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September 25, 2017

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Sports Illustrated has chosen 50 superstars of each sex for their extraordinary levels of fitness. Check it out…
"The world has gone digital and the IOC is trying to keep pace, notably with its noteworthy commitment to create an online network of sorts," says Rich Perelman of "If you haven't checked it out, it's worth a look"…
The race organizers have provided a set of clips from this year's big 26-miler…
In Berlin on Sunday Eliud Kipchoge and Guye Adola (with the fastest debut 26-miler ever) produced the Nos. 7 & 11 performances in history. The top dozen times…
The big 3-way clash doesn't materialize, as Kenenisa Bekele and Wilson Kipsang fail to finish, but Kipchoge nonethless gets a battle from a most surprising source…
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  • Hill DarrellH Brussels17

    Hill DarrellW1 Brussels17
  • Miller ShaunaeA Brussels17
  • Rypakova Olga1 Zurich17
  • Amos Nijel Brussels17

    Amos Nijel1 Brussels17
  • Warholm McMaster Zurich17
  • Miller ShaunaeFL1 Zurich17
  • Lyles NoahFL Brussels17
  • Lasitskene MariaR Brussels17
  • Kipruto ElBakkaliFV Brussels17
  • Winners Zurich17
  • Semenya CasterFH Zurich17
  • Spotakova BarboraH Zurich17
  • Vadlejch JakubH1 Zurich17

    Vadlejch JakubH Zurich17
  • Pearson SallyR Zurich17
  • Gudzius Andrius Brussels17
  • Van Damme Brussels: DL shot put champion Darrell Hill
  • Van Damme Brussels: DL 400 champion Shaunae Miller-Uibo
  • Weltklasse Zürich: DL triple jump champion Olga Rypakova
  • Weltklasse Zürich: DL 400 hurdles champion Kyron McMaster
  • Weltklasse Zürich: DL 200 champion Shaunae Miller-Uibo
  • Van Damme Brussels: DL 200 champion Noah Lyles
  • Van Damme Brussels: DL high jump champion Mariya Lasitskene
  • Van Damme Brussels: DL steeplechase champion Conseslus Kipruto
  • Weltklasse Zürich: DL champions
  • Weltklasse Zürich: DL 800 champion Caster Semenya
  • Weltklasse Zürich: DL javelin champion Barbora Spotáková
  • Weltklasse Zürich: DL javelin champion Jakub Vadlejch
  • Weltklasse Zürich: DL 100 hurdles champion Sally Pearson
  • Van Damme Brussels: DL discus champion Andrius Gudzius

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