2017 U.S. Indoor List - Women

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compiled by Glen McMicken

(marks received and verified by 03/15/2017)

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These lists give the top U.S. performers of the indoor season, with an appending of those foreign collegians whose marks also fall into the range of our reporting standards. In the oversized-track category, the domestics and foreign collegians are commingled (' after name = foreigner on OT list). Relay teams may contain non-U.S. nationals.

Open athletes and high schoolers have no notation before their name. Collegians are noted by class: - = senior; * = junior; **=soph; *** = frosh.

Oversized tracks are those larger than 200m in circumference. OT marks at races longer than 1000m are no longer carried with the main list (except in the multis) because too many huge tracks have been turned into speedways. (A) = altitude over 1000m (in affected events only).

! = secondary performance in a field-event series (only applicable to final end-of-season lists); ¶ = field-event mark for which complete series data is missing (only applicable to final end-of-season lists)

6.30Erica Alexander (unat)Saskatoon01/27

6.73(A)**Jerayah Davis (Wy)Laramie12/09
6.78*Rebecca Tarbert (EnWa)Cheney12/03
6.80*Alanna Vann (Mt)Cheney12/03
6.82Thelma Davies (PaHS)Millrose G HS02/11
6.83Lanae-Tava Thomas (NYHS)Rochester02/26
6.86Halle Hazzard (NYHS)Staten Island03/04
6.88Daija Lampkin (DeHS)Millrose G HS02/11
6.89Tamara Clark (NCHS)NCHS 4A02/11
6.93Kylia Wright (NCHS)NCHS 4A02/11
6.94Lynna Irby (InHS)Lynchburg01/13
Brooke-Lynn Williams (MaHS)Roxbury03/04
6.95Bria Mack (NJHS)Toms River02/17

7.07(A)*Hannah Cunliffe (Or)Kirby Inv02/11
7.08(A)Morolake Akinosun (Nik)USATF Ind03/05
7.11(A)Dezerea Bryant (Nik)USATF Ind03/05
Barbara Pierre (Nik)Torun02/10
7.14-Javianne Oliver (Ky)NCAA Ind03/10
7.15(A)Lekeisha Lawson (adi)USATF Ind03/05
7.17English Gardner (Nik)New Balance GP01/28
(A)*Ashley Henderson (SDi)Mtn West Ind02/25
**Deajah Stevens (Or)NCAA Ind03/10
7.18*Aleia Hobbs (LSU)SEC Ind02/25
7.19*Mikiah Brisco (LSU)Razorback Inv01/28
7.20(A)**Destiny Smith-Barnett (UNLV)Mtn West Ind02/24
*Ariana Washington (Or)NCAA Ind03/11
7.21(A)Mikele Barber (adiGS)USATF Ind03/05
-Quanesha Burks (Al)NCAA Ind03/10
**Teahna Daniels (Tx)McCravy Mem01/21
**Kortnei Johnson (LSU)NCAA Ind03/10
7.22Jessica Young-Warren (unat)Ostrava02/14
7.25(A)**Jerayah Davis (Wy)Mtn West Ind02/24
(A)***Makenzie Dunmore (Or)Kirby Inv02/11
Tawanna Meadows (Nik)Metz02/12
7.26**Kianna Gray (Ky)Husker Inv02/03
***Cassondra Hall (LSU)SEC Ind02/24
*Deanna Hill (USC)Tyson Inv02/10
-Jada Martin (LSU)SEC Ind02/24
7.27Jayla Kirkland (AlHS)NBIN03/12
*Torie Robinson (Clem)Tiger Paw Inv02/10
7.28-Kennadi Bouyer (Wa)Husky Cl02/11
**Kate Hall (Ga)SEC Ind02/24
(A)Jasmine Todd (Nik)Mountain T Inv02/04
7.29*Angelica Collins (Clem)Thomas Inv02/04
**Gabrielle Thomas (Harv)Heps Ind02/25
7.30Tianna Bartoletta (Nik)Millrose G02/11
-Destiny Carter (Ky)Tyson Inv02/10
Phyllis Francis (Nik)Thomas Inv02/04
Candace Hill (Asics)Clemson01/07
**Ky Westbrook (USC)Razorback Inv01/28
7.31(A)-Micha Auzenne (SDi)Kirby Inv02/11
***Amber Ivy (TxAM)Aggie Inv01/21
*Kristina Knott (Mia)McCravy Mem01/21
Breana Norman (unat)UCS Inv02/18
***Rebekah Smith (Clem)ACC Ind02/24
Foreign Collegians:
7.26-Devynne Charlton (Pur-Bah)Big Ten Ind02/25
7.31***Nelda Huggins (IaCBVI)JUCO Ind03/04
*Jonielle Smith (Aub-Jam)SEC Ind02/24

22.42*Ariana Washington (Or)NCAA Ind03/11
22.53*Hannah Cunliffe (Or)NCAA Ind03/11
22.54*Deanna Hill (USC)NCAA Ind03/11
22.65**Deajah Stevens (Or)East-West Chall01/28
22.81(A)*Ashley Henderson (SDi)Mtn West Ind02/25
22.85-Jada Martin (LSU)NCAA Ind03/10
22.86*Brittany Brown (Ia)NCAA Ind03/10
22.88**Gabrielle Thomas (Harv)Heps Ind02/26
22.94**Diamond Spaulding (TxAM)NCAA Ind03/10
Ashley Spencer (Nik)Husker Inv02/04
22.97*Kendall Ellis (USC)Tyson Inv02/11
23.00**Taylor Bennett (Bay)Tyson Inv02/11
***Danyel White (TxAM)NCAA Ind03/10
23.15Phyllis Francis (Nik)Aggie Twi02/18
23.18Candyce McGrone (unat)Val de Reuil02/06
23.22Kori Carter (Jord)Tyson Inv02/11
-Sabria Hadley (Clem)NCAA Ind03/10
23.25**Kianna Gray (Ky)Tyson Inv02/11
23.26Kamaria Brown (unat)Aggie Twi02/18
**Kortnei Johnson (LSU)Tyson Inv02/11
23.31Joanna Atkins (LifeSp)Clemson01/07
23.34-Tori Williams (Hous)American Ind02/25
23.41(A)**Rachel Misher (LSU)New Mexico Cl02/03
23.42***Takyera Roberson (Al)Tiger Paw Inv02/11
23.45***Amber Ivy (TxAM)Aggie Inv01/21
23.48Jessica Beard (adi)Aggie Twi02/18
*Savannah Roberson (Pur)Tyson Inv02/11
23.50-Destiny Carter (Ky)Tyson Inv02/11
23.51Mahagony Jones (unat)Thomas Inv02/04
-Cameron Pettigrew (USC)Tyson Inv02/11
23.53Shamier Little (adi)Aggie Inv01/21
23.56Jessica Young-Warren (unat)Val de Reuil02/06
23.57(A)**Alaysha Johnson (Or)Kirby Inv02/10
-Carly Muscaro (Merrim)NCAA II Ind03/11
23.58-Aaliyah Brown (TxAM)TxAM Tm Inv01/14
Lynna Irby (InHS)NBIN03/11
23.59***Jedah Caldwell (Ks)Arkansas Qual02/17
***Makenzie Dunmore (Or)East-West Chall01/28
-Destinee Gause (Fl)Clemson LC02/17
23.60-Tyler Brockington (SC)Clemson LC02/17
-Destinee Brown (USC)Tyson Inv02/11
-Javianne Oliver (Ky)Tyson Inv02/11
Foreign Collegians:
23.14**Jasmine Camacho-Quinn (Ky-PR)Tyson Inv02/11
23.21*Ama Pipi (Ok-GB)NCAA Ind03/10
23.35**Tobi Amusan (UTEP-Ngr)CUSA Ind02/19
23.36**Brenessa Thompson (TxAM-Guy)Tiger Paw Inv02/11
23.39**Jenae Ambrose (Aub-Bah)Tiger Paw Inv02/11
23.56*Janet Amponsah (MTn-Gha)CUSA Ind02/19
**Shauna Helps (FlSt-Jam)Tyson Inv02/11
Oversized Track:
22.79*Brittany Brown (Ia)Big Ten Ind02/24
22.83-Shakima Wimbley (Mia)ACC Ind02/25
23.17**Kianna Gray (Ky)McCravy Mem01/20
23.19*Ama Pipi (Ok-GB)Big 12 Ind02/25
23.44-Aaliyah Brown (TxAM)SEC Ind02/25
23.50***Halimah Barlow (OhSt)Big Ten Ind02/24
-Destiny Carter (Ky)SEC Ind02/24
*Shania Collins (Tn)SEC Ind02/24
23.53-Devynne Charlton (Pur-Bah)Big Ten Ind02/25
**Teahna Daniels (Tx)Big 12 Ind02/25
23.55**Keianna Albury (PennSt-Bah)Big Ten Ind02/24
*Ebony McClendon (Wi)Big Ten Ind02/25
23.57**Zakiya Denoon (MonrTri)JUCO Ind03/04
23.59**Brittny Ellis (Mia)ACC Ind02/24
23.60*Courtney Blanden (VaT)ACC Ind02/25

51.07*Kendall Ellis (USC)NCAA Ind03/11
-Shakima Wimbley (Mia)NCAA Ind03/11
51.61Sydney McLaughlin (NJHS)NBIN03/12
51.78-Carly Muscaro (Merrim)NCAA II Ind03/11
51.93-Daina Harper (Ar)NCAA Ind03/11
52.02Chrishuna Williams (Nik)Tyson Inv02/10
52.07**Sharrika Barnett (Fl)Razorback Inv01/28
52.11Shamier Little (adi)Birmingham02/18
52.23-Alex Gholston (Al)NCAA Ind03/11
52.45-Cameron Pettigrew (USC)Tyson Inv02/10
52.66**Brittny Ellis (Mia)NCAA Ind03/10
52.67**Zola Golden (Tx)NCAA Ind03/10
52.85(A)-Elexis Guster (Or)Kirby Inv02/11
52.91Karimah Davis (FlHS)NBIN03/12
52.92-Travia Jones (LSU)Tyson Inv02/10
53.01***Damajahnee Birch (Ar)Tyson Inv02/10
53.05Candace Hill (Asics)Tiger Paw Inv02/10
53.10***Makenzie Dunmore (Or)East-West Chall01/28
53.17*Brionna Thomas (Pur)NCAA Ind03/10
53.21*Mary Bergman (SWBap)NCAA II Ind03/11
53.25Britton Wilson (VaHS)NBIN03/12
53.26Joanna Atkins (LifeSp)Clemson01/07
53.39**Kadejhia Sellers (Syr)Boston02/04
53.45**Briyahna Desrosiers (TxAM)Aggie Twi02/18
53.52**Bryana Robinson (Cinc)American Ind02/25
53.57*Precious Holmes (SC)Armory Inv02/03
53.66*Symone Black (Pur)NCAA Ind03/10
53.67**Emilie Cowan (MaA)Hemery Inv02/10
53.75(A)-Ashante Horsley (Or)Kirby Inv02/11
(A)-Emily Romo (CoSt)Kirby Inv02/11
53.77(A)**Kayla Heard (TCU)Albuquerque01/28
53.80*Emerald Egwim (Mn)NCAA Ind03/10
***Jaevin Reed (TxAM)TxAM Tm Inv01/14
*Meghan Roby (Bellarm)NCAA II Ind03/11
53.83***Kyra Constantine (USC)Tyson Inv02/10
*Kymber Payne (LSU)Tyson Inv02/10
53.84**Tramesha Hardy (TxSt)Sun Belt Ind02/21
53.85**Rachel Misher (LSU)Tyson Inv02/10
(A)***Hannah Waller (Or)Kirby Inv02/11
53.89**Ceara Watson (Ar)Fayetteville02/17
Foreign Collegians:
51.71-Chrisann Gordon (Tx-Jam)Tyson Inv02/10
51.84-Sage Watson (Az-Can)NCAA Ind03/11
52.13-Tovea Jenkins (JCS-Jam)NCAA II Ind03/11
52.54*Leticia De Souza (Bay-Bra)Tyson Inv02/10
52.64-Grace Claxton (Alb-PR)Boston LC02/26
52.78-Micha Powell (Md-Can)NCAA Ind03/10
52.85-Amalie Iuel (USC-Nor)Razorback Inv01/28
53.04-Domonique Williams (Al-Tri)Tiger Paw Inv02/10
53.39**Aliyah Abrams (SC-Guy)Tiger Paw Inv02/10
53.57**Kat Surin (Ct-Can)American Ind02/25
53.79*Olivia James (Clem-Jam)Thomas Inv02/04
Oversized Track:
51.77-Daina Harper (Ar)SEC Ind02/24
52.11**Zola Golden (Tx)Big 12 Ind02/25
52.19**Brittny Ellis (Mia)ACC Ind02/25
52.27-Cameron Pettigrew (USC)MPSF Ind02/25
52.43*Brionna Thomas (Pur)Big Ten Ind02/25
52.60-Micha Powell (Md-Can)Big Ten Ind02/25
52.73*Emerald Egwim (Mn)Big Ten Ind02/24
52.79*Symone Black (Pur)Big Ten Ind02/25
52.84***Jade Harrison (Mi)Big Ten Ind02/25
52.91Kiah Seymour (unat)Kentucky Inv01/14
52.97**Kadejhia Sellers (Syr)ACC Ind02/25
53.20**NaAsha Robinson (TnT)Meyo Inv02/04
53.22**Kayla Heard (TCU)Big 12 Ind02/25
-Aiyanna Stiverne (Mia-Can)ACC Ind02/25
53.31**Rachel Misher (LSU)SEC Ind02/25
53.32*Kiana Hawn (Bay)Wilson Inv02/18
53.34-Laura Anuakpado (Wa)MPSF Ind02/25
53.40**Nicole Montgomery (Ks)Big 12 Ind02/25
53.42*Alexis Hernandez (Ia)Big Ten Ind02/24
53.46*Maggie Barrie (OhSt)Big Ten Ind02/24
53.47*Jennifer Edobi (Vand-Ngr)Music City Chall02/11
53.50***Chloe Abbott (Pur)Big Ten Ind02/25
53.54*Courtney Blanden (VaT)ACC Ind02/25
53.56***Jaevin Reed (TxAM)SEC Ind02/25
53.58-Morgan Milbrath (NDSt)Summit Ind02/25
53.60(A)**Diana Gajda (Az-Pol)Flagstaff01/13
53.64*Olivia James (Clem-Jam)ACC Ind02/24
53.73-Daye Shon Roberson (Ok)Big 12 Ind02/25
53.77-Marika Brown (TxT)Big 12 Ind02/25
53.83-Briana Haith (SC)SEC Ind02/24
53.84**Shaquania Dorsett (FlSt)ACC Ind02/25
53.85*Madeline Price (Duke-Can)ACC Ind02/25

1:07.34Courtney Okolo (Nik)Millrose G02/11
1:09.05-Carly Muscaro (Merrim)Boston02/04
1:09.55Alysia Montaño (NYAC)Millrose G02/11
1:09.63Ajee’ Wilson (adi)Staten Island01/14
1:09.66Dalilah Muhammad (Nik)Millrose G02/11
1:10.78-Tionna Garner (Monm)ECAC Ind03/05
1:10.84**Emilie Cowan (MaA)ECAC Ind03/05
1:11.68*Symone Black (Pur)Hoosier Open12/09
1:11.70-Toria Levy (BU)Boston02/04
1:11.75Sammy Watson (NYHS)Lynchburg01/13
1:12.00*Quadaisha Newkirk (Pitt)National Inv01/28
Foreign Collegians:
1:08.40-Sage Watson (Az-Can)Armory Inv02/03
1:11.62*Olivia James (Clem-Jam)Clemson01/07

1:23.84(A)Ajee’ Wilson (adi)USATF Ind03/05
1:24.00(A)Courtney Okolo (Nik)USATF Ind03/05
1:25.46(A)Kendra Chambers (TxEl)USATF Ind03/05
1:26.54(A)Olicia Williams (BBTC)USATF Ind03/05
1:26.74Cecilia Barowski (HokaNJNY)Armory Inv02/04
1:27.13Sammy Watson (NYHS)Armory Inv02/04
1:27.38(A)McKayla Fricker (Brk)USATF Ind03/04
1:27.39-Hanna Green (VaT)VaT Chall02/18
1:27.94(A)Ce’Aira Brown (HokaNJNY)USATF Ind03/04
1:27.97Meg Manley (CPTC)Armory Inv02/04
1:28.01Latavia Thomas (unat)Pollock Inv01/28
1:28.48-Madeline Kopp (Duke)Pollock Inv01/28
1:29.00*Sadi Henderson (Boise)Nampa01/21
1:29.06***Danae Rivers (PennSt)Nittany Lion01/14
1:29.91Megan Malasarte (ATC)Ocean Breeze GP02/18
1:30.05-Whitney Adams (Ks)Husker Inv02/04
1:30.61*Kendell Wiles (In)Bloomington01/28
1:30.67**Rachel Pocratsky (VaT)VaT Chall02/18
1:30.86Stephanie Herrick (CPTC)New Balance G01/21
1:30.96(A)*Melese Crozier (AzSt)Kirby Inv02/10
1:30.98Kamryn McIntosh (NYHS)NBal G HS01/21
Foreign Collegians:
1:29.57*Rosie Chamberlain (UCF-GB)Birmingham01/13
Oversized Track:
1:26.97*Raevyn Rogers (Or)Wash Prev01/14
1:27.60**Karrington Winters (OhSt)Big Ten Ind02/25
1:28.11-Rachel Weber (OhSt)Big Ten Ind02/25
1:28.22*Olivia Baker (Stan)Wash Prev01/14
1:28.23*Brooke Feldmeier (Or)Wash Prev01/14
1:28.81*Kendell Wiles (In)Big Ten Ind02/25
1:29.44*Jaimie Phelan (Mi-Can)Big Ten Ind02/25
1:29.49***Annie Ubbing (OhSt)Big Ten Ind02/24
1:30.04-Catherine Voelpel (Md)Big Ten Ind02/25
1:30.08**Taylor Williams (In)Big Ten Ind02/25
1:30.10***Agnes Mansaray (IaCCC)JUCO Ind03/04
1:30.26Dominique Jackson (OisSRA)Wash Open02/12
1:30.53**Frances Bull (PennSt)Big Ten Ind02/24
1:30.59**Kyelah Hodges (HiCC)JUCO Ind03/04
1:30.85Lauren Wallace (NCD)Wash Prev01/14
1:30.86-Jamie Morrissey (Mi)SPIRE Inv02/10

1:58.27Ajee’ Wilson (adi)Millrose G02/11
1:58.64Charlene Lipsey (unat)Millrose G02/11
2:00.69**Jazmine Fray (TxAM)Tiger Paw Inv02/11
2:01.09*Raevyn Rogers (Or)NCAA Ind03/11
2:01.52Cecilia Barowski (Hoka)Millrose G02/11
2:01.78Sammy Watson (NYHS)Millrose G02/11
2:02.13-Hanna Green (VaT)NCAA Ind03/11
2:02.20Cory McGee (NBalB)Terrier Inv01/27
2:02.22Megan Krumpoch (NBalB)Terrier Inv01/27
2:02.35-Shea Collinsworth (BYU)NCAA Ind03/11
2:03.01***Ruby Stauber (LSU)NCAA Ind03/11
2:03.96Lauren Wallace (NCD)Terrier Inv01/27
2:04.02*Elinor Purrier (NH)America East Ind02/25
2:04.08**Jasmine Staebler (IaSt)NCAA Ind03/11
2:04.28Ce’aira Brown (Hoka)Boston LC02/26
2:04.45*Olivia Baker (Stan)NCAA Ind03/11
2:04.79-Morgan Schuetz (LSU)Auburn Inv01/21
2:04.82-Rachel Weber (OhSt)Columbus02/17
2:04.83(A)*Sadi Henderson (Boise)Mtn West Ind02/25
2:04.90Olicia Williams (NBal)New Balance GP01/28
2:05.01**Ersula Farrow (Clem)Tiger Paw Inv02/11
2:05.04-Katie Willard (TxAM)Razorback Inv01/28
2:05.31Chrishuna Williams (Nik)Birmingham02/18
2:05.51*Elise Cranny (Stan)National Inv01/28
2:05.64Angel Piccirillo (unat)Staten Island02/04
2:05.65*Carsyn Koch (Cedar)NCAA II Ind03/11
2:05.81-Rebecca Mehra (Stan)National Inv01/28
2:06.08Rachel McArthur (VaHS)NBIN03/12
2:06.49-Brittney Wade (Col)Staten Island02/04
2:06.60***Aaliyah Miller (Bay)TxAM Tm Inv01/14
2:06.62*Brooke Feldmeier (Or)East-West Chall01/28
2:06.74Dana Mecke (TxEl)Camel City Inv02/04
2:06.76**Hannah Parker (Ct)East-West Chall01/28
2:06.81**Kaley Ciluffo (Vill)Staten Island02/10
2:06.96*Courtney Clayton (Vand)NCAA Ind03/10
2:07.00*Michelle Howell (Jack)ASun Ind02/24
2:07.01-Whitney Adams (Ks)Tyson Inv02/10
2:07.17Jessica Teal (GBTC)Terrier Inv01/27
2:07.28-Madeline Kopp (Duke)NCAA Ind03/10
2:07.32***Sage Hurta (Co)Boulder02/04
Foreign Collegians:
2:02.97*Siofra Cleirigh-Buttner (Vill-Ire)East-West Chall01/28
2:04.45**Abike Egbeniyi (MTn-Ngr)Boston LC02/26
2:04.63*Agnes Abu (MTn-Uga)Boston LC02/26
2:04.68*Kaylee Dodd (OkSt-GB)Arkansas Qual02/17
2:06.55(A)-Sophie Connor (NM-GB)Mtn West Ind02/25
2:06.70*Rosie Chamberlain (UCF-GB)Pollock Inv01/28
Oversized Track:
2:01.42-Shea Collinsworth (BYU)Iowa St Cl02/11
2:02.29Kate Grace (NCD)Washington Inv01/28
2:02.89***Aaliyah Miller (Bay)Iowa St Cl02/11
2:03.01-Morgan Schuetz (LSU)Iowa St Cl02/11
2:03.08**Jasmine Staebler (IaSt)Iowa St Cl02/11
2:03.41*Olivia Baker (Stan)MPSF Ind02/25
2:03.67Shannon Osika (Sauc)Meyo Inv02/04
2:03.80-Hannah Segrave (Millig-GB)Music City Chall02/11
2:04.01*Sadi Henderson (Boise)Washington Inv01/28
2:04.04***Danae Rivers (PennSt)McCravy Mem01/21
2:04.24*Courtney Clayton (Vand)Music City Chall02/11
2:04.60-Madeline Kopp (Duke)ACC Ind02/25
2:04.77-Kaela Edwards (OkSt)Big 12 Ind02/25
2:04.79*Michelle Howell (Jack)Music City Chall02/11
2:04.85Baylee Mires (BB)Washington Inv01/28
2:04.96**Rachel Pocratsky (VaT)ACC Ind02/25
2:04.98**Ersula Farrow (Clem)ACC Ind02/25
2:05.28Claudia Saunders (BB)Washington Inv01/28
2:05.38**Maddie McHugh (Ms)SEC Ind02/25
2:05.49*Brooke Feldmeier (Or)Husky Cl02/11
2:05.65Stephanie Garcia (NBal)Vanderbilt Inv01/21
2:05.67Brette Correy (unat)Iowa St Cl02/11
Megan Malasarte (AtlTC)Music City Chall02/11
2:05.77*Rosie Chamberlain (UCF-GB)Music City Chall02/11
2:05.84-Jamie Morrissey (Mi)SPIRE Inv02/11
2:05.86**Ceara Watson (Ar)SEC Ind02/25
2:05.94**Mikaela Smith (USC)MPSF Ind02/25
2:06.47***Damajahnee Birch (Ar)Vanderbilt Inv01/21
-Brenna Detra (Wi)Iowa St Cl02/11
2:06.79**Kristyn Williams (Al)SEC Ind02/25
2:06.91**Elissa Mann (Co)Husky Cl02/11
2:06.99***Rachel Banks (PennSt)Big Ten Ind02/24
2:07.12Dominique Jackson (OisSRA)Husky Cl02/11
2:07.19**Kelly Hart (NDm)ACC Ind02/24
2:07.25***Lakeisha Warner (Clem-BVI)ACC Ind02/24
2:07.30-Savannah Camacho (OkSt)Big 12 Ind02/25

2:36.97Kate Grace (Nik)Birmingham02/18
2:37.97(A)Charlene Lipsey (adi)USATF Ind03/05
2:38.33(A)Lauren Johnson (unat)USATF Ind03/05
2:40.18(A)Hannah Fields (Brk)USATF Ind03/05
2:40.72(A)Sammy Watson (NYHS)USATF Ind03/05
2:40.79-Kaela Edwards (OkSt)Holiday Inn Inv01/13
2:41.42(A)Megan Krumpoch (NBal)USATF Ind03/05
2:41.76(A)Stephanie Schappert (HokaNJNY)USATF Ind03/05
2:42.71Ajee’ Wilson (adi)Haverford12/03
2:43.15**Jazmine Fray (TxAM)Reveille Inv12/10
2:43.45Meg Manley (CPTC)Ocean Breeze GP02/18
2:43.69(A)Eleanor Fulton (Skech)USATF Ind03/04
2:43.73(A)Claudia Saunders (Brk)USATF Ind03/04
2:43.90(A)Baylee Mires (Brk)USATF Ind03/04
2:44.00(A)Dana Mecke (TxE)USATF Ind03/04
2:44.23**Rachel Pocratsky (VaT)Hokie Inv01/20
2:44.52*Amanda Corbosiero (Rich)Armory Inv02/04
2:44.56-Hanna Green (VaT)Hokie Inv01/20
2:44.89Kristin Andrews (Shore)Ocean Breeze GP02/18
2:45.43Stephanie Herrick (CPTC)Ocean Breeze GP02/18
2:45.51Megan Malasarte (AtlTC)Terrier Inv01/27
2:45.71Myah Hicks (Dist)Ocean Breeze GP02/18
2:45.91**Kaley Ciluffo (Vill)Staten Island01/20
2:46.12Caitlin Abelseth (Heartb)Hemery Inv02/10
2:46.20-Kaitlin Hanss (Prin)Harvard Tri01/29
2:46.38*Emma Keenan (Gtn)Nittany Lion01/14
2:46.48*Brenna Calder (In)Hoosier Open12/09
*Clare Peabody (Brown)Hemery Inv02/10
2:46.75*Shannon Hugard (Corn)ECAC Ind03/05
2:47.41Brigitte Mania (ATC)Terrier Inv01/27
2:47.43*Kathryn Loughnane (MaL)Hemery Inv02/10
2:47.47-Jenna Cupp (Monm)Staten Island01/20
2:47.72*Annika Sisson (SB)ECAC Ind03/05
2:47.83-Devon Towell (Col)Armory Inv02/04
2:47.86Katelyn Tuohy (NYHS)NY Sect 1A02/06
2:47.88*Kennedy Weisner (Gtn)Nittany Lion01/14
2:47.93Ericka Charles (unat)Lynchburg02/11
2:48.06**Sammy Bockoven (Vill)Staten Island01/20
2:48.15-Emily Waligurski (Yale)Harvard Tri01/29
2:48.25Leya Salis (MaHS)Roxbury03/04
Foreign Collegians:
2:44.10-Frances Schmiede (Yale-Aus)Harvard Tri01/29
2:46.61*Bridget O’Neill (Dart-Can)Hemery Inv02/10
2:46.67*Alexandra Lucki (Md-Can)Nittany Lion01/14
2:48.00*Chelsea Jarvis (OkSt-GB)Holiday Inn Inv01/13
Oversized Track:
2:43.31Lauren Wallace (NCD)Wash Prev01/14
2:43.69-Rebecca Mehra (Stan)Wash Prev01/14
2:43.78McKayla Fricker (Brk)Wash Prev01/14
2:45.79-Malika Waschmann (Stan)Wash Prev01/14
2:46.14**Lilli Burdon (Or-Aus)Wash Prev01/14
2:46.18**Abbie Hetherington (OkSt-GB)Big 12 Ind02/25
2:46.49*Alexandra Lucki (Md-Can)SPIRE Inv02/10
2:46.52*Evelyne Guay (IaSt-Can)Big 12 Ind02/25
2:46.82*Amy-Eloise Neale (Wa-GB)Wash Prev01/14
2:47.13*Chelsea Jarvis (OkSt-GB)Big 12 Ind02/25
2:47.72***Aaliyah Miller (Bay)Big 12 Ind02/25
2:48.00***Ariane Ballner (OkSt-Ger)Big 12 Ind02/25

4:04.56Shannon Rowbury (NikOP)Millrose G02/11
4:04.86Kate Grace (NikOP)Millrose G02/11
4:11.00-Kaela Edwards (OkSt)Millrose G02/11
4:11.12Alexa Efraimson (Nik)Millrose G02/11
4:11.43Heather Kampf (Asics)Millrose G02/11
4:11.93Leah O’Connor (adi)Millrose G02/11
4:12.24Charlene Lipsey (adi)Armory Inv02/04
4:12.35*Elinor Purrier (NH)Millrose G02/11
4:13.86Katie Mackey (BB)Millrose G02/11
4:14.49Kerri Gallagher (Nik)NBal G01/21
4:16.01Stephanie Schappert (Hoka)Boston LC02/26
4:18.55Amanda Eccleston (Brk)Millrose G02/11
4:19.07Lauren Johnson (unat)Armory Inv02/04
4:20.16Alex Price (unat)Cardiff02/05
4:20.53*Nikki Hiltz (Ar)Armory Inv02/04
4:20.88Lauren Wallace (NCD)NBal G01/21

4:22.93Kate Grace (NikOP)Millrose G02/11
4:23.05Shannon Rowbury (NikOP)Millrose G02/11
4:24.16Shelby Houlihan (BowTC)Hemery Inv02/10
4:24.88Colleen Quigley (BowTC)Hemery Inv02/10
4:25.62Rachel Schneider (UArm)Hemery Inv02/10
4:28.39Heather Kampf (Asics)Millrose G02/11
4:28.75-Kaela Edwards (OkSt)Millrose G02/11
4:29.44*Elinor Purrier (NH)Millrose G02/11
4:29.54Alexa Efraimson (Nik)Millrose G02/11
4:30.03Cory McGee (NBal)Camel City Inv02/04
4:30.13Charlene Lipsey (adi)Armory Inv02/04
4:31.24*Karisa Nelson (Samf)NCAA Ind03/11
4:32.03Megan Krumpoch (NBalB)Hemery Inv02/10
4:32.35Kerri Gallagher (Nik)New Balance G01/21
4:32.41Stephanie Garcia (NBal)Camel City Inv02/04
4:33.59Katie Mackey (BB)Millrose G02/11
4:33.89***Danae Rivers (PennSt)NCAA Ind03/11
4:34.39Leah O’Connor (adi)Millrose G02/11
4:34.49*Millie Paladino (Prov)Hemery Inv02/10
4:34.54-Therese Haiss (Ar)NCAA Ind03/11
4:34.57*Nikki Hiltz (Ar)NCAA Ind03/11
4:35.39Stephanie Schappert (Hoka)Boston LC02/26
4:35.47Becca Addison (Sauc)Hemery Inv02/10
4:35.58*Grace Barnett (Clem)NCAA Ind03/10
4:35.61*Karissa Schweizer (Mo)Razorback Inv01/28
4:36.16**Nicole Hutchinson (Vill)UCS Inv02/18
4:36.74Lauren Johnson (unat)Armory Inv02/04
4:37.17Emily Lipari (BAA)Hemery Inv02/10
4:37.48-Samantha Nadel (Or)East-West Chall01/28
4:37.64Angel Piccirillo (unat)East-West Chall01/28
4:37.92*Kennedy Weisner (Gtn)Staten Island02/10
4:38.27**Sammy Bockoven (Vill)Staten Island02/10
4:38.46Amanda Eccleston (Brk)Millrose G02/11
4:38.76Lauren Wallace (NCD)New Balance G01/21
4:38.82Katrina Coogan (NBalB)Hemery Inv02/10
4:39.05-Megan Moye (NCSt)UCS Inv02/18
4:39.33Dana Giordano (unat)Terrier Inv01/27
4:39.50**Dani Jones (Co)Boulder02/04
4:39.61*Katie Jensen (Rice)CUSA Ind02/19
4:39.76*Erin Finn (Mi)Ann Arbor01/14
Foreign Collegians:
4:33.16*Siofra Cleirigh-Buttner (Vill-Ire)Staten Island02/10
4:34.54-Frances Schmiede (Yale-Aus)Hemery Inv02/10
4:35.12*Amy-Eloise Neale (Wa-GB)NCAA Ind03/11
4:37.42*Alicja Konieczek (WnCo-Pol)NCAA II Ind03/11
4:38.80**Lilli Burdon (Or-Can)East-West Chall01/28
Oversized Track:
4:27.27Brie Felnagle (adi)Washington Inv01/28
4:32.55***Danae Rivers (PennSt)Husky Cl02/11
4:33.80*Jessica Harris (NDm)ACC Ind02/25
4:33.86*Grace Barnett (Clem)ACC Ind02/25
4:34.15*Amy-Eloise Neale (Wa-GB)Husky Cl02/11
4:35.60***Katie Rainsberger (Or)MPSF Ind02/25
4:35.62Ashley Maton (unat)Husky Cl02/11
4:35.72Eleanor Fulton (Skech)Washington Inv01/28
4:35.76-Shea Collinsworth (BYU)MPSF Ind02/25
4:36.38Katie McMenamin (RootsRP)Husky Cl02/11
4:36.68*Gina Sereno (Mi)Meyo Inv02/04
4:36.76-Megan Moye (NCSt)ACC Ind02/25
4:36.89-Sophie Connor (NM-GB)Wilson Inv02/18
4:36.98**Lilli Burdon (Or-Can)Husky Cl02/11
4:37.88Samantha Johnson (unat)Meyo Inv02/04
4:38.27Dana Mecke (TxEl)Washington Inv01/28
4:38.35*Erin Finn (Mi)Meyo Inv02/04
4:38.39***Sage Hurta (Co)Husky Cl02/11
4:38.45-Morgan Schuetz (LSU)SEC Ind02/25
4:38.79Alexina Wilson (Ois)Meyo Inv02/04
4:38.88*Brenna Calder (In)Meyo Inv02/04
*Madeline Strandemo (Mn)Meyo Inv02/04
4:38.95*Erica Birk (BYU)Iowa St Cl02/10
4:39.11-Mary Beth Hamilton (Tx)Husky Cl02/11
4:39.18**Emma Abrahamson (Or)Husky Cl02/11
4:39.23*Claire Green (Az)MPSF Ind02/25
4:39.46*Emilee Trost (MnD)Iowa St Cl02/10
4:39.48*Ashleigh Warner (BYU)Iowa St Cl02/10
4:39.57*Rhianwedd Price (MsSt-GB)Music City Chall02/11
4:39.64-Olivia Anderson (Butler)Husky Cl02/11

8:41.94Shannon Rowbury (Nik)New Balance GP01/28
8:51.27Heather Kampf (Asics)Armory Inv02/04
8:53.48Stephanie Garcia (NBal)Millrose G02/11
8:54.61Tori Gerlach (unat)Millrose G02/11
8:56.52Shannon Osika (Sauc)Millrose G02/11
8:57.24Emily Lipari (BAA)Armory Inv02/04
8:59.53Katie Mackey (NikOP)Birmingham02/18
9:00.35Sara Sutherland (Sauc)Camel City Inv02/04
9:05.59Emily Sisson (NBal)Boston LC02/26
9:05.66*Katie Jensen (Rice)Boston LC02/26
9:05.85Molly Huddle (Sauc)Boston LC02/26
9:06.61Leah O’Connor (adi)New Balance GP01/28
9:06.68*Allie Buchalski (Furm)Camel City Inv02/04
9:07.21*Claire Green (Az)Armory Inv02/04
9:07.22**Tessa Barrett (PennSt)National Inv01/28
9:07.98Sara Vaughn (Brk)Camel City Inv02/04
9:08.78Emma Bates (BAA)Armory Inv02/04
9:09.20**Dani Jones (Co)NCAA Ind03/11
9:09.33*Karissa Schweizer (Mo)NCAA Ind03/11
9:09.87***Katie Rainsberger (Or)NCAA Ind03/11
9:09.99**Rachel Koon (NCSt)Camel City Inv02/04
9:10.23**Katherine Receveur (In)Gladstein Inv01/20
9:10.56-Henna Rustami (Col)Staten Island02/04
9:10.65Angel Piccirillo (unat)Millrose G02/11
9:10.88-Samantha Nadel (Or)NCAA Ind03/11
9:10.92*Vanessa Fraser (Stan)NCAA Ind03/11
9:11.74Katrina Coogan (NBalB)Boston LC02/26
9:13.56-Erin Clark (Co)NCAA Ind03/11
9:14.12Kate Murphy (VaHS)Freedom G01/07
9:14.98*Alli Cash (Or)NCAA Ind03/11
9:15.58Emily Oren (Ois)Hemery Inv02/10
9:15.80**Paige Stoner (Syr)Hemery Inv02/10
9:16.59*Maggie Schmaedick (Or)East-West Chall01/28
9:17.85*Elise Cranny (Stan)NCAA Ind03/11
9:18.13*Mia Meydrich (MsSt)Boston02/04
9:18.78*Grace Barnett (Clem)Armory Inv02/04
9:19.66-Christina Melian (SB)Staten Island02/10
9:19.91-Veronica Eder (Aub)Razorback Inv01/28
Foreign Collegians:
9:09.59**Nicole Hutchinson (Vill-Can)Staten Island02/04
9:09.77-Calli Thackery (NM-GB)USATFNE02/19
9:18.20-Cleo Boyd (Va-Can)Boston02/04
***Carmela Cardama Baez (FlSt-Spa)Hemery Inv02/10
Oversized Track:
8:47.26Kate Grace (NCD)Wash Prev01/14
8:52.35Brie Felnagle (adi)Wash Prev01/14
8:54.71Lauren Paquette (Brk)Wash Prev01/14
8:56.14Leah O’Connor (adi)Wash Prev01/14
9:01.21***Katie Rainsberger (Or)Husky Cl02/11
9:02.22**Dani Jones (Co)Husky Cl02/11
9:03.00Amanda Eccleston (Brk)Meyo Inv02/04
9:03.71**Katherine Receveur (In)Meyo Inv02/04
9:04.78*Vanessa Fraser (Stan)Husky Cl02/11
9:05.62-Samantha Nadel (Or)Husky Cl02/11
9:05.93-Erin Clark (Co)Husky Cl02/11
9:05.94*Claire Green (Az)Husky Cl02/11
9:06.34***Taylor Werner (Ar)Husky Cl02/11
9:06.35*Elise Cranny (Stan)Husky Cl02/11
9:06.60*Karissa Schweizer (Mo)Iowa St Cl02/10
9:06.91*Alli Cash (Or)Husky Cl02/11
9:07.00*Gina Sereno (Mi)Big Ten Ind02/25
9:07.24*Erin Finn (Mi)Notre Dame Inv01/21
9:09.01***Clare O’Brien (Boise)Husky Cl02/11
9:10.42*Jordann McDermitt (EnMi)Meyo Inv02/04
9:11.42*Kaitlyn Benner (Co)MPSF Ind02/25
9:11.61*Natalie Schudrowitz (Brown)Husky Cl02/11
9:11.63-Alexis Wiersma (MiSt)Meyo Inv02/04
9:12.16**Lauren LaRocco (Port)MPSF Ind02/25
9:12.58Christina Aragon (unat)Washington Inv01/28
9:12.89-Maggie Montoya (Bay)Iowa St Cl02/10
9:15.03-Alsu Bogdanova (EnMi-Rus)Iowa St Cl02/10
9:15.22Marisa Howard (Ois)Washington Inv01/28
**Anna Rohrer (NDm)Meyo Inv02/04
9:15.34*Karisa Nelson (Samf)Vanderbilt Inv01/21
9:15.51Fiona O’Keeffe (unat)Washington Inv01/28
9:16.02-Hannah Richardson (Ks)Big 12 Ind02/25
9:16.62Bridget Lyons (ATC)Vanderbilt Inv01/21
9:17.17Kinsey Gomez (Skech)Husky Cl02/11
9:17.36Alexina Wilson (Ois)Iowa St Cl02/10
9:17.39*Shelby Brown (Ms)Iowa St Cl02/10
9:17.54*Madeline Strandemo (Mn)Iowa St Cl02/10
9:17.60***Ryen Frazier (NCSt)Iowa St Cl02/10
9:17.90*Alicja Konieczek (WnCo-Pol)Husky Cl02/11
9:17.95*Sophie Chase (Stan)Iowa St Cl02/10
9:17.97*Amy-Eloise Neale (Wa-GB)Washington Inv01/28
9:18.21Tricia Terry (TxEl)Washington Inv01/28
9:18.87-Anne-Marie Blaney (UCF)McCravy Mem01/21
9:19.21**Brenley Goertzen (TCU)Husky Cl02/11
9:19.43Alicia Nelson (RME)Husky Cl02/11
9:19.79*Erika Kemp (NCSt)ACC Ind02/25
9:19.87Ashley Maton (unat)Wash Prev01/14

10:19.14(A)Shelby Houlihan (BowTC)USATF Ind03/05

15:01.64Molly Huddle (Sauc)Boston LC02/26
15:02.10Emily Sisson (NBal)Boston LC02/26
15:19.14*Karissa Schweizer (Mo)NCAA Ind03/10
15:27.36*Erin Finn (Mi)NCAA Ind03/10
15:29.83**Anna Rohrer (NDm)NCAA Ind03/10
15:41.69*Allie Buchalski (Furm)NCAA Ind03/10
15:42.29**Tessa Barrett (PennSt)NCAA Ind03/10
15:43.95*Jordann McDermitt (EnMi)NCAA Ind03/10
15:49.26-Anne-Marie Blaney (UCF)NCAA Ind03/10
15:51.12Katie McMenamin (RootsRP)Boston12/03
15:55.75Brie Oakley (CoHS)NBIN03/10
15:56.54-Olivia Pratt (Butler)NCAA Ind03/10
15:58.50Rachel Sorna Schilkowsky (RabR)Hemery Inv02/10
15:59.19*Erika Kemp (NCSt)NCAA Ind03/10
16:01.54Bridget Lyons (AtlTC)Terrier Inv01/27
16:03.45*Regan Rome (WM)Boston LC02/26
16:03.80**Lauren LaRocco (Port)NCAA Ind03/10
16:04.01**Rachel Koon (NCSt)Boston12/03
16:05.82Marci Gage (Sauc)Terrier Inv01/27
16:07.26***Judy Pendergast (Harv)Heps Ind02/26
16:07.30*Maggie Schmaedick (Or)NCAA Ind03/10
16:07.66Katie Matthews (BAA)Hemery Inv02/10
16:08.80-Natalie Tanner (Col)Heps Ind02/26
16:09.38Holly Rees (BRTC)Boston12/03
16:12.39***Makena Morley (Co)NCAA Ind03/10
16:14.99Lauren Hill (unat)Saginaw12/03
16:18.71Alexandria Hackett (unat)Frisco02/10
16:19.36*Michaela Hackett (ACU)Frisco02/10
16:19.40**Bella Burda (Vill)Big East Ind02/24
16:20.53*Alexis Zeis (Mary)Brookings02/11
16:23.85-Kendra Foley (GVal)NCAA II Ind03/09
16:24.00*Grayson Murphy (Ut)NCAA Ind03/10
16:25.19Bethany Sachtleben (unat)Fairfax01/28
16:26.02-Kaitlyn Arnold (Alma)Saginaw12/03
16:26.32-Brittney Feivor (Marq)Big East Ind02/24
16:26.71**Paige Stoner (Syr)Terrier Inv01/27
16:27.48Laura Paulsen (GBTC)Boston LC02/26
16:27.74***Ryen Frazier (NCSt)Boston12/03
16:28.15*Taryn Cordani (Ithaca)NCAA III Ind03/10
16:28.49-Cleo Whiting (Penn)Heps Ind02/26
Foreign Collegians:
15:46.13*Brianna Ilarda (Prov-Aus)NCAA Ind03/10
15:56.24*Alice Wright (NM-GB)NCAA Ind03/10
16:15.92*Charlotte Imer (EnKy-Aus)Ohio Val Ind02/24
16:16.84***Hannah Miller (SMU-NZ)American Ind02/24
16:25.25***Annie Bothma (CCar-SA)Hokie Inv01/21
Oversized Track:
15:28.89**Katherine Receveur (In)Big Ten Ind02/25
15:28.99**Tessa Barrett (PennSt)Big Ten Ind02/25
15:50.96-Erin Clark (Co)MPSF Ind02/24
15:51.11Maddie Van Beek (Brk)Iowa St Cl02/10
15:52.28*Maggie Schmaedick (Or)MPSF Ind02/24
15:52.64***Judy Pendergast (Harv)Husky Cl02/10
15:53.24*Grayson Murphy (Ut)MPSF Ind02/24
15:53.73-Chelsea Blaase (Tn)Husky Cl02/10
15:54.26**Lauren LaRocco (Port)Husky Cl02/10
15:55.35Mara Olson (adiRME)Husky Cl02/10
15:56.89*Vanessa Fraser (Stan)Washington Inv01/27
15:58.07***Makena Morley (Co)MPSF Ind02/24
16:00.27*Alli Cash (Or)Husky Cl02/10
16:01.18-Alexis Wiersma (MiSt)SPIRE Inv02/10
16:01.90**Jillian Hunsberger (PennSt)Big Ten Ind02/25
16:02.80**Brenley Goertzen (TCU)Big 12 Ind02/24
16:03.05*Sarah Disanza (Wi)Big Ten Ind02/25
16:03.47-Chelsey Albertson (AzSt)Iowa St Cl02/10
16:04.05***Taylor Werner (Ar)SEC Ind02/25
16:04.76-Cleo Boyd (Va-Can)ACC Ind02/24
16:04.78*Katie Jensen (Rice)Husky Cl02/10
16:05.04**Paige Stoner (Syr)ACC Ind02/24
16:05.23**Jamie Kempfer (Mo)Iowa St Cl02/10
16:05.52*Gina Sereno (Mi)Big Ten Ind02/25
16:07.49***Carmela Cardama Baez (FlSt)ACC Ind02/24
16:07.74-Veronica Eder (Aub)SEC Ind02/25
-Sandie Raines (Tx)Husky Cl02/10
16:08.55*Katy Kunc (Ky)Iowa St Cl02/10
16:08.98-Charlotte Taylor (SF-GB)Husky Cl02/10
16:09.04*Paige Gilchrist (NnAz)Iowa St Cl02/10
16:09.68***Emma Benner (Pur)Iowa St Cl02/10
16:10.05**Margaret Allen (In)Big Ten Ind02/25
16:10.06**Gillian Schriever (Pitt)ACC Ind02/24
16:11.44Emily Oren (unat)Allendale12/02
16:11.90-Michelle Lee (Wi)Iowa St Cl02/10
16:12.67-Mary Alex England (Ms)SEC Ind02/25
16:12.72*Natalie Cizmas (EnMi)Allendale12/02
16:13.04*Charlotte Imer (EnKy-Aus)Iowa St Cl02/10
16:13.08-Taylor Tubbs (Fl)Iowa St Cl02/10
16:13.51***Lindsey Bradley (Bay)Iowa St Cl02/10
16:14.05**Amy Davis (Wi)Iowa St Cl02/10
16:14.76*Jillian Forsey (WV-Can)Husky Cl02/10
16:15.54*Bethan Knights (Cal-GB)Washington Inv01/27
16:15.66*Laura Young (BYU)MPSF Ind02/24
16:15.87***Alicia Monson (Wi)Iowa St Cl02/10
16:16.25*Anna Braswell (Ms)Iowa St Cl02/10
16:16.42*Devon Bortfeld (WaSt)MPSF Ind02/24
16:16.83-Maggie Montoya (Bay)Big 12 Ind02/24
16:16.99*Emily Bean (Ms)SEC Ind02/25
16:17.08**Winny Koech (UTEP-Ken)Husky Cl02/10
16:18.54*Jocelyn Caro (TxT)Big 12 Ind02/24
16:18.81Hannah Davidson (unat)Washington Inv01/27
16:19.48-Ellie Child (Web)Husky Cl02/10
16:19.60*Addi Zerrenner (Az)Husky Cl02/10
16:19.69Tansey Lystad (unat)Washington Inv01/27
16:20.73*Tayler Tuttle (Co)Husky Cl02/10
16:20.77-Alsu Bogdanova (EnMi-Rus)Allendale12/02
16:21.56-Annie Kelly (Co)MPSF Ind02/24
16:22.10***Olivia Hoj (BYU)Washington Inv01/27
16:22.19*Darby Gilfillan (CoSt)Husky Cl02/10
16:22.91***Abby Gray (Ar)SEC Ind02/25
16:22.94*Aurora Dybedokken (OkSt-Nor)Big 12 Ind02/24
16:23.08***Anna West (Bay)Big 12 Ind02/24
16:23.21-Peyton Thomas (Bay)Iowa St Cl02/10
16:24.38**Brenna Peloquin (Boise)Husky Cl02/10
16:24.81**Sydney Brown (Ar)SEC Ind02/25
16:25.42*Joan Jepkirui (Tol-Ken)SPIRE Inv02/10
16:25.62-Yesenia Silva (BYU)Washington Inv01/27
16:26.27**Shannon Fair (MsSt)SEC Ind02/25
16:27.09***Madeline Trevisan (Mi)Allendale12/02
16:27.76Margaret Connelly (RootsRP)Husky Cl02/10
16:28.13-Kira Garry (Mi)SPIRE Inv02/10

7.79Shadajah Ballard (VaHS)Hampton12/03

7.74(A)Keni Harrison (adi)USATF Ind03/05
7.82Christina Manning (adi)Athlone02/15
(A)Jasmin Stowers (Nik)USATF Ind03/05
7.87(A)Sharika Nelvis (adi)USATF Ind03/05
-Sasha Wallace (Or)NCAA Ind03/10
7.95(A)Jackie Coward (unat)USATF Ind03/05
7.98*Mikiah Brisco (LSU)Tyson Inv02/10
***Anna Cockrell (USC)NCAA Ind03/10
8.00Tiffani McReynolds (unat)Lodz02/16
8.01(A)**Alaysha Johnson (Or)Kirby Inv02/11
8.03Janay Soukup (Nik)Millrose G02/11
-Kendell Williams (Ga)NCAA Ind03/10
8.04(A)Evonne Britton (unat)USATF Ind03/05
8.05-Vanessa Clerveaux (Al)SEC Ind02/25
8.06(A)-Lorenda Holston (CoSt)Kirby Inv02/11
8.08**Dior Hall (USC)Tyson Inv02/10
8.09Raven Clay (unat)Lodz02/16
8.10Jade Barber (unat)Mondeville02/04
(A)Kaila Barber (unat)USATF Ind03/05
8.11(A)-Micha Auzenne (SDi)Albuquerque01/21
Kori Carter (Jord)Tyson Inv02/10
8.12-Ebony Morrison (Mia)ACC Ind02/25
8.13*Taliyah Brooks (Ar)NCAA Ind03/10
*Emma Spagnola (Mn)Big Ten Ind02/24
8.14Chanel Brissett (PaHS)University Park02/25
Tara Davis (CaHS)NBIN03/12
8.15*Jacklyn Howell (Ky)Husker Inv02/04
8.17Shanice Grant (Jam)Millrose G02/11
8.18***Cortney Jones (FlSt)ACC Ind02/25
8.20Alexis Perry (unat)Tiger Paw Inv02/10
8.21**Michelle Atherley (Mia)ACC Ind02/25
*Quenee Dale (PennSt)Big Ten Ind02/25
**Jasmyne Graham (USC)MPSF Ind02/25
-Taylor Larch-Miller (Wich)Missouri Val Ind02/25
***Tonea Marshall (LSU)SEC Ind02/25
*Skylar Ross-Ransom (Fl)SEC Ind02/25
8.22*Tiffany Flynn (MsSt)Music City Chall02/11
-Nikki Larch-Miller (Wich)Missouri Val Ind02/26
(A)Breana Norman (unat)USATF Ind03/05
8.23**Jasmine Barge (Nb)Big Ten Ind02/24
(A)Jessie Gaines (adiGS)USATF Ind03/05
*Ariel Jones (Tx)Big 12 Ind02/25
(A)*Taylor Pegram (UNLV)Mtn West Ind02/25
Foreign Collegians:
7.93-Devynne Charlton (Pur-Bah)NCAA Ind03/11
7.97**Pedrya Seymour (Il-Bah)NCAA Ind03/11
7.98(A)**Tobi Amusan (UTEP-Ngr)Kirby Inv02/11
8.02***Rushelle Burton (Tx-Jam)NCAA Ind03/11
**Jasmine Camacho-Quinn (Ky-PR)SEC Ind02/25
8.13-Kimberly Golding (Mn-Jam)Big Ten Ind02/24
8.15**Peta-Gay Williams (FlSt-Jam)Tyson Inv02/10
8.20*Daeshon Gordon (NWnLa-Jam)Southland Ind02/23
8.21*Tia Thevenin (Syr-Can)Staten Island01/27

4 x 200
1:36.37DukeArmory Inv02/04
1:36.76South CarolinaArmory Inv02/04
1:37.80Armory YouthArmory Inv02/04
1:38.19USAArmory Inv02/04

4 x 400
3:27.03USCNCAA Ind03/11
3:27.07OregonNCAA Ind03/11
3:28.36Texas A&MNCAA Ind03/11
3:28.62AlabamaNCAA Ind03/11
3:30.60BaylorNCAA Ind03/11
3:31.23Ohio StateNCAA Ind03/11
3:31.85MiamiNCAA Ind03/11
3:31.94FloridaNCAA Ind03/11
3:32.14South CarolinaNCAA Ind03/11
3:32.33LSUTyson Inv02/11
3:32.34ArkansasNCAA Ind03/11
PurdueNCAA Ind03/11
3:33.71TexasHusker Inv02/04
3:35.87Tyson StarsTyson Inv02/11
3:36.21KentuckyTyson Inv02/11
3:36.30DukeTyson Inv02/11
3:36.31(A)ArizonaKirby Inv02/11
3:36.46TennesseeRazorback Inv01/28
3:36.61KansasTyson Inv02/11
3:37.53Middle Tennessee StateCUSA Ind02/19
3:37.59Arkansas AlumsArkansas Qual02/17
3:37.62Boston UECAC Ind03/05
3:37.69Texas TechTyson Inv02/11
3:38.27ClemsonThomas Inv02/04
3:38.54HoustonTyson Inv02/11
3:39.55MarylandHusker Inv02/04
3:39.87UTEPCUSA Ind02/19
3:39.97NebraskaHusker Inv02/04
Oversized Track:
3:31.50LSUSEC Ind02/25
3:31.90PurdueBig Ten Ind02/25
3:32.27ArkansasSEC Ind02/25
3:33.59TexasBig 12 Ind02/25
3:35.87KentuckyMcCravy Mem01/21
3:35.97MarylandBig Ten Ind02/25
3:36.13KansasWilson Inv02/18
3:36.25DukeACC Ind02/25
3:36.26StanfordMPSF Ind02/25
3:36.61ClemsonACC Ind02/25
3:37.20MinnesotaBig Ten Ind02/25
3:37.42Virginia TechACC Ind02/25
3:37.49MissouriSEC Ind02/25
3:38.00OklahomaBig 12 Ind02/25
3:38.36Penn StateBig Ten Ind02/25
3:38.56IowaBig Ten Ind02/25
3:38.93Barton CountyJUCO Ind03/04
3:38.96North CarolinaACC Ind02/25
3:39.53Kansas StateBig 12 Ind02/25

4 x 800
8:42.67VillanovaBig East Ind02/25
8:42.72GeorgetownBig East Ind02/25
8:43.06Boston CollegeECAC Ind03/05
8:43.46PrincetonHeps Ind02/26
8:44.57MonmouthECAC Ind03/05
8:45.54PennHeps Ind02/26
8:46.10YaleHeps Ind02/26
8:50.58BucknellPatriot Ind02/19
8:53.78NavyPatriot Ind02/19
8:54.61Holy CrossPatriot Ind02/19
8:55.88LehighPatriot Ind02/19
8:58.26ArmyPatriot Ind02/19

10:40.31USA New Balance GPNew Balance GP01/28
10:48.77OregonEast-West Chall01/27
10:55.96New Balance BostonNew Balance GP01/28
11:00.34ColoradoNCAA Ind03/10
11:00.36StanfordNCAA Ind03/10
11:01.14VillanovaBig East Ind02/24
11:01.16Penn StateUniversity Park02/18
11:03.42BYUNCAA Ind03/10
11:04.74MichiganNCAA Ind03/10
11:05.35KansasNCAA Ind03/10
11:05.76Notre DameNCAA Ind03/10
11:06.03IndianaNCAA Ind03/10
11:06.83LSUNCAA Ind03/10
11:08.05Oklahoma StateRazorback Inv01/27
11:10.41ArkansasNCAA Ind03/10
11:10.63Mississippi StateBoston02/03
11:12.77Central Park TCNew Balance GP01/28
11:15.28Adams StateNCAA II Ind03/10
11:15.74SamfordUCS Inv02/18
11:16.90Minnesota-DuluthNCAA II Ind03/10
11:18.25PennEast-West Chall01/27
11:18.86Boston CollegeBoston02/03
11:19.39(A)Boise StateMtn West Ind02/24
11:19.55CedarvilleNCAA II Ind03/10
11:20.61WalshNCAA II Ind03/10
11:22.28ColumbiaEast-West Chall01/27
11:24.55Grand Valley StateNCAA II Ind03/10
11:25.76North CarolinaUCS Inv02/18
11:26.21DartmouthHeps Ind02/26
11:27.43PrincetonHeps Ind02/26
11:27.47DukeUCS Inv02/18
11:27.95BrownHeps Ind02/26
11:29.04(A)New MexicoMtn West Ind02/24
Oversized Track:
10:55.94IndianaWilson Inv02/18
10:56.93BYUWilson Inv02/18
10:57.66LSUWilson Inv02/18
10:57.93ArkansasWilson Inv02/18
10:58.02MichiganWilson Inv02/18
10:58.68ColoradoMPSF Ind02/24
10:59.82StanfordMPSF Ind02/24
11:01.85KansasWilson Inv02/18
11:02.32Notre DameACC Ind02/23
11:02.68ClemsonACC Ind02/23
11:05.68BaylorWilson Inv02/18
11:06.32Mississippi StateWilson Inv02/18
11:12.17Virginia TechMusic City Chall02/10
11:14.37WashingtonMPSF Ind02/24
11:15.84YaleWilson Inv02/18
11:16.53Boston CollegeACC Ind02/23
11:16.56Ole MissSEC Ind02/25
11:18.62Florida StateACC Ind02/23
11:18.78PittACC Ind02/23
11:18.84KentuckySEC Ind02/25
11:20.08NC StateACC Ind02/23
11:21.26WisconsinBig Ten Ind02/24
11:21.71DukeACC Ind02/23
11:22.81DartmouthWilson Inv02/18
11:23.32Ohio StateBig Ten Ind02/24
11:23.68UtahMPSF Ind02/24
11:24.59Oregon StateMPSF Ind02/24
11:25.63MarylandBig Ten Ind02/24
11:26.20Michigan StateBig Ten Ind02/24
11:26.58GeorgiaSEC Ind02/25
11:27.11BucknellMeyo Inv02/04
11:27.27VirginiaACC Ind02/23
11:27.78PortlandMPSF Ind02/24
11:28.08TexasMcCravy Mem01/21
11:28.58MinnesotaBig Ten Ind02/24
11:29.14NebraskaBig Ten Ind02/24

1.966-5Vashti Cunningham (Nik)USATF Ind03/05
1.936-4*Mady Fagan (Ga)NCAA Ind03/10
1.906-2¾*Logan Boss (MsSt)NCAA Ind03/10
**Stacey Destin (Al)NCAA Ind03/10
1.886-2Inika McPherson (unat)Lodz02/16
1.876-1½Erica Bougard (CVE)USATF Ind03/03
*Shelley Spires (AF)Air Force Inv01/21
1.856-¾-Kandie Bloch-Jones (Il)Champaign01/14
**Clarissa Cutliff (FlInt)Clemson01/07
**Nicole Greene (NC)Notre Dame Inv01/21
Maya Pressley (unat)USATF Ind03/05
**Zarriea Willis (TxT)Tyson Inv02/11
1.846-½*Taliyah Brooks (Ar)NCAA Ind03/10
-Nikki Manson (Akr)National Inv01/28
*Jailah Mason (Morg)College Park01/21
**Janae Moffitt (Pur)W Lafayette01/28
**Quamecha Morrison (BCook)MEAC Ind02/18
**Andrea Stapleton (BYU)Air Force Inv01/21
-Kendell Williams (Ga)SEC Ind02/25
1.825-11½Liz Evans (unat)Bloomington01/28
Barbara Nwaba (ABEO)Seattle01/27
Amina Smith (adiGS)USATF Ind03/05
1.815-11-Shanelle Dejournett (Brown)Cambridge01/14
*Haleigh Knapp (EnIl)Ohio Val Ind02/24
**Regan Lewis (Ball)MAC Ind02/25
Elizabeth Patterson (unat)Husky Cl02/11
Jelena Rowe (IlHS)Chicago Hts02/24
Kaitlyn Whitehorn (unat)Ocean Breeze GP02/18
1.8055-11Katie Isenbarger (InHS)Greencastle03/04
1.805-10¾***Morgan Coffman (KsSt)Lawrence01/06
*Chelsie Decoud (TxSt)Lincoln01/28
***Lily Lowe (Hi)MPSF Ind02/25
-Kaysee Pilgrim (UNLV)Kirby Inv02/10
Carlie Queen (MoHS)NBIN03/10
*Peyton Wade (Md)Big 10 Ind02/25
1.795-10½-Courtney Avery (Leh)Lewisburg02/10
-Emily Godwin (NC)ACC Ind02/24
**Kelsey Herman (Ar)Fayetteville01/27
Brittney Howell (unat)Albuquerque02/03
*Darragh May (ArSt)Sun Belt Ind02/20
*Megan McCloskey (PennSt)National Inv01/28
**Taylor Wiebke (Mn)Big Ten Ind02/25
Foreign Collegians:
1.906-2¾-Tatiana Gusin (Ga-Gre)Clemson01/07
1.886-2***Eleonora Omoregie (FlSt-Ita)ACC Ind02/24
1.876-1½-Kimberly Williamson (KsSt-Jam)Dodds Inv01/21
1.856-¾-Lisanne Hagens (Az-Swe)MPSF Ind02/25
1.836-0*Reka Czuth (Nb-Hun)Lincoln02/17
1.815-11¼***Nina Schultz (KsSt-Can)NCAA Ind03/10
1.805-10¾**Varvara Klyuchnikova (Vinc-Rus)Indianapolis01/28
***Karla Teran (Az-Mex)Flagstaff01/13
1.795-10½*Heta Tuuri (Mn-Fin)Music City Chall02/10

4.8115-9¼Jenn Suhr (adi)Kent01/14
4.7215-5¾Sandi Morris (Nik)Düsseldorf02/01
4.65(A)15-3Katie Nageotte (adi)USATF Ind03/05
(A)Mary Saxer (Nik)USATF Ind03/05
4.60(A)15-1Kortney Ross (unat)USATF Ind03/05
**Lexi Weeks (Ar)Arkansas Qual02/17
4.5715-0**Tori Weeks (Ar)SEC Ind02/24
4.5614-11½Morgann LeLeux (NHG)LSU Twi02/17
4.55(A)14-11Kristen Brown (Nik)USATF Ind03/05
Megan Clark (Ois)Washington Inv01/28
4.5114-9½Kristen Hixson (unat)Allendale02/10
4.4914-8¾**Olivia Gruver (Ky)SEC Ind02/24
4.4514-7¼Emily Grove (unat)Vermillion02/17
(A)Allison Koressel (unat)Air Force Inv01/21
-Annie Rhodes (Bay)NCAA Ind03/11
-Lakan Taylor (Al)NCAA Ind03/11
4.4214-6*Kally Long (Tx)TxAM Tm Inv01/14
4.40(A)14-5¼Jacqueline Williams (unat)USATF Ind03/05
4.3514-3Kayla Caldwell (unat)Hillsdale02/04
**Desiree Freier (Ar)Tyson Inv02/11
Alina McDonald (KMR)Music City Chall02/11
4.3314-2½*Emily Gunderson (TxAM)SEC Ind02/24
4.3214-2-Courtney Crandall (SiouxF)NSIC Ind02/25
4.2714-0*Madison Heath (Duke)Hokie Inv01/21
**Emily Presley (MoSn)Pittsburg01/28
-Elizabeth Quick (Wa)Mtn Pac Ind02/24
4.26(A)13-11¾**Kathryn Tomczak (AF)Air Force Chall02/04
4.2513-11¼*Sarah Bell (Vand)SEC Ind02/24
Sydney Clute (unat)Champaign02/18
*Katherine Pitman (Ithaca)Utica02/10
4.2413-11Carolina Carmichael (unat)Cape Girardeau02/17
Ari Ince (unat)Aggie Twi02/18
Ariel Voskamp (unat)Arkansas Qual02/17
4.2313-10½Rachel Baxter (CaHS)Wash Open02/12
Kristina Owsinski (unat)Husky Cl02/11
*Shay Petty (Tx)Husky Cl02/11
4.22(A)13-10-Alyssa Applebee (Tul)Kirby Inv02/11
(A)*Lindsey Murray (Ms)New Mexico Cl02/04
(A)**Greta Wagner (UCLA)Kirby Inv02/11
4.2013-9¼*Taylor Amann (Wi)Big Ten Ind02/25
(A)**Marissa Berry (SDi)Mtn West Ind02/24
Lauren Chorny (unat)Ann Arbor01/14
Katie Jones (PaHS)NBIN03/12
*Samantha Tollerud (Kent)Ypsilanti01/28
Foreign Collegians:
4.4014-5¼***Lucy Bryan (Akr-GB)NCAA Ind03/11
4.2714-0-Allison Harris (Prin-Can)VaT Chall02/18
4.2013-9¼***Helen Falda (UTA-Ita)Frisco02/10

6.9022-7¾-Sha’Keela Saunders (Ky)NCAA Ind03/10
6.7622-2¼-Quanesha Burks (Al)SEC Ind02/24
6.7222-¾*Keturah Orji (Ga)SEC Ind02/24
6.6821-11Tara Davis (CaHS)Frisco02/11
6.5221-4¾-Kendell Williams (Ga)Aggie Inv01/21
6.4921-3½-Sydney Conley (Ks)Big 12 Ind02/24
6.4821-3¼*Taliyah Brooks (Ar)NCAA Ind03/10
-Savannah Carson (Pur)NCAA Ind03/10
**Kate Hall (Ga)Clemson01/07
6.44(A)21-1½Erica Bougard (unat)USATF Ind03/04
Brittney Howell (unat)Albuquerque02/03
6.4321-1¼Julienne McKee (unat)Vanderbilt Inv01/20
6.42(A)21-¾Jessie Gaines (adiGS)USATF Ind03/04
6.38(A)20-11¼Kenyattia Hackworth (unat)USATF Ind03/04
*Darrielle McQueen (Fl)NCAA Ind03/10
6.37520-11Lanae-Tava Thomas (NYHS)Rochester02/24
6.3620-10½-Baileh Simms (Ok)Big 12 Ind02/24
6.3320-9¼***Rhesa Foster (Or)East-West Chall01/28
**Margaux Jones (USC)Razorback Inv01/27
6.3120-8½-Tierra Williams (Nb)Big Ten Ind02/25
6.3020-8-Daniella Johnson (Akr)Zips Inv02/17
6.2920-7¾-Stachia Reuwsaat (Chadr)RMAC Ind02/25
6.2820-7¼-Destiny Carter (Ky)NCAA Ind03/10
Sydney McLaughlin (NJHS)New York City12/17
Mikayla Pearce (unat)Brockport12/03
6.2720-7**Sydnei Murphy (Duke)ACC Ind02/24
***Kaira Simmons (Ms)Music City Chall02/11
6.2620-6½***Alexis Gibbons (Louis)Nashville12/03
-Amber Hughes (TnSt)Nashville01/08
-Bre’Yana Wash (Louis)Music City Chall02/11
6.2320-5¼Rosey Erickson (unat)Kent Tune Up02/18
*Tiffany Flynn (MsSt)Razorback Inv01/27
6.2220-5-Samantha Evans (Mt)Big Sky Ind02/25
Titiana Marsh (VaHS)NBIN03/11
6.1920-3¾-Leah Lott (MsSt)Music City Chall02/11
Jasmine Moore (TxHS)NBIN03/11
6.1820-3½*Angelica Collins (Clem)ACC Ind02/24
(A)Maya Evans (CoHS)Golden01/26
*Cidaea’ Woods (Tn)Bloomington01/07
6.1720-3***Taylor DeLoach (OhSt)Big Ten Ind02/25
-Ayana Gales (UNLV)Husker Inv02/03
**Kelsey Herman (Ar)Fayetteville01/27
**Amanda McClain (IlSt)Missouri Val Ind02/25
***Cha’Mia Rothwell (Dart)Heps Ind02/25
Foreign Collegians:
6.5321-5¼*Jhoanmy Luque (IaSt-Ven)Big 12 Ind02/24
6.4621-2½*Rougui Sow (SC-Fra)NCAA Ind03/10
6.4321-1¼***Samara Spencer (SD-Jam)Iowa City01/14
6.3920-11¾*Jahisha Thomas (Ia-GB)Tyson Inv02/10
6.3820-11¼*Jogaile Petrokaite (FlSt-Lit)ACC Ind02/24
6.3420-9¾*Filippa Fotopoulou (Al-Cyp)Commodore Inv01/13
6.2820-7¼*Claudette Allen (KsSt-Jam)Big 12 Ind02/24
6.27(A)20-7*Rellie Kaputin (WTxAM-PNG)Lone Star Ind02/19
6.2620-6½-Shanice McPherson (NnAz-Jam)Big Sky Ind02/25
6.2320-5¼**Annastacia Forrester (IaCCC-Jam)Minneapolis01/28
6.2120-4½**Yanis David (Fl-Fra)SEC Ind02/24
6.1820-3½***Nina Schultz (KsSt-Can)NCAA Ind03/10

14.32i!46-11¾*Keturah Orji (Ga)SEC Ind02/25
13.86(A)45-5¾Tori Franklin (unat)USATF Ind03/05
13.5444-5¼-Simone Charley (Vand)SEC Ind02/25
13.5344-4¾*Tiffany Flynn (MsSt)SEC Ind02/25
13.4744-2½-Natasha Dicks (SC)NCAA Ind03/11
13.4644-2-Marshay Ryan (Aub)SEC Ind02/25
13.4444-1-Amber Hughes (TnSt)Nashville01/08
*Darrielle McQueen (Fl)Tyson Inv02/11
13.41(A)44-0Danylle Kurywchak (unat)USATF Ind03/05
13.3943-11¼-Viershanie Latham (TxT)NCAA Ind03/11
13.33(A)43-8¾Blessing Ufodiama (unat)USATF Ind03/05
13.3243-8½-Sha’Keela Saunders (Ky)SEC Ind02/25
13.2643-6Jazzelena Black (unat)Brookings01/21
(A)-Jannell Hadnot (NM)New Mexico Cl02/04
13.18(A)43-3Andrea Geubelle (unat)USATF Ind03/05
-Tierra Williams (Nb)Big Ten Ind02/25
13.1643-2¼-Keyasia Tibbs (AzSt)MPSF Ind02/25
13.1543-1¾Malaikah Love (unat)Music City Chall02/10
13.1143-¼*Jakayla Hand (Aub)SEC Ind02/25
13.0742-10¾***Chinne Okoronkwo (Wi)Madison02/17
-Brianna Richardson (Bay)Tyson Inv02/11
(A)April Sinkler (unat)USATF Ind03/05
12.9942-7½*Tonyecia Burks (Hous)American Ind02/25
-Anna Williams (Col)Heps Ind02/26
12.9742-6¾Jasmine Moore (TxHS)NBIN03/12
12.9642-6¼**Tristyn Allen (SHous)Frisco02/10
12.9242-4¾**Mikaela Seibert (OhSt)Big Ten Ind02/25
12.9042-4-Chardae Greenlee (Mem)Music City Chall02/10
12.8842-3¼Tara Davis (CaHS)NBIN03/12
12.86(A)42-2¼Toni Smith (CNW)Kirby Inv02/11
-O’Sha Williams (Brown)Providence12/03
12.8342-1¼**Tashay Hunter (NMH)RMAC Ind02/25
**Tria Seawater-Simmons (Ia)Iowa City01/07
12.8242-¾**Chaquinn Cook (Or)East-West Chall01/28
**Asa Garcia (Fl)Razorback Inv01/28
(A)Chelsey Hargrave (AppSt)USATF Ind03/05
12.8042-0-Kaitlyn Beans (SAl)Sun Belt Ind02/21
-Samantha Evans (Mt)Big Sky Ind02/25
Foreign Collegians:
13.9345-8½**Yanis David (Fl-Fra)Tyson Inv02/11
13.7545-1½***Shardia Lawrence (KsSt-Jam)Tyson Inv02/11
13.6544-9½*Jhoanmy Luque (IaSt-Ven)Big 12 Ind02/25
13.3943-11¼***Marie-Josee Ebwea-Bile (Ky-Fra)SEC Ind02/25
13.3443-9¼-Iana Amsterdam (Clem-Guy)ACC Ind02/25
13.3343-8¾-Dannielle Gibson (PennSt-Bah)Nittany Lion01/14
13.1243-½*Aliyah Johnson (Ga-Aus)Music City Chall02/10
13.0942-11½*Rellie Kaputin (WTxAM-PNG)NCAA II Ind03/11
13.0042-8*Jahisha Thomas (Ia-GB)Iowa City02/18
12.9642-6¼***Simi Fajemisin (Harv-GB)Heps Ind02/26
12.9342-5*Shamoya McNeil (WV-Jam)Akron02/03
12.9242-4¾**Rebecka Abrahamsson (Cinc-Swe)Hoosier Open12/09
12.9042-4**Angela Mercurio (Nb-Can)Big Ten Ind02/25
12.8842-3¼***Irati Mitxelena (Cinc-Spa)American Ind02/25
**Shanique Wright (Mn-Jam)Big Ten Ind02/25
12.87(A)42-2¾**Latavia Coombs (NMJC-Jam)Albuquerque01/21
12.8342-1¼*Jessie Maduka (UCLA-Ger)MPSF Ind02/25
12.80(A)42-0-Daisy Ding (Rice-Aus)Kirby Inv02/11

19.5664-2¼*Raven Saunders (Ms)NCAA Ind03/10
19.0362-5¼Michelle Carter (Nik)USATF Ind03/05
18.7261-5Felisha Johnson (Nik)Indianapolis02/11
18.5460-10Jeneva Stevens (NYAC)Auburn Inv01/21
18.4560-6½Dani Bunch (Nik)Wilson Inv02/18
18.2960-¼Brittany Smith (Nik)USATF Ind03/05
18.1259-5½*Maggie Ewen (AzSt)Kirby Inv02/11
17.8058-4¾-Erin Farmer (ArSt)Gladstein Inv01/21
17.7858-4-Brittany Mann (USC)NCAA Ind03/10
17.7058-1Kelsey Card (Nik)Madison02/17
17.6257-9¾-McKenzie Warren (ConcO)Husky Cl02/11
17.6057-9Chase Ealey (unat)USATF Ind03/05
17.5757-7¾Christina Hillman (unat)USATF Ind03/05
17.5557-7*Jessica Woodard (Ok)NCAA Ind03/10
17.5157-5½Alyssa Wilson (NJHS)New York02/28
17.5057-5*Emmonnie Henderson (Louis)NCAA Ind03/10
17.4757-3¾**Lloydricia Cameron (Fl)Hokie Inv01/21
Monique Riddick (unat)Fastrack LC02/25
17.3556-11¼-Cion Hicks (Bay)Tyson Inv02/11
17.3156-9½*Janeah Stewart (Ms)SEC Ind02/24
17.2356-6Rachel Fatherly (unat)Bethlehem01/28
17.1856-4½-Aaliyah Pete (CoSt)Mtn West Ind02/25
17.1756-4**Kiley Sabin (Mn)Wisc-Minn01/21
17.1256-2-Amelia Strickler (MiaO)Meyo Inv02/04
17.0255-10¼*Haley Teel (Al)SEC Ind02/24
16.8155-2Jessica Ramsey (unat)Music City Chall02/11
16.8055-1½Amber Monroe (unat)UCS Inv02/18
16.7154-10**Sade Olatoye (OhSt)Big Ten Ind02/25
16.6854-8¾**Lena Giger (Stan)Seattle02/25
16.6554-7½Kearsten Peoples (unat)Columbia02/17
16.6054-5Emmaline Berg (Shore)Dart Cl02/04
16.5054-1¾***Nickolette Dunbar (LSU)LSU Twi02/17
16.3853-9Tori Bliss (unat)Karlsruhe02/04
16.3353-7*Aliyah Gustafson (BG)MAC Ind02/24
16.3053-5¾-Alyssa Robinson (PennSt)National Inv01/28
16.2953-5½-Christine Bohan (Va)ACC Ind02/25
16.2653-4¼-Danielle Waldner (SD)Minneapolis01/28
16.2353-3*Indi Jackson (NDm)Wilson Inv02/18
16.1653-¼**Toni Tupper (Nb)Husker Inv02/04
-LaPorscha Wells (GaSt)Birmingham01/22
-Makenzie Wheat (BG)Allendale02/10
Foreign Collegians:
18.4060-4½***Danniel Thomas (Kent-Jam)NCAA Ind03/10
17.0856-½-Torie Owers (UCLA-NZ)MPSF Ind02/25
16.8455-3-Nikki Okwelogu (Harv-Ngr)Harvard Tri01/29
16.8255-2¼-Sarah Howard (NC-Can)Chapel Hill02/19
16.5454-3¼*Gleneve Grange (FlSt-Jam)ACC Ind02/25
16.4153-10¼***Divine Oladipo (Ct-GB)American Ind02/25
16.3753-8½**Stamatia Scarvelis (Tn-Gre)SEC Ind02/24
16.3653-8¼**Portious Warren (CAz-Tri)NAU Tune Up02/17

25.6084-0Gwen Berry (Nik)USATF Ind03/04
24.3079-8¾Deanna Price (NYAC)USATF Ind03/04
24.2279-5½Felisha Johnson (Nik)USATF Ind03/04
24.0478-10½Jessica Ramsey (unat)USATF Ind03/04
23.6577-7¼Jeneva Stevens (NYAC)Auburn Inv01/21
23.4877-½Amber Campbell (Nik)USATF Ind03/04
23.1876-¾*Janeah Stewart (Ms)SEC Ind02/25
22.6974-5½*Annette Echikunwoke (Cinc)American Ind02/24
22.5373-11-LaPorscha Wells (GaSt)Birmingham01/22
22.3873-5¼*Kaitlyn Long (Winona)NSIC Ind02/25
22.1072-6¼Amanda Bingson (Nik)Reveille Inv12/10
22.0172-2½-Dolly Nyemah (Louis)ACC Ind02/25
21.8971-10-Mel Herl (Chadr)Golden12/09
21.8171-6¾-Janee’ Kassanavoid (KsSt)Manhattan02/17
21.7671-4¾-Shelby Ashe (Ga)Razorback Inv01/27
21.7471-4-Victoria Merriweather (Char)NCAA Ind03/11
21.7371-3½**Sade Olatoye (OhSt)Columbus02/17
21.6771-1¼*Raven Saunders (Ms)New Mexico Cl02/03
21.6671-¾*Brooke Andersen (NnAz)NAU Tune Up02/17
21.6070-10½**Banke Oginni (Wi)Wisc-Minn01/21
21.5870-9¾-Jasmine Manigault (Aub)SEC Ind02/25
21.5370-7¾*Maggie Ewen (AzSt)MPSF Ind02/24
21.3269-11½Vesta Bell (unat)NAU Tune Up02/17
21.1869-6-Marthaline Cooper (Winth)Winston-Salem02/26
21.1169-3¼**Jordan McClendon (LSU)LSU Twi02/17
21.0268-11¾**De’Ondra Young (LBSt)Seattle02/25
20.8968-6½*Destiny Parker (Cal)MPSF Ind02/24
20.8768-5¾*Valarie Allman (Stan)MPSF Ind02/24
20.6167-7½*Brianna Smith (MsSt)SEC Ind02/25
20.5967-6¾*Alison Ondrusek (TxAM)SEC Ind02/25
20.5667-5½-Chelsea Gobourne (UCF)American Ind02/24
20.4467-¾**Taylor Scaife (Hous)Thomas Inv02/04
20.2766-6**Sarah Loesch (Pur)Meyo Inv02/03
20.2166-3¾-Kelsey Arnold (GaSn)Winston-Salem01/21
-Megan Tomei (Ash)Findlay01/13
20.1766-2¼-Katelyn Weimerskirch (NDSt)Fargo01/14
Lisa Wilson (GBTC)New Haven12/02
20.1065-11½**Tiffany Gilmore (Fres)Mtn West Ind02/24
20.0765-10¼-Kyra Hull (GVal)Allendale02/10
20.0565-9½*Madeline Middlebrooks (Or)MPSF Ind02/24
Foreign Collegians:
21.4970-6¼**Stamatia Scarvelis (Tn-Gre)SEC Ind02/25
21.4570-4½*Tynelle Gumbs (Find-BVI)GLIAC Ind02/26
20.9868-10*Asianna Covington (Ga-Can)SEC Ind02/25
20.9468-8½*Agnes Esser (Mn-Can)Big Ten Ind02/25
20.4567-1¼-Julia Ratcliffe (Prin-NZ)Heps Ind02/25
20.1165-11¾***Helene Ingvaldsen (KsSt-Nor)Dodds Inv01/21

4686-Kendell Williams (Ga)SEC Ind02/24
4580*Taliyah Brooks (Ar)NCAA Ind03/10
4558(A)Erica Bougard (unat)USATF Ind03/03
4404(A)Sharon Day-Monroe (Asics)USATF Ind03/03
4379-Leigha Brown (Ar)SEC Ind02/24
4376Barbara Nwaba (SBTC)Washington Inv01/27
4319**Michelle Atherley (Mia)NCAA Ind03/10
4291(A)Brittany Howell (unat)New Mexico Cl02/03
4278**Kelsey Herman (Ar)Razorback Inv01/27
4211(A)Sami Spenner (unat)USATF Ind03/03
4204*Jaclyn Siefring (Akr)Akron02/03
4186**Stacey Destin (Al)NCAA Ind03/10
4185(A)Lindsay Lettow (SBTC)USATF Ind03/03
4151**Holly Hankenson (Louis)ACC Ind02/23
4146-Emilyn Dearman (PittSt)NCAA II Ind03/10
4142-Rose Jackson (NDSt)NCAA Ind03/10
4121-Nikki Larch-Miller (Wich)Wichita02/04
4082(A)Chari Hawkins (SBTC)USATF Ind03/03
4067*Kami Norton (Ang)NCAA II Ind03/10
4059*Peyton Wade (Md)Big Ten Ind02/25
4054-Breanne Borman (Wich)Missouri Val Ind02/25
4047(A)Allison Reaser (Arete)USATF Ind03/03
4025***Dallyssa Huggins (Md)Husker Inv02/03
4014-Liz Harper (WaSt)MPSF Ind02/25
4010**Kaylee Hinton (TxT)Big 12 Ind02/24
4005*Shaina Burns (TxAM)SEC Ind02/24
4003-Emma Siuciak (Buf)MAC Ind02/24
3997*Jordan Gray (KennSt)ASun Ind02/24
3968*Shanice Cannigan (SD)Summit Ind02/25
3962-Marteisha Caines (Wich)Missouri Val Ind02/25
3961*Amy Taintor (Mia)ACC Ind02/23
3958*Kendall Gustafson (UCLA)MPSF Ind02/25
-Jenna Pfeiffer (Bay)Big 12 Ind02/24
3955*Erika McLeod (Mt)Big Sky Ind02/25
3954-Emily Godwin (NC)ACC Ind02/23
3945Janel Conley (unat)Kingston12/09
3914-Kara Hallock (OrSt)MPSF Ind02/25
3903-Katie Cassidy (CMo)NCAA II Ind03/10
Foreign Collegians:
4340***Nina Schultz (KsSt-Can)NCAA Ind03/10
4187***Louisa Grauvogel (Ga-Ger)SEC Ind02/24
4162*Georgia Ellenwood (Wi-Can)NCAA Ind03/10
4093***Zoe Hughes (Harv-GB)Heps Ind02/25
4086-Melissa-Maree Farrington (FlSt-Aus)ACC Ind02/23
3947***Emile Berge (SAl-Nor)Sun Belt Ind02/20
3943**Ayesha Champagnie (BartJam)JUCO Ind03/04
3919*Lucia Mokrasova (UTEP-Svk)CUSA Ind02/19

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