NCAA XC Men's Individual Champions 1970–1979

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1970 Steve Prefontaine (Oregon) (facing camera)
1970 Steve Prefontaine (Oregon) (facing camera)photo John Goegel
1970 Steve Prefontaine (Oregon) (facing camera)
1971 Steve Prefontaine (Oregon) with Dick Sliney (6th-center) & Garry Bjorklund (2nd)
1972 Neil Cusack (East Tennessee)
1973 Steve Prefontaine (Oregon) & Nick Rose (2nd) in background
1974 Nick Rose (Western Kentucky)
1975 Craig Virgin (Illinois)
1976 Henry Rono (Washington State)
1977 Henry Rono (Washington State)
1978 Alberto Salazar (Oregon) (left) with teammate Rudy Chapa
1979 Henry Rono (Washington State)