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Annual Relay Rankings, 1957–2014


Way back in 1957, T&FN began an annual feature of ranking the best baton foursomes in the land. The early years were compiled by George Grenier, who then handed off to Dick Drake. For reasons now lost in the sands of time, the feature was discontinued after the ’66 iteration, and didn't appear for 8 seasons. But in ’75, relay guru Walt Murphy revived the tradition and has provided us with ratings every year since. In ’80, Murphy also went back and retroactively ranked the 1967–74 seasons.

Taking the process a step farther, Jesse Squire has now gone back and pulled all the years into individual single-event files for ease of reference. Each of the compilations also comes with Squire's all-time stats for the event.

Note that women weren't added to the mix until 1980, and not with a full complement of events as there simply wasn't enough nationwide competition to justify it. Although the modern rankings go 10-deep, the ’57 & ’58 versions stopped at 5, and ’59 through ’62 were at 6. Some schools have changed names since the original rankings; all are represented in modern notation.

T&FN Annual Relay Rankings (1957-2014)

Men’s Rankings
Women’s Rankings
4 x 100
4 x 200
4 x 400
4 x 800
4 x Mile
Sprint Medley
Distance Medley 
Shuttle Hurdles
Shuttle Hurdles