2016 U.S. Indoor List - Men

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compiled by Glen McMicken

(marks received and verified by 04/08/2016)

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These lists give the top U.S. performers of the indoor season, with an appending of those foreign collegians whose marks also fall into the range of our reporting standards. In the oversized-track category, the domestics and foreign collegians are commingled (' after name = foreigner on OT list). Relay teams may contain non-U.S. nationals.

Open athletes and high schoolers have no notation before their name. Collegians are noted by class: - = senior; * = junior; **=soph; *** = frosh.

Oversized tracks are those larger than 200m in circumference. OT marks at races longer than 1000m are no longer carried with the main list (except in the multis) because too many huge tracks have been turned into speedways. (A) = altitude over 1000m (in affected events only).

! = secondary performance in a field-event series (only applicable to final end-of-season lists); ¶ = field-event mark for which complete series data is missing (only applicable to final end-of-season lists)

6.17Blake Smith (unat)Cape Girardeau02/19

6.47-Ronnie Baker (TCU)NCAA Ind03/12
Trayvon Bromell (NBal)World Ind03/18
6.48*Cameron Burrell (Hous)NCAA Ind03/12
6.50BurrellNCAA Ind03/11
6.51Marvin Bracy (adi)USATF Ind03/12
Mike Rodgers (Nik)World Ind03/20
**6 performances by 5 performers**
6.52**Christian Coleman (Tn)NCAA Ind03/12
6.53*John Teeters (OkSt)NCAA Ind03/12
6.55Trell Kimmons (adi)USATF Ind03/12
6.56**Kenzo Cotton (Ar)NCAA Ind03/11
Joe Morris (UltSA)Torun02/12
6.57D’Angelo Cherry (SprintA)USATF Ind03/12
6.58Jeff Henderson (adi)USATF Ind03/11
6.59***Keitavious Walter (HindsCC)Birmingham01/31
-Markesh Woodson (Mo)Tyson Inv02/13
6.60Daveon Collins (SSTC)Husky Cl02/13
***Qawatvis Johnson (HindsCC)LSU Twi02/19
-Jarrion Lawson (Ar)NCAA Ind03/12
-Bryce Robinson (Tulsa)NCAA Ind03/11
(A)Ameer Webb (Nik)Flagstaff02/13
6.61Diondre Batson (adi)Vanderbilt Inv01/30
Quentin Butler (Nik)Houston Inv01/29
-Tevin Hester (Clem)ACC Ind02/27
Albert Huntley (WAC)USATF Ind03/12
Sean McLean (Nik)USATF Ind03/11
6.62Keenan Brock (unat)UAB Inv01/15
*Lamar Hargrove (Tif)GLIAC Ind02/28
6.63-Arman Hall (Fl)McCravy01/23
***Donte Jackson (LSU)SEC Ind02/26
Blake Smith (unat)Gladstein Inv01/22
Kendal Williams (unat)Pollock Inv01/30
6.64Ryan Bailey (Nik)Husky Cl02/13
*Brandon Carnes (NnIa)Sevigne Inv02/05
***Ryan Clark (Fl)Tyson Inv02/13
-Leshon Collins (Hous)Houston01/15
(A)-Josh DeLoach (CoSt)MWC Ind02/26
*Maurice Eaddy (NCAT)Fairfax02/28
**Jermey Hicks (LaT)CUSA Ind02/24
**Rafael Scott (SAl)NCAA Ind03/11
6.65Jeff Fraley (unat)Joplin01/23
Carlin Isles (Nik)UH Ryan Inv02/12
**Demek Kemp (SCSt)Johnson City02/06
Josephus Lyles (VaHS)NBIN03/13
**Kendrick Smith (MeridCC)JUCO Ind03/05
Foreign Collegians:
6.57***Mobolade Ajomale (AArt-Can)NCAA II Ind03/12
6.63-Jamol James (AzSt-Tri)NCAA Ind03/11
6.65*Senoj-Jay Givans (Tx-Jam)TxAM Inv01/16
*Nethaneel Mitchell-Blake (LSU-GB)LSU Twi02/19
-Jurgen Themen (Adams-Sur)RMAC Ind02/27

20.54**Christian Coleman (Tn)SEC Ind02/27
20.55-Arman Hall (Fl)SEC Ind02/27
ColemanNCAA Ind03/12
20.58-Devin Jenkins (TxAM)Thomas Inv02/06
*Cameron Williams (BU)Patriot Ind02/21
**5 performances by 4 performers**
20.60(A)-Ronnie Baker (TCU)NM Team01/30
20.61*David Winters (SC)SEC Ind02/26
20.63Noah Lyles (VaHS)NBIN03/13
-Bryce Robinson (Tulsa)Sevigne Inv02/06
20.64Trayvon Bromell (NBal)Thomas Inv02/06
20.66**Kenzo Cotton (Ar)SEC Ind02/27
20.71-Tevin Hester (Clem)Tyson Inv02/13
20.73(A)-Parker Bluth (UtSt)NM Team01/30
20.83(A)**Jamiel Trimble (AF)MWC Ind02/27
20.90***Nick Gray (OhSt)NCAA Ind03/11
20.92***Ryan Clark (Fl)SEC Ind02/26
20.93(A)Vernon Norwood (NBal)New Mexico Cl02/05
**Terrell Smith (KsSt)Tyson Inv02/13
20.99John Lundy (DCI)Staten Island01/22
**Malcolm White (Nb)Lincoln12/12
21.02-Leshon Collins (Hous)American Ind02/29
**Malik Moffett (PennSt)Penn St Nat01/30
21.03***Kahmari Montgomery (Mo)SEC Ind02/26
21.07-Nicholas Taylor (UtV)WAC Ind02/27
21.09***Jaron Flournoy (LSU)Tyson Inv02/13
21.10*Hanoj Carter (LaL)Sun Belt Ind02/23
21.11*Aldrich Bailey (Tx)TxAM Inv01/16
Joe Morris (unat)House of Track III01/29
21.13*Michael Cherry (LSU)Conf Clash01/22
***Matthew Likely (Al)Tyson Inv02/13
(A)Emmanuel Matadi (TCrown)Kirby Open02/12
21.14-Bentrell McGee (Jack)SWAC Ind02/21
***Keitavious Walter (HindsCC)Samford Open02/12
21.16(A)*Dontrell Lyons (SELa)Albuquerque01/22
21.17-Zack Bilderback (Tx)TxAM Inv01/16
21.18**Amir James (NWnLa)SLC Ind02/16
21.20***Obi Igbokwe (Ar)Ark Inv01/15
-Jasper Savoy (Hamp)Terrier Cl01/30
Foreign Collegians:
20.46-Brendon Rodney (LIUB-Can)NEC Ind02/20
20.51*Nethaneel Mitchell-Blake (LSU-GB)SEC Ind02/26
20.60-Sam Watts (TCU-GB)Tyson Inv02/13
20.89*Emmanuel Dasor (WnKy-Gha)CUSA Ind02/25
**Ncincilili Titi (SC-SA)Tyson Inv02/13
20.95*Teray Smith (Aub-Bah)Tyson Inv02/13
20.98*Tinashe Mutanga (LSU-Zim)SEC Ind02/26
20.99**Julius Morris (WnKy-Mnt)CUSA Ind02/25
21.04***Mobolade Ajomale (AArt-Can)Boston LC02/28
21.05-Rodrigo Rocha (MsSt-Bra)Boston LC02/28
21.06***Roy Ejakuekwu (Ar-GB)SEC Ind02/26
21.14(A)**Alexandru Terpezan (Boise-Rom)MWC Ind02/26
21.17***Rai Benjamin (UCLA-Ant)Razorback Inv01/29
21.19-Corneil Lionel (ACU-StL)Thomas Inv02/06
Oversized Track:
20.71GrayBig 10 Ind02/27
20.79BilderbackBig 12 Ind02/27
20.81*Lamar Hargrove (Tif)NCAA II Ind03/12
20.82Ajomale’NCAA II Ind03/12
20.91-William Barnes (Kent)MAC Ind02/27
20.94WhiteBig 10 Ind02/27
20.95**Antwon Smith (WnTx)Pittsburg02/13
20.96Brycen Spratling (unat)Kentucky Inv01/16
21.02**Xavier Smith (PennSt)Big 10 Ind02/26
21.04Maxwell Willis (DCHS)Ky HS Inv02/20
21.05BaileyBig 12 Ind02/27
21.08-Daniel Jamieson (StA)NCAA II Ind03/11
*Lorenzo Larry (Wi)Big 10 Ind02/26
21.09-Harris Edwards (InT)NAIA Ind03/05
21.14-Waynee Hyman (JCS-Jam)NCAA II Ind03/12
21.16-John Broaden (InT)Johnson City01/16
-Wayne Gordon (Kent)MAC Ind02/26
**Eli Hall-Thompson (ButCC)Pittsburg01/29
-Kyran Stewart (Mank)Brookings02/13
(A)**Tatenda Tsumba (BYU-Zim)AFA Inv01/23
21.17-Kabroderan Handsborough (WayB)Pittsburg02/13
21.19*Kyle Webb (Pur-Ber)Big 10 Ind02/26
21.20***Devin Quinn (Il)Big 10 Ind02/26

45.61*Michael Cherry (LSU)SEC Ind02/26
45.72-Marqueze Washington (Ar)Arkansas Q02/19
45.78***Kahmari Montgomery (Mo)SEC Ind02/27
CherryRazorback Inv01/30
45.79-Arman Hall (Fl)SEC Ind02/27
**5 performances by 4 performers**
45.80Vernon Norwood (NBal)USATF Ind03/12
45.86Calvin Smith (adi)Birmingham01/31
45.91Neil Braddy (unat)Arkansas Q02/19
45.95Kyle Clemons (adi)USATF Ind03/12
46.03-Zack Bilderback (Tx)NCAA Ind03/12
46.09Mike Berry (Nik)Boston LC02/28
46.11-Najee Glass (Fl)SEC Ind02/26
46.22Elvyonn Bailey (unat)USATF Ind03/12
46.25**Nathan Strother (Tn)Tyson Inv02/12
46.26(A)**Brady Martin (UtSt)MWC Ind02/27
46.27*Byron Robinson (Tx)Tyson Inv02/12
David Verburg (adi)Millrose G02/20
46.29***Obi Igbokwe (Ar)SEC Ind02/26
46.32(A)*Dontrell Lyons (SELa)Albuquerque01/23
46.39*Jermaine Griffith (Rut)IC4A Ind03/05
(A)-Joseph Richards (TxT)NM Team01/30
46.42(A)Troy Pollard (TCrown)Albuquerque01/23
46.43(A)*Kyle Collins (TxT)New Mexico Cl02/06
46.47Clayton Parros (unat)Birmingham01/31
46.48*Fred Kerley (TxAM)Razorback Inv01/30
46.50***Eric Age (TxAM)SEC Ind02/26
***Wil London (Bay)NCAA Ind03/11
46.53(A)*Marcus Chambers (Or)Kirby Open02/13
46.61***Izaiah Brown (Rut)New Brunswick01/09
Chris Giesting (unat)USATF Ind03/12
**DeVante Lacy (SPl)Tyson Inv02/12
46.62(A)Frankie Wright (unat)New Mexico Cl02/06
46.64-Alfred Larry (MsSt)NCAA Ind03/11
46.66*Aldrich Bailey (Tx)NCAA Ind03/11
46.68**Ricky Morgan (USC)Conf Clash01/23
46.69Pat Feeney (Brk)USATF Ind03/12
*Eric Futch (Fl)Tyson Inv02/12
46.74**Jeffrey Green (Clem)Tyson Inv02/12
46.75**Jamarco Stephen (Ar)Tyson Inv02/12
46.79-Taariq Jones (Alb)IC4A Ind03/05
46.82-Champ Page (OhSt)NCAA Ind03/11
Foreign Collegians:
46.04-Fitzroy Dunkley (LSU-Jam)SEC Ind02/27
46.21*Emmanuel Dasor (WnKy-Gha)CUSA Ind02/25
46.52*George Caddick (Bay-GB)Thomas Inv02/06
46.60***Kunle Fasasi (Fl-Ngr)SEC Ind02/26
46.62-Brendon Rodney (LIUB-Can)Staten Island01/16
Oversized Track:
45.27BilderbackBig 12 Ind02/27
45.62I. BrownBig 10 Ind02/27
46.11BaileyBig 12 Ind02/27
46.13LarryWilson Inv02/20
46.24CollinsBig 12 Ind02/27
46.26LondonBig 12 Ind02/27
Brycen Spratling (NYAC)Youngstown01/22
46.33PageBig 10 Ind02/27
46.41GiestingWilson Inv02/20
46.42***Taylor McLaughlin (Mi)Big 10 Ind02/27
46.44Caddick’Big 12 Ind02/26
46.45*Tyler Brown (EnMi)Spire Inv02/13
MorganMtn Pacific Ind02/27
46.50-Cody Rush (Nb)Big 10 Ind02/27
46.51-Cyril Grayson (LSU)Wilson Inv02/20
46.61FeeneyMeyo Inv02/06
46.69***Oliver Alexandre (Nb)Big 10 Ind02/27
46.74***Zyaire Clemes (USC)Mtn Pacific Ind02/27
46.78William Shell (KCSm)Pittsburg02/13

61.63***Myles Marshall (Harv)IC4A Ind03/05
61.67Calvin Smith (adi)Stockholm02/17
61.72Erik Sowinski (Nik)Stockholm02/17

1:15.51Boris Berian (BBTC)New Balance GP02/14
1:16.67Erik Sowinski (Nik)Lincoln01/16
1:16.91**Daniel Kuhn (In)Indiana R01/29
1:17.17(A)*Michael Cherry (LSU)New Mexico Cl02/05
1:17.38**Sam Bransby (Nb)Sevigne Inv02/06
**5 performances by 5 performers**
1:17.50***Isaiah Harris (PennSt)University Park02/20
1:17.67(A)**Charles Jones (TxT)NM Team01/30
1:17.68(A)-Cyril Grayson (LSU)New Mexico Cl02/05
1:17.85Bershawn Jackson (Nik)New Balance GP02/14
1:17.97-Robert Rhodes (PennSt)University Park02/20
1:18.13-Levi Gipson (Nb)Sevigne Inv02/06
1:18.33**Andrew Neal (Nb)Lincoln01/16
1:18.59(A)*Andre Colebrook (SELa)Albuquerque01/22
1:18.61*Alejandro Sanchez (SDSt)Brookings02/19
1:18.64(A)***Vincent Crisp (TxT)New Mexico Cl02/05
1:18.79*Nate Roese (Mn)Minneapolis01/09
1:18.89*Mitch Hechsel (Mn)Minneapolis01/22
1:18.94(A)**Eugene Hamilton (Cal)NM Team01/30
1:18.95-Peter Archibald (LoyCh)Gladstein Inv01/23
1:18.97Je’von Hutchison (unat)Newport News12/05
*Derrell Manhertz (Tx)Sevigne Inv02/06
Foreign Collegians:
1:17.95(A)***Tre Hinds (WayB-Bar)New Mexico Cl02/05
1:18.80**Jordan Makins (PennSt-Aus)University Park02/20
1:19.00*Jacopo Lahbi (Al-Ita)Indiana R01/29
Oversized Track:
1:16.02**Daniel Kuhn (In)Big 10 Ind02/27
1:16.12*Jermaine Griffith (Rut)Big 10 Ind02/27
1:16.21*Mitch Hechsel (Mn)Big 10 Ind02/27
1:16.29*Nate Roese (Mn)Big 10 Ind02/27
1:17.33**Moujtaba Mohammed (Nb)Big 10 Ind02/26
1:17.34**Carter Lilly (Ia)Big 10 Ind02/26
1:17.47-Levi Gipson (Nb)Big 10 Ind02/26
1:17.55-Will Teubel (Ia)Meyo Inv02/05
1:17.58-Robert Rhodes (PennSt)Big 10 Ind02/26
1:18.03-John Hester (InT)Allendale01/30
1:18.27-Nathaniel Chapman (Mi)Notre Dame Inv01/23
1:18.29**Teague Peck (Louis)Notre Dame Inv01/23
1:18.37**Niki Franzmair (Or-Aut)UW Preview01/16
1:18.48**Brennan Munley (Mi)Notre Dame Inv01/23
1:18.55**Ricky Morgan (USC)UW Preview01/16
1:18.66**Adam Berhe (WayB)NAIA Ind03/05
1:18.78*CJ Allen (WaSt)UW Preview01/16
1:18.79*Rashawn Fountain (Mn)Big 10 Ind02/26
1:18.89*Devon Marrow (InT)Allendale01/30
1:18.96Matthew Swanson (unat)UW Preview01/16

1:45.83Boris Berian (NBal)World Ind03/19
1:45.93***Donavan Brazier (TxAM)TxAM Inv01/16
1:46.00BerianHouse of Track III01/29
1:46.08BrazierSEC Ind02/27
1:46.32-Hector Hernandez (TxAM)SEC Ind02/27
**5 performances by 3 performers**
1:46.68*Clayton Murphy (Akr)NCAA Ind03/12
1:46.98Robby Andrews (adi)Fastrack LC02/27
1:47.01-Brannon Kidder (PennSt)Penn St Nat01/30
1:47.11Erik Sowinski (Nik)Glasgow02/20
1:47.28*Drew Piazza (NH)Terrier Cl01/30
1:47.31***Isaiah Harris (PennSt)Sykes Sabock C02/06
1:47.36*Shaquille Walker (BYU)NCAA Ind03/11
1:47.37*Ryan Manahan (Ms)Penn St Nat01/30
1:47.38***Carlton Orange (Ar)Razorback Inv01/30
1:47.44**Joseph White (Gtn)Penn St Nat01/30
1:47.52Duane Solomon (Sauc)Millrose G02/20
1:47.69*Dylan Capwell (Monm)NCAA Ind03/11
1:47.72*Jake Burton (FlSt)ACC Ind02/27
1:47.74James Gilreath (TGreen)Arkansas Q02/19
1:47.75*Craig Engels (Ms)Penn St Nat01/30
1:47.83**Daniel Kuhn (In)Hoosier Hills02/12
1:47.89Casimir Loxsom (Brk)USATF Ind03/12
1:47.93-Ryan Thomas (Ar)SEC Ind02/26
1:47.98-Goaner Deng (Mn)NCAA Ind03/11
1:47.99Harun Abda (Nik)USATF Ind03/11
1:48.02Drew Windle (BrkB)USATF Ind03/12
1:48.04Andrew Wheating (OTC)HOT IV02/05
1:48.13*LaForrest Church (Mem)American Ind02/29
1:48.16Nick Guarino (unat)Fastrack LC02/27
1:48.30*Blair Henderson (LSU)SEC Ind02/26
1:48.36*Ethan Homan (BU)Terrier Cl01/30
1:48.47-Otniel Teixeira (FlSt)ACC Ind02/27
1:48.60-Andrew Pisechko (Ar)SEC Ind02/26
1:48.62*Paul Duffey (NEn)Terrier Cl01/30
1:48.70-Kisean Smith (Ga)SEC Ind02/26
1:48.77*Simon Holden (WF)ACC Ind02/27
1:48.78***Brian Bell (Hous)American Ind02/28
1:48.79**Charles Jones (TxT)Tyson Inv02/12
1:48.88Patrick Peterson (NBal)HOT IV02/05
1:48.97*Cain Winebrenner (Mo)SEC Ind02/26
1:49.01-Christian Harrison (Ga)SEC Ind02/26
1:49.14(A)Edwin Herring (unat)New Mexico Cl02/06
Foreign Collegians:
1:46.20*Andres Arroyo (Fl-PR)SEC Ind02/27
1:46.81*Eliud Rutto (MTn-Ken)NCAA Ind03/12
1:47.35***Robert Heppenstall (WF-Can)ACC Ind02/27
1:48.10**Neil Gourley (VaT-GB)ACC Ind02/27
1:48.85*Collins Kibet (Az-Ken)Armory Inv02/06
1:49.07*Jacopo Lahbi (Al-Ita)SEC Ind02/26
1:49.12***Alexander Seal (BU-Aus)Boston LC02/28
1:49.14***Jonah Koech (UTEP-Ken)Thomas Inv02/06
Oversized Track:
1:46.13MurphyIowa State Cl02/13
1:46.24HarrisBig 10 Ind02/27
1:46.97WalkerWashington Inv01/30
1:47.13DengBig 10 Ind02/27
1:47.74-Will Teubel (Ia)Wilson Inv02/20
1:47.85HendersonIowa State Cl02/13
1:47.88**Robert Ford (USC)Mtn Pacific Ind02/27
1:47.89-Izaic Yorks (Wa)Washington Inv01/30
1:48.04Kibet’Mtn Pacific Ind02/27
1:48.35K. SmithMcCravy01/23
1:48.38**Brennan Munley (Mi)Big 10 Ind02/27
1:48.41-Peter Archibald (LoyCh)Wilson Inv02/20
-Nick Hartle (UCLA)Mtn Pacific Ind02/27
1:48.47HerringHusky Cl02/13
1:48.51*Tre’Tez Kinnaird (OkSt)Big 12 Ind02/27
1:48.55**Eugene Hamilton (Cal)Mtn Pacific Ind02/27
1:48.57Travis Burkstrand (Brk)Seattle02/27
1:48.70Mark Wieczorek (unat)Washington Inv01/30
1:48.72-Ryan Schnulle (Fl)McCravy01/23
1:48.75*Luis Romero (AMC)NCAA II Ind03/12
1:48.90*Patrick Weaver (CoM)NCAA II Ind03/12
1:48.92-Tyler Scheving (Buf)Spire Inv02/13
1:48.96**Jordan Makins (PennSt-Aus)Big 10 Ind02/27
1:48.97***Pavlo Hutsalyuk (Ia)Wilson Inv02/20
1:49.09-Ethan Barnes (GVal)NCAA II Ind03/12
**Carter Lilly (Ia)Iowa State Cl02/13
1:49.10***Marcus Dickson (BYU)Mtn Pacific Ind02/27
1:49.11Stephan Bullard (TRE)Seattle02/27

2:18.26-Brannon Kidder (PennSt)University Park01/16
2:18.68Andrew Wheating (OTC)New Balance GP02/14
2:19.10Duane Solomon (Sauc)New Balance GP02/14
2:20.68Cristian Soratos (unat)New Balance GP02/14
2:21.56Patrick Peterson (NBal)New Balance GP02/14
**5 performances by 5 performers**
2:21.89Robby Creese (unat)University Park01/16
2:21.97*Drew Piazza (NH)Hemery Inv02/13
2:22.01Sam Penzenstadler (unat)Fairfax02/28
2:22.55Harun Abda (OTC)New Balance GP02/14
2:23.24*Joe Gioielli (CCt)Boston02/06
**Joseph White (Gtn)University Park01/16
2:23.27***Spencer Brown (Gtn)University Park01/16
2:23.58Thomas Scott (Brk)Penn St Nat01/30
2:23.83*Matti Groll (BU)Patriot Ind02/21
2:24.23**Trevor Guerrera (SacH)NEIC4A Ind02/27
2:24.26-John Westwood (Buck)IC4A Ind03/05
2:24.51*Jonathan Jackson (Rider)IC4A Ind03/05
2:24.53-Josh Sabo (EnMi)Penn St Nat01/30
2:24.82Coby Horowitz (unat)Gorham01/09
2:24.84-Stephen Schroeder (Navy)Patriot Ind02/21
Foreign Collegians:
2:23.60-Brandon McBride (MsSt-Can)Armory Inv02/05
Oversized Track:
2:22.74-Brian Crimmins (Buf)Spire Inv02/12
2:23.12*Christian DeLago (IaSt)Big 4 Duals01/23
2:23.26-Brandon Wheat (IaSt)Big 4 Duals01/23
2:23.75**Josh Thompson (OkSt)Big 12 Ind02/27
2:23.92-Peter Archibald (LoyCh)Allendale12/04
2:23.98-Chad Noelle (OkSt)Big 12 Ind02/27
2:24.68-Izaic Yorks (Wa)UW Preview01/16

3:35.91Matthew Centrowitz (NikOP)Millrose G02/20
3:37.67Cory Leslie (Nik)Millrose G02/20
3:38.09Robby Andrews (adi)Millrose G02/20
3:38.48Garrett Heath (Brk)Millrose G02/20
3:39.82Andrew Wheating (OTC)HOT II01/22
**5 performances by 5 performers**
3:40.09Blake Haney (Or)Millrose G02/20
3:40.40Cristian Soratos (adi)Millrose G02/20
3:40.77Trevor Dunbar (Nik)HOT II01/22
3:40.84Daniel Winn (BAA)Armory Inv02/06
3:41.08Will Geoghegan (Nik)HOT II01/22
3:41.36Robby Creese (unat)Penn St Nat01/30
3:41.51Johnny Gregorek (Asics)Millrose G02/20
3:41.53Thomas Awad (Penn)Millrose G02/20
3:41.93Drew Hunter (VaHS)Millrose G02/20
3:42.14Craig Forys (Asics)Armory Inv02/06
3:42.32Eric Jenkins (NikOP)HOT IV02/05
Sam Penzenstadler (unat)Armory Inv02/06
3:42.40Jake Hurysz (NJNY)Millrose G02/20
3:42.49Paul Chelimo (WCAP)HOT IV02/05
3:42.95Ben Blankenship (OTC)HOT IV02/05
Foreign Collegians:
3:41.80**Morgan McDonald (Wi-Aus)Armory Inv02/06

3:50.63Matthew Centrowitz (NikOP)Millrose G02/20
3:53.16Robby Andrews (adi)Millrose G02/20
3:53.87Cory Leslie (Nik)Millrose G02/20
3:54.02CentrowitzCamel City01/30
3:55.10Garrett Heath (Brk)Millrose G02/20
**5 performances by 4 performers**
3:56.05Cristian Soratos (adi)Millrose G02/20
3:56.36**Blake Haney (Or)Millrose G02/20
3:56.57Johnny Gregorek (Asics)Millrose G02/20
3:57.03Thomas Awad (Penn)Millrose G02/20
3:57.29Sam Penzenstadler (unat)Armory Inv02/06
3:57.36Daniel Winn (BAA)Armory Inv02/06
3:57.74Colby Alexander (NJNY)Fastrack LC02/27
3:57.81Drew Hunter (VaHS)Millrose G02/20
3:57.84-Ahmed Bile (Gtn)Boston02/06
3:57.88-Cole Williams (Gtn)Boston02/06
3:58.02Craig Forys (Asics)Armory Inv02/06
3:58.10Jake Hurysz (NJNY)Millrose G02/20
3:58.22*Amos Bartelsmeyer (Gtn)Boston02/06
3:58.24*James Gowans (Corn)Fastrack Inv02/12
3:58.42*Michael Lederhouse (Gtn)Boston02/06
3:58.43*Joel Hubbard (Syr)Hemery Inv02/13
3:58.74*Henry Wynne (Va)Terrier Cl01/30
3:58.85*James Randon (Yale)IC4A Ind03/05
3:58.98*Rob Napolitano (Col)Fastrack Inv02/12
3:59.55Coby Horowitz (PTI)Terrier Cl01/30
3:59.80Michael Atchoo (NJNY)Fastrack LC02/27
3:59.91Bryce Basting (unat)Boston LC02/28
4:00.00Kevin Greene (unat)Boston LC02/28
4:00.13*Sam Prakel (Or)Razorback Inv01/30
4:00.18Nick Ross (NED)Hemery Inv02/13
4:00.19*Robert Domanic (Ms)Penn St Nat01/30
-Austin O’Neil (UCLA)Seattle02/13
4:00.27-Joey Chapin (Dart)Hemery Inv02/13
4:00.43*Jacob Burcham (Ok)Razorback Inv01/30
4:00.51Macklin Chaffee (unat)Hemery Inv02/13
4:00.65-Brandon Hazouri (Samf)Hemery Inv02/13
4:00.69Joe Stilin (Zap)Terrier Cl01/30
4:00.72*Ben Malone (Vill)Fastrack Inv02/12
4:00.73Adam Godwin (TmGreen)Hemery Inv02/13
4:00.74Frezer Legesse (UArm)Fastrack LC02/27
4:00.77-Stephen Schroeder (Navy)Hemery Inv02/13
Foreign Collegians:
3:56.87***Justyn Knight (Syr-Can)Terrier Cl01/30
3:57.38*Edward Cheserek (Or-Ken)Razorback Inv01/30
3:57.83**Morgan McDonald (Wi-Aus)Armory Inv02/06
3:58.34-Julian Oakley (Prov-NZ)Millrose G02/20
3:58.48Robert Denault (Vill-Can)Millrose G02/20
3:58.55*Adam Palamar (Syr-Can)Terrier Cl01/30
3:59.58**Neil Gourley (VaT-GB)Hale VT El02/05
Oversized Track:
3:53.89-Izaic Yorks (Wa)Mtn Pacific Ind02/27
3:53.95**Sean McGorty (Stan)Mtn Pacific Ind02/27
3:57.11*Clayton Murphy (Akr)Akron Inv02/06
3:57.38-David Elliott (Boise)Husky Cl02/13
3:57.46BurchamHusky Cl02/13
3:57.95PrakelHusky Cl02/13
3:58.33**Joshua Thompson (OkSt)Husky Cl02/13
3:58.36Jeff See (Asics)Vanderbilt Inv01/30
3:58.59*Oliver Aitchison (Adams-GB)Husky Cl02/13
3:58.87-Anass Zouhry (CSN-Fra)Mtn Pacific Ind02/27
3:59.00*Zach Perrin (Co)Mtn Pacific Ind02/27
3:59.25*Matthew Fayers (OkSt-GB)Iowa State Cl02/13
3:59.69Travis Burkstrand (Brk)Husky Cl02/13
3:59.76**Connor Winter (Co)Husky Cl02/13
3:59.79***Garrett Corcoran (Cal)Mtn Pacific Ind02/27
3:59.84**Colby Gilbert (Wa)Washington Inv01/30
4:00.30*Matt Dorsey (AF)Husky Cl02/13
4:00.38*Ryan Manahan (Ms)Iowa State Cl02/13
Grant Pollock (unat)Iowa State Cl02/13
4:00.42*David Timlin (InSt)Meyo Inv02/06
4:00.50-Mason Ferlic (Mi)Meyo Inv02/06
4:00.59Blake Theroux (unat)Husky Cl02/13
4:00.68*Blake Nelson (Wa)Husky Cl02/13

7:38.60Ryan Hill (BowTC)USATF Ind03/11
7:38.82HillMillrose G02/20
7:38.85Hassan Mead (Nik)Millrose G02/20
7:39.00Paul Chelimo (USAr)USATF Ind03/11
7:39.43Eric Jenkins (NikOP)Millrose G02/20
**5 performances by 4 performers**
7:40.10Evan Jager (BowTC)Millrose G02/20
7:40.74Matthew Centrowitz (NikOP)HOT IV02/05
7:41.25Bernard Lagat (Nik)USATF Ind03/11
7:41.26Garrett Heath (Brk)USATF Ind03/11
7:42.33Andy Bayer (BowTC)Millrose G02/20
7:43.01Lopez Lomong (Nik)Millrose G02/20
7:43.33Trevor Dunbar (Nik)HOT IV02/05
7:44.96Ben Blankenship (Nik)Glasgow02/20
7:47.18Donn Cabral (Nik)Millrose G02/20
7:48.34Galen Rupp (NikOP)USATF Ind03/11
7:48.89-William Kincaid (Port)HOT II01/22
7:50.41Kyle Merber (NJNY)Fastrack LC02/27
7:51.77-Ahmed Bile (Gtn)Hemery Inv02/13
7:53.89*Henry Wynne (Va)Fastrack Inv02/12
7:54.24*Adam Visokay (Va)Fastrack Inv02/12
7:54.26-Luis Vargas (NCSt)Camel City01/30
7:54.39**Colin Bennie (Syr)Terrier Cl01/30
7:54.69-Reid Buchanan (Port)HOT II01/22
7:55.50Jake Hurysz (NJNY)Fastrack Inv02/12
7:55.73-Thomas Curtin (VaT)Hale VT El02/05
7:56.04*Willy Fink (EnMi)Camel City01/30
7:56.75Martin Hehir (unat)Terrier Cl01/30
7:56.98*Jason Crist (In)Hoosier Hills02/12
7:57.12-Joey Chapin (Dart)Terrier Cl01/30
7:57.28*Amos Bartelsmeyer (Gtn)Hemery Inv02/13
7:57.30-Jordan Mann (Prov)Hemery Inv02/13
7:58.46*Michael Lederhouse (Gtn)Hemery Inv02/13
7:58.58Reed Connor (NJNY)Fastrack Inv02/12
7:58.59*David Timlin (InSt)Hoosier Hills02/12
7:58.63-Ben Rainero (Corn)Fastrack Inv02/12
7:58.88Will Geoghegan (EAN)HOT IV02/05
7:59.33Drew Hunter (VaHS)Camel City01/30
7:59.51-Collin Leibold (Stan)Penn St Nat01/30
8:00.07*Brandon Price (Harv)Hemery Inv02/13
8:00.32Joe Stilin (Reeb)Armory Inv02/06
8:00.49Maverick Darling (Sauc)New Balance GP02/14
Foreign Collegians:
7:40.51*Edward Cheserek (Or-Ken)Millrose G02/20
7:48.55-Patrick Tiernan (Vill-Aus)Fastrack Inv02/12
7:59.00-Jordan Williamsz (Vill-Aus)Penn St Nat01/30
7:59.40-Robert Denault (Vill-Can)Penn St Nat01/30
Oversized Track:
7:46.72Jeff See (Asics)Music City Chall02/13
7:48.71***Justyn Knight (Syr-Can)Iowa State Cl02/12
7:48.79**Sean McGorty (Stan)Iowa State Cl02/12
7:50.06Grant Fisher (unat)Husky Cl02/13
7:50.20-Izaic Yorks (Wa)Husky Cl02/13
7:50.60-Patrick Corona (AF)Husky Cl02/13
7:50.96**Colby Gilbert (Wa)Husky Cl02/13
7:51.38*Jefferson Abbey (CoSt)Husky Cl02/13
7:51.51-Pierce Murphy (Co)Mtn Pacific Ind02/27
7:51.85-Connor Winter (Co)Mtn Pacific Ind02/27
7:52.09**Morgan McDonald (Wi-Aus)Iowa State Cl02/12
7:52.39Craig Forys (Asics)Music City Chall02/13
7:52.66BuchananMtn Pacific Ind02/27
7:53.15-David Elliott (Boise)Washington Inv01/30
7:53.16***Matthew Maton (Or)Mtn Pacific Ind02/27
7:53.76*Futsum Zienasellassie (NnAz)Iowa State Cl02/12
7:54.14-Vegard Oelstad (OkSt-Nor)Husky Cl02/13
7:54.28-Morgan Pearson (Co)Mtn Pacific Ind02/27
7:54.58*Robert Domanic (Ms)Iowa State Cl02/12
7:55.03-Mason Ferlic (Mi)Iowa State Cl02/12
7:55.51**Alex George (Ar-GB)Iowa State Cl02/12
7:55.53Dorian Ulrey (Brk)Husky Cl02/13
7:56.06-Chad Noelle (OkSt)Husky Cl02/13
7:56.09-Nathan Weitz (NnAz)Iowa State Cl02/12
7:57.16*Troy Fraley (Gonz)Husky Cl02/13
7:57.89Lex Williams (unat)Meyo Inv02/06
7:57.98***Andrew Rafla (Boise)Husky Cl02/13
7:58.32Nick Happe (SpF)Meyo Inv02/06
7:58.56-Chris Brewer (Or)Mtn Pacific Ind02/27
7:58.75**Sean Tobin (Ms-Ire)Iowa State Cl02/12
7:58.76Jake Edwards (Brk)Spire Inv02/13
7:58.85Duncan Phillips (ATXE)Husky Cl02/13
7:58.87Frezer Legesse (UArm)Iowa State Cl02/12
7:59.66*Brian Barraza (Hous)Husky Cl02/13
7:59.77***Joe Klecker (Co)Husky Cl02/13
7:59.83*CJ Albertson (AzSt)Mtn Pacific Ind02/27
7:59.95*Matthew Schwartzer (In)McCravy01/23
8:00.04*Jonathan Harper (BYU)Washington Inv01/30
8:00.05***John Dressel (Co)Husky Cl02/13
8:00.06-Ammar Moussa (Co)Mtn Pacific Ind02/27
8:00.48*Dylan Lafond (Il)McCravy01/23

13:44.34-William Kincaid (Port)Hoosier Open12/11
13:49.62-Reid Buchanan (Port)Hoosier Open12/11
13:49.82-David Elliott (Boise)Hoosier Open12/11
13:49.86-Luis Vargas (NCSt)Hoosier Open12/11
13:50.70-Thomas Curtin (VaT)NCAA Ind03/11
**5 performances by 5 performers**
13:52.22-Pierce Murphy (Co)NCAA Ind03/11
13:53.22-Morgan Pearson (Co)NCAA Ind03/11
13:53.29-Jordan Mann (Prov)BU Opener12/05
13:53.52-Ryan Walling (Ms)NCAA Ind03/11
13:53.64**Colin Bennie (Syr)NCAA Ind03/11
13:57.60*Zach Herriott (Va)Terrier Cl01/30
13:58.27**Jacob Thomson (Ky)SEC Ind02/27
14:00.27**Jake Leingang (Or)NCAA Ind03/11
14:00.47**Philo Germano (Syr)Terrier Cl01/30
14:00.67-Daniel Everett (IaSt)NCAA Ind03/11
14:00.74-Aaron Nelson (Wa)NCAA Ind03/11
14:01.30-Gabe Gonzalez (Ar)NCAA Ind03/11
14:01.43-Jimmy Clark (Fl)SEC Ind02/27
14:01.71Henry Sterling (NED)BU Opener12/05
14:02.10Nicholas Filippazzo (unat)Terrier Cl01/30
14:02.87-Austin Whitelaw (Tn)SEC Ind02/27
14:03.72***Chase Weaverling (Va)Terrier Cl01/30
14:04.56*Kevyn Hoyos (Syr)Terrier Cl01/30
14:07.09*Jerrell Mock (CoSt)NCAA Ind03/11
14:07.73Caleb Hoover (unat)Hoosier Open12/11
14:09.16*Erik Peterson (Butler)Big East Ind02/26
14:09.63**Brent Demarest (Va)ACC Ind02/26
Foreign Collegians:
13:44.89-Futsum Zienasellassie (NnAz-Eri)Hoosier Open12/11
13:47.89*Edward Cheserek (Or-Ken)NCAA Ind03/11
13:50.48***Gilbert Kirui (Iona-Ken)BU Opener12/05
13:53.34*Kieran Clements (Iona-GB)BU Opener12/05
13:55.73**Arséne Guillorel (Samf-Fra)Southern Ind02/27
14:01.36-Dusan Makevic (UTSA-Ser)Terrier Cl01/30
14:01.70***Justyn Knight (Syr-Can)ACC Ind02/26
14:03.53-Patrick Tiernan (Vill-Aus)Big East Ind02/26
14:04.86*Marc Scott (Tulsa-GB)NCAA Ind03/11
14:06.00*Edwin Kibichiy (Louis-Ken)ACC Ind02/26
14:09.57-Rorey Hunter (In-Aus)Hoosier Open12/11
Oversized Track:
13:35.86Cheserek’Husky Cl02/12
13:37.10CurtinIowa State Cl02/12
13:37.34Scott’Iowa State Cl02/12
13:38.81BennieIowa State Cl02/12
13:39.44WallingIowa State Cl02/12
13:40.12MurphyHusky Cl02/12
13:44.31***Sydney Gidabuday (Adams)Husky Cl02/12
13:44.90EverettIowa State Cl02/12
13:45.98GonzalesIowa State Cl02/12
13:46.22MockHusky Cl02/12
13:46.41LeingangHusky Cl02/12
13:46.72*Dylan Lafond (Il)Iowa State Cl02/12
13:47.00VargasHusky Cl02/12
13:47.39Kibichiy’Husky Cl02/12
13:48.18PearsonHusky Cl02/12
13:48.41NelsonHusky Cl02/12
13:49.72ThomsonIowa State Cl02/12
13:50.04-Collin Leibold (Stan)Iowa State Cl02/12
13:50.81-Mason Ferlic (Mi)Big 10 Ind02/27
13:51.06-Wes Gallagher (Ms)Iowa State Cl02/12
13:51.07Alex Monroe (BouTC)Husky Cl02/12
13:51.85**Ammar Moussa (Co)Husky Cl02/12
13:52.36**Jonathan Green (Gtn)Iowa State Cl02/12
13:52.74***Rory Linkletter (BYU)Mtn Pacific Ind02/26
13:53.34ClarkIowa State Cl02/12
13:53.77***John Dressel (Co)Mtn Pacific Ind02/26
13:53.92-Caleb Rhynard (MiSt)Iowa State Cl02/12
13:53.96-Hayden Hawks (SnUt)Husky Cl02/12
13:56.61*Jaime Perales (EnKy)Iowa State Cl02/12
13:56.66*Willy Fink (EnMi)Allendale12/04
13:57.20**Alfred Chelanga (Shorter-Ken)Husky Cl02/12
13:57.41-Jim Rosa (Stan-PR)Mtn Pacific Ind02/26
13:58.59*CJ Albertson (AzSt)Mtn Pacific Ind02/26
13:58.68PetersonHusky Cl02/12
13:58.94**Cory Glines (NnAz)Iowa State Cl02/12
13:59.25*John Whelan (WaSt)Husky Cl02/12
14:00.93**Steven Fahy (Stan)Iowa State Cl02/12
14:01.23**Morgan McDonald (Wi-Aus)Big 10 Ind02/27
14:02.91**Ben Flanagan (Mi-Can)Iowa State Cl02/12
14:03.45**Micah Beller (Mi)Iowa State Cl02/12
14:05.13***Nick Hauger (Port)Mtn Pacific Ind02/26
14:05.99-Matt McClintock (Pur)Iowa State Cl02/12
14:06.14*Matthew Schwartzer (In)Big 10 Ind02/27
14:06.17-Eddie Garcia (Fl-VI)Iowa State Cl02/12
14:06.82-Chris Enriquez (Port)Husky Cl02/12
14:07.13*MJ Erb (Ms)Iowa State Cl02/12
14:07.30-Craig Lautenslager (UTA-NZ)Iowa State Cl02/12
14:07.40*Kyle Eller (AF)Husky Cl02/12
14:07.59-Lane Werley (UCLA)Mtn Pacific Ind02/26
14:07.93*Bryce Bradley (GVal)NCAA II Ind03/11
14:08.20*Jason Crist (In)Big 10 Ind02/27
14:08.32***Obsa Ali (Mn)Big 10 Ind02/27
14:08.55**Cerake Geberkidane (OkSt)Big 12 Ind02/26
14:08.75**Aaron Baumgarten (Mi)Meyo Inv02/05
14:08.82-Johnnie Guy (SnIn)NCAA II Ind03/11
14:08.88-August Pappas (Mi)Iowa State Cl02/12
14:08.97*Benard Keter (TxT-Ken)Big 12 Ind02/26
14:09.14*Aaron Bartnik (Mn)Big 10 Ind02/27
14:09.26*Dominik Notz (Ak-Ger)NCAA II Ind03/11
14:09.27**Sam Wharton (Stan)Mtn Pacific Ind02/26
14:09.41*Mitchell Briggs (BYU)Mtn Pacific Ind02/26
14:09.59-James Dwyer (Clem)Husky Cl02/12

7.13(A)*Jordan Charles (Wy)Laramie02/19
7.14Jarret Eaton (unat)Columbia01/20
7.17Spencer Adams (unat)Columbia01/20

7.50Jarret Eaton (unat)World Ind03/20
7.52J. EatonUSATF Ind03/12
J. EatonWorld Ind03/20
7.53Ashton Eaton (OTC)Millrose G02/20
*Myles Hunter (Mank)NCAA II Ind03/12
**5 performances by 3 performers**
7.56**Devon Allen (Or)NCAA Ind03/12
7.57Jeff Porter (Nik)Jablonec03/05
7.58Spencer Adams (BasTC)USATF Ind03/12
(A)Aries Merritt (Nik)Flagstaff02/13
*Jordan Moore (LSU)NCAA Ind03/11
7.59Terrence Somerville (unat)Indiana R01/30
7.64*Freddie Crittenden (Syr)NCAA Ind03/12
7.65Aleec Harris (adi)Camel City01/30
7.67-William Barnes (Kent)Kent02/20
7.68Kevin Craddock (unat)Düsseldorf02/03
7.69-Dondre Echols (SC)Tyson Inv02/12
*Aaron Mallett (Ia)Big 10 Ind02/27
***Israel Nelson (OR)Pittsburg01/29
***Chad Zallow (Young)Akron02/19
7.70-Trey Holloway (Hamp)Newport News01/23
7.71-Oladapo Akinmoladun (Nb)Big 10 Ind02/27
***Marcus McWilliams (Hous)NCAA Ind03/12
7.72-Chris Williams (Wa)Mtn Pacific Ind02/26
7.73Jason Richardson (adi)Millrose G02/20
Kirkland Thornton (unat)Houston Inv01/30
7.74-Chris Caldwell (TxT)Big 12 Ind02/27
***Michael Dickson (NCAT)Armory Inv02/06
7.75Kemar Clarke (unat)Armory Inv02/06
-Cam Viney (Il)Big 10 Ind02/26
7.76Christian Cook (unat)Lincoln12/12
-Stallone Watson (Linc)NCAA II Ind03/12
-Vincent Wyatt (WnKy)Music City Chall02/13
7.77**Isaiah Moore (SC)SEC Ind02/26
7.78Ronald Brookins (unat)USATF Ind03/11
**Antoine Lloyd (Nb)Lincoln01/23
Omo Osaghae (adi)Birmingham01/31
Donald Pollitt (unat)Penn St Nat01/30
(A)**Jamiel Trimble (AF)MWC Ind02/27
-Isaac Williams (Hous)American Ind02/28
7.79-Bryce Grace (Bay)McCravy01/23
7.80**Ashtyn Davis (Cal)Mtn Pacific Ind02/27
David Payne (unat)Columbus02/19
Fredrick Townsend (unat)Clemson01/09
Foreign Collegians:
7.69*Javier Lopez (AMK-Mex)NCAA II Ind03/12
7.71*Yanick Hart (Fl-Jam)SEC Ind02/27
7.77-Teivaskie Lewin (SD-Jam)Minneapolis01/30
**Ruebin Walters (CAz-Tri)JUCO Ind03/05

4 x 200
1:25.20Mississippi StateArmory Inv02/06
1:26.33USA All-StarArmory Inv02/06
1:26.68South CarolinaArmory Inv02/06
1:27.43DukeArmory Inv02/06
1:27.48PittPenn State R01/09
1:27.61HamptonArmory Inv02/06

4 x 400
3:02.45United StatesWorld Ind03/20
3:04.02FloridaSEC Ind02/27
3:04.28LSUNCAA Ind03/12
3:04.41TexasTyson Inv02/13
3:04.46LSURazorback Inv01/30
**5 performances by 4 teams**
3:04.98Texas TechTyson Inv02/13
3:05.23BaylorNCAA Ind03/12
3:05.35ArkansasTyson Inv02/13
3:06.29TennesseeNCAA Ind03/12
3:06.30Mississippi StateNCAA Ind03/12
3:06.73Texas A&MTyson Inv02/13
3:06.96NebraskaTyson Inv02/13
3:07.00PurdueNCAA Ind03/12
3:07.11Track StationReveille Inv12/12
3:07.47GeorgiaSEC Ind02/27
3:08.06ClemsonThomas Inv02/06
3:08.89(A)Utah StateNM Team01/30
3:08.97Southeastern LouisianaSLC Ind02/16
3:09.00Stephen F. AustinSLC Ind02/16
3:09.01Penn StateUniversity Park01/16
3:09.05Ohio StateNCAA Ind03/12
3:09.11St. Joseph’sIC4A Ind03/05
3:09.13RutgersIC4A Ind03/05
3:09.43TCUThomas Inv02/06
3:09.77AlabamaSEC Ind02/27
3:09.92AlbanyIC4A Ind03/05
3:10.09HamptonTerrier Cl01/30
3:10.13(A)USCNew Mexico Cl02/06
3:10.24AuburnSEC Ind02/27
3:10.25South CarolinaSEC Ind02/27
3:10.34Blue Ridge All StarsHale VT El02/06
3:10.54LIU BrooklynHemery Inv02/13
3:10.82IowaRazorback Inv01/30
3:10.83KansasTyson Inv02/13
3:10.84(A)BYUNew Mexico Cl02/06
3:10.95BrownHemery Inv02/13
3:10.96YaleIC4A Ind03/05
Oversized Track:
3:04.16BaylorBig 12 Ind02/27
3:06.38Ohio StateBig 10 Ind02/27
3:06.47NebraskaBig 10 Ind02/27
3:06.59PurdueBig 10 Ind02/27
3:07.24IowaBig 10 Ind02/27
3:07.32USCMtn Pacific Ind02/27
3:07.58AkronMAC Ind02/27
3:07.68BYUMtn Pacific Ind02/27
3:08.69MinnesotaBig 10 Ind02/27
3:08.74KansasBig 12 Ind02/27
3:09.22Western KentuckyMusic City Chall02/13
3:09.41Indiana TechNAIA Ind03/05
3:09.45OregonMtn Pacific Ind02/27
3:09.57Eastern MichiganMAC Ind02/27
3:09.62Central MichiganMAC Ind02/27
3:09.65MichiganBig 10 Ind02/27
3:10.13IndianaBig 10 Ind02/27
3:10.44LincolnNCAA II Ind03/12
3:10.59TiffinNCAA II Ind03/12
3:10.74LewisNCAA II Ind03/12
3:10.77IndianapolisNCAA II Ind03/12
PittsburghSpire Inv02/13

4 x 800
7:25.28Penn StatePenn State R01/09
7:26.74Wake ForestHale VT El02/06
7:28.04VillanovaBig East Ind02/27
7:28.96GeorgetownBig East Ind02/27
7:29.33Iowa StatePenn State R01/09
**5 performances by 5 teams**
7:29.82Coppin StateIC4A Ind03/05
7:29.83St. Joseph’sIC4A Ind03/05
7:30.50LibertyIC4A Ind03/05
7:30.53La SalleIC4A Ind03/05
7:30.89AdelphiIC4A Ind03/05
Oversized Track:

9:27.20Penn StatePenn St Nat01/29
9:27.27OregonNCAA Ind03/11
StanfordPenn St Nat01/29
9:28.00WashingtonNCAA Ind03/11
9:28.91GeorgetownBig East Ind02/26
**5 performances by 5 teams**
9:29.17VillanovaBig East Ind02/26
9:30.48MississippiPenn St Nat01/29
9:34.21Oklahoma StateNCAA Ind03/11
9:34.39UCLANCAA Ind03/11
9:35.62Texas A&MRazorback Inv01/29
9:36.74SyracuseACC Ind02/25
9:36.77ArkansasRazorback Inv01/29
9:37.28OklahomaRazorback Inv01/29
9:37.45MichiganNCAA Ind03/11
9:38.28AlabamaSEC Ind02/27
9:38.40Virginia TechWinston-Salem02/20
9:38.81PennFastrack Inv02/12
9:39.01NC StateWinston-Salem02/20
9:39.22Wake ForestWinston-Salem02/20
9:41.29MissouriSEC Ind02/27
9:41.68Georgia TechACC Ind02/25
9:42.42AkronPenn St Nat01/29
9:42.56LSURazorback Inv01/29
9:43.55GeorgiaSEC Ind02/27
9:43.74ColumbiaPenn St Nat01/29
9:45.56Florida StateACC Ind02/25
9:47.12TexasConf Clash01/22
9:47.22American InternationalNEIC4A Ind02/27
9:47.99(A)Utah StateMWC Ind02/25
Oversized Track:
9:26.60Oklahoma StateWilson Inv02/20
9:27.19WashingtonWilson Inv02/20
9:27.67MichiganWilson Inv02/20
9:27.70OklahomaWilson Inv02/20
9:29.61UCLAWilson Inv02/20
9:31.20Notre DameWilson Inv02/20
9:32.19Air ForceWilson Inv02/20
9:32.22CalMtn Pacific Ind02/26
9:32.55IndianaWilson Inv02/20
9:32.99Iowa StateWilson Inv02/20
9:33.46Middle Tennessee StateWilson Inv02/20
9:33.76BYUMtn Pacific Ind02/26
9:34.38Georgia TechWilson Inv02/20
9:35.90LSUWilson Inv02/20
9:39.19Northern ArizonaWilson Inv02/20
9:42.34TexasBig 12 Ind02/26
9:44.50Daniel Boone TCJohnson City01/16
9:45.91IllinoisBig 10 Ind02/27
9:46.12Michigan StateBig 10 Ind02/27
9:46.55NebraskaBig 10 Ind02/27
9:47.56Science Hill TCJohnson City01/16
9:47.77BuffaloMAC Ind02/26

2.337-7¾Erik Kynard (Jordan)World Ind03/19
2.307-6½KynardMillrose G02/20
2.297-6-Bradley Adkins (TxT)Tyson Inv02/13
-Jeron Robinson (AMK)Lone Star Ind02/21
KynardUSATF Ind03/11
Kynard !World Ind03/19
**6 performances by 3 performers**
2.277-5¼Deante Kemper (unat)Flagstaff02/19
2.267-5**Randall Cunningham (USC)Conf Clash01/22
Bryan McBride (unat)USATF Ind03/11
2.257-4½-Avion Jones (ECar)Chapel Hill01/15
*Kyle Landon (SnIl)MVC Ind02/28
2.237-3¾**Trey Culver (TxT)NCAA Ind03/11
2.217-3Daryl Sullivan (IlHS)Carbondale03/06
2.207-2½***Robert Atwater (SagV)GLIAC Ind02/28
*Zachary Blackham (BYU)Mtn Pacific Ind02/27
JaCorian Duffield (Nik)Millrose G02/20
**Eric Moore (CAr)SLC Ind02/16
Riley Northrup (unat)Ada03/05
Ricky Robertson (unat)Millrose G02/20
-Roland Sales (UTA)Thomas Inv02/06
*Taylor Smith (AF)MWC Ind02/26
Jesse Williams (OTC)Banska Bystrica02/04
Jaron Brooks (KyHS)Huntington02/27
2.197-2¼Tanner Anderson (unat)VT Chall02/20
**Landon Bartel (Nb)Big 10 Ind02/27
Geoff Davis (unat)Indianapolis12/05
*Ken LeGassey (Ar)Tyson Inv02/13
**Ryan Lockard (Mn)Big 10 Ind02/27
-Brett Pozolinski (WiM)Platteville02/13
*Damar Robinson (Louis)ACC Ind02/26
**Jonathan Wells (Il)Sevigne Inv02/06
James White (unat)Sevigne Inv02/06
2.187-1¾*Miles Bearden (KsSt)Manhattan12/12
Darius Carbin (CaHS)NBIN03/12
-Justin Fondren (Al)Indiana R01/30
Justin Frick (Shore)New York01/30
Anthony May (unat)Birmingham01/16
Trey McRae (unat)VaT Inv01/16
David Smith (unat)Kirby Open02/12
Hoova Taylor (unat)USATF Ind03/11
2.177-1½**Tyler Adams (SHous)SLC Ind02/16
**Ty Anderson (UTSA)CUSA Ind02/24
**NaTron Gipson (KsSt)Kansas Tri01/15
***Chisom Ifedi (PennSt)Penn State R01/09
-Eddie Wilcox (NTx)CUSA Ind02/24
Foreign Collegians:
2.257-4½**Christoffe Bryan (KsSt-Jam)Tyson Inv02/13

5.9019-4¼Sam Kendricks (Nik)USATF Ind03/11
5.8019-¼Kendricks !USATF Ind03/11
KendricksWorld Ind03/17
5.77i(A)18-11Mike Arnold (unat)Flagstaff02/13
KendricksNew Balance GP02/14
**6 performances by 2 performers**
5.7218-9¼-Jake Blankenship (Tn)Hale VT El02/06
5.6718-7¼Jason Colwick (unat)UH Ryan Inv02/12
5.6518-6½Adam Bragg (unat)Fastrack Inv02/12
(A)Cale Simmons (unat)AFA Inv01/23
5.6218-5¼Drew Volz (unat)VT Chall02/20
5.6018-4½Scott Houston (unat)Akron01/09
5.56(A)18-2¾-Dylan Bell (AF)Air Force Academy02/05
5.5518-2½Mark Hollis (Nik)Vanderbilt Inv01/29
(A)Sam Pierson (ATB)AFA Inv01/23
(A)John Prader (unat)Flagstaff02/19
(A)Victor Weirich (unat)PV Summit01/15
5.5218-1¼Jeff Coover (unat)Northfield02/26
**Luke Winder (NCC)NCAA III Ind03/11
5.5118-1**Audie Wyatt (TxAM)SEC Ind02/26
5.5018-½Darren Niedermeyer (Bell)USATF Ind03/11
Zach Siegmeier (TCTC)USATF Ind03/11
Joey Uhle (USAF)USATF Ind03/11
5.4717-11¼Chase Brannon (TMack)VT Chall02/20
Logan Cunningham (unat)LSU Twi02/19
**Devin King (SELa)SLC Ind02/16
(A)Nick Mossberg (Altis)Flagstaff02/13
5.4617-11*Nate Richartz (NDm)ACC Ind02/27
***Deakin Volz (VaT)VaT Inv01/16
***Jacob Wooten (TxAM)Thomas Inv02/06
5.4517-10½***Sean Collins (SAl)NCAA Ind03/11
Peter Geraghty (unat)Akron01/09
(A)Andrew Irwin (unat)PV Summit01/15
5.4317-9¾Max Babits (unat)Allendale02/19
-Casey Bowen (Ks)Sevigne Inv02/06
-Reese Watson (Tx)Husky Cl02/12
-Chase Wolfle (TxAM)SEC Ind02/26
5.4217-9¼Austin Crenshaw (TMack)VT Chall02/20
*Justin Estala (OR)Arkansas Q02/19
*Derek O’Connell (WM)Fairfax02/28
-Kyle Thompson (TxT)Arkansas Q02/19
Kyle Wait (unat)Jayhawk Cl01/29
Sean Young (unat)Akron Inv02/06
5.4117-9Mitch Greeley (unat)Bad Oeynhausen03/05
Nick Meyer (unat)Tyson Inv02/12
(A)*Kyle Pater (AF)MWC Ind02/27
Foreign Collegians:
5.6218-5¼**Torben Laidig (VaT-Ger)Hale VT El02/06
5.5318-1¾-Pau Tonnesen (Az-Spa)Mtn Pacific Ind02/26
5.5018-½-Jax Thoirs (Wa-GB)NCAA Ind03/11
5.4317-9¾**Adrian Valles (Cinc-Spa)American Ind02/28
5.4117-9-Jordan Yamoah (AMK-Gha)NCAA II Ind03/12

8.4127-7¼Marquis Dendy (Nik)USATF Ind03/11
8.3827-6DendyTyson Inv02/12
8.3527-4¾Dendy !Tyson Inv02/12
8.2627-1¼DendyWorld Ind03/20
8.1926-10½Jeff Henderson (adi)World Ind03/20
Dendy !Tyson Inv02/12
**6 performances by 2 performers**
8.1726-9¾-Jonathan Addison (NCSt)Hale VT El02/05
-Jarrion Lawson (Ar)Razorback Inv01/29
8.08i26-6¼Ashton Eaton (Nik)World Ind03/18
8.0526-5Marquise Goodwin (Nik)USATF Ind03/11
7.9826-2¼-Bilal Abdullah (KennSt)Birmingham01/16
7.9326-¼**KeAndre Bates (Fl)Razorback Inv01/29
Rayvon Grey (NYHS)NBIN03/12
7.9226-0*Steven Barze (SELa)Baton Rouge01/08
7.9125-11½-Lutalo Boyce (AMK)Music City Chall02/13
Grant Holloway (VaHS)VaTech HS01/30
7.9025-11**Damarcus Simpson (Chadr)NCAA II Ind03/11
7.8925-10¾*Julian Harvey (SnIlE)OVC Ind02/27
7.8725-10-Jarvis Gotch (LaT)Vanderbilt Inv01/29
7.8625-9½***Jared Belardo (Wich)MVC Ind02/28
7.8525-9¼*Eric Sloan (USC)Conf Clash01/23
**Will Williams (TxAM)TxAM Quad01/23
7.8225-8***Louis Rollins (PittSt)NCAA II Ind03/11
7.8025-7¼*Kenneth Fisher (BCook)MEAC Ind02/11
7.7925-6¾-Corey Crawford (Rut)Staten Island01/22
(A)Norris Frederick (Asics)Kirby Open02/12
7.7525-5¼Lavon Allen (Shore)USATF Ind03/11
(A)Kendall Spencer (unat)Kirby Open02/12
7.74(A)25-4¾Carlton Lavong (adiGS)Colorado Springs01/08
7.7325-4½*Marcus Flannigan (GCan)WAC Ind02/27
(A)**Travonn White (Or)Kirby Open02/12
7.7125-3½*Aaron George (TxSt)TxAM Inv01/16
Ja’Mari Ward (IlHS)Bloomington03/26
7.6925-2¾Chris Benard (CVE)Millrose G02/20
***Steffin McCarter (Tx)Tyson Inv02/12
7.6825-2½*Cameron Echols-Luper (ArSt)Kentucky Inv01/16
-Emmanuel Williams (NWnLa)Joplin01/23
7.6725-2***Jamie Brown (WnCar)Johnson City01/08
(A)**Nate Moore (Or)Kirby Open02/12
7.6625-1¾**Adoree Jackson (USC)Mtn Pacific Ind02/26
7.6525-1¼Cameron Hudson (unat)Samford Open02/13
-Felix Obi (Bay)Thomas Inv02/06
*Ventavius Sears (WnKy)Vanderbilt Inv01/29
-Zach Ziemek (Wi)Big 10 Ind02/26
Curtis Beach (Nik)World Ind03/18
Foreign Collegians:
7.9726-1¾*Sedeekie Edie (Linc-Jam)NCAA II Ind03/11
7.8725-10*Andreas Trajkovski (Ar-Den)SEC Ind02/26
7.8225-8-Stefan Brits (FlSt-SA)ACC Ind02/26
*Roelf Pienaar (ArSt-SA)Jonesboro12/06
7.7525-5¼-Ifeanyichukwu Otuonye (KsSt-TC)Tyson Inv02/12
7.71(A)25-3½-Allan Hamilton (NM-GB)MWC Ind02/26

17.0655-11¾Chris Carter (unat)USATF Ind03/12
17.0355-10½*Eric Sloan (USC)Tyson Inv02/13
16.9655-7¾Omar Craddock (adi)USATF Ind03/12
16.9555-7½Craddock !USATF Ind03/12
16.9355-6½Chris Benard (unat)USATF Ind03/12
Carter !USATF Ind03/12
**7 performances by 4 performers**
16.8055-1½Donald Scott (unat)Meyo Inv02/06
16.7554-11½Troy Doris (unat)New York03/04
16.6854-8¾*Jeremiah Green (Al)Tyson Inv02/13
16.6654-8-Matthew Oneal (SFl)Roxbury01/22
16.42(A)53-10½-Shawn Johnson (Aub)Kirby Open02/13
16.3853-9Ron Woodley (adiGS)Boston LC02/28
16.3653-8¼-Felix Obi (Bay)McCravy01/23
16.3153-6¼**Nate Moore (Or)NCAA Ind03/12
16.2853-5Alphonso Jordan (unat)Pollock Inv01/30
16.24(A)53-3½Joshua Honeycutt (unat)Kirby Open02/13
Brandon Roulhac (Shore)Birmingham01/16
16.2153-2¼Brian Leap (unat)Penn St Nat01/30
16.1853-1-Donovan Tolbert (Kent)Kent01/22
16.1653-¼*Anaquan Peterson (Pur)Wilson Inv02/20
16.15(A)53-0*Tim White (AzSt)Kirby Open02/13
16.0952-9½Rex Parker (unat)Meyo Inv02/06
**DeVontae Steele (AMC)NCAA II Ind03/12
*Michael Tiller (BCook)USATF Ind03/12
16.0852-9¼-Darian Brooks (Stan)UW Preview01/16
16.07(A)52-8¾*Hayden McClain (Ok)Kirby Open02/13
*Ventavius Sears (WnKy)Vanderbilt Inv01/30
16.0652-8¼*David Oluwadara (BU)Hemery Inv02/13
16.0352-7¼Preston Woodard (unat)Houston01/15
16.0052-6-Shai Carpenter (Clem)Pollock Inv01/30
15.9852-5¼*Michael Ohiembor (Akr)Kent01/22
15.9652-4½Luke James (unat)Vanderbilt Inv01/30
15.9552-4**Alvin Chikaeze (TxSt)UH Ryan Inv02/12
15.94(A)52-3¾David Wilson (unat)Kirby Open02/13
15.8952-1¾*Jeffrey Prothro (TxAM)SEC Ind02/27
15.8752-¾-Michael Lee (SnCt)NCAA II Ind03/12
15.8552-0*Eric England (EnOr)NAIA Ind03/05
15.8451-11¾***Jared Belardo (Wich)Kansas Tri01/15
15.8351-11¼-Anthony Campbell (Char)Winston-Salem12/05
15.8151-10½**Scotty Newton (TCU)Tyson Inv02/13
15.80(A)51-10-Josh Dixon (AzSt)Kirby Open02/13
15.7951-9¾**KeAndre Bates (Fl)Tyson Inv02/13
-Aaron Williams (NWnLa)LSU Twi02/19
Foreign Collegians:
16.6454-7¼*Clive Pullen (Ar-Jam)NCAA Ind03/12
16.4453-11¼-Latario Collie (TxAM-Bah)NCAA Ind03/12
16.3853-9*Ben Williams (Louis-GB)ACC Ind02/27
16.0852-9¼*Vincent Okot (MTn-Uga)Nashville12/05
15.9752-4¾***Alexandru Mitirica (IaSt-Rom)Razorback Inv01/30
15.9652-4½**Michael Bruce (Find-Gha)NCAA II Ind03/12
15.9552-4-Lathone Collie (TxAM-Bah)SEC Ind02/27
15.9452-3¾**Roelf Pienaar (ArSt-SA)Jonesboro12/06
15.9252-2¾*Efe Uwaifo (Harv-GB)Heps Ind02/28
15.8351-11¼***Odaine Lewis (IaCCC-Jam)Storm Lake02/20

21.7371-3½-Ryan Crouser (Tx)Big 12 Ind02/27
21.5770-9¼Kurt Roberts (Nik)New Balance GP02/14
21.3069-10¾Roberts !New Balance GP02/14
21.2969-10¼Crouser !Big 12 Ind02/27
21.2869-9¾CrouserHusky Cl02/13
CrouserNCAA Ind03/12
**6 performances by 2 performers**
21.0268-11¾Reese Hoffa (Nik)New Balance GP02/14
20.8268-3¾Jon Jones (unat)Penn St Nat01/30
20.1966-3-JC Murasky (OhSt)Big 10 Ind02/26
20.0765-10¼Jacob Thormaehlen (unat)Houston01/15
19.9665-6Rob Golabek (unat)Boone02/19
19.9565-5½-Chuk Enekwechi (Pur)NCAA Ind03/12
19.9365-4¾Curt Jensen (unat)Champaign01/09
19.8765-2¼Nick Vena (unat)Princeton12/11
19.8165-0Paul Davis (unat)Jayhawk Cl01/29
19.6764-6½-Josh Freeman (SnIl)Kentucky Inv01/16
19.6464-5¼Jordan Clarke (HSI)Flagstaff02/19
19.5564-1¾-Garrett Appier (PittSt)Pittsburg12/05
19.4863-11Matt DeChant (unat)USATF Ind03/12
-Luke Johnson (Mn)Iowa State Cl02/13
19.4563-9¾**Braheme Days (UCLA)Mtn Pacific Ind02/27
19.4363-9**Nicholas Ponzio (USC)UW Preview01/16
19.3763-6¾Richard Garrett (CVE)House of Track III01/29
19.3463-5½Colton Feltes (unat)USATF Ind03/12
19.2963-3½Nick Baatz (unat)Allendale12/04
19.2063-0*Coy Blair (Tif)Kent02/20
Luke Pinkelman (unat)Sevigne Inv02/06
19.0862-7¼Hayden Baillio (unat)Houston Inv01/30
19.0562-6David Pless (Ironwd)USATF Ind03/12
19.0462-5¾***Dotun Ogundeji (UCLA)Husky Cl02/13
19.0362-5¼**Devon Patterson (Buf)Spire Inv02/13
Roger Steen (unat)Minneapolis02/19
18.9862-3¼**Josh Awotunde (SC)SEC Ind02/26
18.9462-1¾**Grant Cartwright (Mi)Spire Inv02/13
18.9262-1Richard Chavez (unat)Jonesboro12/06
18.9062-¼Bobby Grace (Shore)Findlay02/12
Mitchell Pope (unat)Boone12/05
18.8261-9***Oghenakpobo Efekoro (Va)Hale VT El02/06
18.8061-8¼**Nick Demaline (WnKy)Meyo Inv02/06
18.7961-7¾Jon Kalnas (unat)West Long Branch02/13
18.7861-7½*Alex Renner (NDSt)Summit Ind02/27
18.7761-7-Chase Sammons (Ok)Razorback Inv01/30
18.7261-5Justin Baker (unat)Cedar Falls01/16
*Isaiah Simmons (Mia)ACC Ind02/27
Foreign Collegians:
20.8768-5¾**Filip Mihaljevic (Va-Cro)World Ind03/18
20.3666-9¾-Nicholas Scarvelis (UCLA-Gre)Flagstaff01/16
20.0665-9¾*Ashinia Miller (Ga-Jam)SEC Ind02/26
19.7964-11¼**Mostafa Hassan (CoSt-Egy)NCAA Ind03/12
19.2963-3½***Denzel Comenentia (Ga-Hol)NCAA Ind03/12
19.2863-3¼-Jan Jeuschede (IaSt-Ger)Big 12 Ind02/27
19.2563-2**Nicolai Ceban (Ks-Mol)Tyson Inv02/13
19.0962-7¾**Péter Simon (Cal-Hun)Mtn Pacific Ind02/27
18.8761-11*Gian Ragonesi (Mia-Ita)ACC Ind02/27

23.9678-7½Colin Dunbar (unat)USATF Ind03/11
23.8978-4½-Chuk Enekwechi (Pur)West Lafayette02/13
23.8078-1-Alexander Young (SELa)NCAA Ind03/11
23.7978-¾EnekwechiWest Lafayette01/09
23.7677-11½EnekwechiBig 10 Ind02/27
**5 performances by 3 performers**
23.6977-8¾Michael Lihrman (unat)Madison02/19
23.6577-7¼A.G. Kruger (Nik)Iowa State Cl02/12
23.5477-2¾-Cameron Brown (Tn)NCAA Ind03/11
23.0575-7½Sean Donnelly (unat)USATF Ind03/11
22.8274-10½*Rudy Winkler (Corn)Sykes Sabock C02/05
22.5974-1½Tom Postema (unat)Findlay02/12
22.5573-11¾-Greg Skipper (Or)NCAA Ind03/11
22.4273-6¾-Darien Thornton (GVal)Allendale01/30
22.0672-4½-Bradley Sauer (SnIl)Vanderbilt Inv01/29
21.8871-9½Joe Frye (MCM)USATF Ind03/11
21.8571-8¼-Brian Waterfield (WM)VT Chall02/20
21.8471-8*Jordan Crayon (Ash)Findlay02/12
-Anthony Jones (EnMi)Findlay02/12
Paul Wagner (Shore)Tufts LC03/04
21.8071-6¼Robert Klenk (unat)USATF Ind03/11
21.7871-5½-Conner Neu (Young)Akron02/19
21.7271-3¼-AJ Hicks (NC)Hale VT El02/05
21.6370-11¾**Vinny Gjokaj (MiSt)Notre Dame Inv01/23
21.5770-9¼Kibwe Johnson (NYAC)Millrose G02/20
21.5070-6½Jeff Milliron (Shore)Princeton12/11
21.4870-5¾*Johnnie Jackson (LSU)LSU Twi02/19
21.4570-4½-Connor Kostrzewa (MiSt)Big 10 Ind02/27
21.3369-11¾Andy Fryman (Mjo)Camel City01/29
21.3269-11½*Carlos Mangum (Mia)ACC Ind02/25
21.3169-11**Josh Davis (NCSt)ACC Ind02/25
21.2669-9*Cody Boellstorff (ConcNb)NAIA Ind03/05
21.2069-6¾-Cole Walderzak (CMi)Meyo Inv02/05
21.1269-3½**Riley Norman (MiSt)Notre Dame Inv01/23
21.1069-2¾Kevin Farley (unat)Gladstein Inv01/23
21.0569-¾***Adam Kelly (Prin)Heps Ind02/28
21.0168-11¼*Aaron Zedella (OhSt)Findlay01/30
21.0068-10¾*Michael Shanahan (NH)NEIC4A Ind02/27
20.9968-10½Justin Barber (unat)Minneapolis01/30
20.9568-8¾-Jonathan Kinchen (SELa)Albuquerque01/22
20.9368-8-Oluwatosin Edwards (Ct)Sykes Sabock C02/05
20.9068-7**Riley Budde (Wi)Big 10 Ind02/27
20.8668-5¼Peter Delzer (unat)Oshkosh02/20
Foreign Collegians:
21.9271-11-Andrew Wells (Pitt-Can)ACC Ind02/25
21.6270-11¼*Gian Ferretti (Mn-Ita)Big 10 Ind02/27
21.6070-10½-Caniggia Raynor (CMo-Jam)Warrensburg02/06
21.2269-7½***Joseph Ellis (Mi-GB)Big 10 Ind02/27
21.2069-6¾-Tomas Kruzliak (VaT-Svk)ACC Ind02/25
20.9368-8*Alex Poursanidis (Ga-Cyp)SEC Ind02/27

3706-Daniel Martin (TxAM)Reveille Inv12/12

6470Ashton Eaton (OTC)World Ind03/19
6173-Zach Ziemek (Wi)NCAA Ind03/12
6118Curtis Beach (Nik)World Ind03/19
6075BeachUSATF Ch02/27
6020-Garrett Scantling (Ga)Razorback Inv01/30
**5 performances by 4 performers**
5964(A)Japheth Cato (AzTFA)New Mexico Cl02/06
5937**Harrison Williams (Stan)NCAA Ind03/12
5900-Bilal Abdullah (KennSt)NCAA Ind03/12
5810*Steven Bastien (Mi)NCAA Ind03/12
5783**Steele Wasik (UCLA)Mtn Pacific Ind02/27
5762-Dylan Anderson (In)NCAA Ind03/12
5713*Mitch Modin (Or)Mtn Pacific Ind02/27
5712Miller Moss (unat)USATF Ch02/27
5681-Alex McCune (Akr)Akron Inv02/06
5671**Thomas Cheval (Ok)Razorback Inv01/30
5660-Kale Wolken (Doane)Crete12/12
5657*Devon Williams (Ga)Hale VT El02/05
5654*Austin Jamerson (Corn)Penn St Nat01/30
5651*Brad Culp (Ar)SEC Ind02/27
5640**Kevin Nielsen (BYU)Mtn Pacific Ind02/27
5621(A)**Hunter Price (CoSt)MWC Ind02/26
5619-Taylor Sanderson (IaSt)Razorback Inv01/30
5615-Jayce Thomas (MoSo)MIAA Ind02/28
5608-Solomon Simmons (EnMi)MAC Ind02/27
5575(A)Justin Green (unat)Golden12/12
5571Mike Morrison (TMPVA)USATF Ch02/27
5559**Tanner McNutt (PittSt)MIAA Ind02/28
5536-Quentin Cieslinski (Akr)Akron Inv02/06
5531-Mike DiMambro (RI)NEIC4A Ind02/27
5518Austin Bahner (Shock)USATF Ch02/27
5515**Cody Walton (Nb)Sevigne Inv02/06
5508*Ibn Short (Ky)SEC Ind02/27
5495Dillon Schrodt (unat)USATF Ch02/27
5477*Robert Rohner (Duke)ACC Ind02/26
5475***Trent Nytes (Wi)Big 10 Ind02/27
5471-Stephen Keller (In)Gladstein Inv01/23
5457**Cole Jensen (Wa)Washington Inv01/30
5446***Nathan Hite (TxAM)SEC Ind02/27
5442**Jonathan Wells (Il)McCravy01/23
5425Thomas Hopkins (SBTC)USATF Ch02/27
5415**Josh Gordon (Wa)Mtn Pacific Ind02/27
Foreign Collegians:
6027-Pau Tonnesen (Az-Spa)NCAA Ind03/12
5919**Luca Wieland (Mn-Ger)NCAA Ind03/12
5856**Karl Saluri (Ga-Est)NCAA Ind03/12
5854-Maicel Uibo (Ga-Est)Razorback Inv01/30
5776*Lindon Victor (TxAM-Grn)SEC Ind02/27
5695**Tim Duckworth (Ky-GB)McCravy01/23
5635*Dino Dodig (WaSt-Ser)Mtn Pacific Ind02/27
5554***Shakiel Chattoo (Azusa-Jam)NCAA II Ind03/12
5538-Cody Thomas (AkA-NZ)NCAA II Ind03/12
5465*Atsu Nyamadi (MTn-Gha)CUSA Ind02/25
5445-Luis Hanssler (Mem-Ger)American Ind02/29

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