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July 30, 2014

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Elliott Denman crunches some numbers, which show that teen success doesn't necessarily translate to being a star on the biggest stage a few years later…
… but now the attention turns to other championships down the road, reports Chris Lotsbom of…
"I want to break 2:20," says the U.S. distance star…
Good friends push each other to faster times on the track…
The Eugene Register-Guard presents a great selection of pictures…
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  • Lake MorganFL-Eugene14a
  • Cheptegei Joshua-Eugene14a
  • Wambui Margaret-Eugene14a
  • Sykora JiriFL-Eugene14a
  • Belocian Wilhelm1-Eugene14a
  • Wang JiananQ-Eugene14a
  • Guo TianqianWide-Eugene14a
  • Starygina Ekaterina-Eugene14a
  • Lutkovskaya Alena-Eugene14a
  • Heroye AlemituFV1-Eugene14a
  • Drahotova Anezka-Eugene14a
  • Dasilva Izabela-Eugene14a
  • Friday TrentavisR-Eugene14a
  • Cain MaryFV1-Eugene14a
  • Sawe JonathanR-Eugene14a
  • Jones Akela-Eugene14a
  • AsherSmith DinaM-Eugene14a
  • Bukowiecki Konrad-Eugene14a
  • Matsunaga Daisuke1-Eugene14a
  • Akimenko Mikhail1-Eugene14a
  • Hyde JaheelR-Eugene14a
  • Shamotina AlonaA-Eugene14a
  • Kejelcha YOmif-Eugene14a
  • Williams KendalFH-EugeneJR14a
  • Cedenio MachelSF-Eugene14a
  • Baisden KendallR-Eugene14a
  • Elseify AshrafA-Eugene14a
  • World Junior Champs: heptathlon winner Morgan Lake
  • World Junior Champs:10,000 winner Joshua Cheptegei
  • World Junior Champs: 800 winner Margaret Wambui
  • World Junior Champs: decathlon winner Jiri Sykora
  • World Junior Champs: 110H winner & sub-13.00 man Wilhem Belocian
  • World Junior Champs: long jump winner Jianan Wang
  • World Junior Champs: shot put winner Tianqian Guo
  • World Junior Champs: javelin winner Ekaterina Starygina
  • World Junior Champs: pole vault winner Alena Lutkovskaya
  • World Junior Champs: 5000 winner Alemitu Haroye
  • World Junior Champs: 10K WJR-setter Anezka Drauhotová
  • World Junior Champs: discus winner Izabela da Silva
  • World Junior Champs: 200 winner Trentavis Friday
  • World Junior Champs: 3000 winner Mary Cain
  • World Junior Champs: 1500 winner Jonathan Sawe
  • World Junior Champs: long jump winner Akela Jones
  • World Junior Champs: 100 winner Dina Asher Smith
  • World Junior Champs: shot put winner Konrad Bukowiecki
  • World Junior Champs: 10K walk winner Daisuke Matsunaga
  • World Junior Champs: high jump winner Mikhail Akimenko
  • World Junior Champs: 400 hurdles winner Jaheel Hyde
  • World Junior Champs: hammer winner Alona Shamotina
  • World Junior Champs: 5000 winner Yomif Kejelcha
  • World Junior Champs: 100 winner Kendal Williams
  • World Junior Champs: 400 winner Machel Cedenio
  • World Junior Champs: 400 winner Kendall Baisden
  • World Junior Champs: hammer winner Ashraf El Seify

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