2014 U.S. Indoor List - Men

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compiled by Glen McMicken

(marks received and verified by 04/04/2014)

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These lists give the top U.S. performers of the indoor season, with an appending of those foreign collegians whose marks also fall into the range of our reporting standards. In the oversized-track category, the domestics and foreign collegians are commingled (' after name = foreigner on OT list). Relay teams may contain non-U.S. nationals.

Open athletes and high schoolers have no notation before their name. Collegians are noted by class: - = senior; * = junior; **=soph; *** = frosh.

Oversized tracks are those larger than 200m in circumference. OT marks at races longer than 1000m are no longer carried with the main list (except in the multis) because too many huge tracks have been turned into speedways. (A) = altitude over 1000m (in affected events only).

! = secondary performance in a field-event series (only applicable to final end-of-season lists); ¶ = field-event mark for which complete series data is missing (only applicable to final end-of-season lists)

5.72Marcus Rowland (unat)Saskatoon01/31
5.73Cordero Gray (Nik)Saskatoon01/31
5.84Kyle Stevenson (unat)Saskatoon01/31

6.18Marvin Bracy (adi)Carnes Inv01/17
Trell Kimmons (unat)Nashville02/01
6.19Trentavis Friday (NCHS)NBIN03/16
*Blake Smith (SEMo)Cape Girardeau02/21
Foreign Collegians:
6.11***Odean Skeen (SPl-Jam)Lubbock02/01

6.48(A)Marvin Bracy (adi)USATF Ind02/23
6.49(A)Trell Kimmons (adi)USATF Ind02/23
6.50BracyMillrose G02/15
6.51(A)Mike Rodgers (Nik)USATF Ind02/22
(A)BracyUSATF Ind02/23
BracyWorld Ind03/08
**6 performances by 3 performers**
6.52(A)D’Angelo Cherry (Asics)USATF Ind02/23
(A)-Dentarius Locke (FlSt)NCAA Ind03/15
(A)Joe Morris (unat)USATF Ind02/23
6.54(A)*Diondre Batson (Al)NCAA Ind03/14
(A)***Cameron Burrell (Hous)NCAA Ind03/14
6.55(A)Sean McLean (unat)USATF Ind02/23
-Clayton Vaughn (UTA)Sevigne Inv02/08
6.56-Prezel Hardy (TxAM)A&M 10-Team01/17
(A)-Ryan Milus (AzSt)NnAz Team01/17
(A)Keith Ricks (unat)USATF Ind02/23
6.58(A)Jeffery Henderson (CVE)USATF Ind02/22
(A)Mark Jelks (unat)Colorado Springs02/15
6.59(A)***Tatum Benard-Taylor (AzSt)Flagstaff01/25
6.60(A)Ryan Bailey (Nik)USATF Ind02/23
(A)**Raymond Bozmans (TCU)New Mexico Inv02/01
**Leshon Collins (Hous)Houston01/11
(A)Jeremy Dodson (BouTC)USATF Ind02/22
(A)Cordero Gray (Nik)USATF Ind02/22
**Tevin Hester (Clem)Armory Coll Inv02/07
**Markesh Woodson (Mo)Armory Coll Inv02/07
(A)**Antwan Wright (Fl)NCAA Ind03/14
6.61(A)*Nic Bowens (UtSt)Mtn West Ind03/01
**Devin Jenkins (Sn)Houston02/01
6.62*Hugh Graham (Fl)SEC Ind02/28
Dominique Hubert (unat)Indiana R02/01
***Jalen Miller (Ms)Armory Coll Inv02/07
Marcus Rowland (unat)Auburn Inv01/18
6.63*BeeJay Lee (USC)Seattle01/18
*Raheem Mostert (Pur)Big Ten Ind03/01
Mookie Salaam (unat)Auburn Inv01/18
Ivory Williams (WEx)Birmingham02/14
6.64Trentavis Friday (NCHS)NBIN03/16
Mickey Grimes (unat)Naperville01/25
***Tyreek Hill (OkSt)Big 12 Ind03/01
(A)Jared Ware (unat)Flagstaff01/25
6.65***Trayvon Bromell (Bay)Lexington01/25
(A)-Michael Granger (Ms)Albuquerque02/15
**Kendall Kee (SC)SEC Ind02/28
Foreign Collegians:
6.55(A)-Aaron Brown (USC-Can)Albuquerque02/15
6.64**Andre De Grasse (Coffey-Can)Sevigne Inv02/08
***Senoj-Jay Givans (Tx-Jam)Tyson Inv02/14
6.65*Shavez Hart (TxAM-Bah)Texas A&M Inv02/15

20.32(A)*Diondre Batson (Al)NCAA Ind03/15
20.34(A)*Dedric Dukes (Fl)NCAA Ind03/15
20.51Wallace Spearmon (unat)Tyson Inv02/15
20.52(A)-Carvin Nkanata (Pitt)NCAA Ind03/15
20.55(A)**Arman Hall (Fl)NCAA Ind03/15
DukesSEC Ind02/28
20.57(A)***Tyreek Hill (OkSt)NCAA Ind03/15
20.66(A)**Aldrich Bailey (TxAM)NCAA Ind03/15
20.70-Prezel Hardy (TxAM)A&M 10-Team01/18
20.78(A)-Trey Hadnot (LaT)NCAA Ind03/14
20.84(A)-Mike Berry (Or)Albuquerque02/14
(A)**Wayne Gordon (Kent)NCAA Ind03/14
20.89-Michael Bryan (TxAM)Texas A&M Inv02/15
20.92**Devin Jenkins (Sn)SWAC Ind02/23
20.94**Bryce Robinson (Tulsa)Arkansas Inv01/10
20.97Trentavis Friday (NCHS)NBIN03/16
21.01(A)***Tremayne Acy (LSU)New Mexico Inv02/01
21.02***Trayvon Bromell (Bay)Tyson Inv02/15
*Timothy Faust (OhSt)Penn State01/18
21.03-Dentarius Locke (FlSt)Razorback Inv01/31
(A)*Davonte Stewart (USC)Albuquerque02/14
21.04**Leshon Collins (Hous)The American Ind03/01
21.05Jordan Sartor-Francis (Navy)Boston03/09
21.08***Lamar Hargrove (Tif)NCAA II Ind03/15
-Blake Heriot (Bay)Tyson Inv02/15
21.09-Jaquan Holland (Syr)Terrier Cl01/25
21.10-Darnell Cummings (Ct)The American Ind03/01
21.11(A)*Nic Bowens (UtSt)Albuquerque02/14
*Kameron Cowan (Gram)SWAC Ind02/23
**Jarrion Lawson (Ar)Razorback Inv01/31
-Waymon Storey (Ok)Texas A&M Inv02/15
21.13**Markesh Woodson (Mo)Tyson Inv02/15
21.14Joshua Washington (RichB)JUCO Ind03/08
21.15Darryl Haraway (MdHS)NBIN03/16
Clayton Parros (LSpeed)Arkansas Inv01/10
21.17-Justin Walker (NWnLa)Southland Ind02/27
21.18-Elvyonn Bailey (WnKy)Sun Belt Ind02/25
**Zack Bilderback (Tx)Tyson Inv02/15
21.20-Tucker Peabody (Lips)Birmingham02/08
21.21*Aaron Ernest (LSU)SEC Ind02/28
**Ja’Karyus Redwine (WnKy)Sun Belt Ind02/25
David Winters (Barton)JUCO Ind03/08
Foreign Collegians:
20.53(A)-Aaron Brown (USC-Can)Albuquerque02/14
20.66*Shavez Hart (TxAM-Bah)SEC Ind03/01
20.68*Deon Lendore (TxAM-Tri)Aggie Inv02/08
20.75(A)-Bruno Hortelano-Roig (Corn-Ger)NCAA Ind03/15
20.78*Brendon Rodney (LIUB-Can)Terrier Cl01/25
20.98**Nethaneel Mitchell-Blake (LSU-GB)College Station01/25
20.99**Andre De Grasse (Coffey-Can)Sevigne Inv02/08
21.06(A)*Carlos Rodriguez (KsSt-PR)New Mexico Cl02/07
21.08-Shermund Allsop (LSU-Tri)SEC Ind02/28
21.09***Omar McLeod (Ar-Jam)Tx-Ar Dual01/17
21.19(A)-Dexter McKenzie (Nb-Jam)New Mexico Inv02/01
Oversized Track:
20.73*Raheem Mostert (Pur)Big Ten Ind03/01
20.74GordonMid-American Ind03/01
20.77FaustBig Ten Ind03/01
20.80(A)Joe Morris (unat)Air Force01/11
21.00*Tim Price (AMK)Lone Star Ind03/02
21.04Heriot (Bay)Big 12 Ind03/01
21.05-Tucker Peabody (Lips)Geneva02/15
21.06*Ricco Hall (Nb)Big Ten Ind03/01
21.13McKenzieBig Ten Ind02/28
21.14*Brandon Stryganek (Il)Big Ten Ind02/28
21.16-Stephon Pamilton (Il)Big Ten Ind02/28
***Riak Reese (Kent)Mid-American Ind03/01
***Ceo Ways (NC)Notre Dame02/22
21.17Kind Butler (Nexus)Allendale01/17
21.19Dontaey Paige (InT)NAIA Ind03/08

45.28**Arman Hall (Fl)SEC Ind03/01
45.39*Vernon Norwood (LSU)SEC Ind03/01
45.46(A)NorwoodNCAA Ind03/15
45.52(A)HallNCAA Ind03/15
45.54NorwoodSEC Ind02/28
**5 performances by 2 performers**
45.60(A)Kyle Clemons (unat)USATF Ind02/23
45.62(A)David Verburg (unat)USATF Ind02/23
45.64(A)-Mike Berry (Or)NCAA Ind03/15
45.74(A)*Chris Giesting (NDm)NCAA Ind03/15
45.84(A)Kind Butler III (unat)USATF Ind02/23
45.90(A)-James Harris (FlSt)NCAA Ind03/14
45.91(A)Calvin Smith (adi)USATF Ind02/23
45.92(A)Clayton Parros (LSpeed)USATF Ind02/23
45.94*Hugh Graham (Fl)SEC Ind03/01
45.95**Najee Glass (Fl)SEC Ind03/01
45.96-Neil Braddy (Ar)Tyson Inv02/14
46.05(A)-Pat Feeney (NDm)NCAA Ind03/14
46.06(A)-Brycen Spratling (Pitt)NCAA Ind03/14
46.21*Quincy Downing (LSU)SEC Ind03/01
46.25**Aldrich Bailey (TxAM)Razorback Inv02/01
46.28**Darrell Bush (LSU)SEC Ind03/01
46.36-Carvin Nkanata (Pitt)Penn State01/18
46.44(A)-Alonzo Russell (FlSt)Albuquerque01/25
46.47**Zack Bilderback (Tx)Tyson Inv02/14
46.50Charles Clark (unat)BU Hemery02/08
46.52Quentin Iglehart-Summers (unat)Texas A&M Inv02/15
46.56(A)Ricky Babineaux (unat)USATF Ind02/22
46.57***Michael Cherry (FlSt)Razorback Inv02/01
**Eric Janise (Ar)SEC Ind02/28
46.60-Je’von Hutchison (Hamp)Boston LC03/02
46.61-Bernard Bennett-Green (PennSt)Penn State01/18
46.65**Kebba Nasso (RI)Boston03/09
46.71-Travis Southard (Ar)Tyson Inv02/14
46.73***Byron Robinson (PennSt)Penn State Nat Inv02/01
46.74-Brandon Bennett-Green (PennSt)Penn State Nat Inv02/01
46.75(A)-Narada Jackson (TCU)New Mexico Inv02/01
46.76-Micah Murray (Pitt)Penn State Nat Inv02/01
46.78Manteo Mitchell (Nik)Birmingham02/08
46.82Michael Courtney (unat)Texas A&M Inv02/15
46.85Armanti Hayes (unat)Aggie Inv02/08
46.87-Clinton Collins (NTx)C-USA Ind03/01
46.90Austin Batiste (Navy)Boston03/09
46.94-Joshua Edmonds (StA)Penn State Nat Inv02/01
Foreign Collegians:
45.03*Deon Lendore (TxAM-Tri)SEC Ind03/01
46.22(A)-Emmanuel Tugumisirize (MTn-Uga)NCAA Ind03/14
46.42-Carlyle Roudette (TxAM-Tri)Texas A&M Inv02/15
46.61***Jereem Richards (SPl-Tri)Tyson Inv02/14
46.73***George Caddick (Bay-GB)A&M 10-Team01/18
Oversized Track:
46.03**Zack Bilderback (Tx)Big 12 Ind03/01
46.05TugumisirizeVanderbilt Inv01/25
46.24**Steven Solomon (Stan-Aus)MPSF Ind03/01
46.38-Stephon Pamilton (Il)Big Ten Ind03/01
46.52-Elvyonn Bailey (WnKy)Vanderbilt Inv01/25
46.55Ber. Bennett-GreenGeneva02/15
HutchisonNotre Dame02/22
46.64-Ali Arastu (unat)Geneva02/15
46.67*DJ Zahn (Il)Big Ten Ind03/01
46.68*Troy Pollard (FlAM)Ky Inv01/18
46.81*Sean Sutton (NC)Notre Dame02/22
46.82*Jordan Edwards (AArt)Geneva02/08
46.89-Blake Heriot (Bay)Big 12 Ind03/01

1:00.85-Brycen Spratling (Pitt)Armory Coll Inv02/08
1:01.50-Curtis Beach (Duke)Armory Coll Inv02/08
1:01.58**Scottie Hearn (MsSt)Armory Coll Inv02/08
1:01.67-Samuel Ellison (Vill)Big East Ind02/22
1:01.99Bershawn Jackson (GWE)VaT Inv01/17
Foreign Collegians:
1:01.40**Brandon McBride (MsSt-Can)Armory Coll Inv02/08
1:01.44**Steven Solomon (Stan-Aus)Penn State Nat Inv02/01

1:16.11Erik Sowinski (Nik)Moscow02/02
1:16.67Duane Solomon (Sauc)New Balance G01/25
1:16.78SowinskiNew Balance G01/25
1:17.36**Robert Rhodes (Ct)Penn State02/08
**5 performances by 3 performers**
1:17.65**Levi Gipson (Nb)Lincoln01/18
1:17.79Shariff Webb (FitF)New Balance G01/25
1:18.28**Joe McAsey (Il)Sevigne Inv02/08
1:18.40*London Hawk (Nb)Lincoln01/18
**Cody Rush (Nb)Sevigne Inv02/08
1:18.51Selasi Lumax (NJNY)New Balance G01/25
1:18.56-Ken Taylor (Al)Indiana R02/01
1:18.60-Dylan Skinner (UNCW)Blacksburg02/22
1:18.67Ashley Riley (ColbyC)JUCO Ind03/08
1:18.73*Travis Hinton (OkB)Lincoln02/21
1:18.75(A)***Blair Henderson (LSU)New Mexico Inv02/01
1:18.92Declan Murray (NJNY)New Balance G01/25
1:18.94Sean Atkinson (CPTC)New Balance G01/25
1:18.96*Dillon Webster (Find)Findlay01/25
Foreign Collegians:
1:18.33-Thomas Bojanowski (WF-Ger)Blacksburg02/22
Oversized Track:
1:17.07GipsonBig Ten Ind03/01
1:17.27McAseyBig Ten Ind03/01
1:17.41HawkBig Ten Ind03/01
1:17.42***Tretez Kinnaird (In)Big Ten Ind02/28
1:17.84**Will Teubel (Ia)Big Ten Ind03/01
1:17.89***Anthony Johnson (OhSt)Big Ten Ind02/28
1:17.93***Nate Roese (Mn)Big Ten Ind02/28
1:18.02-Zebo Zebe (Il)Big Ten Ind02/28
1:18.24-Tyler Woloszyk (Wi)Big Ten Ind02/28
1:18.29John Hester (InT)NAIA Ind03/08
1:18.39*Luke Lefebure (Stan)Seattle01/18
1:18.47***Ryan Davis (Wi)Big Ten Ind02/28
1:18.65-Jordan Rispress (OhSt)Big Ten Ind02/28
1:18.70***Bradley Johnson (Mn)Big Ten Ind02/28
1:18.75*Brennan Davey (Ia)Big Ten Ind02/28
1:18.78**Neil Flattery (Ia)Big Ten Ind02/28
1:18.89***Mitch Hechsel (Mn)Big Ten Ind02/28
1:18.90*Caleb Teachout (Aqui)Allendale01/17
1:18.98***Rashawn Fountain (Mn)Big Ten Ind02/28
*Aaron Thompson (Wi)Big Ten Ind02/28

1:46.71Mike Rutt (NJNY)BU Hemery02/07
1:46.84Erik Sowinski (Nik)Düsseldorf01/30
1:46.98Brian Gagnon (NJNY)BU Hemery02/07
1:47.07Robby Andrews (adi)BU Hemery02/07
1:47.29Nick Symmonds (Brk)World Ind03/07
**5 performances by 5 performers**
1:47.45**Brannon Kidder (PennSt)Penn State02/08
1:47.94Kyle Merber (NJNY)BU Hemery02/07
1:47.95-Sean Obinwa (Fl)SEC Ind02/28
1:47.96**Alvaro Chavez (Ct)Penn State02/08
*Patrick Rono (Ar)Tyson Inv02/14
1:48.03Declan Murray (NJNY)BU Hemery02/07
1:48.05**Ryan Schnulle (Fl)Razorback Inv02/01
1:48.11**Za’Von Watkins (PennSt)Penn State02/08
1:48.20James Gilreath (adiTG)Razorback Inv02/01
1:48.28(A)Mark Wieczorek (Brk)USATF Ind02/22
1:48.34(A)Tyler Mulder (Nik)USATF Ind02/22
1:48.82-Andrew Smith (MdBC)Boston LC03/02
1:48.92*Billy Ledder (Gtn)Penn State Nat Inv02/01
1:48.99(A)Nick Guarino (SyrC)USATF Ind02/22
1:49.03***Ryan Manahan (Gtn)Boston LC03/02
1:49.05(A)Casimir Loxsom (Brk)USATF Ind02/22
1:49.15*Josh Hernandez (TxAM)Razorback Inv02/01
1:49.17Chris Bilbrew (adi)Razorback Inv02/01
1:49.26-Harry McFann (Col)Armory Coll Inv02/08
1:49.27-Anthony Kostelac (Va)Tyson Inv02/14
1:49.34**Robert Rhodes (Ct)Allston02/15
1:49.35-Samuel Ellison (Vill)Penn State Nat Inv02/01
1:49.39***Dylan Capwell (Monm)Armory Coll Inv02/08
1:49.41Shaquille Dill (unat)BU Hemery02/08
1:49.63*Brendon Fish (Col)New York02/14
-Jake Hiltner (Akr)Penn State Nat Inv02/01
1:49.70***Blair Henderson (LSU)Tyson Inv02/14
1:49.71*Luke Lefebure (Stan)Penn State Nat Inv02/01
1:49.73*Drew Windle (Ash)NCAA II Ind03/15
1:49.74*Brandon Lasater (GaT)Penn State Nat Inv02/01
1:49.75Sharif Webb (FitF)BU Hemery02/08
1:49.84Lance Roller (unat)Bloomington02/15
1:49.85(A)Mark Husted (unat)New Mexico Cl02/08
1:49.90(A)*Harry Fisher (Wy)Albuquerque02/15
1:49.92(A)Owen Dawson (unat)USATF Ind02/22
Foreign Collegians:
1:47.51**Brandon McBride (MsSt-Can)Tyson Inv02/14
1:48.14*Edward Kemboi (IaSt-Ken)Penn State01/18
1:48.53***Andres Arroyo (Fl-PR)Razorback Inv02/01
1:48.70**Tomás Squella (Ar-Chl)Tyson Inv02/14
1:48.94*Keffri Neal (Ky-Can)SEC Ind03/01
1:48.98**Eliud Rutto (MTn-Ken)Winston-Salem02/01
1:49.38***Scott Buttinger (Stan-Can)Penn State Nat Inv02/01
1:49.68*Charles Grethen (Ga-Lux)SEC Ind02/28
Oversized Track:
1:45.98KemboiIowa State Cl02/15
1:47.76ObinwaIowa State Cl02/15
1:47.89LedderIowa State Cl02/15
1:47.97ArroyoIowa State Cl02/15
1:48.40EllisonIowa State Cl02/15
1:48.77***Jacopo Lahbi (Al-Ita)Lexington01/25
1:48.80LefebureHusky Cl02/15
1:48.84*Jesse Jorgensen (WaSt)MPSF Ind03/01
1:48.85-Jake Hiltner (Akr)Mid-American Ind03/01
1:48.86**Nick Hartle (UCLA)MPSF Ind03/01
*Sam Penzenstadler (LoyCh)Allendale02/15
1:48.91-Boru Guyota (Or-Eth)Lexington01/25
1:49.00**Derrick Daigre (Wa)Husky Cl02/15
1:49.01GrethenHusky Cl02/15
1:49.05**Ethan Barnes (GVal)Allendale02/15
1:49.09**Ahmed Bile (Gtn)Iowa State Cl02/15
1:49.37HendersonNotre Dame02/22
*Dillon Webster (Find)Allendale02/15
1:49.49***Tretez Kinnaird (In)Meyo Inv02/08
-David Mokone (WnKy-SA)Iowa State Cl02/15
1:49.53Harun Abda (OTC)Husky Cl02/15
1:49.55**Russell Hornsby (Or)Husky Cl02/15
1:49.56*Austin Mudd (Wi)Big Ten Ind03/01
1:49.64Natahn Strum (unat)Husky Cl02/15
1:49.67**Goaner Deng (Mn)Iowa State Cl02/15
1:49.85Joe Abbott (unat)Seattle01/18
1:49.92**Joe McAsey (Il)Iowa State Cl02/15

2:16.76David Torrence (Nik)Boston LC03/02
2:18.63Erik Sowinski (Nik)Millrose G02/15
2:18.87Nick Symmonds (Brk)Millrose G02/15
2:19.67Michael Rutt (Nik)Millrose G02/15
2:20.57Robby Andrews (adi)Millrose G02/15
**5 performances by 5 performers**
2:20.65*Robby Creese (PennSt)Penn State01/18
2:21.20Tyler Mulder (OTC)Millrose G02/15
2:21.42**Ahmed Bile (Gtn)Penn State01/18
2:21.77*Billy Ledder (Gtn)Penn State01/18
2:21.99*Jesse Garn (Bing)Armory Coll Inv02/07
2:22.35**Ned Willig (Brown)Terrier Cl01/25
2:22.47Erik Berg (NJNY)BU Hemery02/08
2:22.66***Josh Lampron (Vill)Big East Ind02/22
2:22.73Nick Guarino (SyrCh)Terrier Cl01/25
2:22.75***Amos Bartelsmeyer (Gtn)Penn State Nat Inv02/01
2:22.94Owen Dawson (unat)Penn State01/18
2:23.08***Ryan Manahan (Gtn)Penn State Nat Inv02/01
2:23.48*Dusty Solis (Vill)Big East Ind02/22
2:23.78**Luke Brahm (Prin)BU Hemery02/08
2:23.85**Joseph Vercollone (Prov)Boston03/08
Foreign Collegians:
2:18.55*Rich Peters (BU-GB)Boston LC03/02
2:22.82*Keffri Neal (Ky-Can)Bloomington12/14
2:23.61**Tomas Squella (Ar-Chl)Tx-Ar Dual01/17
Oversized Track:
2:22.07-Jeremy Rae (NDm-Can)Notre Dame01/25
2:22.09Josh Guarino (SyrCh)Geneva02/14
2:22.14**Izaic Yorks (Wa)Seattle01/18
2:22.17-Marco Bertolotti (Stan-Fin)Seattle01/18
2:22.32-Michael Atchoo (Stan)Seattle01/18
2:22.50*Edward Kemboi (IaSt-Ken)Big 12 Ind03/01
2:22.55**Chad Noelle (OkSt)Big 12 Ind03/01
2:22.58***Scott Buttinger (Stan-Can)Seattle01/18
2:23.13***Blake Nelson (Wa)Seattle01/18
2:23.70*Justin Vilhauer (OkSt)Big 12 Ind03/01

3:37.89Will Leer (Nik)Millrose G02/15
3:38.02LeerWorld Ind03/07
3:38.88Craig Miller (NBal)Millrose G02/15
3:38.89Garrett Heath (Brk)New Balance G01/25
3:39.22Leo Manzano (unat)Millrose G02/15
**5 performances by 4 performers**
3:42.88Pat Casey (OTC)New Balance GP02/08
3:43.09(A)Lopez Lomong (Nik)USATF Ind02/23
3:43.59Jack Bolas (NBal)New Balance G01/25
3:43.86Michael Rutt (NJNY)New York01/25
3:44.15(A)Ryan Hill (Nik)USATF Ind02/23
3:44.24Donn Cabral (Nik)New York01/25
Foreign Collegians:
3:37.42Lawi Lalang (Az-Ken)Millrose G02/15

3:52.47Will Leer (Nik)Millrose G02/15
3:54.59Garrett Heath (Brk)New Balance G01/25
3:55.09Craig Miller (NBal)Millrose G02/15
3:56.73Leo Manzano (unat)Millrose G02/15
3:57.69MillerNew Balance G01/25
**5 performances by 4 performers**
3:58.04*Will Geoghegan (Dart)Terrier Cl01/25
3:58.18Patrick Casey (OTC)New Balance GP02/08
3:58.50De’sean Turner (TIn)Indiana R02/01
3:58.52Lopez Lomong (Nik)New Balance GP02/08
3:58.61Travis Mahoney (NJNY)BU Hemery02/08
3:58.70Patrick McGregor (NJNY)BU Hemery02/08
3:58.77Taylor Gilland (BSh)BU Hemery02/08
3:59.00(A)Ryan Hill (Nik)Albuquerque01/25
3:59.35Jack Bolas (NBal)New Balance GP02/08
3:59.37*Jesse Garn (Bing)Boston LC03/02
3:59.55**Brannon Kidder (PennSt)Penn State Nat Inv02/01
3:59.63-Michael Williams (Prin)BU Hemery02/08
4:00.00Jeff See (unat)New Balance GP02/08
4:00.01Frezer Legesse (TIn)Indiana R02/01
4:00.04*Martin Hehir (Syr)BU Hemery02/08
4:00.15Travis Burkstrand (TMn)Terrier Cl01/25
4:00.35*Robert Allen (MaL)BU Hemery02/08
4:00.41-Coby Horowitz (Bow)NEICAAAA Ind03/01
4:00.51Michael Hammond (FurmE)Virginia Tech El02/07
4:00.52***Steve Mangan (Dart)Cambridge02/23
Andrew Poore (adi)Indiana R02/01
4:00.54-James Shirvell (Yale)Terrier Cl01/25
4:00.60Michael Rutt (NJNY)New Balance G01/25
4:00.69*John Bleday (Dart)BU Hemery02/08
4:00.83Joshua McAlary (unat)Terrier Cl01/25
4:00.90-Tabor Stevens (Adams)Lincoln02/21
4:00.94Duncan Phillips (AusTC)Winston-Salem02/01
4:00.99John Moore (StotR)BU Hemery02/08
4:01.04-Julian Saad (Prov)BU Hemery02/08
4:01.07Kyle Merber (NJNY)Columbia Inv02/01
4:01.09Erik Berg (NJNY)Terrier Cl01/25
4:01.17Donn Cabral (Nik)New Balance G01/25
4:01.27-Matt Hillenbrand (Ky)Virginia Tech El02/07
4:01.34Donny Cowart (unat)Virginia Tech El02/07
4:01.36Owen Dawson (BrynM)Penn State Nat Inv02/01
4:01.50Matthew Elliott (unat)Winston-Salem02/01
Foreign Collegians:
3:57.27*Rich Peters (BU-GB)BU Hemery02/08
3:58.48-Matthew Gillespie (Iona-GB)BU Hemery02/08
3:59.52**Robert Denault (Vill-Can)Boston LC03/02
3:59.70*Kevin Batt (Adams-Aus)Lincoln02/21
4:00.18**Jordan Williamsz (Vill-Aus)Penn State Nat Inv02/01
4:00.36**Kieran Clements (Iona-GB)BU Hemery02/08
4:00.50**Julian Oakley (Prov-NZ)Boston LC03/02
4:00.99***Chartt Miller (Iona-Aus)BU Hemery02/08
4:01.04-Martin Casse (UTPA-Fra)BU Hemery02/08
4:01.11(A)*Anthony Rotich (UTEP-Ken)Albuquerque01/25
4:01.41-Marco Bertolotti (Stan-Fin)Penn State Nat Inv02/01
Oversized Track:
3:56.84WilliamszIowa State Cl02/15
3:57.00HillenbrandIowa State Cl02/15
3:57.25-Jeremy Rae (NDm-Can)Meyo Inv02/08
3:57.48LegesseIowa State Cl02/15
3:58.01PhillipsIowa State Cl02/15
3:58.20Evan Jager (Nik)Washington Inv01/31
3:58.21*Sam Penzenstadler (LoyCh)Meyo Inv02/08
3:58.25-Mac Fleet (Or)Husky Cl02/15
3:58.27TurnerNotre Dame02/22
3:58.35Riley Masters (BB)Iowa State Cl02/15
3:58.39Dan Huling (Nik)Washington Inv01/31
3:58.49**Brannon Kidder (PennSt)Husky Cl02/15
3:58.57Tyler Stutzman (unat)Husky Cl02/15
3:59.04**Izaic Yorks (Wa)Husky Cl02/15
3:59.12**Chad Noelle (OkSt)Iowa State Cl02/15
3:59.38-John Simons (Mn)Husky Cl02/15
3:59.39-Brett Johnson (Or)Husky Cl02/15
3:59.47Jake Edwards (ColumRC)Geneva02/01
3:59.58-Nick Happe (NDm)Meyo Inv02/08
3:59.59Daniel Quigley (OTC)Washington Inv01/31
3:59.91***Sean Tobin (Ms-Ire)Husky Cl02/15
3:59.98PooreNotre Dame02/22
4:00.17-J.P. Malette (NDm-Can)Notre Dame02/22
4:00.44-Isaac Presson (NC)Notre Dame02/22
4:00.56**Graham Crawford (NCSt)Notre Dame02/22
4:00.79*Alex Deir (Ok)Notre Dame02/22
4:00.90-Todd Wakefield (WaSt-Aus)Husky Cl02/15
4:00.91-Grzegorz Kalinowski (EnMi-Pol)Meyo Inv02/08
4:01.04Daniel Stockberger (TIn)Notre Dame02/22
4:01.19Zach Dahleen (unat)Husky Cl02/15
4:01.20-Robert Sandlin (Bellarm)Meyo Inv02/08
4:01.28*Ryan Poland (Port)Husky Cl02/15
4:01.38BertolottiHusky Cl02/15

7:34.68Galen Rupp (Nik)Terrier Cl01/25
7:34.87Ryan Hill (Nik)New Balance GP02/08
7:37.40Garrett Heath (Brk)New Balance GP02/08
7:37.62Andrew Bumbalough (Nik)New Balance GP02/08
7:38.51Bernard Lagat (Nik)Karlsruhe02/01
**5 performances by 5 performers**
7:42.95Will Leer (Nik)New Balance GP02/08
7:44.88Hassan Mead (Nik)New Balance GP02/08
7:46.55Ben Blankenship (Nik)New Balance GP02/08
7:49.05Craig Miller (NBal)New Balance GP02/08
7:50.31Andrew Poore (adi)Bloomington02/15
7:50.58De’Sean Turner (TIn)Bloomington02/15
7:51.47Donn Cabral (Nik)New Balance GP02/08
7:51.52-Maksim Korolev (Harv)Hemery Inv02/08
7:51.57*Will Geoghegan (Dart)Hemery Inv02/08
7:52.09Travis Mahoney (NJNY)Terrier Cl01/25
7:54.78George Alex (Zap)Terrier Cl01/25
7:56.16Tim Ritchie (BAA)Hemery Inv02/08
7:56.65(A)Lopez Lomong (Nik)USATF Ind02/22
7:57.44-Chris Bendtsen (Prin)Hemery Inv02/08
7:57.55Nicholas Hilton (TRF)Hemery Inv02/08
7:57.59Patrick McGregor (NJNY)Columbia Inv02/01
7:57.79-Shane Moskowitz (OkSt)Razorback Inv02/01
7:58.07Craig Forys (FurmE)Winston-Salem02/01
7:59.33*Otis Ubriaco (Iona)Allston02/15
7:59.40*Martin Hehir (Syr)National Inv02/01
7:59.64**Chad Noelle (OkSt)Razorback Inv02/01
7:59.72*Mark Parrish (Fl)Razorback Inv02/01
8:00.08-Matt Hillenbrand (Ky)SEC Ind02/28
8:00.09Collin Leibold (Gtn)Boston03/09
8:00.69Dan Lowry (unat)Terrier Cl01/25
8:00.84Adam Vess (TRF)Hemery Inv02/08
8:01.01*Daniel Everett (Col)Armory Coll Inv02/08
8:01.25***Malachy Schrobilgen (Wi)Armory Coll Inv02/08
8:01.51***Matthew Schwartzer (In)Bloomington02/15
8:01.60*Ty McCormack (Aub)Winston-Salem02/01
8:01.65-Solomon Haile (Ar)Razorback Inv02/01
8:01.98Joe Stilin (Zap)Bloomington02/15
8:02.40John Prizzi (NH)Boston03/09
8:02.94-Adam Kahleifeh (Ky)SEC Ind02/28
8:03.18Cameron Bean (Zap)Terrier Cl01/25
Foreign Collegians:
7:52.24-Matthew Gillespie (Iona-GB)Terrier Cl01/25
7:52.61*Rich Peters (BU-GB)Terrier Cl01/25
7:57.52***Chartt Miller (Iona-Aus)Allston02/15
7:57.67**Kieran Clements (Iona-GB)Allston02/15
7:57.75***Patrick Tiernan (Vill-Aus)National Inv02/01
7:57.88-James Leakos (Harv-Can)Boston03/09
7:59.61-Daniel Clorley (Iona-GB)Boston LC03/02
8:01.29*Sam Stabler (Lam-GB)A&M 12-Team01/17
8:02.07-Sam McEntee (Vill-Aus)National Inv02/01
Oversized Track:
7:44.20-Lawi Lalang (Az-Ken)Washington Inv01/31
7:47.20***Edward Cheserek (Or-Ken)MPSF Ind03/01
7:50.50-Jake Hurysz (Co)MPSF Ind03/01
7:50.81-Erik Olson (Stan)MPSF Ind03/01
7:50.86-Joe Bosshard (Co)MPSF Ind03/01
7:51.06*Parker Stinson (Or)MPSF Ind03/01
7:51.78-Reed Connor (Wi)Big 10 Ind02/28
7:52.15*Kevin Batt (Adams-Aus)Husky Cl02/15
7:52.51-Jared Ward (BYU)MPSF Ind03/01
7:52.61***Ben Saarel (Co)Husky Cl02/15
7:52.62-John Simons (Mn)Big 10 Ind02/28
7:53.13-Trevor Dunbar (Or)Husky Cl02/15
7:53.34**Caleb Rhynard (MiSt)Big 10 Ind02/28
7:53.53-Kirubel Erassa (OkSt)Big 12 Ind03/01
7:54.22-Mo Ahmed (Wi-Can)Big 10 Ind02/28
7:54.39-Nick Happe (NDm)Husky Cl02/15
7:54.76*Blake Theroux (Co)Husky Cl02/15
7:54.98-Michael Atchoo (Stan)MPSF Ind03/01
7:56.60**Mason Ferlic (Mi)Big 10 Ind02/28
*Anthony Rotich (UTEP-Ken)Husky Cl02/15
7:57.08*Morsi Rayyan (Mi)Big 10 Ind02/28
7:57.18Zach Zarda (unat)Husky Cl02/15
7:57.46***Adam Visokay (Va)Iowa State Cl02/15
7:58.51-Tabor Stevens (Adams)Husky Cl02/15
7:58.76***Malachy Schrobilgen (Wi)Big 10 Ind02/28
7:58.87-Andrew Colley (NCSt)Notre Dame02/22
7:59.11Sean McGorty (unat)Washington Inv01/31
7:59.55-Matt Hillenbrand (Ky)Lexington01/25
8:00.05Billy Nelson (unat)Washington Inv01/31
8:00.22-Jim Spisak (Duq)Geneva02/15
8:00.55*Ryan Poland (Port)Washington Inv01/31
8:00.64*Sam Stabler (Lam-GB)Meyo Inv02/08
8:00.86-Adam Bitchell (NM-GB)Husky Cl02/15
8:01.49Daniel Quigley (OTC)Seattle01/18
8:02.14**Chris Brewer (Or)Husky Cl02/15
8:02.21Aric Van Halen (unat)Washington Inv01/31
8:02.42**Ryan Herson (AzSt)MPSF Ind03/01
8:02.70*Connor Winter (Co)Husky Cl02/15
8:03.15Tommy Schmitz (SpF)Seattle01/18

8:07.41Galen Rupp (Nik)Terrier Cl01/25

13:01.26Galen Rupp (Nik)BU Open01/16
13:42.56-Maksim Korolev (Harv)Terrier Cl01/25
13:43.24-Jim Spisak (Duq)Bloomington12/14
13:54.46(A)*Parker Stinson (Or)NCAA Ind03/14
13:54.93(A)-Jared Ward (BYU)NCAA Ind03/14
**5 performances by 5 performers**
13:55.53Fernando Cabada (unat)Bloomington12/14
13:55.84(A)*Joe Rosa (Stan)NCAA Ind03/14
13:58.64-Solomon Haile (Ar)SEC Ind03/01
13:59.06**Kevin Dooney (Yale)Heps Ind03/02
13:59.64**Gabe Gonzales (Ar)SEC Ind03/01
13:59.71-Brogan Austin (Drake)Iowa State Cl02/14
14:01.42*Ty McCormack (Aub)SEC Ind03/01
14:01.93-Tyler Udland (Prin)Hemery Inv02/08
14:03.15*Shaun Thompson (Duke)Armory Coll Inv02/07
14:03.92-Nick Happe (NDm)ACC Ind02/28
14:05.08*Pat Schellberg (NC)ACC Ind02/28
14:05.79**Collin Leibold (Gtn)Big East Ind02/21
14:05.94**Ryan Walling (NC)ACC Ind02/28
14:06.73-John Crain (NCC)NCAA III Ind03/14
14:07.28*Abbabiya Simbassa (Ok)Armory Coll Inv02/07
14:07.38-Mike Moverman (Duke)Armory Coll Inv02/07
14:07.39*Martin Hehir (Syr)ACC Ind02/28
14:07.55*JR Ricker (In)Indiana R02/01
14:07.89-Andrew Colley (NCSt)ACC Ind02/28
14:09.20(A)-Reed Connor (Wi)NCAA Ind03/14
14:09.79-Reed Kamyszek (Syr)Hemery Inv02/08
14:09.82**John Mascari (InSt)Bloomington12/14
14:09.85*Patrick Zacharias (NM)Bloomington12/14
Foreign Collegians:
13:44.70-Adam Bitchell (NM-GB)Bloomington12/14
13:51.22-James Leakos (Harv-Can)Hemery Inv02/08
13:52.83(A)-Lawi Lalang (Az-Ken)NCAA Ind03/14
13:56.66(A)-Luke Caldwell (NM-GB)NCAA Ind03/14
14:00.83(A)***Patrick Tiernan (Vill-Aus)NCAA Ind03/14
14:00.89**Michael Biwott (Amer-Ken)Carisella Inv12/14
14:06.24*Kevin Batt (Adams-Aus)NCAA II Ind03/14
14:06.27-Micah Chelimo (Ak-Ken)NCAA II Ind03/14
Oversized Track:
13:37.42-Reed Connor (Wi)Iowa State Cl02/14
13:37.73***Patrick Tiernan (Vill-Aus)Iowa State Cl02/14
13:40.51***Edward Cheserek (Or-Ken)Husky Cl02/14
13:41.58-Lawi Lalang (Az-Ken)MPSF Ind02/28
13:42.17-Jared Ward (BYU)Husky Cl02/14
13:42.50-Luke Caldwell (NM-GB)Husky Cl02/14
13:42.56-Erik Olson (Stan)Husky Cl02/14
13:43.15*Mark Parrish (Fl)Husky Cl02/14
13:43.21-Joe Bosshard (Co)Husky Cl02/14
13:43.51*Parker Stinson (Or)Husky Cl02/14
13:44.13*Anthony Rotich (UTEP-Ken)Husky Cl02/14
13:44.32-Mo Ahmed (Wi-Can)Big 10 Ind03/01
13:44.55*Brian Shrader (NnAz)Iowa State Cl02/14
13:44.85*Joe Rosa (Stan)MPSF Ind02/28
13:46.24Fernando Cabada (unat)Husky Cl02/14
13:47.73-Micah Chelimo (Ak-Ken)Husky Cl02/14
13:49.30*Morgan Pearson (Co)MPSF Ind02/28
13:51.56***Malachy Schrobilgen (Wi)Big 10 Ind03/01
13:52.57*Jason Witt (BYU)MPSF Ind02/28
13:53.12**Matt McClintock (Pur)Big 10 Ind03/01
13:53.18**Caleb Rhynard (MiSt)Big 10 Ind03/01
13:55.92-Matt McElroy (NnAz)Iowa State Cl02/14
13:56.24*Ty McCormack (Aub)Iowa State Cl02/14
13:56.37**Pierce Murphy (Co)Husky Cl02/14
13:57.07*Morsi Rayyan (Mi)Husky Cl02/14
13:58.07Cole Atkins (Zap)Husky Cl02/14
13:58.34***Eric Causey (SF)Husky Cl02/14
13:58.51-Drew Jordan (WaSt)MPSF Ind02/28
13:59.06**John Mascari (InSt)Iowa State Cl02/14
14:00.60-Brandon Lord (Ga)Husky Cl02/14
14:00.66-Jannis Topfer (Il-Ger)Big 10 Ind03/01
14:00.68**Mason Ferlic (Mi)Big 10 Ind03/01
14:00.77-Robert Molke (Syr)Iowa State Cl02/14
14:01.33-Jordan Hebert (Il)Iowa State Cl02/14
14:02.30-Andrew Kimpel (WaSt)MPSF Ind02/28
14:03.17*Mark Pinales (Tx)Iowa State Cl02/14
14:03.46-Jannis Toepfer (Il-Ger)Iowa State Cl02/14
14:04.10***Thomas Graham (Stan)Husky Cl02/14
14:04.41-Taylor Farnsworth (BYU)Husky Cl02/14
14:04.46-Wade Meddles (EnKy)Iowa State Cl02/14
14:05.12Devin Monson (Rogue)Iowa State Cl02/14
14:05.92David Sanchez (unat)Husky Cl02/14
14:06.27Matt Cleaver (adiR)Husky Cl02/14
14:06.41Cameron Marantz (BrynM)Husky Cl02/14
14:06.57*Steve Flint (BYU)Husky Cl02/14
14:07.10*Mark Beams (Mi)Husky Cl02/14
14:07.21-Andrew Gonzales (WaSt)Husky Cl02/14
14:07.22-Jake Waterman (Pur)Big 10 Ind03/01
14:07.57-Dustin Fay (UCLA)MPSF Ind02/28
14:07.71-Jeffrey Mettler (SD)Iowa State Cl02/14
14:07.84***Matthew Schwartzer (In)Big 10 Ind03/01
14:09.58**Jonathan Nelson (BYU)Husky Cl02/14
14:09.89-Nate Jewkes (SnUt)Washington Inv01/31
14:09.93**Chris Enriquez (LBSt)MPSF Ind02/28
Greg Montgomery (unat)Washington Inv01/31

7.05Omo Osaghae (adi)Lubbock02/14

7.45Omo Osaghae (adi)World Ind03/09
7.46Jeff Porter (Nik)Mondeville02/01
7.49OsaghaeWorld Ind03/09
7.54Jarret Eaton (unat)Karlsruhe02/01
**5 performances by 3 performers**
7.56(A)Dominic Berger (adi)USATF Ind02/23
(A)Terrence Trammell (unat)USATF Ind02/23
7.58Kevin Craddock (unat)Karlsruhe02/01
7.60(A)-Aleec Harris (USC)Albuquerque02/15
(A)Terrence Somerville (unat)USATF Ind02/23
7.61**Dapo Akinmoladun (Nb)Big Ten Ind03/01
Ashton Eaton (OTC)Washington Inv01/31
7.63(A)Drew Brunson (unat)USATF Ind02/23
7.65-Demoye Bogle (OhSt)Columbus01/10
(A)*Johnathan Cabral (Or)NCAA Ind03/15
***Donovan Robertson (OhSt)Big Ten Ind03/01
7.66(A)Brendan Ames (unat)Air Force01/11
7.68(A)***Artie Burns (Mia)Albuquerque02/15
**Chris Caldwell (IaCCC)Tyson Inv02/14
7.69(A)Ray Stewart (unat)USATF Ind02/23
7.70***Jordan Moore (TCU)Tyson Inv02/14
7.73(A)-Trevor Brown (CoSt)Mtn West Ind03/01
Kemar Clarke (unat)Birmingham01/30
David Oliver (Nik)Birmingham GP02/15
7.74(A)Devon Hill (unat)USATF Ind02/22
-Renaldo Powell (CMi)Mid-American Ind03/01
7.75**William Barnes (Kent)Mid-American Ind03/01
**Luke Campbell (Salisb)NCAA III Ind03/15
Keith Hayes (unat)Lexington01/25
(A)-Vanier Joseph (Il)NCAA Ind03/14
*Don Pollitt (Syr)Armory Coll Inv02/07
Gerkenz Senesca (GWE)Penn State Nat Inv01/31
7.76Caleb Cross (unat)Razorback Inv02/01
7.77-Ty’reak Murray (StA)NCAA II Ind03/14
7.78-Brandon Winters (Pur)Big Ten Ind02/28
*Vincent Wyatt (Rad)VaT Inv01/17
7.79*Drequan Hoskey (Va)ACC Ind03/01
-Randy McCoy (SnMs)C-USA Ind03/01
(A)Logan Taylor (unat)Flagstaff02/08
7.80Ty Akins (unat)Auburn Inv01/18
*Shujaa Benson (TxT)Tyson Inv02/15
**Jermaine Collier (SC)VaT Inv01/17
(A)Chris Thomas (unat)USATF Ind02/23
Foreign Collegians:
7.57(A)-Eddie Lovett (Fl-VI)NCAA Ind03/14
(A)***Omar McLeod (Ar-Jam)NCAA Ind03/14
7.61(A)-Wayne Davis (TxAM-Tri)NCAA Ind03/15
7.64-Greggmar Swift (InSt-Bar)Indiana R02/01
7.67(A)-Milan Ristic (Cal-Ser)NCAA Ind03/14
7.79-Dennis Bain (Claf-Bah)NCAA II Ind03/15

4 x 200
1:24.91PittPenn State01/11

4 x 400
3:02.13United StatesWorld Ind03/09
3:03.20Texas A&MSEC Ind03/01
3:03.50FloridaSEC Ind03/01
3:04.04LSUSEC Ind03/01
3:04.10(A)LSUNCAA Ind03/15
**5 performances by 4 teams**
3:04.94ArkansasSEC Ind03/01
3:05.25(A)NebraskaNCAA Ind03/15
3:06.31(A)PittsburghNCAA Ind03/15
3:06.49(A)North CarolinaNCAA Ind03/15
3:06.51(A)OregonNCAA Ind03/15
3:06.89TCUA&M 10-Team01/18
3:07.07South PlainsTyson Inv02/15
3:07.25GW ExpressVaT Inv01/18
3:07.26Florida StateTyson Inv02/15
3:07.59(A)Arizona StateAlbuquerque02/15
3:07.83Penn StatePenn State01/18
3:08.32Zenith Velocity ACTerrier Cl01/25
3:08.42GeorgiaSEC Ind03/01
3:08.43(A)Ohio StateAlbuquerque02/15
3:08.51(A)Notre DameNCAA Ind03/15
3:08.99BaylorA&M 10-Team01/18
3:09.13South CarolinaSEC Ind03/01
3:09.18AlabamaSEC Ind03/01
3:09.24Miss StateTyson Inv02/15
3:09.70TennesseeTyson Inv02/15
3:09.80PittPenn State01/18
3:10.13Arkansas All-StarsArkansas Inv01/10
3:10.52ConnecticutPenn State02/08
3:10.55Middle Tennessee StateAuburn Inv01/18
3:10.56IllinoisSevigne Inv02/08
WisconsinTyson Inv02/15
Oversized Track:
3:06.79Florida StateNotre Dame02/22
3:07.47Ohio StateBig Ten Ind03/01
3:07.58Notre DameNotre Dame02/22
3:07.79Miss StateNotre Dame02/22
3:07.80Western KentuckyIowa State Cl02/15
3:08.01Middle Tennessee StateIowa State Cl02/15
3:08.06IllinoisBig Ten Ind03/01
3:09.04HamptonNotre Dame02/22
3:09.38LoyolaNotre Dame02/22
3:09.47TexasBig 12 Ind03/01
3:09.64Indiana StateNotre Dame02/22
3:09.93Indiana TechAllendale02/15
3:10.06Kansas StateBig 12 Ind03/01
Texas TechLubbock02/01
3:10.20Wayland BaptistNAIA Ind03/08
3:10.41Oklahoma BaptistNAIA Ind03/08
3:10.50WisconsinBig Ten Ind03/01

4 x 800
7:13.11US All-StarsNew Balance GP02/08
7:13.22NJNY TCNew Balance GP02/08
7:18.52Brooks BeastsNew Balance GP02/08
7:20.41NJNY TCNew Balance GP02/08
7:22.24Santa Monica TCNew Balance GP02/08
**5 performances by 4 teams**
7:24.48Virginia TechVirginia Tech El02/08
7:28.58VT AlumsVirginia Tech El02/08
7:29.58BrownHeps Ind03/02
7:30.22Wake ForestVirginia Tech El02/08
7:30.31ColumbiaHeps Ind03/02
7:31.08IndianaIndiana R02/01

9:26.59Penn StatePenn State Nat Inv02/01
9:28.06VillanovaBoston LC03/02
9:28.95StanfordPenn State Nat Inv02/01
9:29.11GeorgetownBoston LC03/02
9:36.89VillanovaPenn State Nat Inv02/01
**5 performances by 4 teams**
9:37.31UTEPAggie Inv02/07
9:37.33DartmouthPenn State Nat Inv02/01
9:39.00Oklahoma StateRazorback Inv01/31
9:39.09WisconsinArmory Coll Inv02/07
9:39.54MississippiSEC Ind03/01
9:40.17Ole MissArmory Coll Inv02/07
9:40.47(A)OregonNCAA Ind03/14
9:41.23AlabamaArmory Coll Inv02/07
9:41.51ArkansasRazorback Inv01/31
9:41.66FloridaSEC Ind03/01
9:41.90(A)Notre DameNCAA Ind03/14
9:42.26Virginia TechVirginia Tech El02/07
9:42.43Georgia TechPenn State Nat Inv02/01
9:42.48(A)ColumbiaNCAA Ind03/14
9:42.53Texas A&MSEC Ind03/01
9:43.65North CarolinaWinston-Salem02/15
9:43.96OklahomaArmory Coll Inv02/07
9:44.75(A)WashingtonNCAA Ind03/14
9:44.97HoustonTyson Inv02/15
9:45.01NebraskaTyson Inv02/15
9:46.54Wake ForestWinston-Salem02/15
9:47.28KentuckySEC Ind03/01
9:47.41Miss StateTyson Inv02/15
9:47.53GeorgiaSEC Ind03/01
9:47.82ProvidenceBig East Ind02/21
Oversized Track:
9:27.72IndianaNotre Dame02/22
9:28.91OregonWashington Inv01/31
9:29.37ArkansasNotre Dame02/22
9:29.43Notre DameNotre Dame02/22
9:29.91Oklahoma StateNotre Dame02/22
9:30.26Virginia TechNotre Dame02/22
9:30.72ColumbiaNotre Dame02/22
9:31.82WashingtonMPSF Ind03/01
9:31.94MinnesotaNotre Dame02/22
9:32.85NebraskaNotre Dame02/22
9:32.92OklahomaNotre Dame02/22
9:33.61Miss StateNotre Dame02/22
9:33.88IllinoisNotre Dame02/22
9:37.35ButlerIowa State Cl02/14
9:38.26New MexicoNotre Dame02/22
9:38.49Iowa StateIowa State Cl02/14
9:39.03UCLAMPSF Ind03/01
9:43.39Air ForceIowa State Cl02/14
9:44.28Mississippi StateVanderbilt Inv01/24
9:47.60Southern OregonNAIA Ind03/08

2.347-8Erik Kynard (Nik)Birmingham GP02/15
KynardWorld Ind03/09
2.32(A)7-7¼-James Harris (FlSt)NCAA Ind03/15
Kynard !Birmingham GP02/15
Kynard !World Ind03/09
**6 performances by 2 performers**
2.317-7-Nick Ross (Az)Albuquerque01/24
2.307-6½Dusty Jonas (Nik)Lincoln01/24
Ricky Robertson (unat)Vanderbilt Inv01/24
2.297-6-Marcus Jackson (MsSt)NCAA Ind03/15
2.277-5¼Darius Purcell (unat)USATF Ind02/22
2.267-5Donte Nall (unat)Chapel Hill02/22
2.247-4¼-Montez Blair (Corn)Ithaca02/22
Garrett Huyler (unat)Ithaca12/07
-Maalik Reynolds (Penn)Penn State02/08
2.237-3¾**Bradley Adkins (TxT)Big 12 Ind03/01
*Andre Dorsey (Kenn)Winston-Salem02/22
*Jacorian Duffield (TxT)Lubbock01/18
Jeff Herron (unat)Houston02/01
*Cameron Ostrowski (IaSt)Big 12 Ind03/01
2.227-3¼**Jeron Robinson (AMK)Lone Star Ind03/02
Hoova Taylor (unat)Fairfax03/02
2.217-3-Tanner Anderson (Duke)ACC Ind02/28
-Isaiah Harris (StPe)New York02/21
Kris Kornegay-Gober (unat)Chapel Hill02/22
-Anthony May (Ar)Tyson Inv02/15
2.207-2½*Alexander Bowen (Alb)Penn State01/11
-Jon Hendershot (PennSt)Penn State Nat Inv02/01
*Gemikal Prude (Lips)Nashville02/01
2.197-2¼-Japheth Cato (Wi)Madison01/25
***Anthony Johnson (EvergSt)Washington Inv01/31
**Avion Jones (ECar)Winston-Salem02/15
*Mark Jones (Co)Co Springs12/13
*Deante Kemper (NnAz)NnAz Team01/17
-AJ Maricich (Wa)Husky Cl02/15
7-2Jonathan Wells (IlHS)Wheeling03/01
2.187-1¾*Adeolu Adesida (Leh)Bethlehem12/07
**Justin Fondren (Al)Indiana R02/01
-Derrick Hill (WnKy)Sun Belt Ind02/25
-Drew Kanz-O’Shea (ECar)C-USA Ind02/28
-Darius King (FlSt)ACC Ind02/28
**Xaivier McAllister (IaCCC)Minneapolis01/25
Riley Northrup (unat)Mankato02/15
*Torian Ware (Clem)Texas A&M Inv02/15
Foreign Collegians:
2.207-2½-Mohamed Koita (Man-Fra)Riverdale02/15
*Django Lovett (NM-GB)Mtn West Ind03/01

5.70(A)18-8¼*Sam Kendricks (Ms)Albuquerque02/14
KendricksNCAA Ind03/15
5.6518-6½Mark Hollis (Nik)Virginia Tech El02/08
5.6118-4¾Jack Whitt (Nik)Akron PV01/05
**5 performances by 3 performers**
5.6018-4½Mike Arnold (unat)PV Summit01/17
*Andrew Irwin (Ar)Tyson Inv02/15
5.5518-2½-Japheth Cato (Wi)Tyson Inv02/15
(A)Shawn Francis (unat)USATF Ind02/22
(A)Nick Frawley (USAF)USATF Ind02/22
5.5218-1¼**Jake Blankenship (Tn)VaT Inv01/18
5.5118-1-Max Babits (EnMi)Hillsdale02/22
5.5018-½*Braydon Bringhurst (BYU)Albuquerque01/18
Jeff Coover (unat)Millrose G02/15
(A)Victor Weirich (unat)Provo01/11
Jake Winder (CV)Akron PV01/05
(A)-Michael Woepse (UCLA)Albuquerque02/14
5.4617-11**Chase Wolfle (TxAM)SEC Ind03/01
5.4517-10½-Alex Bishop (Ks)Armory Coll Inv02/08
(A)Logan Cunningham (unat)USATF Ind02/22
-Peter Geraghty (EnIl)Charleston02/21
Levi Keller (CNW)Seattle01/18
(A)Sam Pierson (TTux)Air Force Inv01/25
(A)Jordan Scott (unat)Colorado Springs02/15
-Zach Siegmeier (Mn)Minneapolis02/21
-Kyle Wait (KsSt)Big 12 Ind02/28
5.4417-10¼Devin King (LaHS)NBIN03/15
(A)*Joey Uhle (AF)Colorado Springs02/07
5.4317-9¾-Chase Brannon (Tn)Blacksburg02/22
(A)**Reese Watson (Tx)New Mexico Cl02/07
5.4217-9¼*Seth Arnold (TxSt)Texas A&M Inv02/15
Mike Morrison (TM)Winston-Salem02/01
-Michael Viken (EnIl)Allendale02/15
5.4017-8½-Josh Dangel (Cinc)PV Summit01/18
Dustin Deleo (unat)PV Summit01/17
5.37(A)17-7¼***Justin Estala (OR)Colorado Springs02/15
5.36(A)17-7**Dylan Bell (AF)Mtn West Ind03/01
-Joseph Caraway (LSU)Tyson Inv02/15
5.3517-6½Ashton Eaton (OTC)Millrose G02/15
**Nikita Kirillov (GaT)Birmingham02/08
*Greg Lupton (Ks)Big 12 Ind02/28
*Alex McCune (Akr)Akron PV01/05
-Kyal Meyers (TxT)Big 12 Ind02/28
-Colton Ross (SFA)Akron PV01/05
Alfonso Scannapieco (Alb)Boston03/09
*Chris Uhle (VaT)ACC Ind03/01
Foreign Collegians:
5.75(A)18-10¼**Shawn Barber (Akr-Can)NCAA Ind03/15
5.50(A)18-½*Pauls Pujats (Mem-Lat)NCAA Ind03/15
(A)**Jax Thoirs (Wa-GB)New Mexico Cl02/07
5.4517-10½***Torben Laidig (VaT-Ger)ACC Ind03/01

8.39(A)27-6½**Jarrion Lawson (Ar)NCAA Ind03/15
8.2226-11¾*Corey Crawford (Rut)The American Ind03/01
(A)Tyron Stewart (CVE)USATF Ind02/22
8.16(A)26-9¼StewartNew Mexico Cl02/07
8.10(A)26-7Chris Benard (CVE)Albuquerque02/14
**5 performances by 4 performers**
8.06(A)26-5½Jeffery Henderson (CVE)USATF Ind02/22
(A)Jeremy Hicks (unat)USATF Ind02/22
7.97(A)26-1¾Ron Taylor (CVE)Albuquerque02/14
7.8925-10¾Will Claye (Nik)Washington Inv01/31
7.8825-10¼Norris Frederick (unat)Seattle01/18
7.8725-10*Marquis Dendy (Fl)Razorback Inv01/31
(A)Michael Hartfield (CVE)Albuquerque01/18
7.85(A)25-9¼-Kendall Spencer (NM)Mtn West Ind03/01
7.8325-8¼Jerry Westerfield (IaCCC)JUCO Ind03/07
7.8225-8-Keenan Soles (PittSt)Joplin02/01
7.80(A)25-7¼*Emmanuel Williams (NWnLa)NCAA Ind03/15
7.7825-6¼Ashton Eaton (OTC)World Ind03/07
7.7725-6Will Williams (IaWn)JUCO Ind03/07
7.7625-5½Jeffrey Artis-Gray (unat)Virginia Tech El02/07
**Joshuah Bass (Indy)Upland02/01
*Andre Dorsey (Kenn)Winston-Salem02/22
7.75(A)25-5¼*Laderrick Ward (SnIlE)NCAA Ind03/15
7.7325-4½*Blake Smith (SEMo)Ohio Valley Ind03/01
7.7225-4**Cameron Hudson (ECar)Virginia Tech El02/07
7.7125-3½-Royce Dates (TnSt)Ohio Valley Ind03/01
*Braxton Drummond (ChSn)Notre Dame02/22
7.7025-3¼**Jonathan Addison (NCSt)ACC Ind02/28
Gray Horn (unat)Columbus01/10
(A)-Hammed Suleman (Cal)Albuquerque01/24
7.69(A)25-2¾**Devin Field (KsSt)New Mexico Cl02/07
Cal Lane (unat)Indiana R02/01
7.6625-1¾-Tom Hopkins (Prin)New York City01/10
7.6525-1¼-Ted Hooper (UCR)Washington Inv01/31
(A)*Carlton Lavong (Adams)New Mexico Cl02/07
Mikese Morse (unat)Birmingham01/11
7.6425-¾Nathaniel Moore (CaHS)NBIN03/15
7.6124-11¾-Blake Carter (SEMo)Cape Girardeau02/21
-Mark Jackson (UTEP)Aggie Inv02/08
Craig Mattox (ParV)JUCO Ind03/07
Neamen Wise (CFG)Birmingham02/14
7.6024-11¼*Tyler Askew (Pur)Notre Dame02/22
**Ryan Billian (Buf)Ithaca01/25
Kind Butler (Nexus)Indiana R02/01
Foreign Collegians:
7.9926-2¾-Raymond Higgs (Ar-Bah)Tyson Inv02/14
7.9125-11½*Guillaume Victorin (Louis-Fra)The American Ind03/01
7.8625-9½*Patrick Raedler (Nb-Ger)Tyson Inv02/14
7.8125-7½-Kamal Fuller (Al-Jam)Tyson Inv02/14
7.80(A)25-7¼***Roelf Pienaar (ArSt-SA)NCAA Ind03/15
7.7025-3¼*Paul Madzivire (FlSt-Zim)ACC Ind02/28
7.6425-¾-Jharyl Bowery (KsSt-Can)Manhattan01/18

17.15(A)56-3¼Chris Carter (unat)USATF Ind02/23
17.0455-11Will Claye (Nik)New Balance G01/25
16.99(A)55-9Chris Benard (CVE)USATF Ind02/23
Carter !USATF Ind02/23
16.84(A)55-3Troy Doris (CVE)USATF Ind02/23
**5 performances by 4 performers**
16.61(A)54-6Omar Craddock (JumpC)USATF Ind02/23
16.59(A)54-5¼**Felix Obi (Bay)NCAA Ind03/15
16.38(A)53-9-Mark Jackson (UTEP)NCAA Ind03/15
16.2953-5½***Jeremiah Green (Al)SEC Ind03/01
16.2753-4½*Andre Dorsey (Kenn)Armory Coll Inv02/08
16.20(A)53-1¾Ryan Grinnell (unat)USATF Ind02/23
16.16(A)53-¼Joshua Honeycutt (unat)USATF Ind02/23
16.1352-11Rafeeq Curry (Shore)Birmingham02/14
16.0752-8¾-Anthony May (Ar)Razorback Inv02/01
16.0352-7¼-Jason Harper (MsSt)Tyson Inv02/15
16.0252-6¾-Cordairo Golden (MTn)C-USA Ind03/01
16.0152-6½-DeJon Wilkinson (StA)Penn State Nat Inv02/01
15.95(A)52-4-Shane Lewis (SFl)Albuquerque02/15
15.93(A)52-3¼*Carlton Lavong (Adams)RMAC Ind03/01
15.91(A)52-2½*Jovon Cunningham (Az)Albuquerque01/25
*Phillip Young (Ms)Auburn Inv01/18
15.90(A)52-2-Hammed Suleman (Cal)Albuquerque02/15
15.8952-1¾-Preston Woodard (PV)Birmingham02/08
15.8852-1¼**Klyvens Delaunay (Ia)Tyson Inv02/15
15.87(A)52-¾**Matthew Oneal (SFl)Albuquerque02/15
15.85(A)52-0*Warrick Campbell (NM)Albuquerque01/25
*Donald Scott (EnMi)Mid-American Ind03/01
15.7851-9¼Olu Olamigoke (unat)Blacksburg02/22
15.7151-6½-Kasen Covington (Wa)MPSF Ind03/01
15.7051-6¼**Tony Carodine (Mo)SEC Ind03/01
*Joseph Postwaite (LErie)NCAA II Ind03/15
15.6751-5**Imani Brown (Al)Indiana R02/01
15.6451-3¾***Scott Carter (Wy)Laramie02/21
***Aaron Worrell (Va)ACC Ind03/01
15.6251-3*Ryan Satchell (Va)Lexington01/25
15.5851-1½Brandon Jones (unat)Penn State Nat Inv02/01
-Dan Scott (Corn)Armory Coll Inv02/08
15.5651-¾-Charles White (SHous)Birmingham02/08
15.5250-11*Julian Vann (OhSt)Big Ten Ind03/01
15.5150-10¾*Jonte Grant (Cal)MPSF Ind03/01
Michael Sandle (unat)Mankato02/15
Foreign Collegians:
16.8055-1½**Latario Collie-Minns (IaWnCC-Bah)JUCO Ind03/08
16.3253-6½*Jonathan Reid (FlSt-Jam)Tyson Inv02/15
16.22(A)53-2¾**Ben Williams (Louis-GB)NCAA Ind03/15
16.01(A)52-6½***Clive Pullen (Ar-Jam)New Mexico Cl02/08
16.0052-6*Steve Waithe (PennSt-Tri)Geneva02/15
15.8051-10-Damon McLean (Prin-Jam)Princeton01/25
15.7651-8½**Jonathon Ilori (Mo-GB)SEC Ind03/01
15.7451-7¾*Babatunde Amosu (Ia-GB)Big Ten Ind03/01
15.6751-5**Fitzroy Dunkley (LSU-Jam)SEC Ind03/01

22.2372-11¼Ryan Whiting (Nik)USATF Ind02/23
22.0572-4¼WhitingWorld Ind03/07
21.9572-¼Whiting !World Ind03/07
21.5070-6½Kurt Roberts (Nik)USATF Ind02/23
21.4770-5¼Whiting !World Ind03/07
**5 performances by 2 performers**
21.4670-5Joe Kovacs (Nik)USATF Ind02/23
21.2369-8**Ryan Crouser (Tx)New Mexico Cl02/08
20.7868-2¼Jordan Clarke (unat)USATF Ind02/23
20.6367-8¼Cory Martin (unat)New Balance GP02/08
20.2966-7-Curt Jensen (IlSt)Charleston12/06
20.2066-3¼-Mason Finley (Wy)Laramie02/21
20.1165-11¾*Kole Weldon (TxT)New Mexico Cl02/08
20.0765-10¼-Chris Reed (Mank)Mankato02/01
20.0165-7¾Eric Werskey (CVE)New Mexico Cl02/08
20.0065-7½Zack Lloyd (unat)Nampa02/15
19.9865-6¾*Richard Chavez (ArSt)Jonesboro01/24
19.9565-5½*Jonathan Jones (Buf)Geneva02/15
19.9365-4¾*Antonio James (MiSt)Big Ten Ind02/28
19.9065-3½-Bobby Grace (Young)NCAA Ind03/15
19.8965-3¼-Paul Davis (McM)Lubbock01/31
19.7264-8½Luke Pinkelman (unat)Sevigne Inv02/08
19.5564-1¾-Danny Block (Wi)Madison02/21
19.5164-¼*Brad Szypka (Ky)NCAA Ind03/15
19.5063-11¾-Wesley Lavong (Adams)NCAA II Ind03/15
19.4363-9*Matt Babicz (DeP)Indiana R02/01
**Josh Freeman (SnIl)Charleston02/21
19.4063-7¾Andy Novak (unat)Allendale02/15
19.3063-4Nick Baatz (unat)USATF Ind02/23
19.2663-2¼*Nick Vena (Ga)NCAA Ind03/15
19.2463-1½**Chuk Enekwechi (Pur)Notre Dame02/22
19.2363-1¼***Kyle Felpel (Al)SEC Ind03/01
Richard Garrett (unat)Houston02/01
19.1562-10**Nicholas Scarvelis (UCLA)MPSF Ind03/01
19.1062-8*Tavis Bailey (Tn)Birmingham02/14
19.0962-7¾-Donald Duke (Ash)Allendale02/15
Derrick Vicars (unat)Kent01/11
19.0762-6¾Kord Ferguson (unat)Wichita02/01
18.9862-3¼Matt Dechant (unat)Lexington01/25
18.9662-2½*Darrell Hill (PennSt)Geneva02/15
18.9062-¼***Aaron Castle (Az)MPSF Ind03/01
18.8761-11***Braheme Days (UCLA)New Mexico Inv02/01
**Isaiah Simmons (Mia)Albuquerque02/15
18.8561-10¼Hayden Baillio (unat)Houston02/01
*Matthew Hoty (Tn)SEC Ind03/01
Nate Hunter (GBTC)Boston LC03/02
Foreign Collegians:
20.7968-2½*Stephen Mozia (Corn-Ngr)Heps Ind03/02
19.0262-5-Chad Wright (Nb-Jam)Big Ten Ind02/28
18.9862-3¼*Stipe Zunic (Fl-Cro)Texas A&M Inv02/15
18.9062-¼**Ashinia Miller (Ga-Jam)SEC Ind03/01

24.2779-7½*Michael Lihrman (Wi)Madison02/21
24.0078-9AG Kruger (Nik)Akron02/07
23.7878-¼LihrmanBig Ten Ind03/01
23.7077-9¼Kruger (Nik)USATF Ind02/22
23.6277-6**Chuk Enekwechi (Pur)Findlay01/31
**5 performances by 3 performers**
23.0575-7½J.C. Lambert (unat)USATF Ind02/22
22.9875-4¾-Jon Lehman (Mn)Minneapolis02/21
22.8074-9¾Jake Freeman (Nik)USATF Ind02/22
22.7474-7¼*Antonio James (MiSt)Notre Dame01/25
22.2773-¾*Justin Welch (Find)NCAA II Ind03/14
22.1572-8Joe Frye (MusCM)Bloomington01/24
Andy Fryman (Mjo)USATF Ind02/22
22.1072-6¼**Matthias Tayala (Kent)NCAA Ind03/15
21.6671-¾*Akil Mills (IlSt)NCAA Ind03/15
21.5670-9-Darien Moore (ConcO)Portland02/22
21.5570-8½*Zac Ball (Ash)NCAA II Ind03/14
21.5170-7*Charodd Richardson (Al)SEC Ind02/28
21.5070-6½-Will Barr (PennSt)Big Ten Ind03/01
21.2469-8¼*William Koeck (Marq)Big East Ind02/21
21.1969-6¼**Cameron Brown (Tn)Birmingham02/14
21.1869-6**Darien Thornton (GVal)Hillsdale02/08
21.1269-3½Chris Cralle (Shocker)Norman01/25
21.0569-¾-Justin Victor (LaL)Sun Belt Ind02/25
20.9968-10½*Davis Fraker (Il)Big Ten Ind03/01
20.9568-8¾**Alex Young (GW)Winston-Salem02/01
20.9268-7¾*Sean Donnelly (MtU)NCAA III Ind03/14
20.9168-7¼-Evan Palmer (Buf)Mid-American Ind03/01
20.8568-5-Chris Reed (Mank)NCAA II Ind03/14
20.8468-4½*Alex Kizirian (Co)Air Force Inv01/24
20.8168-3¼Robert Klenk (unat)Findlay01/31
20.8068-3**Greg Skipper (Or)Husky Cl02/14
20.7668-1½-Alec Faldermeyer (UCLA)MPSF Ind02/28
20.7468-½Paul Wagner (Shore)Millrose G02/15
20.7267-11¾*Curtis Wideman (SnIl)Charleston02/21
20.6867-10¼-Chris Fields (InSt)Charleston02/21
-Alec Pott (CoSt)Mtn West Ind03/01
20.6667-9½Pete Delzer (unat)Oshkosh02/15
20.6567-9*Jonathan Kinchen (SELa)Lake Charles01/17
-Nathaniel Marshall (WnIl)Monmouth02/15
20.6467-8¾-Jeff Milliron (SELa)Baton Rouge02/21
20.5567-5¼*AJ Hicks (NC)ACC Ind02/28
20.4267-0*Justin Barber (Mn)Minneapolis01/18
Foreign Collegians:
23.0775-8¼*Nick Miller (OkSt-GB)NCAA Ind03/15
21.8171-6¾***Jordan Young (Az-Can)Albuquerque02/14
21.5470-8**Elias Hakansson (Al-Swe)NCAA Ind03/15
20.4267-0**Tomas Kruzliak (VaT-Svk)Virginia Tech El02/07

3856Tim Wunderlich (unat)Bloomington12/14
3779**Dylan Anderson (In)Bloomington12/14

6632Ashton Eaton (OTC)World Ind03/09
6190(A)-Curtis Beach (Duke)NCAA Ind03/15
6071(A)Gray Horn (unat)USATF Ind02/22
6039Gunnar Nixon (adi)Birmingham02/08
5987BeachACC Ind02/28
**5 performances by 4 performers**
5973(A)-Kevin Lazas (Ar)NCAA Ind03/15
5959Trey Hardee (Nik)Apeldoorn02/16
5942(A)-Dakotah Keys (Or)NCAA Ind03/15
5913(A)*Zach Ziemek (Wi)NCAA Ind03/15
5864**Alex McCune (Akr)Akron02/07
5837-Japheth Cato (Wi)Big Ten Ind03/01
5766(A)**Mike Morgan (Buf)NCAA Ind03/15
5765-Nick Lebron (SnCt)NCAA II Ind03/15
5746(A)Jeff Mohl (unat)USATF Ind02/22
5738-Kurt Schneider (MiSt)Big Ten Ind03/01
5726(A)*Pau Tonneson (Az)NCAA Ind03/15
5678-Devin Dick (KsSt)Big 12 Ind03/01
5666-Austin Bahner (Wich)Wichita02/01
5621(A)-Chase Dalton (BYU)Air Force Inv01/24
5613(A)Daniel Gooris (unat)USATF Ind02/22
5604-Andy Lillejord (NDSt)Fargo12/07
5575(A)*Justin Green (CoSt)Mtn West Ind03/01
5568(A)-Austin Emry (Mt)Big Sky Ind03/01
5560(A)Tom Fitzsimons (SBTC)USATF Ind02/22
5535(A)*Mike McPherson (UtV)USATF Ind02/22
5534-Brandon Bassett (Samf)Birmingham01/16
5511***Robert Cardina (PennSt)Big Ten Ind03/01
5510*Ian Rock (Duke)ACC Ind02/28
5494-Joshua Weirich (BYU)MPSF Ind03/01
5491Kale Wolken (Doane)NAIA Ind03/07
5478*Kyle Tywon (Kent)Mid-American Ind03/01
5459-Ted Glasnow (NDm)ACC Ind02/28
5449*Nathan Hancock (Mank)NCAA II Ind03/15
5437-Bryan Jones (Akr)Akron02/07
5402**Alec Fellows (Or)MPSF Ind03/01
Foreign Collegians:
6044(A)**Maicel Uibo (Ga-Est)NCAA Ind03/15
5760(A)-Marcus Nilsson (UCLA-Swe)NCAA Ind03/15
5544-Viktor Fajoyomi (USC-Hun)Sevigne Inv02/08
5534**Reinis Kregers (KsSt-Lat)Big 12 Ind03/01
5503***Dino Dodig (WaSt-Ser)MPSF Ind03/01
5444**Luis Hanssler (Mem-Ger)The American Ind03/01

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