Runners Re-United VIII 2015


Event’s 8th Outing Welcomes USATF Hall of Famer Martha Watson,
Who Made Her First Olympic Team in 1964, Just Barely
Out of High School. Plus Honors Preeminent
Photographer Bill Leung.

FULLERTON, Calif. (JULY 11, 2015) -- Primarily a long jumper, MARTHA WATSON (Long Beach Poly, ’64) who never raced more than 220 yards fit right in with all of the elite California prep distance runners from the past that were present – at Orange County bar ’n’ grill hotspot Joe’s here Sat. July 11 for the 2015 edition of Runners Reunited (RRU) VIII. Watson had a very long international career for the United States, beginning in 1962 and ending in 1982. During those years, Martha was viewed as the best U.S. long jumper. Twice, she broke the U.S. record in the long jump, the last time in 1974 when she jumped a phenomenal 21 feet, 71/2 inches outdoors. She also ran on the 400-meter relay team in the 1972 and 1976 Olympics. “In high school, the boys had official teams while the school did not acknowledge track for women. There were AAU clubs available for us and we probably got better coaching,” said Watson.

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1 Martha Watson AC

1-Martha Watson-4 Time Olympian 1964-1976 Long Jumper and 4X400-Long Beach Poly HS 1964. Photo Art Cendejas

2 Bill Leung group AC

2-Bill Leung honored by the RRU attendees for his decades of great track & field photography. Photo Art Cendejas

3 Serna Leung Martinez AC

3-Ralph Serna (4:07.0y/8:45.9y/13:45.4y), Bill Leung (4:38.0y/10:15.0y) and Dan Martinez (4:25.0y/9:25.0y) pose with Bill’s achievement award. Photo Art Cendejas

4 Butler Leung AC

4-Jon Butler (4:06.75m/8:46.78m) presented with a Bill Leung photo from Bill himself. Photo Art Cendejas

5 Cornell Leung AC

5-Ron Cornel (4:10.0y/9:12.2y) presented with a Bill Leung photo from Bill himself. Photo Art Cendejas

6 Schulz McCon StJ Berry Corn AC

6-Hal Schulz (9:03.2y/13:54.0y), Colin McConnell (4:15.6/8:55.0), Bill St. John (8:54.8y/14:47.2y), Rod Berry (4:12.2y/8:53.4y/14:00.3y) and Ron Cornell each presented a Jeff Zimmerman photo of their famous 1976 State 2Mile clash. Photo Art Cendejas

7 Innes Fleet Mendoza AC CA State 71

7-Gordon Innes (8:54.4y/14:43.8y), Dale Fleet (4:15.1y/9:23.4St/8:53.8y) and Ed Mendoza (4:15.5y/9:00.1y) presented with a photo from their 1971 State 2 Mile battle in which Dale set a new meet record at 8:53.8. Photo Art Cendejas

8 Serna Mendoza Martinez AC

8-Ralph Serna and Dan Martinez present Ed Mendoza (center) with a Christopher Thiem photo of his Drake 10,000 victory. Photo Art Cendejas

9 Covert Sutherland AC

9-Mark Covert (1:56.0y/4:26.0/9:27.0y) and Jon Sutherland (no HS running) reunite and represent the 2 longest running streaks in US history and combine for over 91 years and over 342,000 miles…or almost 14 times around the earth’s equator!

10 Serna Groenendaal Martinez AC

10-Ralph Serna And Dan Martinez present Claudette Groenendaal (58.94m/2:12.2m/4:24.4 1500) with a Laserphoto of her 1984 NCAA 1500 victory. Photo Art Cendejas

11 Groenendaal Martinez Serna AC

11-Claudette Groenendaal presented with a winning shoe certificate won in the evening’s raffle from Dan Martinez and Ralph Serna. Photo Art Cendejas

12 Tabori Miller LT

12-Two legendary coaches, Laszlo Tabori (3rd man to break the 4:00 mile and 1956 Olympian) and Len Miller (coach of countless HS, College and Open champions) share a moment. Photo Laurie Tabori

13 Serna Schilling Martinez AC

13-Ralph Serna and Dan Martinez present Mark Schilling (1:54.8y/4:05.4y) center with a photo of him representing the Aggies Running Club. Photo Art Cendejas

14 Serna DiConti Martinez AC

14-Ralph Serna and Dan Martinez present Andy DiConti (1:55.0y/4:10.0y/8:57.42y) with a photo of his 1980 State 2 Mile victory. Photo Art Cendejas

15 R.Wysocki T.Wysocki LT

15-Ruth (Kleinsasser) Wysocki (57.1y/2:10.7y/5:00.1y) and Tom Wysocki (2:01.0y/4:24.0/9:34.0). Photo Laurie Tabori

16 Leung Hansen LT

16-Bill Leung and Jackie Hansen (HS 440 runner) take a minute to pose on the other side of the camera. Photo Laurie Tabori

17 Hansen Serna L.Tabori BL

17-Jackie Hansen, Ralph Serna and Laurie Tabori. Photo Bill Leung

18 B.Thomas P.Thomas BL

18-Bobby Thomas, World Jr XC Champion (4:17.1y/9:06.3y/30:57.6y) with his son Philip Thomas (4:37.0m/9:43.30m). Photo Bill Leung

19 Harkness Greifinger IM

19-Hal Harkness (4:21.5y/9:41.6y) reunites with his UCLA runner David Greifinger (4:20.2y). Photo Irwin Merein

20 Serna Moses Martinez AC

20-Ralph Serna and Dan Martinez present Don Moses (1:56.4y/4:08.5y/8:52.6y) with a Jeff Zimmerman photo of his 1976 State Mile battle. Photo Art Cendejas

21 Martinez Berry Serna AC

21-Dan Martinez and Ralph Serna present Rod Berry with a photo of his 1978 prestigious International Prep Invitational 2Mile victory. In addition he’s given a new pair of  “lucky” corduroy jeans. Rod’s signature choice of warm-up gear in HS.

22 Berry w HS photo of wife Robyn AC

22-Rod Berry holds a HS photo of his eventual wife Robyn MacSwain. Photo Art Cendejas

23 SernaA SernaZ Angel AC

23-Robert Angel (1:55.0y/4:09.7y/9:14.8y) explains his training phase chart to Zack Serna (54.96m/2:01.10m/4:43.09m) and his father Anthony Serna (4:40.0m/9:50.0m)

24 Empfield Wilson Miller Paulso AC

24-Len Miller sharing some knowledge with Dan Empfield (4:19.4y), Dennis Wilson (4:20.0y/9:22.0y/2:43:37 Mar) and John Paulso (9:14.0). Photo Art Cendejas

25 Serna Cendejas Martinez AC

25-Ralph Serna and Dan Martinez present Armando Cendejas (1:58.3y/4:16.8y/9:00.6y) with a post collegiate photo of one of his road races. Photo Art Cendejas

26 Sernas AC

26-Serna family in attendance(L-R): Nikki Serna, Anthony Serna, Margo Serna, Rebecca Smith-Serna, Julie Serna, Zack Serna, Michael Serna (1:55.8y/4:08.7y/9:20.0), Ralph Serna. Photo Art Cendejas

27 Patio Posters AC

27-Patio State Champ posters. Photo Art Cendejas

28 Martinez Groenendaal BL

28-Dan Martinez and Claudette Groenendaal pose near her State Champ poster. Photo Bill Leung

29 Huntington Beach runners AC

29-Huntington Beach HS runners, Anthony Reed (4:44.53m/10:27.0m), Alekos Mitchel (2:03.0m/4:31.61m/10:08.0m), Hunter Smith (2:05.38m/4:50.22m) and Lars Mitchel (2:09.0m/4:46.0m/10:32.0y). Photo Art Cendejas

30 Loara runners AC

30-Loara HS runners, Manuel Arjon (2:18.0m/5:05.0m/11:50.0m), Edgar Pineda, Oscar Hernandez (2:18.0m/5:05.0m), Enrique Serna (2:02.45m/4:20.13m/9:25.18m) and Juan Carlos Salgado (4:45.44m/10:36.64m/15:55.0). Photo Art Cendejas

31 Serna Franken Larsen DF

31-Ralph Serna, Don Franken (2:06.0y/3:22.0 1320), Bob Larsen (4:30.0y/9:46.0y). Photo provided by Don Franken

32 Patio Posters AC

32-Patio State Champ posters. Photo Art Cendejas

33 Babiracki Hansen JH

33-2 world class runners who trained under Laszlo Tabori, Dave Babiracki (4:18.0y/9:17.6/14:22.4y) and Jackie Hansen. Photo provided by Jackie Hansen

34 Hurlburt Serna Hutson AC

34-Dave Hurlburt (50.0y/5:00.0y) with 2 of his Loara HS runners, Ralph Serna and Brad Hutson (2:01.7y/4:42.6y/10:38.0y)  40 years later. Photo Art Cendejas

35 Saavedra Nance AC

35-Jose Saavedra (1:56.6y/4:18.6y/9:11.8y) and Richard Nance (4:12.2y/9:10.2y/14:21.0y) reunite after decades. Photo provided by Richard Nance

36 Martinez Gonzalez Serna Lee AC

36-4 track and field nutz, Dan Martinez, Rich Gonzalez, Ralph Serna and Kirby Lee. Photo Art Cendejas

37 Harrell Allice Cendejas LT

37-Two Long Beach State runners reunite with their coach Ron Allice, Robert Harrell (22.0y/46.4y/1:51.4y) and Armando Cendejas. Photo Laurie Tabori

38 Serna Blaty Martinez AC

38-Ralph Serna and Dan Martinez present two photos to Matt Blaty (1:57.0y/4:16.0y/9:06.0y). Photo Art Cendejas

39 Hansen Wysoc Groen Scherz RW

39-Star runners Jackie Hansen, Ruth (Kleinsasser) Wysocki, Claudette Groenendaal and Esther Scherzinger (2:16.0y/5:02.0y/11:27.0y). Photo provided by Ruth Wysocki

40 Patio group AC

40-Patio group, Armando Cendejas, Mark Covert and Jon Sutherland. Photo Art Cendejas

41 Kearns AC

41-Mike Kearns (1:56.0y/4:16.8y/9:20.2y) poses with his Masters Championship poster. First ever CIF-SS 2Mile Champion in 1965.

42 M.Covert Tabori C.Covert LT

42-Mark Covert and son Chris Covert  (1:59.0m/4:33.0m) pose with Laszlo Tabori, Mark’s coach. Photo Laurie Tabori

43 Serna Gomez Martinez AC

43-Ralph Serna and Dan Martinez present a post collegiate photo to “Joe’s” owner, Joey Gomez (4:19.0y/9:21.0y/31:05.1m). Photo Art Cendejas

44 Patio group Laszlo Bec AC

44-Laszlo Tabori and Jackie Hansen (center) arrive and are greeted by Rebecca Smith-Serna. Photo Art Cendejas

45 Serna Sutherland Martinez AC

45-Ralph Serna and Dan Martinez present Jon Sutherland with a photo of one of his 192,000+ miles he’s logged. Photo Art Cendejas

46 Davis Tabori Allice LT

46-Three legendary coaches, Preston Davis (48.5y/1:55.5y), Laszlo Tabori and Ron Allice. Photo Laurie Tabori

47 Schulz AC

47-Hal Schulz with a photo from the 1976 State 2Mile in which he finished behind the legendary Eric Hulst. Photo Art Cendejas

48 R.Wysocki Nance BL

48-Ruth Wysocki and Richard Nance. Photo Bill Leung

49 Simons Grief CCM Groen DF

49-Carey Simons (4:31.0y/9:27.0y), David Greifinger (4:20.2y), Christian Cushing-Murray (4:15.8m) and Claudette Groenendaal. Photo Don Franken

50 Schulz McConnell StJohn AC

50-Hal Schulz, Colin McConnell and Bill St. John pose with their Jeff Zimmerman photo. Photo Art Cendejas

51 Groenendaal Wysocki Schilli AC

51-Three State Champs pose near their posters, Claudette Groenendaal the 1979 Oregon 1500 Champ as a Sophomore, Tom Wysocki the 1974 Neveda State 2Mile Champ and Mark Schilling the 1972 California State Mile Champ. Photo Bill Leung

52 R.Wysocki Watson Hansen BL

52-Tough crowd, Ruth Wysocki a 2-Event Olympian, Martha Watson a 4-Time Olympian and Jackie Hansen a 2-time World Record Marathon setter. Photo Bill Leung

53 Mendoza Schilling Berry AC

53-Ed Mendoza, Mark Schilling and Rod Berry getting caught up. Photo Art Cendejas

54 Fan Cards GT

54-“Fan Cards” section of the Taylors, four generations. Photo Greg Taylor

55 Serna Watson Larsen Mendo AC

55-Ralph Serna showing Martha Watson the Swag Bag items as Bob Larsen and Margarita Mendoza look on. Photo Art Cendejas

56 Babiracki Tabori LT

56-Former athlete Dave Babiracki and coach Laszlo Tabori. Photo Laurie Tabori

57 Fitzel Schilling Gomez Berry AC

57-Gordie Fitzel (22’ 0” LJ/6’ 0”HJ) with Swag Bag in hand with Mark Schilling, Joey Gomez and Rod Berry. Photo Art Cendejas

58 McKenzie Cornell Hansen Karg BL

58-Luann McKenzie, Ron Cornell, Jackie Hansen and Diana Karg (2:32.0y/5:19.0y). Photo Bill Leung

59 Thomas Serna AC

59-Philip Thomas picks up his raffle gift from Ralph Serna. Photo Art Cendejas

60 Walsh Groenendaal Franken DF

60-Thomas Walsh (16:02.0y), Claudette Groenendaal and Don Franken near State posters. Photo provided by Don Franken

61 Siquieros Serna AC

61-Armando Siqueiros (4:23.1y/9:21.6y/14:34.0y) picks up a raffle gift from Ralph Serna. Photo Art Cendejas

62 T.Wysocki Tabori Allice LT

62-Tom Wysocki, Laszlo Tabori and Ron Allice. Photo Laurie Tabori

63 Larsen Mendoza Merein IM

63-Bob Larsen, Ed Mendoza and Irwin Merein (10:30.0y). Photo provided by Irwin Merein

64 Vaughn Serna AC

64-Brock Vaughn (4:27.0y/9:27.0y) claiming his Joe’s raffle gift from Ralph Serna. Photo Art Cendejas

65 Taylor Serna AC

65-Ryan Taylor (4:38.6-m/10:17.5m) claims his raffle gift from Ralph Serna and Dan Martinez. Photo Art Cendejas

66 Serna Merein BL

66-Ralph Serna and Irwin Merein. Photo Bill Leung

67 Arriola Groenendaal Arriola AC

67-Kennie Arriola (4:21.0y/9:14.0y) and Kennie Arriola Jr (5:27.0y) the youngest RRU runner this year, get some advice from World Class runner Claudette Groenendaal. Photo Art Cendejas

68 B.Thomas Tabori P.Thomas BT

68-Three generations of runners, Bobby Thomas a World Jr XC Champion,  Laszlo Tabori a living legend and Philip Thomas with his best races ahead of him, take time to capture the moment. Photo provided by Bobby Thomas

69 Cendejas Tabori AC

69-Art Cendejas (1:58.0y/4:20.0y/9:28.0y/2:54:00 Mar) takes time from photographing to sit with Laszlo Tabori. Photo provided by Art Cendejas

70 Hansen Wysocki Tabori AC

70-Jackie Hansen, Tom Wysocki and Laurie Tabori. Photo Art Cendejas