2009 U.S. Indoor List - Women

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compiled by Glen McMicken

(marks received and verified by 04/11/2009)

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These lists give the top U.S. performers of the indoor season, with an appending of those foreign collegians whose marks also fall into the range of our reporting standards. In the oversized-track category, the domestics and foreign collegians are commingled (' after name = foreigner on OT list). Relay teams may contain non-U.S. nationals.

Open athletes and high schoolers have no notation before their name. Collegians are noted by class: - = senior; * = junior; **=soph; *** = frosh.

Oversized tracks are those larger than 200m in circumference. OT marks at races longer than 1000m are no longer carried with the main list (except in the multis) because too many huge tracks have been turned into speedways. (A) = altitude over 1000m (in affected events only).

! = secondary performance in a field-event series (only applicable to final end-of-season lists); ¶ = field-event mark for which complete series data is missing (only applicable to final end-of-season lists)


6.69Tianna Madison (Nike)Jones M01/24
6.70***Santana Lowery (FlorV)JUCO Ind03/07
6.72Shalonda Solomon (Reebok)Gamecock Ind02/21
— 3 performances by 3 performers —
6.76**Kya Brookins (SC)Gamecock Ind02/21
6.79Brianna Glenn (adidas)Fresno01/19
6.83**Shayla Mahan (SC)Gamecock Ind02/21
6.85*Jessica Young (TCU)Lubbock01/17
6.89**Tiffany Townsend (Bay)Lubbock01/17
Angela Williams (Nike)Jones M01/24
6.91**Joanna Atkins (Aub)Jones M01/24
Ashton Purvis (Ca HS)Natl Scholastic03/14
Foreign Collegians:
6.80***Sheniqua Ferguson (SWMs-Bah)JUCO Ind03/07
6.84**Kim Smith (WayB-Jam)TxT Open01/24
6.86**Teneshia Peart (FlorV-Can)JUCO Ind03/07
6.87**Trisha-Ann Hawthorne (Ct-Jam)Terrier Cl01/23

7.11Carmelita Jeter (Nike)Birmingham02/21
7.13**Kya Brookins (SC)NCAA Ind03/14
7.15Lisa Barber (unat)USATF Ind03/01
Angela Williams (Nike)Athens02/25
— 5 performances by 4 performers —
7.17-Murielle Ahoure (Mia)Ky Inv01/17
7.18Tianna Madison (Nike)USATF Ind03/01
7.19-Alexandria Anderson (Tx)NCAA Ind03/13
Rachelle Smith (NRD)USATF Ind03/01
7.20Gloria Asumnu (adidas)USATF Ind03/01
7.22Bianca Knight (adidas)Razorback Inv01/24
*Lynne Layne (Tn)SEC Ind03/01
7.23Mechelle Lewis (Nike)Düsseldorf02/13
**Shayla Mahan (SC)SEC Ind03/01
(A)Sani Roseby (unat)Flagstaff01/31
7.24*Porscha Lucas (TxAM)Big 12 Ind02/28
**Kenyanna Wilson (LSU)NCAA Ind03/13
7.25Muna Lee (Nike)Reebok B02/07
7.26Stephanie Durst (Nike)Düsseldorf02/13
*Jessica Young (TCU)NCAA Ind03/13
7.28**Joanna Atkins (Aub)SEC Ind03/01
Juanita Broaddus (Nike)Gent02/08
**Gabby Mayo (TxAM)Big 12 Ind02/28
Foreign Collegians:
7.19*Samantha Henry (LSU-Jam)SEC Ind03/01
7.27*Barbara Pierre (StA-Hai)NCAA II Ind03/14
7.29**Kim Smith (WayB-Jam)New Mexico Inv01/31
7.31***Samoy Hackett (Linc-Tri)NCAA II Ind03/14
**Trisha-Ann Hawthorne (Ct-Jam)Big East Ind02/22
7.34(A)*Wanda Hutson (ACU-Tri)AF Inv02/14
7.37*Janika Martell (Linc-Jam)NCAA II Ind03/14
7.38-Allison George (TxAM-Grn)Armory Coll02/06
**Flings Owusu-Agyapong (Syr-Can)Armory Coll02/06

22.80-Murielle Ahoure (Mia)NCAA Ind03/13
22.83*Porscha Lucas (TxAM)NCAA Ind03/13
22.88Bianca Knight (adidas)Tyson Inv02/13
22.89*Charonda Williams (AzSt)NCAA Ind03/13
22.94———LucasBig 12 Ind02/28
— 5 performances by 4 performers —
23.11-Alexandria Anderson (Tx)NCAA Ind03/13
**Tiffany Townsend (Bay)Big 12 Ind02/28
23.17Shalonda Solomon (Reebok)Reebok B02/07
23.23**Gabby Mayo (TxAM)NCAA Ind03/13
23.28**Jessica Beard (TxAM)Big 12 Ind02/28
23.31Jeneba Tarmoh (unat)TxAm Inv02/14
23.34-Leslie Cole (Ok)Big 12 Ind02/28
23.37Ashton Purvis (CaHS)NatScho03/15
23.42**Teona Rodgers (FlSt)ACC Ind02/28
23.48**Scottesha Miller (Ok)NCAA Ind03/13
23.58Ebonie Floyd-Broadnax (unat)TxAm Inv02/14
23.59**Shavon Greaves (PennSt)NCAA Ind03/13
23.68Nina Gilbert (unat)Razorback Inv01/24
**Brittany St. Louis (FlSt)Armory Coll02/07
23.70Natasha Hastings (Nike)Tyson Inv02/13
23.73*Khrystal Carter (TxAM)Big 12 Ind02/28
Foreign Collegians:
23.23-Allison George (TxAM-Grn)NCAA Ind03/13
23.72**Trisha-Ann Hawthorne (Ct-Jam)Big East Ind02/22
23.73***Nivea Smith (Aub-Bah)University Park02/07
23.79**Cache Armbrister (Aub-Bah)Tyson Coll02/14
23.83***Samoy Hackett (Linc-Tri)NCAA II Ind03/14
23.93-Pinar Saka (NbO-Tur)Nb Tune-Up02/20
23.97-Aleesha Barber (PennSt-Tri)Big 10 Ind03/01
Oversized Track:
23.30*Samantha Henry (LSU-Jam)SEC Ind03/01
23.43Ashlee Kidd (unat)Ky Inv01/17
23.46***Santana Lowery (FlorV)JUCO Ind03/07
23.53*Lynne Layne (Tn)SEC Ind03/01
23.62***Alishea Usery (Fl)SEC Ind03/01
23.69***Sheniqua Ferguson (SWMs-Bah)JUCO Ind03/07

51.55**Francena McCorory (Hamp)NCAA Ind03/14
51.77**Jessica Beard (TxAM)NCAA Ind03/14
52.06———McCororyArmory Coll02/07
52.28Nina Gilbert (unat)Razorback Inv01/24
52.33-Leslie Cole (Ok)Armory Coll02/07
— 5 performances by 4 performers —
52.34Dominique Darden (Reebok)USATF Ind03/01
52.44Ashlee Kidd (unat)USATF Ind03/01
52.56-Alexandria Spruiel (NCAT)Va Tech LC03/07
52.74-Valerie Brown (WnKy)NCAA Ind03/13
52.92Shana Cox (adidas)Blacksburg02/21
52.96Miriam Barnes (Nike)Karlsruhe02/15
53.12**Joanna Atkins (Aub)NCAA Ind03/14
53.27*Keshia Baker (Or)NCAA Ind03/13
53.28**LaJada Baldwin (Ms)NCAA Ind03/14
53.39Cynetheia Rooks (unat)USATF Ind03/01
53.50***Nadonnia Rodriques (SC)Armory Coll02/07
53.55Shareese Woods (Nike)Razorback Inv01/24
53.57***Mandela Graves-Fulgham (Ct)Big East Ind02/22
53.62*Fawn Dorr (PennSt)University Park02/07
53.66*Asia Washington (VaT)Va Tech LC03/07
53.67*Queen Harrison (VaT)PennSt Natl01/31
Foreign Collegians:
53.04-Pinar Saka (NbO-Tur)Husker Inv02/07
53.70**Endurance Abinuwa (UTEP-Ngr)TxAm Inv02/14
Oversized Track:
52.61AtkinsSEC Ind03/01
52.98BaldwinSEC Ind03/01
53.41RodriquesSEC Ind03/01
53.47*Brandi Cross (SC)IaSt LC03/07
53.52**Shelise Williams (Ar)SEC Ind03/01
53.66**Jennifer Mace (Tul)IaSt LC03/07

Foreign Collegians:
1:12.04-Clarrise Moh (SH-Fra)Armory Coll02/07

1:27.78-Heather Dorniden (Mn)Big 10 Ind03/01
1:27.96*Molly Beckwith (In)Big 10 Ind03/01
1:28.90———DornidenMn Open02/21
— 3 performances by 2 performers —
1:29.01Nina Gilbert (unat)Düsseldorf02/13
1:29.34Miriam Barnes (Nike)Düsseldorf02/13
1:29.51Katie Waits (Reebok)Ann Arbor01/24
1:29.65-Geena Gall (Mi)Ann Arbor02/21
1:29.85Charlene Lipsey (NYHS)Armory Coll02/07
1:29.90Phyllis Francis (NYHS)NY City02/14
1:30.25*Erica Moore (InSt)W Lafayette01/24
1:30.56-Katie LaValley (Mi)Big 10 Ind03/01

2:03.05Alice Schmidt (Nike)Reebok B02/07
2:03.19Hazel Clark (Nike)Reebok B02/07
2:03.56Katie Waits (Reebok)USATF Ind03/01
2:03.71*Phoebe Wright (Tn)NCAA Ind03/13
2:03.91***Lacey Cramer (BYU)NCAA Ind03/13
— 5 performances by 5 performers —
2:04.10-Geena Gall (Mi)NCAA Ind03/13
2:04.32Treniere Clement (Nike)USATF Ind03/01
2:04.43-Heather Dorniden (Mn)NCAA Ind03/14
2:04.44-Laura Hermanson (NDSt)NCAA Ind03/13
2:04.46**Katie Palmer (BYU)NCAA Ind03/13
2:04.54*LaTavia Thomas (LSU)Armory Coll02/07
2:04.58-Sarah Bowman (Tn)PennSt Natl01/31
2:04.72**Kate Grace (Yale)NCAA Ind03/13
2:05.16Jesse Carlin (Nike)Valentine Inv02/13
2:05.94Chanteé McBride (unat)USATF Ind02/28
2:06.02Angee Henry (TNb)USATF Ind02/28
2:06.07*Molly Beckwith (In)NCAA Ind03/13
2:06.30Ty Davis (Brooks)USATF Ind03/01
2:06.36-Maggie Infeld (Gtn)ECAC Ind03/07
2:06.37Nikeya Green (Reebok)USATF Ind02/28
Foreign Collegians:
2:04.66*Caitlin Bailey (BC-Can)ECAC Ind03/08
2:05.73-Clarisse Moh (SH-Fra)New York City02/27
2:08.77-Dawn Nagazina (Tul-Can)Tyson Coll02/13
Oversized Track:
2:02.39WrightSEC Ind03/01
2:03.91GallMeyo Inv02/07
2:04.27ThomasSEC Ind03/01
2:04.39DornidenMeyo Inv02/07
2:04.94*Erica Moore (InSt)Notre Dame LC03/07
2:05.38***Sofie Persson (Ms-Swe)SEC Ind03/01
2:05.55BeckwithMeyo Inv02/07
2:05.70**Brittany Hall (LSU)SEC Ind03/01
2:05.88*Kayann Thompson (LSU-Jam)SEC Ind03/01
2:05.99*Shannon Leinert (Mo)Iowa State Cl02/14
2:06.11Trisa Nickoley (unat)Iowa State Cl02/14

2:44.56***Emily Infeld (Gtn)PennSt Natl01/31
2:44.60*Renee Tomlin (Gtn)PennSt Natl01/31
2:46.09Jillian Smith (NJHS)Armory Coll02/06
— 3 performances by 3 performers —
2:46.51*Nichole Jones (Bay)Big 12 Ind02/28
2:46.59**Sheila Reid (Vill)Big East Ind02/22
2:46.60*Lauren Bonds (Ks)Big 12 Ind02/28
2:47.38*Samantha Gawrych (BC)ECAC Ind03/08
2:47.51**Kaylyn Christopher (WV)Big East Ind02/22
2:47.52*Danielle Bradley (Bay)Big 12 Ind02/28
2:47.81-Natalie Sherbak (VaT)Blacksburg02/20
Foreign Collegians:
2:47.27-Natalja Callahan (Nb-Lat)Big 12 Ind02/28
2:47.34**Lucy Van Dalen (SB-NZ)Mets Ind01/29

4:10.96Lindsey Gallo (Reebok)Reebok B02/07
4:17.37Anna Willard (Nike)USATF Ind03/01
4:18.60Liz Maloy (unat)Glasgow01/31
4:18.82Shayne Culpepper (Nike)USATF Ind03/01
4:19.30Sara Hall (Asics)USATF Ind03/01

4:25.91Jenny Barringer (Co)Big 12 Ind02/28
4:27.90Lindsey Gallo (Reebok)Reebok B02/07
4:29.72-Sarah Bowman (Tn)NCAA Ind03/14
4:30.69Anna Willard (Nike)Tyson Inv02/13
4:32.17-Brie Felnagle (NC)Tyson Inv02/13
— 5 performances by 5 performers —
4:33.19Kara Goucher (Nike)Millrose G01/30
4:34.41-Kellyn Johnson (Wich)NCAA Ind03/14
4:34.78**Keri Bland (WV)Big East Ind02/22
4:38.56Katie Waits (Reebok)Tyson Inv02/13
4:38.60-Lennie Waite (Rice)NCAA Ind03/14
4:38.63*Bridget Franek (PennSt)University Park02/07
4:38.92Shayne Culpepper (Nike)Millrose G01/30
4:39.58-Brenda Martinez (UCR)NCAA Ind03/14
4:40.18*Tarah McKay (Louis)Big East Ind02/22
4:40.31-Natalie Sherbak (VaT)Blacksburg02/21
4:40.91Treniere Clement (Nike)Tyson Inv02/13
-Lisa Senakiewich (MiSt)Allendale02/14
4:40.93-Frances Koons (Vill)PennSt Natl01/31
4:40.94Lauren Hagans (unat)Reebok B02/07
4:40.99**Sheila Reid (Vill)NCAA Ind03/14
Foreign Collegians:
4:27.19-Sally Kipyego (TxT-Ken)Big 12 Ind02/28
4:34.11-Susan Kuijken (FlSt-Hol)ACC Ind02/28
4:36.71**Lucy Van Dalen (SB-NZ)New York City02/27
4:36.87*Pilar McShine (FlSt-Tri)NCAA Ind03/14
Oversized Track:
4:35.70**Sheila Reid (Vill)Notre Dame LC03/07
4:36.09*Charlotte Browning (Fl-GB)Notre Dame LC03/07
4:37.07-Lauren Centrowitz (Stan)Seattle02/14
4:37.62Amy Begley (Nike)Seattle02/14
4:37.79KoonsNotre Dame LC03/07
4:37.83*Jessica Pixler (SPac)Seattle02/14
4:38.00***Christine Babcock (Wa)Seattle02/14
*Katie Follett (Wa)Wash LC03/07
4:38.48Clerc Koenck (unat)Meyo Inv02/07
4:38.51*Kailey Campbell (Wa)Wash LC03/07
4:38.64Sara Vaughn (BouR)Seattle02/14
4:38.71**Danielle Tauro (Mi)Notre Dame LC03/07
4:38.80-Heather Dorniden (Mn)Iowa State Cl02/14
4:39.39-Heidi Dahl (ETn)Atl Sun Ind02/21
4:39.43-Gwen Jorgensen (Wi)Iowa State Cl02/14
4:39.61*Nicole Blood (Or)Wash LC03/07
4:40.23-Alicia Follmar (Stan)Seattle02/14

8:42.03-Jenny Barringer (Co)NCAA Ind03/14
8:46.65Kara Goucher (Nike)Reebok B02/07
8:53.27Amy Begley (Nike)USATF Ind02/28
8:53.72Sara Hall (Asics)USATF Ind02/28
8:55.62Julie Culley (NYAC)USATF Ind02/28
— 5 performances by 5 performers —
8:55.74Shalane Flanagan (Nike)Reebok B02/07
8:56.92Lindsey Gallo (Reebok)USATF Ind02/28
9:01.08Rebecca Donaghue (NBalB)USATF Ind02/28
9:02.50Delilah DiCrescenzo (Puma)USATF Ind02/28
9:04.35Nicole Bush (unat)USATF Ind02/28
9:04.58-Brie Felnagle (NC)Armory Coll02/07
9:04.67Amy Mortimer (Reebok)Reebok B02/07
9:07.68Desiree Davila (Hans)Allendale02/14
9:08.77-Tasmin Fanning (VaT)Boone12/05
9:10.04*Bridget Franek (PennSt)PennSt Natl01/31
9:10.54Liz Maloy (unat)Valentine Inv02/13
9:10.91Melissa White (Hans)Allendale02/14
9:11.19Jen Rhines (adidas)USATF Ind02/28
9:13.79Kristin Anderson (unat)USATF Ind02/28
9:14.32Lindsay Allen (ME)USATF Ind02/28
Foreign Collegians:
8:48.77-Sally Kipyego (TxT-Ken)Reebok B02/07
8:56.27-Susan Kuijken (FlSt-Hol)NCAA Ind03/14
9:13.12-Danette Doetzel (Prov-Can)Big East Ind02/22
Oversized Track:
9:08.15***Laurynne Chetelat (Stan)Mtn Pac Ind02/28
9:08.50***Mel Lawrence (Wa)Mtn Pac Ind02/28
9:09.92*Lisa Koll (IaSt)Ames01/24
9:10.12-Gwen Jorgensen (Wi)Meyo Inv02/07
9:10.99-Lauren Centrowitz (Stan)Washington Inv01/31
9:11.24**Alex Kosinski (Or)Mtn Pac Ind02/28
9:11.31-Sarah Bowman (Tn)Ky Inv01/17
9:11.62*Angela Bizzarri (Il)Meyo Inv02/07

14:47.62Shalane Flanagan (Nike)Reebok B02/07
15:27.87Jen Rhines (adidas)Reebok B02/07
15:55.63-Gwen Jorgensen (Wi)Big 10 Ind03/01
15:55.70-Racheal Marchand (Ia)Big 10 Ind03/01
15:58.76*Bridget Franek (PennSt)Big 10 Ind03/01
— 5 performances by 5 performers —
15:58.92-Frances Koons (Vill)NCAA Ind03/13
16:01.30-Denise Bargiachi (Ar)NCAA Ind03/13
16:03.04-Andrea Walkonen (BU)NCAA Ind03/13
16:03.15*Emily Anderson (WM)NCAA Ind03/13
16:04.77**Amanda Marino (Vill)NCAA Ind03/13
16:06.01**Catherine White (Ar)NCAA Ind03/13
16:07.50*Angela Bizzarri (Il)Big 10 Ind03/01
16:08.49Kathy Newberry (unat)Fairfax03/01
16:09.67*Wendi Robinson (In)Big 10 Ind03/01
16:11.77-Kellyn Johnson (Wich)Mo Vly Ind03/01
16:20.12*Amy Laskowske (Mn)Big 10 Ind03/01
16:20.95*Mattie Bridgmon (Or)NCAA Ind03/13
16:21.60*Clara Grandt (WV)Big East Ind02/21
16:22.02*Krystal Douglas (Prov)ECAC Ind03/07
16:22.64*Jessica Pixler (SPac)NCAA II Ind03/14
Foreign Collegians:
15:51.14-Sally Kipyego (TxT-Ken)NCAA Ind03/13
16:00.45-Danette Doetzel (Prov-Can)NCAA Ind03/13
16:01.77*Janet Jesang (WnKy-Ken)NCAA Ind03/13
16:07.91**Lillian Badaru (TxT-Ken)NCAA Ind03/13
16:18.80**Silje Fjortoft (SMU-Nor)NCAA Ind03/13
Oversized Track:
15:01.70Jenny Barringer (Co)Seattle02/14
15:55.67-Lindsey Scherf (Or)Washington Inv01/31
16:09.26*Anita Campbell (Wa-Can)Seattle02/14
16:12.65PixlerWashington Inv01/31
16:19.69-Jenna Kingma (AzSt)Seattle02/14
16:20.06-Christine Kalmer (Ar-SA)SEC Ind03/01
16:22.34*Kate Niehaus (Stan)Mtn Pac Ind02/28


7.50Danielle Carruthers (unat)Jones M01/24
Damu Cherry (Nike)Jones M01/24
7.62Shantia Moss (unat)Gainesville02/07
— 3 performances by 3 performers —
7.70*Tiki James (CFl)Jones M01/24
7.71Tiffany Williams (unat)Jones M01/24
7.72Jenny Adams (unat)Fresno01/19
April Williams (Bart)JUCO Ind03/07
7.74Tiffany Johnson (unat)Gamecock Ind02/21
Ashley Lodree (unat)Fresno01/19
7.75-Ronnetta Alexander (SC)Gamecock Ind02/21
Foreign Collegians:
7.66**Natasha Ruddock (Essex-Jam)JUCO Ind03/07

7.82Lolo Jones (Asics)Karlsruhe02/15
7.84———JonesUSATF Ind03/01
7.89Danielle Carruthers (unat)Prague02/26
— 5 performances by 2 performers —
7.94Damu Cherry (Nike)Paris02/13
Hyleas Fountain (Nike)USATF Ind03/01
8.00-Tiffany Ofili (Mi)NCAA Ind03/14
8.02*Queen Harrison (VaT)PennSt Natl01/31
8.03*Kristi Castlin (VaT)ACC Ind02/28
8.04-Celriece Law (Tn)NCAA Ind03/14
8.05Yvette Lewis (unat)Karlsruhe02/15
8.07**Teona Rodgers (FlSt)ACC Ind02/28
8.08Dawn Harper (unat)Prague02/26
8.09-Seun Adigun (Hous)Armory Coll02/06
8.10Kellie Wells (Nike)Stuttgart02/07
8.13Candice Davis (unat)Liévin02/10
8.14Ellakisha O’Kelley (unat)Clemson02/21
8.15Leah Kincaid (unat)Chapel Hill01/31
Shantia Moss (unat)USATF Ind03/01
8.16*Vanneisha Ivy (NC)Chapel Hill01/24
8.17*Tiki James (CFl)Va Tech LC03/07
Gi-Gi Johnson (Nike)USATF Ind03/01
Foreign Collegians:
8.07**Shermaine Williams (JCS-Jam)NCAA II Ind03/14
8.16**Natasha Ruddock (Essex-Jam)Millrose G01/30
8.17-Aleesha Barber (PennSt-Tri)NCAA Ind03/14

4 x 200
1:36.71North CarolinaArmory Coll02/07

4 x 400
3:32.52Texas A&MNCAA Ind03/14
3:34.30Arizona StateNCAA Ind03/14
3:34.64Penn StateNCAA Ind03/14
3:36.10——Penn StateUniversity Park02/07
3:36.20Arkansas TCRazorback Inv01/24
— 5 performances by 4 teams —
3:36.40Disney EliteJones M01/24
3:36.51TCUNCAA Ind03/14
3:36.61South CarolinaNCAA Ind03/14
3:36.71TexasNCAA Ind03/14
3:36.90ArkansasNCAA Ind03/14
3:37.01North CarolinaNCAA Ind03/14
3:37.08OregonNCAA Ind03/14
3:37.30IllinoisNCAA Ind03/14
3:37.39AuburnUniversity Park02/07
3:38.34BaylorBig 12 Ind02/28
3:38.46MiamiTxAM Inv02/14
3:38.74Virginia TechVa Tech Elite02/07
3:38.84LSUArmory Coll02/07
3:38.87Seton HallNCAA Ind03/14
Western KentuckyNCAA Ind03/14
3:39.24UCLAArmory Coll02/07
Oversized Track:
3:33.50South CarolinaSEC Ind03/01
3:34.63TCUIaSt LC03/07
3:35.13IllinoisNotre Dame LC03/07
3:35.18ArkansasSEC Ind03/01
3:35.33TexasIaSt LC03/07
3:35.38Western KentuckyIaSt LC03/07
3:35.50AuburnSEC Ind03/01
3:36.21Seton HallNotre Dame LC03/07
3:36.52OregonMtn Pac02/28
3:36.62North CarolinaNotre Dame LC03/07
3:36.86MississippiNotre Dame LC03/07
3:37.07LSUIaSt LC03/07
3:37.19UCLAMtn Pac Ind02/28
3:37.29BaylorNotre Dame LC03/07
3:37.34Western MichiganNotre Dame LC03/07
3:37.95MichiganNotre Dame LC03/07
3:39.10HoustonIaSt LC03/07

4 x 800
8:34.82TennesseePennSt Natl01/31
8:43.93GeorgetownBig East Ind02/22
8:45.37——GeorgetownPennSt Natl01/31
— 3 performances by 2 teams —
8:46.51VillanovaBig East Ind02/22
8:51.55West VirginiaBig East Ind02/22
8:52.90DukeTerrier Cl01/23
8:54.11Southern HS, Manahawkin, NJNIN03/15
8:56.14BrownECAC Ind03/07
8:57.46Notre DameBig East Ind02/22
8:58.09BaylorArmory Coll02/07
8:58.33Boston CollegeECAC Ind03/08
8:58.40ConnecticutBig East Ind02/22

10:50.98TennesseeNCAA Ind03/13
10:56.19North CarolinaNCAA Ind03/13
10:56.40———TennesseeArmory Coll02/06
10:56.73BYUNCAA Ind03/13
10:58.49StanfordNCAA Ind03/13
— 5 performances by 4 teams —
11:02.67GeorgetownNCAA Ind03/13
11:02.81OregonNCAA Ind03/13
11:05.05MichiganNCAA Ind03/13
11:06.81WashingtonNCAA Ind03/13
11:08.50BaylorNCAA Ind03/13
11:11.33West VirginiaUniversity Park02/07
11:12.96Florida StateACC Ind02/28
11:13.77Texas TechBig 12 Ind02/28
11:18.26VillanovaArmory Coll02/06
11:23.11Kansas StateNCAA Ind03/13
11:24.54ShippensburgNCAA II Ind03/14
11:25.13MinnesotaBig 10 Ind03/01
11:26.18Notre DameBig East Ind02/21
11:27.34IowaBig 10 Ind03/01
11:28.63Boston CollegeTerrier Cl01/23
11:29.57DukeArmory Coll02/06
Oversized Track:
11:05.12West VirginiaNotre Dame LC03/07
11:05.80WashingtonWashington Inv01/31
11:07.41Kansas StateNotre Dame LC03/07
11:11.12MinnesotaMeyo Inv02/07
11:17.92Washington State.Notre Dame LC03/07
11:23.91IndianaMeyo Inv02/07
11:24.02Missouri StateNotre Dame LC03/07

1.986-6*Destinee Hooker (Tx)NCAA Ind03/13
1.956-4 3/4*Liz Patterson (Az)NCAA Ind03/13
——Hooker !NCAA Ind03/13
1.936-4Sharon Day (Asics)Fresno01/19
6-4——HookerBig 12 Ind02/28
6-4——PattersonIowa St Cl02/14
— 6 performances by 3 performers —
1.926-3 1/2Amy Acuff (unat)Millrose G01/30
1.916-3 1/4-Becky Christensen (Harv)Allston02/14
1.896-2 1/4-Raevan Harris (Aub)Ky Inv01/17
Chaunté Howard (Nike)Millrose G01/30
Deirdre Mullen (Nike)Valentine Inv02/13
1.876-1 1/2Adriane Sims-Stone (unat)Chapel Hill01/31
1.866-1 1/4*Epley Bullock (Nb)Husker Inv02/07
1.8356-1/4Hannah Willms (IaHS)Ced Rapids03/25
1.836-0**Brittani Carter (LSU)NCAA Ind03/13
*Inika McPherson (Cal)NCAA Ind03/13
**Dess Meek (SHous)Houston Inv01/31
1.825-11 1/2*Jasmin Day (Az)Wash LC03/07
**Priscilla Fredrick (StJ)ECAC Ind03/07
*Rachel Gehret (Louis)Va Tech LC03/07
*Amber Kaufman (Hi)Flagstaff02/14
*Carin Knight (Ct)Armory Coll02/07
***Kelly McNamee (Wa)Vandal Inv02/21
*Kristen Meister (Cal)Wash Inv01/31
**April Sinkler (Clem)ACC Ind02/28
*Chealsea Taylor (Al)McCravy M02/07

4.8315-10Jenn Stuczynski (adidas)USATF Ind03/01
4.8215-9 3/4——StuczynskiReebok B02/07
4.7115-5 1/2——StuczynskiMillrose G01/30
4.6315-2 1/4——StuczynskiTyson Inv02/13
4.6215-1 3/4——Stuczynski !Reebok B02/07
— 5 performances by 1 performer —
4.6115-1 1/2Stacy Dragila (Nike)Millrose G01/30
4.5014-9Lacy Janson (Nike)Stuttgart02/07
4.45(A)14-7 1/4Chelsea Johnson (Nike)PV Summit01/02
4.4014-5 1/4**Katelin Rains (Mank)Mn Open02/21
4.3714-4*Alicia Rue (Mn)Minneapolis01/17
4.3514-3 1/4*Kylie Hutson (InSt)NCAA Ind03/14
*Katie Stripling (Ar)Tyson Coll02/13
4.2814-1/2***Rachel Laurent (LSU)SEC Ind03/01
4.2714-0**Natalie Willer (Nb)Big 12-Mtn W01/24
4.25(A)13-11 1/4Becky Holliday (New Balance)PV Summit01/02
4.2113-9 3/4**Melissa Gergel (Or)Seattle02/14
4.2013-9 1/4***Leslie Brost (NDSt)IaSt LC03/07
Janice Keppler (unat)Ark LC03/06
(A)-Katie Morgan (Cal)Albuquerque01/24
*Vera Neuenswander (In)Tyson Coll02/13
-Dianna Noonan (GVal)Allendale02/06
-Mary Saxer (NDm)Big East Ind02/21
4.1713-8 1/4**Tara Diebold (Ar)Ark LC03/06
*Carrie Kayes (Akr)Va Tech LC03/07
Foreign Collegians:
4.2513-11 1/4*Gabriella Duclos (Az-Can)NCAA Ind03/14
4.20(A)13-9 1/4**Sonia Grabowska (UtSt-Pol)Logan01/17
***Tina `Šutej (Ar-Slo)Armory Coll02/06

6.7122-1/4Brittney Reese (Nike)USATF Ind03/01
6.7021-11 3/4-Jeomi Maduka (Corn)Va Duals02/14
6.6621-10 1/4Hyleas Fountain (Nike)USATF Ind03/01
6.6021-8-Natasha Harvey (Jack)Atl Sun Ind02/21
— 5 performances by 4 performers —
6.5921-7 1/2Akiba McKinney (Nike)USATF Ind03/01
6.5321-5 1/4Brianna Glenn (adidas)Ire Ch02/08
6.5221-4 3/4Funmi Jimoh (Nike)Linz02/05
6.5121-4 1/4Lela Nelson (Nike)Blacksburg02/20
**April Sinkler (Clem)ACC Ind02/28
6.4721-2 3/4*Amy Menlove (BYU)Armory Coll02/06
6.4521-2Tianna Madison (Nike)Stockholm02/18
6.4321-1 1/4**Jamesha Youngblood (Or)NCAA Ind03/13
6.4021-0Grace Upshaw (Nike)Paris02/13
6.3920-11 3/4**Ti’Anca Mock (Ok)Razorback01/24
6.3820-11 1/4-Gayle Hunter (PennSt)NCAA Ind03/13
6.3520-10*DeAna Carson (Bay)Armory Coll02/06
-Pat Springs (UNCC)Va Tech LC03/07
-Bettie Wade (Mi)Ann Arbor01/24
6.3320-9 1/4Janay Deloach (unat)Reebok B02/07
6.3220-9***Vashti Thomas (TxAM)Armory Coll02/06
Foreign Collegians:
6.5621-6 1/4-Bianca Stuart (SnIl-Bah)Mo Vly Ind03/01
6.5321-5 1/4-Eléni Kafoúrou (Boise-Gre)NCAA Ind03/13
6.4821-3 1/4-Rhonda Watkins (UCLA-Tri)Armory Coll02/06
6.4721-2 3/4**Kim Williams (FlSt-Jam)ACC Ind02/28
6.4021-0*Shara Proctor (Fl-Agu)NCAA Ind03/13
6.37(A)20-10 3/4Karoline Köhler (SDi-Ger)Mtn West02/28
6.3520-10*Sarah Nambawa (MTn-Uga)Murfreesbo02/14
6.3320-9 1/4-Peter-Gaye Beckford (Ar-Jam)SEC Ind03/01

13.7745-2 1/4Shakeema Welsch (unat)USATF Ind02/28
13.7645-1 3/4Crystal Manning (unat)USATF Ind02/28
13.7245-1/4——ManningTyson Coll02/14
13.6844-10 3/4Erica McLain (Nike)USATF Ind02/28
13.6544-9 1/2——Welsch !USATF Ind02/28
— 5 performances by 3 performers —
13.5644-6Toni Smith (unat)Sooner Inv02/21
13.3743-10 1/2-Jeomi Maduka (Corn)Heps Ind03/01
13.2843-7-Dione Thomas (CFl)Va Tech LC03/07
***Vashti Thomas (TxAM)Big 12 Ind02/28
13.2143-4 1/4*Tiara Swanagan (FlSt)ACC Ind02/28
13.1943-3 1/4Sherita Williams (GBTC)USATF-NE02/22
13.15(A)43-1 3/4*Deanna Young (NM)Mtn West02/28
13.1343-1*Lauren Martin (InSt)Mo Vly Ind03/01
13.1143-1/4*Ashika Charan (TxAM)Ar Inv01/09
13.0942-11 1/2-Casey Taylor (Mi)Ann Arbor01/24
13.0642-10 1/4Tahari James (unat)USATF Ind02/28
13.0342-9Tiombé Hurd (unat)Blacksburg02/21
13.0242-8 3/4*Neidra Covington (TCU)TxAm Inv02/14
**April Sinkler (Clem)ACC Ind02/28
12.9842-7Lena Bettis (unat)Blacksburg02/21
**Ti’Anca Mock (Ok)Sooner Inv02/21
**TiAra Walpool (KsSt)Big 12 Ind02/28
Foreign Collegians:
14.0346-1/2**Kim Williams (FlSt-Jam)Blacksburg01/16
13.6244-8 1/4*Sarah Nambawa (MTn-Uga)Murfreesbo02/14
13.5244-4 1/4-Yasmine Regis (TxAM-GB)Armory Coll02/07
13.4544-1 1/2*Karoline Köhler (SDi-Ger)NCAA Ind03/14
13.32(A)43-8 1/2-Decontee Kaye (SDi-Lbr)Mtn West02/28
13.3143-8*Shara Proctor (Fl-Agu)SEC Ind03/01
13.2843-7-Eléni Kafoúrou (Boise-Gre)WAC Ind02/28
*Patricia Mamona (Clem-Por)Va Tech Elite02/07
13.2443-5 1/4-Andrea Linton (LSU-Jam)NCAA Ind03/14
12.9842-7-Agata Cichoszewska (Troy-Pol)Sun Belt Ind03/01

18.5961-0Jill Camarena (NYAC)USATF Ind02/28
18.4260-5 1/4——Camarena !USATF Ind02/28
18.2459-10 1/4Liz Wanless (NYAC)Anderson02/21
18.1859-7 3/4——WanlessUSATF Ind02/28
18.1359-5 3/4——Camarena !USATF Ind02/28
— 5 performances by 2 performers —
17.7458-2 1/2-Sarah Stevens (AzSt)NCAA Ind03/14
17.6157-9 1/2Rachel Jansen (unat)NnIa Inv02/20
17.4157-1 1/2Karen Shump (unat)Sooner Inv02/07
17.1256-2-Patience Knight (TxT)Big 12 Ind02/28
16.9055-5 1/2Chandra Brewer (unat)McCravy M02/07
16.8555-3 1/2*Jordyn Brown (Tx)NCAA Ind03/14
16.8055-1 1/2-Stevi Large (Akr)Zips Inv02/20
16.7855-3/4*Mykael Bothum (Id)WAC Ind02/28
*Aja Evans (Il)NCAA Ind03/14
16.6954-9 1/4*Tynisha McMillian (Ct)Big East Ind02/22
16.6754-8 1/4Robyn Jarocki (unat)Oshkosh01/23
16.5754-4 1/2-Aubrey Baxter (BHills)NAIA Ind03/07
16.4754-1/2-Nia Henderson (Kent)MAC Ind02/28
Abby Ruston (unat)USATF Ind02/28
16.3253-6 1/2-Nicole Lloyd (Az)Husker Inv02/07
16.2153-2 1/4***Lawanda Henry (NC)Va Tech Elite02/07
16.1252-10 3/4Adriane Blewitt (unat)Findlay Cl01/31
16.0952-9 1/2-Krishna Lee (Mo)IaSt LC03/07
Foreign Collegians:
17.9458-10 1/4*Mariam Kevkhishvili (Fl-Geo)SEC Ind03/01
17.4257-2**Annie Alexander (Tn-Tri)NCAA Ind03/14
16.0952-9 1/2***Kelly Closse (SPl-Fra)JUCO Ind03/07

24.4380-2Amber Campbell (Mjo)USATF Ind03/01
24.1979-4 1/2——Campbell !USATF Ind03/01
24.1579-2 3/4——Campbell !USATF Ind03/01
24.0778-11 3/4——Campbell !USATF Ind03/01
23.8578-3——Campbell !USATF Ind03/01
— 5 performances by 1 performer —
23.3076-5 1/2Erin Gilreath (NYAC)Anderson02/21
22.0972-5 3/4**D’Ana McCarty (Louis)NCAA Ind03/13
21.7971-6-Stevi Large (Akr)NCAA Ind03/13
21.6871-1 1/2Loree Smith (NYAC)Wash Inv01/31
21.6370-11 3/4Kristal Yush (NYAC)USATF Ind03/01
21.5970-10-Sarah Stevens (AzSt)Flagstaff02/07
21.3470-1/4-Loren Groves (KsSt)Husker Inv02/07
21.1469-4 1/4*Frednisha Marshall (SFA)NCAA Ind03/13
20.7468-1/2***Victoria Flowers (Ct)N Eng Ind02/28
20.6367-8 1/4-Nia Henderson (Kent)MAC Ind02/28
20.5667-5 1/2Ronda Gullatte (T1D)Nashville01/11
20.2666-5 3/4-Sharon Ayala (Fres)NCAA Ind03/13
20.2166-3 3/4-Ozie Okolie (TxT)TxT Open01/24
20.0765-10 1/4*Irene Cooper (WnMi)Muncie02/20
20.0365-8 3/4**Elisa Bryant (Wa)NCAA Ind03/13
19.9565-5 1/2-Elisha Hunt (Mo)Columbia02/20
19.7964-11 1/4-Aubrey Baxter (BHSt)NAIA Ind03/07
19.7764-10 1/2**Tara Cooper (Ash)NCAA II Ind03/14
19.7564-9 3/4**Valerie Wert (Akr)MAC Ind02/28
Foreign Collegians:
19.9065-3 1/2**Dorotea Habazin (VaT-Cro)Va Tech LC03/07

4391Diana Pickler (Asics)USATF Ind03/07
4386Liz Roehrig (unat)Minneapolis01/23
4365*Amy Menlove (BYU)NCAA Ind03/13
4342-Gayle Hunter (PennSt)NCAA Ind03/13
4320Sharon Day (Asics)USATF Ind03/07
— 5 performances by 5 performers —
4292Julie Pickler (Asics)USATF Ind03/07
4252Lela Nelson (Nike)USATF Ind03/07
-Bettie Wade (Mi)NCAA Ind03/13
4228Jackie Johnson (Nike)USATF Ind03/07
4096**Chantae McMillan (Nb)NCAA Ind03/13
4088-Kalindra McFadden (Or)NCAA Ind03/13
4073**Jasmine Cotten (Cinc)Big East Ind02/22
4063**Whitney Liehr (Stan)NCAA Ind03/13
4051-Kasey Hill (BC)USATF Ind03/07
4030*Erica Moore (InSt)Iowa State Cl02/14
4016Amanda Twigg (TNod)Minneapolis01/23
4005-Shevell Quinley (Az)Mtn Pac Ind02/28
3998***Dorcas Akinniyi (Wi)Big 10 Ind03/01
3997-Ashley Trimble (Ky)NCAA Ind03/13
3967*Buky Bamigboye (Gtn)Big East Ind02/22
Foreign Collegians:
4321***Brianne Theisen (Or-Can)NCAA Ind03/13
4267*Megan Wheatley (Nb-Aus)NCAA Ind03/13
4235*Liane Weber (Clem-Ger)NCAA Ind03/13
4118-Annett Wichmann (Hi-Ger)NCAA Ind03/13
4081*Patrícia Mamona (Clem-Por)ACC Ind02/28

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