Stat Blitz: 2017 Berlin Marathon

(from K. Ken Nakamura)


Berlin Marathon stats:

2:03:47 is the fastest marathon debut on the standard course.

2nd official sub-2:04 for Kipchoge (3rd counting his Monza ran); Kipsang has 4

Kipchoge now has 6 sub-2:05 (7 sub-2:05 counting his Monza run) Kipsang has 8

Kipchoge now has 8 sub-2:06 (9 counting Monza); Kipsang also has 8 sub-2:06

Kipchoge ran the fastest marathon for the 32 years old; Adola ran second fastest marathon by 26 years old.

Top 5 performance average for EliudKipchoge is now 2:03:47;
Kipsang_2_03_23 still has fastest average with 2:03:45

Top 10 performance average for Berlin Marathon has improved from 2:03:35 to 2:03:28

Note that only London and Boston has faster course record than Berlin average

For women's race, top 10 average for Berlin has improved from 2:19:55 to 2:19:52;
London's average is 2:18:26

Note that among the 10 fastest debutantes only Kipchoge improved his debut time on his second marathon

2:20:23 by Gladys Cherono is the second fastest marathon by 34 years old.
2:20:21 by Edna Kiplagat is fastest

2:20:41 by Ruti Aga is the second fastest marathon by 23 years old;
2:20:30 by Aberu Kebede is the fastest.

2:20:41 by Ruti Aga is the second fastest 2nd place time in Berlin Marathon.  
2:20:27 by Feyse Tadese is the fastest losing time in Berlin