2012 U.S. Indoor List - Men

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compiled by Glen McMicken

(marks received and verified by 04/03/2012)

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These lists give the top U.S. performers of the indoor season, with an appending of those foreign collegians whose marks also fall into the range of our reporting standards. In the oversized-track category, the domestics and foreign collegians are commingled (' after name = foreigner on OT list). Relay teams may contain non-U.S. nationals.

Open athletes and high schoolers have no notation before their name. Collegians are noted by class: - = senior; * = junior; **=soph; *** = frosh.

Oversized tracks are those larger than 200m in circumference. OT marks at races longer than 1000m are no longer carried with the main list (except in the multis) because too many huge tracks have been turned into speedways. (A) = altitude over 1000m (in affected events only).

! = secondary performance in a field-event series (only applicable to final end-of-season lists); ¶ = field-event mark for which complete series data is missing (only applicable to final end-of-season lists)

5.68Trell Kimmons (adi)US Open01/28
5.71Justin Gatlin (Nik)US Open01/28
5.76Cordero Gray (unat)Saskatoon02/02
5.84Rubin Williams (HerE)Saskatoon02/02

6.08Marvin Bracy (FlHS)Gainesville01/29
6.15Justin Gatlin (Nik)Gainesville01/14
6.19Terrell Wilks (unat)Gainesville01/22

6.45(A)Trell Kimmons (adi)USATF Ind02/26
6.46Justin Gatlin (unat)World Ind03/10
6.52*Jeff Demps (Fl)NCAA Ind03/09
6.55**Harry Adams (Aub)Birmingham01/21
(A)Phil DeRosier (unat)USATF Ind02/26
6.58(A)-D’Angelo Cherry (MsSt)USATF Ind02/26
(A)**Ryan Milus (AzSt)Kirby Inv02/10
(A)Mookie Salaam (adi)USATF Ind02/25
6.59-Maurice Mitchell (FlSt)NCAA Ind03/09
(A)Joshua Norman (unat)USATF Ind02/26
Terrell Wilks (unat)Birmingham02/18
6.60-Reggie Dixon (Hamp)National Inv01/28
6.61**Keenan Brock (Aub)NCAA Ind03/09
*Michael Granger (Ms)NCAA Ind03/09
(A)Cordero Gray (unat)USATF Ind02/26
(A)Calesio Newman (unat)USATF Ind02/26
-Keith Ricks (VaT)VaTech Elite02/03
**Clayton Vaughn (UTA)NCAA Ind03/09
-Isiah Young (Ms)NCAA Ind03/09
6.63(A)-Daniel Auberry (AzSt)Flagstaff02/04
Doc Patton (Nik)USATF Classic02/11
*Marcus Rowland (Aub)Alabama LC03/03
Evander Wells (unat)Clemson01/28
6.64*Joe Morris (Co)Arkansas LC03/02
Ivory Williams (Nik)USATF Classic02/11
6.65(A)***Hugh Graham (Fl)Kirby Inv02/10
**Dominique Hubert (GC)NCAA II Ind03/10
Carlin Isles (unat)Houston01/13
*Charles Silmon (TCU)Arkansas LC03/02
(A)Rubin Williams (unat)USATF Ind02/25
6.66**Prezel Hardy (TxAM)Big 12 Ind02/25
**Dentarius Locke (FlSt)Birmingham01/21
**Rynell Parson (LSU)Baton Rouge02/17
Wallace Spearmon (Sauc)USATF Classic02/11
*Ameer Webb (TxAM)College Station01/21
-Horatio Williams (FlSt)Arkansas LC03/02
6.67-Kind Butler (In)Big 10 Ind02/25
(A)***Beejay Lee (NM)Kirby Inv02/10
*Brent Lee (JackSt)Clemson02/11
***Remontay McClain (AzP)NAIA Ind03/03
-Keyth Talley (LSU)New Balance NY02/04
6.68-Justin Murdock (Clem)VT Inv01/14
6.69*Zye Boey (EnIl)Notre Dame LC03/03
-Javon Young (CharSn)Va Tech LC03/03
6.70Chris Davis (unat)National Inv01/28
*Marquise Goodwin (Tx)New Balance NY02/03
*Errol Nolan (Hous)Houston01/13
Foreign Collegians:
6.56-Kemar Hyman (FlSt-Cay)Birmingham01/21
6.57-Andrew Riley (Il-Jam)NCAA Ind03/10
6.66*B.J. Lawrence (Doane-StK)NAIA Ind03/03
6.69*Marquis Holston (Norf-PR)Va Tech LC03/03
6.70*Ian Warner (IaSt-Can)Ames01/28

20.39*Ameer Webb (TxAM)NCAA Ind03/09
20.58(A)Gil Roberts (unat)Kirby Inv02/10
20.60-Maurice Mitchell (FlSt)NCAA Ind03/09
20.62*Akheem Gauntlett (Ar)NCAA Ind03/09
20.77-Kind Butler (In)NCAA Ind03/09
-Horatio Williams (FlSt)NCAA Ind03/09
20.79Lashawn Butler (unat)Arkansas LC03/02
20.93*Tavaris Tate (MsSt)New Balance NY02/04
Jeremy Wariner (adi)Arkansas LC03/02
-Javon Young (CharSn)NCAA Ind03/09
20.95Josh Scott (unat)National Inv01/28
20.96*Aaron Radden (CCt)IC4A Ind03/04
20.99Aldrich Bailey (TxHS)Fayetteville01/14
**Prezel Hardy (TxAM)College Station01/28
*Errol Nolan (Hous)CUSA Ind02/26
21.04***Ricco Hall (Nb)Big 10 Ind02/24
(A)*Charles Silmon (TCU)Mtn West Ind02/25
21.05*Evan White (MaL)New England Ind02/25
21.07*Zye Boey (EnIl)Bloomington01/27
21.08*Everett Walker (Bay)Big 12 Ind02/25
21.09**Keenan Brock (Aub)Alabama LC03/03
*Joe Morris (Co)Arkansas LC03/02
(A)Rubin Williams (HerE)Kirby Inv02/10
21.10**Michael Bryan (TxAM)Big 12 Ind02/25
(A)**Maxwell Dyce (UCLA)Kirby Inv02/10
21.12-Torrin Lawrence (Ga)VaTech Elite02/04
**Waymon Storey (Ga)Tyson Inv02/11
21.14*Marcus Rowland (Aub)Alabama LC03/03
21.15-Reggie Dixon (Hamp)National Inv01/28
**Trey Hadnot (LaT)WAC Ind02/24
21.16(A)***Chris Burrows (AzSt)Kirby Inv02/10
**Brycen Spratling (Pitt)Big East Ind02/19
21.18(A)Michael Liggins (unat)Albuquerque01/28
Foreign Collegians:
20.66***Anaso Jobodwana (JackSt-SA)NCAA Ind03/09
20.81*Marquis Holston (Norf-PR)NCAA Ind03/09
20.85*Marek Niit (Ar-Est)Arkansas LC03/02
20.89*Andre Walsh (MdES-Jam)IC4A Ind03/04
21.14***Aliaksandr Linnik (Barton-Blr)Tyson Inv02/11
21.19-Zwede Hewitt (Bay-Tri)Big 12 Ind02/24
Oversized Track:
20.94*B.J. Lawrence (Doane-StK)NAIA Ind03/03
21.02*Gregory Turner (WayB)NAIA Ind03/03
21.09**Blake Heriot (Bay)Iowa State LC03/03
21.13***Aaron Ernest (LSU)SEC Ind02/26
(A)**Rashad Ross (AzSt)Flagstaff02/04
21.15*Kirk Wilson (Shorter)NAIA Ind03/03
-Isiah Young (Ms)SEC Ind02/25
21.16(A)*Evan Taylor (NnCo)Big Sky Ind02/25
21.17*Jonathan Woodson (TxAMK)Lubbock02/04
21.18-Anton Graphenreed (SAl)Sun Belt Ind02/26

45.39(A)Gil Roberts (unat)Kirby Inv02/10
45.72Frankie Wright (unat)Tyson Inv02/10
45.73Calvin Smith (adi)USATF Classic02/11
45.77*Tony McQuay (Fl)NCAA Ind03/10
45.82**Brycen Spratling (Pitt)NCAA Ind03/10
45.93**Mike Berry (Or)NCAA Ind03/10
46.12*Errol Nolan (Hous)College Station02/11
46.17(A)Manteo Mitchell (unat)USATF Ind02/26
46.19-Torrin Lawrence (Ga)NCAA Ind03/09
*Caleb Williams (LSU)NCAA Ind03/09
46.23*Akheem Gauntlett (Ar)Tyson Inv02/10
46.27*Thomas Murdaugh (OhSt)NCAA Ind03/09
46.28**Neil Braddy (Ar)Tyson Inv02/10
46.29(A)*Tavaris Tate (MsSt)USATF Ind02/25
46.35Josh Scott (unat)USATF Classic02/11
46.39**Cass Brown (SFA)Arkansas LC03/02
46.51*Harun Abda (Mn)Big 10 Ind02/25
Jamaal Torrance (Nik)USATF Classic02/11
46.52*David Verburg (GM)NCAA Ind03/09
46.53***Ricco Hall (Nb)Big 10 Ind02/25
46.54***Hugh Graham (Fl)NCAA Ind03/09
46.57Najee Glass (NJHS)NBal HS03/11
-Ben Skidmore (Ar)Fayetteville01/28
46.59Aldrich Bailey (TxHS)NBal HS03/11
46.61*Ricky Babineaux (TxAM)Big 12 Ind02/25
46.67Quentin Iglehart-Summers (ZenV)College Station02/11
46.75**Je’von Hutchison (Hamp)IC4A Ind03/04
46.82**Brandon Bennett-Green (PennSt)Big 10 Ind02/25
46.88Michael Cherry (VaHS)NBal HS03/11
46.89*Isaiah Gill (TxT)Big 12 Ind02/25
46.93(A)Marcus Boyd (unat)Albuquerque02/04
46.94*Daundre Barnaby (MsSt)New Balance NY02/04
46.97**Patrick Feeney (NDm)Big East Ind02/19
*Brunson Miller (Cit)Southern Ind02/24
46.99*Cade Lindahl (BYU)NCAA Ind03/09
47.01**Aaron Nadolsky (PennSt)Big 10 Ind02/25
47.02Tyrone Ross (ETG)Boston02/11
-Dominic Smith (AmU)National Inv01/28
47.04David Dickens (unat)Boston02/11
47.09Bralon Taplin (SPl)Tyson Inv02/10
47.10**Micah Murray (Pitt)Big East Ind02/19
47.14*Jeffery Gibson (OR)Lincoln02/04
**Miles Ukaoma (Nb)Lincoln02/04
47.17Bryan Miller (Nik)College Station02/11
47.19-Joey Roberts (TxAM)College Station01/21
47.24*Jamel Wood (Ok)Big 12 Ind02/24
47.25-Trey Charles (Morg)IC4A Ind03/04
*Pascal Orelus (SFl)Big East Ind02/19
*Evan White (MassL)Boston02/11
Foreign Collegians:
46.04*Marek Niit (Ar-Est)NCAA Ind03/10
46.33***Deon Lendore (TxAM-Tri)Big 12 Ind02/25
46.54*Marquis Holston (Norf-PR)Tyson Inv02/10
46.62-Amaechi Morton (Stan-Ngr)NCAA Ind03/09
47.14**Akino Ming (JCS-Jam)National Inv01/28
47.15***Aliaksandr Linnik (Barton-Blr)Tyson Inv02/10
Oversized Track:
46.01LawrenceSEC Ind02/25
46.10TateNotre Dame LC03/03
46.16Morton'Mtn Pac Ind02/25
46.17MurdaughNotre Dame LC03/03
46.18GrahamSEC Ind02/25
46.25LindahlMtn Pac Ind02/25
46.33VerburgIowa State LC03/03
46.40-Zwede Hewitt (Bay-Tri)Iowa State LC03/03
46.45Fernada Blakely (unat)Ames02/11
46.47-Riker Hylton (LSU-Jam)Iowa State LC03/03
46.55FeeneyNotre Dame LC03/03
46.56***Christopher Giesting (NDm)Notre Dame LC03/03
46.59BarnabyNotre Dame LC03/03
46.69**Maurice McNeal (Wa)Mtn Pac Ind02/25
46.80(A)**Adel al Nasser (NnAz-Sau)Big Sky Ind02/25
46.82(A)*Arnaud Froidmont (NnAz-Bel)Flagstaff02/04
46.87GibsonIowa State LC03/03
46.97(A)***Brad Michael (EnWa)Big Sky Ind02/25
46.99-Robert Simmons (LSU)SEC Ind02/25
47.00MurrayNotre Dame LC03/03
47.03***Daniel Harper (SPl-Can)Lubbock02/04
47.07(A)-Brad Wall (EnWa)Big Sky Ind02/25
47.10(A)**William Henry (AzSt)Flagstaff02/04
47.11*Kyle Clemons (Ks)Notre Dame LC03/03
47.12(A)Joel Stallworth (unat)Flagstaff02/04
47.14Jerry-Lee Davis (WayB-Bar)NAIA Ind03/03
47.15-Jermaine Lowery (Pitt)Notre Dame LC03/03
47.16***Sheroid Evans (Tx)Geneva02/11
47.17**Clinton Collins (NTx)Ames02/11
47.19(A)***Evan Crayton-Crogan (SacSt)Big Sky Ind02/25
47.22*George Empty (GM)Geneva02/11

1:00.63**Brycen Spratling (Pitt)Big East Ind02/19
1:01.17**Samuel Ellison (Vill)Big East Ind02/19
1:01.28***Christopher Giesting (NDm)Big East Ind02/19
1:01.38-Aaron Younger (Rut)Big East Ind02/18
1:01.39LaShawn Merritt (Nik)Millrose G02/11
1:01.61**Anthony Davidson (RI)New England Ind02/25
1:01.67-Jermaine Lowery (Pitt)Big East Ind02/18
1:01.68Strymar Livingston (NYHS)NBal HS01/21
1:01.86Jeshua Anderson (Nik)Millrose G02/11
Foreign Collegians:
1:01.62-Joel Senick (BU-Can)New England Ind02/25

1:15.86*Harun Abda (Mn)Big 10 Ind02/25
1:16.66*Casimir Loxsom (PennSt)University Park01/14
1:16.91-Erik Sowinski (Ia)Lincoln01/21
1:17.58Strymar Livingston (NYHS)New Balance NY02/04
1:17.63*Tommy Brinn (Nb)Big 10 Ind02/25
1:17.72-Ryan Hindes (In)Big 10 Ind02/25
1:18.06*David Verburg (GM)Hokie Inv01/20
1:18.19*Keaton Rickels (Ia)Big 10 Ind02/25
1:18.29*John Holton (Mn)Big 10 Ind02/24
1:18.50*Lance Roller (Va)Hokie Inv01/20
1:18.56*George Empty (GM)VaTech Chall02/18
1:18.67*Declan Murray (LoyCh)Bloomington01/21
1:18.78Bershawn Jackson (Nik)Hokie Inv01/20
1:18.80***London Hawk (Nb)Big 10 Ind02/24
1:18.86**Tyler Woloszyk (Wi)Big 10 Ind02/24
1:18.91***Shaquille Walker (BYU)Nampa01/14
1:18.95*Monte Larsen (Morn)Storm Lake02/11
1:18.96***Ryan Brennan (PennSt)Big 10 Ind02/24
1:19.04Zebo Zebe (Il)Big 10 Ind02/24
1:19.05-Selasi Lumax (SnCt)Storrs01/07
1:19.08***Muhhammad Sani (MiSt)Big 10 Ind02/24
1:19.10**Bernard Bennett-Green (PennSt)Sykes-Sabock02/04
1:19.15*Cade Lindahl (BYU)Nampa01/14
1:19.19***Brennan Davey (Ia)Big 10 Ind02/24
1:19.20Zavon Watkins (NYHS)New Balance NY02/04
1:19.25***Rutger Admirand (Corn)University Park01/14
1:19.29-Patrick Plank (Wi)Big 10 Ind02/24
1:19.35(A)*Gabe Aragon (NM)Albuquerque01/20
1:19.42***Drew Windle (Ash)Columbus02/17
1:19.48Drake Sterling (InI)Bloomington01/21
*Ryan Weir (Ia)Lincoln01/21
1:19.52***Travis Hinton (OkB)Lincoln02/17
1:19.57*Marvel Brooks (OhSt)Big 10 Ind02/24
***Daniel Mazar (Ok)Bloomington01/21
1:19.58Haneef Hardy (NYHS)New Balance NY02/04
1:19.60-Dan White (OhSt)Columbus02/17
1:19.67-Matt Shipp (NbK)Lincoln01/14
1:19.69-Quinn Evans (Wi)Madison01/21
1:19.73*Paul Pape (NbK)Lincoln01/14
1:19.74*Ryan Lynn (Il)Lincoln01/28
1:19.81*Clayton Parros (NC)Hokie Inv01/20
1:19.82Charles Ross (Cowl)JUCO Ind03/03
*Casey Shade (SD)Minneapolis01/21
**Kyle Slaymaker (Ia)Big 10 Ind02/24
1:19.88***Russell Hornsby (Or)Nampa01/14
1:19.92*Ned Brady (LoyI)Bloomington01/21
-Bob Vanderham (UNCW)VaTech Chall02/18
1:19.97Giancarlo Sainato (NYHS)New Balance NY02/04
1:19.99**Nathan Prom (Ia)Iowa City02/17
1:20.00***Javonte Lipsey (NC)Hokie Inv01/20
Oversized Track:
1:19.12***Christopher Giesting (NDm)Allendale01/14
1:19.15***Dewayne Booker (WayB)NAIA Ind03/03
1:19.24-Ryan Witt (VaT)Geneva02/10
1:19.94***Jasen Brown (ConcO)Seattle02/12
1:19.95**Boru Guyota (Or-Eth)Seattle01/14

1:47.11Mike Rutt (NJNY)Boston02/11
1:47.14-Joey Roberts (TxAM)College Station01/28
1:47.22**Sean Obinwa (Fl)College Station01/28
1:47.34-Selasi Lumax (SnCt)New England Ind02/25
1:47.36Tevan Everett (NJNY)Boston02/11
1:47.43-Ben Scheetz (Amh)New England Ind02/25
1:47.52-Michael Preble (TxAM)College Station02/11
1:47.62-Erik Sowinski (Ia)Big 10 Ind02/24
1:47.74Christian Gonzalez (NJNY)Boston02/11
1:47.86-Mason McHenry (AzSt)College Station01/28
1:47.93*Casimir Loxsom (PennSt)Big 10 Ind02/24
1:48.05-David Pachuta (Mn)Big 10 Ind02/25
1:48.34Rob Novak (NYAC)New Balance G01/21
1:48.42*Cory Leslie (OhSt)Big 10 Ind02/24
1:48.53***Kyle Thompson (Tx)Big 12 Ind02/25
1:48.55Brian Gagnon (NJNY)Boston01/28
1:48.57-Oscar Ramirez (TxAM)College Station02/11
1:48.58(A)Duane Solomon (Sauc)USATF Ind02/26
1:48.64***Robby Creese (PennSt)National Inv01/28
1:48.68*Nick Hutton (Mn)Big 10 Ind02/25
1:48.69Brian Hill (BAA)Boston02/11
-Blake Irwin (Mo)College Station02/11
1:48.76-Ryan Witt (VaT)ACC Ind02/25
1:48.78*Darrin Gibson (FlSt)Fayetteville01/28
1:48.79-Duncan Phillips (Ar)Fayetteville01/28
1:48.81*Leoman Momoh (Ar)Tyson Inv02/11
1:48.87Rich Jones (SMTC)New Balance NY02/04
1:48.88(A)Mark Wieczorek (unat)USATF Ind02/25
1:48.90***Austin Mudd (Wi)Big 10 Ind02/25
1:49.01Owen Dawson (unat)Sykes-Sabock02/04
1:49.02*Tim Bennatan (Ct)New England Ind02/25
1:49.03***Rutger Admirand (Corn)IC4A Ind03/04
1:49.13(A)Kevin Hicks (SETA)USATF Ind02/25
1:49.17*Harun Abda (Mn)NCAA Ind03/09
1:49.31-Abdi Hassan (Az)Fayetteville01/28
Patrick Roach (SWIFT)Columbia LC03/03
1:49.35**Samuel Ellison (Vill)National Inv01/28
1:49.42*Ryan Lynn (Il)Tyson Inv02/11
1:49.50-Chris Slate (Clem)Tyson Inv02/11
1:49.61*Ryan Waite (BYU)NCAA Ind03/09
1:49.62**Zach Mellon (Wi)Big 10 Ind02/24
1:49.63James Gilreath (unat)Arkansas LC03/02
1:49.64***Joe McAsey (Il)Big 10 Ind02/25
1:49.66**Harry McFann (Col)Columbia LC03/03
1:49.70-Erik van Ingen (Bing)Sykes-Sabock02/04
1:49.72*Peter Callahan (Prin)Heps Ind02/26
1:49.73*Travis Burkstrand (Mn)Big 10 Ind02/25
1:49.76*Frezer Legesse (Ok)Fayetteville01/28
1:49.80*Louis Gibilisco (MSM)IC4A Ind03/03
-Dan White (OhSt)National Inv01/28
Foreign Collegians:
1:47.81*Ricky West (Mo-Can)Big 12 Ind02/25
1:48.47***Patrick Schoenball (Bay-Ger)College Station02/11
1:48.58*Anthony Lieghio (Ar-Ire)Tyson Inv02/11
1:48.61-Aaron Evans (Ga-Ber)NCAA Ind03/09
1:48.75***Patrick Rono (Ar-Ken)Fayetteville01/28
1:48.84**Boru Guyota (Or-Eth)College Station01/28
1:49.37-Theon O’Conner (Gtn-Jam)Boston02/11
1:49.74*Gavyn Nero (Bay-Tri)College Station02/11
Oversized Track:
1:47.87Lopez Lomong (OTC)Husky Classic02/11
1:47.88Evans'Husky Classic02/11
1:48.11LeslieHusky Classic02/11
1:48.16BurkstrandNotre Dame LC03/03
1:48.46*Declan Murray (LoyCh)Notre Dame LC03/03
1:48.56*Ryan Waite (BYU)Seattle01/28
1:48.58-Peter Sigilai (EnKy-Ken)Notre Dame LC03/03
1:48.61**David Mokone (WnKy-SA)Geneva02/11
1:48.65-Joe Abbott (WaSt)Washington LC03/03
*Drew Butler (Ar)Notre Dame LC03/03
1:48.83*Justin Hedin (BYU)Washington LC03/03
1:48.96*James Eichberger (Az-Mex)Washington LC03/03
1:49.03***O’Neal Wanliss (NC)Geneva02/11
1:49.05-Daniel Stockberger (In)Notre Dame LC03/03
1:49.10Sharif Webb (Ky)Lexington01/28
1:49.17-Miles Batty (BYU)Mtn Pac Ind02/25
1:49.18Christian Smith (unat)Iowa State LC03/03
1:49.24Drake Sterling (InI)Allendale02/11
1:49.31*Mike Hutton (StT)Ames02/11
1:49.41***Shaquille Walker (BYU)Washington LC03/03
1:49.55Destin Heasley (unat)Geneva02/11
1:49.56-Josh Wilks (SHill)Geneva01/28
1:49.57Brandon Shaw (Evo)Seattle01/28
1:49.59-Ryan Hindes (In)Geneva02/11
1:49.61*Michael Miller (Wa)Washington LC03/03
1:49.73-De’Sean Turner (In)Notre Dame02/04

2:19.53***Robby Creese (PennSt)University Park01/14
2:19.78Tevan Everett (NJNY)New York01/13
2:19.93Liam Boylan-Pett (NJNY)New York01/13
2:20.78*Peter Callahan (Prin)New York01/28
2:22.45-De’Sean Turner (In)Bloomington12/09
2:22.52*Kyle Merber (Col)Great Dane Cl01/20
2:23.23*Tim Bennatan (Ct)Great Dane Cl01/20
2:23.25Mike Rutt (NJNY)New York01/13
2:23.30Brian Hill (BAA)Boston01/28
2:23.39*Erik Berg (Brown)Boston02/11
2:23.55Donte Holmes (unat)New York01/13
2:23.56Ben Malone (NJHS)New Balance NY02/03
2:23.63*Curtis Beach (Duke)NCAA Ind03/10
2:23.65*Ford Palmer (Monm)Boston01/28
2:23.70-Ryan Witt (VaT)VaTech Chall02/18
2:23.91***Bradley Paternostro (Prin)New York01/28
2:24.05-Nathan Mesta (OkC)Arkansas Inv01/06
2:24.14*Patrick McGregor (Tx)Fayetteville01/13
Drake Sterling (InI)Bloomington01/07
2:24.15-Erik Sowinski (Ia)Iowa City01/14
2:24.27-Eric Harasyn (Ok)Big 12 Ind02/25
2:24.56*Daniel Gruber (IaSt)Big 12 Ind02/24
2:24.70*Ryan Hagen (VaT)VaTech Chall02/18
2:24.73***Wade Endress (PennSt)University Park01/14
*Frezer Legesse (Ok)Big 12 Ind02/24
2:24.74*Josh Perry (SnCt)Storrs01/07
2:24.80**Kyle Hanson (KsSt)Big 12 Ind02/24
-Julian Matthews (Prov)Big East Ind02/18
-Trevor Van Ackeren (Prin)New York01/28
2:24.81-Don Wasinger (Ks)Big 12 Ind02/24
2:24.89**Patrick Peterson (SHeart)IC4A Ind03/03
**John Schilkowsky (Corn)University Park01/14
2:24.92James O’Brien (InI)Bloomington01/07
2:24.93Greg Kiley (unat)Boston02/11
2:24.94*Declan Murray (LoyCh)Iowa City01/14
Foreign Collegians:
2:23.68***Patrick Schoenball (Bay-Ger)New Balance NY02/03
2:23.90*Raul Botezan (OkSt-Rom)Big 12 Ind02/24
2:24.35***Tom Curr (Butler-GB)Bloomington12/09
2:24.46-Ben Hubers (In-Can)Bloomington01/07
2:24.86**Eric Speakman (SB-NZ)New Haven02/03
Oversized Track:
2:20.99*Chris O’Hare (Tul-GB)Notre Dame02/03
2:22.76**Grzegorz Kalinowski (EnMi-Pol)Notre Dame02/03
2:23.45*Jeremy Rae (NDm-Can)Notre Dame01/21
2:23.89**Ben Miller (MiSt)Notre Dame01/21
2:24.16*Chris Fallon (OhSt)Notre Dame02/03
2:24.34*Josh McAlary (MiSt)Notre Dame02/03
2:24.63*Jake Wike (Wich)Geneva02/10
2:24.68-Chris Walizer (VaT)Geneva02/10

3:36.20Bernard Lagat (Nik)Birmingham02/18
3:38.92Matthew Centrowitz (Nik)Millrose G02/11
3:39.15-Miles Batty (BYU)Millrose G02/11
3:39.71Garrett Heath (Sauc)Millrose G02/11
3:40.28-Erik Van Ingen (Bing)Millrose G02/11
3:41.16Brian Gagnon (NYNJ)New Balance NY02/04
3:41.73Donald Cowart (Rag)New Balance NY02/04
3:43.39Galen Rupp (OTC)World Ind03/09
3:44.45*Kyle Merber (Col)Millrose G02/11
Foreign Collegians:
3:40.48-David McCarthy (Prov-Ire)Millrose G02/11
3:40.62*Chris O’Hare (Tul-GB)Millrose G02/11
3:41.17-Cam Levins (SnUt-Can)Millrose G02/11

3:53.92Matthew Centrowitz (Nik)Millrose G02/11
3:54.08Russell Brown (OTC)USATF Classic02/11
3:54.54-Miles Batty (BYU)Millrose G02/11
3:55.24Garrett Heath (Sauc)Millrose G02/11
3:55.47Jeff See (Sauc)USATF Classic02/11
3:56.37-Erik van Ingen (Bing)Millrose G02/11
3:56.85*Cory Leslie (OhSt)National Inv01/28
3:57.10Galen Rupp (Nik)NBal Ind G02/04
3:57.91Brian Gagnon (NJNY)Boston02/11
3:57.92Leonel Manzano (Nik)USATF Classic02/11
3:58.14Rob Novak (NJNY)Boston02/11
3:58.23*Andrew Bayer (In)Bloomington01/27
3:58.33*Ryan Hill (NCSt)VaTech Elite02/03
3:58.49Tim Ritchie (BAA)Boston01/28
3:58.65Craig Miller (Nik)New Balance G01/21
3:58.68**Alex Hatz (Wi)Tyson Inv02/11
3:58.76-George Alex (Ok)Tyson Inv02/11
3:58.86*Peter Callahan (Prin)Sykes-Sabock02/04
3:58.95*Frezer Legesse (Ok)Tyson Inv02/11
3:58.99-Eric Harasyn (Ok)Tyson Inv02/11
3:59.18**Eric Jenkins (NEn)Boston02/11
3:59.40Liam Boylan-Pett (NJNY)New Balance G01/21
3:59.44*Kyle Merber (Col)Columbia LC03/03
3:59.98Christian Gonzalez (NJNY)Boston01/28
-Joe Stilin (Prin)Columbia LC03/03
4:00.13-De’Sean Turner (In)Bloomington01/27
4:00.30-Donn Cabral (Prin)Columbia LC03/03
4:00.43*Travis Mahoney (Temp)Columbia LC03/03
4:00.54-Riley Masters (Ok)Fayetteville01/28
4:00.68***Robby Creese (PennSt)Sykes-Sabock02/04
4:00.71Michael Banks (unat)Columbia LC03/03
4:00.92Bernard Lagat (Nik)US Open01/28
4:01.03-Duncan Phillips (Ar)Tyson Inv02/11
4:01.11*Patrick McGregor (Tx)Fayetteville01/28
4:01.17**Andrew Springer (Gtn)National Inv01/28
4:01.37Owen Dawson (unat)National Inv01/28
4:01.62*Tyler Stutzman (Stan)Fayetteville01/28
4:01.67**Kirubel Erassa (OkSt)Fayetteville01/28
4:01.86-Paul Lagno (Albany)New Balance NY02/04
4:02.49Carlos Jamieson (CPTC)Boston02/11
4:02.54*Scott Gillespie (Ar)Tyson Inv02/11
4:02.65*Adam Behnke (Col)Columbia LC03/03
4:02.86Nick Guarino (RunrE)Boston02/11
4:02.87**Domenick DeMatteo (Duke)Columbia LC03/03
*Matt Paulson (BU)New England Ind02/25
4:02.92Donald Cowart (Rag)Great Dane Cl01/20
4:02.95*Joe Clark (Ct)New England Ind02/25
4:03.10-Will Barry (TxAM)College Station02/11
4:03.26-Christopher Burke (Albany)Boston02/18
4:03.50*Josh Perry (SnCt)New England Ind02/25
Foreign Collegians:
3:55.09**Lawi Lalang (Az-Ken)Fayetteville01/28
3:55.75-David McCarthy (Prov-Ire)Boston01/28
3:56.63*Chris O’Hare (Tul-GB)Millrose G02/11
3:57.16Cam Levins (SnUt-Can)Millrose G02/11
3:57.83**Rich Peters (BU-GB)Boston02/11
3:57.86**Sam McEntee (Vill-Aus)National Inv01/28
3:58.94*Raul Botezan (OkSt-Rom)Tyson Inv02/11
3:59.26-Mitch Goose (Iona-GB)MAAC Ind02/17
3:59.34-Julian Matthews (Prov-NZ)Boston02/11
4:00.78-Ben Hubers (In-Can)Bloomington01/27
4:01.49*Henry Lelei (TxAM-Ken)New Balance NY02/04
4:01.98*Andrew Heyes (Tul-GB)Arkansas LC03/02
Foreign Prep:
4:02.21Edward Cheserek (NJHS-Ken)New Balance G01/21
Oversized Track:
3:57.59John Mickowski (unat)Washington LC03/03
3:58.24Daniel Huling (Reeb)Washington LC03/03
3:58.46Andrew Bumbalough (OTC)Seattle01/28
3:58.73**Nick Happe (AzSt)Washington LC03/03
3:58.76CallahanHusky Classic02/11
3:58.84ErassaNotre Dame LC03/03
3:58.85Tony Jordanek (unat)Washington LC03/03
3:58.94CreeseNotre Dame LC03/03
3:59.08*Matt Maldonado (LBSt)Mtn Pac Ind02/25
3:59.13*Chris Derrick (Stan)Mtn Pac Ind02/25
*David Forrester (FlSt-GB)Notre Dame LC03/03
3:59.31*Jeremy Rae (NDm-Can)Notre Dame02/04
3:59.81TurnerNotre Dame LC03/03
3:59.92**Michael Atchoo (Stan)Husky Classic02/11
4:00.11***Tom Curr (Butler-GB)Husky Classic02/11
4:00.16*Zach Dahleen (SnIl)Notre Dame LC03/03
4:00.56Evan Jager (OTC)Husky Classic02/11
4:00.79*J.P. Malette (NDm-Can)Notre Dame LC03/03
4:01.15**Ross Clarke (Butler-GB)Notre Dame LC03/03
4:01.21*Joey Bywater (Wa)Husky Classic02/11
4:01.23StutzmanMtn Pac Ind02/25
4:01.43-Drew Graham (Adams-GB)Husky Classic02/11
4:01.61Lyle Weese (unat)Husky Classic02/11
4:02.22Ian Dobson (OTC)Husky Classic02/11
4:02.32-Ryan Soberanis (Wa)Husky Classic02/11
4:02.70*Patrick Todd (Va)Husky Classic02/11
4:02.80**Paul Chelimo (UNCG-Ken)Geneva02/11
4:02.90*Soufiane Bouchikhi (EnKy-Bel)Notre Dame LC03/03
4:02.92*Kevin Schwab (Ok)Washington LC03/03
4:02.99**Anthony Kostelac (Va)Husky Classic02/11
4:03.00Matt Tegenkamp (OTC)Seattle01/28
4:03.14*Rex Shields (BYU)Seattle01/28
***Brian Shrader (Or)Husky Classic02/11
4:03.16Stephen Pifer (OTC)Seattle01/14
4:03.19**Boru Guyota (Or-Eth)Husky Classic02/11

7:41.44Bernard Lagat (Nik)World Ind03/11
7:44.16Lopez Lomong (Nik)World Ind03/11
7:45.80Garrett Heath (Sauc)NBal Ind G02/04
7:46.19Matthew Centrowitz (Nik)NBal Ind G02/04
7:46.81*Chris Derrick (Stan)NCAA Ind03/10
7:50.14-Elliott Heath (Stan)Fayetteville01/28
7:50.44*Ryan Hill (NCSt)NCAA Ind03/10
7:52.92-George Alex (Ok)Fayetteville01/28
7:53.39*Diego Estrada (NnAz)NCAA Ind03/10
7:54.20-Riley Masters (Ok)Tyson Inv02/11
7:54.70*Maverick Darling (Wi)Tyson Inv02/11
7:56.04*Bill Kogel (Ok)Tyson Inv02/11
7:56.21-Erik van Ingen (Bing)Boston01/28
7:56.24**Trevor Dunbar (Or)NCAA Ind03/10
7:56.28-Joe Stilin (Prin)New York01/28
7:56.41**Reed Connor (Wi)Tyson Inv02/11
7:57.36(A)Galen Rupp (Nik)USATF Ind02/25
7:58.20Matt Elliott (TIn)Bloomington01/20
7:58.38-Brendan Gregg (Stan)Fayetteville01/28
7:58.85*Andrew Bayer (In)Bloomington01/20
7:59.10Ben Bruce (unat)NBal Ind G02/04
7:59.35**Kirubel Erassa (OkSt)Tyson Inv02/11
7:59.53David Adams (unat)Lincoln02/17
7:59.55**Andrew Springer (Gtn)Big East Ind02/19
7:59.76Brian Harvey (BAA)Boston01/28
8:00.66**Nick Happe (AzSt)College Station01/28
8:00.82Chris Barnicle (unat)Boston12/31
8:01.67*Kevin Schwab (Ok)Fayetteville01/28
8:01.76-Hassan Mead (Mn)Big 10 Ind02/24
8:01.86***Brian Shrader (Or)College Station01/28
8:02.25-Jake Riley (Stan)Fayetteville01/28
8:02.40-Dan Lowry (Brown)Boston01/28
8:02.81Justin Tyner (unat)NBal Ind G02/04
8:02.87**Domenick DeMatteo (Duke)ACC Ind02/25
8:03.26**Alexander Brill (Wi)Tyson Inv02/11
8:03.61***Jeramy Elkaim (Or)College Station01/28
8:03.78**John Bleday (Dart)Boston02/11
8:04.00-Donn Cabral (Prin)New York01/28
8:04.12*Zachary Mayhew (In)Bloomington02/11
8:04.35-Craig Forys (Mi)Big 10 Ind02/24
8:04.45**Mathew Mildenhall (Vill)Big East Ind02/19
8:04.49**Ryan Dohner (Tx)Big 12 Ind02/25
8:04.74-Andrew Poore (In)Big 10 Ind02/24
8:04.88-Zach Zarda (Ks)Big 12 Ind02/25
8:04.97-Adam Green (OhSt)Big 10 Ind02/24
Foreign Collegians:
7:45.75-Cam Levins (SnUt-Can)NBal Ind G02/04
7:46.64**Lawi Lalang (Az-Ken)NCAA Ind03/10
7:50.26**Paul Chelimo (UNCG-Ken)NCAA Ind03/10
7:51.59*Stephen Sambu (Az-Ken)Fayetteville01/28
7:51.83-Leonard Korir (Iona-Ken)MAAC Ind02/17
7:52.02-Ben Hubers (In-Can)Bloomington02/11
7:52.38*Thomas Farrell (OkSt-GB)Fayetteville01/28
7:56.76-David McCarthy (Prov-Ire)Cambridge01/22
7:58.48*Kennedy Kithuka (WayB-Ken)Tyson Inv02/11
7:59.79*Shadrack Kipchirchir (OkSt-Ken)Fayetteville01/28
8:00.29*Andrew Heyes (Tul-GB)Tyson Inv02/11
8:01.01*Henry Lelei (TxAM-Ken)College Station01/28
8:04.59*Matt Bayley (Iona-Ire)Boston01/28
Oversized Track:
7:43.08HillHusky Classic02/11
7:44.45Andrew Bumbalough (OTC)Washington LC03/03
7:44.48Lalang'Mtn Pac Ind02/25
7:44.63EstradaHusky Classic02/11
7:46.42Evan Jager (OTC)Washington LC03/03
7:49.11*Ross Millington (NM-GB)Husky Classic02/11
7:49.14Chris Thompson (OTC)Seattle01/28
7:49.58-Miles Batty (BYU)Seattle01/28
7:49.87Chelimo'Notre Dame02/04
7:50.23BayerNotre Dame02/04
7:51.55DunbarMtn Pac Ind02/25
7:51.75-Mitch Goose (Iona-GB)Husky Classic02/11
7:53.02-Richard Medina (Co)Mtn Pac Ind02/25
7:53.15StilinHusky Classic02/11
7:53.43**Collin Jarvis (Cal)Mtn Pac Ind02/25
7:53.57Colton Tully-Doyle (unat)Husky Classic02/11
7:53.59*Rex Shields (BYU)Husky Classic02/11
7:53.69SpringerHusky Classic02/11
7:53.99*Soufiane Bouchikhi (EnKy-Bel)Husky Classic02/11
7:54.08-Mark Amirault (Va)Husky Classic02/11
7:54.51RileyMtn Pac Ind02/25
7:55.08**Nick Happe (AzSt)Mtn Pac Ind02/25
7:55.24-Cody Rome (Navy)Notre Dame LC03/03
7:55.60**Parker Stinson (Or)Mtn Pac Ind02/25
7:57.82**Ross Clarke (Butler-GB)Husky Classic02/11
7:57.93*David Forrester (FlSt-GB)Geneva02/11
7:57.94Tony Jordanek (unat)Geneva02/11
7:58.55Stephen Pifer (OTC)Seattle01/28
7:59.62ShraderMtn Pac Ind02/25
8:01.80**Terefe Ejigu (EnMi-NZ)Notre Dame02/04
8:01.99**Dustin Fay (UCLA)Seattle01/28
**Jared Ward (BYU)Seattle01/28
8:02.39**Tecumseh Adams (CMi)Notre Dame02/04
8:02.48Matt Williams (unat)Seattle01/28
8:02.58Derek Scott (RunP)Husky Classic02/11
8:02.68-Kent Morikawa (UCLA)Husky Classic02/11
8:02.69-Bobby Moldovan (NCSt)Husky Classic02/11
8:03.06**John Simons (Mn)Husky Classic02/11
8:03.47-Brian Pierre (AzSt)Husky Classic02/11
8:03.66Ian Cronin (Brk)Washington LC03/03
8:03.83*Joey Bywater (Wa)Mtn Pac Ind02/25
8:04.12Mike Sayenko (CNW)Washington LC03/03
8:04.48-Jim Walmsley (AF)Notre Dame LC03/03

13:07.15Bernard Lagat (Nik)Millrose G02/11
13:19.58*Chris Derrick (Stan)Millrose G02/11
13:38.45*Diego Estrada (NnAz)NCAA Ind03/09
13:43.13-Hassan Mead (Mn)Big 10 Ind02/25
13:47.05-Andrew Poore (In)Bloomington12/09
13:50.28*Kevin Williams (Ok)Big 12 Ind02/24
13:51.57-Craig Forys (Mi)Big 10 Ind02/25
13:51.58*Andrew Bayer (In)Big 10 Ind02/25
13:53.08**Tecumseh Adams (CMi)Bloomington01/28
13:53.14-Donn Cabral (Prin)NCAA Ind03/09
13:53.55**Reed Connor (Wi)Big 10 Ind02/25
13:55.24*Bill Kogel (Ok)Big 12 Ind02/24
13:56.43-Ryan Sheridan (Vill)New Balance NY02/03
13:56.47-Kevin Burnett (TxAM)Big 12 Ind02/24
13:57.82-Jake Riley (Stan)NCAA Ind03/09
13:58.79-Ryan Collins (Wi)Big 10 Ind02/25
13:59.88Justin Tyner (WCAP)Millrose G02/11
14:00.42**Ryan Dohner (Tx)Big 12 Ind02/24
14:01.64*Elliot Krause (Wi)Big 10 Ind02/25
14:01.73**Martin Coolidge (IaSt)Big 12 Ind02/24
14:03.49-Dan Quigley (Mo)Big 12 Ind02/24
14:04.12**Josh Hardin (WM)IC4A Ind03/04
14:06.26***Will Nation (Tx)Big 12 Ind02/24
14:06.54Steve Murdock (adi)Boston01/28
14:07.65*Alex McGrath (WM)IC4A Ind03/04
14:08.06Adu Dentamo (TIn)Bloomington12/09
14:08.16*Zachary Mayhew (In)Big 10 Ind02/25
14:08.63**Parker Stinson (Or)NCAA Ind03/09
Foreign Collegians:
13:08.28**Lawi Lalang (Az-Ken)Millrose G02/11
13:13.74*Stephen Sambu (Az-Ken)Millrose G02/11
13:19.54-Leonard Korir (Iona-Ken)Millrose G02/11
13:38.12-Cam Levins (SnUt-Can)NCAA Ind03/09
13:46.07*Ben Hubers (In-Can)Bloomington12/09
13:50.03*Girma Mecheso (OkSt-Eth)Big 12 Ind02/24
13:54.24*Shadrack Kipchirchir (OkSt-Ken)NCAA Ind03/09
13:57.04Edward Cheserek (NJHS-Ken)Millrose G02/11
13:57.74*Soufiane Bouchikhi (EnKy-Bel)NCAA Ind03/09
14:06.40*Hugo Beamish (Vill-NZ)Big East Ind02/18
14:07.07-Alexander Soderberg (Iona-Swe)Boston01/28
14:08.24*Glarius Rop (Amer-Ken)NEn Ind12/03
Oversized Track:
13:33.42MeadHusky Classic02/10
13:36.86**Trevor Dunbar (Or)Husky Classic02/10
13:39.22StinsonHusky Classic02/10
13:39.58RileyHusky Classic02/10
13:45.92CabralHusky Classic02/10
13:46.00Kipchirchir'Husky Classic02/10
13:46.06Bouchikhi'Husky Classic02/10
13:48.64-Brendan Gregg (Stan)Husky Classic02/10
13:49.96**Dustin Fay (UCLA)Husky Classic02/10
13:50.37-Brian Pierre (AzSt)Mtn Pac Ind02/24
13:51.68-Alden Bahr (BYU)Mtn Pac Ind02/24
13:51.81Bolota Asmerom (BATC)Seattle01/28
13:51.96-Chris Kwiatkowski (Or)Mtn Pac Ind02/24
13:52.60-Miles Unterreiner (Stan)Mtn Pac Ind02/24
13:54.51**Nick Happe (AzSt)Husky Classic02/10
13:54.74*Jono Lafler (WaSt)Mtn Pac Ind02/24
13:55.16*Rob Webster (Wa)Mtn Pac Ind02/24
13:55.89Yosef Ghebray (unat)Seattle01/28
13:55.93Geoff Martinson (Prin)Husky Classic02/10
13:57.55**Jared Ward (BYU)Mtn Pac Ind02/24
13:58.75Craig Miller (NBal)Notre Dame LC03/02
13:59.20-Andy Wacker (Co)Mtn Pac Ind02/24
13:59.73*Kennedy Kithuka (WayB-Ken)Lubbock02/04
14:01.67Forest Braden (unat)Husky Classic02/10
14:01.69Kevin Castille (unat)Husky Classic02/10
14:02.16***Anthony Rotich (UTEP-Ken)Husky Classic02/10
14:02.35*Phil Pompei (Il)Husky Classic02/10
14:02.37*Matt Bayley (Iona-Ire)Husky Classic02/10
14:02.45-Luis Orta (Ky-Ven)Husky Classic02/10
14:02.97*Laban Sialo (CMo-Ken)Ames02/11
14:03.01-Mark Amirault (Va)Notre Dame LC03/02
14:03.16*Jim Riddle (Il)Husky Classic02/10
14:03.37***Callum Hawkins (Butler-GB)Husky Classic02/10
14:03.61-Alexander Lundy (Gtn)Husky Classic02/10
14:03.67***Christopher Foley (Va)Husky Classic02/10
14:04.25*Daniel Howell (UtSt)Husky Classic02/10
14:05.10-Justus David (MTn)Notre Dame LC03/02
14:05.32***Matthew Clowes (ConcO)Seattle01/28
14:05.80-Matt Bond (Adams-GB)Husky Classic02/10
14:05.94Matt Elliott (Brk)Allendale12/02
14:06.35-Lane Boyer (Ar)Notre Dame LC03/02
14:06.52***Joseph Rosa (Stan)Husky Classic02/10
14:06.88**Ryan Haebe (WnCo)Husky Classic02/10
14:07.35Mike Sayenko (unat)Husky Classic02/10
14:07.38-Daniel Jackson (MtSt)Husky Classic02/10
14:07.54-Kyle Dawson (PennSt)Husky Classic02/10
14:07.65***Matt Daniels (Adams)Husky Classic02/10
14:07.98Nick Kramer (unat)Allendale12/02
14:08.19*Pieter Gagnon (Mn)Husky Classic02/10
14:08.28**Andrew Gonzales (WaSt)Husky Classic02/10
14:08.38*Jeremy Drenckhahn (AF)Husky Classic02/10
14:08.40*Sean Stam (NM)Notre Dame LC03/02
14:08.61Michael Kilburg (GBRC)Husky Classic02/10

6.45Terrence Trammell (TStar)US Open01/28
6.50David Oliver (Nik)US Open01/28
6.52Omo Osaghae (adi)US Open01/28
6.53Jeff Porter (unat)US Open01/28
6.54Aries Merritt (Reeb)US Open01/28

7.01David Oliver (Nik)Millrose G02/11
Terrence Trammell (TStar)Millrose G02/11
7.02Aries Merritt (Reeb)Millrose G02/11
7.13Joel Brown (adi)Gainesville01/14
7.16Drew Brunson (unat)Columbia02/18
Antwon Hicks (unat)Gainesville01/22
Omo Osaghae (adi)Millrose G02/11
7.18Ryan Wilson (Sauc)Millrose G02/11
7.19Fred Townsend (unat)Columbia01/25
7.22-Roscoe Payne (MTn)Sun Belt Ind02/26

7.40(A)Dexter Faulk (Nik)USATF Ind02/25
7.43(A)Aries Merritt (Reeb)USATF Ind02/26
7.46(A)Kevin Craddock (unat)USATF Ind02/26
7.49-Jarret Eaton (Syr)National Inv01/27
7.51David Oliver (Nik)Millrose G02/11
(A)Terrence Trammell (TStar)USATF Ind02/26
7.53(A)Omo Osaghae (adi)USATF Ind02/25
7.54Jeff Porter (unat)Karlsruhe02/12
Fred Townsend (unat)Val-de-Reuil02/18
7.55-Devon Hill (Mia)NCAA Ind03/10
-Barrett Nugent (LSU)NCAA Ind03/10
7.56Joel Brown (adi)Liévin02/14
7.59Ronnie Ash (Nik)Birmingham01/21
7.60*Spencer Adams (Clem)NCAA Ind03/10
7.66(A)Ashton Eaton (OTC)USATF Ind02/25
**Eddie Lovett (Fl)NCAA Ind03/09
7.67(A)Drew Brunson (Shore)USATF Ind02/25
*Caleb Cross (Ar)NCAA Ind03/09
7.68(A)Dominic Berger (adi)USATF Ind02/25
7.73Adams Abdulrazaaq (unat)VaTech Chall02/18
Ty Akins (unat)NBal Ind G02/04
7.74-Malcolm Anderson (Ok)Tyson Inv02/11
(A)**Demoye Bogle (OhSt)Kirby Inv02/10
-Terrence Somerville (Cinc)Akron02/11
7.75Trey Hardee (Nik)USATF Multis03/04
Ryan Wilson (Sauc)Millrose G02/11
7.76-Bertony Jean-Louis (SHeart)IC4A Ind03/04
7.77*Keith Nkrumah (Norf)Tyson Inv02/11
-Tyler Sipes (GC)NCAA II Ind03/09
(A)Logan Taylor (unat)Kirby Inv02/10
7.78*Jordan Mullen (Ia)Lincoln01/21
-Allen Osborn (NbK)NCAA II Ind03/10
7.79Ryan Fontenot (unat)Baton Rouge02/17
(A)-Aramis Massenburg (Norf)USATF Ind02/25
*Joseph Samuels (EC)Notre Dame LC03/03
***Josh Thompson (Pitt)Big East Ind02/19
7.81*Jeff Artis-Gray (VaT)VaTech Elite02/03
-Kemar Clarke (BCook)New Balance NY02/03
Carrington Queen (ZenV)New York01/13
7.82(A)Ronald Brookins (unat)Kirby Inv02/10
*Marcus Maxey (Clem)Clemson01/28
-Isaac McReynolds (UNCC)Clemson02/11
7.83-Marcus Bennett (Northw)NCAA II Ind03/09
***Johnathan Cabral (Or)Mtn Pac Ind02/25
*Booker Nunley (WF)Chapel Hill01/28
7.85**Joshua McFrazier (Temple)IC4A Ind03/04
Foreign Collegians:
7.53-Andrew Riley (Il-Jam)Tyson Inv02/11
7.70*Wayne Davis (TxAM-Tri)NCAA Ind03/10
7.75-Jeff Julmis (KsSt-Hai)Big 12 Ind02/25
7.77*Shane Brathwaite (TxT-Bar)New Balance NY02/03
*Keiron Stewart (Tx-Jam)Fayetteville01/13
**Greggmar Swift (InSt-Bar)West Lafayette01/21
7.78-Mantas Silkauskas (KsSt-Lit)NCAA Ind03/09
7.79*Durell Busby (WiM-Tri)Milwaukee02/17
7.81*Sabiel Anderson (Linc-Jam)NCAA II Ind03/09
-Ackeem Smith (MdES-Jam)New Balance NY02/03
7.83*Andre Collins (JCS-Jam)NCAA II Ind03/10
**Milan Ristic (UNCA-Srb)Big South Ind02/25

4 x 200
1:26.81Charleston SouthernNew Balance NY02/04
1:26.85HamptonNew Balance NY02/04
1:27.71South CarolinaNew Balance NY02/04

4 x 400
3:03.76ArkansasTyson Inv02/11
3:03.94National TeamWorld Ind03/11
3:05.16South PlainsTyson Inv02/11
3:05.31Penn StateNCAA Ind03/10
3:05.41LSUTyson Inv02/11
3:05.87Texas A&MBig 12 Ind02/25
3:05.93Mississippi StateNCAA Ind03/10
3:07.26Ohio StateNCAA Ind03/10
3:07.33PittUniversity Park01/14
3:07.74MinnesotaNCAA Ind03/10
3:08.86Texas TechBig 12 Ind02/25
3:09.31Zenith Velocity ACBoston01/28
3:09.38(A)OregonKirby Inv02/10
3:09.39UMass LowellBoston01/28
3:09.46(A)FloridaKirby Inv02/10
3:09.51HoustonCollege Station12/10
3:09.54MichiganBig 10 Ind02/25
3:09.62GeorgiaTyson Inv02/11
3:09.84Rhode IslandIC4A Ind03/04
3:10.07George MasonHokie Inv01/21
3:10.14RutgersIC4A Ind03/04
3:10.16Arizona StateCollege Station01/28
3:10.18IndianaBig 10 Ind02/25
3:10.21Stephen F. AustinArkansas LC03/02
3:10.52IowaBig 10 Ind02/25
3:10.61MississippiArkansas LC03/02
3:10.66Norfolk StateTyson Inv02/11
3:10.67(A)Air ForceMtn West Ind02/25
3:10.72Southern ConnecticutNew England Ind02/25
3:10.90St. Augustine’sNational Inv01/28
3:10.93WisconsinBig 10 Ind02/25
Oversized Track:
3:05.07Mississippi StateNotre Dame LC03/03
3:05.22Penn StateNotre Dame LC03/03
3:05.35PittNotre Dame LC03/03
3:06.15Ohio StateNotre Dame LC03/03
3:06.87MinnesotaNotre Dame LC03/03
3:06.97GeorgiaSEC Ind02/26
3:07.75MichiganNotre Dame LC03/03
3:07.84IndianaNotre Dame LC03/03
3:08.07Arizona StateIowa State LC03/03
3:08.40George MasonGeneva02/11
3:09.00OregonMtn Pac Ind02/25
3:09.16FloridaSEC Ind02/26
3:09.34IowaIowa State LC03/03
3:09.60Wayland BaptistNAIA Ind03/03
3:09.71BYUMtn Pac Ind02/25
3:09.87MississippiSEC Ind02/26
3:09.89WisconsinNotre Dame LC03/03
3:10.00Stephen F. AustinAmes02/11
3:10.37Florida StateGeneva02/11
3:10.41Notre DameNotre Dame02/04
3:10.49Washington StateMtn Pac Ind02/25
3:10.52Air ForceNotre Dame LC03/03
3:10.57KansasNotre Dame LC03/03
3:10.64WashingtonMtn Pac Ind02/25
3:10.70New Era Sprint ClubLubbock01/14
3:10.74(A)Northern ArizonaFlagstaff02/04

4 x 800
7:24.08CornellIC4A Ind03/04
7:25.29FordhamIC4A Ind03/04
7:25.47ColumbiaNew Balance NY02/04
7:27.70St. Francis (NY)IC4A Ind03/04
7:27.91VillanovaBig East Ind02/19
7:28.45La SalleIC4A Ind03/04
7:28.57Notre DameBig East Ind02/19
7:30.56Boston UBoston02/18
7:31.16BaylorNew Balance NY02/04
7:31.78ConnecticutIC4A Ind03/04
7:31.89HarvardIC4A Ind03/04
7:32.47HamptonNew Balance NY02/04
7:32.57GeorgetownBig East Ind02/19
7:33.81RutgersIC4A Ind03/04
7:34.10PittBig East Ind02/19
7:34.81NavyPatriot Ind02/19
7:35.14BucknellPatriot Ind02/19
7:36.23PrincetonHeps Ind02/26
7:36.96Rhode IslandIC4A Ind03/03
7:37.16DukeNew Balance NY02/04
7:37.21ManhattanIC4A Ind03/03
7:37.64Holy CrossIC4A Ind03/03
7:37.70LafayetteIC4A Ind03/03
7:38.24DePaulBig East Ind02/19
7:38.96Sacred HeartNew England Ind02/25
7:39.12ArmyIC4A Ind03/03
7:39.61St. Joseph’s (Pa)National Inv01/28
Oversized Track:
7:33.55MorningsideNAIA Ind03/03
7:33.99Wayland BaptistNAIA Ind03/03

9:29.71Texas A&MNew Balance NY02/03
9:30.13OklahomaNew Balance NY02/03
9:35.24Penn StateNational Inv01/27
9:35.48Notre DameNCAA Ind03/09
9:36.07BYUNCAA Ind03/09
9:36.13StanfordNCAA Ind03/09
9:36.41ArkansasNCAA Ind03/09
9:36.88OregonCollege Station01/27
9:38.02VillanovaMillrose G02/11
9:38.23Ohio StateNCAA Ind03/09
9:38.95FloridaCollege Station01/27
9:40.05NC StateACC Ind02/24
9:41.26ProvidenceBig East Ind02/18
9:42.65GeorgetownBig East Ind02/18
9:42.84Arizona StateCollege Station01/27
9:42.97VirginiaNational Inv01/27
9:44.99WisconsinBig 10 Ind02/24
9:45.41IowaBig 10 Ind02/24
9:46.03TexasBig 12 Ind02/24
9:46.27DukeACC Ind02/24
9:47.57ShippensburgNational Inv01/27
9:47.91MissouriBig 12 Ind02/24
9:48.05ClemsonNew Balance NY02/03
9:48.17ConnecticutColumbia LC03/02
9:48.22Southern ConnecticutNew Balance NY02/03
9:48.52La SalleMillrose G02/11
9:48.59Penn State AlumsPenn State01/07
9:48.78IonaNew Balance NY02/03
9:48.81IllinoisBig 10 Ind02/24
9:48.92KansasBig 12 Ind02/24
9:49.06AugustanaNCAA II Ind03/10
9:49.45MITIC4A Ind03/03
9:49.76Kansas StateBig 12 Ind02/24
9:49.84Sacred HeartBoston01/27
9:49.90AlbanyMillrose G02/11
UTSANew Balance NY02/03
Oversized Track:
9:29.00BYUMtn Pac Ind02/24
9:29.72Notre DameNotre Dame LC03/02
9:30.86WisconsinNotre Dame LC03/02
9:31.24StanfordMtn Pac Ind02/24
9:31.48ArkansasNotre Dame LC03/02
9:31.52VillanovaNotre Dame LC03/02
9:31.68WashingtonNotre Dame LC03/02
9:31.71Ohio StateNotre Dame LC03/02
9:31.91OregonNotre Dame LC03/02
9:31.95PrincetonNotre Dame LC03/02
9:33.02MinnesotaNotre Dame LC03/02
9:33.48Arizona StateMtn Pac Ind02/24
9:34.78VirginiaNotre Dame LC03/02
9:35.28Air ForceNotre Dame LC03/02
9:40.21North CarolinaNotre Dame LC03/02
9:41.02KansasNotre Dame LC03/02
9:46.36AlbanyNotre Dame LC03/02
9:47.73AkronMAC Ind02/24
9:49.77Kent StateMAC Ind02/24

2.327-7¼Jesse Williams (OTC)Millrose G02/11
2.317-7*Erik Kynard (KsSt)Manhattan12/10
2.277-5¼**James Harris (MsSt)New Balance NY02/04
2.267-5-Major Clay (InSt)Charleston02/17
Andra Manson (Nik)Glasgow01/28
**Bryan McBride (AzSt)Kirby Inv02/10
Keith Moffatt (Nik)Millrose G02/11
Jamie Nieto (NYAC)USATF Ind02/25
**James White (IaCCC)JUCO Ind03/03
2.257-4½Dusty Jonas (unat)US Open01/28
*Ricky Robertson (Ms)SEC Ind02/25
2.247-4¼Donte Nall (unat)Chapel Hill01/28
Zack Riley (unat)Carbondale01/14
*Nick Ross (Az)Razorback Inv01/27
Ed Wright (unat)Tyson Inv02/11
2.237-3¾-Dwight Barbiasz (Fl)VaTech Elite02/04
**Marcus Jackson (MsSt)Birmingham01/14
**Darius King (In)NCAA Ind03/10
*Kris Kornegay-Gober (NCSt)ACC Ind02/24
**Maalik Reynolds (Penn)Millrose G02/11
2.227-3¼*Keith Benford (UTSA)Southland Ind02/25
*Ronnie Black (VaT)VT Inv01/14
**Montez Blair (Corn)Cornell R12/03
-Frankie Hammond (Fl)SEC Ind02/25
***Noah Kittelson (Ar)Arkansas LC03/02
Anthony May (unat)Arkansas Inv01/06
2.217-3-Christopher Copeland (StA)NCAA II Ind03/09
Matt Fisher (unat)Minneapolis01/21
*Noel James (Ct)Sykes-Sabock02/04
2.207-2½Ray Bobrownicki (unat)Glasgow02/19
Jim Dilling (unat)US Open01/28
**Edward Dudley (LErie)Findlay02/25
**Matthew Jeune (NHav)Roxbury Crossing02/18
*Briar Ploude (Emp)Lawrence01/27
-Darius Purcell (App)Southern Ind02/24
2.197-2¼*Geoff Davis (Pur)Big 10 Ind02/25
***Deante Kemper (NnAz)Flagstaff01/28
Joe Kindred (unat)Hokie Inv01/21
*Corey Thomas (Stoneh)New England Ind02/25
2.187-1¾*Cameron Alexander (TxAM)New Balance NY02/04
Eric Broadbent (HPC)USATF Multis03/04
*Willie Calvin (NCC)VT Inv01/14
-Tyler Campbell (Al)New Balance NY02/04
Justin Frick (Shore)Seattle01/28
*Sean Reilly (PennSt)Sykes-Sabock02/04
2.177-1½***Jacorian Duffield (TxT)Lubbock02/04
**Bradley James (Mi)Ann Arbor01/14
**Darius Lynwood (Mem)CUSA Ind02/25
*Jules Sharpe (Stan)Mtn Pac Ind02/25
2.167-1**Tanner Anderson (Duke)New York02/11
*Adam Bergo (Rut)New York01/27
**Collin Taylor (Wi)Madison03/02
-Cory Vales (Find)Kent02/18
-Jared Vlastuin (SDSt)Summit Ind02/25
Foreign Collegians:
2.267-5*Olivér Harsányi (WnCo-Hun)Colorado Springs02/11
2.247-4¼*Edgar Rivera-Morales (Az-Mex)Nampa02/11
2.217-3*Brede Ellingsen (Ar-Nor)Tyson Inv02/11
2.207-2½*Michael Edwards (Louis-GB)Bloomington01/07

5.86(A)19-2¾Brad Walker (Nik)USATF Ind02/26
5.6018-4½Derek Miles (Nik)Vermillion02/02
(A)Scott Roth (unat)USATF Ind02/26
5.5518-2½***Andrew Irwin (Ar)NCAA Ind03/09
5.5318-1¾Jason Colwick (unat)Husky Classic02/10
5.52(A)18-1¼Mark Hollis (Nik)PV Summit01/21
Paul Litchfield (unat)Simplot G02/18
(A)*Cale Simmons (AF)Colorado Springs02/11
5.5118-1*Logan Cunningham (TxSt)Tyson Inv02/11
*Jack Whitt (OR)Wichita01/12
5.5018-½Jordan Scott (unat)Columbia02/18
**Victor Weirich (BYU)Nampa01/14
(A)***Michael Woepse (UCLA)Kirby Inv02/10
5.48(A)17-11¾Dustin DeLeo (unat)USATF Ind02/26
5.4517-10½-Kevin Schipper (NDm)NCAA Ind03/09
-Michael Seaman (Samf)Southern Ind02/24
5.4417-10¼-Nate Polacek (Nb)Lincoln02/17
5.4317-9¾Jared Jodon (unat)Chapel Hill02/18
-Jeremy Klas (Id)Husky Classic02/10
5.4217-9¼Bryant Wilson (unat)Allendale02/17
5.40(A)17-8½Joe Berry (TNA)PV Summit01/21
Chip Heuser (unat)Bloomington02/10
Jacob Pauli (unat)Ames01/21
(A)Rory Quiller (unat)Colorado Springs12/09
(A)**Rob Simmons (AF)Colorado Springs12/09
-Parker Smith (NC)NCAA Ind03/09
(A)Craig Van Leeuwen (Apex)PV Summit01/21
-Maston Wallace (Tx)Big 12 Ind02/24
5.3917-8¼**Chase Brannon (Tn)Va Tech LC03/03
***JJ Juilfs (Wa)Washington LC03/03
5.3817-7¾**Kyal Meyers (TxT)Lubbock02/04
-Chris Roy (LaL)Baton Rouge02/17
5.37(A)17-7¼Nick Frawley (USAF)Albuquerque02/03
(A)Darren Niedermeyer (JHAC)PV Summit01/21
-David Slovenski (Prin)Princeton12/10
5.3617-7Jeff Coover (TIn)Bloomington01/07
-Joe Davis (VaT)Hokie Inv01/21
-Robbie Haynie (EnOr)NAIA Ind03/03
Reese Watson (TxHS)Joshua02/04
5.3517-6½Shawn Barber (TxHS)College Station01/07
Jacob Blankenship (OhHS)Oberlin02/26
(A)Nick Mossberg (unat)Flagstaff01/28
*Jeff Rodriguez (UTA)Southland Ind02/25
5.3217-5½*Heath Nickles (OhSt)Big 10 Ind02/24
*Jack Szmanda (Mn)Big 10 Ind02/24
Sean Young (unat)VT Inv01/14
5.3017-4½*Michael Arnold (IdSt)Pocatello02/10
**Kyle Ballew (SD)Vermillion02/17
-Cody Doerflein (SnIl)Mo Vly Ind02/25
Mitch Greeley (unat)Swi Ind02/18
Brian Hancock (unat)Columbia02/17
**Michael Viken (EnIl)Notre Dame LC03/02
**Josh Winder (NCC)Naperville01/28
Foreign Collegians:
5.5018-½-Marvin Reitze (SC-Ger)NCAA Ind03/09
5.3517-6½-Gonzalo Barroilhet (FlSt-Chl)ACC Ind02/25
5.3017-4½*Nico Weiler (Harv-Ger)Cambridge02/11

8.2427-½Will Claye (Nik)Tyson Inv02/10
8.1626-9¼Ashton Eaton (OTC)World Ind03/09
8.1026-7*Marquise Goodwin (Tx)Fayetteville01/27
8.0626-5½***Marquis Dendy (Fl)SEC Ind02/25
8.0126-3½**Kendall Spencer (NM)NCAA Ind03/09
8.0026-3Norris Frederick (Nik)Seattle01/14
7.9426-¾*Bryce Lamb (TxT)Lubbock01/20
7.8725-10Mychael Stewart (unat)Fayetteville01/27
7.83(A)25-8¼JaRod Tobler (unat)USATF Ind02/26
7.8225-8-Chris Phipps (Nb)NCAA Ind03/09
7.7725-6-Wenley Louis (Gen)Cambridge02/11
7.76525-5¾Devin Field (TxHS)Fayetteville01/14
7.7525-5¼*Stephan Scott-Ellis (WaSt)Mtn Pac Ind02/24
7.7425-4¾George Fields (unat)Clemson02/11
*Malcom Pennix (Mo)Columbia01/13
7.7325-4½Lutalo Boyce (Nassau)Jamaica12/08
**Trebor Holmes (Shorter)NAIA Ind03/03
7.71(A)25-3½Mikese Morse (unat)USATF Ind02/26
7.7025-3¼-Caleb Lee (Ms)Tyson Inv02/10
7.6925-2¾-Lavon Allen (CharSn)VT Inv01/14
7.6625-1¾-Gray Horn (Fl)Birmingham01/14
7.6425-¾-Chris Benard (AzSt)Mtn Pac Ind02/24
**Japheth Cato (Wi)Big 10 Ind02/24
Randall Flimmons (unat)New York02/11
7.6325-½Rashad Cannon (unat)Hokie Inv01/21
***Corey Crawford (Rut)IC4A Ind03/03
-Ramon Crockett (SnMs)Baton Rouge03/02
***Jonte Grant (Cal)Mtn Pac Ind02/24
**Fredrick Wesley (Hinds)Birmingham01/14
*Tyler Williamson (UTSA)New Balance NY02/03
7.62(A)25-0**AAron Hill (GCan)Flagstaff01/14
7.6124-11¾***Amanze Williams (Ct)Storrs01/07
7.6024-11¼-Isaiah Sweeney (Hous)CUSA Ind02/25
Foreign Collegians:
8.1226-7¾*Damar Forbes (LSU-Jam)Tyson Inv02/10
7.8125-7½-Clive Chafausipo (OR-Zim)NCAA Ind03/09
7.7525-5¼-Kyron Blaise (LSU-Tri)NCAA Ind03/09
7.7425-4¾**Jharyl Bowry (Bart-Can)JUCO Ind03/02
7.7225-4**James McLachlan (LoyIl-GB)Kenosha01/27
7.7125-3½**Kamal Fuller (Al-Jam)Birmingham01/21
7.6825-2½-Mantas Silkauskas (KsSt-Lit)Big 12 Ind02/24
7.6725-2**Paul Madzivire (FlSt-Zim)ACC Ind02/24
7.6525-1¼***Patrick Raedler (Nb-Ger)Big 10 Ind02/24
7.6425-¾-Kurt Felix (Boise-Grn)NCAA Ind03/09
7.6024-11¼-Dellon Williams (TxT-Tri)Lubbock01/14

17.7058-1Will Claye (Nik)World Ind03/11
17.6357-10¼Christian Taylor (LN)World Ind03/11
16.7554-11½*Omar Craddock (Fl)NCAA Ind03/10
16.6554-7½Walter Davis (unat)Baton Rouge02/17
16.6354-6¾-Marcus Robinson (Va)Tyson Inv02/11
16.6054-5½Ryan Grinnell (unat)VaTech Elite02/04
16.53(A)54-2¾Aarik Wilson (unat)USATF Ind02/25
16.5054-1¾-Chris Benard (AzSt)NCAA Ind03/10
16.49(A)54-1¼Nkosinza Balumbu (Miz)USATF Ind02/25
16.46(A)54-0Lawrence Willis (UnSnEx)USATF Ind02/25
16.4453-11¼Alphonso Jordan (unat)VaTech Elite02/04
16.35(A)53-7¾Josh Como (CVE)Albuquerque02/04
16.32(A)53-6½Kenta Bell (unat)USATF Ind02/25
16.3153-6¼Chris Carter (unat)Baton Rouge02/17
16.2853-5-Troy Doris (Ia)Fayetteville01/28
16.2553-3¾Brandon Roulhac (Shore)Kenosha01/27
16.11(A)52-10¼Tydree Lewis (unat)Albuquerque02/04
16.0652-8¼Jonathan Clark (unat)Nampa02/04
16.0152-6½**Preston Woodard (PV)SWAC Ind03/02
16.0052-6*Steve Emere (FlAM)Nashville01/07
**Phillip Young (FlSt)NCAA Ind03/10
15.9852-5¼*Stephan Scott-Ellis (WaSt)Pullman01/28
15.8952-1¾**Cordairo Golden (MTn)Sun Belt Ind02/26
15.88(A)52-1¼Marco Moon (unat)USATF Ind02/25
Allen Simms (HPC)Lynchburg12/03
15.8451-11¾Daniel Hutcherson (GBTC)Boston01/28
*Floyd Ross (NM)Notre Dame LC03/03
15.8351-11¼-Lavell Handy (GM)Fairfax02/26
15.8251-11-Olumide Olamigoke (In)Big 10 Ind02/25
*Ricky Robertson (Ms)Tyson Inv02/11
15.7851-9¼-Chris Phipps (Nb)Tyson Inv02/11
15.7751-9*Hanif Johnson (PennSt)National Inv01/28
15.7451-7¾***Jovon Cunningham (Az)Mtn Pac Ind02/25
-Aaron LaGarde (Ga)Fayetteville01/28
15.7251-7***Babatunde Amosu (TxAM)College Station01/28
(A)Rafeeq Curry (Shore)USATF Ind02/25
15.71(A)51-6½**Mark Jackson (Tx)Kirby Inv02/10
15.7051-6¼Dwami Augustine (unat)Great Dane Cl01/20
Ramon Sparks (unat)Lubbock01/21
Mychael Stewart (unat)Fayetteville01/28
15.65(A)51-4¼Idiato Jeremiah (unat)USATF Ind02/25
15.6151-2¾**Jamal Peden (SFA)Ames02/11
15.5551-¼**Isaiah Harris (StPe)MAAC Ind02/17
15.5451-0Ethan Dejongh (FresP)NAIA Ind03/03
15.5250-11***Rueben Malone (NCSt)VT Inv01/14
(A)*Hammed Suleman (Cal)Albuquerque01/21
15.5150-10¾*Lincoln Carr (Meth)Lynchburg01/28
(A)Alonzo Moore (unat)USATF Ind02/25
15.4950-10Lester Smith (unat)Baton Rouge02/17
Foreign Collegians:
16.3253-6½-Hasheem Halim (VaT-VI)NCAA Ind03/10
16.1553-0-Kyron Blaise (LSU-Tri)SEC Ind02/26
16.1152-10¼*Damar Forbes (LSU-Jam)SEC Ind02/26
15.60(A)51-2¼-Cameron Parker (TCU-Jam)Mtn West Ind02/25
15.5951-1¾-Ernest Rollins (InSt-Bar)Notre Dame02/04
15.5751-1***Patrick Raedler (Nb-Ger)Iowa State LC03/03
15.5150-10¾-Dellon Williams (TxT-Tri)Lubbock01/21

22.0072-2¼Ryan Whiting (Nik)World Ind03/09
21.8771-9Reese Hoffa (NYAC)Chemnitz01/27
21.5370-7¾Christian Cantwell (Nik)USATF Ind02/26
21.2769-9½Adam Nelson (Sauc)NBal Ind G02/04
20.8668-5¼*Jordan Clarke (AzSt)NCAA Ind03/09
20.5467-4¾Zack Lloyd (unat)Provo01/20
20.5067-3¼-Jacob Thormaehlen (Tx)NCAA Ind03/09
20.4467-¾Cory Martin (Nik)NBal Ind G02/04
20.3066-7¼Kurt Roberts (unat)Findlay02/03
20.2966-7***Ryan Crouser (Tx)Fayetteville01/27
20.1466-1Joe Kovacs (unat)USATF Ind02/26
19.9565-5½Russ Winger (Asics)USATF Ind02/26
19.6764-6½*Hayden Baillio (Tx)Big 12 Ind02/25
19.6064-3¾Blake Eaton (unat)Sykes-Sabock02/04
19.5264-½-Luke Pinkelman (Nb)Tyson Inv02/10
19.3963-7½-Derrick Vicars (Find)Findlay12/03
Eric Werskey (CQ)Bloomington12/09
19.3363-5*Albert Fornette (LaL)Baton Rouge02/17
19.2963-3½-Robert Golabek (Buf)Geneva02/11
19.2563-2**Zach Hill (MiSt)NCAA Ind03/09
19.1062-8***Stephen Mozia (Corn)Ithaca02/18
19.0262-5-Nick Jones (ACU)USATF Ind02/26
19.0062-4-Matt DeChant (OhSt)NCAA Ind03/09
John Ybarra (unat)Allendale01/14
18.9862-3¼***Matthew Hoty (Tn)SEC Ind02/26
18.9262-1***Nick Vena (Va)Va Tech LC03/03
18.9162-½**Danny Block (Wi)Big 10 Ind02/24
18.8461-9¾*Bobby Grace (Young)Notre Dame LC03/03
18.7761-7*Logan Caldwell (PennSt)Big 10 Ind02/24
18.7161-4¾*Christopher Adams (Northw)NAIA Ind03/03
18.7061-4¼-Cody Hunt (Chadr)RMAC Ind02/25
18.5760-11¼-Josh Uchtman (SEMo)Cape Girardeau02/17
18.5460-10-Tyler Hitchler (Nb)Lincoln01/21
18.5060-8½*Richard Garrett (UTSA)Southland Ind02/25
18.4960-8-Andy Novak (WiLC)Madison02/17
18.4560-6½Scott Barnas (unat)Champaign02/04
-Trey Davis (Mn)Big 10 Ind02/24
*David Pless (Bates)NCAA III Ind03/10
18.4060-4½*Brooks Mosier (Mo)Ames01/28
18.3660-3-Brice Paey (NH)Durham02/11
18.3460-2-Dennis Aliotta (EC)CUSA Ind02/26
18.3360-1¾*Ryan Smith (Lib)Big South Ind02/25
18.3160-1Tyler Blatchley (unat)WV Holiday12/03
-Vincent Elardo (Monm)Great Dane Cl01/20
18.2059-8½*Curtis Jensen (IlSt)Allendale02/11
18.1759-7½**Paul Davis (McMur)Arkansas LC03/02
18.1459-6¼Justin Clickett (unat)Columbus02/17
18.1059-4¾Nick Baatz (WiO)NCAA III Ind03/10
John Langhauser (CPTC)Boston02/11
18.0859-4**Nicholas Banke (Akr)MAC Ind02/25
Foreign Collegians:
20.5167-3½-Tim Nedow (DeP-Can)Big East Ind02/19
20.4467-¾-Kemal Mesic (Fl-Bos)NCAA Ind03/09
20.0865-10½**Stephen Saenz (Aub-Mex)NCAA Ind03/09
19.2063-0-Michael Putman (FlSt-Per)ACC Ind02/25
19.0762-6¾-Daniel Vanek (GVall-Svk)Allendale02/17
18.8361-9½**Bozidar Antunovic (Az-Ser)Mtn Pac Ind02/25
18.2759-11¼**Chad Wright (Nb-Jam)Lincoln01/21

25.1882-7½A.G. Kruger (Nik)Findlay01/20
23.9178-5½Michael Mai (USAr)USATF Ind02/25
23.3776-8¼Garland Porter (unat)USATF Ind02/25
23.1976-1***Conor McCullough (Prin)Allston02/11
22.9975-5¼-Ryan Loughney (Ash)Findlay02/03
22.6674-4¼-J.C. Lambert (SnIl)Carbondale01/13
22.1072-6¼-Michael Lauro (LSU)Baton Rouge03/02
22.0372-3½Bryan Tolcser (unat)Minneapolis01/14
21.9572-¼*Micah Hegerle (Mn)Minneapolis02/17
21.9471-11¾*Richard Quick (Ash)Findlay02/03
21.9271-11-Kevin Mays (CMi)Akron02/11
21.6270-11¼**Alec Faldermeyer (UCLA)Kirby Inv02/10
21.6070-10½*Jeremy Postin (Fl)Va Tech LC03/03
21.5770-9¼-Matt DeChant (OhSt)Columbus02/17
21.5670-9Chris Cralle (unat)Houston01/28
21.5570-8½*Brandon Pounds (InSt)Charleston02/17
21.5370-7¾-Matt Royer (Indy)Findlay02/03
21.5170-7-Max Mays (OhSt)Columbus02/17
21.4070-2½*Lonnie Pugh (MiSt)Notre Dame LC03/02
21.3470-¼-Derrick Vicars (Find)NCAA II Ind03/09
21.3369-11¾Joe Frye (MavT)Carbondale12/03
21.3269-11½-Jay Gillespie (MiSt)Findlay02/03
21.3169-11-Gabe Wickham (Hast)NAIA Ind03/03
21.1569-4¾*Montrell Morrow (ECar)Notre Dame LC03/02
21.1369-4**Akil Mills (IlSt)Madison03/02
21.1069-2¾Kevin Becker (unat)Johnson City01/28
21.0769-1½**Ethan Dennis (Mi)Ann Arbor02/18
21.0168-11¼-Ross Bunchek (WayneStNb)NSIC02/24
20.9668-9¼Brian Allen (unat)Warrensburg02/03
20.9268-7¾***Antonio James (MiSt)Notre Dame LC03/02
20.7968-2½**Jon Lehman (Mn)Minneapolis02/17
20.7768-1¾*David Triassi (Fl)VaTech Elite02/03
20.7468-½Paul Wagner (Shore)USATF Ind02/25
20.7167-11½Stephen Bartholomew (DomA)Findlay01/20
20.7067-11Davis Fraker (unat)Charleston02/17
20.6267-8-Matt Banse (Ia)Ames02/11
**Justin Welch (Ga)VaTech Elite02/03
20.6167-7½*Sam Lockhart (GV)Saginaw02/03
20.5967-6¾-Cory Meuleman (Ash)Columbus02/17
20.5767-6*Ryan Smith (Indy)NCAA II Ind03/09
20.5467-4¾*Garrett Grey (Ash)Akron02/11
20.4867-2¼*Pete Delzer (WiO)WIAC Ind02/24
20.4567-1¼Drew Frizzell (unat)Warrensburg02/03
20.3966-10¾-Trevor Kraychir (Boise)Nampa02/04
20.2466-5-Ben Ludtke (WiO)Oshkosh01/27
-Collin Otto (SnIl)Charleston02/17
20.1466-1-Joe Plante (Wy)Laramie02/17
20.0665-9¾Jake Basher (SyrCh)Ithaca02/18
-Eric Hubbard (Akron)Lincoln01/28
-Donald Romero (EnIl)Notre Dame02/03
Foreign Collegians:
23.0575-7½-Marcel Lomnicky (VaT-Svk)VaTech Elite02/03
23.0475-7¼*Alexander Ziegler (VaT-Ger)VaTech Elite02/03
20.5567-5¼*Denis Mahmic (VaT-Cro)Va Tech LC03/03
20.2966-7-Pascal Tang (NnAz-Ger)Flagstaff02/16

4040**Japheth Cato (Wi)Madison01/21
3993-Dave Grzesiak (Wi)Madison01/21
3872Kevin Dwyer (unat)Ames12/09
3754*Devin Dick (KsSt)Manhattan12/09
Foreign Collegians:
3770*Tomas Kirielius (KsSt-Lit)Manhattan12/09

6645Ashton Eaton (OTC)World Ind03/10
6138*Curtis Beach (Duke)NCAA Ind03/10
6082**Japheth Cato (Wi)NCAA Ind03/10
6022***Gunnar Nixon (Ar)Fayetteville01/28
5971-Gray Horn (Fl)College Station01/28
5930**Kevin Lazas (Ar)NCAA Ind03/10
5908Eric Broadbent (HPC)USATF Multis03/04
5873-Cory Holman (Ga)NCAA Ind03/10
5809David Klech (unat)USATF Multis03/04
5796Nick Adcock (unat)USATF Multis03/04
5788Kevin Dwyer (unat)USATF Multis03/04
5781-Robbie Haynie (EnOr)NAIA Ind03/03
5748*Isaac Murphy (Tx)Fayetteville01/28
5731(A)-Asa Staven (MtSt)Big Sky Ind02/25
5679-Daniel Gooris (NnIa)Mo Vly Ind02/26
5677Wesley Bray (unat)Houston01/28
-Dave Grzesiak (Wi)Lincoln02/04
5673-Josh Kettlewell (CMi)National Inv01/28
5660**Dakotah Keys (Or)Mtn Pac Ind02/25
5656*Jack Szmanda (Mn)Big 10 Ind02/25
5648*Kurt Schneider (MiSt)Big 10 Ind02/25
5624*Heath Nickles (OhSt)Akron02/04
5581Ryan Harlan (unat)USATF Multis03/04
5550-Nick Huber (Corn)Ithaca02/04
5524-Michael McCarty (OhSt)Akron02/04
5517**Andy Lillejord (NDSt)Summit Ind02/25
5509-Terry Prentice (Ar)Fayetteville01/28
5497*Jake Waruch (Ct)Big East Ind02/19
5481***Garrett Scantling (Ga)SEC Ind02/25
5480Chris Randolph (unat)Seattle01/28
5476-Michael Ayers (Ga)Fayetteville01/28
5441-Aaron Young (Wich)Mo Vly Ind02/26
5440*Devin Dick (KsSt)Ames01/28
5438(A)*Jeff Mohl (MtSt)Big Sky Ind02/25
5434*Richard Roethel (CNew)NCAA III Ind03/10
5429Corbin Duer (unat)USATF Multis03/04
5424***Nathanael Franks (Ar)SEC Ind02/25
(A)*Richard York (NM)Colorado Springs01/28
5423**William Oliver (ArSt)Jonesboro01/28
5421Jordan Goffena (unat)Kent12/10
5409*Neamen Wise (SFl)Big East Ind02/19
5406**Michael Bolligar (WaSt)Mtn Pac Ind02/25
5402(A)*Michael Tibbs (AF)Mtn West Ind02/24
Foreign Collegians:
5894-Björn Barrefors (Nb-Swe)NCAA Ind03/10
5880*Romain Martin (UTA-Fra)NCAA Ind03/10
5868***Petter Olson (Tx-Swe)NCAA Ind03/10
5780-Mantas Silkauskas (KsSt-Lit)Ames01/28
5771-Kurt Felix (Boise-Grn)Nampa02/11
5700**Marcus Nilsson (UCLA-Swe)Mtn Pac Ind02/25

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