(Week 4)

(compiled by Jesse Squire)

Arkansas Retains Lead With Big Win,
Rivalry Week On Tap On The West Coast

Chris Bucknam’s Razorbacks remain atop our collegiate men's dual meet rankings after a hard-fought victory over Oregon. “We have to do more dual meets,” Bucknam told the Eugene Register-Guard after a hard-fought win. “At Oregon and Arkansas, our track & field programs are flagship programs within our athletic departments. A lot of other programs could benefit if they brought out a full team and kept score.”

With just one week remaining in the dual-meet season the Hogs look ready to claim their first-ever national title.

The full national rankings (with season record in parentheses, plus last week’s standing):



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Rank Team Record Last week's rank
1. Arkansas (3-1) 1
2. Oregon (3-1) 2
3. Texas A&M (4-1) 3
4. UCLA (2-0) 6
5. Arizona State (0-0) 4
6. Texas (0-1) 12
7. Cal (3-0) 11
8. LSU (1-3) 10
9. Nebraska (2-0) 8
10. Washington State (3-2) 9
11. Washington (0-3) 13
12. USC (0-0) 15
13. Michigan (2-1) 14
14. Cornell (2-0) not ranked
15. Kansas State (3-0) 20
16. Alabama (1-1) 16
17. UConn (3-0) 18
18. Stanford (0-1) not ranked
19. North Carolina (0-2) not ranked
20. Indiana (1-0) 21
21. Ole Miss (1-0) not ranked
22. Purdue (1-1) 22
23. Baylor (3-0) 24
24. Indiana State (3-1) not ranked
25. Michigan State (3-1) not ranked

This weekend's Arkansas Invitational, originally scheduled as a tri among Arkansas, Florida and Ohio State, has now become an eight-team meet. Thus Florida and Ohio State are no longer eligible for ranking.

This week's "rivalry meets" which include one or more ranked teams are as follows (links go to host institutions) have a West Coast bent and will almost surely result in some rearranging of places in the final rankings:


Northern Arizona & Arizona at #5 Arizona State

#10 Washington State at #11 Washington

#4 UCLA at #12 USC

The final women’s rankings will be released on April 30 and the men’s on May 1.

To be eligible for listing, a team must compete in at least one dual meet (using the T&FN definition of a dual, which is a scored meet of 4 or fewer teams). Rankings are compiled for a combined indoor and outdoor season, with outdoor competition given more weight. Teams are also rewarded for an extensive and/or challenging dual-meet schedule.

April 24, 2013