What Is This Word 'Track' You Are Using?
A letter to the editor sums up the lack of respect our sport is getting these days:

What do Genzebe Didaba, the London gold-medalist in the men's pole vault, Galen Rupp and Bernard Lagat have in common?

Well aside from fact that Dibaba has set three indoor wrs(ok, two official and a world -best) in the first six weeks of the new year, the vaulter became first man to surpass a Sergey Bubka world-record with his 6.16 effort and Rupp and Lagat set two and one AR, respectively, during that same spell, there has been nary a word published re these fantastic achievements in the leading national weekly sporting publication of our time -- Sports Illustrated.

As far as SI is concerned, our favorite sport doesn't exist -- but there was plenty of room in this week's issue for a two-page color spread on man's best friend, i.e., dogs who won prizes at the Westminster Kennel Club show.

Shows you where track & field ranks.

And with no Olympics/World Championships this year, unless Bolt orĀ  the LondonĀ  5-10K winner does something spectacular @ Glasgow, there'll likely be no coverage rest of year.

No wonder we'll always be a second- rate sport.

Bill Bell
Los Angeles