Stat Blitz: World Championships Day 8

(from K. Ken Nakamura)


Day 8


9:02.58 is the championships record. Previous championships record was 9:06.57 by Volkova from 2007

Kiyeng Jepkemoi won second medals at WC W3000mSC, joining Volkova, Chemos (has 3) and Ghribi

9:02.58 is the British All-comers record; previously 9:08.37 by Ghribi in LOndon OG was fastest.

Best marks for place for 1st to 4th were set for WC W3000mSC

RUS went 1-2 in 2007, KEN went 1-2 in 2013, and now US went 1-2 today;
Before today, US did NOT have a sinble medal in W3000mSC in WC

6.42 sec is the largest difference between 3rd and 4th in WC W3000mSC; previously the max was 6.35sec in 2005


For the first time in history, nobody threw over 80m in WC HT.

Today's winning throw is 79.81m; previously 80.24m in 1999 was shortest winning mark in WC for HT

Fajdek won record third gold; Previously Ivan Tikhon (BLR), Andrey Abuduvaliyev (TJK), Sergey Litvinov (URS) won twice

Fajdek also won record tying third medal; Kozmus, KojiMurofushi , Ziolkowski, and Astapkovich also have three medals.

For the two successive World Champ, POL won two medals (gold and bronze) at HT;  
URS have won two medals in three occasions (83, 87, 91)

And for two successive World Champ, POL won gold in both men's (Fajdek) and women's (Wlodarczyk) HT


For the first time in the history of WLJ in WC, US won multiple medals; previously RUS swept the medal in 2007

1cm matched second smallest difference between 3rd and 4th; smallest is 0cm in 2013

5cm is the smallest ever difference between 1st and 3rd in WC WLJ. previously 6cm in 2011 was smallest

The wining margin of 2cm tied the second smallest in the history of WC WLJ;
In 2001 May won by 1cm, while Reese won by 2cm in 2013

4th gold for Reese; Bartoletta, May, JJK and Drechsler have two gold.

Reese got 4th medal which tied May for most medals at WC WLJ


dafneschippers joined allysonfelix and Marlene Ottey as one of only three
sprinters with multiple gold medals at W200m at WC

DT qualifying

69.67 by Perkovic is the longest DT in WC qualifying round;
previous best in qualifying round was 68.40 by Wyludda from 1987