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(marks received and verified by 9/06/2005)

(includes indoor marks)

These lists contain the top U.S. high school marks (indoors and out) for the 2003-4 season in standard events, fewer in other events. The current outdoor national record (as recognized by T&FN) is listed at the head of each event. All marks without specific wind info were placed on the windy list.

Symbols: +=converted mark; i=indoor mark; (A)=mark made at altitude over 1000m (affected events only); y=mark made at yard distance; ' = after name, non-U.S. citizen. Classes: ****=8th grade; ***=frosh; **=soph; *=junior; ?=unknown; all others are seniors.

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100 METERS (11.11)
11.38 **Bianca Knight (Ridgeland, Ms)
11.38(A) **Kenyanna Wilson (Peoria, Az)
11.39 Alexandria Anderson (Morgan Park, Chicago)
11.44 **Ebony Collins (Wilson, Long Beach)
11.56 *Kristina Davis (Logan, Union City)
11.56 *Porscha Lucas (Plano, Tx)
11.56(A) *Sarah Matthews (Ni, Longmont, Ca)
11.57 *Khrystal Carter (Valley C, San José)
11.57 ***Victoria Jordan (Dunbar, Ft Worth, Tx)
11.59(A) Chelsea Taylor (Montbello, Denver)
11.38 Alexandria Anderson (Morgan Park, Chicago)
11.44 **Cherrelle Garrett (Mt. Eden, Hayward, Ca)
11.49(A) *Sarah Matthews (Niwot, Longmont, Co)
11.53 Krystin Lacy (Skyline, Dallas)
11.53 *Porscha Lucas (Plano, Tx)
11.58 *Jessica Gregory (Fost, Richmond, Tx)
11.59 ***Danielle Sampley (William Blount, Maryville, Tn)


200 METERS (22.11[A])
22.96 Alexandria Anderson (Morgan Park, Chicago)
23.13 **Brittany Jones (Deerfield Beach, Fl)
23.22 *Francesca McCorory (Beth, Hamp, Va)
23.33 **Bianca Knight (Ridgeland, Ms)
23.38 **Sa'de Williams (Ran Cucamonga, Ca)
23.42 **Ebony Collins (Wilson, Long Beach)
23.61 *Khrystal Carter (Valley C, San José)
23.64(A) Chelsea Taylor (Montbello, Denver)
23.66(A) ***Victoria Jordan (Dunbar, Ft Worth)
23.67(A) *Shalina Clarke (Evanston, Il)
23.44 *Khrystal Carter (Valley C, San José)
23.54 **Kenyanna Wilson (Peoria, Az)
23.51 *Elizabeth Olear (Louisville, Woodland Hills,Ca)
23.56 **Jeneba Tarmoh (Mt. Pleasant, San José)
23.62 Krista Simkins (Wissahick, Ambler, Pa)
23.67 *Porsche Lucas (Plano, Tx)
Unknown irregularity:
23.38 *Jernail Hayes (Glasgow, Newark, De)


400 METERS (50.69)
52.35 **Sa'de Williams (Ran Cucamonga, Ca)
52.44 **Brittany Jones (Deerfield Beach, Fl)
52.46 *Brandi Cross (Marshall, Missouri City, Tx)
52.63 Alexandria Anderson (Morgan Park, Chicago)
52.93 **Jessica Beard (Euclid, Oh)
53.04i Nicole Leach (W Catholic, Philadelphia)
53.19 Ayrizanna Favours (Eastmont, Colombus, Oh)
53.23 Krista Simkins (Wissahick, Ambler, Pa)
53.26 *Myra Hasson (Gardena, Ca)
53.55 ****Turquoise Thompson (MS, Long Beach)
Hand Times
53.3 Rebekah Noble (Rogers, Spokane, Wa)


800 METERS (2:00.07)
2:03.73 Rebecca Noble (Rogers, Spokane, Wa)
2:05.05 Geena Gall (Grand Blanc, Mi)
2:05.27 Sarah Bowman (Fauq, Warrent, Va)
2:06.06 Janine Davis (QOP, N Arlington, NJ)
2:06.76 *Latavia Thomas (W Catholic, Philly)
2:07.00i Heidi Houle (Mtn View, Orem, Ut)
2:07.07 Erin Bedell (West, Plano, Tx)
2:07.47i (A) Libbie Jenke (Menlo, Atherton, Ca)
2:07.57 Mackenzie Pierce (For, Lewisville, NC)
2:07.79 Alicia Follmar (Saratoga, Ca)


4:36.95 Sarah Bowman (Fauq, Warrent, Va)
4:39.71 Brie Felnagle (Bellarmine, Tacoma)
4:41.50+ Erin Bedell (West, Plano, Tx)
4:43.07 **Danielle Tauro (Southern Regional, Manahaukin, Pa)
4:43.12 *Elizabeth Yetzer (Lakeville, Mn)
4:45.49 Ramsey Kavan (Yankton, SD)
4:46.67 *Jacqueline Areson (Atlantic, Delray Beach, Fl)
4:47.2+ Geena Gall (Grand Blanc, Mi)
4:47.34+ **Bridget Franek (Crestwood, Mantua, Oh)
4:47.42+ **Brittany Sheffey (Bellport, Brookhaven, NY)


10:15.00+ *Nicole Blood (Saratoga Springs, NY)
10:15.73 *Elizabeth Yetzer (Lakeville, Mn)
10:19.61+ Sarah Bowman (Fauq, Warrent, Va)
10:20.02 *Aislinn Ryan (WVC, Warwick, NY)
10:21.13+ ****Jordan Hasay (St Patrick's MS, Arroyo Grande, Ca)
10:22.74 *Kelly Parrish (Vanguard, Ocala, Fl)
10:23.26+ ***Caitlin Lane (Saratoga Springs, NY)
10:24.23 *Jennifer Morgan (Barnesville, Oh)
10:23.90+ Ramsey Kavan (Yankton, S.D)
10:24.61 Krista Anderson (Leeds, ND)


16:30.90 *Nicole Blood (Saratoga Springs, NY)
16:33.32 Whitney Anderson (Summit, Frisco, Co)
16:45.51 Jocelyn Gardner (A&M Consolidated, College Station, Tx)
16:45.94i *Cassie Hintz (Old Town, Me)
16:50.05 Tori Tyler (Aptos, Ca)


10,000 METERS
34:36.81 *Cassie Hintz (Old Town, Me)


6:39.60 *Lindsey Ferguson (Sar Springs, NY)
6:48.64 ***Hannah Davidson (Saratoga Springs, NY)
6:48.85 *Kara McKenna (Suffern, NY)
6:56.0 Emily Malinowski (Bethlehem, NY)
7:03.0 *Hilary McClendon (Bishop Kelly, Boise, Id)
Short Water Jump (3.06 Meters)
6:39.54 *Lindsey Ferguson (Sar Springs, NY)
6:45.3 *Kara McKenna (Suffern, NY)
6:53.21 Kinjal Parikh (East Meadow, NY)
6:55.64 **Liz Deir (Honeoye Falls-Lima, Honeoye Falls, NY)
6:56.2 ****Shelby Greany (Suffern, NY)


10:27.44 **Marie Lawrence (Reno, Nv)
10:48.79 *Hilary McClendon (Bishop Kenny, Boise, Id)


13.51(A) *Shalina Clarke (Evanston, Il)
13.51(A) Kira Robinson (Mullen, Denver)
13.64 *Theresa Lewis (Western, Baltimore)
13.74 Pavi'Elle James (Northwestern, Miami)
13.77 LeeAndrea Robinson (Kimball, Dallas)
13.79 Kettiany Clarke (Palm Beach Lakes, West Palm Beach, Fl)
13.81 *Kimyon Broom (Serra, Gardena)
13.82 Trier Young (Neptune, NJ)
13.85 ?Kristi Castlin (Chapel Hills, Douglassville, Ga)
13.85 Alexis Rogers (Cypress Creek, Houston, Tx)
13.58 *Leslie Mercado (Diam Ranch, Pomona)
13.67 ***Jacquelyn Coward (West, Knoxville, Tn)
13.71 **April Williams (Skyline, Dallas)
13.74 *Kimyon Broom (Serra, Gardena)
13.75 **Ke'Niya Richardson (HN, Oakland)
13.78 LeeAndrea Robinson (Kimball, Dallas)
13.82 Shevell Quinley (West, Tracy, Ca)
13.84 Seun Adigun (Homewood-F, Flossmoor, Il)


13.23 **April Williams (Skyline, Dallas)
13.32 *Theresa Lewis (Western, Baltimore)


40.10 **Ebony Collins (Wilson, Long Beach)
40.53(A) *Shalina Clarke (Evanston, Il)
41.19 *Krystal Cantey (Winslow, Atco, NJ)
42.11 Shevell Quinley (West, Tracy, Ca)
42.26 ***Ryann Krais (Methacton, Pa)
42.39 Marissa Harris (Central, Memphis, Tn)
42.46 Aleesha Barber (Redan, Stone Mtn, Ga)
42.47 **April Williams (Skyline, Dallas)
42.56(A) Diane Stewart (Spanish Fork, Ut)
42.58 Octavia James (Heritage, Richmond, Va)
Hand Timed
40.1 *Shalina Clarke (Homewood-F, Flossmoor, Il)
42.2 *Whitney Carlson (Carrington, N.D)
42.1 *Shana Woods (Poly, Long Beach)


55.96 **Ebony Collins (Wilson, Long Beach)
56.83 *Krystal Cantey (Winslow, Atco, NJ)
57.25 Nicole Leach (W Catholic, Philadelphia)
59.68 *Sandra Iwunze (Westbury, Houston)
59.97 Heather Trimiew (Christian, Chattanooga)
62.04 Aleesha Barber (Redan, Stone Mtn, Ga)
60.08 ***Ryann Krais (Methacton, Norristown, Pa)
60.09 **Leslie Njoku (McNair, Jersey City, NJ)
60.12 *Nene Kamate (Townsend Harris, NY)
60.15 **Laytoya James (Cummings, Burlington, NC)


4 x 100
44.84 Wilson, Long Beach
45.11 Skyline, Dallas
45.78 Merrill West, Tracy, Ca
45.90 MacArthur, Houston, Tx
46.01 James Logan, Union City, Ca
46.22 Evers Middle College, Brooklyn, NY
46.36 Lancaster, Tx
46.46 Rancho Cucamonga, Ca
46.49 Bowie, Arlington, Tx
46.53 A&M Consolidated, College Station, Tx


4 x 200
1:36.04 Skyline, Dallas
1:36.13 Wilson, Long Beach
1:36.87 Lancaster, Tx
1:37.03 Taylor, Alief, Tx
1:37.58 MacArthur, Houston, Tx
1:37.72 Mumford, Detroit, Mi
1:38.39 West Catholic, Philadelphia
1:38.41 Southeast, Raleigh, NC
1:38.44 Lincoln, Dallas
1:38.64 Westbury, Houston, Tx


4 x 400
3:38.52 Thurgood Marshall, Sugar Land, Tx
3:39.27 Wilson, Long Beach
3:41.91 Rancho Cucamonga, Ca
3:41.96i West Catholic, Philadelphia
3:42.51 Westside, Houston, Tx
3:42.77 Lancaster, Tx
3:44.08 Skyline, Dallas
3:44.42 St. Thomas Aquinas, Ft. Lauderdale
3:44.9 Hightower, Sugar Land, Tx
3:45.80 James Logan, Union City, Ca


4 x 800
8:56.21 Bay Shore, NY
9:00.2 Suffern, NY
9:00.99 Minnetonka, Mn
9:01.43 Yankton, S.D
9:04.29i Boya & Girls, Brooklyn
9:05.49 Clarkston, Mi
9:06.00 Oakton, Vienna, Va
9:06.45 Euclid, Oh
9:06.75i Roosevelt, Greenbelt, Md
9:06.77 Hatboro-Horsham, Horsham, Pa


4 x MILE
19:59.24i Saratoga Springs, NY
20:20.38 Corona del Mar, Newport Beach
20:25.79+ Suffern, NY
20:25.81i Clarkston, Mi
20:30.44 Bay Shore, NY
20:30.4 Newton South, Newton Center, Ma
20:35.58i Scotia-Glenville, Scotia, NY
20:50.82 Yankton, S.D
20:01.31 Simsbury, Ct
21:02.56 Fairfax, Alexandria, Va
Team Included Non-high school Runner
20:01.79 Clarkson "A", Mi


1:42.94 Mumford, Detroit, Mi
1:43.95 Peoria, Az
1:44.03 West Catholic, Philadelphia
1:44.46 Northwestern, Miami, Fl
1:44.93 James Logan, Union City, Ca
1:45.2 Sheldon, Elk Grove, Ca
1:45.38(A) Rocky Mountain, Ft Collins, Co
1:45.61 Camden, NJ
1:45.74 Thornwood, South Holland, Il
1:45.8 East St Louis, Il


3:53.78 West Catholic, Philadelphia
3:57.71 Westside, Houston, Tx
3:59.15 Wilson, Long Beach
4:00.43i Baton Rouge, La
4:00.54i Cardozo, Oakland Gardens, NY
4:00.84i Westerly, R.I
4:02.19i Suffern, NY
4:02.32 Hempstead, NY
4:02.85 Westfield, Houston, Tx
4:03.56 A&M Consolidated, College Station, Tx


11:42.07 Corona del Mar, Newport Beach
11:47.29i Saratoga Springs, NY
11:47.65 Warwick Valley Central, Warwick, NY
11:51.04 Suffern, NY
11:54.13 Bay Shore, NY
11:54.37 Bellarmine Prep, Tacoma, Wa
11:56.33 West, Torrance, Ca
12:03.21 Roxbury, Succasunna, NJ
12:04.21 Ridgefield, Ct
12:04.64i Scotia-Glenville, Scotia, NY
Team Included Non-high school Runner
11:42.48 Clarkston, Mi


4 x 100H
59.82 Jackson, N.J,
61.73 Muir, Pasadena, Ca
62.48 West Catholic, Philadelphia
61.6 Wilson, Camden, NJ


59.87 Collinwood, Cleveland, Oh
60.96 Burlington, Ia
61.13 Central, DeWitt, Ia


6-2 Inika McPherson (Mem, Pt Arthur, Tx)
6-1½ Viktoria Andonova' (Coral Springs, Fl)
6-½ *Destinee Hooker (Southwest, S Antonio)
6-½(A) Chelsea Taylor (Montebello, Denver)
6-0 *Epley Bullock (Allen, Tx)
5-11 *Mindy Wiley (Sonoma Valley, Sonoma, Ca)
5-10½i Nicole Smith (McDowell, Erie, Pa)
5-10¼i Lauren Biscardi (SWR, Shoreham, Pa)
5-10¼ Jamie Klages (Coronado, Ca)
5-10 ?Dewanna Bonner (Fairfield, Al)
5-10 *Teresa Contreras (Martin, Arlington, Tx)
5-10 *Desirae Gonder (Stockdale, Bakersfield)
5-10i *Erin Hannon (Bradford, Pa)
5-10 **Lizzie Harris (Northwestern, Miami)
5-10 Raevan Harris (Northridge, Al)
5-10 *Amber Kaufman (Branham, San José)
5-10 ***Allison Mayfield (Aquinas, Overland Park, Ks)
5-10 **Carissa McGee (Mayfield, Las Crusas, NM)
5-10 **Jessica Merriweather (Bartlett, Tn)
5-10i Paige McConney (Guertin, Nashua, NH)
5-10 Halley Odegaard (Kindred, N.D)
5-10 Kayla Tucker (Harrison, Evansville, In)


14-2i Mary Saxer (Lancaster, NY)
13-6¼ *Brittany Parker (McKinney, Tx)
13-6 *Lindsay Regan (Easton, Pa)
13-6 Brysun Stately (Cordova, Rancho C, Ca)
13-5¾ **Allison Stokke (Harbor, Newport B)
13-5¼i Tiffany Maskulinski (Iroq, Elma, NY)
13-2¼ Brianna Neumann (Northrop, Ft Wayne, In)
13-2 *Tori Pena (Edison, Huntington Beach, Ca)
13-1½ **Katie Veith (Homestead, Ft Wayne, In)
13-0i Jenny Soceka (Memorial, Madison, Wi)
Unsantioned/unscheduled meet:
14-0 Tiffany Maskulinski (Iroq, Elma, NY)


LONG JUMP (22-3)
21-2(A) *Sarah Matthews (Niwot, Longmont, Co)
21-¾(A) Chelsea Taylor (Montbello, Denver)
20-11¾ **Arantxa King' (Medford, Ma./Barbados)
20-10i *Shana Woods (Poly, Long Beach)
20-9 Alexandria Anderson (Morgan Park, Chicago)
20-8¼ Sabrina Taylor (Lufkin, Tx)
20-7¾ Shevell Quinley (West, Tracy, Ca)
20-5½ Brittany Daniels (West, Tracy, Ca)
20-4 Amelia Anderson (Smiths Station, Al)
20-1¼ *Neidra Covington (Boca Ciega, Fl)
20-10½ Shevell Quinley (West, Tracy, Ca)
20-8½ Brittany Daniels (West, Tracy, Ca)
20-3¾ ?India Anderson (Baton Rouge, La)
20-3 Nicole Smith (McDowell, Erie, Pa)
Low Pit:
20-1½ *Hyleta Young (Memorial, Port Arthur, Tx)


TRIPLE JUMP (44-11¿)
44-11 Brittany Daniels (West, Tracy, Ca)
42-8¾ Tiara Swanagan (White, Jacksonville)
42-5¼ Lauren Stewart (Brentwood, Tn)
42-¾ **Ke'Niya Richardson (HN, Oakland)
42-0 Viktoria Andonova' (Coral Springs, Fl)
41-11 Brandi Stanfield (Conn, Pflugerville, Tx)
41-10½ Lauren Stewart (Brentwood, Tn)
41-8¾ Christina Tupper (Skyline, Issaquah, Wa)
41-5¾ **Arantxa King' (Medford, Ma./Barbados)
41-¼ Neidra Covington (Boca Ciega, Fl)
45-7½ Brittany Daniels (West, Tracy, Ca)
42-8¾ Decontee Kaye (Logan, Union City)
42-5¾ Brandi Stanfield (Conn, Pflugerville, Tx)
42-2¾ **Ke'Niya Richardson (HN, Oakland)
41-10 **Arantxa King' (Medford, Ma./Barbados)
41-6 Neidra Covington (Boca Ciega, Fl)
41-4 **Lorin Johnson (Eastern Hills, Ft Worth, Tx)
41-2½ Sasha Spann (Highland Park, Topeka, Kn)


52-7 Stephanie Horton (Tigard, Or)
51-1 **Kamorean Hayes (Harding, Charlotte)
50-10 Ashley Muffet (Hoover, N Canton, Oh)
50-7¼ Julie Dufresne (Harbor, Santa Cruz, Ca)
49-6 **Jenny Svoboda (Howells, Nb)
49-3¾ Michaela Wallerstedt (Burke, Omaha)
49-2 *Whitney Hooks (Cascade, Everett, Wa)
47-8¾ D'Andra Carter (Red Oak, Tx)
46-11¾ Dendra Richardson-Green (Boonville, Mo)
46-8 *Erika Schroeder (Century, Bismack)


DISCUS (188-4)
167-2 D'Andra Carter (Red Oak, Tx)
166-5 Maria Matos (Klein Oak, Houston, Tx)
162-10 **Kamorean Hayes (Harding, Charlotte)
162-4 Ashley Muffet (Hoover, N Canton, Oh)
161-10 Amanda Solberg (Minot, N.D)
161-8 Margaret Giuffre (Thousand Oaks, Ca)
160-1 Christina Mueller (Antonian, S Antonio)
159-3 Amy Bilmanis (Thomas Stone, Waldorf, Md)
158-11 Abbey Effertz (Century, Bismarck, N.D)
158-3 Alexaraee Toeaina (Pittsburg, Ca)


HAMMER (201-7)
173-0 *Kim Williams (Alex, Douglassville, Ga)
171-5 Ashley Muffet (Hoover, N Canton, Oh)
169-10 Megan Maloney (La Salle, Providence, R.I)
165-2 Kimery Hern (South Whidbey, Langley, Wa)
164-5 *Emily Bernhardt (Lassiter, Marietta, Ga)
164-2 *Daniella Thu (M Vi, Spring Valley, Ca)
159-9 ***Allison Horner (Lovett, Marietta, Ga)
157-0 Molly Hawksley (E Providence)
156-7 Shannon Harvey (Olympia, Wa)
155-10 ***Ariana Lugo (Los Altos, Hacienda Heights, Ca)


JAVELIN (174-6)
176-5 *Rachel Yurkovich (Newberg, Or)
158-3 Ashley McCrea (N Bend, Or)
155-5 *Lauren Sexton (Forest Grove, Or)
150-6 Laura Hewitt (Arkansas City, Kn)
150-5 Jenni Schantin (W Linn, Or)
149-7 *Bekah. Stoltz (Columbia Falls, Mt)
149-6 **Marissa Tschida (Loyola, Mt)
149-4 Whitney Harris (Cottage Grove, Or)
149-0 ***Katelyne Penner (Labette Co., Altamont, Kn)
148-9 ?Sarah Butler (Alta, Sandy, Ut)


5333 Lauren Stewart (Brentwood, Tn)
5266 Shevell Quinley (West, Tracy, Ca)
4892 Janyie Goodbody (Wendell, Id)
4815 *Brittani Williams (Willowridge, Sugar Land, Tx)
4804 *Alexandra Coppadge (Friends, Wilmington, De)
4689 **Victoria Dunlap (Brentwood Academy, Brentwood, Tn)
4678 *Shannon Flahive (Littleton, Co)
4623 *Ashika Charan (Claremont, Ca)
4537 **Brittany Borman (DeSoto, Tx)
4517 Marissa Harris (Central, Memphis, Tn)