2010 U.S. Indoor List - Men

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compiled by Glen McMicken

(marks received and verified by 04/21/2010)

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These lists give the top U.S. performers of the indoor season, with an appending of those foreign collegians whose marks also fall into the range of our reporting standards. In the oversized-track category, the domestics and foreign collegians are commingled (' after name = foreigner on OT list). Relay teams may contain non-U.S. nationals.

Open athletes and high schoolers have no notation before their name. Collegians are noted by class: - = senior; * = junior; **=soph; *** = frosh.

Oversized tracks are those larger than 200m in circumference. OT marks at races longer than 1000m are no longer carried with the main list (except in the multis) because too many huge tracks have been turned into speedways. (A) = altitude over 1000m (in affected events only).

! = secondary performance in a field-event series (only applicable to final end-of-season lists); ¶ = field-event mark for which complete series data is missing (only applicable to final end-of-season lists)

5.78Demi Omole (unat)Saskatoon KC02/04
5.83Bernard Williams (unat)Saskatoon KC02/04

6.20-Delannie Spriggs (Sal)NCAA III03/13
**Keyth Talley (NTx)Sun Belt Ind02/27

6.51Ivory Williams (Nike)Reebok B02/06
6.52(A)Mike Rodgers (Nike)USATF Ind02/28
6.55Trell Kimmons (adidas)World Ind03/13
Travis Padgett (adidas)Reebok B02/06
6.56**Jeff Demps (Fl)NCAA Ind03/12
Mark Jelks (unat)Düsseldorf02/03
6.58(A)Ryan Bailey (Nike)USATF Ind02/27
(A)Walter Dix (Nike)USATF Ind02/28
**Marcus Rowland (Aub)NCAA Ind03/12
6.59Carey LaCour (unat)Houston01/30
6.60-A’Tolani Akinkuotu (NCSt)ACC Ind02/26
Kendall Stevens (Asics)Findlay01/30
(A)Rubin Williams (unat)USATF Ind02/27
6.61**Maurice Mitchell (FlSt)VaTech LC03/06
(A)Josh Norman (unat)USATF Ind02/28
-Teddy Williams (UTSA)Armory Coll02/05
6.62(A)Christopher Davis (P2E)USATF Ind02/27
-Jeremy Hall (Fl)VaTech LC03/06
-Ray Jadusingh (Al)Razorback01/23
6.63**Deangelo Cherry (MsSt)Kentucky01/16
Leroy Dixon (Nike)Reebok B02/06
Foreign Collegians:
6.60*Gerald Phiri (TxAM-Zim)NCAA Ind03/13
-Rondel Sorrillo (Ky-Tri)VaTech02/05
6.66(A)*Kimour Bruce (Linc-Jam)NCAA II03/13

20.38**Curtis Mitchell (TxAM)NCAA Ind03/12
20.46*Brandon Byram (FlSt)NCAA Ind03/12
20.52*Antonio Sales (SC)NCAA Ind03/12
20.59**Marcus Rowland (Aub)NCAA Ind03/12
20.62**Maurice Mitchell (FlSt)NCAA Ind03/12
20.67-Charles Clark (FlSt)ACC Ind02/27
-Calvin Smith (Fl)SEC Ind02/27
20.70***Tony McQuay (Fl)NCAA Ind03/12
20.79**Rakieem Salaam (Ok)NCAA Ind03/12
20.80**Torrin Lawrence (Ga)VaTech Elite02/06
20.81*Whitney Prevost (Bay)TxAM Chall01/30
20.86(A)Ryan Bailey (Nike)Albuquerque01/23
20.88-Evander Wells (Tn)SEC Ind02/28
20.91(A)*Josh Scott (StA)NCAA II03/13
20.96***Tavaris Tate (MsSt)Tyson02/13
20.97-Trey Harts (Bay)Ark LC03/05
21.00Ashad Agyapong (Shore)NYC Fast Track02/26
21.01**Javon Young (ChSn)NCAA Ind03/12
21.03***Aaron Radden (CCt)N Eng Ind02/27
21.04(A)Jeremy Dodson (unat)Albuquerque02/06
***Marquis Holston (Norf)NCAA Ind03/12
*Larrone Moore (DeSt)IC4A Ind03/07
Foreign Collegians:
20.94***Kirani James (Al-Grn)TxAM Chall II02/13
20.98-Rondel Sorrillo (Ky-Tri)NCAA Ind03/12
21.02(A)-Clemore Henry (TCU-Jam)Mtn W Ind02/27
Oversized Track:
20.77SorrilloMcCravy Inv01/30
20.84BaileyHusky Classic02/13
20.97(A)Greg Nixon (Asics)N Arizona01/16
20.98**Keyth Talley (NTx)Sun Belt Ind02/27
21.03*Cordero Gray (UTA)Iowa St LC03/06

45.03**Torrin Lawrence (Ga)Tyson02/12
45.41(A)Bershawn Jackson (Nike)USATF Ind02/28
45.61-Calvin Smith (Fl)SEC Ind02/28
45.74***Tony McQuay (Fl)NCAA Ind03/13
45.76(A)Jamaal Torrance (Nike)USATF Ind02/28
45.77(A)Greg Nixon (Asics)USATF Ind02/28
45.80***Tavaris Tate (MsSt)Tyson02/12
45.96-Michael Courtney (SHous)NCAA Ind03/13
46.05(A)*Josh Scott (StA)NCAA II03/13
46.12Lionel Larry (adidas)Tyson02/12
46.22***Clayton Parros (NC)NCAA Ind03/13
46.29(A)Kerron Clement (unat)USATF Ind02/28
46.35(A)LeJerald Betters (unat)USATF Ind02/28
46.47*Bryan Miller (TxAM)TxAM Chall II02/13
46.53Jeremy Davis (unat)TxAM Inv01/16
(A)James Davis (Phen)Albuquerque01/23
***Caleb Williams (LSU)SEC Ind02/28
46.59***Marquis Holston (Norf)National Inv01/30
46.67**Thomas Murdaugh (OhSt)Big 10 Ind02/28
46.68-Kevin Bowen (Morg)IC4A Ind03/07
Foreign Collegians:
45.24***Kirani James (Al-Grn)SEC Ind02/28
45.81*Tabarie Henry (TxAM-VI)TxAM Chall01/30
46.01*Demetrius Pinder (TxAM-Bah)TxAM Inv01/16
46.45-Allodin Fothergill (MdES-Jam)IC4A Ind03/07
46.54-Obakeng Ngwigwa (SC-Bot)SEC Ind02/28
46.58*Leford Green (JCS-Jam)VaTech LC03/06
Oversized Track:
46.19-Donald Sanford (AzSt)Mtn Pac02/27
46.38*Jeshua Anderson (WaSt)Mtn Pac02/27
46.61*Darius Law (UNCC)Notre Dame LC03/06
46.63*Antonio McKay (GaT)McCravy Inv01/30

1:01.44**Aaron Younger (Rut)Big East Ind02/21
1:01.70***Russell Dinkins (Prin)Armory II01/30
1:01.81Joe Greene (PSpT)Gotham C01/15
Foreign Collegians:
1:01.62**Toby Ulm (Gtn-GB)Big East Ind02/21
1:01.74-Allodin Fothergill (MdES-Jam)Gotham C01/15

1:16.92***Cas Loxsom (PennSt)NE Challenge01/16
1:17.76***Harun Abda (Mn)Big 10 Ind02/28
1:18.06James O’Brien (InI)Indiana Open01/09
1:18.19-Logan Stroman (Mn)Big 10 Ind02/28
1:18.22*Zach Beth (Wi)Big 10 Ind02/28
1:18.33*Lionel Williams (PennSt)S-S Cup02/06
1:18.38**Erik Sowinski (Ia)Big 10 Ind02/27
1:18.76***David Pachuta (Mn)Big 10 Ind02/28
1:19.14*De’Sean Turner (In)Gladstein01/23
1:19.19Ricardo Bell (InI)Gladstein01/23
1:19.20Robert Gardner (unat)HoosierH02/12
1:19.28*Shaun Brummert (Buf)S-S Cup02/06
1:19.31**Isaiah Mask (Buf)S-S Cup02/06
1:19.35***Robby Andrews (Va)Hokie Inv01/23
1:19.37Michael Quercia (unat)Armory Coll02/06
1:19.52*Dan White (OhSt)Columbus02/19
1:19.57-Scott Phelps (Il)Big 10 Ind02/27
Foreign Collegians:
1:19.41-Kamar Ellis (SH-Jam)NE Challenge01/16
Oversized Track:
1:18.01***Elijah Greer (Or)Washington Prev01/16
1:18.35*Travis Thompson (Or)Washington Prev01/16
1:19.15*Mario McCottrell (Langst)NAIA Ind03/06
1:19.65*Montrail Brooks (Azusa)NAIA Ind03/06

1:47.43Brian Gagnon (unat)Valentine Inv02/13
1:47.59(A)Nick Symmonds (OTC)USATF Ind02/27
1:47.72Mike Rutt (unat)Valentine Inv02/13
1:47.78*Richard Jones (LSU)SEC Ind02/28
1:47.80(A)Tyler Mulder (OTC)USATF Ind02/27
1:47.98***Casimir Loxsom (PennSt)National Inv01/30
1:48.02***Robby Andrews (Va)NYRR Armory III02/13
1:48.26*Dan White (OhSt)National Inv01/30
1:48.40-Andrew Wheating (Or)NCAA Ind03/13
1:48.41(A)Duane Solomon (Saucony)USATF Ind02/28
1:48.47(A)Mark Wieczorek (OTC)USATF Ind02/27
1:48.67**Dylan Ferris (Stan)TxAM Chall01/30
1:48.81*Donte Holmes (DeSt)NYC Fast Track02/26
1:48.97*Owen Dawson (PennSt)National Inv01/30
1:49.07Liam Boylan-Pett (unat)National Inv01/30
1:49.08***Zach Mellon (Wi)NCAA Ind03/13
1:49.40Sean Tully (NYAC)Valentine Inv02/13
1:49.47**Lance Roller (Va)NYRR Armory III02/13
1:49.48-Jack Howard (NDm)NCAA Ind03/13
1:49.49(A)Jason Collett (unat)USATF Ind02/27
Foreign Collegians:
1:47.48*Ryan Foster (PennSt-Aus)National Inv01/30
1:48.26-Chris Gowell (Bay-GB)Tyson02/12
1:48.73-Jamaal James (LSU-Tri)Tyson02/12
Oversized Track:
1:46.36WheatingHusky Classic02/13
1:47.16David Torrence (Nike)Husky Classic02/13
1:47.32Foster’Husky Classic02/13
1:47.33***Elijah Greer (Or)Husky Classic02/13
1:47.37SolomonHusky Classic02/13
1:47.45MellonNotre Dame LC03/06
1:47.77DawsonHusky Classic02/13
1:47.85WieczorekHusky Classic02/13
1:47.86*Sharif Webb (Ky)Notre Dame LC03/06
1:48.00*James Gilreath (Bay)Notre Dame LC03/06
1:48.04**Mason McHenry (AzSt)Iowa St LC03/06
1:48.07*Cory Primm (UCLA)Notre Dame LC03/06
1:48.08Kevin Hicks (unat)Husky Classic02/13
1:48.11Tetlo Emmen (unat)Husky Classic02/13
1:48.23Gowell’Notre Dame LC03/06
1:48.53*Lionel Williams (PennSt)Notre Dame LC03/06
1:48.62Brandon Shaw (unat)Husky Classic02/13
1:48.78*Ryan Brown (Asics)Husky Classic02/13
1:48.86*Fred Samoei (Al-Ken)Husky Classic02/13
1:48.90**Erik Sowinski (Ia)Iowa St Cl02/13
1:48.98Jonathan Johnson (unat)TxTech Inv01/16
1:48.99*Destin Heasley (Kent)Notre Dame LC03/06
1:49.00Will Leer (OTC)Husky Classic02/13
1:49.05*Aaron Dixon (Mo)Iowa St LC03/06
1:49.18Jason Collett (unat)Iowa St Cl02/13
1:49.19Nick Lara (unat)Husky Classic02/13
1:49.22**Raul Botezan (OkSt-Rom)Notre Dame LC03/06
1:49.26-Adam Hairston (Ia)Iowa St Cl02/13
1:49.30*Luke Rucks (Wi)Notre Dame LC03/06
1:49.31**Blake Irwin (Mo)Iowa St Cl02/13
1:49.35*Zach Beth (Wi)Husky Classic02/13
1:49.48***Travis Burkstrand (Mn)Notre Dame LC03/06

2:21.56-Dorian Ulrey (Ar)Armory Coll02/05
2:21.98*Owen Dawson (PennSt)NE Challenge01/16
2:22.36*Johnathan Moore (Albany)NE Challenge01/16
2:22.38*Aaron Dixon (Mo)adidas Nb01/23
2:23.35*Alex Bean (Gtn)National Inv01/30
2:23.98-Alex Mason (Gtn)National Inv01/30
2:23.99***Nick Wade (Corn)NE Challenge01/16
2:24.16*Blaise Rewaka (Nb)adidas Nb01/23
2:24.19***Drew Butler (Ar)Armory Coll02/05
2:24.70Gered Burns (unat)NYC Fast Track02/26
Foreign Collegians:
2:19.60*Ryan Foster (PennSt-Aus)NE Challenge01/16
2:22.38-Chris Gowell (Bay-GB)TxAM Inv01/16
2:23.71**Alex Hudak (Man-Ger)Valentine Inv02/13
2:24.49**Armando Del Valle (KsSt-PR)adidas Nb01/23
2:24.57-Milos Vuckovic (Man-Ser)Armory Coll02/05
Oversized Track:
2:22.39*Zach Beth (Wi)Meyo02/05
2:22.48**Cory Leslie (OhSt)Meyo02/05
2:22.76**Johnathan Shawel (NDm)Meyo02/05
2:24.26*Luke Rucks (Wi)Meyo02/05

3:35.49Bernard Lagat (Nike)Birmingham02/20
3:39.25Garrett Heath (unat)World Ind03/12
3:40.31Will Leer (OTC)Reebok B02/06
3:41.51Leo Manzano (Nike)Reebok B02/06
3:41.70David Torrence (unat)Reebok B02/06

3:55.66Will Leer (OTC)Reebok B02/06
3:55.79Russell Brown (Nike)Tyson02/12
3:56.34Bernard Lagat (Nike)Millrose G01/29
3:56.69David Torrence (unat)Reebok B02/06
3:56.82Leo Manzano (Nike)Reebok B02/06
3:57.32Alex McClary (unat)Tyson02/12
3:57.34Garrett Heath (unat)Reebok B02/06
3:57.80-Dorian Ulrey (Ar)Tyson02/12
3:58.52**Kyle Merber (Col)Columbia LC03/05
3:58.80Tony Jordanek (unat)Columbia LC03/05
3:58.95Andy McClary (unat)Tyson02/12
3:58.98***Andrew Bayer (In)Indiana R01/29
3:59.07**Riley Masters (Me)Columbia LC03/05
3:59.58*Erik van Ingen (Bing)National Inv01/30
3:59.83Kyle Heath (unat)Columbia LC03/05
4:00.13Dan Huling (Reebok)Indiana R01/29
4:00.35Sam Bair (unat)National Inv01/30
4:00.55*Brad Miller (Syr)Valentine Inv02/13
4:00.62Brian Olinger (Reebok)Indiana R01/29
4:00.78-Craig Miller (Wi)Madison01/30
Foreign Collegians:
3:57.34*Silas Kisorio (OkCh-Ken)Tyson02/12
3:57.62-Lee Emanuel (NM-GB)Indiana R01/29
Oversized Track:
3:55.75Chris Solinsky (Nike)Washington Inv01/30
3:56.22Galen Rupp (Nike)Washington Inv01/30
3:57.70***Mac Fleet (Or)Husky Classic02/13
3:57.87**Ben Blankenship (Mn)Washington LC03/06
3:58.08-A.J. Acosta (Or)Washington LC03/06
3:58.20-Andrew Wheating (Or)Mtn Pac02/27
3:58.36-Mark Matusak (Cal)Husky Classic02/13
3:58.50**Abdi Hassan (Az)Husky Classic02/13
3:58.67Jordan Horn (adidas)Husky Classic02/13
3:58.76-Justin Marpole-Bird (Stan-Can)Husky Classic02/13
3:58.82-Jeff See (OhSt)Meyo02/06
3:58.90**Dylan Ferris (Stan)Husky Classic02/13
3:58.91Andrew Jesien (unat)Husky Classic02/13
3:59.32Eric Garner (Brk)Washington LC03/06
3:59.37-Rob Mullett (Butler-GB)Husky Classic02/13
3:59.44-Jacob Boone (Ok)Husky Classic02/13
3:59.72BairHusky Classic02/13
3:59.80*Cam Levins (SnUt-Can)Washington Inv01/30
3:59.85**Blake Shaw (USC)Washington LC03/06
3:59.97*Eric Harasyn (Ok)Husky Classic02/13
4:00.02*John Sullivan (Stan)Husky Classic02/13
4:00.04Tetlo Emmen (unat)Washington Inv01/30
4:00.19***Patrick Casey (MtSt)Notre Dame LC03/06
4:00.33-Marlon Patterson (UCLA)Notre Dame LC03/06
4:00.69**Jordan Chipangama (NnAz-Zam)Notre Dame LC03/06
4:00.70John Jefferson (OTC)Washington Prev01/16
4:00.73**Raul Botezan (OkSt-Rom)Husky Classic02/13
4:00.74-David Bishop (NM-GB)Husky Classic02/13

7:37.97Bernard Lagat (Nike)World Ind03/14
7:42.40Galen Rupp (Nike)World Ind03/14
7:52.45Jordan Horn (McME)Gladstein01/22
7:55.23-Dorian Ulrey (Ar)TxAM Chall01/30
7:55.25***Andrew Bayer (In)Gladstein01/22
7:55.86Ian Burrell (McME)Gladstein01/22
7:56.39Ryan Vail (unat)Karlsruhe01/31
7:57.44**Andrew Poore (In)Gladstein01/22
7:58.18-Scott MacPherson (Ar)Tyson02/13
7:58.20-Scott Wall (Or)TxAM Chall01/30
8:00.25**Lane Boyer (Ar)TxAM Chall01/30
8:01.61*John Sullivan (Stan)TxAM Chall01/30
8:02.27***Solomon Haile (Ar)SEC Ind02/27
8:02.82Kyle Heath (unat)Valentine Inv02/13
8:03.57**Colby Lowe (OkSt)Razorback01/23
8:03.83Kyle King (unat)Razorback01/23
8:04.54**Benjamin Johnson (Stan)TxAM Chall01/30
8:04.69*Landon Peacock (Wi)Madison01/30
8:04.76***Eric Fernandez (Ar)SEC Ind02/27
8:05.02***Kevin Schwab (Ok)Armory Coll02/06
Foreign Collegians:
7:57.15-Justin Marpole-Bird (Stan-Can)TxAM Chall01/30
Oversized Track:
7:47.52*David McNeill (NnAz-Aus)Husky Classic02/13
7:49.94-Craig Miller (Wi)Husky Classic02/13
7:51.02**German Fernandez (OkSt)Husky Classic02/13
7:51.20-Lee Emanuel (NM-GB)Husky Classic02/13
7:51.65Scott Bauhs (adidas)Washington Inv01/30
7:51.68-Aaron Braun (Adams)Washington Inv01/30
7:52.14*Michael Coe (Cal)Husky Classic02/13
7:52.99Michael Maag (unat)Husky Classic02/13
7:54.27-Brandon Bethke (AzSt)Husky Classic02/13
7:54.57-Chris Rombough (Mn)Husky Classic02/13
7:54.81Kyle King (unat)Husky Classic02/13
7:55.63-Mark Matusak (Cal)Washington Inv01/30
7:55.90-Brian Medigovich (Adams)Washington Inv01/30
7:56.12Lex Williams (unat)Allendale02/13
7:56.40*Matthew Leeder (FlSt-Can)Husky Classic02/13
7:56.67*Colton Tully-Doyle (Wa)Husky Classic02/13
7:57.14-Jeff See (OhSt)Allendale02/13
7:57.34Jonathan Pierce (Asics)Washington Inv01/30
7:57.42**Luke Puskedra (Or)Husky Classic02/13
7:57.47-Robert Sorrell (Ok)Husky Classic02/13
7:57.83-Joe MacDonald (Butler-GB)Husky Classic02/13
7:58.47*Festus Kigen (TCU-Ken)Husky Classic02/13
7:58.68***Thomas Farrell (OkSt-GB)Husky Classic02/13
7:58.85-Jack Bolas (Wi)Husky Classic02/13
7:59.02Aucencio Martinez (BRC)Husky Classic02/13
7:59.20***Soufian Bouchikhi (EnKy-Bel)Notre Dame LC03/06
7:59.29Ben True (OTC)Husky Classic02/13
7:59.49**Ben Blankenship (Mn)Husky Classic02/13
8:00.00**Elliott Heath (Stan)Mtn Pac02/27
8:00.19***Maverick Darling (Wi)Notre Dame LC03/06
8:01.76***Kevin Williams (Ok)Husky Classic02/13
8:01.78-Pat Sovacool (OhSt)Allendale02/13
8:01.87Trevor Dunbar (unat)Washington LC03/06
8:02.21-Aiman Scullion (Kent)Notre Dame LC03/06
8:02.73*Jake Riley (Stan)Husky Classic02/13
8:02.91Eric Garner (Brk)Washington Inv01/30
8:03.07-Alex Crabill (UCLA)Mtn Pac02/27
8:03.11LoweBig 12 Ind02/27
8:03.37Michael Nicks (unat)Washington Prev01/16
8:03.45***Reed Connor (Wi)Husky Classic02/13
Scott Wahlberg (Bould RC)Allendale02/13

13:11.50Bernard Lagat (Nike)Reebok B02/06
13:14.21Galen Rupp (Nike)Reebok B02/06
13:36.00Bobby Curtis (Reebok)Reebok B02/06
13:40.79David Jankowski (Zap)Terrier Cl01/30
13:41.26*Justin Tyner (AF)NCAA Ind03/12
13:43.20-Chris Barnicle (NM)NCAA Ind03/12
13:46.12-Jon Grey (WM)NCAA Ind03/12
13:48.88**Andrew Poore (In)Indiana R01/30
13:49.57-Scott MacPherson (Ar)SEC Ind02/28
13:51.00**Elliott Heath (Stan)NCAA Ind03/12
13:52.87*Jake Riley (Stan)TxAM Chall01/29
13:53.33Thomas Morgan (Zap)Terrier Cl01/30
13:54.90**Colby Lowe (OkSt)NCAA Ind03/12
13:56.46Ruben Sanca (unat)Terrier Cl01/30
13:56.74Nate Jenkins (Saucony)Terrier Cl01/30
13:57.98**Luke Puskedra (Or)NCAA Ind03/12
13:58.03***Solomon Haile (Ar)Tyson02/12
14:05.45***Eric Fernandez (Ar)SEC Ind02/28
14:06.56***Tito Medrano (Syr)Big East Ind02/20
14:06.98**Ryan Collins (Va)NCAA Ind03/12
Foreign Collegians:
13:36.41*David McNeill (NnAz-Aus)NCAA Ind03/12
13:37.01*Sam Chelanga (Lib-Ken)NCAA Ind03/12
13:50.21*Festus Kigen (TCU-Ken)NCAA Ind03/12
13:51.59**Stephen Sambu (RendL-Ken)Tyson02/12
13:54.86**Ben Cheryiout (Aub-Ken)SEC Ind02/28
13:58.68-Barnabas Kirui (Ms-Ken)SEC Ind02/28
14:08.25***Moses Kiptoo (Al-Ken)SEC Ind02/28
14:08.98*Evans Kigen (Lib-Ken)Tyson02/13
Oversized Track:
13:42.22-Aaron Braun (Adams)Husky Ind02/12
13:45.01**Colby Lowe (OkSt)Husky Ind02/12
13:46.20Bolota Asmerom (BayA)Husky Ind02/12
13:46.41CollinsHusky Ind02/12
13:46.87Stephen Haas (New Balance)Husky Ind02/12
13:47.14**Elliott Heath (Stan)Mtn Pac02/26
13:48.24-Rory Fraser (NM-GB)Husky Ind02/12
13:48.86-Colton Tully-Doyle (Wa)Mtn Pac02/26
13:50.37-Reuben Mwei (Adams-Ken)Husky Ind02/12
13:50.87**Luke Puskedra (Or)Husky Ind02/12
13:50.88-Brian Medigovich (Adams)Husky Ind02/12
13:53.80-John Beattie (Tul-GB)Husky Ind02/12
13:54.50-Tyson David (Al-Ken)Notre Dame03/05
13:54.54***Kennedy Kithuka (WayB-Ken)Lubbock02/06
13:55.08-Jake Walker (NDm)Notre Dame03/05
13:55.68*David Adams (Nb)Husky Ind02/12
13:56.43**Mark Dennin (Gtn)Notre Dame03/05
13:57.52*Landon Peacock (Wi)Husky Ind02/12
13:57.91*Matt Bruce (Louis-Can)Notre Dame03/05
13:59.11-Jacob Kirwa (NM-Ken)Notre Dame03/05
13:59.30**Ahmed Osman (NnAz)Notre Dame03/05
13:59.51Ryan Sheehan (unat)Notre Dame03/05
14:00.13-Mohamud Ige (Az)Mtn Pac02/26
14:00.93Billy Nelson (OTC)Washington01/29
14:02.21-Nathan Ogden (BYU)Husky Ind02/12
14:02.86-Jesse Cherry (HPt)Husky Ind02/12
14:03.06*Kari Karlsson (Cal-Swe)Mtn Pac02/26
14:03.32Mark Fruin (Brk)Husky Ind02/12
14:03.58-Marco Anzures (UCLA)Mtn Pac02/26
14:03.65***Lars Erik Malde (Port-Nor)Husky Ind02/12
14:03.73-Luke Cragg (Adams-GB)Husky Ind02/12
14:04.24*Richard Medina (Co)Husky Ind02/12
14:04.36-Aldo Vega (Co-Mex)Husky Ind02/12
14:05.08*Jeff Helmer (AzSt)Mtn Pac02/26

55-meter HURDLES
7.18John Yarbrough (StarA)Gainesville01/31
7.19Drew Brunson (unat)Columbia02/20
7.20-Omo Osaghae (TxT)Texas Tech01/23
7.24Bryan Clay (Nike)Fresno02/06
7.25Anwar Moore (unat)Newport News02/06

60-meter HURDLES
7.36Terrence Trammell (TStar)World Ind03/14
7.44David Oliver (Nike)World Ind03/14
7.55*Ronnie Ash (Ok)NCAA Ind03/12
Eric Mitchum (unat)Düsseldorf02/03
7.57(A)Dexter Faulk (Nike)USATF Ind02/27
7.58Allen Johnson (Nike)Karlsruhe01/31
**Booker Nunley (SC)NCAA Ind03/13
7.60**Barrett Nugent (LSU)NCAA Ind03/12
-Omo Osaghae (TxT)NCAA Ind03/13
7.62(A)Jeff Porter (unat)USATF Ind02/28
7.63(A)Antwon Hicks (adidas)USATF Ind02/27
7.64(A)Anwar Moore (Nike)USATF Ind02/27
7.65(A)Kirkland Thornton (unat)USATF Ind02/28
7.66(A)Ty Akins (unat)USATF Ind02/27
Aries Merritt (unat)Tyson02/12
Jerome Miller (unat)Razorback01/23
7.67(A)Ryan Fontenot (unat)USATF Ind02/28
7.68*Jarrett Eaton (Syr)Armory Coll02/05
Fred Townsend (unat)Val-de-Reuil02/06
7.70Trey Hardee (Nike)Goteborg02/02
**Keith Hayes (unat)Iowa St LC03/06
-Alphonso Jordan (GaT)ACC Ind02/27
***Cordell Livingston (WnCar)Niswonger01/23
**Nick McCloud (SFA)Ark LC03/05
-Cory Nelms (Mia)National Inv01/30
(A)Carrington Queen (unat)USATF Ind02/27
Reggie Rucker (unat)National Inv01/30
Foreign Collegians:
7.61**Andrew Riley (Il-Jam)NCAA Ind03/12
7.67*Lehann Fourie (Nb-SA)NCAA Ind03/12

4 X 200
1:25.47Charleston SouthernArmory Coll02/06
1:27.70HamptonArmory Coll02/06

4 X 400
3:03.40National TeamWorld Ind03/14
3:04.40Texas A&MNCAA Ind03/13
3:05.01BaylorNCAA Ind03/13
3:05.65LSUNCAA Ind03/13
3:07.43George MasonIC4A Ind03/07
3:07.53Texas TechNCAA Ind03/13
3:08.12Seton HallIC4A Ind03/07
3:08.19Arizona StateTyson02/13
3:08.42OregonNCAA Ind03/13
3:09.25Delaware StateIC4A Ind03/07
3:09.59AlabamaSEC Ind02/28
3:09.96GeorgiaVaTech Elite02/06
North CarolinaACC Ind02/27
3:10.20South CarolinaSEC Ind02/28
3:10.21ClemsonACC Ind02/27
3:10.22College Stn All-StarsTexas A&M12/12
3:10.34MississippiSEC Ind02/28
TennesseeSEC Ind02/28
Oversized Track:
3:06.27TCUIowa St LC03/06
3:06.70Arizona StateIowa St LC03/06
3:07.27Texas TechIowa St LC03/06
3:07.38Arizona St.Mtn Pac02/27
3:07.58South PlainsTexas Tech01/23
3:07.61OregonMtn Pac02/27
3:08.20Ohio StateNotre Dame LC03/06
3:08.97South CarolinaIowa St LC03/06
3:09.14WisconsinNotre Dame LC03/06
3:09.35Washington St.Mtn Pac02/27
3:09.80Mississippi StateKentucky01/16
3:09.83IowaIowa St Cl02/13
3:09.92NebraskaIowa St Cl02/13

4 X 800
7:26.49VirginiaHokie Inv01/23
7:26.94DukeArmory Coll02/06
7:28.18AlbanyIC4A Ind03/07
7:29.12PittsburghIC4A Ind03/07
7:29.57Texas A&MArmory Coll02/06
7:30.01NavyIC4A Ind03/07
7:30.57PennIC4A Ind03/07
7:31.00VillanovaBig East Ind02/21
7:31.72Notre DameBig East Ind02/21
7:31.87CornellIC4A Ind03/07
7:31.99PittArmory Coll02/06
7:32.40RutgersIC4A Ind03/07
7:32.71ConnecticutBig East Ind02/21
7:32.73GeorgetownBig East Ind02/21
7:33.24George MasonArmory Coll02/06
7:33.25ColgateIC4A Ind03/07
7:33.43Penn StateNational Inv01/30
7:33.56ArmyPatriot Ind02/20
7:34.48New York ACMillrose G01/29
7:36.31St. Joseph’sIC4A Ind03/06

9:29.82OregonTxAM Chall01/30
9:30.25StanfordTxAM Chall01/30
9:33.12ArkansasTxAM Chall01/30
9:38.09MinnesotaNCAA Ind03/12
9:38.19CalNCAA Ind03/12
9:38.44Eastern MichiganNCAA Ind03/12
9:39.20UCLANCAA Ind03/12
9:39.91TexasNCAA Ind03/12
9:39.96VillanovaNCAA Ind03/12
9:44.18HarvardIC4A Ind03/07
9:44.80College of William MaryIC4A Ind03/07
9:44.98Arizona StateNCAA Ind03/12
9:45.30DukeArmory Coll02/06
9:46.40IonaArmory Coll02/06
9:46.57George MasonIC4A Ind03/07
9:46.73DuquesneIC4A Ind03/07
9:47.18OklahomaArmory Coll02/06
9:47.80VirginiaACC Ind02/26
Oversized Track:
9:21.77Oregon TCHusky Ind02/12
9:31.07UCLAMtn Pac02/26
9:31.34Arizona St.Mtn Pac02/26
9:32.11CaliforniaMtn Pac02/26
9:32.72Eastern MichiganNotre Dame03/05
9:32.73IndianaNotre Dame03/05
9:33.11VillanovaNotre Dame03/05
9:33.86MinnesotaNotre Dame03/05
9:34.26TexasNotre Dame03/05
9:34.29DukeNotre Dame03/05
9:34.66OklahomaNotre Dame03/05
9:34.90BaylorNotre Dame03/05
9:37.30PrincetonNotre Dame03/05
9:37.92VirginiaNotre Dame03/05
9:39.36ButlerNotre Dame03/05
9:40.30Notre DameNotre Dame03/05
9:40.52GeorgetownNotre Dame03/05
9:40.77Iowa StateNotre Dame03/05
9:41.87Virginia TechNotre Dame03/05
9:43.92MarylandNotre Dame03/05
9:45.21Texas TechBig 12 Ind02/26
9:46.21New MexicoNotre Dame03/05
9:47.01WashingtonMtn Pac02/26

2.34(A)7-8Jesse Williams (Nike)USATF Ind02/27
2.327-7¼Dusty Jonas (Nike)Třinec01/26
Andra Manson (Nike)Bydgoszcz02/10
2.28(A)7-5¾Jamie Nieto (unat)USATF Ind02/27
2.267-5*Paul Hamilton (Nb)Big 12 Ind02/27
2.25(A)7-4½Will Littleton (unat)USATF Ind02/27
Keith Moffatt (Nike)Nashville02/06
***Ricky Robertson (Ms)NCAA Ind03/13
2.247-4¼-Trent Arrivey (WaSt)Cougar Inv01/23
**Brian Knight (Ms)Meyo02/06
Scott Sellers (Nike)Kansas St01/16
2.237-3¾***Erik Kynard (KsSt)Big 12 Ind02/27
**Marquis Mack (IaC)Alendale02/12
***Nick Ross (Az)Mtn Pac02/27
2.227-3¼**Dwight Barbiasz (Md)VaTech Elite02/06
**Ryan Fleck (Aub)SEC Ind02/27
(A)Cedric Norman (unat)USATF Ind02/27
2.217-3**Major Clay (InSt)Iowa St Cl02/13
Garrett Huyler (unat)Iowa St Cl02/13
2.207-2½-Andrew Bachelor (FlSt)Gainesville01/31
**Tyler Campbell (Al)LSU Inv03/05
*Fletcher Carlyle (OkB)Norman01/23
***Geoffery Davis (Pur)Allendale02/12
-Matt Fisher (Mn)Big 10 Ind02/28
Joe Kindred (unat)Blacksburg02/20
-Jerome McKinzie (KennSt)Gainesville01/31
William Moses (unat)Norman02/20
*Brandon Sheppard (Nb)Iowa St LC03/06
Foreign Collegians:
2.287-5¾**Derek Drouin (In-Can)NCAA Ind03/13
2.237-3¾***Edgar Rivera (Az-Mex)Mtn Pac02/27
2.207-2½***Brede Ellingsen (Ar-Nor)SEC Ind02/27

5.7218-9¼*Scott Roth (Wa)Mtn Pac02/26
5.70(A)18-8¼Tim Mack (unat)USATF Ind02/27
(A)Derek Miles (Nike)USATF Ind02/27
5.6718-7¼-Jason Colwick (Rice)Sevigne02/06
5.6118-4¾Jeremy Scott (Nike)Jonesboro02/17
5.6018-4½Mark Hollis (unat)Millrose G01/29
(A)Darren Niedermeyer (unat)USATF Ind02/27
5.52(A)18-1¼Paul Gensic (USAF)Air Force02/13
5.5118-1Mitch Greeley (unat)Jonesboro02/17
Jeff Ryan (unat)Jonesboro02/17
5.5018-½-Jeff Coover (In)Indiana R01/30
-Brandon Estrada (USC)Wash LC03/06
(A)Daniel Ryland (Bell)USATF Ind02/27
***Jack Whitt (OR)Wichita St01/15
5.4317-9¾-Jordan Scott (Ks)Tyson02/13
5.4217-9¼*Hunter Hall (VaT)VaTech LC03/06
*Michael Uhle (Akr)VaTech LC03/06
5.4117-9Jason Scott (unat)Bloomington01/30
5.4017-8½*Jared Jodon (VaT)ACC Ind02/27
Bobby Low (unat)Nampa02/05
(A)Pat Manson (unat)USATF Ind02/27

8.1926-10½Brian Johnson (Nike)LSU Twi02/19
8.1426-8½***Bryce Lamb (TxT)Big 12 Ind02/26
8.0026-3*Zedric Thomas (LSU)P Tiger Ind01/22
7.99(A)26-2¾Trevell Quinley (HPC)UNM Inv01/30
7.94(A)26-¾Jeff Henderson (unat)USATF Ind02/28
(A)Jeremy Hicks (unat)USATF Ind02/28
7.9326-¼**Christian Taylor (Fl)NCAA Ind03/12
7.89(A)25-10¾Norris Frederick (Asics)USATF Ind02/28
7.8625-9½*Reindell Cole (CSN)Mtn Pac02/26
(A)Randall Flimmons (unat)USATF Ind02/28
7.8525-9¼***Marquise Goodwin (Tx)Big 12 Ind02/26
7.8325-8¼***Bobby Carter (Nb)Iowa St LC03/06
*Tyron Stewart (TxAM)Armory Coll02/05
7.82(A)25-8Dexter Adams (unat)USATF Ind02/28
(A)JaRod Tobler (unat)USATF Ind02/28
7.80(A)25-7¼*Nafee Harris (InPa)NCAA II Ind03/12
7.7925-6¾*Joe Morgan (Walsh)NAIA Ind03/05
7.7825-6¼-Tone Belt (Louis)Meyo02/05
*Tyler Simmons (Wich)Mo Vly Ind02/27
7.7525-5¼-Will Coppage (LSU)LSU Inv03/05
Foreign Collegians:
8.1726-9¾-Alain Bailey (Ar-Jam)SEC Ind02/27
8.0926-6½**Tarik Batchelor (Ar-Jam)SEC Ind02/27
8.0226-3¾*Madanha Chibudu (FlSt-Can)ACC Ind02/26
7.9926-2¾-Luis Rivera (Az-Mex)Mtn Pac02/26
7.8725-10-Rudon Bastian (Louis-Bah)Big East Ind02/20
*Nicholas Gordon (Nb-Jam)Big 12 Ind02/26
7.7525-5¼*Stanley Gbagbeke (MTn-Ngr)Murfreesboro02/06

17.1856-4½**Christian Taylor (Fl)NCAA Ind03/13
16.9955-9Walter Davis (Nike)Razorback01/23
16.86(A)55-3¾Lawrence Willis (unat)USATF Ind02/27
16.72(A)54-10¼Brandon Roulhac (Nike)USATF Ind02/27
16.5554-3¾Muhammad Halim (unat)Ithaca02/13
-Zuheir Sharif (TxAM)Armory Coll02/06
16.49(A)54-1¼Allen Simms (unat)USATF Ind02/27
16.4754-½***Bryce Lamb (TxT)Big 12 Ind02/27
16.46(A)54-0Kenta Bell (unat)USATF Ind02/27
16.44(A)53-11¼Shardae Boutte (unat)USATF Ind02/27
16.4153-10¼*Tyron Stewart (TxAM)Armory Coll02/06
16.3053-5¾-Darrell Roddick (TxT)TxAM Chall II02/13
*Zedric Thomas (LSU)NCAA Ind03/13
16.2653-4¼-Alphonso Jordan (GaT)ACC Ind02/27
16.25(A)53-3¾Nkosinza Balumbu (MVal)USATF Ind02/27
16.2153-2¼-Kyron Foster (MiSt)NCAA Ind03/13
16.1953-1½***Omar Craddock (Fl)SEC Ind02/28
16.15(A)53-0*Ramon Sparks (ACU)UNM Inv01/30
16.10(A)52-10Tydree Lewis (unat)USATF Ind02/27
Foreign Collegians:
16.4553-11¾*Julian Reid (TxAM-Jam)TxAM Chall01/30
16.2953-5½***Kyron Blaise (SPlCC-Tri)Lubbock02/06

21.9572-¼Christian Cantwell (Nike)Millrose G01/29
21.5270-7¼-Ryan Whiting (AzSt)Tyson02/13
21.2069-6¾Reese Hoffa (NYAC)Kentucky Inv01/16
20.9168-7¼Adam Nelson (unat)Bydgoszcz02/10
20.8968-6½Dan Taylor (Nike)N Arizona01/16
20.6067-7Cory Martin (Nike)USATF Ind02/28
20.4066-11¼Zack Lloyd (unat)Pocatello02/06
20.3866-10½Sheldon Battle (unat)Blue & Gold12/04
20.0965-11Rhuben Williams (Shore)Kentucky Inv01/16
19.8064-11½*Kurt Roberts (Ash)NCAA II Ind03/13
19.7564-9¾Russ Winger (Asics)Moscow02/05
19.4963-11½-Nate Hunter (NEn)BIG Coll01/29
19.3763-6¾-Aaron Studt (Mn)Big 10 Ind02/27
19.3663-6¼*Joe Kovacs (PennSt)National Inv01/30
19.3363-5Kevin Bookout (Godina)Nn Az Inv02/13
19.2563-2***Mason Finley (Ks)Big 12 Ind02/27
19.0862-7¼***Hayden Baillio (Tx)TxAM Chall01/30
Jon Kalnas (unat)Widener Inv02/05
19.0162-4½**Jacob Thormaehlen (Tx)Ark LC03/05
19.0062-4-Steve Marcelle (GaT)NCAA Ind03/12
Foreign Collegians:
19.2663-2¼*Kemal Mesić (Fl-Bos)NCAA Ind03/12

24.9982-0A.G. Kruger (Nike)USATF Ind02/27
24.3880-0Cory Martin (Nike)USATF Ind02/27
23.9878-8¼Jake Freeman (NYAC)USATF Ind02/27
23.8078-1*Walter Henning (LSU)SEC Ind02/27
23.6777-8Michael Mai (USAr)USATF Ind02/27
23.4076-9¼Garland Porter (unat)Kentucky01/15
23.2676-3¾Chris Rohr (unat)Columbia02/19
23.0475-7¼Drew Loftin (unat)Laramie02/19
22.6374-3Rob Klenk (AshE)USATF Ind02/27
21.9271-11-Jason Lewis (AzSt)Mountain T01/30
21.7271-3¼David Paul (unat)Nn Az Inv02/13
21.6671-¾Kevin Becker (unat)Redbird12/05
21.5570-8½-Jason Stomps (Hills)NCAA II Ind03/12
21.4570-4½*Mike Jeffery (Ash)NCAA II Ind03/12
21.3470-¼*Drew Frizzell (CMo)NCAA II Ind03/12
21.3069-10¾Jake Shanklin (Riad)Laramie02/19
21.2769-9½Chris Bryce (unat)Harvard12/12
21.2369-8*Mike Zajac (SC)Armory Coll02/06
21.2269-7½-Aaron Studt (Mn)IaState02/12
21.1269-3½*K.P. Singh (Ok)NCAA Ind03/13
Foreign Collegians:
23.2276-2¼-Steffen Nerdal (Mem-Nor)NCAA Ind03/13
22.5173-10¼***Alexander Ziegler (VaT-Ger)ACC Ind02/26
21.5670-9*Leif Arrhenius (BYU-Swe)NCAA Ind03/13
21.2469-8¼**Marcel Lomnický (VaT-Svk)Hokie Inv01/22

3922**Dave Grzesiak (Wi)Wisc Quad01/16
3876-Todd Wildman (Trin)Bloomington02/05
3801*Kurtis Brondyke (CenColl)Monmouth02/13
3725-Josh Lovell (Linf)Moscow02/19
3713**Ethan Miller (CenColl)IIAC Ind02/27

6499-Ashton Eaton (Or)NCAA Ind03/13
6204Bryan Clay (Nike)World Ind03/13
6184Trey Hardee (Nike)World Ind03/13
5938o-Nick Adcock (Mo)Big 12 Ind02/27
5861Jake Arnold (Asics)USATF03/07
5845Tom Pappas (unat)USATF03/07
5826*Michael Morrison (Cal)NCAA Ind03/13
5753o-R.J. McGinnis (Mn)Ames01/29
5700*Tommy Barrineau (Ga)SEC Ind02/27
5699-Miller Moss (Clem)ACC Ind02/27
5669(A)oBubba Edmonds (unat)Mountain T01/30
5653**Gray Horn (Fl)SEC Ind02/27
5652-Chris Dickman (WIch)NCAA Ind03/13
5643***Jack Szmanda (Mn)Big 10 Ind02/28
5629*Brock Spandl (Mn)Big 10 Ind02/28
5599Mark Jellison (unat)Wash Inv01/30
5579o***Curtis Beach (Duke)ACC Ind02/27
5527*Cory Holman (Ga)Razorback01/23
5540o-Robert Robinson (CSN)Mtn Pac02/27
Foreign Collegians:
5886-Mateo Sossah (NC-Fra)NCAA Ind03/13
5767o*Moritz Cleve (KsSt-Ger)Big 12 Ind02/27
5710o**Bjorn Barrefors (Nb-Nor)Big 12 Ind02/27
*Lars Rise (Mo-Nor)NCAA Ind03/13
5579o**Mantas Silkauskas (KsSt-Lit)Big 12 Ind02/27

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