NCAA Cross Country Champs Stat Facts
(by Kirk Reynolds)

The race date of Nov. 17 was the earliest the meet has been held in its history (the meet had been held on Nov. 19 six times).

In winning, Kennedy Kithuka not only becomes Texas Tech's first individual champ, but also the school's first top-10 finisher.

Oklahoma State's fourth team title (1954, 2009, 2010, 2012) puts the school in a 6th-best tie for most titles behind Arkansas (11), Michigan State (8), UTEP (7), Oregon (6), and Wisconsin (5) -- equalling Stanford (4) and Villanova (4).

There were no changes to either the 4x Top-10 individual finishes or the 3x Top-10 individual finishes.

Wisconsin's 52nd appearance at the NCAA National meet is the most among men's teams.

Oregon's 69 point win over Providence (Oregon 114, Providence 183) ties for fifth-largest margin of victory in women's meet history (equal to 1989: Villanova 99, Kentucky 168).

Oregon's third team title (1983, 1987, 2012) puts the school fourth in most titles behind Villanova (9), Stanford (5), and BYU (4).

Oregon (Hasay 3rd, Pappas 8th) and Providence (Collins 10th) both increase their school's individual top-10 finishes to 16 apiece, and tie for third most behind Villanova (25) and Stanford (24).

Arkansas, Stanford and Villanova all move to 25 team appearances at the NCAA National meet to remain tied for third most appearances behind North Carolina State (27) and BYU (26).

Betsy Saina's 0.7 second victory margin over Abbey D'Agostino is the second-smallest behind last year's 0.6 second win by
Sheila Reid (Vill), 19:41.2 over Jordan Hasay (OR), 19:41.8.

Betsy Saina is Iowa State's first-ever individual champion, and only the third top-10 finisher in school history (Margaret Davis 5th in 1982, and Madeleine Alsgren 6th in 1990).

Jordan Hasay (Oregon) becomes the 17th women's individual to record three top-10 finishes (3rd in 2010, 2nd in 2011, 3rd in 2012). She was 18th in 2009.

Risper Kimaiyo (UTEP) becomes the 18th women's individual to record three top-10 finishes (9th in 2009, 4th in 2010, 5th in 2012). She was 25th in 2011.