The U.S. Is On The Verge Of A Sub-4:00 Milestone
With this weekend adding another 5 members to the club, no fewer than 393 Americans have broken the most famous barrier in the sport.

Based on results of recent years, we would expect to reach No. 400 before the year is out.

Indeed, even before the month is out?


No. 1 was Don Bowden in 1957.

No. 100 was Jim Spivey in 1980.

No. 200 was Chris Katon in 1994.

No. 300 was John Richardson in 2008.

And whoever No. 400 turns out to be, we'll honor him with a $400 prize and a 4-year subscription to Track & Field News.
For the complete chronological listing of the U.S. sub-4:00 club, go here