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Brianna Rollins Responds To One Year Sanction

Los Angeles (April 20, 2017) – Following a hearing before the American Arbitration Association, the arbitrators have sanctioned Brianna Rollins for 12 months for three whereabouts failures, which is the minimum possible sanction in this type of case. In reducing her sanction, the arbitrators agreed that Brianna Rollins has never tried to evade drug testing in any way, and that at least one of her missed tests was a result of her confusion created by the computer program in which she was required to identify where she would be at all times, which resulted in her “whereabouts” listing both her residence and a track meet at which she would be competing as her location for testing on certain days. Brianna Rollins was tested at least 16 times in 2016, and has never tested positive because she has never used any banned substances. She will be free to return to competition on December 18, 2017. (See PDF below for full release)

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