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The Sub-4 Alphabetic Register

(1497 athletes as at March 16, 2018; includes relay legs)

updated by Bob Phillips

Within a few days of the death of the first sub-4-minute miler, Sir Roger Bannister, the total number of athletes who have broken through the once historic barrier is about to pass 1500. No country has kept greater faith with the legend of the sub-4-minute mile than the USA. During the 2018 indoor season in that country there were 81 sub-4-minute performances, and the total of US sub-4-minute milers is now well past the 500 mark.

Elsewhere, even the distant past eventually yields its secrets: a hitherto overlooked performance from as long ago as 1974 by a Bulgarian was not discovered until 36 years later! There are now 20 sets of brothers, including five sets of twins, and nine sets of fathers and sons who have broken 4 minutes. The most recent contributors to this family tradition are Filip Ingebrigtsen, brother of Henrik Ingebrigtsen; John Coghlan, son of Eamonn Coghlan; John Gregorek, whose father was also named John Gregorek; and Liam Dee, son of Billy Dee. The Gregoreks have now replaced Kip and Martin Keino as the most successful father/son miling partnership, based on the average of their best times.The Ingbrigtsens have now even been joined by their youngest brother, Jakob, aged 16, to become the first set of three brothers to break 4 minutes. No grandfathers and grandsons as yet! Read More in PDF below.

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