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At first it wasn’t easy crafting a 2018 European track trip. Our first thoughts were to do the European Championships in Berlin, always a good city to visit. But there was not an attractive-enough option before or after Berlin. The Birmingham DL on August 18 was a possibility, but it just didn’t seem interesting enough.

The two most important Diamond League meets—Zurich and Brussels—are strangely scheduled for successive days in 2018. We could have perhaps included both, but the Zurich meet isn’t over until late evening, and then we’d have to scramble for an early morning flight to Brussels to get there in time for the Brussels meet. Not a pleasant prospect. So, we looked at the full schedule and the a new exciting vision fell into place: a tour which would include very good meets but enable us to visit some fascinating new cities. Here’s what we came up with:


Two weeks, three track meets, five countries. Projected price, $3990, double occupancy.

NOTES: That price is a ballpark figure; we’ll not have a better projection until the first of the year.

The Continental Cup is something like the old World Cup, with teams from four world regions: the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia-Pacific. Each team is allowed two competitors per event—at least that was the format in 2014 at Marrakesh (the last Continental Cup). The star quality was high in Marrakesh: LaShawn Merritt, Lavillenie, Lagat, Bartoletta, Ayana, Genzebe Dibaba, Dafne Schippers, Ajee Wilson, Will Claye, Dawn Harper Nelson, and many more. This will be a major target meet in 2018 for the world’s best.

The Zagreb IWC meet in 2017 was of high quality, with such stars as Ajee Wilson, Sam Kendricks, Sandra Perkovic, Yohan Blake, Joe Kovacs, Tom Walsh, and others. Scheduled just before the Continental Cup, a lot of the sport’s headliners should be there in 2018.

Hard-core fans may opt to start their trip in Zurich, then join us in Brussels. That’s OK with us—but you’ll have to do Zurich and flight arrangements on your own. . . and you’ll miss the fun of the TV watch party.

Current deposit is $250 per person. We will call for additional deposits from time to time, the next one probably by December 31.

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