2011 U.S. Indoor List - Men

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compiled by Glen McMicken

(marks received and verified by 03/23/2011)

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These lists give the top U.S. performers of the indoor season, with an appending of those foreign collegians whose marks also fall into the range of our reporting standards. In the oversized-track category, the domestics and foreign collegians are commingled (' after name = foreigner on OT list). Relay teams may contain non-U.S. nationals.

Open athletes and high schoolers have no notation before their name. Collegians are noted by class: - = senior; * = junior; **=soph; *** = frosh.

Oversized tracks are those larger than 200m in circumference. OT marks at races longer than 1000m are no longer carried with the main list (except in the multis) because too many huge tracks have been turned into speedways. (A) = altitude over 1000m (in affected events only).

! = secondary performance in a field-event series (only applicable to final end-of-season lists); ¶ = field-event mark for which complete series data is missing (only applicable to final end-of-season lists)

5.75Michael Ray Garvin (unat)Saskatoon02/03

6.16*Markus Henderson (TxT)Lubbock01/22
6.19Chris Lawson (unat)Gainesville01/30

6.48(A)Mike Rodgers (Nike)USATF02/27
6.50———RodgersBirmingham GP02/19
6.53**Jeff Demps (Fl)NCAA03/12
**5 performances by 2 performers**
6.54(A)*D’Angelo Cherry (MsSt)USATF02/27
*Mookie Salaam (Ok)Tyson Inv02/12
6.55**Michael Granger (Ms)NCAA03/12
*Maurice Mitchell (FlSt)NCAA03/11
6.57Trell Kimmons (adidas)Millrose G01/28
6.58*Reggie Dixon (Hamp)Penn State01/28
Josh Norman (unat)Seattle01/15
6.59-Terrell Wilks (Fl)VaTech LC03/05
6.60*Woodrow Randall (Bay)NCAA03/11
6.61Christopher Davis (PTE)Penn State01/29
***Prezel Hardy (TxAM)College Station01/29
**Horatio Williams (LSU)Baton Rouge01/15
(A)Rubin Williams (unat)USATF02/27
6.62(A)Leroy Dixon (Nike)USATF02/27
**T.J. Graham (NCSt)ACC02/26
6.63**Harry Adams (Aub)SEC02/27
(A)Michael Ray Garvin (unat)USATF02/27
(A)`**Joe Morris (Co)Boulder01/22
Foreign Collegians:
6.59-Gerald Phiri (TxAM-Zam)College Station01/29
6.62(A)-Kimour Bruce (Linc-Jam)NCAA II03/12

20.39*Mookie Salaam (Ok)NCAA03/12
20.41*Maurice Mitchell (FlSt)NCAA03/11
20.61**Tony McQuay (Fl)SEC02/27
**5 performances by 3 performers**
20.62-Brandon Byram (FlSt)NCAA03/12
20.68**Horatio Williams (LSU)NCAA03/11
20.79-LaShawn Butler (Ar)SEC02/27
**T.J. Graham (NCSt)ACC02/26
20.80*Justin Austin (Ia)NCAA03/11
20.88-Whitney Prevost (Bay)College Station01/15
20.94(A)*Terrel Cotton (Linc)NCAA II03/12
20.95**Zye Boey (EnIl)NCAA03/12
20.96Jeremy Dodson (unat)Lincoln02/05
20.97Mike Rodgers (Nike)Birmingham GP02/19
20.99*Kind Butler (In)NCAA03/12
**Tavaris Tate (MsSt)College Station02/12
21.01**Leonardo Seymore (Fl)VaTech Elite02/05
21.02***Dentarius Locke (Tn)SEC02/26
21.03(A)-Desmond Jackson (ACU)NCAA II03/12
21.05-Tran Howell (TxAM)TxAM-LSU01/22
21.07(A)**Chris Burrows (LErie)NCAA II03/12
Foreign Collegians:
20.58(A)**Kirani James (Al-Grn)Albuquerque01/21
20.70**Marek Niit (Ar-Est)SEC02/26
20.80-Gerald Phiri (TxAM-Zam)TxAM-LSU01/22
20.86**Noah Akwu (MTn-Ngr)NCAA03/11
20.96-Gabriel Mvumvure (LSU-Zim)SEC02/27
20.99**Brijesh Lawrence (Doane-StK)Lincoln02/19
21.06***Andre Walsh (MdES-Jam)IC4A 02/06
Oversized Track:
20.87Rondell Bartholomew (SPl-Grn)JUCO03/05
20.89BoeyNotre Dame02/05
20.93*Kind Butler (In)Geneva02/05
21.01Everett Walker (Bart)JUCO03/05
21.03**Isaiah Gill (SPl)Lubbock02/18

45.21**Tony McQuay (Fl)SEC02/27
45.82*Torrin Lawrence (Ga)Tyson Inv02/11
45.95———McQuayTyson Inv02/11
**5 performances by 2 performers**
46.03***Neill Braddy (Ar)SEC02/26
46.04*Ben Skidmore (Ar)SEC02/27
46.08**Caleb Williams (LSU)SEC02/27
46.11(A)Michael Courtney (NLA)USATF02/27
46.22***Brady Gehret (PennSt)NCAA03/12
46.29-Marcus Boyd (Bay)Arkansas LC03/04
46.39-Gil Roberts (TxT)Big 1202/26
46.46**Errol Nolan (Hous)NBal New York02/05
46.47*Austin Hollimon (Prin)NYRR II01/29
46.48-Bryan Miller (TxAM)College Station02/12
46.52(A)*Thomas Murdaugh (OhSt)Albuquerque02/11
46.54*Robert Simmons (LSU)SEC02/27
46.57(A)James Howell (NLA)USATF02/27
46.61-Charles Cox (NC)NCAA03/11
46.65**Kyle Clemons (Ks)Big 1202/25
46.66***James Harris (MsSt)Arkansas LC03/04
46.67**Marquis Holston (Norf)Tyson Inv02/11
46.75(A)-Danzell Fortson (Tx)Albuquerque02/11
Foreign Collegians:
44.80**Kirani James (Al-Grn)SEC02/27
45.33-Demetrius Pinder (TxAM-Bah)NCAA03/12
45.84Rondell Bartholomew (SPl-Grn)Tyson Inv02/11
45.99**Marek Niit (Ar-Est)SEC02/26
46.23*Amaechi Morton (Stan-Ngr)Razorback Inv01/29
46.30*Riker Hylton (LSU-Jam)SEC02/27
46.38(A)-Leford Green (JCS-Jam)NCAA II03/12
Oversized Track:
45.92-Tabarie Henry (TxAM-VI)Iowa St LC03/05
46.34-Bryan Miller (TxAM)Iowa St LC03/05
46.35**Tavaris Tate (MsSt)Lexington01/29
46.36CoxNotre Dame LC03/05
46.48***Brycen Spratling (EnMi)Notre Dame02/05
46.67***Mike Berry (Or)Washington LC03/05
46.68*Kelvin Furlough (Hous)Iowa St LC03/05

1:01.28**Casimir Loxsom (PennSt)Penn State01/08
1:01.96**Taylor Courtney (Lib)IC4A 02/06
Foreign Collegians:
1:01.28-Tabarie Henry (TxAM-VI)NBal New York02/04
1:02.00-Julius Mutekanga (LIU-Uga)Mets01/29
Oversized Track:
1:01.89*Aaron Younger (Rut)Big East02/20

1:17.00Duane Solomon (Saucony)New Balance GP02/05
1:17.35**Harun Abda (Mn)Big 1002/27
1:17.38(A)*John Kline (AzSt)Albuquerque02/05
1:17.44Tevan Everett (unat)New Balance GP02/05
1:17.46Karjuan Williams (adidas)New Balance GP02/05
**5 performances by 5 performers**
1:17.63**Casimir Loxsom (PennSt)Big 1002/27
1:17.64Strymar Livingston (NYHS)NY City02/25
1:17.94-Steven Willey (Ia)Minneapolis01/22
1:17.98-Lionel Williams (PennSt)Penn St01/15
1:18.28-Zach Beth (Wi)Big 1002/27
1:18.47Antione Drakeford (unat)Bloomington01/22
1:18.50*Erik Sowinski (Ia)Minneapolis01/22
1:18.62**John Holton (Mn)Big 1002/27
Oversized Track:
1:17.28Anton Kokorin (SPl-Rus)Lubbock02/18
1:18.10Rondell Bartholomew (SPl-Grn)JUCO03/05
1:18.51**Elijah Greer (Or)Seattle01/15

1:47.20Rob Novak (NYAC)Boston02/12
1:47.30**Chris Carrington (GM)Boston02/12
1:47.36**Casimir Loxsom (PennSt)Penn State01/29
1:47.41-Michael Rutt (Ct)New Englands02/26
1:47.67(A)**Patrick Casey (MtSt)Bozeman02/11
**5 performances by 5 performers**
1:47.88*Michael Preble (TxAM)NCAA03/11
1:48.03(A)Duane Solomon (Saucony)USATF02/27
1:48.08Ben Scheetz (Amh)New Englands02/26
**Chuol Dey (Ar)Tyson Inv02/11
1:48.10David Torrence (Nike)Liévin02/08
1:48.29**Russell Dinkins (Prin)Heps02/27
1:48.35(A)Tetlo Emmen (unat)USATF02/27
1:48.38(A)Mark Wieczorek (unat)USATF02/27
1:48.43**James Eichberger (Az)Razorback Inv01/29
1:48.47*Duncan Phillips (Ar)NBal New York02/05
1:48.66**Peter Callahan (Prin)New Haven02/12
1:48.75*Erik Sowinski (Ia)Razorback Inv01/29
1:48.80*Joe Abbott (WaSt)NCAA03/11
1:48.87-Sharif Webb (Ky)NCAA03/11
1:48.89*Joey Roberts (TxAM)Big 1202/26
Foreign Collegians:
1:48.35-Felix Kitur (VMI-Ken)IC4A 02/06
Oversized Track:
1:47.02**Elijah Greer (Or)Husky Cl02/12
1:47.27PrebleIowa St LC03/05
1:47.31-Cory Primm (UCLA)Husky Cl02/12
1:47.41-Fred Samoei (Al-Ken)Husky Cl02/12
1:47.54*Joey Roberts (TxAM)Iowa St LC03/05
1:47.71-Zach Beth (Wi)Iowa St LC03/05
1:47.87**Zach Mellon (Wi)Husky Cl02/12
1:47.91WebbHusky Cl02/12
1:47.95**Harun Abda (Mn)Notre Dame LC03/05
EmmenHusky Cl02/12
1:47.98SowinskiHusky Cl02/12
1:48.05*Joe Abbott (WaSt)Husky Cl02/12
1:48.07*Aaron Evans (Ga-Ber)Husky Cl02/12
1:48.20**Gavyn Nero (Bay-Tri)Notre Dame LC03/05
1:48.26-James Gilreath (Bay)Notre Dame LC03/05
1:48.74-Scott Crawford (UCLA)Notre Dame LC03/05
1:48.88Kevin Hicks (SETA)Seattle01/29

2:20.77-Jeff Moriarty (Col)NBal New York02/04
2:21.28-Erik van Ingen (Bing)NBal New York02/04
2:22.30*Duncan Phillips (Ar)vs Tx01/14
2:22.42**Dey Tuach (Ar)Arkansas Inv01/07
2:22.75**Patrick McGregor (Tx)vs Tx01/14
**5 performances by 5 performers**
2:22.94**Peter Callahan (Prin)Heps02/27
2:23.58-Ian Thomas (BC)IC4A 02/06
2:23.66**Nick Wade (Corn)Penn St01/15
2:23.74-Brian Tetreault (Vill)NBal New York02/04
2:23.85*Parker Boudreau (GM)VaT Chall02/19
***James Shirvell (Yale)Heps02/27
2:23.86-Michael Rutt (Ct)IC4A 02/06
2:24.17-Sean-Pat Oswald (Duke)NBal New York02/04
2:24.22-Logan Gonzales (Tx)vs Ark01/14
2:24.35***John Schilkowski (Corn)Penn St01/15
Foreign Collegians:
2:19.96-Ryan Foster (PennSt-Aus)Penn St01/15
2:22.39**Gavyn Nero (Bay-Tri)NBal New York02/04
2:23.35***Bryan Cantero (Ar-Fra)vs Tx01/14
2:24.20**Chris O’Hare (Tulsa-GB)Norman01/22
Oversized Track:
2:22.53**Jeremy Rae (NDm-Can)Notre Dame01/22
2:23.92*Jordan Carlson (NDm)Notre Dame01/22

3:38.17Russell Brown (OTC)Birmingham GP02/19
3:40.12Garrett Heath (Saucony)New Balance GP02/05
3:41.99Kyle Miller (Nike)New York01/22
3:43.05Rob Myers (Saucony)New Balance GP02/05
3:43.44Alan Webb (Nike)New Balance GP02/05
3:43.60Liam Boylan-Pett (unat)New York01/22
3:44.35Will Leer (OTC)New Balance GP02/05

3:54.81Russell Brown (OTC)New Balance GP02/05
3:55.87Garrett Heath (Saucony)New Balance GP02/05
3:57.11-Erik van Ingen (Bing)Boston02/12
3:57.75**Andrew Bayer (In)Bloomington01/28
3:57.97*Cory Leslie (OhSt)Penn State01/29
**5 performances by 5 performers**
3:58.15Jeff See (Saucony)Penn State01/29
3:58.17*Riley Masters (Me)Boston02/12
3:58.80Macklin Chaffee (RagM)Boston02/12
3:58.87Rob Myers (Saucony)New Balance GP02/05
3:59.01Bernard Lagat (Nike)Millrose G01/28
3:59.10Craig Miller (New Balance)New York01/22
3:59.49*Miles Batty (BYU)NCAA03/12
3:59.70Rob Novak (NYAC)New York01/22
3:59.76**Patrick Casey (MtSt)Bozeman02/04
4:00.01Will Leer (OTC)New Balance GP02/05
4:00.13David Torrence (Nike)Millrose G01/28
4:00.46De’Sean Turner (unat)Bloomington01/28
4:00.70-Jeff Moriarty (Col)Columbia LC03/05
Alan Webb (Nike)New Balance GP02/05
4:00.84-Christian Gonzalez (Rider)Columbia LC03/05
Foreign Collegians:
3:56.48**Chris O’Hare (Tulsa-GB)Tyson Inv02/11
3:56.64Silas Kisorio (OkCh-Ken)Tyson Inv02/11
3:58.26***Rich Peters (BU-GB)Boston02/12
3:58.49-Ryan Foster (PennSt-Aus)Penn State01/29
3:58.57*Julian Matthews (Prov-NZ)Boston02/12
3:59.86**Ross Millington (NM-GB)Bloomington01/28
4:00.30*Dominic Channon (Prov-NZ)Columbia LC03/05
4:00.47*Ben Hubers (In-Can)Bloomington01/28
4:00.74*Tom Marshall (Tulsa-GB)Arkansas LC03/04
*David McCarthy (Prov-Ire)Cambridge01/23
Oversized Track:
3:54.52Chris Solinsky (Nike)Husky Cl02/12
3:55.79BattyHusky Cl02/12
3:56.84*Dumisane Hlaselo (Fl-SA)Husky Cl02/12
3:58.12-Matthew Gibney (Vill-Aus)Husky Cl02/12
3:58.39A.J. Acosta (unat)Washington LC03/05
3:58.41*Michael Hammond (VaT)Notre Dame LC03/05
3:58.51**James Cameron (Wa)Washington LC03/05
3:58.72**Jeff Thode (Ia)Notre Dame LC03/05
3:58.82*Duncan Phillips (Ar)Husky Cl02/12
3:59.03**Mac Fleet (Or)Washington LC03/05
3:59.13***Lawi Lalang (Az-Ken)Husky Cl02/12
3:59.62**Jeremy Rae (NDm-Can)Notre Dame02/05
3:59.74-Kris Gauson (But-GB)Notre Dame LC03/05
4:00.09**Craig Huffer (Adams-Aus)Husky Cl02/12
4:00.14Andrew Bumbalough (Nike)Seattle01/15
4:00.26-Mark Amirault (Prin)Notre Dame LC03/05
4:00.29-John Sullivan (Stan)Washington LC03/05
4:00.31**J.P. Malette (NDm-Can)Notre Dame LC03/05
4:00.38Aaron Braun (adidas)Seattle01/15
4:00.52*Elliott Heath (Stan)Mtn Pacific02/26

7:39.35Bernard Lagat (Nike)New York02/12
7:48.35**Andrew Bayer (In)Bloomington01/21
7:49.93Dan Huling (Reeb)New Balance GP02/05
7:50.11Aaron Braun (McME)New Balance GP02/05
7:52.27*Elliott Heath (Stan)Razorback Inv01/29
**5 performances by 5 performers**
7:53.11*Riley Masters (Me)Boston Terrier01/29
7:53.81*Andrew Poore (In)Bloomington02/12
7:56.58**Reed Connor (Wi)Madison03/04
7:58.62-David Adams (Nb)Razorback Inv01/29
7:58.72-Erik Van Ingen (Bingh)Boston Terrier01/29
7:59.02Eric Finan (Cin)Bloomington02/12
7:59.30**Eric Fernandez (Ar)Razorback Inv01/29
7:59.91(A)Galen Rupp (OTC)USATF02/26
8:00.16**Maverick Darling (Wi)Big 1002/26
8:01.86**Solomon Haile (Ar)Arkansas LC03/04
8:02.41Ed Moran (unat)Fairfax01/29
8:02.96-Ben Lindsay (Iona)NYRR II01/29
8:03.31John Ricardi (Brk)Bloomington02/12
8:03.57**Ryan Hill (NCSt)ACC02/26
8:03.93Andrew Carlson (unat)Minneapolis02/18
Foreign Collegians:
7:51.40*Leonard Korir (Iona-Ken)Boston Terrier01/29
7:53.33*David McCarthy (Prov-Ire)Boston Terrier01/29
7:54.37*Ben Hubers (In-Can)Bloomington02/12
7:55.62*Stephen Sambu (Az-Ken)Razorback Inv01/29
8:00.43*Dumisane Hlaselo (Fl-SA)SEC02/26
8:01.38*Ben Cheruiyot (Aub-Ken)SEC02/26
8:03.57*Hugo Beamish (Vill-NZ)NYRR II01/29
Oversized Track:
7:49.95Tim Nelson (Nike)Husky Cl02/12
7:50.23Jeff See (Saucony)Akron02/12
7:50.28Garrett Heath (Saucony)Husky Cl02/12
7:50.59*Matthew Centrowitz (Or)Husky Cl02/12
7:50.78HillHusky Cl02/12
7:50.92-Sam Chelanga (Lib-Ken)Husky Cl02/12
7:51.85Alan Webb (Nike)Husky Cl02/12
7:52.18**Diego Estrada (NnAz)Husky Cl02/12
7:52.52*Ben Blankenship (Mn)Husky Cl02/12
7:53.13-Colton Tully-Doyle (Wa)Husky Cl02/12
7:53.82*German Fernandez (OkSt)Husky Cl02/12
7:53.91-Justin Tyner (AF)Husky Cl02/12
7:54.08**Ross Millington (NM-GB)Husky Cl02/12
7:54.32***Lawi Lalang (Az-Ken)Mtn Pacific02/26
7:54.39Ian Dobson (OTC)Husky Cl02/12
7:54.42**Thomas Farrell (OkSt-GB)Husky Cl02/12
7:55.12*Cody Rome (Navy)Notre Dame LC03/05
7:55.39Stephen Pifer (OTC)Husky Cl02/12
7:56.09-Emmanuel Bor (Al-Ken)Husky Cl02/12

13:11.44Galen Rupp (Nike)Birmingham GP02/19
13:29.01**Diego Estrada (NnAz)NCAA03/11
13:34.54*Elliott Heath (Stan)NCAA03/11
13:36.14**Kevin Schwab (Ok)NCAA03/11
**5 performances by 4 performers**
13:36.65**Maverick Darling (Wi)NCAA03/11
13:36.87**Chris Derrick (Stan)NCAA03/11
13:37.03*Andrew Poore (In)NCAA03/11
13:46.57*George Alex (Ok)NCAA03/11
13:51.05**Kevin Williams (Ok)Big 1202/25
13:51.65**Joe Bosshard (Co)Big 1202/25
13:52.28*Colby Lowe (OkSt)Big 1202/25
13:53.60-Jeff Schirmer (SnIl)Bloomington01/29
13:56.19**Reed Connor (Wi)Big 1002/26
13:56.26-David Adams (Nb)NCAA03/11
13:58.40**Zachary Mayhew (In)Bloomington01/29
14:00.11**Eric Fernandez (Ar)SEC02/27
14:02.26*Luke Puskedra (Or)NCAA03/11
14:03.10-Andrew Hanko (Navy)Patriot League02/20
14:03.32*Richard Medina (Co)Big 1202/25
14:04.68**Solomon Haile (Ar)SEC02/27
Foreign Collegians:
13:26.01*Leonard Korir (Iona-Ken)NCAA03/11
13:27.34-Sam Chelanga (Lib-Ken)NCAA03/11
13:28.48*Stephen Sambu (Az-Ken)NCAA03/11
13:40.73*Ben Hubers (In-Can)NCAA03/11
13:41.74**Mohammed Ahmed (Wi-Can)NCAA03/11
14:04.45-Ben Lindsay (Iona-GB)IC4A 02/06
Oversized Track:
13:45.32AlexHusky Cl02/11
13:48.13*Miles Unterreiner (Stan)Mtn Pacific02/25
13:48.15-Mohamud Ige (Az)Mtn Pacific02/25
13:48.78-David Adams (Nb)Husky Cl02/11
13:49.59BosshardHusky Cl02/11
13:50.42-Ben Engelhardt (AzSt)Mtn Pacific02/25
13:51.60*Hugo Beamish (Vill-NZ)Husky Cl02/11
13:51.84-Chris Kwiatkowski (Or)Mtn Pacific02/25
13:51.99-Nathan Ogden (BYU)Notre Dame LC03/05
13:52.00**Bill Kogel (Ok)Husky Cl02/11
13:53.48FernandezHusky Cl02/11
13:54.76Donald Cowart (RMR)Husky Cl02/11
13:54.77**James Cameron (Wa)Mtn Pacific02/25
13:54.84*Ben Cheruiyot (Aub-Ken)Notre Dame LC03/05
13:56.52**Michael Fout (FlSt)Husky Cl02/11
13:57.20MedinaHusky Cl02/11
13:58.54*Ryan Collins (Va)Husky Cl02/11
13:59.12-Matt Tebo (Co)Husky Cl02/11
13:59.19*Ahmed Osman (NnAz)Husky Cl02/11

7.07Omo Osaghae (unat)Lubbock02/05
7.18Aleec Harris (BartCC)JUCO03/05
7.19-Bryce Brown (TxT)Lubbock01/22
Michael Hancock (IaCCC)JUCO03/05
7.23Fred Townsend (unat)Columbia02/19

7.37David Oliver (Nike)Stuttgart02/05
7.46Aries Merritt (Reeb)Houston01/29
**5 performances by 2 performers**
7.52(A)Omo Osaghae (unat)USATF02/27
7.56Jarret Eaton (unat)Ithaca02/19
7.57Kevin Craddock (Nike)Dusseldorf02/11
Jeff Porter (unat)Liévin02/08
7.58David Payne (Nike)Stockholm02/22
7.60Ashton Eaton (OTC)Tallinn02/06
(A)Jason Richardson (Nike)USATF02/27
7.61(A)Esteban Guzman (unat)USATF02/27
*Barrett Nugent (LSU)NCAA03/12
7.62Joel Brown (unat)Birmingham GP02/19
7.63(A)*Terence Somerville (Cinc)USATF02/27
7.66Ronnie Ash (unat)Clemson02/12
Antwon Hicks (unat)Saskatoon02/04
7.67Ryan Fontenot (unat)Baton Rouge02/18
*Devon Hill (Mia)NCAA03/12
Chris Thomas (GIR)Norman02/19
7.68Ty Akins (unat)Liévin02/08
-Brendan Ames (USC)NCAA03/11
Foreign Collegians:
7.58*Andrew Riley (Il-Jam)NCAA03/12
7.66**Keiron Stewart (Tx-Jam)Big 1202/26

4 x 200
1:26.28Charleston SouthernNBal New York02/05
1:26.36Zenith Velocity ACNBal New York02/05
1:26.69Bethune-CookmanNBal New York02/05
1:27.74AlbanyNBal New York02/05

4 X 400
3:04.24Texas A&MNCAA03/12
3:05.14South PlainsTyson Inv02/12
3:05.48———Texas A&MCollege Station02/12
**5 performances by 4 teams**
3:06.98Delaware StateIC4A 02/06
3:07.50Penn StateNCAA03/12
3:07.74George MasonNCAA03/12
3:08.17Florida StateNCAA03/12
3:08.46Texas TechBig 1202/26
3:08.52HoustonColl Sta12/11
3:08.56Mississippi St.Arkansas LC03/04
3:08.89OklahomaBig 1202/26
3:09.17(A)JC SmithNCAA II03/12
Long IslandIC4A 02/06
3:09.31(A)St. Augustine’sNCAA II03/12
3:09.35PrincetonPenn State02/05
Oversized Track:
3:06.66IowaIowa St LC03/05
3:07.26Florida StateIowa St LC03/05
3:07.27Penn StateNotre Dame LC03/05
3:07.57George MasonIowa St LC03/05
3:07.61Washington St.Iowa St LC03/05
3:07.96GeorgiaIowa St LC03/05
3:08.59WisconsinIowa St LC03/05
3:08.96South CarolinaIowa St LC03/05

4 X 800
7:24.70VMIIC4A 02/06
7:26.00FordhamIC4A 02/06
7:26.01AlbanyIC4A 02/06
7:27.26Texas A&MNBal New York02/05
7:28.02La SalleIC4A 02/06
**5 performances by 5 teams**
7:30.03ColgateIC4A 02/06
7:31.71PittNBal New York02/05
7:31.79BYUNBal New York02/05
7:32.81Notre DameBloomington01/29
7:33.05Central ConnecticutNew Englands02/26
7:33.60Boston UAmerica East02/19
Oversized Track:
7:25.31Notre DameBig East02/20
7:28.28VillanovaBig East02/20
7:31.02PittBig East02/20

9:29.22StanfordRazorback Inv01/28
9:30.16Notre DameNCAA03/11
**5 performances by 5 teams**
9:30.85ArkansasRazorback Inv01/28
9:31.50New MexicoNCAA03/11
9:36.41VirginiaVaTech Elite02/05
9:42.59Air ForceNCAA03/11
9:43.31NC StateACC02/25
9:44.88Virginia TechACC02/25
9:45.80Florida StateACC02/25
9:46.17DukeNBal New York02/04
9:47.02AlbanyNBal New York02/04
Oversized Track:
9:26.78OregonMtn Pacific02/25
9:28.87ArizonaMtn Pacific02/25
9:32.06Air ForceNotre Dame LC03/05
9:33.50VillanovaNotre Dame LC03/05
9:33.77AlabamaNotre Dame LC03/05
9:34.38VirginiaNotre Dame LC03/05
9:34.62TexasNotre Dame LC03/05
9:34.78UCLANotre Dame LC03/05
9:35.02PrincetonNotre Dame LC03/05
9:35.21Penn StateNotre Dame LC03/05
9:38.23WashingtonMtn Pacific02/25
9:38.69CalMtn Pacific02/25
9:39.87Washington StateMtn Pacific02/25
9:40.95Virginia TechNotre Dame LC03/05
9:43.11Utah StateNotre Dame LC03/05
9:43.58North Dakota StateNotre Dame LC03/05
9:47.04Northern IowaNotre Dame LC03/05
9:47.27Iowa CentralAmes02/11

2.347-8Jesse Williams (Nike)B Bystrica02/09
2.337-7¾**Erik Kynard (KsSt)Tyson Inv02/12
2.307-6½——Williams !B Bystrica02/09
2.297-6——KynardC Station01/29
**5 performances by 2 performers**
2.287-5¾**Ricky Robertson (Ms)Jonesboro01/22
2.277-5¼Keith Moffatt (Nike)Prague02/10
2.257-4½*Major Clay (InSt)Allendale02/11
(A)***James Harris (MsSt)USATF02/26
(A)Jamie Nieto (NYAC)USATF02/26
**Nick Ross (Az)Nampa01/15
2.247-4¼Jim Dilling (unat)Tyson Inv02/12
Dusty Jonas (Nike)Lincoln02/05
(A)-Clint Silcock (UtSt)Albuquerque02/05
2.237-3¾**Geoff Davis (Pur)Big 1002/27
2.227-3¼*Dwight Barbiasz (Md)VaTech Elite02/05
-Darrell Roddick (TxT)C Station01/29
2.217-3-Paul Hamilton (Nb)Iowa St LC03/05
***Maalik Reynolds (Penn)NYRR I01/15
(A)**Jules Sharpe (Stan)Albuquerque02/11
James White (IaC)Ames02/12
Foreign Collegians:
2.337-7¾*Derek Drouin (In-Can)NCAA03/12
2.24(A)7-4¼-Jamal Wilson (Tx-Bah)Albuquerque02/11
2.217-3**Edgar Rivera (Az-Mex)Razorback01/28

5.6518-6½Derek Miles (Nike)Vermillion02/18
5.6318-5½Mark Hollis (unat)N Dame LC03/05
**7 performances by 2 performers**
5.5818-3¾Brad Walker (Nike)Wash LC03/05
5.5118-1Jason Colwick (unat)Husky Cl02/12
-Scott Roth (Wa)Seattle01/29
5.5018-½-Ben Peterson (Mn)NCAA03/11
(A)Rory Quiller (unat)Golden02/18
Jordan Scott (unat)PV Summit01/29
(A)**Victor Weirich (BYU)Albuquerque01/22
**Jack Whitt (OR)PV Summit01/29
5.4517-10½*Nate Polacek (Nb)NCAA03/11
5.42(A)17-9¼-Chris Little (BYU)Air Force02/12
5.4117-9*Jeremy Klas (Id)Pullman02/19
5.4017-8½-Joe Berry (Tn)NBal NY02/05
5.3817-7¾-Hunter Hall (VaT)VaTech LC03/05
-Brian Hancock (Mo)Columbia02/18
Joe Samaniuk (unat)VaTech LC03/05
5.3717-7¼-Marcus McGehee (LSU)SEC02/26
Kolby Shepherd (unat)Hokie Inv01/22
5.3617-7Jeff Coover (Brk)Bloomington02/05
-Parker Smith (NC)ACC02/26
Foreign Collegians:
5.4717-11¼-Yavgeniy Olhovsky (VaT-Isr)VaT Chall02/19
5.4117-9**Stephan Munz (VaT-Ger)ACC02/26
5.3617-7*Kārlis Pujāts (Mem-Lat)Lexington01/29
-Ryan Vu (Wa-Can)Husky Cl02/12
5.2817-3¾**Stéfanos Koufídis (In-Gre)Big 1002/26

8.1426-8½**Marquise Goodwin (Tx)Razorback01/28
8.1026-7——GoodwinBig 1202/25
8.0826-6¼-Zedric Thomas (LSU)Tyson Inv02/11
8.0426-4½*Will Claye (Fl)NCAA03/11
8.0226-3¾——ThomasBaton Rouge01/15
**5 performances by 3 performers**
8.0026-3**Damar Forbes (LSU)Baton Rouge01/15
7.9826-2¼**Bryce Lamb (TxT)Lubbock01/22
7.9626-1½***Justin Hunter (Tn)Penn State01/28
7.88(A)25-10¼JaRod Tobler (unat)Albuquerque02/11
7.8625-9½Marquis Dendy (DeHS)Landover03/06
7.8525-9¼**Mike Hartfield (OhSt)Big 1002/26
7.8325-8¼*Chris Phipps (Nb)Lincoln02/04
7.8225-8*Wesley Smith (Louis)Carbondale12/03
7.8025-7¼Norris Frederick (Asics)Seattle01/15
7.7925-6¾*Caleb Lee (Ms)Notre Dame02/04
7.7725-6Ashton Eaton (OTC)Tallinn02/05
7.7425-4¾Jeremy Hicks (unat)Baton Rouge02/18
7.7325-4½-Melvin Echard (TxAM)LSU LC03/04
7.7225-4Trevell Quinley (unat)Moscow02/06
7.7125-3½**Diego Lawerence (Camp)Atlantic Sun02/19
7.68(A)25-2½-Nafee Harris (In/Pa)NCAA II03/11
7.6725-2Diwani Augustine (unat)New Haven12/10
Randall Flimmons (unat)Nashville01/29
Foreign Collegians:
8.1526-9*Ngoni Makusha (FlSt-Zim)ACC02/25
8.0726-5¾*Tarik Batchelor (Ar-Jam)SEC02/26
7.9426-¾-Nicholas Gordon (Nb-Jam)Big 1202/25
7.7825-6¼*Kyron Blaise (LSU-Tri)LSU LC03/04
***Kamal Fuller (Al-Jam)N Dame LC03/05
7.7725-6***Raymond Higgs (Ar-Bah)Tyson Inv02/11
7.7225-4-Leon Hunt (FlAM-VI)Johnson City02/05
*Eetu Viitala (Boise-Fin)Nampa01/22
7.6725-2-Julian Reid (TxAM-Jam)Big 1202/25

17.3656-11½*Christian Taylor (Fl)SEC02/27
17.3256-10*Will Claye (Fl)NCAA03/12
17.0255-10¼——ClayeTyson Inv02/12
**5 performances by 2 performers**
16.88(A)55-4¾Rafeeq Curry (Shore)USATF02/26
16.7354-10¾Brandon Roulhac (Shore)Kenosha01/28
16.7054-9½-Chris Carter (Hous)NCAA03/12
16.5954-5¼Tydree Lewis (unat)Tyson Inv02/12
16.5754-4½**Omar Craddock (Fl)SEC02/27
(A)Alphonso Jordan (unat)USATF02/26
16.4654-0*Troy Doris (Ia)Razorback01/29
16.2853-5Allen Simms (HPC)Columbia LC03/05
16.2453-3½-Zedric Thomas (LSU)SEC02/27
16.2353-3-Darrell Roddick (TxT)Big 1202/26
16.15(A)53-0-Ramon Sparks (ACU)NCAA II03/12
16.1252-10¾**Hammed Suleman (Cal)Mtn Pacific02/26
16.1152-10¼***Stephen Emere (SPl)JUCO03/05
16.0852-9¼-Jonathan Clark (UCLA)Mtn Pacific02/26
16.0652-8¼Lawrence Willis (USETC)Baton Rouge01/15
16.0552-8*Marcus Robinson (Va)ACC02/26
15.98(A)52-5¼***Mark Jackson (Tx)Albuquerque02/11
15.9752-4¾Keinan Briggs (unat)Seattle02/13
*Chris Phipps (Nb)Big 1202/26
Foreign Collegians:
16.7154-10-Julian Reid (TxAM-Jam)NCAA03/12
16.5254-2½*Tarik Batchelor (Ar-Jam)Arkansas Inv01/07
16.3653-8¼*Kyron Blaise (LSU-Tri)SEC02/27
16.1953-1½J’Vente Deveaux (AllCCC-Bah)Tyson Inv02/12

21.3570-½Ryan Whiting (Nike)USATF02/27
21.3169-11——WhitingMillrose G01/28
21.2169-7Christian Cantwell (Nike)Nordhausen01/21
21.1769-5½——Whiting !USATF02/27
21.1469-4¼——CantwellMillrose G01/28
**5 performances by 2 performers**
21.0068-10¾Reese Hoffa (NYAC)Nordhausen01/21
20.7167-11½**Mason Finley (Ks)vs Mo01/14
20.5167-3½Adam Nelson (unat)Bydgoszcz02/16
20.4567-1¼Cory Martin (Nike)Nordhausen01/21
20.3166-7¾Zack Lloyd (unat)Ogden02/19
20.1966-3Dan Taylor (Nike)USATF02/27
20.0765-10¼*Luke Pinkelman (Nb)Big 1202/26
19.8465-1¼-Joe Kovacs (PennSt)Big 1002/26
19.8265-½*Matt DeChant (OhSt)Penn State01/29
19.6464-5¼-Eric Werskey (Aub)NCAA03/11
19.5364-1Kevin Bookout (unat)Norman01/29
19.5164-¼***Stephen Saenz (Aub)Ames02/12
19.4863-11Ryan Crouser (OrHS)Nampa01/29
-Kurt Roberts (Ash)NCAA II03/12
19.3263-4¾**Hayden Baillio (Tx)Big 1202/26
19.3163-4¼John Ybarra (unat)Golden12/10
19.1862-11¼*Tim Nedow (DeP)Champaign01/29
19.0462-5¾Scott Barnas (unat)Romeoville01/14
20.8868-6*Max Mays (OhSt)St. College01/28
Foreign Collegians:
19.9265-4¼-Leif Arrhenius (BYU-Swe)NCAA03/11
19.5364-1*Kemal Mesić (Fl-Bos)SEC02/26

24.4080-¾Garland Porter (unat)Findlay Open02/04
24.1679-3¼Jake Freeman (NYAC)Millrose G01/28
23.7377-10¼A.G. Kruger (Nike)USATF02/26
**5 performances by 3 performers**
23.7277-10Michael Mai (USAr)USATF02/26
23.3276-6¼-Walter Henning (LSU)Baton Rouge02/18
22.8675-0James Parker (unat)Portland02/18
22.1672-8½Jon Lawson (unat)Seattle02/13
21.9972-1¾*Ryan Loughney (Ash)NCAA II03/11
21.9772-1-Ben Bishop (SnIlE)Allendale02/11
21.9171-10¾Robert Klenk (unat)Kent01/15
21.7671-4¾Brian Richotte (unat)Ann Arbor02/19
21.7371-3½**Micah Hegerle (Mn)Minneapolis02/18
21.5870-9¾*J.C. Lambert (SnIl)Carbondale02/04
21.5570-8½-K.P. Singh (Ok)Norman02/19
21.5170-7*Michael Lauro (LSU)SEC02/27
21.4770-5¼-Drew Frizzell (CMo)NCAA II03/11
21.2769-9½-Mike Zajac (SC)Columbia02/19
21.2569-8¾-Mike Jeffery (Ash)Kent12/11
21.0669-1¼**Lonnie Pugh (MiSt)NCAA03/12
Foreign Collegians:
22.3373-3¼-Adonson Shallow (SELa-VI)LSU LC03/04
21.5470-8**Alexander Ziegler (VaT-Ger)VaT Chall02/18
21.1469-4¼Knut Syversen (Mem-Nor)LSU LC03/04
21.0669-1¼-Leif Arrhenius (BYU-Swe)Air Force02/12

4056Eric Broadbent (unat)Npt News01/29
3902Daniel Kinsey (unat)Delaware02/19
3896*Dave Grzesiak (Wi)Madison01/15
3876*Ethan Miller (CIa)Grinnell02/11
3846*Jordan Goffena (MO)Findlay01/29
3827-Kurtis Brondyke (CIa)NCAA III03/12
3821***Japheth Cato (Wi)Madison01/15
3784**Richard Roethel (CN)NCAA III03/12

6568Ashton Eaton (OTC)Tallinn02/06
5986-Miller Moss (Clem)NCAA03/12
5890*Gray Horn (Fl)NCAA03/12
**5 performances by 3 performers**
5872-Michael Morrison (Cal)NCAA03/12
5831-David Klech (Or)NCAA03/12
5816**Curtis Beach (Duke)ACC02/25
5780**Jeremy Taiwo (Wa)NCAA03/12
5742***Japheth Cato (Wi)Big 1002/27
5711Nick Adcock (unat)USATF03/06
5700Patrick Woods (unat)USATF03/06
5681Chris Helwick (unat)USATF03/06
5674***Kevin Lazas (Ar)SEC02/26
5671-Wesley Bray (Hous)CUSA02/26
5645-Brock Spandl (Mn)Ames01/28
5629-Joey Schwecke (Mn)Big 1002/27
5578*Michael Ayers (Ga)SEC02/26
5572*Dave Grzesiak (Wi)Madison01/29
5563*Matthew Johnson (SHous)Southland02/26
5549-Kenny Greaves (Tx)Razorback01/29
5542Edward Broadbent (HPC)USATF03/06
Foreign Collegians:
5902-Lars Rise (Mo-Nor)NCAA03/12
5897***Romain Martin (UTA-Fra)NCAA03/12
5822*Mantas Šilkauskas (KsSt-Lit)NCAA03/12
5816*Björn Barrefors (Nb-Swe)Big 1202/26
5722-Moritz Cleve (KsSt-Ger)NCAA03/12
5691*Kurt Felix (Boise-Grn)WAC02/26
5674-Mateo Sossah (NC-Fra)ACC02/25
5668-Kryzsztof Słupkowski (Wich-Pol)Wichita02/05

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