Euro Indoor Stat Blast: Final Day
(from K. Ken Nakamura)

Day 3 morning 

For the first time in history of European Indoor Championships, GBR won two medals at W400m 
Previously only RUS, EUN, URS, GDR and FRG have won multiple medals at W400m 

Adam Kszczot (POL) joined Noel Carroll, Yevgeniy Arzhanov, Antonio Paez and Yuriy Borzakovskiy 
as the multiple gold medalist at 800m in European Indoor Championships

Kevin Lopez also won second medal at 800m in Euro Indoor Championships 


Nataliya Lupu won first gold for UKR at W800m in European Indoor Championships 

Maslak brought first medal of any kind at 400m to CZE in Euro Indoor Championships 
Maslak's time 45.66 is the fastest 400m time on Swedish soil 

The winning margin of 58cm is the largest at WTJ in Euro Indoor Champ 
Previous high was 40cm in 1998 

Olha Saladuha brought first medal of any kind at WTJ in Euro Indoor Championships 
Simona La Mantia won second medal at TJ in Euro Indoor Championships 

14.88 by Olha Saladuha is the longest TJ in Sweden 

Christian Schwanitz won second medal in Euro Indoor Championships. 

Day 3 afternoon 

Indoor Heptathlon 

The difference between 3rd and 4th, 4 points, is the second smallest in the history of 
European Indoor Championships. 
The lowest difference between 3rd and 4th is 3 points in 2011 

Eelco Sintinocolaas (NED) brought first medal of any kind to NED at Heptathlo in Euro Indoor Champ

Mihail Dudas brought first medal of any kind to BLR at Heptathlon in Euro Indoor Champ

6372 by Eelco Sintnicolaas is the highest heptathlon score in Sweden 

The winning margin of 25cm is the second largest at PV in Euro Indoor  Championships 
The largest is 27cm in 2011 

The best 4th place mark at Euro Indoor PV, 5.76m, was set by Filipidis

Lavillenie won third gold at PV in Euro Indoor, now tied with Vigneron but still trails Nordwig 

GER won two medals at Euro Indoor, fourth time they have done so. 

Ruth Beitia won first gold for ESP at WPV in Euro Indoor Championships 
Beitia won fifth medals at Euro Indoor Championships, She now has complete medal set. 

SWE won two medals at WHJ at Euro Indoor, first time they have done so, 


Menkov won first gold for RUS at LJ in Euro Indoor Champ 
8.31 by Menkov is the longest jump in SWE by European 


3:37.17 is the second fastest 1500m ever recorded at Euro Indoor Champ 
The fastest is 3:36.70 by Heshko in 2005 

The winning margin of 0.05 sec is the smallest ever winning margin at 1500m in Euro Indoor Champ 

The marks for place for second (3:37:22 replacing 3:37.98) and third (3:37.70 replacing 3:38.90)
at Euro Indoor Champ were set 

For the first time in Euro Indoor Champ, FRA won two medals at 1500m 


0.00 is the lowest winning margin ever at W60m in Euro Indoor Champ; 
Previous low was 0.01sec in three occasions - 1974, 1976 and 1988

3:27.56 is the championshps record 

0.22 sec is the smallest difference between 3rd and 4th at W4X400mR in Euro Indoor Champ 

Best ever mark for third and fourth for Euro Indoor Champ were set 

GBR won first gold at W4x400mR in Euro Indoor Championships 

For the first time in history of Euro Indoor, the same team (GBR in this case) won both

3:27.56 is the fastest time in SWE 


3:05.78 by GBR is the second fastest 4x400mR time in Euro Indoor Champ 

3:05.78 by GBR is the fastest 4x400mR time in SWE