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This book---instant nostalgia!---was published by Track & Field News in 1959. It is a collection of writings by one of the finest track & field writers ever---Maxwell Stiles, whose columns and reports appeared in the Los Angeles Mirror-News, the Long Beach Press-Telegram, the Oakland Tribune, the Los Angeles Examiner, World Sports magazine (London), and Track & Field News. Each week we'll post a selected article from this 1959 publication---pieces on Charley Paddock, the Bunion Derby, the Amsterdam Olympics (1928), Carr vs. Eastman, Jesse Owens, Babe Didrikson, Bobby Morrow, et al.

Great reading for fans of track & field history.

Back Track Articles: (Only linked articles can be downloaded. We will activate new articles each Monday.)

Hello to Sport Four Records in One Day (March 3-9)

Paddock's 10.2 A Calf With Two Heads (March 10-16)

Paddock's Famous Leap (March 17-23)

Borah Pushes Paddock The Phantom Finn (March 24-30)

Fabulous Bunion Derby (March 31-April 6)

Czech Humorist Wykoff Conquers Paddock (April 7-13)

Glendale Plumber's Son (April 14-20)

Amsterdam . . . before . . . and after (April 21-27)

The First Official 9.4 Quiz Program (April 28-May 4)

Eastman Runs 46.4; Bill Carr Stuns Eastman (May 5-11)

1932 Olympic Games Carr Wins the 400 (May 12-18)

1932 Olympic Games: Lehtinen vs. HillUnder One Flag (May 19-25)

The Incredible Jesse Owens Owens at the NCAA (May 26-June 1)

Sefton & Meadows Vault 14'11" Top Prognosticator (June 2-8)

Sprinters as Quarter Milers Three Shadows for Klemmer Graffio Gets a Lesson (June 9-15)

Patton Routs McKenley; Incentive? Snyder Rates the Sprinters (June 16-22)

Owens at Berlin (June 23-29)

Dorando—The Immortal Loser (June 30-July 6)

Patton Runs 9.3 (July 7-13)

The Ghost of Wembley Harbig the Great (July 14-20)

Great Track ComebacksRafer's Toughest Spot (July 21-27)

Bleeder Nieder's in StitchesWell Held!Near Tragedy in Javelin (July 28-August 3)

Bobby MorrowHeartbreak Hotel (August 4-10)

Man With Seven FeetRussia Noses Into OlympicsCromwell Rides AgainWhitfield's Toughest Spot (August 11-17)

Russia Noses Into OlympicsCromwell Rides AgainWhitfield's Toughest Spot (August 18-24)

Jim Thorpe (August 25-31)

Babe Didrikson (September 1-7)

Fanny Blankers-KoenFence Climber (September 8-14)

Barney Proves His GreatnessMan Behind the Records (September 15-21)

Parry O'Brien (September 22-28)

Anemometer ControversyThe Vaulting Vicar (September 29-October 5)

Forever FinlayUnsung GuyMemento from Mal (October 6-12)

Man from LuxembourgWorld's Most Amazing AthleteGreatest Show of Courage (October 13-19)

How AAU Amateurs Collect 9-Flat is 50 Years AwayNew Zealand's Medal (October 20-26)

Tips for Bobby MorrowFigure Seven FixationOur Threat to Russian GalsMemories from Melbourne (October 27-November 2)

U.S. Running Out of ExcusesEastman-Williams RubberThoughts on a Sad Farewell (November 3-9)


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