History of US Nationals Results: Decathlon - Men

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(results updated 11/11/2013)

Scores are given as in the original tabulation. The following
tables were used.
1915-20: 1912B Tables
1921-35: 1920 Tables
1936-52: 1934 Tables
1952-64: 1950/52 Tables
1965-84: 1962/71/77 Tables
1985-date: 1985 Tables
(Des Moines, June 22)
1Ashton Eaton (OTC)8291
2Gunnar Nixon (unat)8198
3-Jeremy Taiwo (Wa)7925
4Gray Horn (unat)7918
5Wesley Bray (unat)7632
6Jake Arnold (Asics)7580
7*Austin Bahner (Wich)7574
8-Daniel Gooris (NnIa)7553
dnfTrey Hardee (Nik)
(Eugene, June 23)
1Ashton Eaton (OTC)9039WR/AR
2Trey Hardee (Nik)8383
3Gray Horn (unat)7954
4Joe Detmer (unat)7931
5Chris Helwick (unat)7744
6Ryan Harlan (unat)7715
7Miller Moss (unat)7712
8Kevin Lazas (Ar)7660
(Eugene, June 24)
1Ashton Eaton (OTC)8729
2Ryan Harlan (unat)8011
2Miller Moss (Clem)7878
4Curtis Beach (Duke)7573
5Chris Helwick (unat)7736
6Mark Jellison (unat)7576
7Nick Adcock (unat)7569
8Chris Randolph (unat)7606
(Des Moines, June 26)
1Jake Arnold (Asics)8215
2Tom Pappas (unat)8101w
3Joe Detmer (unat)8009
4Miller Moss (Clem)7614
5Trinity Otto (TxAM)7592
6Nick Adcock (Mo)7579
7Mark Jellison (unat)7485
8Nick Trubachik (PortSt)7434
(Eugene, June 26)
1Trey Hardee (Nik)8261
2Ashton Eaton (Or)8075
3Jake Arnold (Asics)7984
4Chris Randolph (VSA)7766
5Paul Terek (unat)7689
6Bubba Edmonds (AzPum)7650
7Nick Adcock (Mo)7588
8Mike Marsh (unat)7534
(Eugene, June 30)
1Bryan Clay (Nik)8832
2Trey Hardee (Nik)8534
3Tom Pappas (Nik)8511
4Jake Arnold (unat)8130
5Ashton Eaton (Or)8122
6Jangy Addy (Tn-Lbr)8025
7Chris Helwick (WSet)8010
8Lysias Edmonds (AzPTC)7765
(Indianapolis, June 23)
1Tom Pappas (Nik)8352
2Paul Terek (Asics)8064
3Jake Arnold (Az)7921
4Ryan Harlan (unat)7883
5Chris Boyles (CBo)7804
6Chris Randolph (CNW)7723
7Chris Helwick (Tn)7714
8Mustafa Abdur-Rahim (ASCE)7640
(Indianapolis, June 24)
1Tom Pappas (Nik)8319
2Ryan Harlan (unat)7872
3Jake Arnold (Az)7827
4Chris Boyles (unat)7780
5Paul Terek (Asics)7714
6Travis Geopfert (CEA)7205
7Joe Detmer (Wi)6453
dnfJoe Cebulski (unat)dnf
dnfBryan Clay (Nik)dnf
dnfTrey Hardee (Tx)dnf
dnfChris Randolph (SPac)nh
(Carson, Calif., June 23-24)
(13 contestants)
1Bryan Clay (Nik)8506
2Paul Terek (WGAD)7976
3Phil McMullen (Nik)7795
4Stephen Harris (unat)7769
5Stephen Moore (unat)7655
6Mustafa Abdur-Rahim (Dart)7618
7Chris Boyles (WGAD)7567
8Travis Geopfert (XLSA)7473
(Note: Clay 183-3/56.87 discus, DecWR)
(Sacramento, July 16-17)
(24 contestants)
1Bryan Clay (Nik)8660
2Tom Pappas (Nik)8517
3Paul Terek (WGAD)8312
4Phil McMullen (Nik)8285
5Stephen Moore (unat)7917
6Mustafa Abdur-Rahim (Dart)7844
7Andy Giesler (OGB)7770
8Bevan Hart (USAr)7673
Stanford, June 21-22
17 contestants
1Tom Pappas (Nik)8784
2Bryan Clay (unat)8482
3Paul Terek (WGAD)8275
4Stephen Moore (unat)8010
5Kip Janvrin (K&K)7918
6David Lemen (unat)7809
7Bevan Hart (USAr)7754
8Andy Geisler (unat)7628
Berkeley, Calif., June 19-20
14 contestants
1Tom Pappas (adi)8398
2Bryan Clay (Azusa)8230
3Phil McMullen (Nik)7934
4Chad Smith (unat)7914
5Stephen Moore (unat)7793
6Joe Cebulski (Bell)7728
7Stephen Harris (Tn)7712
8Bevan Hart (USAr)7530
... dnf Dan O’Brien (Ace) 6604 (9).
Eugene, June 21-22
14 contestants
1Kip Janvrin (KK)8241
2Phil McMullen (InI)8220
3Bryan Clay (Azusa)8169
4Chad Smith (unat)8075
5Avery Anderson (unat)7717
6Stephen Moore (unat)7714
7David Lemen (Ga)7619
8Joe Cebulski (Miz)7612
Sacramento, July 20-21
16 contestants
1Tom Pappas (adi)8467
2Chris Huffins (Oak)8285
3Kip Janvrin (unat)8057
4Phil McMullen (Asics)7954
5Dan Steele (USAr)7890
6Bevan Hart (Cal)7873
7Avery Anderson (unat)7692
8Chad Smith (unat)7664
Eugene, June 24-25
16 contestants
1Chris Huffins (Miz)8350
2Tom Pappas (Tn)8187
3Dan Steele (USAr)7938
4Kip Janvrin (VISA)7900
5Stephen Moore (ACU)7864
6Ross Bomben (VISA)7735
7Chad Smith (Nik)7727
8Bevan Hart (Cal)7716
New Orleans, June 19-20
17 contestants
1Chris Huffins (Miz)8694
2Ricky Barker (GallF)8183
3Brian Brophy (unat)8123
4Kip Janvrin (VISA)8081
5Trafton Rodgers (VISA)8070
6Phil McMullen (Asics)7947
7Louis Hinshaw (SBarn)7825
8Chad Smith (adi)7709
Indianapolis, June 11-12
20 contestants
1Steve Fritz (Accu)8604
2Chris Huffins (Miz)8458
3Shawn Wilbourn (VISA)8268
4Kip Janvrin (VISA)8228
5Darwin Vande Hoef (VISA)8123
6Bill Schuffenhauer (Mosc)8108
7Mario Sategna (unat)8039
8Ricky Barker (GallF)7910
Atlanta, June 21-22
24 contestants
1Dan O’Brien (FLAC)8726
2Steve Fritz (Accu)8636
3Chris Huffins (Miz)8546
4Kip Janvrin (VISA)8345
5Drew Fucci (MizH)8227
6Dave Johnson (Reeb)8189
7Ricky Barker (VISA)8163
8Aric Long (VISA)8095
Sacramento, June 14-15
25 contestants
1Dan O’Brien (FLAC)8682
2Chris Huffins (Miz)8351
3Brian Brophy (Reeb)8257
4Ricky Barker (VISA)8170
5Dan Steele (NikO)8102
6Rob Muzzio (VISA)8090
7Kip Janvrin (VISA)8090
8Mario Sategna (LSU)7909
Knoxville, June 14-15
22 contestants
1Dan O’Brien (FLAC)8707
2Steve Fritz (Accu)8548
3Kip Janvrin (VISA)8287
4Sheldon Blockburger (VISA)8281
5Drew Fucci (MizH)8105
6Muhammed Oliver (NikO)8043
7Rob Muzzio (VISA)7997
8Brian Schweyen (Bobc)7957
Eugene, June 15-16
20 contestants
1Dan O’Brien (Reeb)8331
2Steve Fritz (Accu)8176w
3Rob Muzzio (VISA)8057
4Kip Janvrin (VISA)8047
5Sheldon Blockburger (VISA)8020w
6Aric Long (Reeb)8013w
7Drew Fucci (unat)7935w
8Derek Huff (SSTC)7831
New Orleans, June 26-27
25 contestants
1Dave Johnson (Reeb)8649
2Aric Long (Tn)8237
3Rob Muzzio (VISA)8163
4Brian Brophy (Tn)8054
5Steve Fritz (VISA)8019
6Derek Huff (SSTC)7992
7Drew Fucci (MizH)7977
8Kip Janvrin (VISA)7977
11Dan O’Brien (Reeb)7856 (nh PV)
New York City, June 12-13; no wind gauge first day
16 contestants
1Dan O’Brien (Reeb)8844wMR
2Dave Johnson (Reeb)8467
3Rob Muzzio (SM)8119
4Drew Fucci (VISA)8079
5Steve Fritz (VISA)7978
6Sheldon Blockburger (NikO)7954
7Derek Huff (SSTC)7740w
8David Masgay (Outr)7717w
Norwalk, Calif., June 12-13
16 contestants
1Dave Johnson (NikI)8600w
2Dan O’Brien (Mosc)8483w
3Sheldon Blockburger (OI)8301w
4Jay Thorson (unat)8246w
5Derek Huff (SSTC)8181w
6Kip Janvrin (KK)8113w
7Drew Fucci (SWTx)8071w
8Kevin McGorty (unat)7929
Houston, June 13-14
14 contestants
1Dave Johnson (NYAC)8549
2Sheldon Blockburger (OI)8248w
3Gary Kinder (NYAC)8155w
4Derek Huff (SSTC)8018w
5Kip Janvrin (KK)7994
6Steve Odgers (Aud)7969
7Drew Fucci (SWTx)7844w
8Jay Thorson (Aud)7722w
Indianapolis, July 20-21
24 contestants
1Gary Kinder (unat)8293
2Tim Bright (AW)8287
3Dave Johnson (NYAC)8245
4Shannon Sullivan (USAF)8076
5Bart Goodell (unat)7973
6Steve Erickson (CNW)7950
7Jay Thorson (unat)7937
8Jim Connolly (unat)7872
San José, June 23-24
17 contestants
1Tim Bright (AW)8340
2Rob Muzzio (Maz)8134
3Gary Kinder (adi)8053
4Jim Connolly (Athlet)8023
5Keith Robinson (unat)7912
6Mike Gonzales (SSTC)7865
7Sheldon Blockburger (LSU)7769
8Jay Thorson (Pum)7653
Eugene, June 18-19
16 contestans
1Dave Johnson (Pum)8203w
2Steve Erickson (adi)8030
3Gary Kinder (adi)7857
4Tony Allen-Cooksey (AthF)7839
5Steve Odgers (adi)7757
6Shannon Sullivan (USAF)7750
7Ed Brown (Outr)7679
8Jay Thorson (Pum)7573
D: 17-18 JUN; S/F: 14/12; S: Indianapolis
1John Sayre8381w
2Mike Ramos8156w
3Tim Bright8068w
4Dave Johnson7911w
5Rob Muzzio7905w
6Gary Kinder7654w
D: 21-22 JUN; S/F: 53/35 S: Los Angeles
1John Crist8102
2Tim Bright8098
3Jim Wooding8072
4Mike Ramos7995
5Mike Gonzales7960
6Tom Harris7835
D: 21-22 JUN; S: Los Angeles
1Mark Anderson8152
2John Crist7998
3Gary Bastien7877
4Tony Allen-Cooksey7861
5Steve Erickson7791
6Jim Connolly7768
D: 27-28 JUN; S: Baton Rouge, LA
+ Herbert Peter’ (WG) 8187 8138*
1John Crist80878071
2Jim Howell80388017
3Mike Brown78197757
4Jim Schnur77587689
5Jeff Mont Pas75487510
6John Sayre74797407
+ Rudolf Brumund’ (WG) 7832
Due to an autotimer malfunction, some scores are hybrids with
hand times to arrive at the official scores. The second column
is the automatic timed score, or, in some cases, an estimated
automatic score.
+The championships also served as a dual meet against West
D: 27-28 JUN; S: Santa Barbara, CA
1John Crist8005
2Tony Allen-Cooksey7972
3Jim Howell7787
4Steve Alexander7683
5Jim Wooding7683
6Steve Jacobs7678
22-23 JUN; S: Eugene, OR
1Bob Coffman8184
2Lee Palles8159
3Fred Dixon8154
4John Crist8053
5Tony Allen-Cooksey7791
6Al Hamlin7720
D: 03-04 JUN; S: Walnut, CA
1Bob Coffman8154
2John Crist8149
3John Whitson7798
4John Warkentin7794
5Fred Samara7697
6Mike Hill7663
D: 24-25 JUN; S: Richmond, VA
1Mike Hill8004
2Al Hamlin7776
3Jim Howell7679
4Mark Lineweaver7670
5John Whitson7655
6John Crist7654
D: 09-10 JUL; S: Bloomington, IN
1Fred Dixon8037
2John Warkentin8031
3Roger George7748
4Craig Brigham7635
5Bob Coffman7511
6John Whitson7458
D: 25-26 JUN; S: Eugene, OR
1Bruce Jenner8542wWR*, AR, MR
2Fred Dixon8294
3Fred Samara8004
4Roger George7960
5Steve Gough7896
6Bill Hancock7881
7Also, the auto timer failed in the 400 metres, so hybrid scores were used for the meet. His scores are as follows: 8444a; 8448
D: 12-13 JUL; S: Santa Barbara, CA
1Fred Samara8061
2Craig Brigham7971
3Steve Gough7918
4John Warkentin7842
5Mike Hill7824
6Roger George7808
D: 14-15 JUN; S: Richmond, VA
1Bruce Jenner8245MR
2Jeff Bennett7913
3Fred Samara7852
4John Warkentin7837
5Steve Gough7786
6Rick Wanamaker7689
D: 22-23 JUN; S: Porterville, OR
1Jeff Bennett8121
2Steve Gough7938
3Ron Evans7751
4Fred Samara7656
5Bruce Jenner7617
6John Warkentin7557
D: 04-05 JUN; S: Los Angeles
1Jeff Bennett7910
2Jeff Bannister7890
3John Warkentin7807
4Rick Wanamaker7602
5Rory Kenward7350
6George Pannell7326
D: 11-12 JUN; S: Porterville, CA
1Rick Wanamaker7989
2Russ Hodge7957
3Jeff Bennett7805
4Steve Gough7800
5George Pannell7607
6Gary King7533
D: 24-25 JUN; S: South Lake Tahoe, CA
1John Warkentin8026
2Russ Hodge7886
3Jeff Bennett7750
4Steve Gough7520
5Dave Thoreson7369
6Mike Hill7226
D: 27-28 JUN; S: Bakersfield, CA
1Bill Toomey7818
2Rick Sloan7465
3Jeff Bannister7383
4Jeff Bennett7378
5John Warkentin7378
6George Pannell6831
D: 06-07 JUL; S: Santa Barbara, CA
1Bill Toomey8037
2John Warkentin7370
3Dick Emberger7263
4Jeff Bennett7215
5Norm Johnston7210
6Dave Buck7153
D: 10-11 JUN; S: Los Angeles
1Bill Toomey7880
2Dave Thoreson7524
3Bill Smith7341
4Lennart Hedmark’ (Swe)7175
5Norm Johnston7054
6Sam Goldberg7043
D: 02-03 JUL; S: Salina, KS
1Bill Toomey8234WR*, AR, MR
2Russ Hodge8130
3Dave Thoreson7520
4Don Jeisy7426
5Larry Melquiond7184
6Norm Johnston7034
Toomey’s WR was never ratified by the IAAF.
D: 30 JUN-01 JUL; S: Bakersfield, CA
1Bill Toomey7764
2Russ Hodge7682
3Don Shy7289
4Bill Smith7156
5Larry Melquiond6875
6Bill Ransom6333
D: 26-27 JUN; S: Walnut, CA
1C. K. Yang’ (Tai)8641
2Paul Herman7794
3Don Jeisy7768
4Russ Hodge7729
5Bill Toomey7620
6Dick Emberger7502
D: 28-29 JUN; S: Corvallis, OR
1Steve Pauly7852
2Dick Emberger7331
3Dave Edstrom7328
4Russ Hodge7112
5Bill Toomey6882
6Phil Mulkey6395
D: 29-30 JUN; S/F: Tulare, CA
1C. K. Yang’ (Tai)8249
2Paul Herman7673
3Steve Pauly7226
4J. D. Martin6874
5Russ Hodge6842
6Phil Mulkey6682
D: 30 JUN-01 JUL; S: Albuquerque
1Paul Herman7142
2Dave Edstrom7048
3J. D. Martin7005
4Phil Mulkey6807
5Mike Herman6489
6Don Jeisy6406
D: 08-09 JUL; S: Eugene, OR
1Rafer Johnson8683WR, AR, MR
2C. K. Yang’ (Tai)8426
3Phil Mulkey7652
4Dave Edstrom7530
5Jim Klein7185
6Mike Herman7092
D: 26-27 JUN; S: Kingsburg, CA
1C. K. Yang’ (Tai)7549
2Dave Edstrom7544
3Mike Herman6760
4Phil Mulkey6346
5Dick Wotruba6275
6Paul Herman6082
D: 04-05 JUL; S: Palmyra, NJ; S/F: 8/8
1Rafer Johnson7754
2C. K. Yang’ (Tai)7625
3Dave Edstrom7154
4Charles Pratt6922
5Bob Lawson6550
6Dick Wotruba6169
D: 28-29 JUN; S: Kingsburg, CA
1Charles Pratt7164
2Dave Edstrom6981
3Bob Lawson6910
4Jim Klein6518
5Ken Kelley6250
6Howard Smith6161
D: 13-14 JUL; S: Crawfordsville, IN
1Rafer Johnson7755
2Milt Campbell7559
3Bob Richards7054
4Bob Lawson6889
5Sam Adams6884
6Charles Pratt6808
D: 01-02 JUL; S: Crawfordsville, IN
1Bob Richards68736862
2Bob Lawson65016492
3Joel Shankle64556445
4Jim Podoley62156212
5Jim Brown55795563
6Dale Sexton55255516
The second scores are the corrected version given in T&FNews
(August 1955). The first score is the official score. The 5th
place finisher, Jim Brown, is better known as a running back in
the NFL, and is often considered the greatest football player
D: 02-03 JUL; S: Atlantic City; S/F: 23/23
1Bob Richards6501
2Aubrey Lewis6118
3Rafer Johnson5874
4Jim Podeley5661
5Joel Shankle5549
6Tom Bowman5481
D: 03-043 JUL; S/F: Plainfield, NJ; S/F: 19/19
1Milt Campbell7232
2Bob Richards6425
3James Cooke6084
4Joel Shankle5993
5Göran Widenfelt’ (Swe)5797
6Aubrey Lewis5743
D: 01-02 JUL; S: Tulare, CA
1Bob Mathias7829WR, AR, MR
2Milt Campbell7055
3Floyd Simmons6804
4Bill Albans6628
5Otey Scruggs5941
6Sam Adams5920
D: 03-04 JUL; S: Santa Barbara, CA; S/F: 18/18
1Bob Richards7834
2Floyd Simmons7361
3Otey Scruggs7178
4Bill Miller7174
5Brayton Norton6997
6Wilford White6978
D: 30 JUN-01 JUL; S: Tulare, CA; S/F: 18/18
1Bob Mathias8042WR, AR, MR
2Bill Albans7361
3Otey Scruggs7084
4Floyd Simmons6861
5Wilford White6852
6Jim Cooke6578
D: 29-30 JUN; S: Tulare, CA; S/F: 19/19
1Bob Mathias7556
2Irv Mondschein7044
3Bill Albans6715
4Roger Terwilliger6581
5Floyd Simmons6483
6Kenneth Beck6319
D: 26-27 JUN; S: Bloomfield, NJ
1Bob Mathias7224
2Irv Mondschein7101
3Floyd Simmons7054
4Al Lawrence6841
5James Roberson6775
6Billy D. Weaver6488
The 6th-place finisher, William Dennis Weaver, was known as
William in 1948, but he would be better known as Dennis Weaver.
He became an actor, best known for his portrayal of Chester in
the television series, Gunsmoke.
D: 12-13 JUL; S: Bloomfield, NJ; S/F: 12/12
1Irv Mondschein6715
2Lloyd Duff6705
3Floyd Simmons6580
4Russell Thomas6212
5Kenneth Rathbun5554
6David Rowe5504
D: 06-07 JUL; S: Bloomfield, NJ; S/F: 16/16
1Irv Mondschein6466
2Lloyd Duff6399
3Robert Lowther6241
4Russell Thomas6142
5Herbert Matter6117
6Nathaniel Boyd5604
D: 07-08 JUL; S: Bloomfield, NJ; S/F: -/15
1Charles Beaudry5886
2Charles Morgan5850
3Richard Schnacke5623
4Nathaniel Boyd5619
5Joshua Williamson5362
6Harry March5080
D: 08-09 JUL; S: Elizabeth, NJ; S/F: 10/9
1Irv Mondschein5748
2Wilbur Ross5224
3Nathaniel Boyd5176
4Charles Beaudry5133
5John Dick4873
6Hubert Gates4715
D: 26-27 JUN; S: Elizabeth, NJ; S/F: 8/8
1William Watson5994
2Joshua Williamson5808
3Donald Wanner5614
4John Kennedy5094
5Nathaniel Boyd4841
6John Dick4482
Watson did not start the 1500 as his lead was safe. Compare
this to 1932 where Bowen is usually listed 6th because he
finished all 10 events, whereas Batchelor and Frieda skipped
the 1500.
D: 26-27 JUN; S: Chicago, IL; S/F: -/9
1William Terwilliger6802
2William Watson6076
3Herbert Matter5963
4Alphonso Gavrilavicz5736
5LaVern McMillon5728
6Robert Crane5507
D: 3-4 JUL; S: Bridgeton, NJ; S/F: 5/5
1John Borican5666
2Uyval Jones5591
3Joshua Williamson5236
4Howard Jensen4644
5Archie Harris4289
D: 15-16 JUN; S: Cleveland; S/F: 10/8
1William Watson7523
2Lee Todd6941
3Joe Scott6702
4Uyval Jones6642
5Alphonson Gavrilavicz6325
6Leslie Netzen5708
D: 24-25 JUN; S: Cleveland; S/F: 11/-
1Joe Scott6671
2Kenneth Rathbun6226
3Alphonso Gavrilavicz6071
4Jack Kroecker6069
5Uyval Jones6010
6N. Rathbun5961
D: 16-17 JUL; S: Randalls Island, NY; S/F: 8/7
1Joe Scott6486
2Hamilton Morningstar5419 1/2
3Allen Scisco5354 2/3
4Eddie Gordon5328 1/2
5Anton Kishon5249 2/3
6John Erhardt4481 1/2
D: 26-27 JUN; S: Milwaukee
1Glenn Morris7880WR, AR, MR
2Bob Clark7598
3Jack Parker7290
4Clyde Coffman7182
5George Mackey6908
6Runar Stone6757
D: 26-27 JUN; S: San Diego
1Bob Clark7929.22
2George Mackey7745.77
3Runar Stone7700.41
4Willis Ward6992.81
5Aaron Phillips6648.85
6Roy Young5654.26
D: 03-04 JUL; S: Cincinnati
1Bob Clark7966.05
2Joe Hall7488.89
3Richard Baldry7411.18
4Delbert White7237.46
5Ray Patterson7236.83
6Charles Vantrees6944.77
D: JUL; S: Chicago
1Barney Berlinger7957.190
2Richard Baldry7419.400
3Ray Patterson7370.350
4Joe Hall7325.030
5Carl Perdang7271.205
6Arnold Preheim6527.105
D: 24-25 JUN; S: Evanston, IL; S/F: 11/8
0Bowen was also beaten by Harry Frieda (Chicago AA) who scored 6325.13/6268.03025 but also did not run the 1500. The first scor
1Jim Bausch8103.258057.632000
2Wilson Charles7378.877334.596250
3Clyde Coffmann7360.617288.554750
4Joe Hall7143.807099.058000
5Wilbert Lambeth6819.906744.609635
6Graham Batchelor6518.976443.396875
D: 04 JUL; S: Lincoln, NB
1Jesse Mortensen8166.663MR
2Wilson Charles7758.829
3Clyde Coffmann7575.820
4Al Lefebvre7515.316
5Barney Berlinger7428.959
6Jim Bausch7208.222
D: 25 AUG; S: Pittsburgh; S/F: 12/12
1Wilson Charles7313.343
2James Stewart7119.605
3Joe Hall7075.071
4Harlow Rothert7073.131
5Forest Munger6480.005
6Howard Jones5917.775
D: 05 JUL; S: Denver; S/F: -/10
1Ken Doherty7784.68AR, MR
2Vernon Kennedy7275.453
3Wilson Charles7240.035
4Wes Engelmann7158.568
5James Grant6959.545
6Harry Frieda6886.06
D: 03-05 JUL; S: Philadelphia; S/F: -/11
1Ken Doherty7600.52
2James Stewart7533.25
3Barney Berlinger7362.195
4Thomas Churchill7203.20
5Wes Engelmann7091.475
6Jesse Mortensen7090.375
D: 04 JUL; S: Lincoln, NB; S/F: 20/17
1Fait Elkins7574.42
2Harry Frieda7185.13
3Vernon Kennedy6982.67
4James Stewart6969.038
5Anthony Plansky6670.67
6Clifford Hoffman6461.95
D: 07 JUL; S: Philadelphia; S/F: 11/10
1Harold Osborn7187.832
2Harry Frieda6820.346
3Clifford Hoffman6348.4625
4Pete Wallace6330.911
5Paul Jones6167.306
6Albert Rogan6131.8045
D: 05 JUL; S: San Francisco; S/F: 8/8
1Harold Osborn7706.36MR
2Otto Anderson6492.58
3Paul Jones6445.89
4Harry Frieda6430.35
5F. Shaw6295.35
6Charles Lewis6228.97
D: 07 SEP; S: West Orange, NJ; S/F: -/8
1Anthony Plansky5901.45
2Charles Rogers5666.48
3Donald Foote5653.07
4Anthony Woostroff5649.56
5Thomas Farrell5213.39
6Nathan Klein4296.59
D: 03 SEP; S: Chicago, IL; S/F: 12/10
1Harold Osborn7351.89MR
2Harry Frieda6760.06
3Emerson Norton6583.60
4Erwin Trantow5967.12
5C.L. Beares5735.57
6W.E. Schmitz5209.94
D: 11 SEP; S: Newark, NJ; S/F: 9/9
1Harrison Thompson6890.23
2Harold Osborn6798.46
3Eugene Vidal6461.58
4Victor Naegeli6253.02
5Andrew Lockett, Jr.4999.14
6Joseph Shevlin4476.04
D: 24-25 SEP; S: Jersey City, NJ; S/F: 6/6
1Dan Shea5849.338
2Patrick O’Connor5637.875
3Joseph Erbal5571.897
4William O’Connell4473.985
5Sven Petander4341.712
6John Cusack4088.199
D: 9-10 JUL; S: Travers Island, NY; S/F: 19/15
1Brutus Hamilton7022.9815MR
2Everett Bradley6965.1180
3Robert LeGendre6578.7885
4Harry Goelitz6461.5310
5Eugene Vidal6430.9710
6Everett Ellis6217.9685
D: 9-10 AUG; S: San Francisco; S/F: 16/11
1Alma Richards6858.81MR
2Avery Brundage6459.34
3Chester Fee6442.71
4Harry Goelitz6432.14
5Patrick O’Connor6048.54
6Fred Thomson6040.23

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