Runners Re-United VII 2014


FULLERTON (JULY 12, 2014) -- More than 59 years after he became only the third man in history to run a sub-four-minute mile, running 3:59.0, LÁSZLÓ TÁBORI was at Orange County bar ’n’ grill hotspot Joe’s here Sat. July 12 for the 2014 edition of Runners Reunited (RRU). László a Hungarian-American former middle- and long-distance runner, best known for equalling the 1500 metres world record and placing 4th in that event at the 1956 Summer Olympics, found himself surrounded by several dozen California high school star runners from the 1960s thru 2000s gathered tonight.

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1 Tabori poster1 RSS

1-Laszlo Tabori-photo Rebecca Smith-Serna

2 Smith Serna Tabori selfie

-Rebecca Smith-Serna/Laszlo Tabori-photo Rebecca Smith-Serna

3 3Under 4Minutes Board1 AC

3-Race article page1-photo Art Cendejas

4 3Under 4Minutes Board2 AC

4-Race article page2-photo Art Cendejas

5 Tabori poster5 AC

5-Laszlo Tabori w/ poster-photo Art Cendejas

6 Tabori poster2 AC

6-Laszlo Tabori w/ poster-photo Art Cendejas

7 Tabori Hansen Serna1 RSS

7-Jackie Hansen/Laszlo Tabori meet Ralph Serna-photo Rebecca Smith Serna

8 Serna Tabori Martinez poster3 AC

8-RRU Creator Ralph Serna/Laszlo Tabori/RRU Organizer Dan Martinez-photo Art Cendejas

9 Browning Schilling Tabori Genet AC

9-Allen Browning/Mark Schilling-Laszlo Tabori-Marc Genet-photo Art Cendejas

10 Ellis Tabori1 AC

10-Ron Allice-Laszlo Tabori-photo Art Cendejas

11 Hansen Tabori interview4

11-Jackie Hansen-Laszlo Tabori interview-photo Art Cendejas

12 Schilling Tabori1 AC

12-Mark Schilling '72 State Champ (4:05.4)-Laszlo Tabori-1st meeting-photo Art Cendejas

13 Schilling Tabori3 AC

13-Mark Schilling '72 State Champ (4:05.4)-Laszlo Tabori-photo Art Cendejas

14 Tabori interview41 AC

14-Laszlo Tabori interview-photo Art Cendejas

15 Tabori interview11 AC

15-Laszlo Tabori interview-photo Art Cendejas

16 Tabori signing Serna Hansen1 AC

16-Laszlo Tabori gives Ralph Serna advice (RRU Creator)/Jackie Hansen-photo Art Cendejas

17 Tabori signing Serna15 AC

17-Laszlo Tabori gives Ralph Serna (RRU Creator) his signed book-photo Art Cendejas

18 Tabori Dan interview1 RP

18-Laszlo Tabori interviewed by Dan Martinez (RRU Organizer)-photo Randy Perez

19 Tabori Serna13 RSS

19-Laszlo Tabor signs book for Ralph Serna (RRU Creator)-photo Rebecca Smith-Serna

20 Tabori WysockiR AC

20-Laszlo Tabori gives Ruth Wysocki (57.1/2:10.7/5:00.1) advice-photo Art Cendejas

21 Tabori Walsh2 AC

21-2 USC coaches-Laszlo Tabori and Thomas Walsh

22 Martinez Serna2 BL

22-Dan Martinez RRU Organizer-Ralph Serna (RRU Creator)-photo Bill Leung

23 Martinez Serna1 BL

23-Dan Martinez RRU Organizer-Ralph Serna (RRU Creator)-photo Bill Leung

24 Tabori Martinez interview2 RP

24-Laszlo Tabori-Dan Martinez interviewer-photo Randy Perez

25 SernaR Hurlburt1 RP

25-Ralph Serna with his Loara high school coach, Dave Hurlburt-photo Randy Perez

26 Serna Loara squad3 AC

26-Ralph Serna with current Loara high school runners, far right is Enrique Serna (1600-4:20.35-2015)…unrelated to Ralph-photo Art Cendejas

27 Leung Hansen Franken Cen Groe AC

27-Bill Leung/Jackie Hansen (Previous Women's Marathon World Record Holder)/Don Franken (Meet Promoter)/Armando Cendejas (2Mile-9:00.6-1974)/Claudette Groenendaal (800-2:12.4/1500-4:24.00)-photo Art Cendejas

28 Hansen interview1 AC

28-Jackie Hansen interviewed by Dan Martinez (RRU Organizer)-photo Art Cendejas

29 Serna Sutherland Martinez21 AC

29-Ralph Serna/Jon Sutherland/Dan Martinez celebrate Jon's consecutive running streak record (45+ years-190,000+ miles)-photo Art Cendejas

30 Serna Sutherland Martinez8 AC

30-Ralph Serna/Jon Sutherland/Dan Martinez celebrate Jon's consecutive running streak record-photo Art Cendejas

31 Serna Sutherland Martinez17 AC

31-Ralph Serna/Jon Sutherland/Dan Martinez celebrate Jon's consecutive running streak record-photo Art Cendejas

32 Schilling poster1 AC

32-Mark Schilling poses with his poster. His CA State Meet mile record lasted for 36 years-photo Art Cendejas

33 Schilling Martinez poster2 AC

33-Mark Schilling poses with his poster and RRU Organizer Dan Martinez (Mile-4:25.0/2Mile-9:25.0-1978).photo Art Cendejas

34 Schilling Scher Genet Wysocki2 AC

34-Mark Schilling/Esther Schezinger (880-2:16.0/Mile-5:02.0-1978)/Marc Genet (2Mile-8:53.4-1972)/Ruth Wysocki/Jackie Hansen-photo Art Cendejas

35 WysockiR Groenendaal1 RP

35-Ruth Wysocki (57.1/2:10.7/5:00.1-1974)/Claudette Groenendaal (800-2:12.4/1500-4:24.00-1981)-photo Randy Perez

36 Groenendaal Wysocki2 AC

36-Ruth Wysocki (57.1/2:10.7/5:00.1-1974)/Claudette Groenendaal (800-2:12.4/1500-4:24.00-1981)-photo Art Cendejas

37 Sernas2

37-Mike Serna (7th in national HS Miler-4:08.7-1980)/daughter 3 time CIF 1600 prelim qualifier, Samantha Serna class of 2015 (1600-5:17.40-2015)-photo Randy Perez

38 Dana Bec2

38-Dana/Rebecca Smith-Serna-photo Randy Perez

39 Hutson2 RP

39-Brad Hutson (880-2:01.7-1975)-photo Randy Perez

40 Gomez Taylor1 RP

40-Joey Gomez, Owner of Joe's (2Mile-9:21.0/10K-31:05.1-1978) discusses 1970's Yosemite Camp race results with Camp Director Darryl Taylor (440-50.6/880-1:55.8 1959)-photo Randy Perez

41 Fleet poster2 AC

41-Dale Fleet (Mile-4:15.1/2Mile-8:53.8-1971) next to his CA State Championship poster-photo Art Cendejas

42 Exterior patio shot AC

42-Exterior group-photo Art Cendejas

43 Exterior patio shot4 AC

43-Exterior group-photo Art Cendejas

44 Exterior posters1 RP

44-Exterior group-photo Randy Perez

45 Angel Lesters1 RP

45-Robert Angel (National Soph Indoor 2 Mile Record Holder-9:14.8 in 1973)/Jan Lester/Diane Lester-photo Randy Perez

46 Bell2 RP

46-Matt Bell (4:11.0 miler-1975) with "Fan Cards")-photo Randy Perez

47 Burkins3 RP

47-Kevin Burkin (9:02.8 2Miler-1976) discusses Laszlo Tabori and John Loeschhorn's posters to his wife-photo Randy Perez

48 Creer SernaR Garcia1 RP

48-Jeff Creer (4:08.0/9:01.1-1977)/Ralph Serna/Coach Luis Garcia (Mile-4:23.7 1979)-photo Randy Perez

49 Elli Franken Cendejas Greifinger AC

49-Ron Allice (USC/Long Beach State Coach)/Don Franken (Race Promoter)/Armando Cendejas (2Mile-9:00.6-1974)/David Greifinger (Mile-4:20.2-1975)-photo Art Cendejas

50 Empfield ErnstK RP

50-Dan Empfield (Mile-4:19.4-1974)/Ken Ernst (Mile-4:19.7/2Mile-9:02.14-1979)-photo Randy Perez

51 Fan cards7 RP

51-PR "Fan Card" deck-photo Randy Perez

52 Garcia Angel RP

52-Luis Garcia (Mile-4:23.7 1979)/Robert Angel (880-1:55.0/Mile-4:09.7-1975) arrange State Champ posters-photo Randy Perez

53 Genet Tabori Schilling1 AC

53-Marc Genet (2Mile-8:53.4-1972)/Laszlo Tabori/Mark Schilling (Mile-4:05.4-1972-State Meet Record for 36 years) near mark's State Poster-photo Art Cendejas

54 Genet Thomas Babiracki1 RP

54-Marc Genet (2Mile-8:53.4-1972) speaks with World Jr XC Champ Bobby Thomas (2Mile-9:06.3/6Mile-30:57.6-1974)and World XC participant Dave Babiracki (2Mile-9:17.6/3Mile-14:22.4-1970)-photo Randy Perez

55 Gomez Vaughn Cendejas2 RP

55-Joey Gomez, Joe's owner (2Mile-9:21.0/10K-31:05.1-1978)/Brock Vaughn (2Mile-9:27.0-1981)/Art Cendejas (Mile-4:20.0/Mar-2:54:00-1977)/Paul Goossens (440-51.0/880-1:59.0)/Ruben Mejia (Mile-4:08.0/2Mile-9:04.8-1969)/Matt Blaty (2Mile-9:06.0/3,000-8:21.0-1979)-photo Randy Perez

56 Fitzel McConnell BL

56-Coach Gordy Fitzel with his previous Edison HS runner Colin Mc Connell (Mile-4:15.6/2Mile-8:55.0-1976)-photo Bill Leung

57 Serna Balzarette Bernstein AC

57-Ralph Serna (Mile-4:07.0/2Mile-8:45.9/3Mile-13:45.4-1975)/Coach Dean Balzarett (220-22.0/440-48.1-1957)/David Bernstein (1320-3:15.0/Mile-4:19.9/2Mile-9:21.0-1974)-photo Art Cendejas

58 Wysocki McConnell Schilling BL

58-Tom Wysocki (Mile-4:24.0/2Mile-9:34.0-1974) faces Colin McConnell (Mile-4:15.6/2Mile-8:55.0-1976)/Brian Donohue (440-49.2/880-1:52.5-1974)/Mark Schilling (Mile-4:05.4-1972)/Dale Fleet (Mile-4:15.1/2Mile-8:53.8-1971)-photo Bill Leung

59 Wilson1 RP

59-Dennis Wilson sports his colors (2Mile-9:22.0/6Mile-31:13.0/Mar-2:43:37-1974)-photo Randy Perez

60 Wilson Burciago Gleason1 RP

60-Coach Dennis Wilson with current HS runners Patrick Burciago (400-51.8/800-1:59.37-2015) and 2014 CA State 1600 finalist George Gleason (800-1:57.0/1600-4:11.58-2015)-photo Randy Perez

61 Thomas Genet Wysocki Carlson RP

61-Philip Thomas (Bobby's son-800-2:25.0/1600-4:55.25-2016)/Don Carlson/Bobby Thomas (2Mile-9:06.3/6Mile-30:57.6-1974)/Marc Genet (2Mile-8:53.4-1972)/Tom Wysocki (Mile-4:24.0/2Mile-9:34.0-1974)-photo Randy Perez

62 Taylors1 RP

62-3 Generations of runners. Coach Darryl Taylor (440-50.6/880-1:55.8 1959)/Ryan Taylor (1600-4:42.4/3200-10:17.5-2015)/Greg Taylor (800-2:00.8/1200-3:17.2/1600-4:32.8-1984)-photo Randy Perez

63 Murray WysockiR Ernst AC

63-Christian Cushing-Murray (1600-4:15.8)/Ruth Wysocki (57.1/2:10.7/5:00.1-1974)/Ken Ernst (Mile-4:19.7/2Mile-9:02.14-1979)-photo Art Cendejas

64 Murray Ernst Larsen Moses AC

64-UCLA Bruins with their Coach, Christian Cushing-Murray (1600-4:15.8)/Ken Ernst (Mile-4:19.7/2Mile-9:02.14-1979)/Coach Bob Larsen (Mile-4:30.0/2Mile-9:46.0-1957)/Don Moses (880-1:56.4/Mile-4:08.5/2Mile-8:52.6-1976)-photo Art Cendejas

65 Miller Bardales1 RP

65-Coach Len Miller speaks with his former UCI athlete, 1978 NCAA Decathlon Champ Mauricio Bardales (440-48.6/880-1:55.6-1974)-photo Randy Perez

66 McConnell Innes Schilling BL

66-Colin McConnell (Mile-4:15.6/2Mile-8:55.0-1976) complains to Gordon Innes that he's NOT on this year's T-Shirt as Marc Genet (2Mile-8:53.4-1972) and Mark Schilling (Mile-4:05.4-1972) observe-photo Bill Leung

67 Loara squad1 RP

67-Current Loara runners, Enrique Serna (800-2:02.45/1600-4:20.35-2015), Victor Awoyele (800-2:03.0-2015), Oscar Hernendez (800-2:18.0-2015)/ Juan Carlos Salgado (800-2:10.0/1600-4:45.0-2015)-photo Randy Perez

68 Kearns1 RP

68-Mike Kearns (Mile-4:16.8/2Mile-9:20.2/3Mile-14:54.2-1965) studies RRU "Fan Cards"-photo Randy Perez

69 Leung2 RP

69-Photograph of photographer Bill Leung-photo Randy Perez

70 Miller Loara squad1 RP

70-Len Miller speaks to current Loara runner Victor Awoyele (800-2:03.0-2015) and former Loara runner Brad Hutson (880-2:01.7-1975)-photo Randy Perez