Team USA For Moscow Close To Completion
The IAAF protocol of allowing nations to send one B-qualifier along with one or two A’s in individual events to the World Championships meant that U.S. squads in a majority of events selected themselves in Des Moines.

But the process for filling the team for Moscow (August 10–18) had additional complexity this year. As in ’11—in theory anyway—only USATF top-4 finishers will be allowed to chase A- or B-standards between the end of the meet and July 20.

In the past, Nationals finalists who finished in places below 4th have been processed as potential team members if scenarios existed by which they could be added to the team later.

USATF A-B protocol typically makes it very tough to figure out who is going to qualify and when, but we have tried to explain the lay of the land as succinctly as possible below based on the best information available as of July 16.

The 6-deep relay pools will not be made public until after the Monaco training camp is over, but we do know that for the 4x1s the runners will come from the 8 who ran in the two Monaco DL races.

The basic individual-events team as T&FN sees it, including wild cards (in order of USATF finish; 4 listed in wild-card situations):
100: Gatlin, Silmon, Rodgers.

200: Young, Mitchell, Spearmon.

400: Merritt, McQuay, Hall.

800: Solomon, Symmonds, Johnson.

1500: Centrowitz, Manzano, Lomong.

St: Jager, Huling, Turner.

5000: Lagat, Rupp, Hill.

10,000: Rupp, Ritzenhein, Derrick.

110H: Wilson, Oliver, Merritt, Richardson (Wild Card).

400H: Tinsley, Clement, Jackson.

Marathon: Eggleston, Trafeh, Trujillo.

20W: Seaman. Stroupe would be added if  Seaman retires and declines spot.

50W: Nunn.

HJ: Kynard, Jonas, Williams (Wild Card).

PV: Walker, Scott, Whitt.

LJ: Kitchens, Phillips (Wild Card). Dendy could be added

TJ: Craddock, Claye, Taylor (Wild Card).

SP: Whiting, Hoffa (Wild Card), Lloyd, Martin.

DT: Brooks.

HT: Kruger.

JT: Dolezal, Humphreys.

Dec: Eaton, Nixon, Taiwo, Hardee (Wild Card).

100: Gardner, Freeman, Anderson, Jeter (Wild Card).

200: Duncan, Felix, Tarmoh, C. Williams (Wild Card).

400: Hastings, McCorory, Spencer.

800: Montaño, Martinez, Wilson.

1500: Moser, Cain, McGee, Simpson (Wild Card).

St: Bush, Higginson, Kipp.

5000: Huddle, Rowbury, Conley.

10,000: Flanagan, Hasay, Hastings.

100H: Rollins, Harrison, Ali, Harper-Nelson (Wild Card).

400H: Muhammad, Moline, Spence, Demus (Wild Card).

Marathon: Faber, Kastor, McMahon.

20W: Michta, Gray, Melville.
HJ: Barrett, McPherson, Lowe (Wild Card).

PV: Suhr, Hutson, Holliday.

LJ: DeLoach Soukup, Polk, Jimoh, Reese (Wild Card).

TJ: None.

SP: Carter, Brooks, Hasslen.

DT: Lewis-Smallwood, Ashley, Podominick.

HT: Bingson, McCall, Campbell.

JT: Borman.

Hept: Day, Wade, Bougard.