'30 Medals Is Zero Improvement Over 20 Years'
by Bob Bowman
I'm sure the leadership of USATF  is quite happy with the
team performance in London. 29 medals is a good  performance
when compared to recent global performances. But just  how
good is the 29 (15 Men, 14 Women) medal performance? If we
go back  just 20 years to Barcelona for the 1992 Olympics, we
find that the U.S. Men  won 20 medals (5 more than in 2012), and
the women won 10 with 4 fewer  events no TJ, PV, HT or Steeple)
for a total of 30 medals.
In  looking at the medal production by event we see the U.S. doing
extremely  well in traditionally strong U.S. events (sprints, hurdles
& jumps),  with few medals in the traditionally weak events (distances
& throws).  In London, U.S. gained only one medal in the 11 distance
events (including  the 3 walks) and only one medal in the 8 throwing
events. Clearly a  strategic development program aimed at improving
the status of these  traditionally weak events is needed. Such a program
would likely result in  a total medal count around 40. This should be the
real USATF development  goal, not 30.

Thirty medals is zero improvement in the last 20  years.