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July 25, 2017

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"Professional track & field is broken and badly needs a lot of help. And I have some ideas," says newly retired halfmiler Nick Symmonds. That includes a meet with a gambling factor staged in Las Vegas…
In the latest of an IAAF series of video interviews, the Trinidadian sprint legend talks with a U.S. sprint/long jump star…
"You'll be hanging onto the edge of your seat as Lawson recaps his sixth and final jump at the 2016 Rio Olympics," says interviewer Tom FitzSimons
First on the former World Record holder's list: Use your longer-distance times as a guide…
Quentin Rew, himself a world-ranked 50K walker from New Zealand, likes the gender equity part of the new WC event, but says, "On the surface one would think it's a win-win, but scratch the surface and it's a shambles"…
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  • Morris Sandi USOut17
  • Muhammad DalilahQ1 USAout17
  • Kerley FredQ USOut17
  • Lawson JarrionLJ USOut17
  • Huddle Molly USAout17
  • Stevens Deajah200Q USAout17
  • Saunders RavenW USOut17

    Saunders RavenW1 USOut17
  • Lewis Gia USAout17
  • Wilson AjeeQ USOut17
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  • Simpson JennyFHH1 USOut17

    Simpson JennyFHH USOut17
  • Kendricks Sam1a USAout17
  • Webb AmeerQ USOut17
  • Orji Kenturah USAout17
  • McBride Bryan USOut17
  • Hardee TreyHJ USOut17
  • Mead HassanFV USAout17
  • Williams KendellLJ USOut17
  • USATF Champs: pole vault winner Sandi Morris
  • USATF Champs: 400 hurdles winner Dalilah Muhammad
  • USATF Champs: 400 winner Fred Kerley
  • USATF Champs: long jump winner Jarrion Lawson
  • USATF Champs: 10,000 winner Molly Huddle
  • USATF Champs: 200 winner Deajah Stevens
  • USATF Champs: shot put winner Raven Saunders
  • USATF Champs: discus winner Gia Lewis-Smallwood
  • USATF Champs: 800 winner Ajee' Wilson
  • USATF Champs: 1500 winner Jenny Simpson
  • USATF Champs: pole vault winner Sam Kendricks
  • USATF Champs: 200 winner Ameer Webb
  • USATF Champs: triple jump winner Keturah Orji
  • USATF Champs: high jump winner Bryan McBride
  • USATF Champs: decathlon winner Trey Hardee
  • USATF Champs: 10,000 winner Hassan Mead
  • USATF Champs: heptathlon winner Kendell Williams

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