2015 U.S. Indoor List - Women

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compiled by Glen McMicken

(marks received and verified by 03/12/2015)

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These lists give the top U.S. performers of the indoor season, with an appending of those foreign collegians whose marks also fall into the range of our reporting standards. In the oversized-track category, the domestics and foreign collegians are commingled (' after name = foreigner on OT list). Relay teams may contain non-U.S. nationals.

Open athletes and high schoolers have no notation before their name. Collegians are noted by class: - = senior; * = junior; **=soph; *** = frosh.

Oversized tracks are those larger than 200m in circumference. OT marks at races longer than 1000m are no longer carried with the main list (except in the multis) because too many huge tracks have been turned into speedways. (A) = altitude over 1000m (in affected events only).

! = secondary performance in a field-event series (only applicable to final end-of-season lists); ¶ = field-event mark for which complete series data is missing (only applicable to final end-of-season lists)

6.80-Cierra White (TxT)Red Raider Open02/20
6.83*Ayonna Cartwright (SEMo)Redhawks Inv02/20
6.88Shalonda Solomon (Pure)Carnes Inv01/23
6.89Leslie Cole (unat)Run For Dream02/16
6.92**Diamond Gause (SPl)TxT Masked Rider01/30
-Jhorden Hunter (Ms)ArSt Inv01/31
6.93Teahna Daniels (FlHS)Gainesville01/24
6.94Zaria Francis (CaHS)Fresno02/16
*Tristie Johnson (BCook)Carnes Inv01/23
6.95Kate Hall (MeHS)Roxbury02/27
***Kristina Knott (ArSt)Jonesboro01/24
Sydnei Murphy (NCHS)Winston-Salem02/14
Foreign Collegians:
6.92***Aaliyah Telesford (SPl-Tri)Red Raider Open02/20
6.93**Janet Amponsah (WnTx-Gha)TxT Masked Rider01/30
6.95-Ada Udaya (NHav-Lbr)New Haven12/12

7.08Tianna Bartoletta (Nik)USATF Ind03/01
7.14Jessica Young (unat)Birmingham GP02/21
7.15**Jasmine Todd (Or)Wa Preview01/17
7.17(A)*Jenna Prandini (Or)Kirby Open02/14
7.18-Dezerea Bryant (Ky)Kentucky Inv01/16
(A)Muna Lee (WAC)Mountain T’s01/31
***Ky Westbrook (USC)Wa Preview01/17
7.20(A)*Morolake Akinosun (Tx)New Mexico Cl02/07
7.21*Shayla Sanders (Fl)SEC Ind02/27
Tiffany Townsend (adi)Millrose G02/14
7.22Miki Barber (unat)USATF Ind03/01
(A)-Cierra White (TxT)New Mexico Cl02/07
7.25Tawanna Meadows (Nik)USATF Ind03/01
7.26Carmelita Jeter (Nik)Birmingham GP02/21
7.27*Alexis Faulknor (USC)McCravy Mem01/24
(A)***Aleia Hobbs (LSU)New Mexico Cl02/07
7.28**Aaliyah Brown (TxAM)Tyson Inv02/13
***Hannah Cunliffe (Ok)Big 12 Ind02/28
***Deanna Hill (USC)MPSF Ind02/28
*Myasia Jacobs (Clem)Armory Inv Coll01/31
7.30***Mikiah Brisco (LSU)Auburn Inv01/17
-Chesna Sykes (OhSt)Meyo Inv02/06
-Keilah Tyson (Ky)SEC Ind02/27
7.31*Shaina Harrison (Syr)ACC Ind02/28
**LaQuisha Jackson (Mo)Armory Inv Coll01/30
*Katie Wise (InSt)Notre Dame Inv01/24
7.32*Jennifer Madu (TxAM)Razorback Inv01/31
**Jada Martin (LSU)SEC Ind02/27
**Javianne Oliver (Ky)Kentucky Inv01/16
(A)Brittney Reese (Nik)Lobo Open01/24
7.33Shalonda Solomon (adi)USATF Ind03/01
7.35-Kamaria Brown (TxAM)Texas A&M Inv01/17
-Olivia Ekponé (TxAM)SEC Ind02/27
(A)**Diamond Gause (SPl)JUCO Ind03/07
-Mercedes Jackson (MdBC)ECAC Ind03/07
*Tristie Johnson (BCook)Armory Inv Coll01/31
**Shekara Martin (Aub)Tyson Inv02/13
Barbara Pierre (Nik)UCS Inv02/21
(A)***Ariana Washington (Or)Kirby Open02/14
7.37-Joann Blakney (UNCC)C-USA Ind02/26
**Destinee Brown (USC)MPSF Ind02/27
*Felicia Brown (Tn)Auburn Inv01/17
(A)**Rushell Harvey (LSU)New Mexico Cl02/07
*Cindy Ofili (Mi)Big Ten Ind02/27
(A)***Destiny Smith-Barnett (UNLV)Mtn West Ind02/28
Foreign Collegians:
7.08-Remona Burchell (Al-Jam)SEC Ind02/28
7.23-Tynia Gaither (USC-Bah)MPSF Ind02/28
7.33-Stephanie Kalu (SMU-Ngr)Vanderbilt Inv01/23
-Ada Udaya (NHav-Lbr)New Haven01/10

22.81*Kyra Jefferson (Fl)Tyson Inv02/14
22.87(A)*Jenna Prandini (Or)Kirby Open02/13
22.97-Kamaria Brown (TxAM)Tyson Inv02/14
22.98(A)-Cierra White (TxT)New Mexico Cl02/06
23.08*Taylor Ellis-Watson (Ar)Tyson Inv02/14
**Shakima Wimbley (Mia)ACC Ind02/28
23.16*Robin Reynolds (Fl)Tyson Inv02/14
23.22*Destinee Gause (Fl)Razorback Inv01/30
23.27(A)***Ariana Washington (Or)Kirby Open02/13
23.30**Jada Martin (LSU)Tyson Inv02/14
23.33-Le’Quisha Parker (Hamp)Allston02/07
-Ashton Purvis (TxAM)Razorback Inv01/30
23.39Lauren Rain Williams (CaHS)Nampa02/07
23.40*Morolake Akinosun (Tx)Tyson Inv02/14
23.41*Kala Funderburk (FlSt)ACC Ind02/28
23.44(A)***Ky Westbrook (USC)Kirby Open02/13
23.45(A)*Courtney Okolo (Tx)New Mexico Cl02/06
23.47-Keilah Tyson (Ky)Tyson Inv02/14
23.48**Shamier Little (TxAM)Aggie Inv02/07
23.50-Olivia Ekponé (TxAM)Tyson Inv02/14
(A)***Deanna Hill (USC)Kirby Open02/13
23.51**Aaliyah Brown (TxAM)TxAM Quad01/24
23.58**LaQuisha Jackson (Mo)Tyson Inv02/14
23.60(A)***Gabriella Cantrell (USC)Kirby Open02/13
23.62Paris Daniels (unat)Samford Inv02/13
*Gabrielle Farquharson (Rut)Valentine Inv02/13
23.64(A)**Diamond Gause (SPl)JUCO Ind03/07
23.66*Shayla Sanders (Fl)Tyson Inv02/14
23.67*Tyler Brockington (SC)Tyson Inv02/14
23.68Mackenzie Flannigan (unat)Nampa02/14
-Kiara Porter (VaC)National Inv01/31
23.70*Dominique Kimpel (Al)Tyson Inv02/14
23.71*Felicia Brown (Tn)Auburn Inv01/17
-Charla Craddock (LaT)C-USA Ind02/26
*Lilla McMillan (Tul)The American Ind02/27
23.72(A)**Destiny Carter (IaCCC)JUCO Ind03/07
(A)-Ashley Spencer (Tx)New Mexico Cl02/06
23.74(A)**Kendall Baisden (Tx)New Mexico Cl02/06
***Shania Collins (Tx)Tyson Inv02/14
(A)Shapri Romero (unat)Kirby Open02/13
Foreign Collegians:
23.19(A)-Tynia Gaither (USC-Bah)Kirby Open02/13
23.40(A)**Janet Amponsah (WnTx-Gha)JUCO Ind03/07
23.42-Ada Udaya (NHav-Lbr)NEIC4A Ind02/28
Oversized Track:
23.02-Dezerea Bryant (Ky)SEC Ind02/28
23.37*Morolake Akinosun (Tx)Big 12 Ind02/28
23.39-Alexis Browner (WayB)NAIA Ind03/07
23.45***A’Keyla Mitchell (KsSt)Big 12 Ind02/28
23.47-Ashley Spencer (Tx)Big 12 Ind02/28
23.50*Gabrielle Farquharson (Rut)Big Ten Ind02/28
23.56-Brittany Johnson (Nb)Big Ten Ind02/28
23.66**Kendall Baisden (Tx)Big 12 Ind02/28
23.68**Carmiesha Cox (Pur-Bah)Big Ten Ind02/27
23.72**Brittany Brown (Ia)Big Ten Ind02/27
***Caitland Smith (Tx)Big 12 Ind02/28

51.35(A)*Courtney Okolo (Tx)New Mexico Cl02/07
51.70Francena McCorory (adi)BU LC03/01
51.72*Taylor Ellis-Watson (Ar)Tyson Inv02/13
51.92**Shamier Little (TxAM)Tyson Inv02/13
52.06(A)Shapri Romero (unat)Kirby Open02/14
52.10*Margaret Bamgbose (NDm)ACC Ind02/28
52.15**Shakima Wimbley (Mia)ACC Ind02/28
52.26*Kala Funderburk (FlSt)ACC Ind02/28
52.27-Kiara Porter (VaC)BU LC03/01
*Robin Reynolds (Fl)Razorback Inv01/31
52.28*Kyra Jefferson (Fl)Tyson Inv02/13
52.32-Kamaria Brown (TxAM)Aggie Inv02/07
52.46-Ashley Spencer (Tx)Tyson Inv02/13
52.80-Raena Rhone (Bay)Aggie Inv02/07
52.91(A)**Kendall Baisden (Tx)New Mexico Cl02/07
52.95-Jordan Lavender (Va)ACC Ind02/28
53.02(A)Georganne Moline (Nik)Lobo Open01/24
53.09*Destinee Gause (Fl)Tyson Inv02/13
53.10*Kiah Seymour (PennSt)Tyson Inv02/13
53.13Briana Nelson (Flynn)Aggie Inv02/07
53.14Phyllis Francis (Nik)Millrose G02/14
53.28-Chrishuna Williams (Ar)Texas-Arkansas01/16
53.31(A)*Jaide Stepter (USC)Kirby Open02/14
53.33Ashley Kelly (BVI)BU LC03/01
53.34*Lilla McMillan (Tul)The American Ind02/28
53.46(A)-Brianna Tate (AzSt)Kirby Open02/14
53.49*Grace Claxton (Alb)ECAC Ind03/07
53.51**Daye Shon Roberson (Ok)TxAM Quad01/24
53.53(A)**Aiyanna Stiverne (UTEP)Kirby Open02/14
53.56**Madeline Kopp (Duke)ACC Ind02/28
53.62-Montenae Speight (TxT)Tyson Inv02/13
53.66**Daina Harper (Ar)Razorback Inv01/31
53.71(A)***Kendall Ellis (USC)Kirby Open02/14
Sanya Richards-Ross (Nik)Millrose G02/14
53.72Sydney McLaughlin (NYHS)Toms River02/21
*Shameal Samuels (Quin)NEIC4A Ind02/28
53.73*Kenya Woodall (Cinc)The American Ind02/28
53.83**Precious Holmes (SC)Armory Inv Coll01/30
53.89*Madison Reynolds (OR)Colligan Mem01/24
53.90**Ariah Graham (Ky)Tyson Inv02/13
Foreign Collegians:
52.41**Chrisann Gordon (SPl-Jam)Tyson Inv02/13
52.67-Sparkle McKnight (Ar-Tri)Razorback Inv01/31
52.82-Audrey Jean-Baptiste (Tul-Can)The American Ind02/28
53.24***Olivia James (Clem-Jam)Tyson Inv02/13
53.33-Natoya Goule (Clem-Jam)Aggie Inv02/07
53.82**Domonique Williams (SPl-Tri)Tyson Inv02/13
Oversized Track:
51.37**Shamier Little (TxAM)SEC Ind02/28
51.81**Kendall Baisden (Tx)McCravy Mem01/24
51.82**Shakima Wimbley (Mia)McCravy Mem01/24
52.00*Kyra Jefferson (Fl)SEC Ind02/28
52.27-Ashley Spencer (Tx)Big 12 Ind02/28
52.68-Brianna Tate (AzSt)MPSF Ind02/28
52.69*Morganne Phillips (Ky)SEC Ind02/28
52.72-Raena Rhone (Bay)Big 12 Ind02/27
*Kiah Seymour (PennSt)Big Ten Ind02/28
52.86*Madison Reynolds (OR)Iowa State Cl02/14
52.89*Jaide Stepter (USC)MPSF Ind02/28
53.15**Briana Haith (SC)SEC Ind02/28
53.19***Kendall Ellis (USC)MPSF Ind02/28
53.27**Felecia Majors (Tn)SEC Ind02/28
53.33-Vanessa Jones (USC)MPSF Ind02/28
53.34*Felicia Brown (Tn)SEC Ind02/28
53.35*Kristyn Williams (Stan)Husky Cl02/14
53.38**Amalie Iuel (USC-Den)MPSF Ind02/28
53.40**Daye Shon Roberson (Ok)Big 12 Ind02/28
53.47***Symone Black (Pur)Big Ten Ind02/28
53.55-Montenae Speight (TxT)Big 12 Ind02/28
53.77*Sonikqua Walker (OhSt)Big Ten Ind02/28
53.81**Kendra White (IaSt)Iowa State Cl02/14
53.86Alysia Montano (AsicsNYAC)Husky Cl02/14
53.90**Alex Gholston (Al)Vanderbilt Inv01/24

1:08.84Georganne Moline (Nik)Armory Inv Coll01/30
1:10.06-Erika Rucker (SC)Va Tech Inv01/16
1:10.27Ajee’ Wilson (adi)Gotham Cup01/16
1:11.08**Alethia Marrero (InSt)Bloomington12/12
1:11.83Megan Krumpoch (NBal)Thomas Terrier Inv01/30
Foreign Collegians:
1:11.24***Olivia James (Clem-Jam)Va Tech Inv01/16

1:26.56Ajee’ Wilson (adi)USATF Ind02/28
1:26.59Alysia Montano (AsicsNYAC)USATF Ind03/01
1:26.73Kendra Chambers (unat)USATF Ind02/28
1:27.15(A)Georganne Moline (Nik)Kirby Open02/13
1:27.81Phoebe Wright (Nik)USATF Ind02/28
1:27.87Megan Malasarte (Brk)USATF Ind02/28
1:28.19Bethany Praska (unat)USATF Ind02/28
1:28.24McKayla Fricker (ANW)USATF Ind02/28
1:28.25Shannon Leinert (BrooksSpF)USATF Ind02/28
1:28.31Megan Krumpoch (NBal)USATF Ind02/28
1:28.76LaTavia Thomas (unat)USATF Ind02/28
1:28.78**Hanna Green (VaT)Va Tech Chall02/20
Kamryn McIntosh (NYHS)New York02/17
1:29.53***Brooke Feldmeier (Ms)West Lafayette01/10
1:29.76Molly Beckwith-Ludlow (Sauc)Gladstein Inv01/24
1:30.00Nevada Morrison (unat)USATF Ind02/28
1:30.31**Nicole Choquette (Il)Champaign02/21
1:30.55Angie Henry (TNb)SDSt Inv01/24
1:30.58Stephanie Herrick (NBal)New Balance G01/24
1:30.82*Montayla Holder (Ia)Sevigne Inv02/07
1:30.92BreAnna Smith (SpF)USATF Ind02/28
1:30.99Marissa Golliday (unat)Allendale01/16
Foreign Collegians:
1:29.19(A)**Chrisann Gordon (SPl-?)JUCO Ind03/07
1:29.92(A)*Sonia Gaskin (KsSt-Bar)New Mexico Tm Inv01/31
1:30.37***Karolina Pahlitzsch (Nb-Ger)Sevigne Inv02/07
1:31.00**Titania Markland (Mn-Jam)Sevigne Inv02/07
Oversized Track:
1:29.42***Olivia Baker (Stan)Wa Preview01/17
1:29.48**Nicole Choquette (Il)Big Ten Ind02/28
1:29.71Nevada Morrison (unat)Wa Preview01/17
1:29.87***Raevyn Rogers (Or)Wa Preview01/17
1:29.91**Titania Markland (Mn-Jam)Big Ten Ind02/28
1:30.03Mary Cain (Nik)Wa Preview01/17
1:30.13-Shawnice Williams (Nb)Big Ten Ind02/28
1:30.21**Alethia Marrero (InSt)Notre Dame Inv01/24
1:30.48*Rebecca Rings (OhSt)Big Ten Ind02/27
1:30.66*Danielle Pfeifer (Mi)Mi-MiSt01/31
1:30.75**Makayla Earnheart (Pur)Big Ten Ind02/27

2:01.57Ajee’ Wilson (adi)Millrose G02/14
2:01.79Treniere Moser (Nik)Armory Inv01/31
2:02.05Charlene Lipsey (adi)Millrose G02/14
2:02.66Stephanie Charnigo (NJNY)Armory Inv01/31
2:02.75Mary Cain (Nik)Armory Inv01/31
2:02.98Lauren Wallace (Ois)Valentine Inv02/13
2:03.12Latavia Thomas (NJNY)Millrose G02/14
2:03.43**Hanna Green (VaT)ACC Ind02/28
2:03.85*Elizabeth Whelan (NC)ACC Ind02/28
2:03.89**Sabrina Southerland (Gtn)Penn St Tune-Up02/21
2:04.17Stephanie Brown (Nik)Razorback Inv01/31
2:04.29Megan Krumpoch (NBal)Birmingham GP02/21
2:04.49-Amanda Smith (VaT)ACC Ind02/28
2:04.80*Ce’aira Brown (Hamp)BU LC03/01
2:04.86-Becca Deloache (Gtn)Penn St Tune-Up02/21
2:04.98*Angel Piccirillo (Vill)Big East Ind03/01
2:05.00-Chrishuna Williams (Ar)Razorback Inv01/31
2:05.06Phoebe Wright (Nik)Hilton Garden Inv01/31
2:05.18Alexa Efraimson (Nik)Nampa02/07
2:05.25***Piper Donaghu (Gtn)Penn St Tune-Up02/21
**Kaela Edwards (OkSt)Razorback Inv01/31
*Kimberley Ficenec (Al)Tyson Inv02/13
2:05.65*Anima Banks (Duke)ACC Ind02/28
McKayla Fricker (ANW)Nampa02/07
2:05.76-Titi Fagade (Ford)BU LC03/01
2:05.80-Erika Veidis (Harv)Thomas Terrier Inv01/30
2:06.11*Olicia Williams (Bay)Aggie Inv02/07
2:06.23Katie Kirk (NBal)Armory Inv01/31
2:06.25*Clara Nichols (OkSt)Razorback Inv01/31
2:06.32Megan Malasarte (Brooks)Armory Inv01/31
*Morgan Schuetz (LSU)Auburn Inv01/17
2:06.42-Thandi Stewart (Mia)VT Elite02/06
2:06.58*Cecilia Barowski (Prin)Heps Ind03/01
2:06.76-Faith Dismuke (Ct)Allston02/07
2:06.81Geena Lara (unat)Hilton Garden Inv01/31
2:06.83*Shannon McDonnell (Yale)ECAC Ind03/07
2:06.91***Jessica Harris (NDm)Razorback Inv01/31
2:06.92**Claudia Saunders (Stan)Razorback Inv01/31
2:07.10**Tatiana Etienne (AlSt)Samford Inv02/13
2:07.13***Brooke Feldmeier (Ms)Armory Inv Coll01/31
Foreign Collegians:
2:02.78Natoya Goule (Clem-Jam)Armory Inv01/31
2:05.18***Chelsea Jarvis (FlSt-GB)ACC Ind02/28
2:06.31-Mariah Kelly (Bay-Can)Aggie Inv02/07
Oversized Track:
2:02.95-Chrishuna Williams (Ar)SEC Ind02/28
2:03.17Bethany Praska (unat)Iowa State Cl02/14
2:03.21*Olicia Williams (Bay)Iowa State Cl02/14
2:03.70**Kaela Edwards (OkSt)Iowa State Cl02/14
2:04.31-Katie Borchers (OhSt)Big Ten Ind02/28
2:04.34***Brooke Feldmeier (Ms)SEC Ind02/28
2:04.39*Claudia Francis (Fl)SEC Ind02/28
2:04.59*Danielle Pfeifer (Mi)Big Ten Ind02/28
2:04.70Phoebe Wright (Nik)Husky Cl02/14
2:04.73**Alethia Marrero (InSt)Wilson Inv02/21
2:04.79**Shea Martinez (BYU)Husky Cl02/14
2:04.86Megan Malasarte (Brooks)Husky Cl02/14
2:04.87*Morgan Schuetz (LSU)SEC Ind02/28
2:04.95-Shelby Houlihan (AzSt)MPSF Ind02/28
2:05.00*Cecilia Barowski (Prin)Wilson Inv02/21
2:05.14*Baylee Mires (Wa)Wa Inv01/31
2:05.26**Courtney Clayton (Vand)SEC Ind02/28
2:05.30Geena Lara (unat)Husky Cl02/14
2:05.67*Annie Leblanc (Or-Can)MPSF Ind02/28
2:05.79Rebecca Addison (unat)Meyo Inv02/07
2:05.95Kendra Chambers (EAN)Husky Cl02/14
2:05.97*Devon Hoppe (Mi)Big Ten Ind02/28
2:06.11**Claudia Saunders (Stan)MPSF Ind02/28
2:06.16***Jessica Harris (NDm)Meyo Inv02/07
2:06.24Bre’Anna Smith (SpF)Meyo Inv02/07
2:06.30***Kaylee Dodd (OkSt-GB)Husky Cl02/14
2:06.43Christy Cazzola (Ois)Geneva01/24
2:06.50***Raevyn Rogers (Or)MPSF Ind02/28
2:06.68-Kelsey Brown (BYU)MPSF Ind02/28
2:06.80**Rachel Weber (OhSt)Big Ten Ind02/27
2:07.06***Elise Cranny (Stan)MPSF Ind02/28
2:07.08-Leah O’Connor (MiSt)Mi-MiSt01/31

2:37.86Treniere Moser (NikOP)New Balance GP02/07
2:38.25Mary Cain (Nik)New Balance GP02/07
2:39.16Molly Beckwith-Ludlow (Sauc)New Balance GP02/07
2:39.64Stephanie Brown (Nik)New Balance GP02/07
2:39.99Morgan Uceny (adi)New Balance GP02/07
2:40.36Chanelle Price (Nik)BU LC03/01
2:40.42Lauren Wallace (OisSRA)USATF Ind03/01
2:40.79Charlene Lipsey (adi)USATF Ind02/28
2:41.23Alexa Efraimson (Nik)USATF Ind03/01
2:41.87Stephanie Charnigo (NJNY)USATF Ind03/01
2:42.66Geena Lara (unat)USATF Ind02/28
2:43.56-Ellie Staker (EmR)USATF Ind03/01
2:44.02Emily Lipari (BAA)Valentine Inv02/13
2:44.54-Amanda Smith (VaT)Va Tech Chall02/20
2:44.77**Sabrina Southerland (Gtn)Penn State01/17
2:45.28Anna Willard (Nik)Valentine Inv02/13
2:45.79-Stephanie Schappert (Vill)Gotham Cup01/16
2:45.81Stephanie Herrick (CPTC)Allston02/07
2:46.13Erin Koch (CPTC)Allston02/07
2:46.71-Erika Veidis (Harv)Beantown Ch01/17
2:46.76-Hannah Fields (OkB)Norman01/24
2:47.27Sammy Watson (NYHS)Armory Inv Coll01/30
2:47.92*Jessica Kamilos (Ar)Texas-Arkansas01/16
2:47.97*Angel Piccirillo (Vill)Metro Chall01/23
2:48.10*Claire DeVoe (Corn)ECAC Ind03/08
2:48.12*Stephanie Vanpelt (StJ)ECAC Ind03/08
2:48.23-Diane Robison (Ar)Arkansas Inv01/09
2:48.26**Taylor Worthy (Brown)Valentine Inv02/13
2:48.39Ersula Farrow (MiHS)Armory Inv Coll01/30
2:48.55*Becca Deloache (Gtn)National Inv01/31
2:48.61***Sara Hardie (Col)Heps Ind03/01
2:48.97***Kennedy Weisner (Gtn)Big East Ind02/28
2:49.01*Meghan Harvey (Navy)ECAC Ind03/08
2:49.05Rachel Schneider (unat)Fairfax01/10
2:49.10Jillian King (NBalB)Thomas Terrier Inv01/30
**Heather MacLean (MaA)Beantown Ch01/17
2:49.11**Heather Martin (Gtn)Big East Ind02/28
2:49.16**Carey Celata (Penn)Armory Inv Coll01/30
2:49.38**Jenna Cupp (Monm)Armory Inv Coll01/30
Foreign Collegians:
2:42.60-Dominique Scott (Ar-SA)Arkansas Inv01/09
2:43.03-Natoya Goule (Clem-Jam)Va Tech Inv01/16
2:45.65**Rhianwedd Price (MsSt-GB)Armory Inv Coll01/30
2:47.25***Siofra Cleirigh Buttner (Vill-Ire)Big East Ind03/01
2:47.66**Olivia O’Hare (Tul-GB)Arkansas Inv01/09
Oversized Track:
2:40.25Shannon Rowbury (Nik)Wa Preview01/17
2:41.08Jordan Hasay (Nik)Wa Preview01/17
2:42.39***Elise Cranny (Stan)Wa Preview01/17
2:43.11**Kaela Edwards (OkSt)Big 12 Ind02/28
2:45.03***Nikki Hiltz (Or)Wa Preview01/17
2:45.05-Katie Borchers (OhSt)Spire D1 Inv02/13
2:46.47***Jessica Harris (NDm)Notre Dame12/05
2:46.91-Mariah Kelly (Bay-Can)Big 12 Ind02/28
2:47.49**Amy Cashin (WV)Spire D1 Inv02/13
2:48.53-Caileigh Glenn (OkSt)Big 12 Ind02/28
2:49.19***Abbie Hetherington (OkSt-GB)Big 12 Ind02/28
2:49.23***Maddy Berkson (Stan)Wa Preview01/17

4:05.08Shannon Rowbury (NikOP)Millrose G02/14
4:07.93Jordan Hasay (NikOP)Millrose G02/14
4:09.54Treniere Moser (NikOP)Millrose G02/14
4:10.68Stephanie Charnigo (NJNY)Millrose G02/14
4:11.10Mary Cain (NikOP)Millrose G02/14
4:11.18Morgan Uceny (adi)Millrose G02/14
4:11.76Heather Kampf (Asics)Millrose G02/14
4:11.90-Shelby Houlihan (AzSt)Millrose G02/14
4:12.33Nicole Tully (HokaNJNY)Millrose G02/14
4:13.91Ashley Higginson (Sauc)New Balance G01/24
4:15.46Stephanie Garcia (NBal)New Balance G01/24
4:17.94Melissa Salerno (NBal)New Balance G01/24
4:19.5(A)Katie Mackey (Brooks)Lobo Open01/24
4:19.6(A)Brie Felnagle (adi)Lobo Open01/24
4:21.52Nicol Traynor (NJNY)New Balance Inv01/26
Foreign Collegians:
4:12.18*Rosie Clarke (Iona-GB)Millrose G02/14

4:22.66Shannon Rowbury (NikOP)Hilton Garden Inv01/31
4:27.49Treniere Moser (NikOP)Millrose G02/14
4:28.02Stephanie Charnigo (NJNY)Millrose G02/14
4:28.27Jordan Hasay (NikOP)Millrose G02/14
4:29.39Morgan Uceny (adi)Millrose G02/14
4:29.67-Colleen Quigley (FlSt)Valentine Inv02/13
4:30.07Heather Kampf (Asics)Millrose G02/14
4:30.62Rachel Schneider (unat)Valentine Inv02/13
4:30.77-Shelby Houlihan (AzSt)Millrose G02/14
4:31.31Mary Cain (NikOP)Millrose G02/14
4:31.34Nicole Tully (HokaNJNY)Millrose G02/14
4:32.31Ashley Higginson (Sauc)New Balance G01/24
4:32.86Aisha Praught (OTC)Birmingham GP02/21
4:33.23Stephanie Garcia (NBal)Hilton Garden Inv01/31
4:34.83Katie Mackey (Brooks)USATF Ind02/28
4:34.95Heather Wilson (NJNY)Thomas Terrier Inv01/30
4:35.65Emma Coburn (NBal)New Balance GP02/07
4:36.16*Katrina Coogan (Gtn)National Inv01/31
4:36.31-Stephanie Schappert (Vill)National Inv01/31
4:36.37(A)Brie Felnagle (adi)Lobo Open01/24
4:36.57*Dana Giordano (Dart)Heps Ind03/01
4:37.15Molly Beckwith-Ludlow (Sauc)Indiana R01/30
4:37.68*Danielle Aragon (NDm)ACC Ind02/28
Dana Mecke (unat)USATF Ind02/28
4:37.98Melissa Salerno (NBal)New Balance G01/24
4:38.50-Anne Twombly (NH)BU LC03/01
4:39.57(A)-Sammy Silva (NM)Kirby Open02/14
4:39.78**Samantha Nadel (Gtn)Penn St Tune-Up02/21
4:40.37**Maggie Montoya (Bay)Aggie Inv02/07
4:40.70Laura Roesler (Nik)Texas A&M Inv01/17
4:40.95Nicol Traynor (NJNY)New Balance Inv01/26
4:41.14Hilary Holt (adiR)Texas A&M Inv01/17
4:41.56Ryen Frazier (NCHS)Hilton Garden Inv01/31
4:41.85***Grace Barnett (Clem)Tyson Inv02/13
Foreign Collegians:
4:31.78*Rosie Clarke (Iona-GB)Millrose G02/14
4:34.78*Erin Teschuk (NDSt-Can)Johnson Cl01/31
4:40.13*Kate Avery (Iona-GB)Metro Atl Ind02/21
4:40.92*Olivia Sadler (Col-GB)Heps Ind03/01
Oversized Track:
4:30.70Becca Addison (unat)Wilson Inv02/21
4:32.29-Leah O’Connor (MiSt)Big Ten Ind02/28
4:32.48-Dominique Scott (Ar-SA)McCravy Mem01/24
4:32.74**Rhianwedd Price (MsSt-GB)SEC Ind02/28
4:33.75Heather Wilson (NJNY)Iowa State Cl02/14
4:34.28*Angel Piccirillo (Vill)Iowa State Cl02/14
4:35.50Amanda Mergaert (Brooks)Husky Cl02/14
4:36.31**Therese Haiss (Ar)Husky Cl02/14
4:36.56*Jessica Kamilos (Ar)Husky Cl02/14
4:36.98Alexi Pappas (OTC)Husky Cl02/14
4:37.15Dana Mecke (unat)Husky Cl02/14
4:37.26-Hannah Fields (OkB)NAIA Ind03/07
4:38.00-Mariah Kelly (Bay-Can)Iowa State Cl02/14
-Jessica Tonn (Stan)Wa Preview01/17
4:38.08-Katie Porada (Or)Husky Cl02/14
4:38.19-Brook Handler (Mi)Meyo Inv02/07
4:38.26Laura Carlyle (Ois)Husky Cl02/14
4:38.68Phoebe Wright (Nik)Wa Preview01/17
4:38.99-Diane Robison (Ar)SEC Ind02/28
4:39.38***Nikki Hiltz (Or)McCravy Mem01/24
4:39.95*Eleanor Fulton (Wa)Husky Cl02/14
4:40.60*Blanca Fernández (Tem-Spa)Wilson Inv02/21
4:40.69***Jenny Celis (OkSt)Husky Cl02/14
4:41.02*Ashley Maton (Or)MPSF Ind02/28
4:41.03Hilary Holt (adiR)Wilson Inv02/21
4:41.15*Shannon Osika (Mi)Big Ten Ind02/28
4:41.19-Katie Borchers (OhSt)Spire D1 Inv02/14
4:41.40-Ellie Staker (EmR)NAIA Ind03/07
4:41.65*Katie Hoevet (Pur)Big Ten Ind02/28

8:50.21Jordan Hasay (NikOP)Birmingham GP02/21
8:52.60-Emily Sisson (Prov)Millrose G02/14
8:53.09Jessica O’Connell (Asics)Millrose G02/14
8:57.86Ashley Higginson (SaucNJNY)Millrose G02/14
8:59.88Marielle Hall (Nik)Millrose G02/14
9:02.98Katie Matthews (BAA)Valentine Inv02/13
9:03.27Aisha Praught (OTC)Hilton Garden Inv01/31
9:03.71-Shelby Houlihan (AzSt)TxAM Quad01/24
9:04.93-Jessica Tonn (Stan)Razorback Inv01/31
9:05.30Nicole Tully (HokaNJNY)Armory Inv01/31
9:05.97**Samantha Nadel (Gtn)Big East Ind03/01
9:06.04-Mara Olson (Butler)Big East Ind03/01
9:06.83Liz Costello (unat)Armory Inv01/31
9:07.28*Dana Giordano (Dart)Thomas Terrier Inv01/30
9:07.69Nicol Traynor (NJNY)Hilton Garden Inv01/31
9:07.75Melissa Salerno (FurmE)Valentine Inv02/13
9:08.87*Katrina Coogan (Gtn)Big East Ind03/01
9:10.63**Molly Seidel (NDm)ACC Ind02/28
9:10.76-Katy Moen (IaSt)Razorback Inv01/31
9:11.67Hannah Davidson (StotR)Valentine Inv02/13
9:12.08-Diane Robison (Ar)Razorback Inv01/31
9:12.86-Sarah Rapp (VaT)ACC Ind02/28
9:15.05Kristen Findley (adiR)Hilton Garden Inv01/31
9:16.04Emily Lipari (BAA)Valentine Inv02/13
9:16.11*Margo Malone (Syr)Valentine Inv02/13
9:16.37-Annie LeHardy (NC)ACC Ind02/28
9:16.53-Paige Kvartunas (VaT)ACC Ind02/28
9:18.01Sarah Boyle (Sauc)Jets Pizza Inv01/31
9:19.13Kerri Gallagher (OisNYAC)Armory Inv01/31
Foreign Collegians:
8:53.12-Kate Avery (Iona-GB)Millrose G02/14
9:08.99*Liv Westphal (BC-Fra)Valentine Inv02/13
9:09.16-Laura Nagel (Prov-NZ)Big East Ind03/01
9:16.24*Blanca Fernández (Tem-Spa)Valentine Inv02/13
Oversized Track:
8:52.57-Dominique Scott (Ar-SA)Husky Cl02/14
8:54.77Brie Felnagle (adi)Husky Cl02/14
8:58.51Angela Bizzarri (Brooks)Husky Cl02/14
9:01.25**Rachele Schulist (MiSt)Big Ten Ind02/27
9:02.36***Elise Cranny (Stan)Husky Cl02/14
9:02.40*Erin Teschuk (NDSt-Can)Iowa State Cl02/14
9:02.49Nicol Traynor (NJNY)Iowa State Cl02/14
9:02.69Alexi Pappas (OTC)Wa Inv01/31
9:02.75*Katrina Coogan (Gtn)Husky Cl02/14
9:06.42-Rachel Johnson (Bay)Big 12 Ind02/28
9:07.31**Calli Thackery (NM-GB)Husky Cl02/14
9:07.53**Maddie Meyers (Wa)Husky Cl02/14
9:07.88-Leah O’Connor (MiSt)Notre Dame Inv01/24
9:08.69-Katy Moen (IaSt)Big 12 Ind02/28
9:08.91**Maggie Montoya (Bay)Iowa State Cl02/14
9:08.96-Margaret Connelly (IaSt)Big 12 Ind02/28
9:10.40Amanda Mergaert (Brooks)Husky Cl02/14
9:10.43**Sandie Raines (Tx)Big 12 Ind02/28
9:14.05Bridget Franek (TRE)Husky Cl02/14
9:14.33-Paige Kvartunas (VaT)Iowa State Cl02/14
9:15.14-Elvin Kibet (Az-Ken)MPSF Ind02/28
9:15.73-Stephanie Schappert (Vill)Iowa State Cl02/14
9:16.06***Sarah Disanza (Wi)Big Ten Ind02/27
9:16.94**Vanessa Fraser (Stan)MPSF Ind02/28
9:17.38*Molly Grabill (Or)MPSF Ind02/28
9:17.39*Tori Gerlach (PennSt)Big Ten Ind02/27
9:18.42***Bethan Knights (Cal)Husky Cl02/14
9:18.99Alycia Cridebring (SRA)Wa Inv01/31
9:19.10*Shannon Osika (Mi)Mi-MiSt01/31
9:19.60***Erin Clark (Co)MPSF Ind02/28
9:19.85-Makenna Smith (BYU)MPSF Ind02/28

9:18.35Jenny Simpson (NBal)New Balance GP02/07
9:38.28Jordan Hasay (NikOP)Armory Inv01/31
9:39.38Nicole Tully (HokaNYAC)Armory Inv01/31
9:42.58Ashley Higginson (Sauc)Armory Inv01/31
9:42.78Liz Costello (NBalB)Armory Inv01/31
9:43.94Shannon Rowbury (NikOP)USATF Ind03/01
9:47.73Brie Felnagle (adi)USATF Ind03/01
9:49.71Amanda Mergaert (Brk)USATF Ind03/01
9:56.08Hannah Davidson (StotR)USATF Ind03/01
9:56.32Kristen Findley (adiR)USATF Ind03/01
9:56.77Sarah Boyle (unat)USATF Ind03/01
9:56.85Katie Matthews (BAA)USATF Ind03/01
9:58.77Kerri Gallagher (Ois)Armory Inv01/31
10:00.17Nicol Traynor (NJNY)USATF Ind03/01
10:04.14Stephanie Garcia (NBal)New Balance GP02/07
10:06.21Frances Koons (unat)Armory Inv01/31
10:09.34Esther Erb (NYAC)USATF Ind03/01
10:14.46Marielle Hall (Nik)USATF Ind03/01

15:12.22-Emily Sisson (Prov)Big East Ind03/01
15:20.57***Sarah Disanza (Wi)Boston12/06
15:40.45-Rachel Johnson (Bay)College Station12/13
15:48.12-Courtney Frerichs (MoKC)Bloomington12/12
15:51.12*Tansey Lystad (Port)Boston12/06
15:55.84**Molly Seidel (NDm)ACC Ind02/27
16:00.14*Christina Melian (SB)Thomas Terrier Inv01/30
16:01.51**Megan Curham (Prin)Heps Ind03/01
16:07.90-Marisa Howard (Boise)Bloomington12/12
16:10.41-Grace Fletcher (TxAM)College Station12/13
16:10.47-Mara Olson (Butler)Bloomington12/12
16:11.15*Ann Eason (EnKy)Oh Vly Ind02/28
16:12.97-Hillary Montgomery (TxAM)College Station12/13
16:14.78**Cali Roper (Rice)C-USA Ind02/26
16:14.96*Margo Malone (Syr)ACC Ind02/27
16:17.06**Erika Kemp (NCSt)ACC Ind02/27
16:17.32Hannah Davidson (StotR)Thomas Terrier Inv01/30
16:18.18-Joanna Thompson (NCSt)ACC Ind02/27
16:18.34-Tara Jameson (Iona)BU LC03/01
16:20.73Erica Jesseman (Dirigo)Valentine Inv02/13
16:20.86*Lauren Mullins (Prov)Big East Ind03/01
16:21.13*Kathryn Fluehr (Prin)Heps Ind03/01
16:21.43-Alyssa Schneider (Il)Ames02/13
16:23.83-Sarah Rapp (VaT)ACC Ind02/27
16:24.25**Haley Pierce (Gtn)Big East Ind03/01
16:27.53-Kira Garry (Yale)ECAC Ind03/07
16:28.10*Caroline Kellner (Corn)Heps Ind03/01
16:28.50*Danielle Winslow (BC)Boston12/06
16:28.89-Annie LeHardy (NC)ACC Ind02/27
16:29.57*Meghan McGovern (WM)ECAC Ind03/07
Foreign Collegians:
15:31.62*Liv Westphal (BC-Fra)Boston12/06
16:18.31*Laura Hottenrott (BC-Ger)ACC Ind02/27
16:28.29***Ednah Kurgat (Lib-Ken)Sykes & Sabock C02/06
16:28.60-Victoria Voronko (EnMi-Rus)Ypsilanti12/05
Oversized Track:
15:47.65-Jessica Tonn (Stan)Husky Cl02/13
15:50.40**Chelsea Blaase (Tn)Husky Cl02/13
15:50.49**Sandie Raines (Tx)Husky Cl02/13
15:50.88-Diane Robison (Ar)Husky Cl02/13
15:53.59*Emily Stites (WM)Spire D1 Inv02/13
15:54.45**Molly Seidel (NDm)Iowa State Cl02/13
15:55.76-Mara Olson (Butler)Husky Cl02/13
15:59.64*Molly Grabill (Or)Husky Cl02/13
16:00.01Alycia Cridebring (SRA)Husky Cl02/13
16:02.54-Elvin Kibet (Az-Ken)Husky Cl02/13
16:03.13-Joanna Thompson (NCSt)Spire D1 Inv02/13
16:04.64*Tori Gerlach (PennSt)Big Ten Ind02/28
16:04.71**Samantha Nadel (Gtn)Husky Cl02/13
16:05.03-Hillary Montgomery (TxAM)Husky Cl02/13
16:08.22***Kaitlyn Benner (Co)MPSF Ind02/27
16:08.99-Margaret Connelly (IaSt)Iowa State Cl02/13
16:09.38***Alice Wright (NM-GB)Husky Cl02/13
16:09.77*Lindsay Clark (MiSt)Big Ten Ind02/28
16:10.73-Morgan Kelly (Va)Iowa State Cl02/13
16:11.33*Carolyn Hennessey (WM)Spire D1 Inv02/13
16:14.07-Maddie Van Beek (NDSt)Iowa State Cl02/13
16:14.51-Bronte Golick (UCLA)MPSF Ind02/27
16:16.13-Sarah Rapp (VaT)Iowa State Cl02/13
16:16.98-Kelsey Smith (UCLA)MPSF Ind02/27
16:17.16-Mackenzie Chojnacky (Tol)Iowa State Cl02/13
16:18.41-Alyssa Schneider (Il)Big Ten Ind02/28
16:18.59-Katy Moen (IaSt)Big 12 Ind02/27
16:19.86-Gabi Anzalone (Wi)Iowa State Cl02/13
16:19.94**Kaylee Flanagan (Wa)MPSF Ind02/27
16:19.99Rachel Mitchell (SRA)Husky Cl02/13
16:20.10-Holly Page (Wy)Iowa State Cl02/13
16:20.30**Vanessa Fraser (Stan)Husky Cl02/13
16:20.81***Elizabeth Chikotas (PennSt)Big Ten Ind02/28
16:20.85Polina Carlson (Brk)Wa Inv01/30
16:20.94Sarah Pease (adiR)Iowa State Cl02/13
16:22.39**Alexis Wiersma (MiSt)Spire D1 Inv02/13
16:24.45-Julia Otwell (MiSt)Big Ten Ind02/28
16:24.87***Jill Whitman (In)Big Ten Ind02/28
16:24.89***Erin Hooker (IaSt)Big 12 Ind02/27
16:24.93*Crystal Nelson (IaSt)Big 12 Ind02/27

7.55*Le’Tristan Pledger (TxT)Red Raider Open02/20
7.62Tiana Davis (unat)Run For Dream02/16
7.66Sydney McLaughlin (NYHS)New York03/03
7.70-Shanice Stewart (TxT)Lubbock01/16
7.71Raven Clay (unat)Carnes Inv01/23

7.83Sharika Nelvis (adi)Malmö02/25
7.84Jasmin Stowers (Nik)USATF Ind03/01
7.92-Kendra Harrison (Ky)SEC Ind02/28
8.02-Bridgette Owens (Fl)Tyson Inv02/13
8.03-Erica Bougard (MsSt)SEC Ind02/27
Tenaya Jones (unat)USATF Ind03/01
8.06Tiffani McReynolds (unat)USATF Ind03/01
8.07Kristi Castlin (Nik)USATF Ind03/01
(A)***Dior Hall (USC)Kirby Open02/14
-Morgan Snow (Tx)Tyson Inv02/13
8.10*Cindy Ofili (Mi)Meyo Inv02/07
8.11*Le’Tristan Pledger (TxT)Big 12 Ind02/28
8.12Kaylon Eppinger (WAC)USATF Ind03/01
8.14Christina Manning (adi)UAB G&G01/24
8.15(A)**Sasha Wallace (Or)Kirby Open02/14
8.16Cassandra Lloyd (RPE)Akron Inv02/07
8.18Tiana Davis (unat)USATF Ind03/01
8.19**Nnenya Hailey (Az)MPSF Ind02/28
8.20-Jade Barber (NDm)ACC Ind02/28
Jessie Gaines (unat)USATF Ind03/01
Gabby Mayo (WEx)Aggie Inv02/07
8.21(A)**Micha Auzenne (SDi)Mtn West Ind02/28
**Kendell Williams (Ga)VT Elite02/06
8.22**Ebony Morrison (Aub)Sevigne Inv02/07
-Leah Nugent (Ky)Tyson Inv02/13
8.24**Alexia Fortenberry (NOrleans)LSU Twi02/20
*Alexis Perry (NCSt)Va Tech Inv01/16
(A)*Holly Van Grinsven (NM)Mtn West Ind02/28
8.25-Breeana Coleman (Il)Big Ten Ind02/27
(A)-Melia Cox (USC)Kirby Open02/14
*Ste’yce McNeil (MsSt)Armory Inv Coll01/31
(A)-Shanice Stewart (TxT)New Mexico Cl02/07
8.26**Cheyenne Hutchinson (ECar)The American Ind02/28
(A)Janice Jackson (unat)Kirby Open02/14
(A)Vashti Thomas (Nik)New Mexico Cl02/07
8.27*Mobolaji Adeokun (Tx)Big 12 Ind02/27
Raven Clay (ENik)Birmingham01/09
**Vanessa Clerveaux (Al)SEC Ind02/27
8.28(A)-Erica Twiss (KsSt)New Mexico Tm Inv01/31
8.29-Deanna Latham (Wi)Big Ten Ind02/28
Foreign Collegians:
8.14*Akela Jones (KsSt-Bar)Big 12 Ind02/28
8.17**Devynne Charlton (Pur-Bah)Meyo Inv02/06
-Samantha Elliott (Clem-Jam)ACC Ind02/28
8.20***Daeshon Gordon (LSU-Jam)SEC Ind02/28
*Samantha Scarlett (Aub-Jam)SEC Ind02/27
8.29-Demeteria Edgecombe (ETn-Bah)Sn Ind02/28
8.33-Greta Kerekes (UTEP-Hun)C-USA Ind02/26
8.34**Kimberly Golding (Mn-Jam)Big Ten Ind02/27

4 x 200
1:36.43Mississippi StateArmory Inv Coll01/31
1:36.45DukeArmory Inv Coll01/31
1:37.14South CarolinaArmory Inv Coll01/31
1:38.81ClemsonArmory Inv Coll01/31

4 x 400
3:29.36TexasTyson Inv02/14
3:32.84Texas A&MTyson Inv02/14
3:32.87ClemsonACC Ind02/28
3:33.58ArkansasTyson Inv02/14
3:34.00DukeACC Ind02/28
3:34.27Kansas StateTyson Inv02/14
3:34.90Penn StateTyson Inv02/14
3:35.36MiamiTyson Inv02/14
3:35.43(A)Arizona StateNew Mexico Tm Inv01/31
3:35.77South PlainsTyson Inv02/14
3:35.80USCSevigne Inv02/07
3:36.42Texas TechTyson Inv02/14
3:36.81StanfordRazorback Inv01/31
3:37.54KentuckyTyson Inv02/14
3:37.56Notre DameACC Ind02/28
3:37.80MinnesotaSevigne Inv02/07
3:37.84IowaTyson Inv02/14
3:37.95VanderbiltTyson Inv02/14
3:38.21CornellSykes & Sabock C02/07
3:38.28UTEPC-USA Ind02/26
3:38.89PurdueRazorback Inv01/31
3:38.94South CarolinaTyson Inv02/14
3:39.15UCFThe American Ind02/28
3:39.25Florida StateTyson Inv02/14
3:39.77VirginiaACC Ind02/28
3:39.95Louisiana TechTyson Inv02/14
3:39.98Missouri StateArkansas Open02/21
Oversized Track:
3:29.58FloridaMcCravy Mem01/24
3:30.50ArkansasMcCravy Mem01/24
3:31.43KentuckySEC Ind02/28
3:33.58USCMPSF Ind02/28
3:34.88MiamiMcCravy Mem01/24
3:35.26Florida StateWilson Inv02/21
3:35.81Ohio StateBig Ten Ind02/28
3:36.95PurdueBig Ten Ind02/28
3:37.03MinnesotaBig Ten Ind02/28
3:37.20Notre DameMeyo Inv02/07
3:38.04Mississippi StateVanderbilt Inv01/23
3:38.29BaylorBig 12 Ind02/28
3:38.46Michigan StateMeyo Inv02/07
3:38.50OklahomaBig 12 Ind02/28
3:38.76MichiganBig Ten Ind02/28
3:39.09LSUSEC Ind02/28

4 x 800
8:33.94VillanovaBig East Ind03/01
8:36.32GeorgetownBig East Ind03/01
8:45.02FordhamECAC Ind03/08
8:46.56MonmouthECAC Ind03/08
8:47.65ConnecticutECAC Ind03/08
8:49.67Boston CollegeECAC Ind03/08
8:49.99North CarolinaVT Elite02/07
8:54.93Kent StateGladstein Inv01/24

10:42.57New BalanceNew Balance GP02/07
10:42.79New York All-StarsNew Balance GP02/07
10:57.71GeorgetownNational Inv01/30
11:04.29VillanovaNational Inv01/30
11:04.53Florida StateValentine Inv02/14
11:04.99StanfordRazorback Inv01/30
11:11.23North Carolina StateUCS Inv02/21
11:12.89Oklahoma StateRazorback Inv01/30
11:14.43ClemsonACC Ind02/26
11:15.62North Carolina St.ACC Ind02/26
11:15.83DukeUCS Inv02/21
11:15.93Iowa StateRazorback Inv01/30
11:22.39Boston CollegeACC Ind02/26
11:22.53HarvardNew Balance GP02/07
11:22.61Penn StateNational Inv01/30
11:22.81Virginia TechACC Ind02/26
11:24.64WisconsinArmory Inv Coll01/30
11:25.12PrincetonArmory Inv Coll01/30
11:25.64VirginiaACC Ind02/26
11:27.43HillsdaleGLIAC Ind03/01
11:28.00North CarolinaACC Ind02/26
11:28.54ProvidenceBig East Ind02/28
11:29.60Wake ForestACC Ind02/26
Oversized Track:
10:57.80Michigan StateBig Ten Ind02/27
10:58.52BaylorWilson Inv02/21
11:01.44New MexicoWilson Inv02/21
11:01.59Notre DameWilson Inv02/21
11:02.57MichiganBig Ten Ind02/27
11:02.80ArkansasMcCravy Mem01/23
11:02.98StanfordMPSF Ind02/27
11:05.38WashingtonWa Inv01/30
11:07.20PurdueWilson Inv02/21
11:07.83ClemsonWilson Inv02/21
11:08.13Oklahoma StateWilson Inv02/21
11:08.19FloridaMcCravy Mem01/23
11:10.49North Dakota StateWilson Inv02/21
11:12.12OregonMcCravy Mem01/23
11:16.21WisconsinBig Ten Ind02/27
11:17.50Northern IowaWilson Inv02/21
11:18.73HarvardWilson Inv02/21
11:19.10LSUIowa State Cl02/13
11:19.34VanderbiltWilson Inv02/21
11:19.80Ohio StateBig Ten Ind02/27
11:20.80Arizona StateMPSF Ind02/27
11:21.52PortlandMPSF Ind02/27
11:23.54IllinoisBig Ten Ind02/27
11:26.37AlabamaSEC Ind02/28
11:26.86Mississippi StateSEC Ind02/28
11:27.31CaliforniaMPSF Ind02/27
11:28.52TexasBig 12 Ind02/27
11:29.17MarylandBig Ten Ind02/27
11:29.97MinnesotaBig Ten Ind02/27

1.886-2Chaunté Lowe (Nik)New Balance GP02/07
1.866-1¼*Erika Hurd (Cinc)Bloomington12/12
-Amber Melville (Md)College Park01/17
1.846-½-Taylor Burke (Fl)SEC Ind02/28
-Lauren Crockett (Or)MPSF Ind02/28
**Julisa Tindall (ColChar)ECAC Ind03/07
1.836-0-Zibby Boyer (UCLA)New Mexico Tm Inv01/31
Sharon Day-Monroe (Asics)Kirby Open02/13
Nicole Greene (FlHS)Chapel Hill01/31
Barbara Nwaba (SBTC)Wa Inv01/31
-Jazmyn Webster (CoSt)Kirby Open02/13
-Mary Wirth (SDSt)Brookings12/05
1.825-11½Amy Acuff (unat)USATF Ind03/01
*Nakita Gray (SC)Gamecock Inv02/21
-Lindsay Vollmer (Ks)Tyson Inv02/14
1.815-11¼-Erica Bougard (MsSt)SEC Ind02/28
Elizabeth Evans (unat)Crawfordsville01/17
Chelsea Hayes (USExp)LSU Twi02/20
Linda Rainwater (MovSh)Wa Open02/15
1.805-10¾***Stephanie Ahrens (NbO)Lincoln01/17
**Kandie Bloch-Jones (Il)Big Ten Ind02/28
Megan Glisar (unat)Lincoln01/17
*Karli Johonnot (Duke)Chapel Hill01/16
***Claire Kieffer-Wright (Mi)Big Ten Ind02/28
Jailah Mason (MiHS)Annapolis12/02
Liz Patterson (unat)Run For Dream02/16
Maya Pressley (unat)Armory Inv01/31
-Lacey Shuman (NCSt)VT Elite02/07
*Kaitlin Whitehorn (Dart)Valentine Inv02/13
**Kendell Williams (Ga)Auburn Inv01/17
1.795-10½-Whitney Flannel (UTSA)C-USA Ind02/26
-Jennifer Foster (Ash)Kent12/05
***Emily Gerard (Az)Kirby Open02/13
-Chari Hawkins (UtSt)Kirby Open02/13
**Kaysee Pilgrim (PimaCC)JUCO Ind03/07
1.785-10-Morgan Brant (unat)Joplin12/06
-Nyki Caldwell (WF)ACC Ind02/27
***Emilee Iverson (PittSt)Joplin12/06
***Claire Keiffer-Wright (Mi)Silverston Inv02/21
*Mimi Land (Clem)Clemson01/10
***Darragh May (ArSt)Kentucky Inv01/17
-Christina O’Connor (EStroud)PSAC Ind03/01
*Emma Siuciak (Buf)Spire D1 Inv02/14
**Jordan Ward (Boise)Mtn West Ind02/27
-Morgan Whitson (Mo)Missouri Chall02/20
Foreign Collegians:
1.906-2¾*Leontia Kallenou (Ga-Cyp)SEC Ind02/28
***Erika Kinsey (CMo-Swe)Mule R01/30
1.886-2-Claudia Garcia Jou (Akr-Spa)Tyson Inv02/14
1.876-1½*Deandra Daniel (Copp-Tri)ECAC Ind03/07
**Tatiana Gusin (Ga-Gre)SEC Ind02/28
**Kimberly Williamson (KsSt-Jam)Big 12 Ind02/28
1.866-1¼-Marusa Cernjul (Nb-Slo)Colligan Mem01/24
1.856-¾*Akela Jones (KsSt-Bar)Tyson Inv02/14
1.846-½*Dior Delophont (Kent-Fra)Kent02/21
-Alyx Treasure (KsSt-Can)Big 12 Ind02/28
1.836-0**Lisanne Hagens (Az-Hol)Kirby Open02/13
-Thea LaFond (Md-Dom)Big Ten Ind02/28
1.815-11¼***Rhizlane Siba (KsSt-Mar)Manhattan12/13
*Marine Vallet (IaSt-Fra)Iowa State Cl02/13
1.805-10¾*Gladys Njoku (Stevens-Ken)Ramapo Ind02/07
***Heta Tuuri (Mn-Fin)Mn Open01/17
1.795-10½-Shahaf Bareni (NTx-Isr)C-USA Ind02/26

4.75(A)15-7-Demi Payne (SFA)Lobo Open01/24
4.6615-3½-Sandi Morris (Ar)SEC Ind02/27
4.5314-10¼Melissa Gergel (TPac)McCravy Mem01/23
4.50(A)14-9Becky Holliday (Asics)PV Summit01/16
Katie Nageotte (unat)USATF Ind03/01
Mary Saxer (NYAC)New Balance GP02/07
Jenn Suhr (adi)New Balance GP02/07
4.4914-8¾April Steiner Bennett (Asics)Arkansas Open02/21
4.4514-7¼Kayla Caldwell (BellAth)USATF Ind03/01
4.4114-5½Leslie Brost (TCTC)Johnson Cl01/30
4.4014-5¼Kelsie Ahbe (PVA)Akron PV01/09
Alexis Paine (unat)USATF Ind03/01
4.3914-4¾*Kaitlin Petrillose (Tx)Big 12 Ind02/27
-Stephanie Richartz (Il)Big Ten Ind02/27
4.3714-4*Megan Clark (Duke)VT Elite02/07
*Morgann Leleux (Ga)VT Elite02/07
4.3414-2¾-Sophie Gutermuth (In)Big Ten Ind02/27
4.3314-2½***Desiree Freier (Ar)McCravy Mem01/23
4.3214-2*Kristina Owsinski (Wa)MPSF Ind02/27
4.31(A)14-1¾**Lakan Taylor (Al)New Mexico Tm Inv01/31
(A)Melinda Withrow (MWTC)Mountain T’s01/31
4.3014-1¼April Bennett (Asics)USATF Ind03/01
Janice Keppler (TPacer)Akron PV01/09
***Lindsey Murray (SnIl)SIU Inv02/07
4.2914-¾**Annie Rhodes (Bay)Big 12 Ind02/27
4.2814-½*Jessie Johnson (Aub)Baton Rouge02/14
*Ariel Voskamp (Ar)SEC Ind02/27
4.2714-0*Anginae Monteverde (BYU)MPSF Ind02/27
Lexi Weeks (ArHS)Norman01/03
Tori Weeks (ArHS)Norman01/03
4.2613-11¾*Carolina Carmichael (Mem)Mo Tiger Inv02/06
*Kristine Felix (WaSt)WaSt Open01/23
***Kally Long (Tx)Wa Inv01/31
4.2413-11-Cameron Overstreet (NC)Taylor Inv02/21
4.2213-10-Alexandra Wasik (Vill)Gotham Cup01/16
4.2113-9¾-Claire Lucas (Akr)Akron Inv02/20
4.1913-9*Megan Zimlich (Ar)Tyson Inv02/13
4.18(A)13-8½***Bonnie Draxler (SDi)Mtn West Ind02/27
4.1713-8¼Ellie Braidic (EnMi)Akron Inv02/07
*Lauren Chorny (MiSt)Akron Inv02/07
(A)Allison Koressel (unat)Kirby Open02/14
Foreign Collegians:
4.3214-2*Diamara Planell Cruz (Wa-PR)Husky Cl02/14

6.7422-1½Funmi Jimoh (Nik)Berlin02/14
6.5521-6Jessie Gaines (unat)Rockville Centre02/13
**Sha’Keela Saunders (Ky)SEC Ind02/27
6.5421-5½**Kendell Williams (Ga)VT Elite02/07
6.5221-4¾Julienne McKee (unat)Samford Inv02/13
6.4921-3½-Kenyattia Hackworth (Ky)SEC Ind02/27
6.4621-2½*Jenna Prandini (Or)McCravy Mem01/23
6.4521-2***Keturah Orji (Ga)VT Elite02/07
6.4421-1½*Alexis Perry (NCSt)Pollock Inv01/24
6.43(A)21-1¼**Stachia Reuwsaat (Chadr)Golden12/12
(A)**Jasmine Todd (Or)Kirby Open02/13
6.4021-0-Erica Bougard (MsSt)Armory Inv Coll01/30
6.3720-10¾-Abieyuwa Ehimwenman (OhSt)Big Ten Ind02/27
6.3620-10½*Gabrielle Farquharson (Rut)Big Ten Ind02/27
6.3420-9¾**Nataliyah Friar (LSU)SEC Ind02/27
6.3320-9¼*Teddi Maslowski (Duke)Va Tech Chall02/21
6.3020-8*Der’Renae Freeman (FlSt)ACC Ind02/27
Vanessa Jules (unat)Nashville12/04
***Darrielle McQueen (Fl)SEC Ind02/27
6.2820-7¼Crystal Walker (unat)Vand Inv01/17
6.27(A)20-7-Je’Nia Sears (Fres)Mtn West Ind02/27
6.2620-6½*Sydney Conley (Ks)Tyson Inv02/13
6.25(A)20-6¼-Whitney Rowe (CoMesa)Golden12/12
6.24520-6Kate Hall (MeHS)Roxbury02/27
6.2420-5¾*Alisha Allen (NnCo)Big Sky Ind02/28
6.2320-5¼**Shakinah Brooks (StA)ETn Buccaneer02/07
*Alexis Faulknor (USC)MPSF Ind02/27
(A)*Aasha Marler (NM)Kirby Open02/13
6.2220-5**Quanesha Burks (Al)SEC Ind02/27
-Shanice Stewart (TxT)Lubbock01/16
6.2020-4¼***Dominique Bullock (Aub)SEC Ind02/27
Janae Gennette (unat)Nampa02/07
(A)Malaina Payton (WAC)Mountain T’s01/31
6.1720-3***Jasmine Brooks (Prov)New York12/05
-Lauren Cheadle (SnIl)Mo Vly Ind03/01
6.1620-2½-Kylie Price (UCLA)MPSF Ind02/27
6.1520-2¼*Alexis Murphy (SC)Va Tech Inv01/17
6.1420-1¾*Sarah Bowens (Ct)The American Ind02/27
*Mimi Land (Clem)Va Tech Inv01/17
6.13(A)20-1½*Le’Tristan Pledger (TxT)New Mexico Cl02/06
Foreign Collegians:
6.6421-9½*Akela Jones (KsSt-Bar)Tyson Inv02/13
6.49(A)21-3½**Shanice McPherson (NMH-Jam)CSM Inv01/30
6.3320-9¼-Tamara Myers (Ar-Bah)Tyson Inv02/13
*Chanice Porter (Ga-Jam)Tyson Inv02/13
6.27(A)20-7***Jessie Maduka (UCLA-Ger)Kirby Open02/13
6.2520-6¼*Xenia Rahn (NC-Ger)ACC Ind02/27
6.2120-4½*Salcia Slack (NMH-Jam)RMAC Ind02/28
6.2020-4¼***Jhoanmy Luque (IaSt-Ven)Iowa State Cl02/13
***Alexandra Wester (Mia-Ger)Penn State01/17
6.1720-3-Thea LaFond (Md-Dom)Big Ten Ind02/27
6.1420-1¾***Erika Kinsey (CMo-Swe)Joplin02/07

13.9845-10½***Keturah Orji (Ga)McCravy Mem01/24
13.7745-2¼-Ciarra Brewer (Fl)McCravy Mem01/24
13.5744-6¼Amanda Smock (AsicsNYAC)Fargo01/17
13.46(A)44-2Blessing Ufodiama (unat)NnAz Inv02/13
13.3843-10¾-Tori Franklin (MiSt)Meyo Inv02/07
13.2443-5¼**Simone Charley (Vand)SEC Ind02/28
*LeAnna Morrison (SC)Va Tech Inv01/16
13.2243-4½Kenna Wolter (unat)USD Twi02/20
13.1343-1Malaikah Love (unat)USATF Ind03/01
13.1042-11¾*Brianna Richardson (Bay)Big 12 Ind02/28
**Sha’Keela Saunders (Ky)McCravy Mem01/24
13.0842-11-Allie Saunders (TxSt)Sun Belt Ind02/24
13.0742-10¾Lynnika Pitts (unat)Baton Rouge02/14
13.0442-9½Keri Emanuel (unat)Baton Rouge02/14
13.0342-9*Odrine Belot (Ct)Valentine Inv02/13
12.9842-7-Ellie Ewere (Nb)Big Ten Ind02/28
12.9742-6¾-Gissell Warner (Fl)Tyson Inv02/14
12.9542-6**Nataliyah Friar (LSU)Tyson Inv02/14
12.9342-5¼**Iana Amsterdam (Clem)Pollock Inv01/24
12.9142-4¼-Ebony Brinker (MsSt)Birmingham01/09
12.9042-4**Chardae Greenlee (Mem)Vand Inv01/17
**Marshay Ryan (Aub)Tyson Inv02/14
12.89(A)42-3½-Sam Nielson (UtSt)Kirby Open02/14
12.8642-2¼***Darrielle McQueen (Fl)Tyson Inv02/14
12.8542-2***Tiffaney Flynn (MsSt)Birmingham01/09
Jasmine Manuel (USExp)McNeese Inv01/30
Imani Oliver (CPTC)Gotham Cup01/16
**Anasterasia Terrell (Clem)Tyson Inv02/14
12.8442-1½*Mimi Land (Clem)ACC Ind02/28
(A)*Aasha Marler (NM)Mtn West Ind02/28
12.82(A)42-¾**Jannell Hadnot (NM)Kirby Open02/14
12.8142-½***Kaitlyn Beans (SAl)Birmingham12/05
(A)*Gionna Jackson (TxT)New Mexico Cl02/07
Foreign Collegians:
13.4043-11¾-Tamara Myers (Ar-Bah)Razorback Inv01/31
13.3243-8½-Nadia Eke (Col-Gha)Heps Ind03/01
13.2443-5¼-Thea LaFond (Md-Dom)Big Ten Ind02/28
12.9342-5¼***Erika Kinsey (CMo-Swe)Joplin02/07
12.8842-3¼-Merilyn Uudmae (Al-Est)Tyson Inv02/14
12.8642-2¼*Dior Delophont (Kent-Fra)Mid-American Ind02/28
(A)*Nickevea Wilson (UTEP-Jam)Kirby Open02/14
12.8542-2**Daisy Ding (Rice-Aus)C-USA Ind02/26
12.8442-1½***Isabella Marten (SMU-Ger)The American Ind02/28

19.4563-9¾Michelle Carter (NikNYAC)USATF Ind03/01
19.0162-4½Brittany Smith (Nik)Titan Tri01/17
18.8361-9½Jeneva Stevens (NYAC)Indiana R01/31
18.3460-2Becky O’Brien (unat)USATF Ind03/01
18.3260-1¼Felisha Johnson (Nik)Hoosier Hills02/14
18.3160-1-Tori Bliss (LSU)SEC Ind02/27
17.9959-¼***Raven Saunders (SnIl)Wilt Inv02/14
17.9558-10¾-Claire Uke (Rice)C-USA Ind02/26
17.6157-9½-Jill Rushin (Mo)SEC Ind02/27
17.4557-3*Dani Winters (KsSt)Sevigne Inv02/07
17.2556-7¼*Kelsey Card (Wi)Big Ten Ind02/27
17.1656-3¾*Cassie Wertman (Tn)SEC Ind02/27
17.1556-3¼Monique Riddick (CPTC)USATF Ind03/01
17.1156-1¾Dani Bunch (unat)USATF Ind03/01
17.0355-10½-Kearsten Peoples (Mo)SEC Ind02/27
16.9355-6½**Brittany Mann (Or)Husky Cl02/14
16.9155-5¾*Rachel Fatherly (PennSt)Penn St Tune-Up02/21
16.8755-4¼*Jamie Sindelar (Ash)GLIAC Ind03/01
16.8655-3¾-Ashley Gaston (SnIl)Vanderbilt Inv01/24
16.8355-2¾**Torie Owers (UCLA)New Mexico Tm Inv01/31
16.7354-10¾-Kendra Averesch (Find)Findlay Open01/30
Jessica Maroszek (unat)Lawrence12/06
16.7154-10*Chase Ealey (OkSt)Dodds Duals01/24
**Aaliyah Pete (CoSt)Air Force Inv01/24
16.5554-3¾*Amelia Strickler (MiaO)National Inv01/31
16.5054-1¾Sarah Howard (unat)Taylor Inv02/21
16.4854-1Nia Henderson (unat)USATF Ind03/01
16.4053-9¾*Alexis Cooks (Akr)Akron Inv02/20
16.3953-9¼-Jianna Williams (IlSt)Mo Vly Ind03/01
16.3153-6¼-Brea Garrett (TxAM)Aggie Inv02/07
16.3053-5¾Taryn Suttie (unat)Wa Inv01/31
16.2953-5½-Emily Lesser (NDSt)Summit Ind02/27
16.2353-3-Carlie Pinkelman (Nb)Lincoln01/17
16.1953-1½-DeAnna Price (SnIl)Kentucky Inv01/17
16.1252-10¾**Christine Bohan (Va)Iowa State Cl02/14
16.1052-10*Avione Allgood (Ok)Martin Inv01/17
16.0852-9¼***Maggie Ewen (AzSt)MPSF Ind02/28
16.0652-8¼*Chioma Onyekwere (Md)Big Ten Ind02/27
16.0552-8***Chamaya Turner (Ok)Razorback Inv01/31
16.0352-7¼***Mackenna Howard (UNLV)Mtn West Ind02/28
Foreign Collegians:
17.7158-1¼*Danniel Thomas (Kent-Jam)Mid-American Ind02/28
17.1256-2**Nikki Okwelogu (Harv-Ngr)Heps Ind03/01
16.3653-8¼*Anastasiya Muchkayev (Ks-Isr)Lawrence01/09
16.2453-3½-Valentina Muzaric (Aub-Cro)SEC Ind02/27
16.0352-7¼*Alex Porlier-Langlois (Hi-Can)MPSF Ind02/28

23.6977-8¾Jeneva Stevens (NYAC)Charleston02/20
23.4576-11¼Felisha Johnson (Nik)USATF Ind02/28
23.1575-11½Amber Campbell (Mjo)Taylor Inv02/21
22.8474-11¼-Kearsten Peoples (Mo)Missouri Chall02/20
22.3073-2Amanda Bingson (NikNYAC)USATF Ind02/28
22.2873-1¼-Brea Garrett (TxAM)Tyson Inv02/13
21.8671-8¾-Brittany Funk (Akr)Mid-American Ind02/27
21.8271-7¼*Kelsey Card (Wi)Iowa State Cl02/13
21.7571-4¼Carly Fehringer (unat)Wildcat Open01/31
21.6871-1½*Alexis Cooks (Akr)Akron-Kent01/16
21.6471-0-DeAnna Price (SnIl)Wilt Inv02/13
21.6170-10¾*Beckie Famurewa (Ky)McCravy Mem01/23
21.5770-9¼-Sophia Lozano (SnIl)Carbondale12/06
21.4570-4½*Lea Johnson (Mia)ACC Ind02/26
21.4370-3¾*Nicole Chavis (NCSt)ACC Ind02/26
21.3570-½-Shatora Lewis (Ash)Findlay Open01/30
21.1669-5¼*Tiffany Okieme (Mia)ACC Ind02/26
21.0969-2½-Jessica Bridenthal (Ash)Findlay Open01/30
21.0869-2*Rachel Fatherly (PennSt)Penn St Tune-Up02/21
**Dolly Nyemah (Louis)Indiana R01/30
21.0769-1½Aubrey Baxter (unat)Wildcat Open01/31
21.0068-10¾-Kiah Hicks (CoSt)Mtn West Ind02/27
20.8768-5¾***Kaitlyn Long (Winona)Madison02/20
20.8668-5¼-Jayla Bostic (Fl)SEC Ind02/28
20.8468-4½Dani Bunch (unat)Wilt Inv02/13
20.8368-4¼*Heavin Warner (CMo)Warrensburg01/23
20.7968-2½-Brooke Pleger (BG)Akron Inv02/07
20.7568-1-Shreese Daniels (Wy)Laramie02/20
20.6167-7½-Devin Stanford (Mn)Wisc-Minn01/24
20.6067-7-Chioma Amaechi (Cal)New Mexico Tm Inv01/31
20.4667-1½*Jackie Leppelmeier (Kent)Mid-American Ind02/27
20.2866-6½-Jianna Williams (IlSt)Meyo Inv02/06
20.2266-4¼-Angela Boushea (Wi)Madison02/20
20.1566-1½**Shelby Ashe (Ga)McCravy Mem01/23
-Lakitta Johnson (FlSt)VT Elite02/06
20.1466-1*Nia Barnes (Al)Indiana R01/30
20.1065-11½Hayli Bozarth (EmpTC)Nampa02/14
20.0865-10½**Nakel McClinton (In)Indiana R01/30
19.9865-6¾-Briana Cherry-Bronson (Alb)BU LC03/01
*Cynthia Watt (MiSt)Big Ten Ind02/28
Foreign Collegians:
22.4073-6-Ida Storm (UCLA-Swe)MPSF Ind02/27
20.6667-9½*Sara Savatovic (KsSt-Ser)Big 12 Ind02/27
20.4967-2¾*Daina Levy (Ks-Jam)Big 12 Ind02/27

4654Sharon Day-Monroe (Asics)USATF Ind02/27
4609**Kendell Williams (Ga)McCravy Mem01/23
4419-Erica Bougard (MsSt)Birmingham01/21
4404-Lindsay Vollmer (Ks)Big 12 Ind02/27
4389Barbara Nwaba (SBTC)USATF Ind02/27
4361*Jess Herauf (Mn)Big Ten Ind02/27
4317Kaylon Eppinger (WAC)USATF Ind02/27
4259*Alex Gochenour (Ar)Razorback Inv01/30
4257-Quintunya Chapman (Ga)McCravy Mem01/23
4226-Brittany Harrell (Fl)Razorback Inv01/30
4218Lindsay Lettow (SBTC)USATF Ind02/27
4194(A)-Chari Hawkins (UtSt)Mtn West Ind02/26
4179-Jena Hemann (TxAM)SEC Ind02/27
4168-Fabia McDonald (Ms)SEC Ind02/27
4164(A)Breanna Leslie (unat)NAU Inv02/13
4155***Taliyah Brooks (Ar)Razorback Inv01/30
**Leigha Brown (Ar)Razorback Inv01/30
4152-Shanice Stewart (TxT)TxT Masked Rider01/30
4138-Erica Twiss (KsSt)Big 12 Ind02/27
4115**Aaron Howell (Mi)Spire D1 Inv02/13
4110Kiani Profit (unat)USATF Ind02/27
4097*Teddi Maslowski (Duke)ACC Ind02/26
4071Lindsay Schwartz (SBTC)USATF Ind02/27
4034-Carley McCutchen (MtSt)Bozeman02/20
4025*Abrianna Torres (Co)MPSF Ind02/27
4022*Karli Johonnot (Duke)Tobacco Rd C01/23
3983**Nikki Larch-Miller (Wich)Jennett Inv01/31
3976-Alexis Walker (UCLA)MPSF Ind02/27
3961*Annie Kunz (TxAM)SEC Ind02/27
3945**Tory Kemp (NC)ACC Ind02/26
3939**Emilyn Dearman (PittSt)Joplin02/07
3931**Breanne Borman (Wich)Jennett Inv01/31
3928Amber Metoyer (unat)USATF Ind02/27
3923*Taylor Morgan (Prin)Heps Ind02/28
3912***Allison Frantz (Dart)Heps Ind02/28
3904***Alyssa Thompson (Az)MPSF Ind02/27
Foreign Collegians:
4402*Akela Jones (KsSt-Bar)Jayhawk Cl01/30
4273*Xenia Rahn (NC-Ger)ACC Ind02/26
4223***Georgia Ellenwood (Wi-Can)Big Ten Ind02/27
4105**Grete Sadeiko (FlSt-Est)ACC Ind02/26
4081**Melissa-Maree Farrington (Nb-Aus)Sevigne Inv02/06
4007(A)*Salcia Slack (NMH-Jam)CSM Inv01/30
3906*Saija Bikanova (Ct-Lat)The American Ind02/27

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