2010 U.S. Indoor List - Women

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compiled by Glen McMicken

(marks received and verified by 04/21/2010)

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These lists give the top U.S. performers of the indoor season, with an appending of those foreign collegians whose marks also fall into the range of our reporting standards. In the oversized-track category, the domestics and foreign collegians are commingled (' after name = foreigner on OT list). Relay teams may contain non-U.S. nationals.

Open athletes and high schoolers have no notation before their name. Collegians are noted by class: - = senior; * = junior; **=soph; *** = frosh.

Oversized tracks are those larger than 200m in circumference. OT marks at races longer than 1000m are no longer carried with the main list (except in the multis) because too many huge tracks have been turned into speedways. (A) = altitude over 1000m (in affected events only).

! = secondary performance in a field-event series (only applicable to final end-of-season lists); ¶ = field-event mark for which complete series data is missing (only applicable to final end-of-season lists)

6.83Jasmin Baldwin-Foss (Cheet)Fresno02/05
Miki Barber (Nike)Fresno02/05
Ashton Purvis (CaHS)NatScho Ind03/14
6.84Whitney Fountain (NYHS)NatScho Ind03/14
6.87*Shayla Mahan (SC)Columbia02/20
6.88Tangela Neal (unat)Columbia02/20
6.89***Tatianna Fisher (SC)Columbia02/20
*Gabrielle Glenn (SC)Columbia02/20
Ashley Owens (unat)Gainesville01/31
Amber Plowden (unat)Fresno02/05
6.91**Breehana Jacobs (SC)Columbia02/20
Foreign Collegians:
6.76*Kimberly Smith (WayB-Jam)Lubbock02/06
6.90*Trisha-Anne Hawthorne (Ct-Jam)Rhode Island01/23

7.02(A)Carmelita Jeter (Nike)USATF Ind02/28
7.13(A)Lisa Barber (unat)USATF Ind02/28
7.14(A)Miki Barber (Nike)USATF Ind02/28
7.17Gloria Asumnu (adidas)Houston02/06
7.18*Lakya Brookins (SC)SEC Ind02/28
*Gabby Mayo (TxAM)NCAA Ind03/13
7.20(A)Shalonda Solomon (Reebok)USATF Ind02/28
7.24*Shavon Greaves (PennSt)National Inv01/29
***Takeia Pinckney (LSU)LSU Inv03/05
*Kenyanna Wilson (LSU)NCAA Ind03/13
7.25Muna Lee (Nike)Millrose G01/29
7.26*Scottesha Miller (Ok)NCAA Ind03/12
**Saravia Richardson (Louis)VaTech LC03/06
7.29Marshevet Myers (adidas)Reebok B02/06
**Jeneba Tarmoh (TxAM)Armory Coll02/05
**Alishea Usery (Fl)NCAA Ind03/12
7.30Ebonie Floyd-Broadnax (Nike)Karlsruhe01/31
**Amber Purvis (Or)Mtn Pac02/27
7.31Tianna Madison (Nike)Reebok B02/06
Angela Williams (Nike)Gent02/14
Foreign Collegians:
7.18-Blessing Okagbare (UTEP-Ngr)CUSA Ind02/26
-Barbara Pierre (StA-Hai)National Inv01/29
7.20-Kim Smith (WayB-Jam)NAIA Ind03/06
7.22*Sheniqua Ferguson (Aub-Bah)Clemson G01/29
7.24(A)**Semoy Hackett (Linc-Tri)NCAA II Ind03/13
7.27-Samantha Henry (LSU-Jam)NCAA Ind03/12
7.30*Trisha-Ann Hawthorne (Ct-Jam)Big East Ind02/20

22.98*Shavon Greaves (PennSt)Big 10 Ind02/28
23.06-Porscha Lucas (TxAM)TxAM Inv01/16
23.14*Scottesha Miller (Ok)NCAA Ind03/12
23.15Shalonda Solomon (Reebok)Tyson02/13
23.21**Amber Purvis (Or)NCAA Ind03/12
23.22Ashton Purvis (CaHS)NatScho Ind03/14
23.25Leslie Cole (Nike)TxAM Inv01/16
23.28Shareese Woods (adidas)Tyson02/13
23.29**Jeneba Tarmoh (TxAM)NCAA Ind03/12
23.34*Jessica Beard (TxAM)TxAM Chall01/30
(A)-Mindy McClurkin (BYU)Mtn W Ind02/27
23.35Natasha Hastings (Nike)Tyson02/13
23.37**Cassandra Tate (LSU)SEC Ind02/28
*Tiffany Townsend (Bay)Razorback01/22
23.40LaShaunte’a Moore (unat)TxAM Inv01/16
23.41*Kalyn Floyd (Hous)NCAA Ind03/12
23.46Ebonie Floyd-Broadnax (Nike)Gent02/14
**Candyce McGrone (FlSt)NCAA Ind03/12
23.48Whitney Fountain (NYHS)NatScho Ind03/14
23.52Charonda Williams (adidas)Tyson02/13
Foreign Collegians:
23.09*Sheniqua Ferguson (Aub-Bah)NCAA Ind03/12
23.12**Nivea Smith (Aub-Bah)NCAA Ind03/12
23.32(A)**Semoy Hackett (Linc-Tri)NCAA II Ind03/13
23.41-Samantha Henry (LSU-Jam)NCAA Ind03/12
23.52-Blessing Okagbare (UTEP-Ngr)Sevigne02/06
Oversized Track:
23.18BeardBig 12 Ind02/27
23.25TarmohBig 12 Ind02/27
23.43*Gabby Mayo (TxAM)Big 12 Ind02/27

50.54-Francena McCorory (Hamp)NCAA Ind03/13
50.86(A)Debbie Dunn (unat)USATF Ind02/28
51.23(A)Deedee Trotter (Saucony)USATF Ind02/28
51.37(A)Allyson Felix (unat)USATF Ind02/28
51.63-Keshia Baker (Or)NCAA Ind03/13
51.67Natasha Hastings (Nike)Tyson02/12
52.08*Jessica Beard (TxAM)NCAA Ind03/13
52.16(A)Shareese Woods (adidas)USATF Ind02/28
52.31(A)Ebonie Floyd-Broadnax (Nike)USATF Ind02/27
52.43*Joanna Atkins (Aub)NCAA Ind03/13
Leslie Cole (Nike)TxAM Inv01/16
*Shelise Williams (Ar)Tyson02/12
52.53-Fawn Dorr (PennSt)NCAA Ind03/12
52.65**Shaniqua McGinnis (OhSt)Big 10 Ind02/28
52.66-Jernail Hayes (SH)NCAA Ind03/13
52.84(A)Valerie Brown (unat)USATF Ind02/27
52.92(A)Jessica Cousins (unat)USATF Ind02/27
52.94*Kristal Juarez (TCU)NCAA Ind03/13
53.06-Queen Harrison (VaT)ACC Ind02/27
53.14*Shavon Greaves (PennSt)S-S Cup02/06
Oversized Track:
51.15*Jessica Beard (TxAM)Big 12 Ind02/27
52.97**Angele Cooper (Tx)Big 12 Ind02/27

1:08.70Shana Cox (adidas)National Inv01/30
1:09.70-Phoebe Wright (Tn)National Inv01/30
1:10.74-Francena McCorory (Hamp)Gotham C01/15
1:11.24**Sharay Hale (Col)Armory II01/30
1:11.49Asia Washington (unat)Hokie Inv01/15
1:11.50-Jernail Hayes (SH)Mets Ind01/30

1:27.22-Molly Beckwith (In)Big 10 Ind02/28
1:28.15Shana Cox (adidas)Penn St01/16
1:28.20-Jaime Watson (Lib)S-S Cup02/06
1:28.87Hazel Clark (unat)Hokie Inv01/23
1:29.26***Alena Brooks (Mn)Big 10 Ind02/28
1:29.34-Ashley Caldwell (OhSt)Big 10 Ind02/28
1:29.35*Bethany Praska (Ia)Big 10 Ind02/28
1:29.50-Erica Moore (InSt)Purdue01/23
1:30.24-Rachel Stalzer (Pur)Big 10 Ind02/27
1:30.36***Regina George (Ar)Arkansas Inv01/08
1:30.43*Jennifer Mace (Tuls)Wichita St01/15
1:30.48***Nijgia Snapp (SH)Penn St01/16
1:30.78**Jordan Gray (In)Big 10 Ind02/28
1:30.97***Jill Smith (Mi)Penn St01/16
Foreign Collegians:
1:30.97**Sofie Persson (Ms-Swe)Arkansas Inv01/08

1:59.60Alysia Johnson (Nike)World Ind03/14
2:00.53Anna Pierce (Nike)World Ind03/14
2:01.47-Phoebe Wright (Tn)SEC Ind02/28
2:02.33(A)Heather Dorniden (TMn)USATF Ind02/28
2:03.12**Chanelle Price (Tn)SEC Ind02/28
2:03.77Erin Donohue (Nike)Terrier Cl01/30
-LaTavia Thomas (LSU)SEC Ind02/28
2:03.89**Lacey Cramer (BYU)NCAA Ind03/13
2:04.46-Molly Beckwith (In)NCAA Ind03/13
2:04.62(A)Angee Henry (TNbBrk)USATF Ind02/28
2:05.08***Stephanie Brown (Ar)Razorback01/23
2:05.09Treniere Moser (unat)Blacksburg02/20
2:05.15(A)Laura Januszewski (unat)USATF Ind02/28
2:05.27*Lea Wallace (SacSt)NCAA Ind03/12
2:05.42-Jaime Watson (Lib)ECAC Ind03/06
2:06.09-Erica Moore (InSt)NCAA Ind03/12
2:06.36*Brittany Hall (LSU)SEC Ind02/28
2:06.38Maggie Infeld (unat)Armory Coll02/06
2:06.62*Cori Moore (Port)NCAA Ind03/12
**Nachelle Stewart (BYU)NCAA Ind03/12
Foreign Collegians:
2:04.64**Sofie Persson (Ms-Swe)SEC Ind02/28
2:05.50-Charlotte Browning (Fl-GB)TxAM Chall01/30
Oversized Track:
2:04.32-Shannon Leinert (Mo)Meyo02/06
2:04.73WallaceWashington LC03/06
2:05.04*Christina Rodgers (Az)Iowa State Cl02/13
2:05.20E. MooreMeyo02/06
2:05.27StewartWashington Inv01/30
2:05.38*Renisha Robinson (SacSt)Washington LC03/06
2:05.41C. MooreWashington LC03/06
2:05.72*Zoe Buckman (Or-Aus)Washington LC03/06
***Anne Kesselring (Or-Ger)Mtn Pac02/27
-Angela Wagner’ (BYU-SA)Husky Classic02/13
2:06.11-Zamzam Sangau (MTn-Uga)Allendale02/13
2:06.24Shannon Rowbury (Nike)Husky Classic02/13
2:06.29Victoria Martinez (unat)Allendale02/13
2:06.40***Sofia Oberg (Cal-Swe)Mtn Pac02/27

2:38.76Anna Pierce (Nike)Reebok B02/06
2:38.98Erin Donohue (Nike)Reebok B02/06
2:40.07Morgan Uceny (Reebok)Reebok B02/06
2:41.89Treniere Moser (Nike)Reebok B02/06
2:42.71**Chanelle Price (Tn)National Inv01/30
2:43.20Alice Schmidt (Nike)Reebok B02/06
2:44.33Molly Lehman (unat)Hokie Inv01/23
2:44.46-Renee Tomlin (Gtn)National Inv01/30
2:45.86**Kristen Gillespie (Ar)Hokie Inv01/16
2:46.03Karly Hamric (unat)National Inv01/30
2:47.38Frances Koons (unat)Penn State01/09
2:47.41*Leah Andrianos (Ct)ECAC Ind03/07
2:47.57-Nicole Schappert (Vill)Big East Ind02/21
2:47.59**Jessica O’Connell (WV)NE Challenge01/16
2:47.76Hazel Clark (unat)Hokie Inv01/23
2:47.86*Kerri Gallagher (Ford)ECAC Ind03/01
2:48.00**Emily Infeld (Gtn)Big East Ind02/21
2:48.44***Ariann Neutts (Vill)Penn State01/09
***Rachel Schneider (Gtn)Big East Ind02/21
2:48.50**Sarah Edwards (BYU)Armory Coll02/06
Foreign Collegians:
2:44.39**Sheila Reid (Vill-Can)NYRR Sat I01/16
2:48.21***Bogdana Mimić (Vill-Ser)NYRR Sat I01/16

4:09.59Erin Donohue (Nike)World Ind03/14
4:10.72Sarah Bowman (New Balance)World Ind03/14
4:15.0Sara Hall (Asics)Millrose G01/29
4:15.2Frances Koons (unat)New Balance01/23
4:16.6Liz Maloy (NYAC)New Balance01/23
4:17.4Maggie Infeld (NYAC)New Balance01/23
4:17.6Heidi Dahl (New Balance)New Balance01/23
4:18.3Molly Lehman (unat)Millrose G01/29
4:19.46(A)Morgan Uceny (Reebok)USATF Ind02/28
4:19.48(A)Shannon Rowbury (Nike)USATF Ind02/28

4:28.92Erin Donohue (Nike)New Balance01/23
4:31.50Sara Hall (Asics)Millrose G01/29
4:32.14Sarah Bowman (New Balance)New Balance01/23
4:33.24Frances Koons (unat)New Balance01/23
4:34.14(A)Shannon Rowbury (Nike)Lobo Opener01/16
4:35.12Liz Maloy (NYAC)New Balance01/23
4:35.37Maggie Infeld (NYAC)New Balance01/23
4:35.97-Nicole Schappert (Vill)Armory Coll02/06
4:36.39-Katie Follett (Wa)NCAA Ind03/13
4:36.57Molly Lehman (unat)Millrose G01/29
4:36.83**Emily Infeld (Gtn)Armory Coll02/06
4:36.99Heidi Dahl (New Balance)New Balance01/23
4:37.17*Keri Bland (WV)Columbia LC03/05
4:37.95-Bridget Franek (PennSt)Big 10 Ind02/28
4:38.29***Jordan Hasay (Or)NCAA Ind03/13
4:38.55Karly Hamric (unat)Columbia LC03/05
4:39.67Delilah DiCrescenzo (Puma)Father Diamond01/09
4:39.97*Danielle Tauro (Mi)Big 10 Ind02/28
4:40.68-Angela Bizzarri (Il)Tyson02/12
4:40.78**Kayly Christopher (WV)Columbia LC03/05
Foreign Collegians:
4:35.66-Charlotte Browning (Fl-GB)NCAA Ind03/13
4:37.20-Pilar McShine (FlSt-Tri)NCAA Ind03/13
4:38.97*Mihaela Susa (OkSt-Rom)NCAA Ind03/13
4:40.08**Heidi Gregson (Iona-Aus)Columbia LC03/05
4:40.64*Caroline Karunde (TxT-Ken)NCAA Ind03/13
Oversized Track:
4:31.24BrowningHusky Classic02/13
4:32.48-Jessica Pixler (SPac)Husky Classic02/13
4:34.98-Katie Follett (Wa)Husky Classic02/13
4:35.01HasayMtn Pac02/27
4:35.99McShineHusky Classic02/13
4:36.38SusaNotre Dame03/06
4:37.94***Anne Kesselring (Or-Ger)Husky Classic02/13
4:38.88-Nicole Blood (Or)Mtn Pac02/27
4:39.10Morgan Uceny (Reebok)Washington Prev01/16
4:39.82-Sharla Manuele (SnUt)Washington LC03/06
4:40.50*Ashley Miller (Nb)Washington LC03/06
4:40.61Gabrielle Anderson (unat)Iowa St Cl02/13

8:47.18Shannon Rowbury (Nike)Reebok B02/06
8:51.08Desiree Davila (HansB)World Ind03/12
8:55.17Sara Hall (Asics)Reebok B02/06
8:57.40-Angela Bizzarri (Il)NCAA Ind03/13
8:57.52-Lisa Koll (IaSt)NCAA Ind03/13
9:02.75Frances Koons (unat)Reebok B02/06
9:04.75Christin Wurth-Thomas (Nike)Reebok B02/06
9:07.27-Jackie Areson (Tn)National Inv01/30
9:07.77Liz Maloy (NYAC)National Inv01/30
9:09.24**Emily Infeld (Gtn)National Inv01/30
9:09.46Delilah Dicrescenzo (Riad)Allston02/21
9:09.86Amy Mortimer (unat)Reebok B02/06
9:10.15Maureen McCandless (unat)National Inv01/30
9:10.68-Bridget Franek (PennSt)Big 10 Ind02/28
9:11.23-Nicole Blood (Or)NCAA Ind03/13
9:12.51-Nicole Schappert (Vill)NCAA Ind03/13
9:14.53**Mel Lawrence (Wa)NCAA Ind03/13
9:14.90(A)Renee Metivier Baillie (unat)USATF Ind02/27
9:16.04Katie McGregor (Reebok)NE Challenge01/16
9:16.62*Alison Smith (Vill)Big East Ind02/21
Foreign Collegians:
9:01.13*Sheila Reid (Vill-Can)NCAA Ind03/13
9:07.96***Bogdana Mimić (Vill-Ser)Armory II01/30
9:16.22**Jessica O’Connell (WV-Can)Columbia LC03/05
9:16.23-Beverly Ramos (KsSt-PR)NCAA Ind03/13
Oversized Track:
8:56.09KollBig 12 Ind02/27
8:58.45Amy Hastings (unattached)Washington Inv01/30
8:58.47Jen Rhines (unattached)Washington Inv01/30
9:08.74LawrenceWashington LC03/06
9:11.09-Janet Jesang (WnKy-Ken)Kentucky01/16
9:12.25***Jordan Hasay (Or)Husky Classic02/13
9:14.62RamosNotre Dame LC03/06
9:15.10-Alex Becker (Tul-Can)Meyo02/06

15:39.65-Lisa Koll (IaSt)NCAA Ind03/12
15:53.12-Jackie Areson (Tn)NCAA Ind03/12
15:58.02-Bridget Franek (PennSt)NCAA Ind03/12
15:59.23-Megan Duwell (Mn)NCAA Ind03/12
16:01.24**Kimberly Ruck (Clem)NCAA Ind03/12
16:04.24-Clara Grandt (WV)Big East Ind02/20
16:06.88-Angela Bizzarri (Il)Big 10 Ind02/27
16:06.92*Amanda Goetschius (UNCC)NCAA Ind03/12
16:09.54*Megan Hogan (GW)Blacksburg02/20
16:13.01**Neely Spence (Shipp)Armory Coll02/05
16:18.07Andrea Walkonen (unat)Valentine Inv02/12
16:18.68-Bridget Lyons (Ga)SEC Ind02/28
16:22.73*Kaitlyn Peale (Mi)Big 10 Ind02/27
16:27.45-Lindsey Ferguson (NDm)Big East Ind02/20
16:27.64*Reilly Kiernan (Prin)Heps Ind02/27
16:29.05Jenn Donovan (New Balance)Valentine Inv02/12
16:30.09*Amy Laskowske (Mn)Big 10 Ind02/27
16:30.98-Ariel Wright (Brown)Heps Ind02/27
16:31.34**Brittany Copeland (ECar)CUSA02/27
16:34.12-Wendi Robinson (In)Tyson02/13
Foreign Collegians:
15:50.53*Marie Louise Asselin (WV-Can)NCAA Ind03/12
15:55.64**Holly Van Dalen (SBrk-NZ)NYC Fast Track02/26
15:58.53-Alex Becker (Tul-Can)NCAA Ind03/12
16:01.90*Felicity Milton (OkSt-GB)NCAA Ind03/12
16:08.60-Beverly Ramos (KsSt-PR)NCAA Ind03/12
16:17.56-Janet Jesang (WnKy-Ken)NCAA Ind03/12
16:19.32**Rebecca Lowe (Fl-Aus)NCAA Ind03/12
16:20.19*Anna Nosenko (WF-Ukr)ACC Ind02/26
16:28.58*Lillian Badaru (TxT-Ken)Tyson02/12
Oversized Track:
15:20.05Molly Huddle (Saucony)Washington Inv01/30
15:29.65KollIowa St Cl02/13
15:51.59-Nicole Blood (Or)Husky Ind02/12
15:56.76FranekHusky Ind02/12
15:58.34MiltonHusky Ind02/12
15:58.49**Deborah Maier (Cal)Husky Ind02/12
15:59.46LoweHusky Ind02/12
16:02.48-Mattie Bridgmon (Or)Husky Ind02/12
16:04.48JesangHusky Ind02/12
16:11.82**Mel Lawrence (Wa)Mtn Pac02/26
16:13.00-Tanya Zeferjahn (Queens)Washington Inv01/29
16:17.63**Risper Kimaiyo (UTEP-Ken)Husky Ind02/12
16:18.77*Stephanie Marcy (Stan)Mtn Pac02/26
16:19.14KiernanWashington Inv01/29
16:19.44*Sarah Pease (In)Notre Dame LC03/05
16:22.30-Cheryl Spring (PennSt)Husky Ind02/12
16:23.06***Betsy Saina (IaSt-Ken)Big 12 Ind02/26
16:25.12LaskowskeIowa St Cl02/13
16:27.03*Amanda Miller (Ks)Iowa St Cl02/13
16:28.03*Claire Michel (Or)Mtn Pac02/26

55-meter HURDLES
7.47Damu Cherry (Nike)Gainesville01/31
7.70Ashley Lodree (unat)Fresno02/05
7.74Trinity Wilson (CaHS)NatScho Ind03/14
7.75Tori Smith (unat)Texas Tech01/23
7.77*Alysha Adams (NTx)Sun Belt Ind02/28
*Cherice Robertson (MTn)Sun Belt Ind02/28
7.80*Janica Austin (SC)Columbia02/20
Foreign Collegians:
7.69-Phylicia George (Ct-Can)N Eng Ind02/26

60-meter HURDLES
7.72Lolo Jones (Asics)World Ind03/13
7.87(A)Ginnie Powell (Nik)USATF Ind02/28
7.90(A)Damu Cherry (Nik)USATF Ind02/28
Yvette Lewis (unat)Düsseldorf02/03
7.94-Queen Harrison (VaT)ACC Ind02/27
7.95Danielle Carruthers (SpD)Birmingham02/20
7.96(A)Tiffany Ofili (adi)USATF Ind02/28
7.98(A)Kellie Wells (Nik)USATF Ind02/28
8.00*Ti’erra Brown (Mia)NCAA Ind03/12
8.01-Kristi Castlin (VaT)NCAA Ind03/13
8.04Hyleas Fountain (Nik)National Inv01/29
8.05*Gabby Mayo (TxAM)Big 12 Ind02/27
8.10-Vanneisha Ivy (NC)Notre Dame LC03/06
8.17***Brianna Rollins (Clem)Clemson G01/30
8.19-Tiki James (CFl)McCravy Inv01/30
*Letecia Wright (OhSt)Big 10 Ind02/27
8.20(A)Ashley Lodree (unat)USATF Ind02/28
8.22*Chelsea Carrier (WV)NCAA Ind03/12
**Christina Manning (OhSt)NCAA Ind03/12
*Tamika Robinson (Il)NCAA Ind03/12
8.08Yvette Lewis (unat)Karlsruhe01/31
Foreign Collegians:
8.05(A)**Indira Spence (Adams-Jam)NCAA II Ind03/13
8.06*Natasha Ruddock (TxAM-Jam)Armory Coll02/05
8.08(A)*Shermaine Williams (JCS-Jam)NCAA II Ind03/13

4 x 200
1:38.60Cardozo HS, Oak Gardens, NYArmory Coll02/06
1:38.64BYUArmory Coll02/06
1:38.68TennesseeArmory Coll02/06
1:38.82PittArmory Coll02/06

4 x 400
3:27.34National TeamWorld Ind03/14
3:32.97OregonNCAA Ind03/13
3:33.79LSUNCAA Ind03/13
3:33.91South CarolinaNCAA Ind03/13
3:33.93ClemsonNCAA Ind03/13
3:34.14Texas A&MNCAA Ind03/13
3:34.48TexasNCAA Ind03/13
3:34.81Razorback All-StarsRazorback01/23
3:34.85Texas TechNCAA Ind03/13
3:35.38Penn StateBig 10 Ind02/28
3:37.16IllinoisBig 10 Ind02/28
3:37.51MississippiSEC Ind02/28
3:37.60HoustonTxAM Chall II02/13
3:37.90KentuckySEC Ind02/28
3:38.04ColumbiaColumbia LC03/05
3:38.08FloridaSEC Ind02/28
3:38.88Ohio StateBig 10 Ind02/28
Oversized Track:
3:33.20Texas A&MBig 12 Ind02/27
3:35.40KentuckyIowa St LC03/06
MississippiNotre Dame LC03/06
3:35.64GeorgetownNotre Dame LC03/06
3:35.95FloridaNotre Dame LC03/06
3:36.23UCLAIowa St LC03/06
3:37.00IllinoisIowa St LC03/06
3:37.36Arizona StateIowa St LC03/06
3:37.80KansasNotre Dame LC03/06
3:38.40Arizona St.Mtn Pac02/27

4 x 800
8:39.34VillanovaBig East Ind02/21
8:41.38ConnecticutBig East Ind02/21
8:44.98West VirginiaBig East Ind02/21
8:47.69GeorgetownBig East Ind02/21
8:47.76BYUArmory Coll02/06
8:47.95MichiganNE Challenge01/16
8:51.73Notre DameBig East Ind02/21
8:51.96DukeArmory Coll02/06
8:52.15PrincetonHeps Ind02/28
8:53.34CornellHeps Ind02/28
8:56.87Seton HallECAC Ind03/07
8:59.24CincinnatiBig East Ind02/21
8:59.80ColumbiaHeps Ind02/28
8:59.88New HampshireECAC Ind03/07
9:01.16La SalleECAC Ind03/07
9:01.31VirginiaHokie Inv01/23
9:01.33YaleHeps Ind02/28
9:01.51BrownHeps Ind02/28
9:02.04HamptonArmory Coll02/06
9:02.23PennECAC Ind03/07
Oversized Track:
8:57.70Texas TechTexas Tech Inv01/16
9:00.20Kent StateKent02/20

10:58.37TennesseeNCAA Ind03/12
10:58.96OregonNCAA Ind03/12
11:01.40GeorgetownNCAA Ind03/12
11:02.83VillanovaArmory Coll02/06
11:05.69Boston CollegeECAC Ind03/07
11:06.56ArkansasArmory Coll02/06
11:09.28West VirginiaECAC Ind03/07
11:09.53Texas TechNCAA Ind03/12
11:10.89BYUArmory Coll02/06
11:11.46KansasNCAA Ind03/12
11:18.03BaylorTxAM Chall01/30
11:19.33MichiganNCAA Ind03/12
11:19.67FloridaTxAM Chall01/30
11:23.88MinnesotaBig 10 Ind02/28
11:24.73SamfordSn Ind02/26
11:25.01IowaBig 10 Ind02/28
11:25.16ShippensburgNational Inv01/30
11:25.75IndianaNCAA Ind03/12
11:26.40Penn StateBig 10 Ind02/28
11:29.88(A)Seattle PacificNCAA II Ind03/12
Oversized Track:
11:07.96KansasNotre Dame LC03/05
11:11.02IndianaNotre Dame LC03/05
11:11.17MichiganNotre Dame LC03/05
11:13.25BaylorNotre Dame LC03/05
11:13.77UtahNotre Dame LC03/05
11:19.93CaliforniaMtn Pac02/26
11:20.34Notre DameNotre Dame LC03/05
11:22.09DukeNotre Dame LC03/05
11:27.30MissouriIowa St Cl02/13

1.986-6Chaunté Lowe (Nike)World Ind03/13
1.936-4-Liz Patterson (Az)NCAA Ind03/12
1.91(A)6-3¼*Amber Kaufman (Hi)Albuquerque01/29
1.896-2¼***Brigetta Barrett (Az)Mtn Pac02/27
Deirdre Mullen (Nike)Razorback01/22
1.876-1½-Epley Bullock (Nb)adidas Nb01/23
Hyleas Fountain (Nike)World Ind03/13
1.86(A)6-1¼Raevan Harris (unat)USATF Ind02/27
1.85(A)6-¾*Brittani Carter (LSU)UNM Inv01/30
-Ashley Rhoades (In)Big 10 Ind02/28
-Megan Seidl (Wi)Madison01/30
*April Sinkler (Clem)ACC Ind02/26
Bettie Wade (Nike)USATF Ind03/06
1.846-½*Audrey Svane (Nb)Tyson02/13
-Erika Schroll (CMi)MAC Ind02/26
1.836-0***Tynita Butts (ECar)CUSA Ind02/27
(A)Sharon Day (Asics)USATF Ind02/27
**Ke’Airra Jones (SnMs)CUSA Ind02/27
1.825-11½-Jane Doolittle (UCSB)Husky Classic02/13
*Priscilla Frederick (StJ)Armory Coll02/06
-Carin Knight (Ct)Big East Ind02/21
**Monique Roberts (Col)NYRR II01/30
***Krystle Schade (Al)Kentucky Inv01/16
Foreign Collegians:
1.825-11½***Holly Parent (WaSt-Can)Husky Class02/13

4.6615-3½Lacy Janson (unat)Tyson02/13
4.62(A)15-1¾Chelsea Johnson (Nike)Flagstaff02/19
4.55(A)14-11Becky Holliday (unat)USATF Ind02/28
4.5014-9-Kylie Hutson (InSt)NCAA Ind03/13
4.4514-7¼*Melissa Gergel (Or)NCAA Ind03/13
Melinda Owen (unat)Bell PV III01/26
April Steiner-Bennett (unat)Reebok B02/06
4.4114-5½Jillian Schwartz (unat)Tyson02/12
4.3814-4½-Alicia Rue (Mn)Minneapolis01/23
4.3614-3½**Rachel Laurent (LSU)SEC Ind02/27
4.3514-3¼-Carrie Kayes (Akr)NCAA Ind03/13
4.33(A)14-2½April Kubishta (unat)Nn Az Inv02/13
***Shade Weygandt (TxT)Big 12 Ind02/26
4.3114-1¾-Katie Stripling (Ar)Tyson02/12
4.30(A)14-1¼*Stephanie James (SDi)Mtn W Ind02/26
*Samantha Sonnenberg (Mn)NCAA Ind03/13
4.2814-½*Natalie Willer (Nb)Big 12 Ind02/26
4.25(A)13-11¼***Rachel Brooke Fisher (BYU)Mtn W Ind02/26
(A)Megan Jamerson (unat)PV Summit01/29
-Kat Majester (Ga)VaTech LC03/06
-Brianna Neumann (Pur)Purdue02/20
-Tori Pena (UCLA)Mtn Pac02/27
Katelin Rains (unat)Mankato02/06
Mary Saxer (unat)Allendale01/22
-Vica Shobe (SC)NCAA Ind03/13
Foreign Collegians:
4.4614-7½**Tina Šutej (Ar-Slo)SEC Ind02/27
4.3014-1¼**Katerina Stefanídi (Stan-Gre)Mtn Pac02/27

6.89(A)22-7¼Brittney Reese (Nike)USATF Ind02/28
6.78(A)22-3Brianna Glenn (unat)USATF Ind02/28
6.70(A)21-11¾Hyleas Fountain (Nike)USATF Ind02/28
6.6921-11½-Mindy McClurkin (BYU)NCAA Ind03/12
6.6721-10¾Funmi Jimoh (Nike)Linz02/04
6.57(A)21-6¾Janay DeLoach (unat)USATF Ind02/28
6.5621-6¼*Jamesha Youngblood (Or)Tyson02/12
6.5521-6*April Sinkler (Clem)ACC Ind02/26
(A)Shakeema Welsch (unat)USATF Ind02/28
6.4521-2***Constance Ezugha (AzSt)Mtn Pac02/26
6.4021-0**Whitney Gipson (TCU)NCAA Ind03/12
Lela Nelson (unat)Gotham C01/15
6.3320-9¼-Wendy Copeland (MsSt)Tyson02/12
6.3220-9-Danielle Watson (UCLA)Mtn Pac02/26
6.3120-8½**Jacinda Evans (NC)Hokie Inv01/16
**Vashti Thomas (TxAM)TxAM Chall01/30
6.3020-8**Brittni Finch (Mia)ACC Ind02/26
6.28(A)20-7¼Shameka Marshall (Shore)USATF Ind02/28
Diana Pickler (Asics)USATF03/06
6.2620-6½*Whitney Carlson (NDSt)Summit Ind03/01
-Neidra Covington (TCU)Ark LC03/05
-Leandra McGruder (Nb)Big 12 Ind02/26
*Nyeisha Wright (MTn)Sun Belt Ind02/27
Foreign Collegians:
6.8722-6½-Blessing Okagbare (UTEP-Ngr)NCAA Ind03/12
6.6721-10¾-Shara Proctor (Fl-Ang)VaTech Elite02/05
6.5921-7½-Karoline Köhler (SDi-Ger)NCAA Ind03/12
6.5121-4¼*Chantel Malone (Tx-VI)Big 12 Ind02/26
*Kim Williams (FlSt-Jam)ACC Ind02/26
6.4621-2½**Francine Simpson (Lind-Jam)HAAC Ind02/20
6.4521-2-Deandra Doyley (Mia-Jam)ACC Ind02/26
6.4221-¾***Christabel Nettey (AzSt-Can)Mtn Pac02/26
6.3720-10¾**Amy Harris (FlSt-GB)ACC Ind02/26
6.3620-10½-Sarah Nambawa (MTn-Zim)Middle Tn12/13
6.3520-10**Nina Kokot (KsSt-Slo)Big 12 Ind02/26
6.28(A)20-7¼*Arantxa King (Stan-Bah)Albuquerque01/23

14.06(A)46-1½Erica McLain (Nike)USATF Ind02/27
13.8245-4¼Toni Smith (unat)Tyson02/13
13.76(A)45-1¾Shakeema Welsch (unat)Albuquerque02/06
13.6844-10¾Amanda Smock (unat)Mankato01/30
13.62(A)44-8¼Crystal Manning (unat)USATF Ind02/27
13.3743-10½-Lauren Martin (InSt)NCAA Ind03/13
13.3243-8½-Neidra Covington (TCU)NCAA Ind03/13
13.2943-7¼*April Sinkler (Clem)Hokie Inv01/15
13.26(A)43-6Alyce Williams (P2E)USATF Ind02/27
13.2543-5¾-Ashika Charan (TxAM)NCAA Ind03/13
13.1943-3¼-Chavon Robinson (Wi)Tyson02/13
13.1543-1¾**Jessica Ubanyionwu (Bay)Tyson02/13
13.1343-1*Allison Wilder (UCR)Wash LC03/06
13.1143-¼-Leandra McGruder (Nb)Big 12 Ind02/27
13.0942-11½Ryann Hendricks (unat)F Diamond01/09
*Jasmine Simmons (Ok)Tyson02/13
13.0442-9½April Williams (Shore)Gainesville01/31
13.00(A)42-8Blessing Ufodiama (unat)Mountain T01/30
12.9642-6¼**Malaikah Love (SnIl)SASF Ind01/16
**Vashti Thomas (TxAM)NCAA Ind03/13
Foreign Collegians:
14.2346-8¼*Kim Williams (FlSt-Jam)ACC Ind02/27
13.8845-6½-Shara Proctor (Fl-Ang)VaTech Elite02/06
13.8545-5¼-Patricia Mamona (Clem-Por)NCAA Ind03/13
13.6844-10¾-Karoline Köhler (SDi-Ger)NCAA Ind03/13
13.5544-5½-Blessing Okagbare (UTEP-Ngr)CUSA Ind02/27
13.4844-2¾-Sarah Nambawa (MTn-Zim)Middle Tn12/13
13.2343-5*Melissa Ogbourne (LSU-Jam)LSU Twi02/19
13.0342-9**Namatirai Grace Mavugara (GM-Zim)Hokie Inv01/23

19.3463-5½Jill Camarena (NYAC)World Ind03/14
18.2059-8½Michelle Carter (Nike)World Ind03/13
17.9959-¼Sarah Stevens (unat)USATF Ind02/28
17.5957-8½Jessica Pressley (unat)Flagstaff02/19
17.4657-3½-Ashley Muffet (Ky)VaTech LC03/06
17.2556-7¼**Jeneva McCall (SnIl)NCAA Ind03/13
***Karen Shump (Ok)Big 12 Ind02/27
17.2056-5¼-Mykael Bothum (Id)WAC Ind02/26
17.0856-½-Aja Evans (Il)Big 10 Ind02/27
17.0055-9¼-Jere’ Summers (Louis)Meyo02/06
16.9555-7½Chandra Brewer (unat)USATF Ind02/28
16.8055-1½*Faith Sherrill (In)vs Purdue01/16
16.7454-11¼***Tia Brooks (Ok)NCAA Ind03/13
16.6554-7½Abby Ruston (Godina)Mountain T01/30
16.5154-2Rachel Jansen (unat)Iowa St12/11
16.4854-1-Jordyn Brown (Tx)Ark LC03/05
16.4754-½-Stacey Wannemacher (Pur)Purdue01/23
16.4353-11-Sara Neubauer (AF)Mtn W Ind02/27
16.4053-9¾**Kristy Woods (Buf)Columbia LC03/05
16.3653-8¼Anna Jelmini (unat)USATF Ind02/28
Foreign Collegians:
18.5961-0-Mariam Kevkhishvilli (Fl-Geo)NCAA Ind03/13
16.8355-2¾*Keely Medeiros (Fl-Bra)VaTech LC03/06
16.7955-1*Annie Alexander (Tn-Tri)SEC Ind02/27
16.5554-3¾**Simoné du Toit (SMU-SA)CUSA Ind02/27
16.4353-11***Julie Labonte (Az-Can)Iowa St Cl02/13

24.7081-½Amber Campbell (Nike)USATF Ind02/27
22.7674-8¼*D’Ana McCarty (Louis)NCAA Ind03/12
22.3573-4-Jere’ Summers (Louis)Big East Ind02/20
22.1772-9Erin Gilreath (NYAC)Anderson02/13
21.9972-1¾Loree Smith (NYAC)USATF Ind02/27
21.5870-9¾Stevi Large (unat)National Inv01/29
21.4470-4¼**Victoria Flowers (Ct)NCAA Ind03/12
21.3470-¼**Jeneva McCall (SnIl)Gladstein01/23
21.1069-2¾-Irene Cooper (WnMi)NCAA Ind03/12
20.9668-9¼*Kelsey Hanley (InSt)Mo Vly Ind02/27
20.7868-2¼-Sasha Leeth (SnIl)Mo Vly Ind02/27
20.5767-6-Brittany Cox (MTn)Murfreesboro02/06
-Kristin Smith (Ky)VaTech Elite02/05
20.4867-2¼*Gwen Berry (SnIl)SASF Ind01/16
20.3566-9¼*Faith Sherrill (In)Big 10 Ind02/28
20.2766-6*Rickael Roach (SnIl)Allendale02/13
20.2166-3¾*Mallory Barnes (Day)NCAA Ind03/12
20.1666-1¾-Frednisha Marshall (SFA)Southland Ind02/26
20.1566-1½Meagan Halliwill (unat)Allendale02/13
20.0465-9-Nicole Luckenbach (EnWa)Big Sky Ind02/27
Foreign Collegians:
20.5967-6¾**Nikola Lomnická (Ga-Svk)Tyson02/12

4753Hyleas Fountain (Nike)World Ind03/13
4544Diana Pickler (Asics)USATF Ind03/06
4469Bettie Wade (Nike)USATF Ind03/06
4467Sharon Day (Asics)USATF Ind03/06
4256Lela Nelson (unat)National Inv01/29
4242*Kiani Profit (Md)NCAA Ind03/13
4156-Sandy Fortner (NM)NCAA Ind03/13
4151*Chantae McMillan (Nb)Big 12 Ind02/26
4136*Chelsea Carrier (WV)S-S Cup02/05
4130Abbie Stechschulte (unat)USATF Ind03/06
4073Liz Roehrig (unat)Iowa St Cl02/11
4061-Uhunoma Osazuwa (Syr)NCAA Ind03/13
4056**Dorcas Akinniyi (Wi)NCAA Ind03/13
4056-Jasmine Cotten (Cinc)Kent St12/12
4053(A)-Amy Otis (BYU)Mtn W Ind02/25
4041**Ryann Krais (UCLA)Mtn Pac02/26
4019-Chealsea Taylor (Al)SEC Ind02/26
4004Kirby Blackley (unat)USATF Ind03/06
3993(A)-Heather Miller (StC)NCAA II Ind03/13
3989(A)*Kelsey Lloyd (TxT)Albuquerque02/05
Foreign Collegians:
4396**Brianne Theisen (Or-Can)NCAA Ind03/13
4262-Liane Weber (Clem-Ger)ACC Ind02/25
4064-Kettiany Clarke (SC-Jam)SEC Ind02/26
4055**Diana Dumitrescu (Kent-Rom)NCAA Ind03/13
4015-Megan Wheatley (Nb-Aus)Big 12 Ind02/26

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