2015 U.S. Indoor List - Men

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compiled by Glen McMicken

(marks received and verified by 03/12/2015)

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These lists give the top U.S. performers of the indoor season, with an appending of those foreign collegians whose marks also fall into the range of our reporting standards. In the oversized-track category, the domestics and foreign collegians are commingled (' after name = foreigner on OT list). Relay teams may contain non-U.S. nationals.

Open athletes and high schoolers have no notation before their name. Collegians are noted by class: - = senior; * = junior; **=soph; *** = frosh.

Oversized tracks are those larger than 200m in circumference. OT marks at races longer than 1000m are no longer carried with the main list (except in the multis) because too many huge tracks have been turned into speedways. (A) = altitude over 1000m (in affected events only).

! = secondary performance in a field-event series (only applicable to final end-of-season lists); ¶ = field-event mark for which complete series data is missing (only applicable to final end-of-season lists)

5.83Woodrow Randall (unat)Saskatoon01/30
5.85Cordero Gray (unat)Saskatoon01/30

6.09Marvin Bracy (adi)Carnes Inv01/23
6.19-Blake Smith (SEMo)Redhawks Inv02/20
Foreign Collegians:
6.19**Odean Skeen (SPl-Jam)TxT Masked Rider01/31

6.50Ryan Bailey (Nik)Husky Cl02/13
6.51Trell Kimmons (adi)New Balance GP02/07
6.52Mike Rodgers (unat)New Balance GP02/07
*John Teeters (OkSt)Tyson Inv02/14
6.53Marvin Bracy (adi)Millrose G02/14
Joe Morris (USpA)Wa Inv01/31
6.54**Trayvon Bromell (Bay)McCravy Mem01/24
Clayton Vaughn (unat)Houston01/16
6.55**Jalen Miller (Ms)Armory Inv Coll01/30
6.56(A)*Ronnie Baker (TCU)New Mexico Tm Inv01/31
*Tevin Hester (Clem)ACC Ind02/28
***Kendal Williams (FlSt)ACC Ind02/28
6.58***Christian Coleman (Tn)VT Elite02/06
Sean McLean (Nik)New Balance GP02/07
*Markesh Woodson (Mo)SEC Ind02/28
6.59*Bryce Robinson (Tul)Tyson Inv02/14
6.60**Cameron Burrell (Hous)Tyson Inv02/13
***Trentavis Friday (FlSt)McCravy Mem01/24
(A)*Ridge Jones (NM)Mtn West Ind02/28
-Desmond Lawrence (NCAT)USATF Ind03/01
Darrell Wesh (unat)VT Elite02/06
6.61Diondre Batson (unat)Tyson Inv02/13
(A)*Cameron Hudson (Al)New Mexico Tm Inv01/31
-Beejay Lee (USC)MPSF Ind02/28
(A)***Chris Lewis (MeridCC)JUCO Ind03/07
Keith Ricks (unat)Torun02/03
6.62Harry Adams (unat)Düsseldorf01/29
Daveon Collins (SeaSp)Wa Inv01/31
(A)***Kendrick Smith (MeridCC)JUCO Ind03/07
6.63(A)**Tremayne Acy (LSU)New Mexico Cl02/07
(A)Albert Huntley (WAC)New Mexico Cl02/07
(A)Ryan Milus (WAC)Mountain T’s01/31
6.64(A)-Nic Bowens (UtSt)Mtn West Ind02/28
-Quentin Butler (UTA)Wichita02/14
6.65Charles Silmon (adi)Aggie Inv02/07
-Blake Smith (SEMo)Oh Vly Ind02/28
6.66*Leshon Collins (Hous)Houston01/09
**Drew Duggans (KennSt)Atl Sun Ind03/01
(A)Dominique Hubert (unat)Golden02/21
***Tyrell Johnson (Az)MPSF Ind02/27
-Emmanuel Matadi (Mank)Mankato01/24
*Devan Spann (AzSt)MPSF Ind02/28
Foreign Collegians:
6.56(A)**Odean Skeen (SPl-Jam)JUCO Ind03/07
6.59**Senoj-Jay Givans (Tx-Jam)Big 12 Ind02/28
6.60*Andre De Grasse (USC-Can)Sevigne Inv02/07
-Hugh Graham (Fl-Jam)SEC Ind02/27
6.64**Cejhae Greene (FlSt-Ant)ACC Ind02/28

20.66(A)-Aaron Ernest (LSU)New Mexico Cl02/06
20.69**Trayvon Bromell (Bay)Tyson Inv02/14
20.78*Bryce Robinson (Tul)Razorback Inv01/31
20.80(A)-Nic Bowens (UtSt)Mtn West Ind02/28
Prezel Hardy (unat)Aggie Inv02/07
20.82(A)*Devan Spann (AzSt)Kirby Open02/13
20.84*Tevin Hester (Clem)ACC Ind02/28
20.85**Tremayne Acy (LSU)Razorback Inv01/31
Clayton Parros (LSpeed)Aggie Inv02/07
20.86***Trentavis Friday (FlSt)Auburn Inv01/17
20.89*Devin Jenkins (TxAM)TxAM Quad01/24
20.90-Ricco Hall (Nb)Sevigne Inv02/07
20.91-Dedric Dukes (Fl)Tyson Inv02/14
20.92(A)*Ronnie Baker (TCU)New Mexico Tm Inv01/31
Trey Hadnot (unat)Aggie Inv02/07
-Vernon Norwood (LSU)Tyson Inv02/14
20.93**Lamar Hargrove (Tif)GLIAC Ind03/01
20.96-DJ Zahn (Il)Sevigne Inv02/07
21.00(A)*Parker Bluth (UtSt)Mtn West Ind02/28
-Beejay Lee (USC)Sevigne Inv02/07
21.01*Jordan Sartor-Francis (Navy)Patriot Ind02/22
21.02-Christopher Giesting (NDm)Razorback Inv01/31
21.04***Kevin Harris (Bay)Arkansas Open02/21
**Cameron Williams (BU)BU LC03/01
21.05***Kenzo Cotton (Ar)Tyson Inv02/14
21.08Marcus Boyd (unat)Aggie Inv02/07
***Christian Coleman (Tn)Tyson Inv02/14
21.10-Emmanuel Matadi (Mank)SDSt Cl02/14
Manteo Mitchell (UArm)ETn Inv01/17
21.11(A)***Kendrick Smith (MeridCC)JUCO Ind03/07
21.13*Leshon Collins (Hous)The American Ind02/28
(A)***Terrell Smith (KsSt)New Mexico Tm Inv01/31
21.14-Chidi Okezie (Hamp)Allston02/07
Mookie Salaam (unat)Samford Inv02/13
(A)***Antwon Smith (WnTx)JUCO Ind03/07
**Ceo Ways (NC)ACC Ind02/28
21.15***Kendal Williams (FlSt)ACC Ind02/28
21.16(A)-Arthur Delaney (Or)Kirby Open02/13
21.18*Jarrion Lawson (Ar)Texas-Arkansas01/16
21.19Aaron Radden (TrueS)Thomas Terrier Inv01/31
(A)***Jamiel Trimble (AF)Mtn West Ind02/28
*Marqueze Washington (Ar)Razorback Inv01/31
Foreign Collegians:
20.57-Shavez Hart (TxAM-Bah)Aggie Inv02/07
20.67(A)*Andre De Grasse (USC-Can)Kirby Open02/13
20.69*Brendon Rodney (LIUB-Can)Valentine Inv02/14
(A)*Sam Watts (TCU-GB)New Mexico Tm Inv01/31
20.80-Bralon Taplin (TxAM-Grn)Texas A&M Inv01/17
20.87***Ncincilili Titi (SC-SA)Arkansas Open02/21
20.97**Teray Smith (Aub-Bah)Tyson Inv02/14
21.05**Senoj-Jay Givans (Tx-Jam)Tyson Inv02/14
21.06(A)**Jereem Richards (SPl-Tri)New Mexico Cl02/06
21.10**Emmanuel Dasor (WnKy-Gha)C-USA Ind02/26
21.16(A)-Trevor Mackey (TxT-Bah)New Mexico Cl02/06
Oversized Track:
20.75-DJ Zahn (Il)Big Ten Ind02/28
20.86*John Teeters (OkSt)Big 12 Ind02/28
20.95**Senoj-Jay Givans (Tx-Jam)Big 12 Ind02/28
*Wayne Gordon (Kent)Akron-Kent01/16
21.00***Kevin Harris (Bay)Big 12 Ind02/28
21.04**Ceo Ways (NC)Iowa State Cl02/13
21.05John Lundy (DCInt)Akron Inv02/07
21.10***Terrell Smith (KsSt)Big 12 Ind02/27
21.11**Kolby Listenbee (TCU)Big 12 Ind02/27
21.16-Timothy Faust (OhSt)Big Ten Ind02/28
***Eli Hall-Thompson (ButCC)TxT Masked Rider01/31

45.34*Najee Glass (Fl)Razorback Inv01/31
45.56-Vernon Norwood (LSU)Razorback Inv01/31
45.75Clayton Parros (LSpeed)Aggie Inv02/07
45.96(A)Aldrich Bailey (unat)New Mexico Cl02/06
45.98*Zack Bilderback (Tx)Tyson Inv02/13
-Christopher Giesting (NDm)Razorback Inv01/31
46.26Brycen Spratling (unat)Penn State01/17
46.27-Quincy Downing (LSU)Razorback Inv01/31
46.32*Cody Rush (Nb)Sevigne Inv02/06
46.33**Nick Uruburu (Fl)Tyson Inv02/13
46.49-Cass Brown-Stewart (SFA)Southland Ind02/17
*Marqueze Washington (Ar)Arkansas Open02/21
46.55(A)*Cole Lambourne (UtSt)Mtn West Ind02/28
46.59*Darrell Bush (LSU)Tyson Inv02/13
46.62*Joseph Richards (TxT)Tyson Inv02/13
46.66Je’von Hutchison (unat)Allston02/07
46.67Neil Braddy (unat)Tyson Inv02/13
46.73**Ceo Ways (NC)Hokie Inv01/24
46.74**Michael Cheeks (Clem)Aggie Inv02/07
46.75*Bryce Robinson (Tul)The American Ind02/28
46.78-Ricco Hall (Nb)adi Cl01/31
46.80**Michael Cherry (FlSt)ACC Ind02/28
46.83**Marc-Andre Alexandre (Yale)IC4A Ind03/08
46.85-Gregory Coleman (TxAM)Razorback Inv01/31
46.87(A)Michael Courtney (unat)New Mexico Cl02/06
46.89-Clayton Gravesande (SC)Tyson Inv02/13
46.90-Drew Branch (Ga)Tyson Inv02/13
46.95LeJerald Betters (WEx)Tyson Inv02/13
46.97***Steven Champlin (TxT)Tyson Inv02/13
-Rodney Jones (SHous)Southland Ind02/17
46.98Bershawn Jackson (Nik)Birmingham GP02/21
47.01*Austin Batiste (Navy)IC4A Ind03/08
47.03(A)-Jordin Andrade (Boise)Mtn West Ind02/28
***Jeffrey Green (Clem)Armory Inv Coll01/30
(A)*Tyrell Yardley (BYU)New Mexico Cl02/06
47.11*Marquis Johnson (WiM)Horizon Ind03/01
47.14*Jake Bender (Nb)Tyson Inv02/13
47.15(A)**Fred Kerley (SPl)JUCO Ind03/07
*Javonte Lipsey (NC)VT Elite02/06
47.18Manteo Mitchell (Nik)Athlone GP02/18
Foreign Collegians:
45.38-Deon Lendore (TxAM-Tri)Tyson Inv02/13
45.39-Bralon Taplin (TxAM-Grn)Tyson Inv02/13
45.98-Hugh Graham (Fl-Jam)Razorback Inv01/31
46.54**George Caddick (Bay-GB)Aggie Inv02/07
46.60-Payton Hazzard (Va-Grn)Thomas Terrier Inv01/31
46.70(A)**Jereem Richards (SPl-Tri)JUCO Ind03/07
46.78(A)**Rosen Daniel (ACU-StL)New Mexico Cl02/06
46.83(A)*Fitzroy Dunkley (LSU-Jam)New Mexico Cl02/06
46.93*Steven Gayle (Al-Jam)Tyson Inv02/13
47.03*David Lagerberg (BU-GB)Allston02/07
47.15**Stephan James (ASAC-Guy)Armory Inv Coll01/30
47.17**Phoenix Miller (CardStr-Bah)Allendale02/13
Oversized Track:
45.63-DJ Zahn (Il)Big Ten Ind02/28
45.76**Lamar Bruton (OhSt)Big Ten Ind02/28
45.90Brycen Spratling (unat)Meyo Inv02/07
45.91*Cody Rush (Nb)Big Ten Ind02/28
45.97*Arman Hall (Fl)SEC Ind02/28
46.13Patrick Feeney (unat)Meyo Inv02/07
46.26**Tyler Brown (EnMi)Notre Dame Inv01/24
46.31**Michael Cherry (FlSt)Wilson Inv02/21
**Nick Uruburu (Fl)SEC Ind02/27
46.46*Marqueze Washington (Ar)SEC Ind02/28
46.47*Champ Page (OhSt)Big Ten Ind02/28
46.48*Joseph Richards (TxT)TxT Masked Rider01/31
46.49**Jereem Richards (SPl-Tri)TxT Masked Rider01/31
46.53-Ali Arastu (Mi)Meyo Inv02/07
46.64-Jordan Edwards (AArt)Husky Cl02/13
46.66-Michael Stigler (Ks)Big 12 Ind02/27
46.67***Steven Champlin (TxT)Big 12 Ind02/28
46.72**Eric Futch (Fl)SEC Ind02/27
46.86-Drew Branch (Ga)SEC Ind02/27
46.89**Ryan Davis (Wi)Big Ten Ind02/27
46.90*Jake Bender (Nb)Big Ten Ind02/27
46.93*Cyril Grayson (LSU)SEC Ind02/27
47.04**Brent Gray (Akr)Akron Inv02/20
**Deon Hickey (TxAM)SEC Ind02/27
47.05*Norvell Mohammed (EnIl)Meyo Inv02/07
47.14***Ricky Morgan (USC)McCravy Mem01/24
-Troy Pollard (FlAM)Kent02/21
47.15**Christopher Irvin (Tx)Big 12 Ind02/28

1:00.06Brycen Spratling (unat)Millrose G02/14
1:00.43Michael Berry (Nik)Millrose G02/14
1:00.70Bershawn Jackson (Nik)Millrose G02/14
1:01.63*Jason Tomlinson (Alb)IC4A Ind03/08
1:01.87**Dylan Capwell (Monm)IC4A Ind03/08
Kyle Clemons (adi)Millrose G02/14
Foreign Collegians:
1:01.40*Brandon McBride (MsSt-Can)Armory Inv Coll01/30
Oversized Track:
1:01.05**Shaquille Walker (BYU)Provo01/10

1:15.33Casimir Loxsom (Brooks)USATF Ind03/01
1:16.07Mark Wieczorek (Brooks)USATF Ind03/01
1:16.22(A)***Jaymes Dennison (ASAC)JUCO Ind03/07
1:16.32Je’von Hutchison (unat)USATF Ind03/01
1:16.52Erik Sowinski (Nik)USATF Ind03/01
1:16.53(A)**Strymar Livingston (IaWnCC)JUCO Ind03/07
1:16.57Boris Berian (BigB)USATF Ind03/01
1:16.98*Brannon Kidder (PennSt)Penn St Tune-Up02/21
1:17.17Brycen Spratling (unat)USATF Ind02/28
1:17.32(A)**Shaquille Walker (BYU)New Mexico Cl02/07
1:17.45Neil Braddy (unat)USATF Ind02/28
1:17.77Michael Courtney (unat)USATF Ind02/28
1:17.82*Levi Gipson (Nb)adi Cl01/31
1:17.83*Jake Bender (Nb)adi Cl01/31
1:17.87Ryan Martin (Asics)USATF Ind02/28
1:17.99(A)***Charles Jones (TxT)New Mexico Cl02/07
1:18.05**Tre’tez Kinnaird (In)Hoosier Hills02/14
1:18.08(A)Curtis Beach (Brooks)Lobo Open01/24
1:18.13(A)**David Figueroa (Mesa)JUCO Ind03/07
1:18.19***Clay Lambourne (UtSt)Bronco Inv01/24
1:18.21***Moujtaba Mohammed (Nb)adi Cl01/31
1:18.34***Ishmael Muhammad (Vill)Metro Chall01/23
1:18.40Richard Rose (NYHS)New York12/20
1:18.44*Cody Rush (Nb)Lincoln01/17
1:18.45*Za’Von Watkins (PennSt)Penn St Tune-Up02/21
1:18.56*Jake Mazanke (LoyCh)Indiana R01/30
1:18.57(A)-Vernon Norwood (LSU)New Mexico Cl02/07
1:18.65Dylan Skinner (Brk)USATF Ind02/28
1:18.67(A)*Cyril Grayson (LSU)New Mexico Cl02/07
1:18.70-London Hawk (Nb)Sevigne Inv02/07
1:18.73**Mitch Hechsel (Mn)Minneapolis01/10
-Dillon Webster (Find)Findlay Cl01/24
1:18.78***Daniel Kuhn (In)Indiana R01/30
1:18.79***Sam Bransby (Nb)Neb Tune-Up02/20
1:18.84Joe Luongo (NYHS)Armory Inv Coll01/31
**Nate Roese (Mn)Johnson Cl01/31
1:18.85**Edgar Propst (Nb)Neb Tune-Up02/20
1:18.94-Kevin Glastetter (LoyCh)Indiana R01/30
1:18.96*Robert Rhodes (PennSt)Sykes & Sabock C02/07
1:18.97-Travis Hinton (OkB)Neb Tune-Up02/20
Foreign Collegians:
1:18.12(A)***Orwin Emilen (CloudC-Mri)JUCO Ind03/07
1:18.29*Steven Gayle (Al-Jam)Sevigne Inv02/07
1:18.44***Jordan Makins (PennSt-Aus)Penn St Tune-Up02/21
Oversized Track:
1:16.26**Mitch Hechsel (Mn)Big Ten Ind02/28
1:16.47**Nate Roese (Mn)Big Ten Ind02/28
1:16.70-Christopher Giesting (NDm)Notre Dame Inv01/24
1:16.72-Travis Hinton (OkB)NAIA Ind03/07
1:17.00*Levi Gipson (Nb)Big Ten Ind02/28
1:17.14*John Hester (InT)NAIA Ind03/07
1:17.81Jacob Sealby (unat)Wa Preview01/17
1:18.10*Jywayne Allen (OkB)NAIA Ind03/07
1:18.29***Daniel Kuhn (In)Big Ten Ind02/27
1:18.33-Alex Edwards (WPenn)NAIA Ind03/06
1:18.34*Robert Rhodes (PennSt)Big Ten Ind02/27
1:18.37***Carter Lilly (Ia)Big Ten Ind02/28
1:18.84Tom Scott (unat)Allendale01/16
1:18.90**Rashawn Fountain (Mn)Big Ten Ind02/27
1:18.92-Aaron Thompson (Wi)Big Ten Ind02/27
1:18.96-Ephraim Dorsey (EnIl)Meyo Inv02/06
**Anthony Johnson (OhSt)Big Ten Ind02/27

1:46.82**Dylan Capwell (Monm)Metro Atl Ind02/21
1:46.92Erik Sowinski (Nik)Birmingham GP02/21
1:47.34**Ryan Manahan (Gtn)Penn St Tune-Up02/21
1:47.86*Brannon Kidder (PennSt)National Inv01/31
1:47.89*Ryan Schnulle (Fl)Razorback Inv01/31
1:48.02**Paul Duffey (NEn)Thomas Terrier Inv01/31
1:48.05***Joseph White (Gtn)Penn St Tune-Up02/21
1:48.13James Gilreath (adiTG)Valentine Inv02/14
1:48.19-Edose Ibadin (Hamp)BU LC03/01
1:48.20-Billy Ledder (Gtn)Penn St Tune-Up02/21
1:48.27Brandon Johnson (Nik)Hilton Garden Inv01/31
1:48.36**Clayton Murphy (Akr)Tyson Inv02/13
1:48.41-Drew Windle (Ash)National Inv01/31
1:48.53**Drew Piazza (NH)Thomas Terrier Inv01/31
1:48.57-Jesse Garn (Bing)Sykes & Sabock C02/07
1:48.62*Cole Williams (Gtn)Penn St Tune-Up02/21
1:48.67-Connor Claflin (Col)Valentine Inv02/14
1:48.73-Josh Hernandez (TxAM)Aggie Inv02/07
1:48.80*Alex Amankwah (Al)Tyson Inv02/13
1:48.91***Elliot Slade (Vill)Big East Ind03/01
1:49.03*Hector Hernandez (TxAM)Aggie Inv02/07
1:49.09*Otniel Teixeira (FlSt)Valentine Inv02/14
1:49.16*Mitchell Black (Tufts)Valentine Inv02/14
1:49.20*Ryan Thomas (Ar)Razorback Inv01/31
1:49.29**Nathan Kiley (Va)Thomas Terrier Inv01/31
1:49.31**Jake Burton (FlSt)ACC Ind02/28
1:49.34Kyle Merber (HokaNJNY)NYRR NAR III02/19
1:49.35-Patrick Rono (Ar)Razorback Inv01/31
1:49.43-Brandon Lasater (GaT)Samford Inv02/13
1:49.51Harun Abda (OTC)Hilton Garden Inv01/31
**Cory Nicholls (NC)ACC Ind02/28
1:49.63**Amos Bartelsmeyer (Gtn)Big East Ind03/01
1:49.65-Lester Taylor (Ford)Valentine Inv02/14
1:49.68*Za’Von Watkins (PennSt)Sykes & Sabock C02/07
1:49.70*Brandon Hazouri (Samf)Samford Inv02/13
1:49.79-Cristian Soratos (MtSt)Bozeman02/20
1:49.80**Simon Holden (WF)ACC Ind02/28
**Tre’tez Kinnaird (In)Indiana R01/31
1:49.82*Luke Lefebure (Stan)Razorback Inv01/31
1:49.87Ryan Martin (unat)Hilton Garden Inv01/31
Foreign Collegians:
1:49.73-Keffri Neal (Ky-Can)VT Elite02/07
1:49.76**Andres Arroyo (Fl-PR)Razorback Inv01/31
Oversized Track:
1:46.09-Edward Kemboi (IaSt-Ken)Iowa State Cl02/14
1:46.78**Andres Arroyo (Fl-PR)Iowa State Cl02/14
1:46.80*Brandon McBride (MsSt-Can)Spire D1 Inv02/14
1:46.86*Alex Amankwah (Al)Vanderbilt Inv01/24
1:46.98-Jesse Garn (Bing)Iowa State Cl02/14
1:47.29*Ryan Schnulle (Fl)Iowa State Cl02/14
1:47.38*Joe McAsey (Il)Iowa State Cl02/14
1:47.44**Shaquille Walker (BYU)Wa Inv01/31
1:47.63Cory Leslie (FurmE)Vanderbilt Inv01/24
1:47.72Ben Scheetz (NJNY)Iowa State Cl02/14
1:47.81Casimir Loxsom (Brooks)Husky Cl02/13
1:47.82Harun Abda (OTC)Husky Cl02/13
**Clayton Murphy (Akr)Akron Inv02/20
1:47.93Tom Scott (unat)Allendale02/13
1:48.20**Tre’tez Kinnaird (In)Meyo Inv02/07
1:48.28**Jacopo Lahbi (Al-Ita)Vanderbilt Inv01/24
Mark Wieczorek (Brooks)Wa Inv01/31
1:48.47Andrew Wheating (OTC)Husky Cl02/13
1:48.52-Keffri Neal (Ky-Can)McCravy Mem01/24
1:48.53Boris Berian (BigB)Husky Cl02/13
1:48.57*Jake Mazanke (LoyCh)Meyo Inv02/07
1:48.75*Nick Hartle (UCLA)Husky Cl02/13
1:48.79***Niki Franzmair (Or-Aut)MPSF Ind02/28
1:48.85**Collins Kibet (Az-Ken)MPSF Ind02/28
1:48.93*Hector Hernandez (TxAM)SEC Ind02/27
1:48.96-Charles Grethen (Ga-Lux)McCravy Mem01/24
1:49.00-Ephraim Dorsey (EnIl)Allendale02/13
1:49.01-O’Neal Wanliss (NC)Iowa State Cl02/14
1:49.21***Robert Ford (USC)Husky Cl02/13
1:49.25*Tyler Scheving (Buf)Spire D1 Inv02/14
1:49.27*Luke Lefebure (Stan)Husky Cl02/13
1:49.28**Jared Fleming (OhSt)Big Ten Ind02/28
1:49.30-Patrick Peterson (IaSt)Iowa Duals01/24
1:49.31*Robin Butler (WnCo)Husky Cl02/13
1:49.36Jeremy Wilk (unat)Allendale02/13
1:49.40*Will Teubel (Ia)Iowa State Cl02/14
1:49.53*Peter Archibald (LoyCh)Meyo Inv02/07
Lopez Lomong (BowTC)Wa Inv01/31
1:49.56Joe Abbott (unat)Husky Cl02/13
1:49.58*Ethan Barnes (GVal)Allendale02/13

2:17.00Matthew Centrowitz (Nik)New Balance GP02/07
2:18.30Pat Casey (OTC)New Balance GP02/07
2:19.12Erik Sowinski (Nik)New Balance GP02/07
2:19.85Robby Andrews (adi)USATF Ind02/28
2:19.92Kyle Merber (Hoka)USATF Ind02/28
2:20.02Michael Rutt (HokaNJNY)USATF Ind02/28
2:20.24-Robby Creese (PennSt)Penn State01/17
2:20.33Harun Abda (NikOTC)New Balance GP02/07
2:20.52Cory Leslie (Nik)USATF Ind02/28
2:20.83-Brendon Fish (Col)Yale Tri01/24
2:21.04***Spencer Haik (Col)Yale Tri01/24
2:21.10-Jesse Garn (Bing)Penn State01/17
2:21.60*Ned Willig (Brown)Thomas Terrier Inv01/31
2:21.66Joe Gioielli (unat)Thomas Terrier Inv01/31
2:21.71*Cole Williams (Gtn)Big East Ind03/01
2:21.95James Gilreath (adiTG)USATF Ind02/28
2:22.10-Billy Ledder (Gtn)Big East Ind03/01
2:22.57*Wade Endress (PennSt)Penn State01/17
2:22.58Ryan Martin (Asics)New Balance GP02/07
2:22.77***Joey Logue (PennSt)Penn State01/17
2:22.80Casimir Loxsom (Brooks)New Balance GP02/07
**Rob Napolitano (Col)Yale Tri01/24
2:22.90**Ethan Homan (BU)Thomas Terrier Inv01/31
2:22.91-Drew Windle (Ash)Millrose G02/14
2:23.15**Dylan Capwell (Monm)New Brunswick01/10
2:23.31Shawn Roberts (NJNY)Valentine Inv02/14
2:23.39**Josh Lampron (Vill)Valentine Inv02/14
2:23.44Liam Boylan-Pett (NJNY)Millrose G02/14
2:23.84**Tre’tez Kinnaird (In)Bloomington12/12
2:24.02**Paul Duffey (NEn)Beantown Ch01/17
2:24.11Lucas Manring (AusTC)Thomas Terrier Inv01/31
2:24.17Thomas Scott (unat)USATF Ind02/28
2:24.24Benjamin Scheetz (NJNY)USATF Ind02/28
2:24.31Duane Solomon (Sauc)Millrose G02/14
2:24.34***Joseph White (Gtn)National Inv01/31
2:24.43Myles Marshall (TxHS)Millrose G02/14
2:24.56**Ryan Gil (Gtn)Valentine Inv02/14
2:24.58-Kevin Greene (NH)Roxbury C01/23
2:24.64-Patrick Rono (Ar)Texas-Arkansas01/16
2:24.65Daniel Guerrero (BigB)New Balance GP02/07
-Andrew Langille (Monm)Allston02/07
Foreign Collegians:
2:22.69***Jordan Makins (PennSt-Aus)Penn State01/17
2:23.70*Harvey Dixon (Prov-Gib)Thomas Terrier Inv01/31
2:24.37**Dage Minors (FP-Ber)Thomas Terrier Inv01/31
2:24.51-Henry Tufnell (Brown-GB)Beantown Ch01/17
2:24.63-Kemoy Campbell (Ar-Jam)Texas-Arkansas01/16
Oversized Track:
2:20.39Evan Jager (BowTC)Wa Preview01/17
2:22.41Daniel Guerrero (BigB)Wa Preview01/17
2:22.69Andy Bayer (BowTC)Wa Preview01/17
2:23.55-Marco Bertolotti (Stan-Fin)Wa Preview01/17
2:23.63-Drake Veitenheimer (MiSt)Spire D1 Inv02/13
2:23.73*Tyler Scheving (Buf)Spire D1 Inv02/13
2:23.78**Thomas Coyle (Stan)Wa Preview01/17
2:24.21*Brian Crimmins (Buf)Spire D1 Inv02/13

3:35.28Ben Blankenship (OTC)Birmingham GP02/21
3:36.73Matthew Centrowitz (NikOP)Millrose G02/14
3:38.28Pat Casey (OTC)Millrose G02/14
3:40.20Bernard Lagat (Nik)Millrose G02/14
3:40.88Evan Jager (BowTC)Millrose G02/14
3:40.92Leo Manzano (Hoka)Millrose G02/14
3:41.76-Johnny Gregorek (Or)Millrose G02/14
3:43.61*Thomas Awad (Penn)Armory Inv01/31
Foreign Collegians:
3:41.19**Edward Cheserek (Or-Ken)Millrose G02/14

3:51.35Matthew Centrowitz (NikOP)Millrose G02/14
3:53.13Ben Blankenship (NikOTC)New Balance GP02/07
3:54.36Pat Casey (NikOTC)Millrose G02/14
3:54.91Bernard Lagat (Nik)Millrose G02/14
3:55.25Evan Jager (BowTC)Millrose G02/14
3:56.05Leo Manzano (Hoka)Millrose G02/14
3:56.15Riley Masters (Brooks)New Balance GP02/07
3:56.79Ford Palmer (NJNY)Valentine Inv02/14
3:56.99Cory Leslie (FurmE)Hilton Garden Inv01/31
3:57.28Mike Rutt (HokaNJNY)Valentine Inv02/14
3:57.47-Johnny Gregorek (Or)Millrose G02/14
3:57.54Will Leer (Nik)Hilton Garden Inv01/31
3:57.76Matt Elliott (Brk)Hilton Garden Inv01/31
3:57.86-Robby Creese (PennSt)Sykes & Sabock C02/07
3:58.24Steve Mangan (BAA)Valentine Inv02/14
3:58.45**Amos Bartelsmeyer (Gtn)Valentine Inv02/14
3:58.46Jack Bolas (NJNY)Valentine Inv02/14
3:58.52Dan Lowry (BAA)Valentine Inv02/14
3:58.54**Ahmed Bile (Gtn)Valentine Inv02/14
3:58.57**Ryan Manahan (Gtn)Valentine Inv02/14
3:59.54**Michael Lederhouse (Gtn)Valentine Inv02/14
3:59.60Travis Mahoney (NJNY)Valentine Inv02/14
3:59.81-Martin Hehir (Syr)National Inv01/31
3:59.97*Mike Marsella (Va)Thomas Terrier Inv01/31
4:00.18*Joel Hubbard (Syr)Valentine Inv02/14
4:00.20*Thomas Awad (Penn)Armory Inv01/31
4:00.28**Henry Wynne (Va)Thomas Terrier Inv01/31
4:00.41-Isaac Spencer (TxAM)Aggie Inv02/07
4:00.47***Patrick Joseph (VaT)Hilton Garden Inv01/31
4:00.51-Andrew Garcia-Garrison (Buck)BU LC03/01
4:00.64**Rob Napolitano (Col)Valentine Inv02/14
4:01.13*Kevin Thomas (BU)BU LC03/01
4:01.25**Cameron Villarreal (TxAM)Aggie Inv02/07
4:01.34*Will Crocker (Mo)Tyson Inv02/13
4:01.37**Matt Dorsey (AF)Tyson Inv02/13
4:01.45*Curtis King (Dart)Valentine Inv02/14
4:01.56Isaac Presson (unat)Va Tech Chall02/21
4:01.60-Dusty Solis (Vill)Valentine Inv02/14
4:01.66-Matt Airola (Al)Sevigne Inv02/07
4:01.77Liam Boylan-Pett (NJNY)Armory Inv01/31
Foreign Collegians:
3:56.43**Edward Cheserek (Or-Ken)Millrose G02/14
3:57.22*Julian Oakley (Prov-NZ)Valentine Inv02/14
3:58.25*Robert Denault (Vill-Can)National Inv01/31
3:59.58-Rich Peters (BU-GB)Valentine Inv02/14
4:01.34**Robbie Farnham-Rose (Al-GB)Sevigne Inv02/07
4:01.55*Vegard Oelstad (OkSt-Nor)Razorback Inv01/31
Oversized Track:
3:55.27-Cristian Soratos (MtSt)Husky Cl02/13
3:56.84Ryan Hill (BowTC)Wa Inv01/31
3:57.13*Brannon Kidder (PennSt)Husky Cl02/13
3:57.36Matt Elliott (Brk)Iowa State Cl02/14
3:57.42Andrew Wheating (OTC)Wa Inv01/31
3:57.58Michael Atchoo (Strava)Husky Cl02/13
3:57.62-Daniel Winn (Or)Husky Cl02/13
3:57.78*Chad Noelle (OkSt)Iowa State Cl02/14
3:57.81**Izaic Yorks (Wa)MPSF Ind02/28
3:58.02-Keffri Neal (Ky-Can)Iowa State Cl02/14
3:58.05-Sam Penzenstadler (LoyCh)Iowa State Cl02/14
3:58.13-Jake Hurysz (Co)Husky Cl02/13
3:58.36-Will Geoghegan (Or)MPSF Ind02/28
3:58.79*Vegard Oelstad (OkSt-Nor)Iowa State Cl02/14
3:58.83Andy Bayer (BowTC)Wa Inv01/31
3:58.96-Matthew Clowes (ConcO)Wa Inv01/31
3:59.32**Thomas Coyle (Stan)MPSF Ind02/28
3:59.34***Sean McGorty (Stan)Wa Preview01/17
3:59.55***Matthew Fayers (OkSt-GB)Iowa State Cl02/14
3:59.89-Matt Daniels (Adams)Wa Open02/15
3:59.91**Adam Palamar (Tul-Can)Iowa State Cl02/14
3:59.95-Nate McClafferty (Duke)Iowa State Cl02/14
4:00.07**Mike Tate (SnUt)Husky Cl02/13
4:00.29**Thomas Joyce (Cal)Husky Cl02/13
4:00.39**Clayton Murphy (Akr)Akron Inv02/07
4:00.59Dylan Ferris (Strava)Husky Cl02/13
4:00.62**Robert Domanic (Ms)Vanderbilt Inv01/23
***Colby Gilbert (Wa)Wa Inv01/31
4:00.66-Colby Alexander (Or)MPSF Ind02/28
4:00.71Blake Theroux (unat)Wa Open02/15
4:00.75Travis Burkstrand (Brk)Wa Inv01/31
4:00.81Reid Buchanan (unat)Wa Inv01/31
4:01.11**Oliver Aitchison (Adams-GB)Husky Cl02/13
4:01.19**Craig Engels (Ms)Husky Cl02/13
4:01.49-Daniel Bulmer (Ms-Aus)Vanderbilt Inv01/23
4:01.50Jake Edwards (Brk)Akron Inv02/07
4:01.52**Jacob Burcham (Ok)Husky Cl02/13
4:01.53-Ryan Poland (Port)Husky Cl02/13
4:01.67*William Kincaid (Port)MPSF Ind02/28
-Willie Milam (Gonz)Wa Inv01/31

7:37.92Bernard Lagat (Nik)Metz02/25
7:44.91-Eric Jenkins (Or)Millrose G02/14
7:44.97Galen Rupp (Nik)Armory Inv01/31
7:45.44Ben Blankenship (OTC)Armory Inv01/31
7:45.71-Will Geoghegan (Or)Millrose G02/14
7:48.72Hassan Mead (OTC)New Balance GP02/07
7:48.80Will Leer (Nik)New Balance GP02/07
7:50.60Isaac Presson (FurmE)Valentine Inv02/14
7:51.62Reed Connor (unat)Armory Inv01/31
7:52.24Trevor Dunbar (Nik)New Balance GP02/07
7:52.47Andy Bayer (BowTC)Millrose G02/14
7:52.67Matt Elliott (Brooks)New Balance GP02/07
7:52.92*Thomas Curtin (VaT)ACC Ind02/28
7:53.15-Martin Hehir (Syr)ACC Ind02/28
7:54.81*Thomas Awad (Penn)Millrose G02/14
7:55.87Cory Leslie (Nik)Valentine Inv02/14
7:55.89Graham Crawford (NCSt)Millrose G02/14
7:56.27Andrew Springer (NJNY)Valentine Inv02/14
7:56.33Dan Lowry (BAA)New Balance GP02/07
7:56.76*Chad Noelle (OkSt)Razorback Inv01/31
7:56.84-Erik Olson (Stan)Razorback Inv01/31
7:56.91-Brandon Doughty (Ok)Razorback Inv01/31
7:57.82*Kevin Thomas (BU)Valentine Inv02/14
7:58.01Ethan Shaw (BAA)Valentine Inv02/14
7:58.35Taylor Gilland (BSh)Valentine Inv02/14
7:58.61*Stephen Schroeder (Navy)Brown Inv01/31
7:58.67Christopher Moen (Zap)Thomas Terrier Inv01/31
7:58.81Julian Saad (BAA)Thomas Terrier Inv01/31
7:59.08**Malachy Schrobilgen (Wi)Armory Inv Coll01/31
7:59.37***Jack Keelan (Stan)Razorback Inv01/31
8:00.25**Amos Bartelsmeyer (Gtn)Penn State01/17
**Ahmed Bile (Gtn)Penn State01/17
8:00.61*Collin Leibold (Gtn)IC4A Ind03/08
8:00.66Jake Shelley (unat)Hilton Garden Inv01/30
8:00.76-Brandon Lord (Ga)Hilton Garden Inv01/30
8:00.85Matt Elliot (Brk)Gladstein Inv01/24
8:01.27*Curtis King (Dart)Thomas Terrier Inv01/31
8:01.46*Joey Chapin (Dart)Thomas Terrier Inv01/31
8:01.65**Ryan Manahan (Gtn)Penn State01/17
8:01.96-Morsi Rayyan (Mi)Ames02/14
Foreign Collegians:
7:55.37**Marc Scott (Tul-GB)Razorback Inv01/31
7:59.40**Zak Seddon (FlSt-GB)Valentine Inv02/14
8:00.34*Shane Quinn (Prov-Ire)Valentine Inv02/14
Oversized Track:
7:48.13-Kemoy Campbell (Ar-Jam)Husky Cl02/13
7:48.17Garrett Heath (Brooks)Husky Cl02/13
7:48.48*Jeramy Elkaim (Or)MPSF Ind02/28
7:49.25***Colby Gilbert (Wa)Husky Cl02/13
7:49.56**Edward Cheserek (Or-Ken)McCravy Mem01/24
7:49.74-Stanley Kebenei (Ar-Ken)Husky Cl02/13
7:50.36-Robby Creese (PennSt)Husky Cl02/13
7:50.49*Fabian Clarkson (OkSt-Ger)Husky Cl02/13
7:50.92AJ Acosta (unat)Husky Cl02/13
7:51.26Andrew Bumbalough (BowTC)Wa Inv01/31
-Erik Olson (Stan)MPSF Ind02/28
7:51.87-Kevin Batt (Adams-Aus)Husky Cl02/13
7:51.93*Morgan Pearson (Co)MPSF Ind02/28
7:52.21-Parker Stinson (Or)MPSF Ind02/28
7:53.06-Jake Hurysz (Co)MPSF Ind02/28
7:53.41-Jason Witt (BYU)MPSF Ind02/28
7:53.61*Ammar Moussa (Co)MPSF Ind02/28
7:53.82***Jake Leingang (Or)MPSF Ind02/28
7:53.98-Sam Stabler (Lam-GB)Wa Inv01/31
7:54.47Eric Avila (Hoka)Wa Inv01/31
7:54.62***Jack Keelan (Stan)MPSF Ind02/28
7:54.68***Sean McGorty (Stan)Husky Cl02/13
7:54.85-Johnny Gregorek (Or)McCravy Mem01/24
7:55.01*Patrick Corona (AF)Wa Inv01/31
7:55.10Matt Tegenkamp (BowTC)Wa Inv01/31
7:55.20***Morgan McDonald (Wi)Iowa State Cl02/14
7:55.41German Fernandez (BowTC)Wa Inv01/31
7:55.90*Chris Walden (Cal)MPSF Ind02/28
7:56.36**Craig Nowak (OkSt)Husky Cl02/13
7:56.50-Brandon Lord (Ga)McCravy Mem01/24
7:56.58**Malachy Schrobilgen (Wi)Iowa State Cl02/14
7:57.06Kevin Lewis (Ia)Wa Inv01/31
7:57.14**Willy Fink (EnMi)Spire D1 Inv02/14
7:57.15-Ryan Poland (Port)MPSF Ind02/28
7:57.16*Stephen Schroeder (Navy)Spire D1 Inv02/14
7:57.50Dan Quigley (TRE)Wa Inv01/31
7:57.74**Ben Saarel (Co)MPSF Ind02/28
7:57.88Ryan Rutherford (unat)Iowa State Cl02/14
7:58.54**Futsum Zienasellassie (NnAz-Eri)Iowa State Cl02/14
7:58.72*Tim Rackers (Tul)Iowa State Cl02/14

8:16.53Ben Blankenship (NikOTC)Armory Inv01/31
8:17.05Bernard Lagat (Nik)Birmingham GP02/21
8:17.24Galen Rupp (Nik)Armory Inv01/31
8:26.72Ryan Hill (NikBowTC)USATF Ind02/28
8:27.44Evan Jager (NikBowTC)USATF Ind02/28
8:27.87Reed Connor (unat)Armory Inv01/31
8:27.99Garrett Heath (Brk)USATF Ind02/28
8:32.51Chris Derrick (NikBowTC)USATF Ind02/28
8:34.20Dan Lowry (BAA)USATF Ind02/28
8:36.91John Happe (SpF)USATF Ind02/28
8:37.15German Fernandez (NikBowTC)USATF Ind02/28
8:42.88Andrew Springer (NJNY)Armory Inv01/31
8:42.95Chris Moen (ZapF)USATF Ind02/28
8:45.43Taylor Gilland (unat)USATF Ind02/28
8:46.16Ethan Shaw (BAA)USATF Ind02/28

13:27.60Lopez Lomong (BowTC)Millrose G02/14
13:27.80Ryan Hill (BowTC)Millrose G02/14
13:28.64Andrew Bumbalough (BowTC)Millrose G02/14
Donn Cabral (Nik)Millrose G02/14
13:40.94-Brian Shrader (NnAz)Bloomington12/12
13:41.90Matt Tegenkamp (BowTC)Millrose G02/14
13:47.09*Craig Lutz (Tx)Bloomington12/12
13:57.97-Martin Hehir (Syr)ACC Ind02/27
13:58.03-Caleb Hoover (NnAz)Bloomington12/12
14:00.53*Kevin Thomas (BU)Thomas Terrier Inv01/31
14:01.55Brendan Martin (Brooks)Thomas Terrier Inv01/31
14:02.05***Jonathan Green (Gtn)Valentine Inv02/14
14:02.09-Weston Strum (NnAz)Bloomington12/12
14:02.17**Thomas Madden (Va)Thomas Terrier Inv01/31
14:04.97**Stuart Robertson (VaT)ACC Ind02/27
14:05.09*Johnnie Guy (SnIn)Indiana R01/31
14:07.30*Mark Derrick (NC)ACC Ind02/27
**Matthew Schwartzer (In)Indiana R01/31
14:07.82-Ryan Mahalsky (Leh)IC4A Ind03/07
14:08.21*John Murray (Gtn)Valentine Inv02/14
14:09.91-Evan Esselink (In)Indiana R01/31
Foreign Collegians:
13:53.18**Edwin Kibichiy (Louis-Ken)Bloomington12/12
14:03.31-Michael Biwott (Amer-Ken)Roxbury12/13
14:05.87-Alejandro Arroyo-Yamin (NnAz-Mex)Bloomington12/12
Oversized Track:
13:31.76-Eric Jenkins (Or)McCravy Mem01/23
13:38.56*Thomas Curtin (VaT)Iowa State Cl02/13
13:38.68-Parker Stinson (Or)McCravy Mem01/23
13:39.29*Pierce Murphy (Co)Husky Cl02/13
13:39.75Reed Connor (unat)Iowa State Cl02/13
13:40.14-Anthony Rotich (UTEP-Ken)Husky Cl02/13
13:40.30*Craig Lutz (Tx)Husky Cl02/13
13:41.87-Mark Parrish (Fl)Iowa State Cl02/13
13:42.08-Jason Witt (BYU)Wa Inv01/30
13:43.22-Will Geoghegan (Or)McCravy Mem01/23
13:43.37*Morgan Pearson (Co)Husky Cl02/13
13:43.70-Kevin Lewis (Ia)Iowa State Cl02/13
13:43.92-Brandon Lord (Ga-Can)Husky Cl02/13
13:44.60Lex Williams (Brk)Iowa State Cl02/13
13:44.91Maverick Darling (Sauc)Iowa State Cl02/13
13:44.96-Kemoy Campbell (Ar-Jam)SEC Ind02/28
13:45.25-Erik Olson (Stan)Husky Cl02/13
13:47.22-Shaun Thompson (Duke)Iowa State Cl02/13
13:47.42*Aaron Nelson (Wa)Husky Cl02/13
13:47.96**Marc Scott (Tul-GB)Iowa State Cl02/13
13:48.34*Ammar Moussa (Co)Husky Cl02/13
13:48.48-Stanley Kebenei (Ar-Ken)McCravy Mem01/23
13:50.05-Adam Bitchell (NM-GB)Husky Cl02/13
13:54.26**Jack Keelan (Stan)Husky Cl02/13
13:54.88*John Mascari (InSt)Iowa State Cl02/13
13:55.20*Lane Werley (UCLA)MPSF Ind02/27
13:55.31-Ty McCormack (Aub)Husky Cl02/13
13:56.24Matt Cleaver (adiR)Iowa State Cl02/13
13:56.80*Ian Barnett (Il)Iowa State Cl02/13
13:57.01**Thomas Madden (Va)Iowa State Cl02/13
13:57.08*Jacob Morgan (Ks)Iowa State Cl02/13
13:57.27*David Elliott (Boise)Husky Cl02/13
13:58.05*Erik Peterson (Butler)Husky Cl02/13
13:58.19**Ben Saarel (Co)Husky Cl02/13
13:58.77*Mason Ferlic (Mi)Big Ten Ind02/28
13:58.82**Malachy Schrobilgen (Wi)Big Ten Ind02/28
13:58.85-Ben Larson (CoSt)Husky Cl02/13
13:59.30**Garrett Sweatt (Stan)MPSF Ind02/27
13:59.33*Jim Rosa (Stan-PR)MPSF Ind02/27
13:59.34*Chris Walden (Cal)MPSF Ind02/27

7.09Omo Osaghae (adi)Red Raider Open02/20
7.16*Chris Caldwell (TxT)Red Raider Open02/20

7.50Aleec Harris (adi)Millrose G02/14
7.51Ashton Eaton (Nik)Millrose G02/14
7.52Aries Merritt (Nik)Malmö02/25
7.58Kevin Craddock (unat)Birmingham GP02/21
7.59Jarret Eaton (unat)USATF Ind03/01
7.60David Oliver (Nik)Hilton Garden Inv01/31
Jeff Porter (Nik)Millrose G02/14
7.64**Myles Hunter (Mank)SDSt Cl02/14
7.65Spencer Adams (Nik)Clemson01/10
7.67Omo Osaghae (adi)Millrose G02/14
7.69Ray Stewart (unat)Düsseldorf01/29
7.72*Oladapo Akinmoladun (Nb)Big Ten Ind02/28
*Dondre Echols (SC)Armory Inv Coll01/31
*Isaac Williams (Hous)Houston01/09
7.73Keith Hayes (unat)Columbus01/09
(A)Vanier Joseph (WAC)NnAz Tune-Up02/20
-William Taylor (AzSt)MPSF Ind02/28
-Joshua Thompson (LSU)Tyson Inv02/13
7.74*Chris Caldwell (TxT)Tyson Inv02/13
Jason Richardson (adi)Millrose G02/14
7.75(A)Trevor Brown (unat)Golden12/12
(A)**Angelo Goss (Coffey)JUCO Ind03/07
7.76*Jermaine Collier (SC)Tyson Inv02/13
**Donovan Robertson (OhSt)Columbus01/09
(A)**Ro’Derick Spears (Coffey)JUCO Ind03/06
7.77*Trey Holloway (Hamp)USATF Ind03/01
(A)Logan Taylor (DPil)Mountain T’s01/31
*Adarius Washington (InSt)Mo Vly Ind03/01
7.78*William Barnes (Kent)Armory Inv Coll01/31
Demoye Bogle (unat)Columbus01/09
**Aaron Mallett (Ia)Big Ten Ind02/28
(A)**Jordan Moore (LSU)New Mexico Cl02/07
7.79-Christian Cook (Mia)ACC Ind02/28
(A)**Lorenzo Johnson (WTxAM)Kirby Open02/14
-Donald Pollitt (Syr)Gotham Cup01/16
*Michael Prejean (PV)Houston01/09
*Sean Wells (GVal)GLIAC Ind03/01
Vincent Wyatt (unat)Va Tech Inv01/17
7.80(A)-Vernon Jamison (NnAz)NnAz Tune-Up02/20
-Robert Semien (Ms)SEC Ind02/27
Foreign Collegians:
7.49**Omar McLeod (Ar-Jam)SEC Ind02/28
7.72-Sebastian Barth (NnIa-Ger)UNI Tm Inv01/31
7.77**Jussi Kanervo (SC-Fin)SEC Ind02/27
(A)***Ruebin Walters (CAz-Tri)JUCO Ind03/06
7.79*Teivaskie Lewin (SD-Jam)Johnson Cl01/31

4 x 200
1:27.07BYUArmory Inv Coll01/31
1:27.52Mississippi StateArmory Inv Coll01/31
1:27.64NewburghMillrose G02/14
1:27.72LIU BrooklynPenn State R01/10
1:28.00St. Joseph’sPenn State R01/10

4 x 400
3:03.23Texas A&MRazorback Inv01/31
3:06.02NebraskaTyson Inv02/14
3:06.05AlabamaTyson Inv02/14
TCUArkansas Open02/21
3:06.66LSUTyson Inv02/14
3:06.76TexasTyson Inv02/14
3:06.98ArkansasTyson Inv02/14
3:07.00Texas TechArkansas Open02/21
3:07.69South PlainsTyson Inv02/14
3:08.36FloridaTyson Inv02/14
3:08.56GeorgiaTyson Inv02/14
3:08.63ClemsonTyson Inv02/14
3:08.75LIU BrooklynValentine Inv02/14
3:08.99(A)OregonKirby Open02/14
(A)Utah StateKirby Open02/14
3:09.07(A)Stephen F. AustinNew Mexico Cl02/07
3:09.33BaylorTyson Inv02/14
3:09.57South CarolinaTyson Inv02/14
3:09.90Notre DameRazorback Inv01/31
3:09.97PurdueRazorback Inv01/31
3:10.18North CarolinaACC Ind02/28
3:10.36(A)Western Texas CollegeNew Mexico Cl02/07
3:10.42KansasTyson Inv02/14
3:10.79RutgersValentine Inv02/14
3:10.84Rhode IslandIC4A Ind03/08
3:10.86ConnecticutIC4A Ind03/08
3:10.90IllinoisSevigne Inv02/07
TiffinGLIAC Ind03/01
3:10.93(A)UTEPNew Mexico Tm Inv01/31
3:10.97Kansas StateTyson Inv02/14
Oversized Track:
3:04.22FloridaMcCravy Mem01/24
3:04.28LSUMcCravy Mem01/24
3:07.02IllinoisBig Ten Ind02/28
3:07.24North CarolinaIowa State Cl02/14
3:07.44Ohio StateBig Ten Ind02/28
3:07.47BaylorBig 12 Ind02/28
3:07.66BYUMPSF Ind02/28
3:08.07PurdueWilson Inv02/21
3:08.64Mississippi StateSpire D1 Inv02/14
3:08.74USCMPSF Ind02/28
3:09.12Eastern MichiganMeyo Inv02/07
3:09.26South CarolinaSEC Ind02/28
3:09.39Wayland BaptistNAIA Ind03/07
3:09.46Western KentuckyVanderbilt Inv01/24
3:09.87IowaWilson Inv02/21
3:10.17PittsburghSpire D1 Inv02/14
3:10.29KansasBig 12 Ind02/28
3:10.74Indiana TechNAIA Ind03/07

4 x 800
7:22.10Penn StatePenn State R01/10
7:25.07PrincetonPenn State R01/10
7:27.82Wake ForestVT Elite02/07
7:28.36BucknellPatriot Ind02/21
7:28.47ArmyPatriot Ind02/21
7:28.84NavyPatriot Ind02/21
7:30.61VillanovaBig East Ind03/01
7:31.48GeorgetownBig East Ind03/01
7:31.86DukeArmory Inv Coll01/31
7:32.02Georgia TechVT Elite02/07
7:33.05Mississippi StateArmory Inv Coll01/31
7:34.11Holy CrossPatriot Ind02/21
Oversized Track:
7:33.97Oklahoma BaptistNAIA Ind03/06
7:38.10Indiana TechNAIA Ind03/06

9:19.93United StatesArmory Inv01/30
9:27.04VillanovaValentine Inv02/13
9:27.16NJNY TCArmory Inv01/30
9:28.22GeorgetownNational Inv01/30
9:28.36Penn StateNational Inv01/30
9:30.65Oklahoma StateRazorback Inv01/30
9:32.08StanfordRazorback Inv01/30
9:32.43ArkansasRazorback Inv01/30
9:34.30Texas A&MRazorback Inv01/30
9:34.36Iowa StateRazorback Inv01/30
9:35.02ColumbiaArmory Inv01/30
9:36.47DukeArmory Inv01/30
9:36.56Virginia TechUCS Inv02/21
9:39.50Florida StateValentine Inv02/13
9:40.51MississippiArmory Inv01/30
9:41.45New HampshireIC4A Ind03/08
9:41.58PrincetonArmory Inv01/30
9:42.87VirginiaACC Ind02/26
9:45.10SyracuseACC Ind02/26
9:46.39BucknellNational Inv01/30
9:46.71Wake ForestACC Ind02/26
9:47.07FordhamIC4A Ind03/08
9:48.27North Carolina St.ACC Ind02/26
9:48.82NortheasternNEIC4A Ind02/28
9:48.61AmherstNEIC4A Ind02/28
9:49.42UTEPAggie Inv02/06
9:49.47TulsaRazorback Inv01/30
Oversized Track:
9:27.02OregonMPSF Ind02/27
9:28.37ArkansasWilson Inv02/21
9:29.34StanfordWilson Inv02/21
9:29.93AlabamaWilson Inv02/21
9:31.85Iowa StateWilson Inv02/21
9:32.36VirginiaWilson Inv02/21
9:33.28IllinoisWilson Inv02/21
9:33.54ColumbiaWilson Inv02/21
9:33.57OklahomaWilson Inv02/21
9:33.81CaliforniaMPSF Ind02/27
9:34.14LoyolaWilson Inv02/21
9:34.81WashingtonMPSF Ind02/27
9:35.05Wake ForestWilson Inv02/21
9:36.03UCLAMPSF Ind02/27
9:36.44FloridaMcCravy Mem01/23
9:37.94HoustonWilson Inv02/21
9:38.28IndianaWilson Inv02/21
9:39.41TexasBig 12 Ind02/27
9:40.17KansasBig 12 Ind02/27
9:42.66Bowerman TCWa Inv01/30
9:42.94MinnesotaBig Ten Ind02/27
9:43.66NebraskaBig Ten Ind02/27
9:43.79Michigan StateBig Ten Ind02/27
9:44.07BYUMPSF Ind02/27
9:46.65MissouriSEC Ind02/28
9:47.84LSUSEC Ind02/28
Ohio StateBig Ten Ind02/27
9:48.13KentuckySEC Ind02/28
9:48.37WisconsinBig Ten Ind02/27
9:48.48GeorgiaSEC Ind02/28
9:49.96MichiganBig Ten Ind02/27

2.347-8Erik Kynard (NikJ)USATF Ind02/28
2.317-7Ricky Robertson (unat)USATF Ind02/28
Jesse Williams (unat)Millrose G02/14
2.297-6Nick Ross (unat)Lobo Open01/24
2.287-5¾-JaCorian Duffield (TxT)TxAM Quad01/24
**Wally Ellenson (Marq)Madison01/17
2.267-5-Bryan McBride (AzSt)MPSF Ind02/28
2.257-4½*Bradley Adkins (TxT)TxT Masked Rider01/31
2.247-4¼*Avion Jones (ECar)VT Elite02/07
-Deante Kemper (NnAz)Iowa State Cl02/14
2.237-3¾Hoova Taylor (unat)Newport News12/06
2.227-3¼***NaTron Gipson (KsSt)Big 12 Ind02/28
James Harris (unat)Hustopece HJ01/24
-DJ Smith (Aub)SEC Ind02/27
-James White (Nb)Big Ten Ind02/28
2.217-3*Justin Fondren (Al)Tyson Inv02/14
Nick Giancana (unat)Wichita02/14
**Kyle Landon (SnIl)Indiana R01/31
-Trey McRae (Char)UCS Inv02/21
-Cameron Ostrowski (IaSt)Iowa State Cl02/14
2.207-2½Montez Blair (adiGS)USATF Ind02/28
*Tori Brooks (Davenport)Allendale02/13
***Manny Durden (CloudC)Seward02/12
Justin Frick (Shore)Prin Open01/24
Dusty Jonas (Asics)Millrose G02/14
Kris Kornegay-Gober (unat)USATF Ind02/28
*Jeron Robinson (AMK)TxT Masked Rider01/31
***Jonathan Wells (Il)Champaign01/17
2.197-2¼***Landon Bartel (Nb)Big Ten Ind02/28
*Isaac Jean-Paul (Lewis)GVSU Quad01/31
**Ken LeGassey (Ar)SEC Ind02/27
2.187-1¾***Tyler Adams (SHous)Lubbock01/29
-Alexander Bowen (Alb)BU LC03/01
Marcus Jackson (unat)Vanderbilt Inv01/24
Nigel Preacher (unat)Akron Inv02/07
-Gemikal Prude (Lips)SIU Inv02/07
2.177-1½**Miles Bearden (KsSt)Big 12 Ind02/28
Anthony May (unat)Samford Inv02/14
-Dominique Neloms (WiLC)WIAC Ind02/28
**Taylor Smith (AF)Air Force Inv01/22
**Robert Valdez (LSup)Hillsdale02/07
Foreign Collegians:
2.287-5¾***Christoffe Bryan (KsSt-Jam)Tyson Inv02/14
2.217-3-Django Lovett (NM-GB)Kirby Open02/13
2.177-1½**Damar Robinson (CloudC-Jam)JUCO Ind03/06

5.86(A)19-2¾Sam Kendricks (Nik)PV Summit01/16
5.7518-10¼-Andrew Irwin (Ar)Tyson Inv02/14
5.7018-8¼*Jake Blankenship (Tn)Hokie Inv01/23
5.6818-7½Jeff Coover (unat)Cedar Falls02/20
5.6718-7¼Jack Whitt (Nik)Wichita02/14
5.66(A)18-6¾Victor Weirich (PETC)New Mexico Cl02/06
5.61(A)18-4¾Brad Walker (Miz)New Mexico Cl02/06
5.6018-4½-Chris Pillow (Rice)USATF Ind02/28
5.55(A)18-2½Sam Pierson (ATB)USATF Colo.02/01
(A)Jordan Scott (VaultU)PV Summit01/16
(A)-Joey Uhle (AF)Air Force Inv01/22
(A)-Michael Woepse (UCLA)Kirby Open02/13
5.5218-1¼-Chris Uhle (VaT)Hokie Inv01/23
5.5118-1Scott Houston (unat)Indiana R01/31
(A)*Reese Watson (Tx)New Mexico Cl02/06
5.5018-½Mike Arnold (unat)Nampa02/07
(A)*Dylan Bell (AF)Air Force Academy12/12
Josh Dangel (unat)Akron PV01/09
(A)Derick Hinch (unat)Kirby Open02/13
(A)Zachary Siegmeier (unat)NnAz Tune-Up02/20
*Chase Wolfle (TxAM)SEC Ind02/28
5.4817-11¾*Casey Bowen (Ks)Big 12 Ind02/27
5.4717-11¼*Nikita Kirillov (GaT)ACC Ind02/28
***Lev Marcus (Wa)Husky Cl02/13
**Grant Sisserson (Corn)Deneault Mem02/21
5.46(A)17-11Paulo Benavides (TxHS)Albuquerque02/07
**Steven Cahoy (Nb)Sevigne Inv02/07
5.4517-10½Max Babits (unat)Hillsdale02/07
Jason Colwick (OwlAC)Ryan Inv01/31
(A)Logan Cunningham (unat)PV Summit01/16
(A)-Colton Ross (SFA)Lobo Open01/24
Deakin Volz (InHS)Bloomington02/07
5.4117-9*Adam Bragg (Prin)Sykes & Sabock C02/07
5.40(A)17-8½John Prader (WAC)Mountain T’s01/31
5.3817-7¾**Justin Estala (OR)Joplin02/07
5.3717-7¼**Tim Ehrhardt (MiSt)Big Ten Ind02/27
5.3617-7**Craig Hunter (Ct)Armory Inv Coll01/31
***Luke Winder (NCen)Naperville02/14
5.3517-6½-Seth Arnold (TxSt)Texas A&M Inv01/16
-Cameron Meyer (SFA)Akron PV01/09
Drew Volz (unat)Akron PV01/09
(A)Kyle Wait (unat)PV Summit Open01/17
(A)Sean Young (TPacer)PV Summit01/16
Foreign Collegians:
5.9019-4¼*Shawn Barber (Akr-Can)Tyson Inv02/14
5.5018-½*Jax Thoirs (Wa-GB)Wa Preview01/17
5.4717-11¼***Adrian Valles (Cinc-Spa)Columbus02/20

8.1226-7¾*Jarvis Gotch (LaT)Vanderbilt Inv01/23
8.0426-4½Cal Lane (unat)Bloomington12/12
8.0326-4¼*Jarrion Lawson (Ar)Tyson Inv02/13
8.0226-3¾Will Claye (Nik)Millrose G02/14
-Marquis Dendy (Fl)Razorback Inv01/30
7.8825-10¼*Jonathan Addison (NCSt)VT Elite02/07
7.8725-10**Aaron George (TxSt)Sun Belt Ind02/23
7.8425-8¾***KeAndre Bates (Fl)Razorback Inv01/30
*Cameron Hudson (Al)Tyson Inv02/13
7.8225-8-Braxton Drummond (ChSn)Va Tech Inv01/16
-Trey McRae (Char)Hokie Inv01/23
7.8025-7¼**Lutalo Boyce (AMK)Ramapo Ind02/07
7.7925-6¾*Basil Fares (Tx)Tyson Inv02/13
-Bryan McBride (AzSt)MPSF Ind02/27
7.7625-5½**Jared Kerr (MdES)Baltimore02/07
7.74(A)25-4¾Kendall Spencer (unat)New Mexico Cl02/06
7.7325-4½***Damarcus Simpson (Chadr)RMAC Ind02/28
7.7225-4**Cameron Echols-Luper (TCU)Tyson Inv02/13
***Travonn White (CAz)Phoenix01/24
7.7025-3¼Ashton Eaton (Nik)Millrose G02/14
-Ben Pressley (Rice)C-USA Ind02/26
7.6925-2¾***Jordan Latimer (Akr)Akron01/09
**Jalen Ramsey (FlSt)ACC Ind02/27
William Williams (unat)Iowa State Cl02/13
7.6825-2½-Olabanji Asekun (TxAM)Tyson Inv02/13
**Isaiah Thomas (Vinc)Indy Chall01/31
7.6725-2***Zack Bazile (OhSt)Big Ten Ind02/27
-Devin Davis (LaL)McNeese Inv01/30
**Frank Quarles (NCAT)Hokie Inv01/23
7.6525-1¼Blake Carter (unat)Redhawks Inv02/20
**Ventavius Sears (WnKy)C-USA Ind02/26
-Phillip Young (Ms)SEC Ind02/27
7.6425-¾-Brady Land (NbK)Kearney02/20
**Devyn Mikell (InSt)Mo Vly Ind03/01
-Laderrick Ward (SIlE)SnIlE Tri01/24
7.6225-0Chris Benard (WEx)Millrose G02/14
Ted Hooper (unat)Wa Inv01/31
***Trumaine Jefferson (Hous)Houston01/16
Foreign Collegians:
7.9726-1¾**Roelf Pienaar (ArSt-SA)ArSt Inv01/31
7.8625-9½**Keniel Grant (TxT-Jam)Arkansas Open02/21
7.69(A)25-2¾*Allan Hamilton (NM-GB)Lobo Open01/24
7.68(A)25-2½**Andreas Trajkovski-Soeresen (IaWnCC-Den)JUCO Ind03/06
7.6625-1¾-Jerome Wilson (TxT-Jam)Tyson Inv02/13
7.6225-0-James McLachlan (LoyCh-GB)Iowa State Cl02/13

17.2356-6½-Marquis Dendy (Fl)Tyson Inv02/14
16.9355-6½Will Claye (Nik)Armory Inv01/31
16.8755-4¼Omar Craddock (JumpC)Armory Inv01/31
16.7154-10Chris Carter (unat)Ryan Inv01/31
16.7054-9½-Donald Scott (EnMi)Meyo Inv02/07
16.5754-4½Chris Benard (unat)USATF Ind03/01
16.4553-11¾-Jonathan Gardner (GaT)ACC Ind02/28
Brandon Roulhac (Shore)Carnes Inv01/23
16.4353-11*Matthew Oneal (SFl)UAB Vulcan01/23
16.37(A)53-8½Mark Jackson (unat)Kirby Open02/14
16.2353-3Cordairo Golden (unat)Valentine’s Inv02/07
16.1152-10¼**Jeremiah Green (Al)SEC Ind02/28
16.0952-9½-Reginald Miller (SEMo)SnIlE Tri01/24
-Phillip Young (Ms)Tyson Inv02/14
16.0852-9¼Troy Doris (unat)Armory Inv01/31
16.0652-8¼***KeAndre Bates (Fl)SEC Ind02/28
(A)Joshua Honeycutt (unat)Kirby Open02/14
16.0252-6¾-Brian Leap (PennSt)Big Ten Ind02/28
15.9652-4½*Aaron Williams (NWnLa)LSU Twi02/20
15.9452-3¾Reid Johnson (unat)USD Twi02/20
15.9352-3¼-Jason Harper (MsSt)Birmingham01/09
15.9252-2¾*Darian Brooks (Stan)MPSF Ind02/28
15.9152-2½-Shai Carpenter (Clem)ACC Ind02/28
-Augustus Cowan (BrCliff)Storm Lake02/07
-Keenan Smith (NCAT)Armory Inv Coll01/31
15.8952-1¾**Chris Martin (SEMo)SIU Inv02/07
**Nick Phynn (Tx)Tyson Inv02/14
15.8752-¾-Luke James (SnIl)Vanderbilt Inv01/24
15.8552-0*Felix Obi (Bay)Big 12 Ind02/28
15.8451-11¾Rex Parker (unat)VT Chall02/20
15.81(A)51-10½***Nate Moore (Or)Kirby Open02/14
15.7951-9¾-Olabanji Asekun (TxAM)SEC Ind02/28
***John Warren (Mo)Missouri Chall02/20
15.7751-9Eric England (TreasVCC)Bronco Inv01/24
*John-Patrick Friday (Mia)McCravy Mem01/24
15.7451-7¾Marco Moon (unat)Run For Dream02/16
15.7251-7-Jarred Gambrell (MiSt)Meyo Inv02/07
15.7151-6½*Shawn Johnson (Aub)Vanderbilt Inv01/24
15.70(A)51-6¼*Josh Dixon (AzSt)NnAz Tune-Up02/20
(A)***Ihab El Hajri (IaWnCC)JUCO Ind03/07
Foreign Collegians:
16.6954-9¼*Latario Collie-Minns (TxAM-Bah)Tyson Inv02/14
16.6154-6**Manuel Ziegler (VaT-Ger)ACC Ind02/28
16.5554-3¾*Ben Williams (Louis-GB)VT Elite02/06
16.0752-8¾-Babatunde Amosu (Ia-GB)Big Ten Ind02/28
15.9952-5½**Clive Pullen (Ar-Jam)Tyson Inv02/14
15.9152-2½-James McLachlan (LoyCh-GB)Mo Vly Ind03/01
15.8852-1¼**Efe Uwaifo (Harv-GB)Heps Ind03/01
-Steve Waithe (PennSt-Tri)Penn St Tune-Up02/21
15.8351-11¼**Roelf Pienaar (ArSt-SA)Sun Belt Ind02/24
15.74(A)51-7¾**Earnest Mosheleketi (SPl-Bot)New Mexico Cl02/07

21.8071-6¼Ryan Whiting (Nik)Lodz02/17
21.1469-4¼*Ryan Crouser (Tx)Big 12 Ind02/28
20.8368-4¼Christian Cantwell (Nik)New Balance GP02/07
20.5167-3½-Darrell Hill (PennSt)National Inv01/31
20.0665-9¾-Jonathan Jones (Buf)Mid-American Ind02/28
19.9965-7-Nick Vena (Ga)VT Elite02/07
19.9665-6-Matt Babicz (DeP)Wilson Inv02/21
19.6864-6¾Bobby Grace (unat)Youngstown12/05
-Brad Szypka (Ky)McCravy Mem01/24
19.6164-4-Richard Chavez (ArSt)ArSt Inv01/31
19.5464-1¼*Nicholas Scarvelis (UCLA)MPSF Ind02/28
19.5364-1-Darian Brown (TxSt)Houston02/13
19.5063-11¾*Derek Sievers (Mi)Ann Arbor01/17
19.4063-7¾*Josh Freeman (SnIl)Wilt Inv02/14
19.3663-6¼-Kole Weldon (TxT)Tyson Inv02/14
19.2263-¾*Chuk Enekwechi (Pur)Meyo Inv02/07
19.2063-0*Kyle McKelvey (SD)Summit Ind02/27
Luke Pinkelman (unat)Sevigne Inv02/07
19.1962-11½*Chase Sammons (Ok)Razorback Inv01/31
19.1762-10¾**Aaron Castle (Az)MPSF Ind02/28
19.1162-8½-Tavis Bailey (Tn)Hokie Inv01/23
19.0762-6¾Nate Hunter (GBTC)USATF Ind02/28
19.0562-6***Benjamin Bonhurst (FlSt)VT Elite02/07
19.0362-5¼-JC Murasky (OhSt)Spire D1 Inv02/14
18.9862-3¼Derrick Vicars (unat)Kent02/21
18.9762-3**Thomas Anderson (AzSt)Kirby Open02/14
18.9562-2¼-Antonio James (MiSt)Meyo Inv02/07
18.9262-1David Pless (Ironwd)Portland02/06
18.9162-½Nick Baatz (unat)Kenosha02/07
18.8961-11¾Albert Fournette (unat)Baton Rouge02/14
-Curtis Wideman (SnIl)Charleston02/20
18.8761-11**Kyle Felpel (Al)SEC Ind02/28
Christopher Reed (unat)Mankato02/07
18.8561-10¼**Chris Cook (Prin)Heps Ind03/01
18.8361-9½Coy Blair (unat)Findlay Open01/30
18.7661-6¾Darien Moore (Ironwd)Wa Preview01/17
18.6861-3½*Luke Johnson (Mn)Wisc-Minn01/24
18.6561-2¼**Cameron Cornelius (Hous)Houston01/09
-Cody Snyder (SD)USD Twi02/20
18.6161-¾David Schall (NovaTC)Crawfordsville02/13
Foreign Collegians:
20.6767-9¾-Stipe Zunic (Fl-Cro)Euro Ind03/05
20.3166-7¾*Ashinia Miller (Ga-Jam)McCravy Mem01/24
19.6364-5***Filip Mihaljevic (Va-Cro)McCravy Mem01/24
19.3563-6-Stephen Mozia (Corn-Ngr)Ithaca02/15
19.3063-4-Dillon Simon (MdES-Dom)BU LC03/01
19.1562-10**Jordan Young (Va-Can)Iowa State Cl02/14
19.0862-7¼***Eldred Henry (CAz-BVI)JUCO Ind03/06
19.0462-5¾*Jan Jeuschede (IaSt-Ger)Iowa State Cl02/14

25.5883-11¼-Michael Lihrman (Wi)Big Ten Ind02/28
24.3980-¼*Chuk Enekwechi (Pur)Wilt Inv02/13
24.2079-4¾JC Lambert (unat)Indiana R01/30
23.6777-8A.G. Kruger (Nik)Findlay Open01/30
23.6077-5¼-Conor McCullough (USC)MPSF Ind02/27
23.3876-8½*Cameron Brown (Tn)VT Elite02/06
22.9075-1¾*Matthias Tayala (Kent)Mid-American Ind02/27
22.7474-7¼Andy Fryman (Mjo)USATF Ind03/01
22.5473-11½Kibwe Johnson (NikNYAC)USATF Ind03/01
22.5073-10-Davis Fraker (Il)Big Ten Ind02/28
22.4373-7¼*Greg Skipper (Or)MPSF Ind02/27
22.1572-8-Justin Welch (Find)Findlay01/16
21.9872-1½Joe Frye (MCM)Murfreesboro12/06
21.9772-1-Antonio James (MiSt)Meyo Inv02/06
21.9371-11½-Tavis Bailey (Tn)Tyson Inv02/13
21.9171-10¾*Darien Thornton (GVal)GVSU Tune-Up02/20
21.8971-10-Zac Ball (Ash)Columbus01/09
21.8871-9½-Jared Conklin (Ash)GLIAC Ind03/01
21.8171-6¾Matthew Royer (unat)Indianapolis12/06
21.7671-4¾Colin Dunbar (unat)USATF Ind03/01
21.6070-10½*AJ Hicks (NC)Iowa State Cl02/13
*Alexander Young (SELa)LSU Twi02/20
21.5670-9Tom Postema (unat)USATF Ind03/01
21.5470-8-Alex Kizirian (Co)Potts Ind01/16
21.3970-2¼*Anthony Jones (EnMi)Findlay Open01/30
21.3470-¼-Justin Barber (Mn)Wisc-Minn01/24
21.2869-9¾Nick Lane (BG)Kent02/22
21.2569-8¾-Curtis Wideman (SnIl)SIU Inv02/06
21.1969-6¼-Kevin Farley (SEMo)Champaign01/17
21.1869-6Coy Blair (unat)Findlay Open01/30
Jeff Milliron (unat)Prin Open01/24
21.1369-4**Reginald Jagers (Kent)Kent02/21
21.1169-3¼-Rodney Brown (LSU)New Mexico Cl02/06
21.0769-1½Darien Moore (Ironwd)Portland02/06
21.0369-0-Scott Erickson (Wi)Madison02/20
20.9868-10-Sean Donnelly (MtU)Kent02/21
20.9468-8½*Connor Neu (Young)Horizon Ind03/01
20.9068-7***Daniel Haugh (Al)SEC Ind02/27
20.8968-6½Tim Morse (unat)Charleston02/20
*Bradley Sauer (SnIl)SIU Inv02/06
Foreign Collegians:
22.9275-2½**Jordan Young (Va-Can)ACC Ind02/26
22.5674-¼*Nick Miller (OkSt-GB)Manhattan12/13
21.4270-3½*Tomas Kruzliak (VaT-Svk)Hokie Inv01/23
21.3670-1*Andrew Wells (Pitt-Can)ACC Ind02/26
20.8968-6½**Alex Poursanidis (Ga-Cyp)SEC Ind02/27

3689**Adam Deterding (KsSt)Manhattan12/12

6344Jeremy Taiwo (unat)Wa Inv01/31
6036*Garrett Scantling (Ga)SEC Ind02/28
5785**Scott Filip (Rice)C-USA Ind02/26
5772*Mike Morgan (Buf)Ithaca01/24
5741**Tim Ehrhardt (MiSt)Big Ten Ind02/28
5717**Wolf Mahler (Tx)Big 12 Ind02/28
5706*Stephen Keller (In)Big Ten Ind02/28
5644-Andre Dorsey (KennSt)Johnson Cl01/31
5601**Devon Williams (Ga)SEC Ind02/28
5600*Bilal Abdullah (KennSt)Atl Sun Ind03/01
(A)-Justin Green (CoSt)Mtn West Ind02/27
5576**Steven Bastien (Mi)Akron Inv02/07
5563(A)Miller Moss (unat)New Mexico Cl02/07
5561*Dylan Anderson (In)Gladstein Inv01/23
5546-Michael McPherson (UtV)WAC Ind02/28
5543**Mitch Modin (Or)MPSF Ind02/28
5539***Harrison Williams (Stan)MPSF Ind02/28
5526Austin Bahner (Shocker)USATF Ind02/28
5514(A)-Harrison Ivie (Az)New Mexico Cl02/07
5513Thomas Hopkins (SBTC)USATF Ind02/28
5500**Paul Haley (NC)ACC Ind02/27
5490(A)*Josh Cogdill (CoSt)Mtn West Ind02/27
5484Thomas FitzSimons (SBTC)USATF Ind02/28
5479*Taylor Sanderson (IaSt)Big 12 Ind02/28
5466Brent Vogel (KCSm)Joplin02/07
5464***Thomas Cheval (Ok)Big 12 Ind02/28
5458(A)**Hunter Price (CoSt)Mtn West Ind02/27
5454***Tim Duckworth (Ky)McCravy Mem01/23
5452-Ian Rock (Duke)ACC Ind02/27
5444*Solomon Ijah (EnMi)Mid-American Ind02/28
5439*Craig Howard (Buf)Mid-American Ind02/28
5413***Tanner McNutt (PittSt)MIAA Ind03/01
Foreign Collegians:
5909*Maicel Uibo (Ga-Est)SEC Ind02/28
5787**Luca Wieland (Mn-Ger)Big Ten Ind02/28
5777*Reinis Kregers (KsSt-Lat)Jayhawk Cl01/30
5709(A)-Marcus Nilsson (UCLA-Swe)New Mexico Cl02/07
5484**Dino Dodig (WaSt-Ser)WaSt Ind02/07
5459*Markus Leemet (SC-Est)SEC Ind02/28
5447*Johannes Hock (Tx-Ger)Big 12 Ind02/28

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