The Dawning Of A New Era For T&FN

It will come as a suprise to no one that these aren't the best of times for ink & paper-based publications, but fear not, Track & Field News isn't going away. We're just ceasing our print version.

The December 2017 edition was the last one you'll ever find in your snail-mail box, or on a newsstand. From now on, it's all-electronics-all-the-time.

There are some marked advantages to switching to the e-world, of course, not the least of which is the ability to be on top of breaking news in something closer to real time, rather than having to wait up to a month.

There is another shoe about to drop, however. Even with the savings that come with ceasing the print version, we still need to raise our rates to stay in business.

Let year 71 begin!