2008 U.S. Indoor List - Women

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compiled by Glen McMicken

(marks received and verified by 03/31/2008)

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These lists give the top U.S. performers of the indoor season, with an appending of those foreign collegians whose marks also fall into the range of our reporting standards. In the oversized-track category, the domestics and foreign collegians are commingled (' after name = foreigner on OT list). Relay teams may contain non-U.S. nationals.

Open athletes and high schoolers have no notation before their name. Collegians are noted by class: - = senior; * = junior; **=soph; *** = frosh.

Oversized tracks are those larger than 200m in circumference. OT marks at races longer than 1000m are no longer carried with the main list (except in the multis) because too many huge tracks have been turned into speedways. (A) = altitude over 1000m (in affected events only).

! = secondary performance in a field-event series (only applicable to final end-of-season lists); ¶ = field-event mark for which complete series data is missing (only applicable to final end-of-season lists)

6.80-Lakecia Ealey (Fl)Jones M01/26
Angela Williams (unat)Jones M01/26
6.81Alexis Joyce (unat)Jones M01/26
6.82-Tawanna Meadows (Troy)Sun Belt Ind02/24
6.84Carmelita Jeter (Nik)Run For Dream01/21
Wyllesheia Myrick (unat)Jones M01/26
**6 performances by 6 performers**
6.85Angela Daigle (Cheet)Run For Dream01/21
6.87-Gloria Asumnu (Tul)Jonesboro12/01
6.89***Lakya Brookins (SC)Jones M01/26
6.90Breanna Hubbard (unat)Temple Inv01/05
***Shayla Mahan (SC)Jones M01/26
Shameka Marshall (unat)Terrier Inv01/26
6.91Gabby Glenn (SC)Gamecock Ind02/23
Tissilli Rogers (NTC)Jones M01/26
6.92*Lamarra Currie (UNCC)A-10 Ind02/16
6.94Dominique Maloy (AzSt)Flagstaff02/22
Lajarsha Moses (UNCC)A-10 Ind02/16
*Patrice Potts (VaT)VaT Inv01/11
6.95Carita Cole (unat)MTn Valentine02/09
Trisha-Ann Hawthorne (Ct)N Eng Ind03/01
Foreign Collegians:
6.85-Tracy Ann Rowe (Aub-Jam)Jones M01/26
6.91Kimberly Smith (WayB-Jam)Lubbock01/26
6.92-Yanique Booth (FlA-Jam)Sun Belt Ind02/24
6.93-Virgil Hodge (TCU-StK)Lubbock01/26

7.06Angela Williams (Nik)World Ind03/07
7.11ý—— WilliamsUSATF Ind02/24
7.12ý—— WilliamsWorld Ind03/09
7.13ý—— WilliamsAthens02/13
7.15ý—— WilliamsUSATF Ind02/24
ý—— WilliamsBirmingham02/16
**6 performances by 1 performer**
7.16***Bianca Knight (Tx)NCAA Ind03/14
7.17*Alexandria Anderson (Tx)NCAA Ind03/15
7.19Jessica Young (unat)Tyson Coll02/15
7.21Carmelita Jeter (Nik)USATF Ind02/24
Alexis Joyce (unat)USATF Ind02/24
7.22-Gloria Asumnu (Tul)CUSA Ind03/01
Miki Barber (Nik)USATF Ind02/24
7.23-Lakecia Ealey (Fl)NCAA Ind03/15
7.25-Cleo Tyson (Tn)McCravy M02/02
7.26-Juanita Broaddus (LSU)Purple Tiger01/19
-Courtney Champion (Tn)NCAA Ind03/14
7.28Brianna Glenn (unat)USATF Ind02/24
Muna Lee (Nik)Tyson Inv02/15
***Shayla Mahan (SC)VaT LC03/08
***Jeneba Tarmoh (Tn)NCAA Ind03/14
7.29Angela Daigle-Bowen (Cheet)USATF Ind02/24
**Lynne Layne (Tn)SEC Ind03/02
*Brittney Reese (Ms)SEC Ind03/02
7.30**Porscha Lucas (TxAM)Big 12 Ind03/01
Foreign Collegians:
7.13-Kelly-Ann Baptiste (LSU-Tri)SEC Ind03/02
7.18**Samantha Henry (LSU-Jam)Armory Inv02/09
7.22-Nickesha Anderson (Ks-Jam)Big 12 Ind03/01
7.23-Simone Facey (TxAM-Jam)Big 12 Ind03/01
7.30(A)-Virgil Hodge (TCU-StK)Mtn West Ind03/01

22.40***Bianca Knight (Tx)NCAA Ind03/14
22.48ý—— KnightNCAA Ind03/15
22.81*Alexandria Anderson (Tx)NCAA Ind03/14
22.83**Porscha Lucas (TxAM)NCAA Ind03/14
22.84ý—— LucasNCAA Ind03/15
**5 performances by 3 performers**
23.14-Natalie Knight (Fl)NCAA Ind03/14
23.22-Courtney Champion (Tn)NCAA Ind03/15
23.26***Jeneba Tarmoh (Tn)SEC Ind03/02
23.43Ashton Purvis (CaHS)NSI03/16
23.49Moushaumi Robinson (Nik)Birmingham02/16
23.51-Lakecia Ealey (Fl)SEC Ind03/02
Natasha Hastings (Nik)Tyson Inv02/15
23.52***Tiffany Townsend (Bay)NCAA Ind03/15
23.55Ashlee Kidd (unat)Reeb Boston01/26
23.57-Brooklynn Morris (LSU)SEC Ind03/02
23.61-Juanita Broaddus (LSU)SEC Ind03/02
23.62-Britni Spruill (VaT)VaT LC03/08
23.65*Krista Simkins (Mia)ACC Ind03/01
23.66Mary Wineberg (Nik)Bloomington01/26
23.68***Jessica Beard (TxAM)Big 12 Ind03/01
**Lynne Layne (Tn)VaT LC03/08
23.74*Murielle Ahoure (GM)ECAC Ind03/09
Foreign Collegians:
22.62-Nickesha Anderson (Ks-Jam)NCAA Ind03/14
22.94-Simone Facey (TxAM-Jam)NCAA Ind03/14
23.01**Samantha Henry (LSU-Jam)SEC Ind03/02
23.07-Kelly-Ann Baptiste (LSU-Tri)SEC Ind03/02
23.20-Virgil Hodge (TCU-StK)NCAA Ind03/14
23.59*Nickiesha Wilson (LSU-Jam)SEC Ind03/02
23.60-Carol Rodriguez (USC-PR)Ar LC03/07
Oversized Track:
23.51KiddKy Inv01/12
23.69*ChaRonda Williams (AzSt)IaSt LC03/08

51.41Shareese Woods (unat)World Ind03/09
51.85Moushaumi Robinson (unat)World Ind03/08
51.87ý—— WoodsWorld Ind03/08
51.95*Krista Simkins (Mia)NCAA Ind03/14
52.03ý—— WoodsUSATF Ind02/24
**5 performances by 3 performers**
52.12**Brandi Cross (SC)SEC Ind03/02
52.23Mary Wineberg (Nik)Bloomington01/26
52.34Monica Hargrove (unat)Tyson Coll02/15
52.48***Jessica Beard (TxAM)NCAA Ind03/15
52.57-Shana Cox (PennSt)Tyson Coll02/15
52.83Nadonnia Rodriquez (NYHS)Armory02/16
52.85Rodriques (NYHS)NSI03/16
52.95***Joanna Atkins (Aub)Tyson Coll02/15
53.11Davita Prendergast (Jam)Tyson Coll02/15
53.12Miriam Barnes (unat)USATF Ind02/24
53.15-Dominque Blake (PennSt)Tyson Coll02/15
-Donniece Parrish (KsSt)Big 12 Ind03/01
53.22-Latonya Loche (Tn)SEC Ind03/02
53.33Alicia Williams (UnStars)NBal G01/19
53.37Ashlee Kidd (unat)VaT Elite02/09
Angel Perkins (unat)USATF Ind02/24
53.38Jennifer Grossarth (unat)USATF Ind02/24
Foreign Collegians:
52.10-Trish Bartholomew (Al-Grn)SEC Ind03/02
52.32**Jenna Martin (Ky-Can)SEC Ind03/02
52.63-Kineke Alexander (Ia-StV)NCAA Ind03/14
Oversized Track:
52.52KiddMcCravy M02/02
52.63-Tanisha Wisdom (MdEnS-Jam)IaSt LC03/08
53.08-Sheryl Morgan (Nb)IaSt LC03/08

1:09.19-Shana Cox (PennSt)University Park12/15
1:10.30Chanelle Price (PaHS)NBal G01/19
1:11.68Alexandra McCoy (SH)Big East Ind02/24
1:11.85ý—— McCoyECAC Ind03/09
**4 performances by 3 performers**

1:29.43*Geena Gall (Mi)Ann Arbor02/23
1:30.78-Lorain McKenzie (Fl)Big 10-SEC Ind01/19
Oversized Track:
1:30.53**Sherene Pinnock (OkB-Jam)NAIA Ind03/08

2:01.73Nicole Teter (Nik)World Ind03/07
2:02.65ý—— TeterUSATF Ind02/24
2:02.86Nicole Cook (Reeb)USATF Ind02/24
2:03.11ý—— CookTyson Inv02/15
2:03.37*Geena Gall (Mi)Tyson Inv02/15
**5 performances by 3 performers**
2:03.82Sasha Spencer (Nik)Linz01/31
2:04.12Morgan Uceny (Reeb)USATF Ind02/24
2:04.62Tiffany McWilliams (adi)Tyson Inv02/15
2:04.66**LaTavia Thomas (LSU)Armory Inv02/09
2:05.14Miesha Marzell (unat)USATF Ind02/23
2:05.45*Heather Dorniden (Mn)NCAA Ind03/15
2:05.47-Alysia Johnson (Cal)NCAA Ind03/15
2:05.75Alisa Harvey (PBrk)USATF Ind02/24
2:05.83-Becky Horn (WnMi)NCAA Ind03/15
2:05.91Jen Toomey (unat)GBTC Inv01/20
2:05.93Chanelle Price (PaHS)NSI03/16
2:06.11Nikeya Green (Reeb)Reeb Boston01/26
2:06.27-Jesse Carlin (Penn)ECAC Ind03/09
2:06.57Lindsey Schnell (AzE)USATF Ind02/23
2:06.69-Trisa Nickoley (Mo)NCAA Ind03/15
2:06.98-Lavera Morris (Ky)NCAA Ind03/14
2:06.99Laura Hermanson (NDSt)USATF Ind02/23
Foreign Collegians:
2:05.24**Caitlin Bailey (BosC-Can)ECAC Ind03/09
2:06.89Clarisse Moh (SAl-Fra)Jones M01/26
Oversized Track:
2:03.17McWilliamsMcCravy M02/02
2:03.39-Alysia Johnson (Cal)Mtn Pac Ind03/01
2:05.01-Kelly Young (UTEP-Aus)IaSt LC03/08
2:05.05DornidenMeyo Inv02/09
2:05.27NickoleyIaSt Ind02/16
2:05.77**Erica Moore (InSt)Wilson Inv03/08
2:05.89Lindsey Gallo (Reeb)Ky Inv01/12
2:06.00-Lorain McKenzie (Fl-Jam)IaSt Ind02/16
2:06.05MorrisIaSt LC03/08
2:06.14**Christina Rodgers (Az)IaSt LC03/08
2:06.17SchnellWa Ind02/02
2:06.34HermansonWilson Inv03/08
2:06.41Carlee Platt (BYU)Wilson Inv03/08
2:06.64*Julie Schwengler (Mn)IaSt Ind02/16
2:06.67**Molly Beckwith (In)Wilson Inv03/08
2:06.69-Amanda Miller (Wa)Wa Ind02/02
2:06.88***Zoe Buckman (Or)Mtn Pac Ind03/01

2:45.76Chanelle Price (PaHS)Armory Inv02/09
2:46.34-Trisa Nickoley (Mo)Lincoln01/26
2:46.57**Nichole Jones (Bay)Big 12 Ind03/01
2:47.07*Tasmin Fanning (VaT)VaT Inv01/12
2:47.80**Danielle Bradley (Bay)Big 12 Ind03/01
**5 performances by 5 performers**
2:47.90-Elizabeth Maloy (Gtn)VaT Inv01/12
2:47.95Miesha Marzell (unat)PennSt R01/12
2:48.22**Renee Tomlin (Gtn)PennSt Nat01/26
2:48.26*Molly Lehman (Duke)ECAC Ind03/09
2:48.32-Briene Simmons (PennSt)PennSt R01/12
2:48.66Keri Bland (WV)Big East Ind02/24
2:48.67Marcia Taddy (UWPl)Platteville01/18
2:48.95Katara Rosby (Tx)Big 12 Ind03/01
2:49.21Samantha Gawrych (BosC)ECAC Ind03/09
2:49.55Ellen Ries (Mo)Big 12 Ind03/01
2:49.65Jamie Olson (Harv)ECAC Ind03/09
2:49.98**Liz Costello (Prin)G Dane-New York01/25
Foreign Collegians:
2:47.94**Mary-Louise Asselin (WV-Can)PennSt Nat01/26
2:49.94*Liliani Mendez (KsSt-PR)Lincoln01/26
Oversized Track:
2:48.93***Nikki Swenson (Mn)Meyo Inv02/08
2:49.36*Julie Schwengler (Mn)Meyo Inv02/08
2:49.80Challis Larson (Mn)Meyo Inv02/08

4:10.56Christin Wurth-Thomas (Nik)World Ind03/08
4:14.27Jenelle Deatherage (Reeb)World Ind03/08
4:16.33Lauren Fleshman (Nik)Reeb Boston01/26
4:16.42Sara Hall (Asics)Armory Inv01/20
4:16.51Amy Mortimer (Reeb)New York City01/19
**5 performances by 5 performers**
4:16.62Tiffany McWilliams (adi)Reeb Boston01/26
4:16.73Jen Rhines (adi)New York City01/19
4:17.55Jen Toomey (Nik)Reeb Boston01/26
4:17.66Lindsey Gallo (Reeb)Reeb Boston01/26
4:17.68Julie Culley (unat)Armory Inv02/09
4:19.12Colleen Newhart (unat)New York City01/19
4:20.67Kassi Andersen (unat)New York City01/19

4:27.18Christin Wurth-Thomas (Nik)Tyson Inv02/15
4:31.84Jenelle Deatherage (Reeb)Tyson Inv02/15
4:32.95ý—— DeatherageReeb Boston01/26
4:33.34Amy Mortimer (Reeb)NBal G01/19
4:33.42Jen Rhines (adi)NBal G01/19
**5 performances by 4 performers**
4:33.46Lauren Fleshman (Nik)Reeb Boston01/26
4:33.92Sara Hall (Asics)NBal G01/19
4:36.00*Sarah Bowman (Tn)NCAA Ind03/15
4:36.01Lindsey Gallo (Reeb)Reeb Boston01/26
4:36.03Kara Goucher (Nik)Millrose G02/01
4:36.27Jen Toomey (Nik)Reeb Boston01/26
4:36.32Tiffany McWilliams (adi)Reeb Boston01/26
4:37.58Emily Brown (unat)Minneapolis02/23
4:37.67*Brie Felnagle (NC)ACC Ind03/01
4:38.66-Natalie Picchetti (Ga)SEC Ind03/02
4:41.02-Dacia Barr (Ar)NCAA Ind03/15
4:41.56-Amanda Miller (Wa)NCAA Ind03/15
4:41.67*Lauren Hagans (Bay)Razorback Inv01/26
4:41.88**Katie Follett (Wa)NCAA Ind03/15
4:42.77*Michelle Turner (Wa)NCAA Ind03/15
4:42.78*Alicia Follmar (Stan)NCAA Ind03/15
Foreign Collegians:
4:33.23-Nicole Edwards (Mi-Can)Tyson Inv02/15
4:35.30**Hannah England (FlSt-GB)NCAA Ind03/15
4:36.31*Sally Kipyego (TxT-Ken)Big 12 Ind03/01
4:36.91*Susan Kuijken (FlSt-Hol)ACC Ind03/01
Oversized Track:
4:37.22FollettHusky Ind02/16
4:37.33**Jessica Pixler (SPac)Husky Ind02/16
4:38.01-Arianna Lambie (Stan)Husky Ind02/16
4:38.87Morgan Uceny (Reeb)Meyo Inv02/09
4:39.07BarrWilson Inv03/08
4:39.54*Jamie Cheever (Mn)Meyo Inv02/09
***Alexandra Kosinski (Or)Mtn Pac Ind03/01
4:39.93MillerHusky Ind02/16
4:40.02*Sara Vaughn (Co)Wilson Inv03/08
4:40.08TurnerWa LC03/08
4:40.13*Lauren Centrowitz (Stan)Husky Ind02/16
4:40.37**Liz Costello (Prin)Wilson Inv03/08
4:40.44***Angela Wagner (BYU)Wilson Inv03/08
4:40.90-Akilah Vargas (Vill)Wilson Inv03/08
4:41.07-Meghan Armstrong (Ia)Husky Ind02/16
4:41.08-Elizabeth Maloy (Gtn)Wilson Inv03/08
4:41.15FollmarHusky Ind02/16
4:41.68-Ann Detmer (Wi)Husky Ind02/16
4:41.91-Clerc Koenck (Lam)IaSt Ind02/16
4:41.98**Angela Bizzarri (Il)IaSt Ind02/16
4:42.74**Nicole Blood (Or)Seattle01/19

8:54.97Christin Wurth-Thomas (Nik)Reeb Boston01/26
8:55.19Shannon Rowbury (Nik)USATF Ind02/23
8:57.53Kara Goucher (Nik)Birmingham02/16
8:59.98Jen Rhines (adi)USATF Ind02/23
9:00.14Julie Culley (unat)USATF Ind02/23
**5 performances by 5 performers**
9:00.31*Brie Felnagle (NC)NCAA Ind03/15
9:03.34Katie McGregor (Reeb)USATF Ind02/23
9:05.41-Arianna Lambie (Stan)NCAA Ind03/15
9:07.88Erin Donohue (Nik)USATF Ind02/23
9:10.60Emily Brown (unat)Minneapolis01/26
9:11.09*Lauren Centrowitz (Stan)NCAA Ind03/15
9:12.83-Marisa Ryan (BU)NCAA Ind03/15
9:13.48-Nicole Bush (MiSt)NCAA Ind03/15
9:13.68Maureen McCandless (unat)PennSt Nat01/26
9:15.12***Lauren Hagans (Bay)NCAA Ind03/15
9:15.58**Lisa Koll (IaSt)NCAA Ind03/15
9:16.08Amy Hastings (adi)USATF Ind02/23
9:17.48Jessica Minty (NBalB)USATF Ind02/23
9:18.30-Meghan Armstrong (Ia)Big 10 Ind03/01
9:18.71Erin Dromgoole (NBalB)USATF Ind02/23
Foreign Collegians:
8:58.14*Susan Kuijken (FlSt-Hol)NCAA Ind03/15
9:05.45*Sally Kipyego (TxT-Ken)Reeb Boston01/26
9:14.44***Marie-Louise Asselin (WV-Can)NCAA Ind03/15
9:18.39-Nicole Edwards (Mi-Can)Big 10 Ind03/01
Oversized Track:
9:00.37Cack Ferrell (OTC)Wa Ind02/02
9:04.87HastingsWa Ind02/02
9:05.32LambieWa Ind02/02
9:08.44**Nicole Blood (Or)Wa Ind02/02
9:08.84Lisa Galaviz (Nik)Wa Ind02/02
9:12.55BushIaSt Ind02/16
9:13.62*Christine Kalmer (Ar-Ger)Wa Ind02/02
9:13.80*Alex Becker (Tul-Can)Wa Ind02/02
9:15.88Kathleen Trotter (PDC)Wa Ind02/02
9:17.07EdwardsMeyo Inv02/09
9:17.80**Brenda Martinez (UCR)Husky Ind02/16
9:19.25*Hannah England (FlSt-GB)Husky Ind02/16
9:19.68Rebecca Walter (unat)Meyo Inv02/09

15:54.90**Lisa Koll (IaSt)NCAA Ind03/14
15:57.93-Katrina Rundhaug (Wi)Big 10 Ind03/02
15:58.18*Maddie McKeever (Duke)NCAA Ind03/14
16:00.25-Nicole Bush (MiSt)Big 10 Ind03/02
16:03.27ý—— BushNCAA Ind03/14
**5 performances by 4 performers**
16:05.98*Melissa Grelli (Gtn)Big East Ind02/24
16:10.99**Bridget Franek (PennSt)Big 10 Ind03/02
16:16.23**Wendi Robinson (In)Bloomington01/25
16:18.92-Elizabeth Ambrus (UAB)NCAA Ind03/14
16:19.85-Emily Harrison (Va)NCAA Ind03/14
16:24.28Katie Van Horn (Tn)Tyson Coll02/15
16:25.34*Denise Bargiachi (Ar)SEC Ind03/02
16:26.46**Krystal Douglas (Prov)Big East Ind02/24
16:27.07***Rebecca Lowe (Fl)SEC Ind03/02
16:27.61-Kara Scanlin (Va)ACC Ind02/29
16:29.19-Addie Bracy (NC)ACC Ind02/29
Foreign Collegians:
15:31.91*Sally Kipyego (TxT-Ken)NCAA Ind03/14
16:02.96-Diane Nukuri (Ia-Ken)Big 10 Ind03/02
16:16.23*Danette Doetzel (Prov-Can)ECAC Ind03/09
16:26.76*Betty Rotich (Al-Ken)SEC Ind03/02
Oversized Track:
15:32.28Sara Slattery (adi)Wa Ind02/01
15:32.94Renee Metivier (Nik)Wa Ind02/01
15:52.37KollIaSt Ind02/16
16:16.53HarrisonWilson Inv03/07
16:16.73*Alyson Kohlmeier (Mi-Can)Meyo Inv02/08
16:20.38BracyWilson Inv03/07
16:21.66Allison Bishel (Ball)Wilson Inv03/07
16:28.08***Lara Crofford (Nb)IaSt Ind02/16
16:29.14***Alexandra Gits (Stan)Mtn Pac Ind03/01
16:29.87Brooke Kish (BouR)Wa LC03/08

7.51Damu Cherry (Nik)Jones M01/26
7.52ý—— CherryJones M01/26
7.58ý—— CherryRun For Dream01/21
7.58Kelli Wells (Nik)Jones M01/26
7.59**Kristi Castlin (VaT)VaT Inv01/12
**5 performances by 3 performers**
7.71Candice Davis (unat)Run For Dream01/21
7.72Shell Green (unat)VaT Inv01/12
*Lauren Wiggins (NTx)Sun Belt Ind02/24
7.73Kia Davis (unat)Jones M01/26
7.75*Aleesha Barber (PennSt)PennSt R01/12
Samaiyah Islam (RDTC)Newport News02/09
7.76-Kirby Blackley (Find)GLIAC Ind03/01
7.77**Queen Harrison (VaT)VaT Inv01/12
7.80Raquel Washington (unat)MTn Inv01/26
Foreign Collegians:
7.79-Yanique Booth (FlA-Jam)Sun Belt Ind02/24

7.77Lolo Jones (Asics)Karlsruhe02/10
7.80ý—— JonesWorld Ind03/08
7.82ý—— JonesWorld Ind03/09
7.85Damu Cherry (Nik)Karlsruhe02/10
7.86ý—— JonesStuttgart02/02
7.90Candice Davis (unat)USATF Ind02/24
7.94*Tiffany Ofili (Mi)NCAA Ind03/14
8.00Danielle Carruthers (unat)Stuttgart02/02
Kellie Wells (Nik)Düsseldorf02/08
8.01**Kristi Castlin (VaT)VaT LC03/08
8.03**Queen Harrison (VaT)NCAA Ind03/14
8.04Dawn Harper (Pura)Bronco Ind02/09
8.08Joanna Hayes (Nik)Millrose G02/01
-Shantia Moss (GaT)NCAA Ind03/14
8.12Kia Davis (EAth)Armory Inv02/09
8.13Hyleas Fountain (Nik)Tyson Coll02/16
8.16Jacquelyn Coward (TnHS)Simplot02/16
Amber Williams (unat)USATF Ind02/24
8.18Sherlenia Green (unat)VaT Elite02/09
8.19*Aleesha Barber (PennSt)Tyson Coll02/16
*Celriece Law (Tn)VaT LC03/08
Ashley Lodree (unat)Bronco Ind02/09
*Loreal Smith (NC)VaT LC03/08
Foreign Collegians:
8.08-Jessica Ohanaja (LSU-Ngr)NCAA Ind03/14
8.09*Nickiesha Wilson (LSU-Jam)NCAA Ind03/15
8.13Natasha Ruddock (Essex-Jam)Armory Inv02/09

4 x 400
3:29.30National TeamWorld Ind03/09
3:31.14LSUNCAA Ind03/15
3:31.34Texas A&MNCAA Ind03/15
3:31.89ý—— LSUSEC Ind03/02
3:33.34South CarolinaSEC Ind03/02
**5 performances by 4 teams**
3:33.63Arizona StateNCAA Ind03/15
3:33.65Elite TCTyson Coll02/16
3:33.69TexasNCAA Ind03/15
3:34.00Penn StateNCAA Ind03/15
3:34.66ArkansasNCAA Ind03/15
3:35.85TennesseeNCAA Ind03/15
3:36.57MiamiNCAA Ind03/15
3:37.48KansasNCAA Ind03/15
3:37.49Seton HallBig East Ind02/24
3:38.01FloridaSEC Ind03/02
3:38.04MississippiNCAA Ind03/15
3:38.10KentuckySEC Ind03/02
3:38.13Florida StateTyson Coll02/16
3:38.16Western MichiganTyson Coll02/16
Oversized Track:
3:34.88Western MichiganWilson Inv03/08
3:35.27MississippiWilson Inv03/08
3:35.86KansasIaSt LC03/08
3:36.19MiamiWilson Inv03/08
3:38.08KentuckyIaSt LC03/08

4 x 800
8:51.32GeorgetownBig East Ind02/24
8:51.81Boston CollegeArmory Inv02/09
8:55.18PrincetonHeps Ind03/02
8:58.05VillanovaBig East Ind02/24
8:58.44CornellHeps Ind03/02
8:58.60DukeECAC Ind03/09
8:59.14MarquetteBig East Ind02/24
8:59.37Eleanor Roosevelt HSArmory Inv02/09
8:59.49OklahomaArmory Inv02/09
9:01.41HamptonArmory Inv02/09
9:01.77VirginiaPennSt Nat01/26
9:01.88ConnecticutBig East Ind02/24
9:02.85DePaulBig East Ind02/24
9:02.91YaleECAC Ind03/09
9:04.51RutgersECAC Ind03/09
9:04.72BrownHeps Ind03/02
9:04.80Mountain Brook HSNike Ind03/16
9:04.97Notre DameIndiana R02/02

11:01.97TennesseeNCAA Ind03/14
11:02.22MichiganNCAA Ind03/14
11:03.87StanfordNCAA Ind03/14
11:07.64West VirginiaNCAA Ind03/14
11:07.89ý—— TennesseeVaT Elite02/09
**5 performances by 4 performers**
11:10.96BYUNCAA Ind03/14
11:11.03Florida StateACC Ind02/29
11:11.90PennECAC Ind03/09
11:12.33IllinoisNCAA Ind03/14
11:13.48Boston CollegeECAC Ind03/09
11:14.67Virginia TechVaT Elite02/09
11:16.83BrownECAC Ind03/09
11:17.24GeorgetownBig East Ind02/24
11:17.93Penn StateVaT Elite02/09
11:18.33ArkansasTyson Coll02/16
11:19.06BaylorBig 12 Ind03/01
11:19.53TexasBig 12 Ind03/01
11:22.06OregonNCAA Ind03/14
11:22.17VillanovaArmory Inv02/09
11:22.24KentuckyArmory Inv02/09
Oversized Track:
11:07.00BaylorWa Ind02/01
11:09.09IllinoisWilson Inv03/07
11:09.35MinnesotaMeyo Inv02/08
11:09.84WisconsinWilson Inv03/07
11:10.48OregonWa Ind02/01
11:12.77WashingtonMtn Pac Ind03/01
11:15.10Kansas StateWilson Inv03/07
11:20.11IowaMeyo Inv02/08
11:21.18IndianaMeyo Inv02/08

1.956-4 3/4Amy Acuff (Asics)Run For Dream01/21
1.956-4 3/4ý— AcuffWorld Ind03/09
1.936-4ý— AcuffWorld Ind03/08
1.926-3 1/2ý— AcuffMillrose G02/01
1.926-3 1/2ý— AcuffUSATF Ind02/23
**5 performances by 1 performer**
1.906-2 3/4-Sharon Day (SLO)Run for Dream01/21
1.896-2 1/4Chaunte Howard (Nik)USATF Ind02/23
Gwen Wentland (Nik)Millrose G02/01
1.886-2*Brittney Reese (Ms)SEC Ind03/02
1.876-1 1/2**Elizabeth Patterson (Az)Nampa01/26
1.866-1 1/4Deirdre Mullen (Shore)USATF Ind02/23
1.856-3/4Beth Castagno (Shore)IaSt Ind02/16
**Chealsea Taylor (Al)SEC Ind03/02
1.846-1/2**Epley Bullock (Nb)Big 12 Ind03/01
1.836-0*Becky Christensen (Harv)NCAA Ind03/15
**Jasmin Day (Az)NCAA Ind03/15
(A)-Jacquelyn Johnson (AzSt)Flagstaff01/25
**Carin Knight (Ct)NCAA Ind03/15
1.825-11 1/2**Desirae Gonder (CSN)Wa Ind02/02
*Raevan Harris (Aub)Tyson Coll02/16
*Bettie Wade (Mi)Big 10 Ind03/02
1.815-11 1/4-Kristina Bolterstein (MO)MAC Ind03/01
***Patience Coleman (NC)Chapel Hill02/16
*Lauren Collins (CI)Cyclone02/14
Renee Hein (unat)Findlay Open02/15
Kaylene Wagner (unat)Manhattan01/19
Sarah Wilfred (unat)PennSt R01/12
Foreign Collegians:
1.906-2 3/4Levern Spencer (Ga-StL)Clemson Ind01/19
1.896-2 1/4***Ebba Jungmark (WaSt-Swe)NCAA Ind03/15
1.856-3/4Leine Karsuma (Fl-Lat)Ar LC03/07
1.825-11 1/2-Jillian Drouin (Syr-Can)ECAC Ind03/09

4.7515-7Jenn Stuczynski (adi)World Ind03/08
4.7115-5 1/2ý— StuczynskiToronto01/19
4.7015-5ý— StuczynskiUSATF Ind02/24
4.70!15-5ý— StuczynskiWorld Ind03/08
4.6415-2 3/4Lacy Janson (Nik)Tyson Inv02/15
4.6415-2 3/4Jillian Schwartz (Nik)Tyson Inv02/15
4.6415-2 3/4ý— StuczynskiTyson Inv02/15
**7 performances by 3 performers**
4.5014-9Chelsea Johnson (Nik)USATF Ind02/24
4.4514-7 1/4April Steiner (adi)USATF Ind02/24
4.4214-6Erin Asay (unat)Husky Ind02/16
4.4014-5 1/4Becky Holliday (NBal)Stockton02/16
4.3914-4 3/4Tracy O Hara (adi)Tyson Inv02/15
4.3214-2Kate Conwell (CNW)Husky Ind02/16
4.3114-1 3/4*Katelin Rains (Mank)NCAA II Ind03/15
4.3014-1 1/4-April Kubishta (AzSt)NCAA Ind03/15
Andree Pickens (Bell)Jonesboro03/02
*Ellie Rudy (MtSt)NCAA Ind03/15
4.2513-11 1/4**Alicia Rue (Mn)NCAA Ind03/15
4.2313-10 1/2Stacy Dragila (unat)Millrose G02/01
4.2113-9 3/4iKira Sims (unat)Akron Open02/02
4.20(A)13-9 1/4Erica Bartolina (unat)PV Summit01/04
-Kelley DiVesta (Wa)NCAA Ind03/15
Rachel Laurent (LaHS)LaHS02/23
*Mallory Peck (Pur)NCAA Ind03/15
Randalene Sergent (unat)Jonesboro03/02
Foreign Collegians:
4.3014-1 1/4-Kate Sultanova (Ks-Rus)Armory Inv02/09
4.2513-11 1/4***Denise von Eynatten (SFl-Ger)NCAA Ind03/15

6.8722-6 1/2*Brittney Reese (Ms)SEC Ind03/02
6.8122-4 1/4ý— ReeseTyson Coll02/15
6.7622-2 1/4ý— ReeseNCAA Ind03/14
6.75!22-1 3/4ý— ReeseNCAA Ind03/14
6.70!21-11 3/4ý— ReeseNCAA Ind03/14
6.69!21-11 1/2ý— ReeseNCAA Ind03/14
**6 performances by 1 performer**
6.6021-8*Natasha Harvey (Jack)NCAA Ind03/14
6.5221-4 3/4*Shaquania Lundy (Jack)Atl Sun Ind02/29
6.5021-4-Jacquelyn Johnson (AzSt)Mtn Pac Ind03/01
-Erica McLain (Stan)NCAA Ind03/14
Lela Nelson (Nik)Reeb Boston01/26
6.4521-2*Jeomi Maduka (Corn)Heps Ind03/02
6.4221-3/4*Stephanie Garnett (AzSt)Mtn Pac Ind03/01
6.3820-11 1/4Hyleas Fountain (Nik)USATF Ind02/23
Shameka Marshall (Shore)USATF Ind02/23
6.3620-10 1/2-Kathy Coleman (LSU)LSU LC03/07
-Vonteena Knotts (App)Boone12/01
Ola Sesay (unat)Bayou C Ind02/09
6.3520-10Ronda White (TVel)Niswonger Ind01/19
6.3320-9 1/4Jenny Adams (adi)Run For Dream01/21
Funmi Jimoh (unat)USATF Ind02/23
Tianna Madison (Nik)Tyson Coll02/15
6.3120-8 1/2Tori Polk (unat)Tyson Coll02/15
6.26(A)20-6 1/2**Neidra Covington (TCU)Mtn West Ind02/29
*Tiffany Ofili (Mi)Big 10 Ind03/01
Foreign Collegians:
6.6821-11**Blessing Okagbare (UTEP-Ngr)NCAA Ind03/14
6.5021-4**Shara Proctor (Fl-Ang)SEC Ind03/02
6.4321-1 1/4Ruky Abdulai (SFras-Can)NAIA Ind03/07
6.4221-3/4***Arantxa King (Stan-Ber)Mtn Pac Ind03/01
6.4021-0*Bianca Stuart (SnIl-Bah)Saluki Ind02/09
6.3620-10 1/2*Peta-Gaye Beckford (Ar-Jam)Armory Inv02/09
6.3520-10*Andrea Linton (LSU-Jam)SEC Ind03/02
6.3120-8 1/2***Eleni Kafourou (Boise-Gre)Bronco Ind02/09

14.2046-7 1/4-Erica McLain (Stan)NCAA Ind03/15
13.9445-9Shakeema Welsch (unat)USATF Ind02/24
13.89!45-7ý— McLainNCAA Ind03/15
13.8745-6 1/4Shani Marks (Nik)USATF Ind02/24
13.85!45-5 1/4ý— MarksUSATF Ind02/24
13.8545-5 1/4ý— MarksMinneapolis01/26
** 6 performances by 3 performers**
13.5744-6 1/4Tiombé Hurd (Nik)Tyson Coll02/16
13.5444-5 1/4-Crystal Manning (Ks)Tyson Coll02/16
13.5144-4Amanda Thieschafer (unat)USATF Ind02/24
13.4244-1/2-Tahari James (BU)NCAA Ind03/15
13.41(A)44-0**Neidra Covington (TCU)Mtn West Ind03/01
13.3843-10 3/4-Tamara Highsmith (Ct)NCAA Ind03/15
13.3543-9 3/4Colleen Scott (unat)Carbondale02/09
13.3143-8Brenda Faluade (OpP)VaT Elite02/09
13.2943-7 1/4Sheena Gordon (unat)USATF Ind02/24
13.2843-7April Williams (PPer)Jones M01/26
13.2743-6 1/2**Ashika Charan (TxAM)Razorback Inv01/26
13.2143-4 1/4Simidele Adeagbo (Nik)USATF Ind02/24
13.1943-3 1/4Brandy Depland (unat)VaT Elite02/09
13.1543-1 3/4*Jeomi Maduka (Corn)Heps Ind03/02
Ronda White (TVel)Niswonger Ind01/19
13.1243-1/2Pascale Delaunay (Cheet)USATF Ind02/24
Tomika Ferguson (unat)VaT LC03/08
Foreign Collegians:
13.8245-4 1/4***Kimberly Williams (FlSt-Jam)NCAA Ind03/15
13.6444-9**Blessing Okagbare (UTEP-Ngr)Tyson Coll02/16
13.6244-8 1/4-Karoline Köhler (SDi-Ger)NCAA Ind03/15
**Sarah Nambawa (MTn-Uga)Sun Belt Ind02/24
13.5744-6 1/4*Andrea Linton (LSU-Jam)SEC Ind03/02
13.4744-2 1/2-Nelly Tchayem (UTEP-Fra)Tyson Coll02/16
13.2843-7**Patricia Mamona (Clem-Por)VaT LC03/08
13.2443-5 1/4*Seidre Forde (Louis-Bar)NCAA Ind03/15
13.23(A)43-5-Karoline Koehler (SDi-Ger)Mtn West Ind03/01
13.1843-3*Eleni Kafourou (Boise-Gre)WAC Ind03/01

18.4560-6 1/2Liz Wanless (NYAC)Anderson02/09
18.1159-5Jillian Camarena (NYAC)USATF Ind02/23
18.0359-2Abigail Ruston (unat)USATF Ind02/23
18.0159-1 1/4ý— WanlessUSATF Ind02/23
17.90!58-8 3/4ý— CamarenaUSATF Ind02/23
**5 performances by 3 performers**
17.7858-4Kristin Heaston (Nik)USATF Ind02/23
*Sarah Stevens (AzSt)IaSt Ind02/16
17.5857-8 1/4Gail Lee (unat)Cape Girardeau02/22
17.2756-8*Patience Knight (TxT)NCAA Ind03/15
17.1756-4Chandra Brewer (unat)Murfreesboro02/09
17.1356-2 1/2-Susan King (Memp)Jonesboro12/01
17.1256-2-Jessica Pressley (AzSt)IaSt Ind02/16
16.9455-7-Rachel Jansen (NnIa)IaSt Ind02/16
16.8455-3*Ashley Muffet (Ky)McCravy M02/02
16.8055-1 1/2*Stephanie Horton (Ks)Big 12 Ind03/01
16.7054-9 1/2*Krishna Lee (Mo)Big 12 Ind03/01
*Brittany Pryor (VaT)ACC Ind03/01
16.6754-8 1/4**Aja Evans (Il)IaSt Ind02/16
16.4754-1/2*Jere Summers (Louis)VaT LC03/08
16.4453-11 1/4Adriane Blewitt (unat)Flagstaff02/02
16.3453-7 1/2-Zenai Savage (Louis)VaT LC03/08
16.3253-6 1/2**Jordyn Brown (Tx)Big 12 Ind03/01
Foreign Collegians:
17.8358-6**Mariam Kevkhishvili (Fl-Geo)NCAA Ind03/15
17.4257-2***Annie Alexander (Tn-Tri)SEC Ind03/02
16.7154-10-Shernelle Nicholls (Mo-Bar)NCAA Ind03/15
16.3453-7 1/2-Nadia Alexander (LaT-Jam)Tyson Coll02/16
16.2253-2 3/4-Keisha Walkes (UTEP-Bar)IaSt LC03/08
15.8251-11*Sivan Aballi (Mem-Isr)Carbondale12/07

25.3483-1 3/4-Brittany Riley (SnIl)NCAA Ind03/14
24.2579-6 3/4ý— RileyIaSt Ind02/16
24.2379-6ý— RileyCarbondale12/07
24.19!79-4 1/2ý— RileyNCAA Ind03/14
24.1479-2 1/2ý— RileyMo Vly Ind03/02
24.1279-1 3/4ý— RileyIndiana R02/02
**6 performances by 1 performer**
22.6274-2 1/2Kristal Yush (unat)USATF Ind02/24
22.0472-3 3/4-Jessica Pressley (AzSt)NCAA Ind03/14
21.7171-2 3/4Erin Gilreath (NYAC)USATF Ind02/24
21.6270-11 1/4-Astin Steward (Pur)NCAA Ind03/14
21.5370-7 3/4-Veronica Jatsek (OhSt)Big 10 Ind03/02
21.4270-3 1/2*Stevi Large (Akr)Zips Open02/22
21.4170-3*Loren Groves (KsSt)Big 12 Ind03/01
21.2569-8 3/4Ronda Gullatte (T1D)USATF Ind02/24
21.0869-2Loree Smith (NYAC)Wa Ind02/02
20.9668-9 1/4Keturah Lofton (unat)Indiana R02/02
20.9468-8 1/2*Sarah Stevens (AzSt)Mtn Pac Ind03/01
20.7167-11 1/2-Kristen Callan (VaT)NCAA Ind03/14
20.5267-4Bethany Hart (Shore)USATF Ind02/24

4496-Jacquelyn Johnson (AzSt)NCAA Ind03/15
4378Diana Pickler (Asics)USATF Ch03/09
4366*Bettie Wade (Mi)NCAA Ind03/15
4312ý— JohnsonNampa02/02
4296Julie Pickler (Asics)USATF Ch03/09
**5 performances by 4 performers**
4256*Shevell Quinley (Az)NCAA Ind03/15
4218-Liz Roehrig (Mn)Big 10 Ind03/01
4141*Gayle Hunter (PennSt)NCAA Ind03/15
4124Ryanne DuPree (unat)USATF Ch03/09
4116-Julianne Kennedy (TxT)NCAA Ind03/15
4095*Etienne Chaplin (Ar)SEC Ind03/02
4088Abbie Stechschulte (unat)USATF Ch03/09
4087o*Lauren Collins (UCI)IaSt Ind02/14
4069*Alyissa Hasan (NDm)NCAA Ind03/15
4061Tracy Partain (unat)Martin Inv02/02
4059*Marissa Harris (MsSt)NCAA Ind03/15
4017-Tiana Riel (BC)NCAA Ind03/15
4005o(A)*Sandy Fortner (NM)Mtn West Ind02/28
3993o**Erica Moore (InSt)IaSt Ind02/14
Jackie Poulson (unat)USATF Ch03/09
3957**Dani Stipe (NnIa)Mo Vly Ind03/02
Foreign Collegians:
4177*Annett Wichmann (Hi-Ger)NCAA Ind03/15
4122**Megan Wheatley (Nb-Aus)Husker Ind02/01
4103***Charlotte Abrahamsen (Mem-Nor)NCAA Ind03/15
4099-Jillian Drouin (Syr-Can)Big East Ind02/24
4016***Olimpia Nowak (NnIa-Pol)Mo Vly Ind03/02
3974-Tammilee Kerr (Ia-Jam)Big 10 Ind03/01

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