T&FN's 2013 Men's Performance Of The Year
The mark left him at “only” No. 3 on the all-time triple jump list, but France’s Teddy Tamgho made history with his 59-2¼/18.04 in Moscow.
With that bound he became the first triple jumper ever to top our Performance Of The Year balloting.

What about Jonathan Edwards’ historic first 60-footer back in ’95, you ask? That ended up as No. 2, behind a Haile Gebrselassie 5000 WR.
The only WR of this year, Wilson Kipsang’s 2:03:23 marathon, got the most votes for No. 1 (7, with Tamgho and AOY Bohdan Bondarenko’s HJ best getting 6 each).

The 5 performances that received the most votes from our international panel:

1. Teddy Tamgho’s 59-2¼/18.04 WC win, 84

2. Bohdan Bondarenko’s 7-10¾/2.41 WC win, 71

3. Wilson Kipsang’s 2:03:23 WR, 61

4. Asbel Kiprop’s 3:27.72, 29

5. LaShawn Merritt’s 43.74 WC win, 19