Euro Cross Country Champs Post-Race Stat Blitz
(by K. Ken Nakamura)

European Cross Country Championships stats: 

Junior Women 

Terzic became the third junior woman to win complete medal set (gold silver and bronze). 
She won silver in 2010, bronze in 2011 and now gold in 2012 

And Gorecka became the fourth junior women to win complete medal set. 
She won bronze in 2010, gold in 2011 and now silver in 2012

Previously, Charlotte Purdue and Ancuta Bobocel have won all three medals in junior women's division

First gold for Serbia by Terzic in junior women's division of Euro Cross. 
Previously Serbia won two individual silver and bronze

And of course, Terzic has won three of the four medals for Serbia in junior division of Euro Cross

Rehberg became only the second German to win a medal in junior women's division of Euro Cross Champ. 
Previously Heinze won bronze in 1997

The difference in team score between first and second, 78, is largest ever in junior women's division. 
Previously largest diff was 55 in 2006

Junior Men

Kulka and Tsenov won first medal for POL and BUL, respectively 
in junior men's division of Euro Cross Champion 

In fact Kulka won first gold for POL in Euro Cross 
(not just first gold in junior men's division of Euro Cross)

And first medal of any kind for BUL at Euro Cross by Tsenov, not just in junior men's division

The difference of team score between first & second, 1, ties the lowest difference in 
junior men's div of Euro Cross; difference was also 1 in 2008

Incidentally, 50 was also the winning score in 2008, when the difference 
between first and second was 1. 

U23 women

Coulson won by 9 sec, which tied largest winning margin in U23 Women's race at Euro Cross

9 sec was also a margin of victory in 2006 and 2010 

Calvin won first individual medal for France in U23 women's division of Euro Cross 

For the first time in history of Euro Cross, GBR failed to win the team title in U23 women's division 

U23 men

INGEBRIGTSEN won first gold for NOR in U23 men's division of Euro Cross
NOR's best individual medal in U23 men was bronze in 2011

In fact it was first individual gold for Norwegian men in Euro Cross. 
Previously, Grovdall won junior women's race for NOR

Ingerbrigtsen won by 10 seconds, which is the record winning margin. 
Previously max winning margin was 8 sec in 2008

Bouchikhi won first individual silver for BEL in U23 men's division of Euro Cross. 
Previous best medal for BEL in U23 was bronze in 2009

ESP won first team silver in U23 men's division. Their previous best team medal was bronze 2010

Senior Women

Britton became the first to defend senior women's title at Euro Cross
Radcliffe and Yelling has won this race twice, but they did not defend the title. 

Not only Britton defended her title, Felix also defended her runner up position

Vaquero won 2 silver in 1994 and 1996, but Felix is the first to win back to back Silver 
in senior women's race. 

IRL won senior women's team title by 0 points. 
It is the second time the senior women's title was decided in tie breaker. 
First tie breaker was in 2006

It was first team title for IRL women at Euro Cross
Previously IRL won team gold in U23 men's division
but the best women's team finish was second in 2003 

Senior men

Having won junior race in 2006 and Uwe in 2008, Lalli won senior race; 
first runner to do so in Euro Cross (my file had some error) 

In fact, no man ever won both senior and junior race combination or senior and U23 race
combination either. 

Chahdi who won silver also won U23 in 2010.  

The difference between 3rd and 4th was 1 sec, 
tying the smallest difference between 3rd and 4th (happened six times) 

ITA won two medals in senior men's race; second country (after POR) to do so