07/08
13.12*Aries Merritt (Tn)Lausanne GP07/11
——JohnsonZürich GP08/18
**11 performances by 4 performers**
13.20David Oliver (unat)Dubnica08/29
13.22Ryan Wilson (unat)USATF06/25
13.26(A)Robby Hughes (unat)Xalapa05/13
13.30Joel Brown (Nike)Kingston05/06
13.31Aubrey Herring (unat)Nuremberg07/30
David Payne (Reebok)Kingston05/06
13.39Ron Bramlett (unat)Kingston05/06
Anwar Moore (Nike)NCAT Inv05/12
13.43**Jason Richardson (SC)NCAA E05/26
13.49**Dominic Berger (Md)NCAA06/09
Antwon Hicks (adidas)Albertville07/12
13.52(A)-Eric Mitchum (Or)NCAA W05/27
13.56**John Yarbrough (Ms)NCAA06/09
13.60*Shawon Harris (TxT)TCU Inv04/22
13.66*Marlon Odom (TxT)NCAA06/09
13.67-Linnie Yarbrough (MTn)NCAA ME05/27
13.68Dexter Faulk (unat)Texas R04/08
13.69Montrell Person (unat)Towns Inv04/08
13.71Bashir Ramzy (unat)La C-de-Fonds08/20
13.72-Jerome Miller (Bay)Stan Inv04/01
13.73***Kevin Craddock (UCLA)Pac-1005/14
13.74Bryan Clay (Nike)Götzis05/28
Jermaine Cooper (unat)Texas R04/08
13.77**Ty Akins (Aub)Auburn Inv04/22
13.79**Andrew Brunson (Tn)SEC05/14
***Lance Leggett (Mia)ACC04/22
-Jason Stanley (Ok)Big 1205/14
13.80-Unyime Akpan (StA)USATF Club07/15
*Clarence Glenn (CMi)USATF06/24
13.81(A)*Anthony Brown (CSN)NCAA W05/27
-Jacoby DuBose (How)NCAA06/07
13.82(A)**Kai Kelley (USC)NCAA W05/27
13.85-Courtney Jones (Nb)Stan Inv04/01
Terry Reese (unat)NCAT Inv05/12
Chris Thomas (unat)Lane Inv04/01
13.87Brandon Hon (unat)Raleigh R03/25
*Dermillo Wise (Ok)Jacobs Inv04/15
Foreign Collegians:
13.53-Richard Phillips (GM-Jam)NCAA06/07
13.58*Decosma Wright (Linc-Jam)Jam Ch06/25
13.80-Eric Keddo (SavSt-Jam)Jam Ch06/25
13.84-Héctor Cotto (ECar-PR)London06/28
13.87*Shamar Sands (Aub-Bah)SEC05/14
13.36RichardsonNCAA E05/27
13.37HicksOle Miss Inv04/08
13.45OdomNCAA MW05/26
13.48MitchumOre Inv04/22
13.49L. YarbroughNCAA ME05/26
13.55J. YarbroughNCAA ME05/26
13.58FaulkOre Inv04/22
13.60GlennNCAA ME05/26
13.64AkinsNCAA ME05/26
13.66Cotto’NCAA E05/27
13.68-Anthony Acklin (SnIl)UNLV Inv04/01
13.70BrunsonNCAA ME05/26
Tommy Moore (unat)Solid Or04/15
**Mike Wray (Pitt)NCAA E05/27
13.72Sands’NCAA ME05/26
13.73AkpanNCAA II05/26
13.74DuBoseNCAA E05/27
**Keith Hopkins (Pur)NCAA ME05/26
13.75Keddo’NCAA E05/26
StanleyNCAA MW05/26
13.76*Daryl Burgess (TxT)UNLV Inv04/01
13.77-Nolan Jackson (LaT)NCAA ME05/26
-Shaunté Lovings (Tarl)Lone Star04/22
***Rickey Pinkney (Pur)NCAA ME05/26
13.79ReeseSea Ray04/14
13.81(A)***Justin Hazzard (CoSt)Christiansen04/22
13.82**Terry Liggins (SD)NCAA II05/27
*Terry Thornton (Hamp)MEAC05/06
13.83Tim Bogdanof (GBear)Modesto R05/06
-Trey Hardee (Tx)Texas R04/06
13.85-Tony Francis (Ok)NCAA MW05/26
13.86Adrian Ray (unat)TxSn R04/15

47.39Kerron Clement (Nike)USATF06/24
47.48Bershawn Jackson (Nike)USATF06/24
47.60——JacksonOsaka GP05/06
47.77——JacksonLausanne GP07/11
47.86——JacksonRome GP07/14
48.00——JacksonAthens GP07/03
48.12——ClementWorld Cup09/16
48.16James Carter (Nike)Osaka GP05/06
48.22——JacksonEugene GP05/28
**10 performances by 3 performers**
48.25*Michael Tinsley (Jack)NCAA06/10
48.68Derrick Williams (Reebok)Lignano07/16
48.80Kenneth Ferguson (adidas)NACAC U-2307/08
48.99LaRon Bennett (unat)adidas Cl05/21
49.12Joey Woody (adidas)USATF06/24
49.19***Chris Carter (BYU)NCAA06/10
49.22**Reuben McCoy (Aub)NCAA06/10
49.31LaBronze Garrett (unat)Vill-d’Ascq06/09
49.44Angelo Taylor (unat)Stockholm GP07/25
49.53*John Cassleman (WaSt)Pac-1005/14
49.57Rickey Harris (unat)Reebok06/03
49.59Fred Sharpe (unat)Santo Domingo05/13
49.62*Terry Thornton (Hamp)NCAA06/09
49.81-Abe Jones (Il)NCAA ME05/27
49.82**Jason Richardson (SC)NCAA06/08
Dwight Ruff (GWE)USATF06/23
49.88*Bryan Scott (TxT)NCAA06/09
49.89Ben Clark (unat)USATF06/22
49.92Brian Derby (Phen)GaT Inv05/13
50.12*Brandon Johnson (UCLA)JJK Inv04/08
50.20Eric Dudley (unat)USATF06/23
***Justin Gaymon (Ga)NCAA E05/27
50.29-Dedrick Tillerson (Ky)NCAA ME05/27
50.35David Klech (CaHS)Stanf Inv HS04/01
50.40*Shawon Harris (TxT)NCAA MW05/27
50.46-Mark Harrison (Nb)Big 1205/14
Javonie Small (unat)Ga Inv05/06
50.51(A)*Ryan Moore (Fres)NCAA W05/27
50.52***Joe Greene (Alb)NCAA06/09
**Nick Robinson (TxAM)LSU Alum Gold04/22
50.55*Thomas Hilliard (SC)NCAA II05/27
50.58***Darryl Elston (Bart)JUCO05/20
50.63***Alvin Miles (StA)NCAA II05/25
50.68Burke Bockman (unat)SoCal USATF06/04
Mike Brown (NYE)GaT Inv05/13
50.69(A)-A.K. Ikwuakor (Or)NCAA W05/26
50.77-Alonzo Nelson (SEMo)NCAA ME05/27
Foreign Collegians:
49.02-Bryan Steele (LIU-Jam)NCAA06/10
49.36*Isa Phillips (LSU-Jam)NCAA06/09
49.51-Shane Charles (Wa-Grn)Pac-1005/14
50.30**Elliot Wood (FlSt-Aus)Aus Champs02/05

61:07Abdi Abdirahman (Nike)Philly09/17
61:25’Dathan Ritzenhein (Nike)S Shields10/01
61:28’Meb Keflezighi (Nike)New York08/27
61:34’——AbdirahmanNw York08/27
62:32Ian Dobson (adidas)Big Sur10/29
62:39Brian Sell (Hansons)Houston01/15
62:45Fernando Cabada (Va)Big Sur10/29
62:59Fasil Bizuneh (Tn)White Rock11/19
63:07Jason Hartmann (Nike)Houston01/15
63:08Max King (TXO)Houston01/15
**10 performances by 9 performers**
63:10Brandon Leslie (SpWar)Houston01/15
63:21’Eric Blake (BAA)Fontana06/03
63:21Andrew Carlson (TMn)Houston01/15
63:33Edwardo Torres (Co)Philly09/17
64:07’Alan Culpepper (Nike)New York08/27
64:20Matt Gabrielson (Reebok)Houston01/15
64:23Sergio Reyes (Ca)Big Sur10/29
64:24Kyle Baker (Ma)Houston01/15
64:31Peter Gilmore (Ca)BAA10/08
64:45Luke Humphrey (Hansons)Houston01/15
64:46Teren Jameson (Ut)Houston01/15
64:47Matt Levassiur (Co)Houston01/15
65:04Chad Johnson (Hansons)Houston01/15

2:07:04Khalid Khannouchi (New Balance)London04/23
2:08:56Abdi Abdirahman (Nike)Chicago10/22
2:09:56’Meb Keflezighi (Nike)Boston04/17
2:10:47Brian Sell (Hansons)Chicago10/22
2:11:02’Alan Culpepper (Nike)Boston04/17
2:12:27Fernando Cabada (Va)Fukuoka12/03
2:12:45’Peter Gilmore (Ca)Boston04/17
2:12:53Mbarak Hussein (Nike)Seoul03/12
2:13:13——GilmoreNew York11/05
**10 performances by 8 performers**
2:14:01Dathan Ritzenhein (Nike)New York11/05
2:14:09Simon Sawe (NM)Twin Cities10/01
2:14:12’Clint Verran (Hansons)Boston04/17
2:14:28’Jim Jurcevich (Oh)Austin02/19
2:14:58Ryan Shay (Nike)Twin Cities10/01
2:15:03Chad Johnson (Hansons)Chicago10/22
2:15:11Mike Morgan (Hansons)Chicago10/22
2:15:13Kyle O’Brien (Hansons)Chicago10/22
2:15:20Brandon Leslie (SpWar)Chicago10/22
2:15:22Luke Humphrey (Hansons)Chicago10/22
2:15:26’Casey Moulton (GLow)Austin02/19
2:15:28’Nate Jenkins (Ma)Austin02/19
2:15:34’Miguel Nuci (Ca)Cal Intl12/03
2:15:35’Patrick Moulton (BAA)Austin02/19
2:15:39’Josh Ordway (Oh)Austin02/19
2:15:50Jason Hartmann (Nike)Chicago10/22
2:16:58Nicholas Arciniaga (Saucony)Chicago10/22
2:17:05Marty Rosendahl (Hansons)Chicago10/22
2:17:32Chris Seaton (adidasR)Chicago10/22
2:17:34Chris Lundstrom (TMn)Twin Cities10/01
2:17:37’Jacob Frey (Wi)Austin02/19
2:17:50Michael McKeeman (Spir)Philadelphia11/19
2:17:55’Dan Sutton (Wi)Austin02/19
2:18:04’Ryan Meissen (Wi)Austin02/19
2:18:13Cecil Franke (In)Columbus10/14
2:18:14Fasil Bizuneh (Tn)Twin Cities10/01
2:18:18Chris Graff (Asics)Twin Cities10/01
2:18:25’James Lander (Ca)St. George10/07
2:18:40Joe Driscoll (Zap)New York11/05
2:18:50John Lucas (SpH)Chicago10/22
2:18:56Dave Ernsberger (Hansons)Chicago10/22
2:18:57’Scott Larson (Co)Cal Intl12/03

1:22:47Kevin Eastler (USAF)World Cup05/13
1:24:28John Nunn (USAr)Huntington Beach03/12
1:25:15——EastlerWC Trials04/09
1:25:30——NunnWC Trials04/09
1:27:26Tim Seaman (NYAC)WC Trials04/09
1:31:01Matt Boyles (MiaV)WC Trials04/09
——SeamanWorld Cup05/13
**10 performances by 4 performers**
1:32:17Ben Shorey (WiP)WC Trials04/09
1:33:34Michael Tarantino (WiP)Dayton05/07
1:33:43Allen James (Niag)Welland10/06
1:33:54Matthew De Witt (unat)Kenosha05/21
1:34:29Charles Collier (AE)WC Trials04/09
1:34:59Raymond Sharp (VarCh)USATF06/25
1:35:41Theron Kissinger (New Balance)WC Trials04/09
1:38:43Leonidas Romero (ParkRW)WC Trials04/09
1:41:17Zach Pollinger (unat)NACAC Ch07/09
1:43:02Patrick Stroupe (unat)NACAC Ch07/09
1:45:07John Soucheck (Shore)WC Trials04/09
1:46:48Curt Clausen (NYAC)Met USATF06/17
1:47:15Jussi Koski (ParkRW)Rochester07/29
1:48:17Mel McGinnis (unat)Rochester07/29
1:49:53Ian Whatley (unat)SE Masters05/07
1:50:44Brad Sinick (Malone)Dayton05/07

4:16:06Phillip Dunn (unat)World Cup05/14
4:21:06Ray Sharp (VarCh)Clermont02/12
4:30:46——SharpWorld Cup05/14
4:31:20Theron Kissinger (New Balance)World Cup05/14
4:37:38Mark Green (unat)World Cup05/14
4:39.01Dave McGovern (VarCh)Clermont02/12
4:57:53Mike Bartholomew (WUSA)Clermont02/12
**10 performances by 6 performers**
5:00.03John Souchek (unat)Clermont02/12

4 x 100
37.59National TeamWorld Cup09/16
38.19Arkansas TCMt SAC04/15
38.62USA Red TexasTexas R04/08
38.72USA White PennPenn R04/29
38.78USA Red PennPenn R04/29
38.89——LSUMia Elite04/15
38.90Florida StateNCAA E05/27
**10 performances by 8 teams **
38.97Texas A&MNCAA06/07
39.00USA Blue ModestoModesto R05/06
39.02HSIKansas R04/22
39.14USA Blue Mt. SACMt SAC04/15
39.21National JuniorsWorld Jr08/20
39.28Wake ForestNCAA E05/26
39.36Gainesville All-StarsFl Pepsi04/01
USA Blue TexasTexas R04/08
39.38National U-23NACAC U-2307/09
39.41BaylorBig 1205/14
39.43USA All-StarsRio GP05/14
USA Junior RedEugene 0808/08
39.46FloridaMia Elite04/15
39.47HoustonNCAA MW05/27
39.56High PerformanceTxSn R03/25
39.66AlabamaNCAA ME05/27
Washington StateWilliams Cl03/18
39.69Florida A&MGaT Inv05/13
39.70NebraskaNebr Inv04/15
39.72GeorgiaNCAA E05/26
39.79Abilene ChristianNCAA II05/27
Executive TCUSATF Club Ch07/16
39.81OklahomaNCAA MW05/26
39.82Middle TennesseeVandy Inv04/22
39.83East CarolinaNCAA E05/27
39.89ArizonaAz Tri04/29
Drug DQ:
38.16Sprint CapitolKansas R04/22
38.33USA Blue PennPenn R04/29
38.39Sprint CapitolMt SAC04/15

4 x 200
1:21.31LSUPenn R Univ04/29
1:21.95HoustonTexas R Univ04/08
1:23.07East CarolinaPenn R Univ04/28
1:23.16Abilene ChristianPenn R Univ04/28
——Abilene ChristianPenn R Univ04/29
1:23.20TCUTexas R Univ04/08
1:23.21Middle TennesseeSea Ray04/14
1:23.26TexasPenn R Univ04/28
1:23.48FloridaDrake R Univ04/28
1:23.57KentuckySea Ray04/14
**10 performances by 9 teams**
1:23.78Barton County CCKansas R04/21
1:23.81LIUPenn R Coll04/29
1:23.82IllinoisDrake R Univ04/28
1:24.10Eisenhower HS, Houston, TxTx 5A HS05/13
1:24.13RutgersPenn R Univ04/29
1:24.17Sam HoustonTexas R Univ04/08
1:24.44AlabamaAlabama R03/19
1:24.47Elsik HS, Alief, TxTx 5A HS05/18
SouthernTxSn R03/25
1:24.61Garland HS, TxTx 5A HS05/18
1:24.62South CarolinaSea Ray04/14
1:24.72Mississippi StateAlabama R03/19
1:24.86Norfolk StateSea Ray04/14
1:24.89Florissant Valley CCKansas R04/21
1:24.96Northwestern LouisianaTexas R Univ04/08
1:25.02Forest HS, Klein, TxTx 5A HS05/13
1:25.08WisconsinSea Ray04/14
1:25.18Duncanville HS, TxTx 5A HS05/13
Worthing HS, Houston, TxTx 4A HS05/12
1:25.21Johnson County CCKansas R04/21
1:25.25New Jersey CCPenn R Univ04/28

4 x 400
2:59.86USA White TexasTexas R Inv04/08
3:00.04Waco All-StarsTexas R Inv04/08
3:00.09USA Red PennPenn R04/29
3:00.11National TeamWorld Cup09/17
3:00.13USA Blue PennPenn R04/29
3:01.96iTyson All-StarsTyson Inv02/11
3:02.21——LSUPenn R Univ04/29
3:02.30——LSUNCAA ME05/27
**10 performances by 8 teams**
3:02.97KentuckyNCAA ME05/27
3:03.09Mississippi StateNCAA ME05/27
3:03.76National JuniorsWorld Jr08/20
3:04.62South CarolinaNCAA E05/27
3:04.67IndianaNCAA ME05/27
3:05.03High PerformanceTexas R04/08
3:05.04Texas TechTexas R Univ04/08
3:05.10National U-23NACAC U-2307/09
3:05.14Texas A&MTexas R Univ04/08
3:05.22Arizona StateTexas R Univ04/08
3:05.31USA Blue TexasTexas R04/08
3:05.48Wake ForestNCAA E05/27
3:05.49HamptonNCAA E05/27
3:05.54Southeast MissouriNCAA ME05/27
3:06.00USA Blue Mt. SACMt SAC04/15
3:06.06Abilene ChristianPenn R Univ04/28
3:06.22Middle TennesseeY Jacket04/01
3:06.40(A)BYUMtn West05/13
3:06.48iUCLAIaSt Cl02/11
3:06.79iIllinoisNCAA Ind03/11
3:06.80HoustonTexas R Univ04/08
3:06.81St. Augustine’sPenn R Univ04/29
3:07.01iFloridaTyson Coll02/10
3:07.29iAlabamaWilson Inv03/04
3:07.30Oral RobertsTexas R Univ04/08
3:07.35Florida StateNCAA E05/27
3:07.36GW ExpressDisney03/25
3:07.37NebraskaTexas R Univ04/07

4 x 800
7:02.82National TeamBrussels GP08/25
7:17.02Oral RobertsTexas R Univ04/06
7:18.58USCTexas R Univ04/06
7:18.74——Oral RobertsPenn R Univ04/29
7:19.06VillanovaPenn R Univ04/29
7:20.91MissouriDrake R Univ04/28
7:23.04South AlabamaTexas R Univ04/06
7:23.53ConnecticutBig East05/07
7:23.85Azusa PacificPenn R Univ04/29
7:24.18MinnesotaDrake R Univ04/28
**10 performances by 9 teams**
7:25.30Penn StatePenn R Univ04/29
7:25.50ColumbiaPenn R Univ04/29
7:25.81CornellPenn R Univ04/29
7:26.04Notre DameBig East05/07
7:26.80Northern IowaDrake R Univ04/28
7:26.87AlabamaDrake R Univ04/28
7:27.18Kansas StateDrake R Univ04/28
7:27.35BaylorTexas R Univ04/06
7:27.37Air ForceDrake R Univ04/28
7:27.54KentuckySea Ray04/15
7:27.56Coppin StateSea Ray04/15
7:28.25Illinois StateDrake R Univ04/28
7:28.28ArkansasTexas R Univ04/06
7:28.51Virginia IntermontPenn R Univ04/29
7:28.82Oklahoma BaptistDrake R Coll04/28
7:29.83iSeton HallIC4A Ind03/05

4 x 1500
15:32.41ArkansasTexas R Univ04/07
15:33.26TexasTexas R Univ04/07
15:44.90GeorgetownRaleigh R03/24
15:50.93DuquesneRaleigh R03/24
15:51.89Southern ConnecticutRaleigh R03/24

4 x 1600
16:28.26Notre DameDrake R Univ04/28
16:30.91IllinoisDrake R Univ04/28
16:33.04Iowa StateDrake R Univ04/28
16:34.01HardingDrake R Univ04/28
16:34.35MissouriDrake R Univ04/28
**5 performances by 5 teams**
16:37.84Indiana StateDrake R Univ04/28
16:40.08FloridaDrake R Univ04/28
16:41.43MinnesotaDrake R Univ04/28
16:43.63CalDrake R Univ04/28

4 x MILE
16:14.92ArkansasPenn R Univ04/29
16:15.40IonaPenn R Univ04/29
16:16.03MichiganPenn R Univ04/29
16:22.87ProvidencePenn R Univ04/29
16:26.35GeorgetownPenn R Univ04/29
16:28.03VirginiaPenn R Univ04/29
16:34.00AmericanPenn R Univ04/29
16:36.89TennesseePenn R Univ04/29
16:47.20StanfordPenn R Univ04/29
16:51.26ArmyPenn R Univ04/29
**10 performances by 10 teams**
16:52.98PrincetonPenn R Univ04/29
4 x Mile as composite with converted 4x15 & 4x16 times
16:14.92ArkansasPenn R Univ04/29
16:15.40IonaPenn R Univ04/29
16:16.03MichiganPenn R Univ04/29
16:22.87ProvidencePenn R Univ04/29
16:26.35GeorgetownPenn R Univ04/29
16:28.03VirginiaPenn R Univ04/29
16:34.00AmericanPenn R Univ04/29
+Notre DameDrake R Univ04/28
16:36.66+IllinoisDrake R Univ04/28
16:36.89TennesseePenn R Univ04/29
**10 performances by 10 teams**
16:38.80+Iowa StateDrake R Univ04/28
16:39.78+HardingDrake R Univ04/28
16:40.12+MissouriDrake R Univ04/28
16:43.63+Indiana StateDrake R Univ04/28
16:45.88+FloridaDrake R Univ04/28
16:47.20StanfordPenn R Univ04/29
16:47.24+MinnesotaDrake R Univ04/28
16:47.93+TexasTexas R Univ04/07
16:49.46+CalDrake R Univ04/28
16:51.26ArmyPenn R Univ04/29

3:16.63UTEPTexas R Univ04/07
3:16.72Texas TechPenn R Univ04/28
3:17.00——Texas TechTexas R Univ04/07
3:17.68TCUTexas R Univ04/07
3:18.05BaylorTexas R Univ04/07
3:18.46South Plains CCTexas R Coll04/07
3:18.52TennesseePenn R Univ04/28
3:19.08AlabamaAlabama R03/19
3:19.27Tallahassee All-StarsFlSt R03/25
3:19.57Mississippi StateLSU R03/24
**10 performances by 9 teams **
3:19.63Seton HallPenn R Univ04/28
3:19.76Florida StateFlSt R03/25
3:19.95LSULSU R03/24
3:20.12Oral RobertsTexas R Univ04/07
3:21.25Norfolk StatePenn R Univ04/28
3:21.27Jackson StateTexas R Univ04/07
3:21.32Abilene ChristianTexas R Coll04/07
3:21.74Barton County CCTexas R Coll04/07
3:21.88Cloud County CCKansas R04/22
3:22.33Oklahoma BaptistTexas R Coll04/07
3:22.35HoustonTexas R Univ04/07

9:15.63USA Blue PennPenn R04/29
9:25.55USA Red PennPenn R04/29
9:32.76iWisconsinWilson Inv03/03
9:33.10TexasPenn R Univ04/28
9:33.12iVillanovaWilson Inv03/03
9:33.49ArkansasPenn R Univ04/28
9:33.77iBYUWilson Inv03/03
9:33.82iNotre DameWilson Inv03/03
9:34.16i——ArkansasTyson Coll02/11
9:34.32iStanfordTyson Coll02/11
**10 performances by 9 teams **
9:34.91iAlabamaWilson Inv03/03
iKansasWilson Inv03/03
9:35.35iWashingtonWilson Inv03/03
9:36.10MichiganPenn R Univ04/28
9:36.56ProvidencePenn R Univ04/28
9:36.57iGeorgetownWilson Inv03/03
9:36.91iSouth AlabamaWilson Inv03/03
9:37.48iMinnesotaWilson Inv03/03
9:37.61DartmouthPenn R Univ04/28
9:40.44iNorfolk StateHBCU Inv02/04
9:41.04iLSUArmory Coll02/03

4 x 110H
55.33World ExpressPenn R04/28
55.87TennesseePenn R Univ04/28
56.01——TennesseeSea Ray04/15
56.27Texas TechPenn R Univ04/28
57.48Iowa StateDrake RUniv04/29
57.88Colorado StateDrake R Univ04/29
57.99HamptonPenn R Univ04/28
58.05——Texas TechKittley Open03/24
58.07UT–ArlingtonDrake R Univ04/29
58.95ITSPenn R04/28
**10 performances by 8 teams**
59.51AlabamaAlabama R03/19
59.63Indiana StateDrake Univ04/29
59.65Penn StateSea Ray04/15
60.00St. Augustine’sDisney03/25
60.08Appalachian StateSea Ray04/15
60.17Western CarolinaSea Ray04/15
60.30CornellPenn R Univ04/28
60.41AlbanyPenn R Univ04/28
60.44Middle TennesseeAlabama R03/19
60.46Barton County CCKansas R04/21
61.11NavyPenn R Univ04/28
61.32Wisconsin–WhitewaterDrake Univ04/29

2.337-7 3/4Tora Harris (Shore)USATF06/25
2.327-7 1/4-Jesse Williams (USC)NCAA06/09
2.317-7——Harris ¶Shanghai09/23
2.307-6 1/2——WilliamsMt SAC04/15
——Harris !USATF06/25
*Keith Moffatt (More)USATF06/25
2.29i7-6*Jim Dilling (Mank)NCAA II Ind03/11
i——MoffattNCAA II Ind03/11
——WilliamsNCAA Ind03/11
——MoffattNCAA II05/26
——Williams !NCAA06/09
**13 performances by 4 performers**
2.287-5 3/4**Dusty Jonas (Nb)Kansas R04/22
i*Andra Manson (Tx)Houston01/14
iJamie Nieto (Nike)Arnstadt02/04
2.27i7-5 1/4-Kyle Lancaster (KsSt)KsSt Open02/18
i*Mike Morrison (Fl)SEC Ind02/26
Adam Shunk (Nike)Butler Twi05/06
2.267-5-Eugene Hutchinson (CSLA)NCAA II05/26
2.257-4 1/2***Scott Sellers (KsSt)Texas R Univ04/08
2.24i7-4 1/4Marcus Harris (unat)Runsport AC02/11
2.237-3 3/4***Tone Belt (Louis)Sea Ray04/15
i*Adam Linkenauger (Clem)IaSt Cl02/11
Will Littleton (unat)Tx Twi04/22
i-Aaron Plas (Nb)NCAA Ind03/11
i*Teak Wilburn (Cal)Tyson Coll02/11
2.217-3Anthony Butler (Shore)NJ Intl06/10
Kyley Johnson (TXO)Eugene07/20
(A)*David Pendergrass (BYU)Cougar Inv03/31
2.20i7-2 1/2**Jerome Miller (GaT)Clemson12/02
**Matt Turner (CSF)Westwood03/04
2.197-2 1/4Randal Carter (NbHS)Nb USATF JO06/17
**Joel Hargett (Tx)Tx Twi04/22
-Kevin Netzer (Mn)NCAA MW05/27
i-John Temidara (LBSt)Mtn Pac02/25
2.18i7-1 3/4*Jim Dempsey (LHav)Kent02/18
***Joe Kindred (StA)World Jr08/15
i*Adam Kring (EnMi)Akron Open02/04
Grant Lindsey (TxHS)NW Tx R03/04
iEric Thompson (IlHS)Carbondale03/04
2.177-1 1/2-Jihad Beauchman (Yale)NCAA06/07
i(A)*Bryce Bergen (BYU)Albuquerque01/21
***Juan Cave (GaT)USATF Jr06/22
***Ryan Fritz (PennSt)USATF Jr06/22
i*Lamar Garrett (KsSt)KsSt Open02/18
i***Raymond Harris (Tx)Hilton01/20
i-Ivan Schmidt (SnCt)NCAA II Ind03/11
2.167-1-Ray Bobrownicki (Brown)Heps05/07
i-Robert DeVaul (Bowie)Gotham Cup01/13
**Norris Frederick (Wa)Pac-1005/14
Lyle Leong (TxHS)Tx 5A HS05/13
*Greg Martin (Ar)SEC05/14
iCedric Norman (unat)Pepsi Inv02/05
Terrell Reese (TxHS)Tiger R03/31
(A)*Tristian Whitley (Hous)Conf USA05/13
Foreign Collegians:
2.30(A)7-6 1/2*Mickaël Hanany (UTEP-Fra)Conf USA05/13
2.247-4 1/4***Donald Thomas (Lind-Bah)Lind LCh05/12
2.23i7-3 3/4-Trevor Barry (DickSt-Bah)NAIA Ind03/10
i-Tomasz Smialek (Akr-Pol)Sykes-Sabock02/11
i**Manjula Wijesekara (USC-SrL)Albuquerque01/21
2.20i7-2 1/2-Jas Gill (Mt-Can)Husky Inv02/11
2.19(A)7-2 1/4**Omar Wright (Rice-Cay)Conf USA05/13

6.0019-8 1/4Brad Walker (Nike)Jockgrim07/19
5.9419-5 1/2——Walker !Jockgrim07/19
5.9019-4 1/4——WalkerIsr Ch07/11
5.8819-3 1/2——Walker !Jockgrim07/19
5.8719-3——WalkerRieti GP08/27
5.85i19-2 1/4Jeff Hartwig (Nike)Vermillion02/18
——WalkerGateshead GP06/11
——WalkerZürich GP08/18
5.8219-1Toby Stevenson (Nike)WAF09/09
**10 performances by 3 performers**
5.7919-0*Tommy Skipper (Or)Or Preview03/18
5.7518-10 1/4Tim Mack (Nike)Zaragoza06/03
5.7218-9 1/4Jacob Pauli (Nike)Madison06/16
5.65i18-6 1/2Derek Miles (Nike)Göteborg02/08
5.62i18-5 1/4Jeremy Scott (Bell)Jonesboro06/04
5.6118-4 3/4Adam Keul (Sky)Slovenian Ch07/23
5.60i18-4 1/2Bubba McLean (Bell)Jonesboro05/24
Justin Norberg (NeoV)Chula Vista05/20
Jon Takahashi (Shef)USATF06/24
5.55i18-2 1/2-John Russell (Akr)NCAA Ind03/10
5.5318-1 3/4-Brian Mondschein (VaT)Clemson Inv04/08
5.5118-1*Brad Gebauer (MiSt)NACAC Jr07/07
**Graeme Hoste (Stan)NCAA W05/26
-Derek Mackel (NM)NCAA MW05/26
5.50i18-1/2Paul Gensic (USAF)Kansas R04/22
**Jimmie Heath (McN)Texas R Univ04/08
Nick Hysong (Nike)Kansas R04/22
*Mike Landers (UCLA)NCAA06/09
Pat Manson (unat)Kansas R04/22
Jeff Ryan (VSA)Mt SAC04/14
iDaniel Ryland (Bell)PV Summit01/27
-Ray Scotten (Nb)Texas R Univ04/08
5.45i17-10 1/2**Chip Heuser (Ok)NCAA Ind03/10
5.4117-9*Gable Baldwin (Nb)NCAA MW05/26
Keenan King (Sky)Triton Inv04/22
*Scott Martin (Ok)NCAA MW05/26
5.4017-8 1/2Tye Harvey (New Balance)Chula Vista05/14
-Mark Johnson (CCar)Texas R Univ04/08
-Sam Pribyl (SD)NCAA II05/27
-Sage Thames (TxT)Texas R Univ04/08
5.37i17-7 1/4*Robert Caldwell (NM)Mtn West02/25
i*Mitch Greeley (Clem)Clemson12/02
i-Bobby Most (TxT)Wash LC03/04
5.3517-6 1/2*Matt Adkisson (SHous)Southland05/15
iBen Allen (PocTC)Nampa01/21
Brian DaCunha (unat)Mia Elite04/15
iPaul Litchfield (PocTC)PVS Open01/28
Michael Morrison (VaHS)E Reg05/27
(A)***Whitney Neves (BYU)Y Inv04/15
Kyle Rutledge (unat)Kansas R04/21
i**Adam Sarafian (Ga)NCAA Ind03/10
iSpencer Stephens (CEPV)Va Tech Inv01/14
*Dusty Williams (TxAM)Texas R Univ04/08
Foreign Collegians:
5.70i18-8 1/4-Robbie Pratt (BYU-Mex)PVS Open01/28
5.47i17-11 1/4**Keith Higham (Pitt-GB)Akron Open02/04
5.4017-8 1/2*Jarno Kivioja (NnIa-Fin)Fin Ch07/22
**Andre Poljanec (NnIa-Slo)Kansas R04/22

8.3627-5 1/4Walter Davis (Nike) ¶Ft-de-France04/29
8.3327-4Brian Johnson (Nike) ¶Ft-de-France04/29
8.3227-3 3/4Dwight Phillips (Nike)Rome GP07/14
8.30(A)27-2 3/4——PhillipsXalapa05/13
8.2727-1 3/4Miguel Pate (Nike)Eugene GP05/28
8.2627-1 1/4——PateWAF09/10
8.2527-3/4——Phillips !Rome GP07/14
——PhillipsZürich GP08/18
8.23i27-0John Moffitt (Nike)Bayou Bengal01/27
**10 performances by 5 performers**
8.1526-9Trevell Quinley (unat)Haniá07/17
8.09(A)26-6 1/2Bashir Ramzy (unat)Xalapa05/13
8.0726-5 3/4Tony Allmond (Cheet)Or & Purple05/06
8.04(A)26-4 1/2Aarik Wilson (unat)Xalapa05/13
7.9826-2 1/4*Reggie Lazenby (SFA)Southland05/14
7.9726-1 3/4-Chris Gillis (Bay)Big 1205/13
7.9626-1 1/2*Mike Morrison (Fl)SEC05/13
7.9526-1***Tone Belt (Louis)World Jr08/16
7.9326-1/4Juaune Armon (unat)SoCal USATF06/04
7.92i26-0-Greig Cryer (SC)NCAA Ind03/10
7.9125-11 1/2*Quinchun Carey (UTA)Southland05/14
7.8925-10 3/4Joe Allen (unat)Gent07/16
***Jeremy Hicks (LSU)SEC05/13
7.88i25-10 1/4*Cody Eichmeier (NnIa)NCAA Ind03/10
7.8625-9 1/2Darryl Reeves (RDTC)NJ Intl06/10
iLeonidas Watson (TXO)Wash Inv01/28
7.8125-7 1/2Sean Robbins (FSE)Hillsdale R04/28
7.79i25-6 3/4**Dexter Adams (NCSt)ACC02/24
-Rafeeq Curry (FlSt)NCAA06/09
*Nathan Mayle (Oh)NCAA ME05/26
(A)**Joel Tuosto (UCLA)NCAA W05/26
7.7825-6 1/4***Aaron Smith (SPl)JUCO05/19
7.7725-6*Darrick Brown (McN)Southland05/14
7.7625-5 1/2-Chris Demerson (TxSt)Southland05/14
7.75i25-5 1/4-Trey Hardee (Tx)NCAA Ind03/10
i*Kiwan Lawson (In)Tyson Coll02/10
7.74i25-4 3/4Bryan Clay (Nike)World Ind03/11
(A)**Norris Frederick (Wa)NCAA W05/26
*Avery Sorapuru (SELa)Southland05/14
7.7325-4 1/2Kevin Dilworth (ACUEl)ACU Open05/11
7.71i25-3 1/2-Ron Hill (Tx)Armory Coll02/03
i*Juan Walker (MTn)Murfreesboro01/21
7.70i25-3 1/4*Iran Bickham (Jack)Nashville01/08
7.6925-2 3/4George Kitchens (unat)USATF06/23
***Jordan Powell (Az)NCAA06/07
iBlair Woodward (unat)NC Opener01/14
Foreign Collegians:
8.1926-10 1/2-Fabrice Lapierre (TxAM-Aus)Nuoro07/12
8.1326-8 1/4***Wilbert Walker (Linc-Jam)NCAA II05/25
8.11i26-7 1/4*Arturs Abolins (Nb-Lat)NCAA Ind03/10
7.9025-11-Tyrone Smith (MoR-Ber)NACAC U-2307/09
7.87i25-10-Jaanus Uudmäe (Ar-Est)NCAA Ind03/10
7.83(A)25-8 1/4*Mickaël Hanany (UTEP-Fra)Conf USA05/12
7.7825-6 1/4-Trevor Barry (DickSt-Bah)CAC07/26
7.69i25-2 3/4-Keron Francis (Boise-Grn)WAC02/24
8.0426-4 1/2GillisNCAA MW05/26
8.0326-4 1/4A. SmithJackson04/01
7.9626-1 1/2DilworthJackson04/01
7.9326-1/4KitchensSolid Or04/15
7.9226-0T. Smith’Div II Chal04/15
7.8925-10 3/4Hanany’NCAA06/09
7.8425-8 3/4-Tony Douglas (IaSt)NCAA MW05/26
7.8125-7 1/2Adron Tennell (TxHS)Tx 5A HS05/13
7.7925-6 3/4**Steven Brown (UTSA)NCAA MW05/26
7.7725-6Kevin Octave (LibE)Charlottesville04/15
7.7625-5 1/2Kenta Bell (Miz)Disney03/24
***Joe Kindred (StA)NCAA II05/25
7.7425-4 3/4**Bobby Evers (TxT)UNLV Inv04/01
*Adrian Griffith (DickSt-Bah)NAIA05/26
7.7325-4 1/2**Brian Davenport (SWnC)JUCO05/19
-Matt Sanderson (Drake)Mo Valley05/13
Lester Smith (unat)SIUE Twi04/30
7.7225-4*Randall Flimmons (More)NCAA II05/25
7.7125-3 1/2Marquis Allen (unat)NYC LC05/13
(A)-Wiley King (Web)Robison Inv04/28

17.73i58-2Walter Davis (Nike)World Ind03/12
17.7158-1 1/4——DavisUSATF06/25
17.6257-9 3/4——DavisGuadeloupe05/01
17.5457-6 1/2——DavisWorld Cup09/17
17.4657-3 1/2——Davis !USATF06/25
17.42i57-2——Davis !World Ind03/12
17.4057-1——DavisEugene GP05/28
——DavisLausanne GP07/11
17.3256-10Aarik Wilson (unat)Haniá07/17
——DavisStockholm GP07/25
——Davis !World Cup09/17
**11 performances by 2 performers**
17.2956-8 3/4Kenta Bell (Miz)Géneva06/11
16.7554-11 1/2-Rafeeq Curry (FlSt)v Ch-GB-Rus08/20
16.6254-6 1/2Lamont Dagen (unat)Maywood05/17
16.43i53-11-Marc Kellman (GM)NCAA Ind03/11
16.3153-6 1/4-Alonzo Moore (Wi)Big 1005/14
16.2553-3 3/4-Brandon Rhoulac (AlbSt)GaT Inv05/13
16.21i53-2 1/4***Nkosinza Balumbu (Ar)NCAA Ind03/11
16.1953-1 1/2**Kyle Jenkins (In)NCAA06/10
16.18i53-1-Brandon Via (NCAT)VaT LC03/04
16.1753-3/4***Andre Black (Louis)Big East05/07
16.1653-1/4**Jonathan Jackson (TCU)TCU Inv04/22
16.1052-10*Michael Whitehead (Mi)NCAA06/10
16.08(A)52-9 1/4-Ronald Carter (LBSt)NCAA W05/27
16.02i52-6 3/4*Louis Brown (BCook)Niswonger01/20
15.9952-5 1/2Kali Jackson (IlHS)Collinsville05/06
*Ryan McCoy (GM)IC4A05/14
15.98i52-5 1/4-Greig Cryer (SC)VaT LC03/04
15.9552-4**James Jenkins (Lind)NAIA05/27
15.9052-2Lester Smith (unat)Kans R Open04/21
15.8752-3/4**Shardae Boutte (SPl)Texas R Univ04/08
15.8652-1/2*Daniel Roper (Nb)Big 1205/14
**Ray Taylor (Corn)Sea Ray04/14
i-Ryan Zimmerman (AzSt)Mtn Pac02/25
15.8451-11 3/4*Jason Bell (Clem)NCAA06/10
Daniel Harris (ProsTC)Duke Inv04/07
-Jason Powell (Rice)NCAA MW05/27
15.83i51-11 1/4-Samyr Laine (Harv)Harvard Tri01/28
15.81i51-10 1/2-Solomon Welch (Stan)Wash LC03/04
15.76i51-8 1/2Mario Lowe (unat)Gator Inv01/21
15.7551-8 1/4-John Temidara (LBSt)NACAC U-2307/07
15.7451-7 3/4**Nick Brown (Il)Big 1005/14
**Michael Johnson (UCLA)Mt SAC04/15
15.73i51-7 1/4Rick Bellford (unat)Madison01/14
i-Blake Jackson (Wy)Laramie12/09
i*Feranmi Okanlami (Stan)Wash LC03/04
i**Mark Sturgis (App)Va Tech Chal02/17
15.72i51-7**Muhammad Halim (Corn)IC4A Ind03/05
i**Dexter Jules (Man)IC4A Ind03/05
15.7051-6 1/4***Rashad Toussaint (SpokCC)Hartman Inv04/29
Foreign Collegians:
16.57i54-4 1/2-Jaanus Uudmäe (Ar-Est)NCAA Ind03/11
16.47i54-1/2***Wilbert Walker (Linc-Jam)NCAA II Ind03/11
16.21i53-2 1/4*Yuri Litvinski (NnIa-Bul)NCAA Ind03/11
16.18i53-1-Fabian Florant (MoSt-Dom)NCAA Ind03/11
16.0252-6 3/4*Vladislav Gorbenko (ACU-Ukr)Lone Star04/22
15.9152-2 1/2-Stelios Kapsalis (KsSt-Cyp)Kans R Open04/21
15.80i51-10-Obed Adarkwah (NnAz-Can)Flagstaff02/11
15.73i51-7 1/4-Yev. Pashchenko (ACU-Ukr)NCAA II Ind03/11
17.5857-8 1/4K. BellZaragoza06/03
16.8755-4 1/4Walker’NCAA II05/27
16.5554-3 3/4RhoulacNCAA II05/27
16.5454-3 1/4Gorbenko’NCAA II05/27
16.4453-11 1/4WhiteheadNCAA06/10
16.39(A)53-9 1/4*Mickaël Hanany’ (UTEP-Fra)Conf USA05/13
16.3053-5 3/4BoutteJackson04/01
16.2753-4 1/2BalumbuSEC05/14
16.2553-3 3/4TemidaraNCAA06/10
16.2353-3**Tydree Lewis (Ok)Jacobs Inv04/15
16.1853-1BrownPenn R Univ04/29
16.1753-3/4TaylorNCAA E05/27
16.16(A)53-1/4PowellConf USA05/13
16.1452-11 1/2SmithKans R Open04/21
16.1152-10 1/4**Yudehwheh Gbaa (RI)Ct Inv04/08
16.0752-8 3/4Pashchenko’NCAA II05/27
16.0152-6 1/2HalimRochester07/27
15.9852-5 1/4*Derek Gearman (Mn)NCAA MW05/27
15.8852-1 1/4**Dominique Easterling (UCLA)Pac-1005/14
15.8652-1/2-Alex Harris (Fl)NCAA E05/27
15.7451-7 3/4-Eric Pierce (Tn)Sea Ray04/14

22.4573-8Christian Cantwell (Nike)Gateshead GP06/11
22.1772-9——CantwellEugene GP05/28
22.11i72-6 1/2Reese Hoffa (NYAC)World Ind03/10
22.1072-6 1/4——CantwellDrake R04/29
22.0472-3 3/4Adam Nelson (unat)USATF06/23
21.9471-11 3/4——Cantwell !Eugene GP05/28
21.8671-8 3/4——Nelson !USATF06/23
**10 performances by 3 performers**
21.5970-10Dan Taylor (Nike)Reebok06/03
20.8468-4 1/2*Garrett Johnson (FlSt)Penn R Univ04/28
20.8368-4 1/4-Brian Robison (Tx)USATF06/23
20.6867-10 1/4Jeff Chakouian (unat)USATF06/23
20.6667-9 1/2Vince Mosca (TDD)Reebok06/03
20.5367-4 1/4Jamie Beyer (Shef)Aztec Cl03/18
20.50i67-3 1/4John Godina (adidas)USATF Ind02/25
20.4066-11 1/4Jarred Rome (Nike)YMCA Inv04/29
20.29i66-7Steve Manz (unat)USATF Ind02/25
20.1165-11 3/4-Sheldon Battle (Ks)Drake R04/29
-Sean Shields (Az)NCAA06/10
19.9365-4 3/4-Karl Erickson (Mn)NCAA06/10
19.8865-2 3/4-Derek Anderson (NEn)Texas R Univ04/08
19.7564-9 3/4Ryan Whiting (unat)Az Int04/01
*Russ Winger (Id)Cardinal Inv04/30
19.7264-8 1/2Brian Hallett (Kang)Thorpe04/01
19.6864-6 3/4*Dave Nichols (SacSt)NCAA06/10
Jesse Roberge (ChNu)Oxy Inv05/13
19.6764-6 1/2*Noah Bryant (USC)Pac-1005/13
19.66i64-6Tony Thompson (unat)Radio Shack02/04
19.65i64-5 3/4Chris Figures (unat)Reno01/28
19.60i64-3 3/4**Bryan Vickers (Ash)NCAA II Ind03/11
19.4163-8 1/4**John Caulfield (UCLA)Cal-Nev03/31
19.3163-4 1/4*Andy Fryman (Ky)Triton Inv04/22
19.26i63-2 1/4Rhuben Williams (Shore)USATF Ind02/25
19.2263-3/4Jon Kalnas (unat)Ewing04/29
19.1862-11 1/4*Kevin Bookout (Ok)NCAA06/08
i-Justin Clickett (VaT)Lynchburg12/02
19.1762-10 3/4Zack Lloyd (unat)Web St Twi05/03
19.0762-6 3/4*Will Denbo (USC)Pac-1005/13
19.0362-5 1/4*Mitchell Pope (NCSt)NCAA E05/27
18.97i62-3Ian Waltz (Nike)Simplot G02/18
18.9562-2 1/4**Shane Maier (Ia)Big 1005/14
18.92i62-1-Ryan Ketchum (In)Wilson Inv03/04
iClint Prange (unat)Mule R02/11
18.9062-1/4**Nate Englin (Mo)JJK Inv04/08
18.6761-3-Jake Knight (UCLA)JJK Inv04/08
i-Chad McClendon (Ga)VaT LC03/04
Foreign Collegians:
19.6264-4 1/2-Vikas Gowda (NC-Ind)GaT Inv05/13
19.5764-2 1/2**Milan Jotanovic (Man-Ser)Novi Sad08/25
19.1862-11 1/4**Magnus Lohse (CoSt-Swe)Upton Inv03/25
18.87i61-11*Dave Adamek (EnMi-Can)MAC02/25

68.91226-1Ian Waltz (Nike)Salinas05/24
68.72225-5——Waltz !Salinas05/24
67.88222-8——Waltz !Salinas05/24
67.86Jason Young (unat)Abilene04/01
67.85222-7——WaltzModesto R05/06
67.42221-2——WaltzChula Vista I05/14
67.35220-11——WaltzChula Vista II05/14
67.25220-7Jarred Rome (Nike)Salinas05/24
67.21220-6——Waltz !Modesto R05/06
67.20——Waltz !Chula Vista II05/14
**10 performances by 3 performers**
64.51211-7Nick Petrucci (unat)Newp Beach02/25
64.26210-10Casey Malone (Nike)Banich04/01
63.89209-7*Adam Kuehl (Az)Mesa Cl04/14
63.40208-0*Dan Austin (Will)Chula Vista06/16
63.04206-10James Dennis (unat)Ohio River05/13
61.18200-9-Sean Shields (Az)Williams Cl03/18
61.14200-7*Derek Randall (Tx)NCAA MW05/26
61.12200-6-Karl Erickson (Mn)Mesa Cl04/14
60.98200-1-Will Conwell (Wa)Triton Inv04/22
60.68199-1Cameron Bolles (unat)Bakersfield03/24
60.50198-6***Rashaud Scott (MesaCC)Mesa Cl04/14
60.48198-5-Charles Sparks (InSt)Ill Inv04/22
60.46198-4-Sheldon Battle (Ks)Mesa Cl04/14
60.13197-3-Derek Anderson (NEn)Husky04/15
60.07197-1Carl Brown (Nike)USATF06/25
60.04197-0Kibwe Johnson (unat)AzSt Inv03/25
59.68195-9-Brian Robison (Tx)Big 1205/13
59.63195-7Jon O’Neil (unat)Thunder #306/10
59.59195-6**Chase Madison (IaSt)Emporia03/16
59.44195-0Ryan Whiting (unat)Chula Vista06/16
59.17194-1**Greg Garza (UCLA)Pac-1005/14
58.71192-7Reedus Thurmond (unat)Marietta06/04
58.52192-0Harold Young (unat)Chico St Twi04/15
58.46191-9Jamie Beyer (Shef)Triton Inv04/22
58.37191-6*Russ Winger (Id)Moscow05/06
58.33191-4Luke Sullivan (unat)Salinas05/24
58.19190-11Mat Schwinn (IW)Chula Vista06/16
58.16190-10Michael Robertston (unat)Cardinal Inv04/30
58.11190-7*Jason Rider (UCLA)NCAA W05/26
58.07190-6Doug Reynolds (unat)Owens Cl05/06
57.90189-11***Tommy Killen (TCU)TCU Inv04/22
57.88*Garrett Johnson (FlSt)NCAA E05/26
57.85189-9-Lance Brooks (Mill)Keeler Inv05/11
57.84***Matt Lamb (WaSt)Pac-1005/14
57.74189-5-Correy Harrison (UTEP)Conf USA05/13
57.61189-0**John Caulfield (UCLA)NCAA W05/26
57.58188-11*Cody Roberts (Ks)Big 1205/13
Foreign Collegians:
63.47208-3*Niklas Arrhenius (BYU-Swe)Cougar Inv03/31
61.76202-7-Vikas Gowda (NC-Ind)Texas R Univ04/07
59.71195-10-Staffan Jönsson (Boise-Swe)Triton Inv04/22
57.94190-1**Martin Maric (Ga-Cro)NCAA E05/26

78.52257-7A.G. Kruger (AshE)Mt SAC04/15
77.00252-7——KrugerOwens Cl05/05
76.98——Kruger !Mt SAC04/15
76.88252-3——Kruger !Mt SAC04/15
76.80252-0——Kruger !Owens Cl05/05
76.79251-11——Kruger ¶Berea05/19
76.54251-1——Kruger !Mt SAC04/15
76.34250-5——Kruger !Owens Cl05/05
76.09249-7——KrugerDrake R Univ04/29
**10 performances by 1 performer**
75.32247-1Kibwe Johnson (unat)Owens Cl05/05
72.46237-9James Parker (USAF)Tucson Elite05/20
72.25237-0Travis Nutter (PBay)Mt SAC04/15
71.95236-0Jake Freeman (NYAC)Penn R04/29
71.58234-10Lucais MacKay (Shore)Marietta05/14
71.34234-1Jake Dunkleberger (T1D)Marietta06/04
71.01232-11Michael Mai (USAr)USATF06/23
70.81232-3Jim Heizman (Shore)Penn R04/29
70.32230-8John Newell (Shore)Marietta05/14
70.02229-9*Nick Owens (NC)NCAA06/09
69.97229-6Cory Martin (unat)USATF06/23
69.50228-0Nick Welihozkiy (PBay)Thunder #306/10
69.10226-8Dameion Smith (InI)Ohio River05/13
68.12223-6Garland Porter (InI)Owens Cl05/05
68.04223-3*Brian Richotte (Radf)Penn R Univ04/29
67.84222-7Jesse Doty (SyrC)Rochester07/29
67.70222-1Luke Woydziak (unat)Robison Inv04/29
67.68222-0Matt Helinski (unat)Berea05/19
67.56221-8Arnaldo Cueto (unat)Azusa MOC04/07
67.20220-6*Adam Hamilton (Ia)Messersmith04/08
66.80219-2**Adam Midles (USC)Claremont Cl05/06
66.77219-0***Boldizsar Kocsor (UCLA)Pac-1005/13
66.73218-11**Jason Morris (Mo)Drake R Univ04/29
66.47218-1Isaac Ybarra (unat)Texas R Univ04/06
66.30217-6Paul Markel (unat)Hillsdale R04/28
65.98216-6Mike Pockoski (unat)UNLV Inv04/01
65.95216-4-Mark Milleville (SnIl)Carbondale03/24
65.77215-9-Wil Fleming (In)Hayes Inv05/05
65.76-Mike Beerer (UCI)Claremont Cl05/06
65.67215-5Matt Pagliasotti (unat)P-Pitzer Inv04/14
65.15213-9-Martin Bingisser (Wa)Spokane07/02
65.14213-8Chris Bryce (unat)P-Pitzer Inv04/14
64.98213-2*Andy Nicholas (Kent)MAC05/11
64.79212-6Lance Deal (unat)Spokane07/02
64.58211-10Lynden Reder (unat)La Crosse05/18
64.40211-3-Josh Henigman (MtSt)NCAA MW05/26
64.34211-1*Eric Frasure (ECar)Conf USA05/11
64.29210-11Walter Henning (NYHS)Uniondale06/20
64.22210-8*Colin Veldman (Or)Ore Inv04/21
Foreign Collegians:
72.63238-3-Spyridon Jullien (VaT-Gre)Texas R Univ04/06
72.00236-3***Mohsen Anani (VaT-Egy)Cairo08/24
71.31233-11-Mattias Jons (Boise-Swe)NCAA06/09
71.01232-11**Egor Agafonov (Ks-Rus)Drake R Univ04/29
66.03216-7***Matej Muza (VaT-Cro)NCAA06/09
65.93216-3NCAA W12/31
65.20213-11***Brano Danis (CAz-Svk)Triton Inv04/22
64.97213-2*Zoran Loncar (Man-Ser)Castillo Inv03/17

85.45280-4Breaux Greer (adidas)Paris GP07/08
82.33270-1Leigh Smith (New Balance) ¶Rovereto08/30
78.60257-10——Smith ¶Tallinn08/15
78.12256-3-Eric Brown (Ar)Kans R Open04/21
77.99255-10Rob Minnitti (unat)USATF06/25
77.89255-6——GreerRome GP07/14
77.67254-10——SmithTucson Elite05/20
77.35253-9——SmithCan Ch08/06
77.09252-11Mike Hazle (unat)Haniá07/17
**10 performances by 5 performers**
76.44250-9Brian Chaput (NYAC)USATF06/25
74.75245-3*Andy Vogelsberg (Emp)NCAA II05/27
74.18243-4*Justin Ryncavage (NC)NCAA06/10
74.09243-1Paul Pisano (CtQ)USATF06/25
73.73241-10Barry Krammes (unat)USATF06/25
73.43240-11Sean Furey (GBTC)Tucson Elite05/20
73.35240-7-Bobby Smith (Monm)NCAA E05/27
72.91239-2Mike Kennedy (unat)NYC LC05/13
72.82238-11Justin St. Clair (unat)La-R-sur-yon07/27
72.62238-3Adam Burke (USAr)Fresno06/15
72.60238-2-Cris Carter (SELa)Southland05/13
71.93236-0-Paul Teinert (Cal)NCAA06/10
71.86235-9-Scott Halley (ConcOr)NAIA05/25
71.65235-1-Anthony Bonura (Pitt)Sea Ray04/15
71.29233-10-Juan Romero (Wa)Pac-1005/13
71.27**Corey White (Redl)Claremont Cl05/06
70.98232-10***Ryan Young (Cal)Hornet Inv03/25
70.85232-5Roald Bradstock (unat)Ga Inv05/06
70.62231-8**Thomas Jordan (CCar)Texas R Univ04/08
70.45231-1John Hetzendorf (unat)Tucson Elite05/20
70.34230-9**Cody Fillinich (NWnLa)Texas R Univ04/08
69.99229-7-Josh Scheer (KsSt)NCAA MW05/27
69.69228-7Ty Sevin (unat)Hous Inv05/05
69.64228-6*Cale Drumright (Ok)Big 1205/14
69.55228-2Rob Mahler (unat)Penn R04/28
*Marc Pallozzi (Alb)NCAA E05/27
69.54Bryan Clay (Nike)Pt Loma04/01
68.99226-4*Calhoun Hamilton (SELa)NCAA ME05/27
68.95226-2**Jon Jeffreys (WaSt)Trojan03/25
68.84225-10***Chad Brown (TxAM)NCAA MW05/27
68.56224-11***Matthew Maloney (Or)Ore Inv04/21
68.47224-7***Adam Montague (NC)ACC04/20
68.46Ron White (unat)Big Blue Cl04/08
68.42224-6-Hugh Murphy (Brown)Brown Inv04/15
68.35224-3**Nate Putnam (Boise)Eug Pepsi04/08
Foreign Collegians:
73.85242-3-Keron Francis (Boise-Grn)Hamilton04/15
72.31237-3**Martin Maric (Ga-Cro)NCAA E05/27
72.29237-2*Lars Laursen (SELa-Den)Den Ch07/23
71.53234-8*Saku Kuusisto (Az-Fin)Mesa Cl04/14
70.58231-6*Jónas Halgrímsson (Cal)Reykjavík07/29
69.79228-11**Al. van der Merwe (UTEP-GB)NCAA11/30

8677Bryan Clay (Nike)Götzis05/28
8465-Trey Hardee (Tx)Texas R Univ04/06
8319Tom Pappas (Nike)USATF06/24
8022Ryan Harlan (unat)Talence09/17
7897w*Donovan Kilmartin (Tx)Texas R Univ04/06
7884Paul Terek (Asics)NACAC08/26
7872-Chris Randolph (SPac)NCAA II05/26
7870*Jake Arnold (Az)NCAA06/08
**10 performances by 8 performers**
7855Chris Boyles (unat)Desenzano05/14
7772*Chris Helwick (Tn)NCAA06/08
7657Will Thomas (GBear)US vs Ger08/06
7649Joe Cebulski (unat)Mt SAC04/13
7640-Darion Powell (LSU)SEC05/12
7605*Chris Richardson (LBSt)Mt SAC04/13
7589Allen Bulick (unat)Clemson05/10
7536*Joe Detmer (Wi)NCAA06/08
7529**Brandon Hoskins (Lib)Asics Inv04/01
7507*Nathan Brown (Wi)Big 1005/13
7471Ryan Olkowski (unat)Desenzano05/14
7468w-Edwin Billot (LSU)Texas R Univ04/06
7431Mike Marsh (ChNu)Dallas06/04
7403Matt Chisam (GBear)Dallas06/04
7371**Raven Cepeda (NnIa)Mo Valley05/13
*Ryan Koontz (Clem)ACC04/22
7370**Kyle Calvo (Penn)Princeton04/15
7341wChris Wineberg (unat)Sea Ray04/13
7331**Joshua Kinnaman (AzSt)Click Shootout03/24
7303-Kayne Dakoski (Fl)SEC05/12
7260w-Bryan Wolfe (UTSA)Texas R Univ04/06
7259*Neil Hines (IaSt)Big 1205/13
7251w**Josh Kirk (Ks)Big 1205/13
7236-Matt Piekarski (Marq)Big East05/06
7216Travis Geopfert (CEA)Drake R Univ04/27
7203Chris Staton (VSA)Dallas06/04
7196w-Ryan Walsh (Rice)Conf USA05/12
7188-Matt Roberson (CMudd)NCAA III05/26
7178*Sean Berg (Ct)Big East05/06
7151(A)*Kevin Johnson (CoSt)Mtn West05/11
7135*Justin Johnson (CSN)Big West05/06
7130Tyler May (unat)Dallas06/04
Foreign Collegians:
8018w-Hans Uldal (Mo-Nor)Walton04/14
7337*Bjorn Sommerfeldt (Mo-Nor)Big 1205/13
7198***Sergey Oleynik (WayB-Ukr)NAIA05/26

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