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David Owen of looks at how the '80 Games "nearly kickstarted and Olympic marketing revolution"…
E. Garry Hill takes an event-by-event look (14 of them) at his favorite men's races of all time, with entries ranging all the way 1966 to the season just concluded…
Outside magazine features decathlon superstar Ashton Eaton on training, and more…
When the December issue comes out you'll know T&FN's winners as the High School Athletes Of The Year. To whet your appetite, here's the complete list of previous winners, starting way back in 1947…
Mark Bedics of recalls the Div. II school's first year in the NCAA and the cross country team's plan to have the first 7 runners always be close enough to touch and how it led to a national title…
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  • Kampf Heather 5thAve16
  • Muir Laura1 5thAve16
  • Alexander Colby 5thAve16
  • Murphy Clayton1 5thAve16
  • Centrowitz JenkinsLook1a 5thAve16

    Centrowitz JenkinsLook1b 5thAve16
  • Simpson Muir Kampf 5thAve16

    Simpson Muir Eccleston Kampf 5thAve16
  • Centrowitz MattLedsH 5thAve16

    Centrowitz MattLedsH1 5thAve16
  • Simpson Jenny1b 5thAve16
  • WomenStart 5thAve16

    WomenStart1 5thAve16
  • MenStart1 5thAve16

    MenStart 5thAve16
  • Fifth Ave Mile: Heather Kampf 3rd, 4:19.7
  • Fifth Ave Mile: Laura Muir 2nd, 4:18.4
  • Fifth Ave Mile: Colby Alexander 3rd, 3:50.3
  • Fifth Ave Mile: Clayton Murphy 4th, 3:52.3
  • Fifth Ave Mile: Eric Jenkins (3:49.4) edges Matthew Centrowitz (3:49.5)
  • Fifth Ave Mile: Women’s lead pack
  • Fifth Ave Mile: Olympic 1500 champ Centrowitz leads
  • Fifth Ave Mile: Jenny Simpson, record 5th win, 4:18.3
  • Fifth Ave Mile: Women’s Start
  • Fifth Ave Mile: Men’s Start

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