Post-Race Chicago Marathon Stat Factoids
(from K. Ken Nakamura)


With 2:04:38 Tsegaye Kebede ran non-Boston US all comers record

Chicago now has 6th fastest course record. It is now faster than London & New York, among Marathon Majors

Regassa, with 2:05:26, ran 4th fastest marathon debut

Kebede ran 4th sub-2:06 marathon, tying Makau for the number of sub-2:06. Mutai and Haile have five.

The season now has 11 sub-2:05 (prev record 7 in 2011), 21 sub-2:06 (prev record 17 in 2011)
37 sub-2:07 (prev high was 36 in 2011) and 69 sub-2:08 (prev high was 64 in 2011)

After today, top 10 average for Chicago marathon has improved to 2:05:34, fifth fastest in the world.

Kebede's top 5 average has improved to 2:05:21, 4th best behind G Mutai, Haile, and Makau

Feyisa Lilesa is now the fastest 23 years old, replacing Wanjiru who recorded 2:05:10 in 2009 London

The best non-Boston marks for place for 1st to 6th on the US soil were set in Chicago today

Best marks for place for 1st through at least 10th for Chicago marathon were set


2:23:22 by Rotich is the fastest 5th place on US soil

Shobukhova improved her top 5 average to 2:20:48, but she is still 3rd behind Radcliffe and Ndereba

The year has 35 sub-2:24 performances highest ever. Prev high was 29 in 2011

The season has 73 sub-2:26 performances, highest ever; previous high was 69 in 2011

Konovalova failed to run fastest marathon by 38 years old 
It is still 2:24:14 by Timofeyeva from 2008 Hamburg marathon